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Kakashi Natsu:
Here are some buildings I made.

-----------------------------------------------------------OTHER MODELS MADE BY KAKASHI NATSU----------------------------------------------------------
Website to view my models that i have shown in SLO:

There is not much to say atm because there is so little, but i think you should smooth the corners because it looks to sharp compared to the image. Keep it up and hopefully you will be accepted sometime in the near future. :)

Kakashi Natsu:
Ok, I probably now will also add a (TINY) drop in the center of the hilt so add more definition so it is not so flat. kinda like what i did with the swords.

Since you took an interest in modelling katanas, I thought why not drop these here:

Hope you find this useful
Best of luck mate 0/

Spoiler: show why the fuck does it have so many distinctive parts like really o.o

Bevel out some of the edges to make it look better, but good start let's see how it turns out, I was gonna do it but Laziness got the best of me

Oh yea and one more thing just create a topic named Kakashi's models instead of posting updates and new models in different topics which fills up the 3d modeling topic quickly


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