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How to Join a Clan


How to Join a Clan
This is a growing issue that needs to be addressed. Below is the forum norm on joining an org and if this standard is not followed, lots of confusion and hostility can arise. I'm making this simple little guide to dodge all those bullets and make the clan/org subforum friendlier to newbies allowing them to settle right in.

* Find the application format on the main page of the clan you desire to join
* Paste it onto a reply and fill it out
* Post your reply onto the page of the clan you desire to join
* Wait until you're accepted. Do not add yourself or claim to be in the clan if your application has not been viewed or has been rejected
If you're accepted
Spoiler: showWelcome to your new clan!
Now it's time to update your profile.
1. Hover your mouse over profile on the navigation ribbon of the forum
2. Three options will appear, click the one third from the top named 'forum profile'
3. Scroll down until you find a box titled clan. Write your clan's name or copy and paste pre-made profile code if that is provided.

If you're rejected
Spoiler: showBad luck.
Though, don't be disheartened, maybe this clan wasn't for you. Try to search for another clan to join or build yourself a better reputation. If you choose to do the latter, you will become well known throughout the community which will most likely lead to acceptance in your desired clan.


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