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Clan name: Uzumaki

Clan logo:

Founder: Eiji Uzumaki

Leader: Eiji Uzumaki

Affiliation: (Is your clan part of one of the Hidden Villages, is it a clan of rogues or is it simply independent?): Yes

Clan history: (How old is the clan? Have there been any significant events or figures in its history? Be as detailed as you wish. Try to be original as well.): My clan has borned in 1989 when my grandpa' , Uzumaki Naruto killed all members of Akatsuki. Since now, we are the biggest Clan in all over the Hidden Leaf Village.

Unique traits: (Here you can add a list of common features that the members of your clan share. For example, a common hair color or everyone having the same primary chakra nature. Feel free to add as many traits as you like.): Our chakra is Red, and whe have a special power at all... in our clan, all members have left eye with Byakugan inherited by my grandma', Uzumaki Hinata.

Strengths: (Abilities that your clan excels in. Examples are Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu,... These can also be of physical nature like speed or strength.): Taijutsu and Ninjutsu

Weaknesses: (As you can't be proficient in everything in Shinobi Life Online, you'll have to balance strengths out. For example, if your clan's members are good at Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, they should be skilled below standard in Genjutsu, in order to maintain a balance.)

Rival clans: (If you fill this in, please explain how the rivalry between the mentioned clans started and how the relationships between them are in the present.)

Allied clans: (Here you can mention any clans which are in good relationships with yours. Feel free to go into as much detail as you want.)

Rankings: (Do all members of your clan share the same status? Or are there some who have more influence in the clan's affairs? Write about your clan's ranking structure here and go into as much detail as you want.)

Members: (A list of your clan's members that should be updated periodically. Feel free to specify their ranks within the clan as well.): Not at the moment, but I'll be back with an "Edit"

Rules: (What are the rules kept in your clan? Also, what are the measures taken if one would break them?): Helping the Hidden Leaf Villagers and also stay tuned everyday with our saying "my future is the village" . If someone break the role, and someone from our clan will pe reported to us for unespected and non-givin-helps.... He'll be gain with an Genjutsu for 1 year "in role play (10 minutes)".

Thank you!

Well I did not continue reading after the first couple of lines. Just to let you know SLO is not a Naruto game but a game INSPIRED by Naruto. None of what you said above exist in SLO. No red chakra, or 9 tails, or Uzumaki .. etc.
I would state 2 points:

1. If you are planning to create your own clan do not copy the questions between ( ) instead just type your clan info e.g. history .. etc.

2. As I mentioned before, SLO has it's unique universe with it's unique villages, names and lore. None of what you saw in the Naruto anime will be available in this game apart from the necessary stuff related to the ninjas themselves like the Chakra, chakra natrues, the idea of jutsus .. etc. So creating a clan based on Uzumaki Naruto is not preferred as you are copying from the Anime itself.

Tips: Try to avoid anything related to the Anime and make your own clan name, logo, history, special powers .. etc. And also check what kind of powers/specializations you can have in the game before stating them in your clan's info.

Lastly, tyt reviewing what I mentioned then edit the topic. However, if you are going to take too long to decide how your clan will look like or you even decided not to start a clan then consider deleting the topic (If it's not possible then mention @Nova -He is a moderator- and ask him to delete it for you).

Good luck!

A lot of this has already been mentioned by @NinjaEvolution, but still; this game is a Naruto inspired game, not a Naruto copy like Naruto Online etc. This game wants to became an independent game eventually and is trying to distance itself from Naruto. So in this game Naruto & Hinata never existed, also you can't just give your clan Kekkei Genkai just like that. What you can do is call it Uzumaki but you will definitely be looked down on for it for the lack of creativity.

How do I create a clan

damn I just hopped on after years and years of not logging in. i think its dead though so probably useless to start a clan lol


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