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Secret Assassin: Round 12

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Idk if anyone's still interested in this game any more lol, but I'm back from the dead!

Hello everybody, and welcome to Shinobi Life Online's twelth Secret Assassin game!

The roles we will have will be: Shinobi, Assassin, ANBU, Medic, and the Joker.

Signup will be open until Wednesday the 12th of April. To sign up you MUST be prepared to check the forums AT LEAST once a day, no less. You WILL be killed off if you do not post, and it makes the game hell for everybody else. Probably not gonna write any sort of complex story, but if anyone is interested in writing something for it please PM me (Discord would be better but idm)

--- Quote ---HOW TO PLAY:

1.   In order for the game to commence there must be at least 4 players.
2.   Each player will be assigned a role (I will pm you); Either a Shinobi, Assassin, ANBU, Medic or Joker
3.   There will be 1 assassin per 4 players
4.   Every ‘night’, the Assassins (who will know each other’s identities) will agree to kill someone. They will tell me via pm who their victim is and I will inform the victim of their fate in the thread.
5.   Every ‘day’, all of the players will get to vote to kill someone off in to game, in hopes to target the assassin(s).
6.   For every 2 Assassins, there will be an ANBU member (meaning none if only 6 people play)
7.   ANBU will be able to ask me the identity of a named player (Shinobi or Assassin) once per night (via pm). The ANBU will be on the Shinobi's side, trying to vote the Assassins out of the game.
8.   For every 2 Assassins, there will be a Medic (meaning none if only 6 people play)
9.   The Medic will be able to protect one person every night, and so if the Assassins vote to kill that person, they will not die. The Medic may not protect themselves. The Medic may not protect the same person two nights in a row.
10.   There will be one person randomly chosen as the Joker in each game. The Joker attempts to get himself killed by the Shinobi, and not the Assassins. That is the sole win criteria of the Joker. If the Joker wins, the game does not end until such a time as the standard win conditions have been met.


1.   If at any point in the game, the Assassins outnumber or kill all of the Shinobi, they win. If all Assassins are killed, the Shinobi win.
2.   Lying about your role is authorized. If you’re an assassin you’ll probably want to convince everyone you’re not, so they don’t kill you. Likewise, you can pretend to be an Assassin, ANBU, Medic or Joker if you'd like, but then you would become an instant target. However, you may NOT show your PMs from me to prove your role.
3.   'Day' voting will be done in the thread.
4.   The player with the highest number of votes is killed off. In case of a die nobody dies.
5.    Use the thread, shoutbox, or inbox messages as your resources. Try to survive.
6.   If you are an assassin and you are killed, do not reveal the other assassins out of spite. If the assassins win, you still win too. This rule doesn't apply to the Shinobi.
7.   Once you are dead, you may not help other players in any way or participate on the thread or any discussions involving the game. You've lost, boo hoo. Get over it.
8.   Roles will be randomly assigned using Don't ask for a role. ;D
9.   If you do not vote in two day phases in a row, you will be killed off.
10.   To vote or change your vote, you must clearly state it.

--- End quote ---

Players: AbeMelbs, takami, Manuster, Kakashi Natsu, Diamond Lee, taigakun, NinjaMirage, Raidnn, adithya, HiChikara, CaioDarT, Kings_Head, Jale, IbukaiUchiha, Nisshomaru

sign me up

cool, sign me up xd

aye Hisaki!!! sign me up famalam

Kakashi Natsu:
sign me up.


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