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WARNING ! Naruto Gaiden 700+2


So, I believe most of you who read this chapter are itching to know who that sharingan user is ! And also, who's that guy with the ''Akatsuki'' crest ? it seems he's using that sharingan user. And why mentionning Itachi ??? Check this :

And this :

So what do you think guys ? feel free to post your thoughts and predictions about the identity of those two mysterious guys.

Chibi made an excellent theory :D

What if some one snatched Sarada's eyes, and Naruto and sasuke did their god-like thang and grew her eyes back? That'd explain the need for glasses. (have you ever seen an Uchiha with bad eyes?)

First time I thought that the guy dressed in Akatsuki clothes is Orochimaru, but I changed my mind when Naruto and the other fags thought the same: that is Orochimaru's hand in it.

And something else that passed through my ind is that the kid with sharingan is Itachi's son... but isn't very logic.


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