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Final Render Looks Worst than Preview. Issues with edges of handle? Help.

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Kakashi Natsu:
There is an issue, if you can see, where the preview rendered view can see the diamonds i nthe handle, yet the Final rendered view can't ? Why does this happen? Any help would be fantastic.

Also, besides the problem, what do ya guys think of the katana?

Looks nice but a little too stocky for a katana :). But i dont know what to do... sorry.

Kakashi Natsu:
Thanks, I was going for a stocky katana. A heavy duty Sword in the style of a katana. Kinda like a Curved Two handed sword.

Nice Katana you got there. Kinda different but i like it xD

Ahh, i see, maybe make the blade's width wider then, because at the moment it is in between so i dont know if its a slim katana or a large sword like zabuza's :) Orr maybe make the length longer ;)


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