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Founder: Mato Nakai (dead)

Leader: Nova Nakai

Affiliation: Hidden Thunder (most likely, but members can migrate from and to other villages.)

Clan history:
Nakai was a clan founded a few years after Ninjutsu was created. The foundation of this clan was a strict one, based on the morals of defending the defenceless and on doing what's right.
The clan has had issues during its foundation as, even though they try to make the perfect decisions, they would find themselves down the wrong path and making mistakes.
This made the clan believe that for every action there was a reaction and that they must be careful when making decisions that could result in a bad outcome.
This process was known to the clan as Han'no.

Han'no, which means "reactions", meant that if one makes a decision they are responsible for the outcome and if the outcome was to bring shame to the clan name, they were punished.
This meant the clan was viewed as strict from an outside perspective but to the clan it was all about the honour of their family name.
Being a clan that branched from the roots of the Shinobi world, they had a lot of pride and wisdom that they felt gave them power among their village.

The Nakai was one of the clans that helped develop the village, they wanted to protect it from all threats and because of this they were targeted often by other villages more often than other clans of the village which gave the clan more of a reason to follow Han'no.

Unique traits: Strict & honourable.

Strengths: Decided by the members themselves.

Weaknesses: Decided by the members themselves, although members must always think their actions through to not bring a bad name to the clan (people that fail to do so will be punished.)

Rival clans: None at the current state.

Allied clans: Sabaku, Raiu

-Leader: leads the clan and makes the final decisions (also in-charge of punishment.)
-Counselor / Adviser: Advises the leader helping with decision making.
-Regular member: most common rank, all members of this rank are equal.

Members (10):
Nova - Nova Nakai (Leader)
jcryer -  Hisaki Nakai (Member)
Vipto - Hishiro Nakai (Counselor)
Ken - Kuro Nakai (Counselor)
Superman12566 -  Superson Nakai (Member)
Wheezy -  Kairu Nakai (Member)
Gustavolegend -  Rito Nakai (Member)
aclementine -  aclementine (Member)
Jojoj0 -  Jojo (Member)
Leebz - Onimaro Nakai (Counselor)

1. Refrain from performing negative actions that could harm the clan's reputation.
2. Keep what happens in the clan a secret.
3. Respect all members.
4. No racial or sexual offences (Should be common knowledge).
5. Don't kill allied clansmen (Unless self defense). If found killing an allied clansmen the target clan will decide the punishment.
Repeated offences or a huge negative offence could result in being exiled from the clan or even death.

1. Must be active or at least try to be as active as possible. (People that made a new account will have a waiting period.)
2. Must not have had an incredibly negative reputation in the past (as that could hurt the Nakai name.)

Chakra Nature(s): (What chakra nature will you start with and what 2nd nature do you hope to get?)
Village: (Village you start in / plan to migrate to etc.)
Specialization: (Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.)
Reason for joining: (What made you interested in joining the Nakai clan?)
Do you accept the rules and punishments linked to your actions?: (if the answer is no there's no point in applying.)

Only use this after you've been accepted, if found out you used it before being accepted you're denied automatically.

Profile code:

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I've had help with this clan from some people I'll list them in no particular order.
@Shivraj & @DarthTyrael For staying with me helping me to decide on the name.
@Leebz For writing a story I wouldn't have been able to write even if I took a full week.
Without them I wouldn't have been able to create the clan, so many thanks to them.

Good luck Nova! Love the logo and the lay-out of the clan :D

good luck with it nova,it looks cool and nice. :D


--- Quote from: Ken on August 28, 2016, 00:30:39 ---Good luck Nova! Love the logo and the lay-out of the clan :D

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Sanji on August 28, 2016, 00:39:48 ---good luck with it nova,it looks cool and nice. :D

--- End quote ---

Whether it'll actually work out is something that remains to be seen ^.^

Good luck for the clan :)


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