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Title: Manuster *******-Tsukegami (Chapter 19)
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Name: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
Age: Whatever age a foetus is... -5months?
Gender: Mostly Male
Height: Several inches
Weight: Several grams
Hairstyle: N/A
Facial hair: N/A
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: Black
Blood type: AB-
Primary chakra nature: N/A
Fighting Style: N/A
Hidden Village of Birth: N/A
Hidden Village of Residence: Mother's womb
Clan: Tsukegami and *******
Good or evil at heart?: Rip

Description of the character's personality:
I like memes

Description of the character's history:

Born to a father of the Tsukegami clan from Okagakure and a mother of unknown origin.

Osamu, a newly promoted Jonin was returning from his debut solo mission; to escort 2 Chuunin level rogues to their home village of Morigakure. He reached the village hidden in the Woods just after midnight, however in his excitement to complete his first A rank mission, he refused any offers to stay the night and left to return home immediately.

It was blindingly dark as Osamu was left the village gates, when, all of a sudden, a shrill, loud alarm rang out. This was soon followed by a series of cries and explosions as several dark figures in black cloaks dashed out of the village at inhumane speeds. Osamu noticed a symbol on the back of the some of the cloaks but it was way too dark to distinctly make any of them out. He continued on his journey home, confident that the Hidden Forest could solve their own problems.
As he reached the hilly terrain just outside the border of the Hidden Hill village, he came across a young, dark haired woman. She claimed to have lost her memory but Osamu was obviously sceptical to her claims, at first he thought of the cloaked figures from the night before, but he immediately dismissed the thought. He couldn't sense a shroud of chakra in her, and his chakra sensing abilities had just been rated amongst the best of the village. Besides, she was badly injured and her plain grey robe bore no symbol on it's back, not to mention the fact that there were exactly 7 figures that night.

Convinced of her innocence, Osamu took in the strange, and subtly beautiful woman. However it was not long until Osamu realized his mistake.

As he returned from his mission report in the morning, he spotted a freshly hung wanted picture of her. He rushed home to confront the woman, his kind-hearted nature wanting to give her a chance to explain herself before contacting the ANBU. He arrived home and went straight to confront her.

"You have 5 minutes to explain yourself before I get the ANBU" he said, throwing a wanted poster into the woman's face. She looked down for a couple of seconds, her eyes covered by her thick, black, curly hair. Osamu, concern overpowering his sense of danger, took a step forward and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, I'm sure you didn't kill your Kage, I just need an explanation", he brushed away her hair to get a look of her face.

Her eyes shone a bright orange, an obvious mark of the dojutsu stolen from the corpse of the late Morikage.

"" were the last two words he said. He froze, his mouth slightly open as the powerful Genjutsu worked at permanently altering his memories.

When he awoke, the strange woman was still recovering from the jutsu. However, to Osamu, she was no more the strange woman who couldn't tell him he name but rather, Mitsu, his loyal friend that had been betrayed by her own village. His memories now told him that they had been on many inter-village missions together and that he was madly in love with her, he now believed that for the sake of unity in the Hidden Forest, Mitsu had taken the sole blame for the murder of her Kage and the theft of his dojutsu. Osamu made it his duty to protect her, he would supply her with everything she needs until he could one day prove her innocence.

Osamu and Mitsu got along pretty well, despite the fact that she was confined to the small house that Osamu had bought for himself. An expert in Earth style, Mitsu dug herself a massive cavern underneath the home, a place for her to train whenever the house would begin to feel cramped.

Several happy years went by and Mitsu had occasionally donned a disguise to visit the outside world. Spring had just begun and the mood in the village, particularly the Tsukegami clan couldn't possibly be cheerier. The Okakage, Batt Tsukegami was particularly good natured, regularly taking walks around the village to greet and talk to his citizens.

However, there were reports, whispered rumors of a rogue organisation that wanted nothing more than to see the fall of the 12 Hidden Villages.

With a force that was supposedly stronger than any single village, this organisation was causing concern to the 12 Kages, however there remained little concrete proof of any ill will.

This all changed when a spy from the Maindo Clan reported that 6 of the most powerful rogue shinobi, - none of who had been seen for years, yet each with bounties worth millions - were holding a meeting around the outskirts of The Village Hidden in the Ocean. It was reported that each shinobi was bearing an odd, intricate, yet unique symbol, with none appearing to be the leader. In mere hours, The Hidden Shock Waves, Hidden Thunder and Hidden Metal had assembled and deployed an army of over 100 shinobi to protect the Hidden Ocean.

Yet they were too late; by the time the shinobi arrived, the Hidden Ocean had been completely obliterated. There were a several survivors...23 in total. Each and every single one of them trapped in a genjutsu that required 3 Jonin-level Genjutsu experts to disable. Whilst under the effects of  the jutsu they could only utter one word "....Heathen....Heathen...Heathen".

The Village Hidden in the Ocean was no more and in it's place arose the Ocean Village. The 23 survivors, all bearing the Ocean Village's bloodline heritage, used their ability to create a barrier that allows only inheritors of their bloodline to enter or leave the village. They were from that moment on isolated... completely cut off from the rest of the world.

The 12 Hidden Villages had been reduced to 11 and in an effort to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, members of the legendary organisation, Roguhanta were forced to scatter around the Hidden Villages. It was hoped that with their strength, even the weaker Hidden Villages would be able to delay, if not withstand the next onslaught.

As for the whereabouts of Heathen, Jyuunshin and Chokara were tasked with finding and destroying Heathen. Despite a total of just 19 shinobi, these 2 organisations had saved entire villages from the attacks of chakra beasts on several occasions. However, even they struggled to locate Heathen or any of their members. As a small and selective organisation that was supposed to have been neutral, no one knew who the members were or where to find them, even the organisation Heiwa, that specialized in the obtaining and trading of information had nothing substantial on them.

In just a few days, the pleasantry of spring had turned into an edgy and tense atmosphere as the news of what happened to the former Hidden Ocean Village spread across Okagakure. As a member of Roguhanta, Osamu was to be deployed to the large, yet relatively weak village of the Hidden Forest. Knowing that Mitsu was born there, he rushed home to tell her the news.

"Hey, I'm home! You wouldn't guess where I'm going to be deployed" Osamu exclaimed with a cheer in his voice. He ran straight for the concealed staircase that led to the hidden cavern, not even remembering that Mitsu was still supposed to be out of the country.

"Welcome back, how did the meeting go?" asked Mitsu, normally, Osamu would have noticed the very subtle edge of worry to her voice but he was far too ecstatic. With his signature grin plastered on his face, he traipsed into the enormous underground cavern.

"You wouldn't believe it, I've been deployed to Morigakure, I'm going to find out the truth behind who killed your Kage and clear your name! Believe it!"

Mitsu had a troubled look in her eye, "Oh Osamu, you really shouldn't do that, you've done enough for me already" She knew that if he were to investigate into the murder of the Kage, he would soon discover her real name - a fact known by only 3 people - as well as the abilities of the Kage's dojutsu. He would immediatly realize that he'd been under a genjutsu the entire time and expose her without remorse.

"Mitsu. Please, there is nothing you can say that will change my mind. You've sacrificed yourself enough there's no need to -" He was cut off mid-sentence by the katana in the middle of his neck. He looked at Mitsu, her eyes a glowing green as the genjutsu unravelled and the deception of the past 6 years hit him. Tears were flowing down the face of the strange woman as she spoke.

"Believe me, the past 6 years were amazing...I just wish...I wish you wouldn't be so stubborn you know? Once you set your mind to something you just won't stop till you complete it and I just can't have you complete this." Osamu coughed out blood as he pathetically lifted his arms towards her.

"I...I knew." The woman's head snapped up as she lost her composure. The tears around her eyes were far more evident as her shoulders shook and she let out light sobs.

" knew?"

He coughed again, his blood splattering all over the face of the woman. He weaved  several signs with his hands, casting a simple jutsu. Reaching out with his bloodied hand he touched her forehead and he showed her what happened 6 years ago. After the night she had used the jutsu. As a budding genjutsu user, Osamu soon noticed the discrepancies in his memory. There were inconsistencies in his memories of Mitsu, facts that failed to match up with the truths that he knew.

Aware of the dojutsu wielded by the Hidden Forest Kage, he quickly realised the situation he was in. It was too coincidental that his memories about Mitsu were inconsistent just as she was supposedly framed. His memories were still changed, however he had known that the woman who called herself Mitsu was not who she made him think she was.

"But...why...why didn't you tell me? Or tell anyone?"

Osamu's smile was weak now, his knees quivered as he could barely stay on his feet.

"You''d tell me when you're ready"

"I'm pregnant. But don't worry, I plan to abort." said the woman as she began to back away. Osamu's eyes widened in shock as she began to wield signs for another jutsu.

Her behaviour had completely changed, she was no longer crying and her eyes had returned to their normal colour; she was almost an entierly different person. Osamu took a measly step forward before collapsing onto the floor.

As his eyes closed, he saw a puff of smoke and 6 figures emerge. The figures were wearing black cloaks, each one with a different symbol. He remembered them as the figures he saw 6 years ago, but he wondered, weren't there 7 of them that night? He saw one of the black-clad strangers take a step towards the woman who used to be Mitsu and hand her a cloak. His eyes shut as he heard one, deep, male voice say;

"Hmph. I'm still not sure we can trust her. Not after what she did 6 years ago."

"I know, but she brought us right into the heart of the Hidden Hill, she's redeemed herself." said a teenager's voice.

"Look, Lust, we've voted about this and everyone thinks we should give her another chance. Besides, we haven't found a suitable replacement for 6 years. That says a lot." said a third, hoarse voice.

"You know our policy about traitors, you're lucky we let you live after keeping the dojutsu for yourself, but just this once we'll let it slide. The next time you cross the organisation, you will die. So, how about it Gluttony? Care to rejoin Katakiuchi?"

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I have got to say, it was very interesting to read.
I'd wish it would even be longer.
And the way you incorporated a lot of the Organizations was awesome ^^

edit: +rep
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Quite interesting indeed.
Well done Manuster.
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I hardly read character stories but that was really impressive. Good job
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Thank You, Thank You all *eyes watering*
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D: nice bro,i did not expect that from you.(afk hiter xDD)
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*claps* for part 2 o.o
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Good work. I love when stories incorporate clans/orgs of the forum.
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Lol Batt took the
Good work. I love when stories incorporate clans/orgs of the forum.
Took the words right out of my mouth Batt , I love the history dude I'm hyped up for the next part Lol
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Nice work man. Heathen is proud of you...... *Gets emotional*
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Man this is awesome, keep up the good work :D looking forward to the next chapter. Sry for the late reply tho :p
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Part 2
Onimaro Himitsu walked into the room, leading Taiga Himitsu, who was in handcuffs. In Taiga's hand was a sheet of paper, which he proceeded to place on the large table in the center of the room. He took a deep breath and looked up.

"My name is Taiga Himitsu and I am the leader of the organisation Heathen. On that sheet of paper is the identity of each and every Heathen member, as well as their village and fighting abilities. I am here to prove our innocence. I have strongly interrogated each and every one of my members and not a single one was involved in the attack on the Ocean Village. Neither do they know anything about the attack. If you so wish, you can interrogate them yourselves. I do not know why our organisation was framed but I do hope that with the information I have provided, I have gained your trust. I would like to take this opportunity to request that you kindly withdraw the bounty on our heads, as well as recall Chokara and Jyuunshin. We are a neutral organisation with a sole goal of improving each others abilities, we have no intention in seeing the downfall of the Hidden Villages."

The room was silent as the 11 Kages absorbed what just happened. The list of names was passed around and various grunts of surprise rose as some of the Kage discovered that some of their most trusted members were part of this organisation. The Kage of the Hidden Metal spoke up first;

"This seems a little too perfect...are you trying to say that you simply gave up the identity of every one of your members just to prove their innocence? Isn't secrecy utmost priority in your organisation???"

"Well of course," Taiga responded, "secrecy is vital to the operating of our organisation, however, not if it puts the lives of my members at risk. We're currently being hunted down by each and every Hidden Village and you honestly expect me to risk death of the entire organisation because of what? Tradition? You're a Kage, and tell me, would you do the same?"

Taiga had intended to quickly and abruptly shoot down any suspicions, however he didn't mean to create such tension while doing so.

"That is no manner at which to speak to a Kage, where is your respect?" sneered the elderly Kage of the Hidden Snow.

"It's fine mother, the youth these days know no bounds" replied the Hidden Metal's Kage.

"Mother?" Taiga was taken aback, he had no idea that 2 of the Kage were related.

"Oh didn't you know?" smiled another elderly woman, "6 of us are related, I, Kage of the Hidden Volcano am the sister of Nanami Kirishima, Kage of the Hidden Snow and between us our children are the Kage of the Hidden Metal, Dust, Forest and Ash."

Taiga was shocked by this news, he then remembered that the Hidden Metal, Hidden Dust, Hidden Forest and Hidden Ash had all their Kage assassinated in the past 6 years. At the mention of the Kirishima, Onimaro had appeared to stiffen, his eyes were narrowed as the reality of the situation sunk in.

"But I digress, so has anyone got anything else to add?"

Onimaro took a step forward, "Jyuunshin and Chokara have put all their efforts into finding Heathen. If truly guilty, he wouldn't have given himself up. As far as he would have been aware, he had gotten away with his crimes, that is, if he were guilty."

"That is true, he has put himself and organisation in an incredibly compromising position" voiced the Kage of the Hidden Hill.

"Ahh maybe so but how do we know if any of these names are legitimate? This could be a fake list used to gain the trust of the Kage. In fact, for all we know, Onimaro could be a member himself" said the Kage of the Hidden Dust. The Kage of the Hidden Ash nodded, adding;

"We should kill him, just to be sure. And if the attacks stop we'll know he was guilty"

The Kage of the Hidden Hill frowned, "Your plan is to kill without evidence? Even if you don't believe him, you could imprison him to see if the attacks continue...murder....just seems... quite harsh."

The Kage of the Hidden Dust and Hidden Ash exchanged a look.

"How about we take a vote on this?" Suggested Nanami Kirishima.

"All in favour of execution on the grounds of the murder and annhilation of the Hidden Ocean Village; raise your hand"

7 hands were raised.

"Bear in mind that it would be suspicious if you were not to. After all, we have no idea as to who truly is a member" added Nanami.

2 more hands were raised.

Onimaro couldn't bear the blatant injustice, "This is ridiculous! You call yourself Kage and you're sentencing this man to an unfair death! You're letting the Kirishima fool you!!"

The Kage of the Hidden Thunder stood up and walked out while the Hidden Hill's shook his head in disgust. They were the only 2 not to vote.

"Now now Onimaro, our respective clan's have come to an agreement to end this animosity" smiled Nanami, "maybe it's your continued distaste of the Kirishima clan that is making you disagree with us. You're the clan leader now and maybe it's about time you start acting like one"

Onimaro took a deep breath and turned to Taiga. "I can't let my emotions for the clan get in the way of my decision-making." Taiga's eyebrows raised in shock as Onimaro plunged a kunai into his chest. 

"" gasped Taiga as he fell to his knees. As his eyes closed he noticed a solid look of determination on Onimaro's face.

The Kage of the Hidden Thunder stormed into his office.

"Those idiots! I bet those Kirishima have something to do with the recent attacks..." 

"Sir, you have a visitor" interrupted one of his guards.

"You know not to barge in unless it's important"

"I know Sir, but she claims to know the location of the organisation responsible for the attacks" At this information, the Kage's interest was piqued. 

"Send her in", shortly after a young, dark haired woman walked in. She appeared to be slightly pregnant.

The woman was ecstatic, she hadn't thought that her plan would truly work but here she was, face to face with the legendary Kage of the Village Hidden in Thunder.


With a conscious effort to not smile, she gave false information as to the location of a false organisation, while keeping the details vague enough to match everything that Vuregu should know. As she began to run out of lies to tell, she spotted the signal from outside his window and dropped her guard.

"I..I have to go now" she took a step backward to leave but by the time she had turned around, Vreg had a kunai to her neck.

"Now, now, using a pregnant woman as a decoy, that's new." 

2 figures crashed through the window and 3 more walked in from the door. Vuregu could see the doors outside his office splattered with the blood of his guards. His ANBU level security had been dispatched with complete silence and in an unbelievably short amount of time. He knew this was no ordinary attack and these must be the shinobi that destroyed the Hidden Ocean.

"Let me guess, you're not here to talk" smirked Vreg. It had been a while since he had used his Eyes of a Thunder God.

He closed his eyes, drawing chakra into them, as the 5 figures all took a cautious step back. As he opened his eyes, they each dropped a smoke bomb, obscuring his vision.

"Pahaha, you think that's enough to stop me??" laughed Vuregu as he charged with a chidori in each hand. The pregnant woman seized the opportunity and dashed out of Vuregu's grasp as the 5 cloaked figures all attacked in unison.

As she recovered her breath in the safety of the blood-drenched hallways, the smoke began to clear. The fighting was gaining in intensity and the clash of a storm release jutsu and fire release caused the roof to be blown off. Now that there was no smoke, the pregnant woman activated her dojutsu - the stolen kekkai genkai of the late Kage of the Hidden Forest.

"Hey! Vuregu!" she called, as he turned around she attempted to place him under a genjutsu, but ended up being repelled against the opposite wall. Vuregu appeared at her side.

"I don't want to kill you, so leave, before you leave me no choice."

The woman smiled and pointed at the sky, Vuregu looked up, shocked by what he saw.

"You bastards..."

Falling, at a tremendous rate, was a meteorite over half a kilometer wide. Vuregu flew upwards, thinking of the quickest way to destroy the meteorite without harming any of his villagers.

"If I survive this, I am sooo stepping down as Kage" said Vuregu, as his Thunder God Eyes glistened in the sunlight, summoning rain.

Part 3

Taiga gasped as he awoke, as the memories of his last moments rushed back. He sat up and looked around at his ram-shackle surroundings. Mika Himitsu, the wife of Onimaro Himitsu walked in.

"Oh you're up" she said with a warm welcoming smile. Confused by the developments, he wondered if what he remembered were all part of some sort of nightmare.

" I?" he breathed, he noticed that he was in what appeared to be a tent, laying on a mattress with the bare ground mere inches from his face. Mika took a seat beside him and gently lay him back down.

"I've got a lot of explaining to do" she said, as a serious look came upon her face "and it's best that you calm down first." Taiga tilted his head to the side, intrigued as to what could make such a normally sweet woman, so serious.

"After Onimaro...killed you, he requested that he give you a traditional Himitsu burial. He rushed over immediately and brought you to my care, where you were immediately resuscitated. I've got to give it to you, most ninja wouldn't have survived that. You were dead for a solid 2 hours."

Taiga tried to interrupt but Mika shut him down, continuing;

"He told me to give you his deepest apologies. Onimaro had to appear to trust the Kage, he has suspicions - and rightly so - that the Kirishima are behind the attacks. However if his suspicions are correct, that would mean that 6 of the 10 remaining Kage are corrupt."

Taiga was confused, "10...aren't there 11?"

Mika, realizing her mistake, took a deep breath.

"I'm sure you've noticed our surroundings by now. The Hidden Thunder was evacuated..."  Taiga sat back up at this news.

"Vuregu...what happened to Vuregu? He's the strongest Kage of them all, surely??" But Mika didn't need to respond. She looked away, avoiding eye contact. Taiga was distraught.

"Bullshit, I refuse to believe it. He's far tougher than that." Mika nodded, hopeful as well. But the bad news wasn't over.

"Taiga..." He turned his head as her eyes filled with tears, Taiga tried to console her;

"It's OK, I'm sure Vuregu is alive, he's our Kage for a reason.".

Mika shook her head, "It's not that...Hea...Heathen"

Taiga's eyes narrowed, "What about Heathen?"

Mika, still avoiding eye contact said the words that Taiga had hoped he'd never have to hear.

"All of Heathen has been assassinated, you're the only one left. We...we don't know who did it, but several eye witnesses claim to have spotted distinct clothing of the Hidden Ash ANBU."

Taiga went silent...he got out of bed and walked to the door. It was almost as if he wasn't injured...

"Taiga..what are you going to do?" asked Mika.

"First I'm framed. And when I make an effort to redeem my name, I get killed for it. Only for both my home village and organisation to be brought to the ground.

Mika... thank you.

But I'm getting my revenge."

Mika had heard of Taiga's dissociative personality but had never witnessed it first hand. This was his first personality, a reflection of the harsh childhood he endured. He was rumoured to have ruthlessly murdered 10 jonin in this state, however Mika had never been one to put much emphasis on rumours. What she knew for sure though, was that the atmosphere in the room had dropped. She sighed as she thought of her second-born child.

"Kazuki...I hope you're all right."

Vuregu frowned, he was lying on his back in what appeared to be a prison cell. He stood up and looked around...

"Oh don't worry, this isn't a normal prison" said a voice. Vuregu spotted a figure in a black cloak. Identical to the figures he fought last. As he squinted he could make out the name "Greed" on the right shoulder.

"Greed huh? So you take to naming yourselves after the 7 deadly sins? Interesting concept, kudos." joked Vuregu as he leaned against the bars.

"I don't think you're taking your situation seriously enough" said Greed, the figure raised their head, showing the face of a well-toned 20-something year old man. He was grinning as his left eye changed colour. Vuregu gasped as he realised that it was none other than his dojutsu, Eye of a Thunder God. Vuregu tried activating his eyes and realized that he still had his right one.

"We tried giving both to Konohuro but he nearly died. It looks like you've got to have Storm Release to even use one of your eyes. It's a miracle he survived, though of course without any God-like eyes. We're currently on the hunt for another powerful shinobi with Storm Release, though they aren't that many of us, are they Greggy" smiled the man, he appeared to be enjoying himself, relishing in his new found power.

Vuregu was annoyed to say the least. No ordinary human should have been able to use his eyes, even with Storm Release, yet here sat an ordinary human...using them with no trouble. As for this Konohuro fella, he must have been either incredibly lucky or powerful to survive the attempted implantation.

Vuregu punched the wall, wincing as his own dojutsu worked against him.

"You should be familiar with this jutsu. It absorbs all forms of energy from inside the cage to power the barrier. Punching it, well only makes it stronger. I believe you call it..."

"I know my own jutsu" Vuregu said, crossing his legs and sitting down in the center of the cell.

"This jutsu is immune to Nin and Taijutsu. I'm sorry sensei, I know you said I shouldn't use it until I can control it, but desperate times call for desperate measures" thought Vuregu. His eyebrows furrowed for a while before a calm, docile look appeared on his face. He smiled and looked Greed straight in the eyes.

"Any last words?"

"It looks like it's going to rain boss" said a young farm hand.

"Oh bug off with that nonsense, it's the middle of July! It hasn't rained in weeks!" replied Ryu, a farmer in his late 60's.

"Hey, boss, I think your wife is on her way, and it looks like she's baked something too." added another young farmhand.

"And it's about time. You lot take a 5 minute break, I'll be back with the goodies" Ryu said, rubbing his hands at the thought of freshly baked cookies.

"If there's any left" smirked the first young farmhand, lowering his voice as of not to be heard by his boss.

"I heard that!" laughed Ryu, jokingly throwing a handful of weeds at him. He turned to face the kilometer high cliff  before cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting;

"Oi! Hinata! Over here!"

Hinata was a 63 year old farmer's wife. She had married into an incredibly wealthy farming family with an extensive and successful history stretching back over 8 centuries. Hinata and her husband currently lived in a small cottage at the top of a cliff where they could easily oversee their land of 40 hectares. Hinata walked out with a fresh batch of home-made cookies, smiling as she took in the brisk summer air.

"Ahh" she inhaled the smell of cookies, thinking that her quiet life couldn't possible get any better. As she took a step towards the winding trail that led to the base of the cliff and the beginning of her lands, she was blown 3 metres back by incredibly harsh winds as a thunderbolt crashed down from above.

The lightning bolt alone was nothing like she'd ever seen before, it was over 50 meters wide and stayed in her sight for a good 10 seconds. The thunderclap that followed could be heard halfway across the globe.

Hinata stumbled to her feet, her inner ears obliterated by the thunder. She was now completely deaf and her balance seemed to have a strong bias to her left. As she attempted to stand up she fell right back down to her knees.

The 4 hectacres of land that had taken 12 generations almost a millenium to acquire was gone, eradicated from the earth. In place of the luscious farmland that would stretch out as far as her eyes could see, was a pitch black pit of untold depth. In places she could see steam rising as water was boiled from the impact. The cookies she had baked were completely burnt, and the piece of ground directly in front of her crumbled, dropping the cookie-ashes into the pit below.

She watched them fall, until they hit what appeared to be a red lake. Realising that it was lava, she swiftly moved back, distancing herself from the edge of what appeared to be hell. More lava bubbled up as rock and stone were melted.

From the centre of the pit flew a single figure, holding what appeared to be a head. The figure flew up until they had a good view of their surroundings before spotting the dazed woman. As the figure flew closer, she recognised it to be a male in his early-mid 30's. The mysterious male seemed to be removing the left eye from the decapitated head before replacing his own with it. Hinata realised that it was none other than Vuregu flying towards her. After the attack on the Hidden Thunder, he was pronounced dead, no one had seen him for over 2 days now.

Vuregu flew to what appeared to be a farmer's wife. She was visibly dazed and her hands were badly burnt, there was also a trail of blood flowing from each of her ears, particularly her left. He doubted that she had yet spotted any of her injuries. He tossed the head to her, apologising for the great inconvenience. The woman just stared and nodded, holding the dripping head as if it were a baby.

If she hadn't just witnessed the obliteration of everything she knew and loved, she would have probably asked for an autograph.
"That's the head of a rogue ninja worth millions, Nibui Kirishima, it should be enough to buy some new land" Vuregu said, looking back at the destruction he had caused. He shook his head, trying not to think about how many people he had killed. He had a village to rebuild, this was not the time to dwell on lost souls.
"I guess I still can't use my Sage Mode safely" Vuregu muttered to himself as he flew into the upper atmosphere. He reached the edge of space before looking down to the Land of Thunder. Out of the corner of his eye he could still see the black pit he had created. It was most likely never going to disappear.
A small smile creeped upon his face as he dropped straight into Mach 2.

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Part 4

An annoyed Onimaro pushed past the guards of the secret Roguhanta headquarters, ignoring their protests and letting himself into Reminance's office. One of the guards tried to drag Onimaro out stating that he hadn't booked an appointment but Reminance shooed him off saying,

"It's fine, we have important things to talk about." Onimaro looked at the single seat in front of Reminance. Occupying it was a tall, dark skinned, young man, no older than 20. He was dressed in distinctive Hiddern Inferno clothing with shoulder length white hair. If not for the glaringly obvious Kirishima logo, he could have passed as a Tsukegami member.

"Who's that" asked Onimaro, in a blunt voice. Reminance took a deep breath, aware of the Himitsu's history with the Kirishima, he chose his words wisely.

"That's Zama Kirishima, he's a fairly new member to Roguhanta and our only reliable source on the workings of the Kirishima."

"Are you sure we can trust him though?" asked a skeptical Onimaro.

"I think it's best you listen to what he has to say first, go on Zama, tell him everything you told me." Onimaro decided to listen, putting his trust in his old friend Reminance instead.

"Well, as you may have noticed, there have been 4 Kage assasinations over the last 6 years. In each and every case, the newly appointed Kage is a Demiblood Kirishima. It's the fact that most Demibloods have a parent from another clan that has allowed this to go unnoticed. By adopting their second's clan name instead of Kirishima they can work their way up to positions of trust without anyone batting an eye."

"And the Noblebloods, they're okay with this?" poised Onimaro, his interest suddenly piqued.

"Actually, it's all being led by a Nobleblood. Konohuro Kirishima. He  has managed to unite both sides for a common goal, and has gained alot of Demiblood trust by placing them as Kage. I'm sure you're aware of which Kage are currently Kirishima. As it stands, only the Hidden Hill, Shockwave, Thunder, Inferno and Haze do not have Kirishima Kage."

"Aye, that's great Zama, but how do we know this is not a lie? Konohuro hasn't been seen for years and he's largely thought to be dead. What you're saying is that he is openly leading the Kirishima and not a single shinobi from outside the clan has seen him?"

"Well, actually, Konohuro doesn't actually show up himself. He summons the Kage and Kirishima clan elders into meetings with the Yugure."

"Yugure? What?" asked Onimaro, confused as to what the name stood for. At this point, Reminance had leaned back into his chair, putting his feet unto his desk, he smirked.

"Now Oni, this is where things get interesting."

Zama handed Onimaro a piece of paper with a drawing of a young teenage boy. Onimaro mouth opened in shock as he recognised his youngest son, Kazuki. His son had left home one day to join a rogue organisation, and despite his best efforts, Onimaro hadn't seen him since.

"Katakiuchi are a rogue organisation, they have a 7 member council instead of a leader and your son, Kazuki is on it. As well as Konohuro. They call themselves the Yugure and can be summoned at will by each other using a complex series of seals belonging to a forbidden jutsu."

"But what does this have to do with Kirishima?"

"I have reason to believe that the Yugure were behind the attacks on the former Hidden Ocean village, as well as the attacks on the Hidden Thunder. Through the Kirishima's Demiblood branch and the Katakiuchi, Konohuro is planning on controlling all the Hidden Villages, destroying those that won't succumb." Onimaro was even more shocked by this news.

"No...Kazuki...wouldn't..." Reminance adopted a serious tone and walked over to comfort his friend.

"Their next target is the Hidden Hill, I've already warned them to be wary for any incomers and sent some of my best shinobi. We've gone through worse Oni, we'll crush Kata and rescue your son."

Toichi Tsukegami mumbled to himself. As a newly promoted Chuunin, he was annoyed to be handed such a simple job, especially with all the action going on recently.

He was given a task by the clan leaders to clear up the home of his recently deceased, fellow, clansman named, Osamu Tsukegami. The cause and nature of his death had been incredibly shushed upon by the clan elders but there were several interesting rumours going about.

Toichi paused his work and took out a pre-wrapped slice of cake. He unwrapped it eagerly as he leaned against the wall. Highly sensitive to his surroundings, Toichi noticed that a section of the wall was less dense than the rest. He stuffed the cake into his mouth and explored the wall, finding a hidden seal that required Earth style to activate. Toichi had already unlocked his second chakra nature of Earth, despite still being a Chuunin and he used this to activate the seal.

A section of the wall seamlessly slid away to reveal a staircase. Excitement spread through Toichi's body as he ran down into the unknown.

Kamashe Ucyuga was a member of the infamous Ucyuga clan, the clan claimed to possess God-like powers however these were yet to be witnessed by both the clan members and others. As a result, they'd been reduced to a laughing stock across the Shinobi world and had been hunted to the verge of extinction.

Kamashe Ucyuga, one of the newer breeds of Ucyuga, was exceptionally annoying. He woke up to discover that he was tied up, lying on his back in a mildly lit cave. He sat up to see a single figure drawing out some sort of seal onto the ground.

"Who...Wha...Where am I?" muttered Kamashe.

"Ahhh you're finally awake!" smiled his captor, "My name is Ken Himitsu and I'm going to make you scream. And no, not the good way."

Kamashe recognised the name as that of a rogue shinobi who slaughtered an entire village just because he was hungry.

"Wha-what do you want with me?? I'm just an Ucyuga, why me?" Kamashe was visibliy shaking, tears ran down his face as he begged for his life;

"Ima coward and a pussy! Please! Spare me!",  Ken laughed as he completed the drawing of the sealing. He stood up and walked towards Kamashe, taking out a kunai and stabbing him right underneath the nail on his large toe. Kamashe screamed in pain as his tears turned into sobs.

"Why...why me?" he asked, an edge of desperation to his voice.

"Although I am enjoying this, it isn't just mindless fun" smirked Ken, as he shoved the end of the kunai underneath his second toenail. Kamashe's screams got louder.

"Y'know what happens when an Ucyuga's blood is placed in that pentagram?" Ken asked as he gestured to the sealing pentagram that he had drawn. Kamashe shook his head furiously saying;

"We...we don't actually have any God-like powers, our clan's...actually...kinda weak....we all claim to hold back but really...we're useless. Ken laughed,

"In combat, yes,  but a while ago, your founder must've made a contract with the chakra beasts somehow, allowing his blood and that of all of his descendants to summon chakra beasts" Ken laughed at the irony of it as he proceeded to stab under the nail of his middle toe. Kamashe howled.

"It's funny really, your clan have gone centuries being hunted for for being irritating while all that happened was that a bit of history got confused, leading you all to believe that you're powerful shinobis." Despite the pain, Kamashe's heart leapt at the joy of discovering that there was at least some truth to the supposed might of the Ucyuga clan.

"I....I can give you some of my blood if you want" winced Kamashe, as a renewed desire to live burned bright within him.
He had to survive this, he'd go back to the others and tell them the truth. They'd find the sealing formula and all summon chakra beasts of their own. They'd reach the height of pinnacle that they always deserved to be at and pay back everyone that ever insulted them. He couldn't walk with his busted knee caps but he couldn't care less, he would drag himself by his hands if he had to. He was almost smiling.

Ken was watching him with a sadistic smile.

"Thinking of telling your clan aren't ya?" He stabbed the nail underneath Kamshe's fourth toe, taking in the sweet sounds of his screams and sobs.

"Aaaaaarrggghhh! Why!? You only need my blood, take it!!" shouted Kamashe as he began to struggle in his bindings.

"I only said placing your blood upon the sealing summons a chakra beast. If I wanna control one. I've got to eat your heart." Kamashe's face was one of utter despair.

"J-j-just kill me then" Kamashe begged. Ken swung his head back and roared in laughter as he moved on to the last toe on his left leg.

"And miss out on all this fun?"

Kamashe's couldn't form a reasonable response, he was in between begging and bargaining for his life. His words had turned into a unintelligible slur. Ken Himitsu had a large grin on his face as he slowly began to peel off Kamashe's skin.
Part 5

Shika Kirishima was the overweight, pampered, only son of Nanami Kirishima, Kage of the Hidden Snow. Shika had become Kage of the Hidden Ash under questionable circumstances; the previous Kage, despite being young and full of health and energy had died of a mysterious heart attack. Shika, a political nobody and ignored member of the council of elders won the position of Kage through a complete and utter lack of competition.

"Oi, I said I wanted a chocolate cake with 7 strawberries. There are 8 on this!" Shika was slouched against a throne that he had had built for himself with the village funds, in a lavishly decorated palace paid for with village funds. In a furious temper, he threw the cake at the elderly servant, knocking her to the ground.

"Where are all my young, attractive servants??!"

"M...m..master, you've k-killed them all, Sir. N-n-no one wants to work here anymore." Shika was annoyed at the revelation. And when he was annoyed, only one thing could make him cherry again.  He stared at the old woman lustfully.

"Hmmm. Woman, do you have any children?" A look of confusion was stretched across the servant's face as she nodded.

"Yes Kage, 5 of them, 2 girls and 3 boys" Shika's temper that had appeared to dampen, flared up once again just as suddenly as it had vanished.

"What did I say you should call me?!?!" He roared at the woman, the sheer volume of his voice nearly pushing her of balance.

"M-master, sorry master." She kneeled as she rubbed her sweaty palms against her thighs. She suddenly had a deep feeling of regret for telling Shika that she had children.

"Your old are they" He smirked, as his eyes filled with lust and wickedness.

"M-master, ple-"

"Their age! Or they die!!"

"F-five and seventeen" the elderly woman burst into tears in fear "M-m-master, please" She fell to her knees and bowed to the ground but Shika wasn't listening, he got up from his throne and walked right over her hand, crushing the bones and leaving her moaning in agony.

"Guards! Go to wherever this woman's house is and bring her daughter to me...the younger one." Shika grinned and he rubbed his hands together, as he waddled to his office.

His smile evaporated once he walked through the door; on the floor, sitting crossed legged in the middle of a pentagram was a single, dark skinned man with his head lowered in what appeared to be a meditation position.

"G-guards!!!!" He screamed as he made a futile attempt to push the door open but his own guards had locked the door behind him. He could hear laughter behind the door as his head guard replied to Shika's shouts of protest.

"Consider this...Master... as a gift from all your staff. Past and present." The way the guard drew out the word 'Master' sent chills down Shika's spine.

"Taiga! Remember our promise! Make him suffer!!!" shouted another voice, it was that of the elderly woman that Shika had left in pain mere moments ago. The figure raised his head to reveal blood stained lips, as a strong stench of fresh blood suddenly hit Shika. Taiga wiped his lips with a torn patch of cloth. On the cloth, Shika could make out part of the Ucyuga clan emblem.  A dark, deep chuckle came from the black man in the black cloak.

"I told you guys to run."

Toichi Tsukegami crept down the hidden stairs located in the hall of the recently deceased, Osamu Tsukegami's home. A strong stench of blood and flesh made Toichi hold in his stomach and he had to make a conscious effort not to puke up his lunch.

Ken Himitsu turned to the approaching sound of footsteps.

"Kazzy? Is that you? Why didn't you just teleport in?" Toichi stood stock still, his mind racing with who could possibly be down here. A dreadful thought occured to him but he pushed it to the back of his mind.

"Hey! Kaz! I've killed the Ucyuga guy! I'm just skinning him now...viewer discretion is advised, content includes blood, gore and cannibalism." Ken laughed at his own joke as a poof of smoke appeared behind him. Kazuki Himitsu appeared. He was dressed in standard combat gear but his headband bore the symbol of Katakiuchi instead of his home village of the Hidden Thunder. His vest bore Himitsu emblems on both shoulders. Kazuki cracked his knuckles before turning up his nose at the smell.

"Hey Kaz, where's your cloak?"

"I left it. I didn't want to get it stained. And I told you to stop calling me that. And why the fuck are you skinning him?? You only need his heart, take it out, take a bite and summon the damn thing....bloody lunatic." replied Kazuki, already annoyed by the lack of urgency that Ken displayed.

"You take the fun out of everything" moaned Ken before dropping the kunai and ripping the heart out straight out of the Kamashe's chest.

"Wait. There's someone else here." said Kazuki, putting his hand on Ken's shoulder, he pointed to the entrance at the far end of the cavern.

"Oh yeah, someone came down the stairs just before you appeared...I thought it was you." Kazuki stared straight at Ken.

"Oh shit! Someone IS here!" Ken scrambled to his feet and drew a blade from seemingly nothing, as he slowly approached the staircase.

Toichi took a deep breath, in a failed attempt to slow his heart rate. He had no idea what was going on but he knew that someone called Ken was defiling a dead body and a guy called Kazuki had the ability to teleport. He gasped out loud as something clicked in his memory. He was dealing with two of the Himitsu's clan most deadly defectors. Realising how dire his situation was he began to wonder if he could even make it out alive to get help.

"Now now, come on out there." teased Ken, as he neared the edge of the cavern. He saw a ninja of the Hidden Hill quickly casting seals.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu" shouted Toichi, releasing a dragon of fire from his mouth. Ken took 2 quick steps to the side, completely missing the attack. He smiled and licked his lips before begin to cast his own jutsu.

"Ken. Your sleeve is on fire." said Kazuki, seemingly irritated with the distraction. Ken stopped his jutsu mid cast to kill the fire.

"Now, where were we" He said calmly.

"What the hell is wrong with this guy? He's either crazy or stupid...or am I not enough of a challenge to take seriously?" thought Toichi.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu" smiled Ken, he repeated the signs and casted the jutsu again and again, hitting Toichi full on with the third attack. A clone vanished and from the top of the staircase came several fire balls.

"Ice Wall" shouted Ken as he slammed his palm to the ground. A thick wall of ice rose to absorb the impact of the fire balls. Running from the side of the wall was Toichi brandishing a kunai and shuriken. Ken seemingly grabbed his sword from mid air and repelled both projectiles. He grabbed another blade that seemed to appear from mid air and thrusted it at Toichi, causing another clone to vanish.

"So much for double S class rogue" smiled Toichi as he released a Fire Dragon Jutsu from right above Ken.

Kazuki raised an eyebrow. Even though he was holding back, most Jonin wouldn't get a single hit on Ken. He leaned against the wall and took out several kunai, holding one between each finger.

Toichi stumbled to his knees and looked down to see a sword sticking out of his abdomen. He looked up to see that Ken had 2 more swords in each hand.

"H-How?" asked Toichi as struggled for breath.

"Well I'm glad you asked, you see this is a Wind Style Genjutsu." He snapped his fingers and Toichi could suddenly see 4 scubbards, on Ken's back, each one for a different sword. Ken snapped his fingers again and it was gone.

"It's a genjutsu that I have on all the time, I only really take it off when I really have to focus in a battle." He walked up to Toichi and patted his head. "Sorry kid, but I earned this double S ranking you know, it ain't easy to have a Genjutsu up 24/7." He stood up, sheathed his swords and patted his hands.

"Now, where's my lunch.", Ken jogged back to the pentagram, sat in it and picked up the heart. "Oi, Kazuki, I advise you step back, these chakra beasts are kinda huge you know.

"Hmm. Since when are you a double S class? I'm better than you and I'm still only S class." frowned Kazuki. Ken laughed in response.

"Oh Kazza, one day you'll lose your shit and then, just possibly, reach double S rank. For now of course, you're just my bitch. Now. Let's fuck up this village." Ken took a bite out of the heart.

"KEN HIMITSU! KAZUKI HIMITSU! Raise your hands this instant!!!" roared the voice of Haruko Tsukegami, the Head ANBU of the Hidden Hill.

"Oops" was all that Ken could say before an explosion devastated the cavern and left Osamu Tsukegami's house in utter ruins.

As the smoke cleared, a behemoth of fire could be seen standing in the middle of the Tsukegami residence area; a chakra beast that resembled a lion. The mane and end of it's tail consisted of pure blue flames and parts of its red and orange streaked fur would occasionally burst into flames before shortly subsiding. These seemed to cause no bother to the beast, nor the human standing upon its head.

"Damn, really wanted the water one," said Ken, "but I guess this will have to do."
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You, sir, are the best writer I've seen here yet.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I...I think you just established a whole sh*tload of canon.

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Manu when are we getting part 5?? :33

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Manu when are we getting part 5?? :33

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Manu when are we getting part 5?? :33

Today ;)

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SHIIT MANU, you made me a fucking Bolton... I LOVE IT <3 Can't wait for the other part!

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Part 6

Harukoo stood up from the pile of wood and ashes and called out to the back up squad that Roguhanta had provided.

"Kuria! Satomi! Kenshi! Are you guys okay?" The trio from Roguhanta and the Himitsu clan had been protected by Kenshi's Wind Style: Sphere Jutsu.

"Yeah, we're fine...but you're going to have to call in your ANBU...all of them." said Kenshi. He turned to his sister, Satomi Himitsu.

"I know you want to fight but you've got to run back to headquarters. Tell them it's code red."


"Satomi we are not having this conversation. GO." The young medic stood up and ran off, cursing underneath her breath. The chakra beast had already set alight several surrounding buildings as Kazuki removed himself from the rubble.

"Ken! Pick me up!" demanded Kazuki.

"KAZUKI!" roared Kuria, rushing toward his brother "How dare you leave!"

"My oh my Kuria, it's been a while hasn't it?" said Kazuki, as he dodged the first kick from Kuria. "Still focusing on the Taijutsu I see?" Kuria's response was a flurry of punches that forced Kazuki to retreat.

"Hmph. You've gotten better." sneered Kazuki, Kuria spat on the ground in response.

"This is not going to be a repeat of the last time we met" said Kuria. A cloak of green surrounded him as he activated his Inner Gates. Ken targeted the chakra beast towards Kuria and it released a humongous roar of fire. Harukoo cast Earth Dome over Kuria, trapping Kazuki in the process. The blast hit the Earth Dome, melting part of the Earth, Haruko responded by casting another Earth Dome with one hand, using his other hand to cast an earth clone to go call for help.

Kenshi had climbed to the top of a nearby building and jumped onto the chakra beast, throwing several shuriken in the process. Ken dodged at the last moment, but failed as one hit him in his right shoulder. 

"Tsk. Kenshi, I'm guessing you're here to bring me back too?"

"No. I'm here to kill you." replied Kenshi with a stone cold glare.

"Aaaaah, so that's why you sent away sis." said Ken, nodding as if in thought.

"She's not your sister. Not anymore." Ken laughed at that and shook his head, before grabbing two swords from seemingly nothing and plunging towards his brother. Kenshi dodged easily and jumped over a blade as Ken swung backwards. Kenshi threw down several more shuriken and infused them with lightning to increase the shuriken's speed and damage. Ken dodged all of the shuriken and began casting a justu as Kenshi threw more shuriken with one hand and started casting with the other.

", my Water Style: Body Armour" smiled Ken as his body was covered by a moving yet thick layer of water. Kenshi threw even more shuriken and withdrew his sword from its sheath. He raised it above his head as a bolt of lightning struck it. Almost instantaneously, Kenshi ran to Ken, his speed greatly enhanced by the jutsu.

As the brother's charged, Ken's Water Armour fell apart from his body, surging forward to pummel into Kenshi. At the last second, Kenshi threw his weight to the side, dodging the majority of water and planting his sword into Ken's arm. As he was still soaked on the right side, Kenshi stopped the current from leaving his blade, not wanting to get shocked in the backlash of his own jutsu.

Both brothers stepped back with each other having plunged a sword into the other's arm. Kenshi threw more shuriken, Ken dodged, took out the sword in his arm and threw it back at his brother in one swift motion. Kenshi failed to dodge and ended up with two swords in his right arm, he fell to his knees before throwing one more shuriken, the shuriken missed horribly. Ken laughed as he walked over to his brother, Kenshi grimacing in pain as he removed the two blades from his arm.

"You and your's almost pitiful brother." taunted Ken.

As Kenshi finished some clothe around his wounds, he looked up as his brother stepped into position. With a smirk in response, he pulled on a wire connected to the last shuriken. Almost instantaneously, several other wires were cut and all the shuriken that Kenshi had thrown at Ken retracted, surrounding Ken in a flurry of undodgeable metal.

"Water Sphere!" shouted Ken, raising a sphere of water to protect himself, the shuriken merely crashed into the sphere, their momentum absorbed and the trajectory changed they now simply swam around in the same circular motion as the water.
'As always, he's obsessed with his water jutsu.' thought Kenshi to himself.

"Shocking Shuriken!" grinned Kenshi. A jolt of electricity passed through the wires, arriving and amplifying at the metal shuriken, almost as soon as Kenshi had finished casting his jutsu; the voltage dissipated throughout the Water Sphere, causing the defense to become charged and shocking Ken in the process, the sheer force of his jutsu impoding, causing him to be blown off the back of the chakra beast.

"Chidori!" said Kenshi through gritted teeth as he plunged his left hand into the back of the beast. His hand passed through the fur with ease but was met with a flames of incredibly searing temperatures. He pulled back his hand, shouting in agony and fell back as he saw burn marks up to his elbow. In response to the attack, the chakra beast let out a huge fire ball in the direction of the Kage Building before charging towards the Arena in a rampage. Kenshi fell off the beast but was caught by Haruko's Earth Style: Earth Arm Jutsu. Haruko lowered him to the ground safely and went back to maintaining the Earth Dome that currently trapped Kuria and Kazuki Himitsu.

"Ken! Where's Ken?!" exclaimed Kenshi as he looked around. He couldn't see his brother anywhere and feared that he had run off mid-battle again.
"No...not again...KEN! Stop running dammit and fight me fair and square!"

"I don't want to kill you." whispered Ken into the ear of his older brother. Kenshi tried to turn around but Ken knocked him out a swing from his Water Style: Arm Hammer.

Haruko used his Earth Arm Jutsu in an attempt to grab Ken but he simply crushed it with his Ice Fist. Ken cast several water clones to distract Haruko in order to get him to drop the Earth Dome but it wasn't needed as Kazuki came flying through it. Kuria walked out of the Kazuki shaped hole, surrounded by an aura of blue chakra; a sign he had unlocked several of his Inner Gates. In a flash of blue, Kuria ran towards the lying Kazuki and delivered a downwards punch that rammed Kazuki into a 4 foot deep crater. Ken made a start towards Kuria to protect his comrade but Haruko cast an enormous Earth Dome, trapping himself and Ken inside, he then softened the ground near Ken's feet, sinking him waist deep into the ground. Ken looked over with a face of controlled rage.

"I am not in the mood." he said in a low voice. Despite every cell in his body telling him to run, Haruko stood his ground. He took a deep breath and mustered up all the courage he had to reply.

"Come at me...bitch."

Taiga Himitsu stood over the wreckage of Shika Kirishima's Palace. Both the tyrant and his building were a scattered mess, amongst which stood a wooden pole carrying the tyrant's bloodied, bruised and beaten head. The look on the tyrant's face was one of heart-aching fear; to any who hadn't suffered under his rule, the expression might evoke pity. As Taiga bent over to pick up the torn Kage's cloak, a personalised kunai grabbed his attention. Taiga picked up the kunai, pocketing it to sell on later. Weapons of former tyrants were rather popular in the black market.

"Is this enough?" asked a voice behind him. Taiga turned to face a small gathering crown of Hidden Ash citizens. On the floor, was a bag full of gold coins.

"Woah, that's far more than we agreed" said an embarassed Taiga. He emptied half the bag onto the floor.

"Oh please, we insist. We will get far more money back from selling the artifacts in the wreckage." said a village elder. But Taiga wasn't having any of it.

"It's heavy enough as it is, I couldn't possibly carry anymore. And besides, I had a score to settle with him." There was a whistling sound and a dull thud. A kunai zipped right past where Taiga had just been standing and connected with the head of the elder he was in conversation with. There was a look of surprise on the elder's face as his fell to his knees and collapsed onto the floor. After a second of shocked silence, the gathering crowd descended into anarchy as several more kunais whistled through the air. Taiga picked himself off the floor to dodge a second, third and fourth kunai before casting Wind Style: Circular Sphere Jutsu. He held the jutsu as the raining of kunais continued, giving him enough time to look around at the carnage happening around him. Bodies dropped like flies as dozens, hundreds of kunais hit homes, animals, shops and villagers. Several village ninja had taken up similar stances, casting defensive jutsu on themselves and familes.

If the outside of the small village wasn't surrounded in a perpetual, descending layer of ash, Taiga would have been able to identify the attackers. He could make out several figures on a cliff towards the East but he wouldn't be able to drop his jutsu and get there without being hit by a kunai.

"Conspiracy to commit treason alone is punishable by death. Let alone actually going through with it." said a female voice. A young, mid-late 30's woman emerged from the ashes, bearing the clothing of the Hidden Ash ANBU. Taiga gritted his teeth. He had originally come to the Hidden Ash to murder both the Kage and Head of ANBU but had had to settle with just the Kage when he discovered that the ANBU were out on a mission.

"Well well well, guess who it is. Taiga Himitsu, we've literally just been looking for you. My name is Kamiko, I'm Head of The Hidden Ash ANBU and I'm the last face you're ever going to see."

"How did you know I was alive?" asked Taiga, visibly struggling to hold in his rage. The woman laughed.

"Our spies couldn't find a grave with your name on it so we knew that Onimaro had helped you escaped. Our leader may have been an utter imbecile, but that doesn't mean his surbodinates are." Taiga dropped the Wind Sphere jutsu and dozens of kunai clattered to the ground around him.

"I understand your interest in me, but why the villagers?" asked Taiga. The woman cocked her head to one side, genuinely curious as to why anyone, in a situation like this one, would care for villagers they have nothing to do with. She shrugged it off, she had learnt that emotions were weakness and until proven otherwise will stick to that.

"Well weren't you listening. Treason is punishable by death." She smiled and snapped her fingers and in one simultaneous blast, the kunais that were scattered around the village exploded. Having been surrounded by them, Taiga should have died but as the smoke cleared, she couldn't make out a corpse where there should have been one.

"Dammit, how did he escape. ANBU! Close in on the village, he must still be there."

The Hidden Ash was a small village located in a valley. The valley was surrounded on all sides not just by volcanoes in perpetual eruption, but by a thick, ash cloud. Many fabled battles had raged where the village now stood; man against man, beast against man and beast against beast had all etched itself into the landscape, resulting in a village with more history than presence. As the smallest Hidden Village, the majority of the missions involved leading individuals across the treacherous terrain, mainly to and from the trading metropolis of the Hidden Volcano. The poverty of the village also made it's shinobi notorious for taking shady missions, members of the Hidden Ash ANBU were wanted worldwide for question for a number of cases.

"If the price is right, they'll take the life" was a common rhyme used to define the shinobi of the Hidden Ash.

From all sides emerged Hidden Ash ANBU, over 100 shinobi in total appeared from the ash closing in on what many of them call home. Commotion started up towards the South of the village and a fireball collided with 3 of her ANBU, roasting one instantly and setting another alight. By the time Kamiko arrived, Taiga was resting against a flattened building, completely surrounded by ANBU, with over a dozen unidentifiable casualties strewn about. Panting, he turned to her and said;

"If I hadn't...sent away...that chakra'd all be dead." Despite surviving the explosion, Taiga's left leg was missing from the knee down. He had tied his vest around the stump to stop the bleeding but it was soaked through with blood. Most of his clothes were burned and the black cloak he wore that bore the Heathen logo had had been lost in the blast. Under his open vest Kamiko could spot that his bare chest and entire left arm was badly burnt. There was a maze of cuts over his head, leaving his face half covered in blood and half his right ear was missing.

"Looking at you, I wouldn't suggest that you throw about any threats. In your state you should be making a run for it." Taiga gestured to the devastation around him, wincing as he lifted up his left arm.

"And leave all these people to your rule? I wouldn't dream of it."

"Why do you care so much for them?!?" shouted Kamiko. The frustration for an answer had got to her and she wanted to know. She needed to know, it had been bugging her all her life. She had been taught to lock away her emotions as they were supposed to be a weakness but she had just witnessed a dying man with one leg dispatch over a dozen of her best trained men.

"You don't even know their names!! What kind of shinobi cares for villagers when their own life is hanging by a thread?!?"
Taiga slid to the ground and laughed.

"The kind of shinobi that is trying to better the world." he coughed and his nose started to bleed. "Killing innocent villagers, supporting a tyranical Kage, destroying my entire organisation because you were told to...and this...I doubt even you can justify that."

In the following silence, cries and screams of agony could be heard across the village. The resulting fires from the explosions were burning down buildings in all directions. People were crowding the streets, pulling barely breathing bodies through badly burnt bodies. Some of the ANBU had taken off their masks and turned to look at what they had done to their own home.  A young child with severe burns ran up to one of the ANBU and hugged her around the waist.

"Mommy!" screamed the girl. The girl looked up and pointed at another ANBU who had their mask on. "Mommy! Look m-m-monsters!!" The young girl burst into tears. "T-t-t-they...D-d-d-daddy" The mother shushed her child, hugged her tight and threw the mask that she held in her hand into the distance. The Hidden Ash ANBU, who had been trained to the point where they could take their own life in a moment's notice if need be, one by one took their masks off, throwing them into a pile by their leader's feet. They walked off into various directions, consoling and helping the wounded, a noticeable hunch in their shoulders as the gravity of their actions hit them.

"O...orders...they were orders." whispered Kamiko. Taiga turned to her and looked her in the eyes.

"Orders that lead mothers to harm their children. Are they truly the orders you should be following?" Kamiko nodded to herself. She took off her mask, dumping it onto the pile.

"...Stay here....Taiga. We'll take care of you." She looked around as her eyes filled with tears. "I'll...I'll stop this...I swear I'll stop this" said Kamiko.

Hearing no response from Taiga, she turned to him. His eyes were closed, a slight smile on his face.

"M...Medic!" shouted Kamiko, she gently picked up Taiga, noticing how sticky he was from blood. She frantically looked around for a medic but in the aftermath there was none to come. Kamiko heard a humming sound and turned to see the personalised kunai that Shika Kirishima always kept on himself on the floor. She slung Taiga against her shoulder and bent to pick up the kunai. She pocketed the kunai and stepped back to find herself in a dimly lit room.

On the floor were markings often used in sealing techniques. She stepped out of a marking labelled "Ash". She looked around to see Kage in various clothing appearing in markings that associated with their villages. To the front of the room was a circle with 7 more markings, in the middle was the writing "Yugure of Katakiuchi". On the wall, were two large banners bearing the Kirishima banner and Katakiuchi banner side by side.

"Oh shit." was all Kamiko said before she was knocked out from behind.
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Manuster you deserve it rn
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It's amazing. Very nice job. I like the way you made every character be special.
Kirishima looks so malicious though :/
As well as Hidden Ash... Too bad I am part of both.
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Thanks everyone <3 much appreciated.

damn I'm old as shit in that story lol.

well you are one of the oldest on the forums....but just wait till ST makes an appearance. You'll be a foetus next to him.

Just took the time to read it all.
It's amazing. Very nice job. I like the way you made every character be special.
Kirishima looks so malicious though :/
As well as Hidden Ash... Too bad I am part of both.

Thanks man.

And don't you go all soft on me now, you're making an appearance soon and it's very malicious...
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Part 7

Kazuki awoke to find himself tied up. He opened his eyes to see that he was being carried by a ninja wearing Hidden Snow clothing.

"Damn, you're awake already?", the high-pitched voice of Kuria, his carrier, reminded Kazuki of the events prior to his passing out.

"It been like 2 minutes, we're not even out of the Village yet."  Kazuki struggled against the ropes to test their strength. He tried to infuse chakra into his hands only to have it sucked out of him by the rope.

"Specially sealing rope, exclusive from the Hidden Dust. Try all you want bro, but I'm taking you home." As Kuria finished the sentence, a nearby building exploded, reminding the pair of the Chakra Beast that continued to rampage. Orders were screamed out by ANBU and several shinobi were flung in the brothers' direction. Kazuki laughed.

"Brother, take this as a warning." Kuria patted Kazuki's back sympathetically as they neared the village gates. The usually manned guardpost was empty as all spare shinobi had been enlisted into evacuating the village or fighting the threat at hand.

"C'mon bro, I knocked you out once, don't think I won't do it again." threatened Kuria. Kazuki scoffed in response. He started channelling chakra into his hands as a slow grin creeped upon his wounded face.

"With your Taijutsu you naturally had the advantage in that Earth Dome" Kuria stopped walking as the smell of burning reached his nose. He took a quick step back as he dumped his brother unto the ground. Kuria created distance between himself and Kazuki, and held up his fists as the charred ropes fizzled and fell to the ground.

"These...ropes, aren't designed to take that much chakra were they?" sneered Kazuki. He rose to his feet, taking his time to dust himself down. He cracked his knuckles and rolled his neck, almost taunting Kuria to attack him. But Kuria wouldn't move, his green eyes twinkled in the setting sun as he stared straight at Kazuki. Kazuki drew out out his sword, keeping his eyes locked firmly on Kuria. Dark clouds rolled over the Hidden Hill as the rising smoke helped darken the sky, any animals that hadn't already left the forests outside the village were leaving now; desperate to avoid the forthcoming storms both in the sky and on the ground.

Haruko Tsukegami paced around the edge of his Earth Dome, keeping his eyes firmly locked on that of his opponent. Ken Himitsu tried to wiggle his way out of the Earth Pit jutsu but only sank in deeper as a result. He looked Haruko in the eyes. They stared at each other for a while and started casting jutsu simultaneously. Haruko casted with one hand, throwing shuriken with the other whilst maintaining a constant distance from his enemy. Ken cast a small Water Dome and followed up with Water Style: Human Transformation; water poured out of Ken's nose, mouth and ears, as the shuriken clattered uselessly into the Water Dome.

"Fire Style: Flamethrower" shouted Haruko. He pointed his palms towards the Water Dome and opened his mouth; fire streamed from all 3 points, boiling the Water Dome on impact and going straight through to Ken, forcing him to stop his jutsu and bring up a wall of water in protection. The collison of water and fire filled the Earth Dome with a thick mist of boiling steam.

"Smart idea" said Ken, now defenceless. "Guess you're not as dumb as you look."

"You know I've read a lot about you" replied Haruko, "We actually have quite a lot in common..." Ken scoffed as he silently slid out of the earth pit.

"...Im serious!" insisted Haruko, "you failed your written test at the Chuunin exa-" A cold hand grabbed Haruko's foot and pulled him to the ground. Ken grabbed a sword from his back, his 6 sheaths now fully visible.

"I am nothing like you." Ken aimed to stab Haruko in the heart but was hit in back by a fireball from behind.

"As I was saying... we both still passed our Chuunin exams because of our quick thinking in battles and natural talent." Ken's lower back was burnt black, his upper back having been protected by the swords. He growled as he struggled to reach his feet. Haruko walked up to him and put a fireball to the burns, causing Ken to fall over and roar in pain.

"Y'know, at first I thought I was sentencing myself to death, trapping both of us within this massive Earth Dome. But then I realised that you'd fought Toichi, your brother AND summoned a chakra beast. I doubt even you have that much chakra left." Ken went silent for a while, not responding to Haruko's statement and not moving either, Haruko took a few cautious steps towards Ken and kicked him gently with his foot.

"By the Beast's...I've killed Ken..." Ken stayed silent for a little while more before letting out a short chuckle.

"Well done kid...well fucking done."

If Haruko hadn't seen it with his own eyes he wouldn't have believed what happened next. Ken appeared to melt into water, clothes and all, sinking straight into the ground underneath him. The ground below Haruko's feet shook as a tower of water shot out, tearing a hole through the Earth Dome. This was followed by another tower of water, and another and another. The Earth Dome was filling up with water at an incredible rate. Haruko responded by lowering the Earth Dome but a Water Dome simply took it's place. The water was now at Haruko's knees, he casted several fire ball jutsu, aiming them at the Water Dome but the water rose up from the growing mass to 'catch' them each and every time. He tried using Fire Style: Flamethrower;  the blast from his mouth got through and hit the Water Dome itself but the hole created was closed up immediately. This water was different from any other he had was almost as if it was alive. He now needed to swim to stay afloat and panic set in when he realised that he might drown in here. He looked around for any escape but couldn't find any, he was trapped within a Water Dome from 3 sides with water between him and the ground.

An idea suddenly reached him, he took a deep breath and swam downwards, towards the ground, but as he was going to reach it, the mass of water literally dragged him upwards. He swam harder, his lungs threatening to burst, but he couldn't make any contact. His middle finger was literally a centimetre away from the ground; it almost as if the water was teasing him. He eventually had to give up and he let himself float to the surface. As he floated upwards, he realised that there was no more space within the Water Dome for him to come for air. His lungs gave way and he inhaled a deep breath of water, thrashing about violently in the process. He released a fire jutsu, boiling some of the water around him, but it made no change. He stopped thrashing and closed eyes, thinking one last thought;

"Can't believe I'm dying before Tsunayoshi."

"Well, who's going to move first?" teased Kazuki. He held his katana horizontally, turning it so the flat side faced upwards. He ran his thumb and index finger against the flat side of his blade, sparks flew and danced as the smile on his face grew. He finished his demonstration and pointed his katana upwards, a bolt of lightning left his blade, travelling upwards and dissipating into the sky. Before the thunderclap had even reached Kazuki's ears, he felt a sucking feeling in his gut. He saw nothing but a flash of green and brown as he collided through several trees, landing several metres into the trees that marked the border of the Hidden Forest and Hidden Hill.

"Keep your eyes on your opponent" warned Kuria as Kazuki detached himself from a large, oak tree. Kazuki looked up to see that Kuria's hands and feet were covered in a light green aura. The burning chakra resembled a flame and was several times larger at the fist that Kuria had used to punch him. Squinting through the trees, Kazuki could make out bruising at his knuckles.

"As I thought, using the Inner Gates takes quite a toll on you doesn't it." He had stood up by now and swung about his blade carelessly as he leaned his back against the same tree he had collided with. Nearby trees were cut in half, their top halves sliding and falling to the ground. With a few swings and little bit of wind chakra, Kazuki cleared the ground about 20m ahead of him.

"You don't even have enough chakra to protect your whole body" laughed Kazuki. "So, how about you run along now and we have another go later? Eh?" Kuria took out a pouch of energy pills.

"Oh? Ready for round 2?" asked Kazuki. Kuria poured out the contents of the bag unto his hand and swallowed them in one gulp. Kuria had consumed at least 6 chakra pills, 4 more than the maximum dose. Kazuki's eyes widened as Kuria's entire body became engulfed in a roaring aura of dark purple. The aura was at least 12 times greater than in their previous bout and the ground around Kuria responded as winds swept around the younger shinobi's body.

For the first time in the fight, Kazuki was worried. Despite the hits he had taken from Kuria, none were life threatening, not only was Kazuki gifted with an incredibly resilient body but he had trained to endure hits that would break the bones of even the most experienced Jonin.

As the wind around Kuria began to pick up, Kazuki began struggling to even stand. Knowing his brother was only now getting serious he realised he would have to go all out in this fight just to survive. Kazuki bent to his knees and removed the ankle weights on. A deep laugh resonated from Kuria;

"Oh so we're taking off our weights?" he asked. The words hit Kazuki harder than they should, the normally high-pitched - borderline squeaky - voice was far deeper than  before. Kuria unzipped his ninja vest and dropped it to the floor, a deep thud resonated around the enclosure. Underneath his vest was another thick layer of metal weights which he chose to leave on. He looked straight at Kazuki, his newly-acquired, deep voice booming;

"I'd sooner kill you myself than not bring you home."

Kazuki's mouth was dry, his limbs were heavy and he felt like throwing up. It dawned upon him that this was a feeling he hadn't felt in a long, long time. He denied it to himself, refusing to acknowledge it but he knew, deep within his heart, that this gnawing feeling was nothing but fear.

Amongst the burning, flattened ruins of Onimaro's home appeared 2 robed figures. A short, yet muscular man stood aside his taller compatriot. They both looked around, taking in the devastation and panic occurring around them. The short man's compatriot smiled, visibly enjoying the chaos, relishing in the cornucopia of destruction that he had commanded. On the other hand, the short man himself had reservations, reservations of course that he planned to keep to himself. He spotted something and beckoned to his partner, pointing in the direction of a large water dome in which a dark skinned individual appeared to be drowning in.

"Hey, Konohuro, isn't that Ken's Water Transformation Dome?" Konohuro watched the Water Dome and chuckled to himself.

"That fool seems to have pushed himself too far. I advised him that it would be wisest to stay out of hand to hand combat once he had summoned the Chakra Beast. But enough of that hard-headed simpleton; Rayzote, can you sense Kazuki?" Rayzote closed his eyes and after a short while pointed to the Southern Gate.

"He's over there Kono and....fucking hell...can you feel that? There's an enourmous amount of chakra with him, like half the size of a chakra beast...but far more refined..."

"It's Kuria Himitsu. And he's going to die." Rayzote turned to Konohuro. Konohuro had wandered into the wreckage and began to wade through it, he seemed to be looking for something.

"A-Are you sure? I doubt Kazuki can beat him with that amount of chakr-" Konohuro had seemed to find what he was looking for, he moved several large pieces of charred furniture away and picked up the body of a young, bleeding Hidden Hill shinobi. He then turned to Rayzote and sighed as if disappointed in his statement.

"You said it yourself Rayzote, the amount of chakra that guy is emitting is comparable to that of a chakra beast. Either that kid just consumed half a dozen energy pills or he's activated all 8 inner gates. Either way, he has 60 seconds at best before his internal organs burn into dust."

Rayzote stood stock-still in surprise as Konohuro turned and walked off in the direction of the Kage building. The ease at which Konohuro talked about death had always made Rayzote uneasy. He may have been the Envy of Katakiuchi but Rayzote had utterly no interest in bloodshed, he was a gentle spirit who specialised in Fuuinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu and had a near-uncomparable understanding of forbidden jutsu and battle techniques. As a former member of the ANBU of the Hidden Metal, he also had links in all existing Hidden Villages, with detailed information on almost every Jonin and above ranked shinobi.

He looked around at the carnage caused and shook his head in disdain; his sensei, Star-Shizen (seriously? @cmsurfer ) would be disappointed if he knew that Rayzote had planned all this. A chakra beast was a messy way to destroy a village, so many innocent lives lost...Rayzote found himself balancing the positives and negatives of leaving Katakiuchi when his train of thought was interrupted by someone tapping on his shoulder. Ken Himitsu's head popped into Rayzote's vision as the ninja sauntered in front of him, positively radiant for a rogue shinobi with over 100 million on his head.

"Hey, Ray, whatcha doing here? Decided to join us real shinobi on the battlefront?" joked Ken Himitsu. Ken was covered with scars, his left leg twisted at the knee, and had an open stab wound in his right arm that needed urgent seeing too. Rayzote looked over to where Ken's Water Dome used to stand, only to see a wet, limp body laying in what could only be described as a "large sized puddle". Rayzote sighed, suddenly remebering that he had forgotten to ask Konohuro what he had wanted with the body of Toichi Tsukegami.

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Part 7 - continued

As Hokage of the Hidden Hill, Batt Tsukegami was supposed to be the first person informed in the case of emergencies. So when a 20 foot Tailed Beast appeared less than a mile away from his Kage building, he was pretty annoyed not to have gotten any warning. He activated the village wide evacuation alarm and just had time to get 3 large summoning scrolls from his office when he saw the chakra beast release a fire ball in his direction.

"I just fixed this window." moaned Batt. Breaking through the his office window on the 4th floor, he casted a large wall of water to defend the Kage building. The resulting collision caused a light cloud of steam to spread over the Hidden Hill. The cloud quickly condensed, causing a downpour that killed the fires on several nearby buildings. Still mid-air, Batt unrolled one of his summoning scrolls and summoned several sea creatures of various sizes. He landed upon a summoning and an old friend of his, the gigantic, Kraken, Jiriyu. Jiriyu was over twice the height of the chakra beast and his tentacles reached over 4 times the width. The summoning alone had crushed over a dozen buildings but with over 50% of the Hidden Hill already in flames, it was a price that Batt was prepared to pay.

"I need you guys to douse the fires. Anyone under 4 foot should help evacuate homes. Jiriyu... I'm leaving the lion to you." Over a dozen boulder sized toads, turtles and otters hopped, rolled and scurried off in different directions. The larger ones spread out and started dousing the homes, shooting rapid jets of water from their mouths.

"You are aware that I despise being summoned unto land." said Jiriyu. It's sheer size made it take far longer than it should have to finish the sentence.

"Yeah, yeah, I know that. Just one quick blast at the tailed beast that's destroying my village and I'll have you back home in no time, okay?" pleaded Batt. The size of Jiriyu meant that it was utterly immobile on land, it was also prone to overheating rather easily. It had to be summoned both to and from a battle, a task that required insanely large amounts of chakra. Failure to summon the beast back to it's home environment would cause an end to the contract, a rule that applied to each of the 3 behemoths that his 3 summoning scrolls could summon.

"Hmmm." was all the behemoth said in response. It slowly opened it's mouth and in a complete change of pace, a rapid, gargantuan jet of water left it's mouth, catching the chakra beast completely unaware. One second, the orange and red streaked beast was wrecking havoc on the Hidden Hill, the next, it had been blown several miles to the south, rolling to a stop near the border of the Hidden Dust. The force of the blast caused winds to blow southward, and the path that the rolling beast had taken was half filled with water, creating a river of sorts. The chakra beast was utterly drenched and it's famed "unquenchable" flames were pathetically weak. It struggled to stand up and falling back onto its stomach, it disappeared into a puff of smoke; returning to wherever chakra beasts reside.

"Damn...I forgot just how powerful you were." said an awed Batt. "But as promised, I'll send you home." Batt jumped off one of Jiriyu's tentacles onto a nearby building, opened up the scroll and placed his hand in the middle of it. He infused his chakra into it and concentrated carefully, sending only Jiriyu back; leaving the smaller sized summoning to continue aiding the Hidden Hill's evacuation. As the friendly behemoth vanished into a puff of smoke, Batt could hear it saying one more thing.

"Destroy the scrolls."

Batt collapsed to his knees, completely drained of chakra. He was unsure of what he heard, but he knew that as their keeper, it was his duty to protect the scrolls, and if that was impossible, destroy them. A voice made him turn around.

"So it's true what they say about you." Batt turned to witness a tall, well-built man walking to him in what could only be described as an "elegant" stride.

"Who...who are you?" said a cautious Batt. He was aware that he had absolutely no chakra and he was sceptical as to whether he could get help before this man approached him.

"Oh that's right, you probably don't recognise me. After all, I've been in hiding for quite some time." As the man walked closer to Batt, it became apparent that he was incredibly pale, a sign that he probably hadn't seen any sunlight in a while.

"Well, I'm sure you know my name..." the man said, stopping right in front of Batt. He held out his hand and smiled a genuinely warm smile. If Batt hadn't been an experienced shinobi, he might not have noticed the wickedness in the stranger's eyes.

"...Konohuro Kirishima."

Batt recoiled, grabbing the open scroll and taking the 2 others off his back. He picked up the open scroll, created a flame of fire in his hand and started to burn it,

"Now, now. Let's not be rash, that's the Sea-King Scroll, my favourite" said Konohuro. Batt looked up to see an injured Toichi Tsukegami in Konohuro's grasp. Konohuro held a kunai to the boy's neck.

"The scrolls. Or his life." Toichi shook his head vigourously.

"B-B-Batt sensei...p-p-please."

"Toichi...if he gets these scrolls then many many more people will die." Toichi's eyes began watering as he realised where Batt was going with this. He had always expected to die in battle, but not so early...or ungracefully.

"Toichi..." Batt gestured to the blue scroll in his hand. "You're not supposed to know this, but this is the Sea-King Scroll. It has the ability to summon any and all summoning animals that live in the sea. But specially, it's the only way to summon Jiriyu, the Sea-King." He picked up another, brown scroll.

"This can summon any and all summoning animals that live on land as well as the Earth-King, Tayugi." He picked up the last, white scroll.

"And this is the Sky-Queen Scroll which, as you can guess can summon all flying summons as well as the Sky-Queen Ryuja. I'm sure you've heard of the Earth, Sky and Sea Kingdoms." A nervous Toichi nodded.

"Well the beasts within these scrolls are the reason that they were ever created. Unlike the chakra beasts, they have unknown origin but their lives and moods are connected to the world around us. They have always been able to utilise a form of chakra different to that of the chakra beasts and for that reason are far superior in battle, not to mention they're several times larger. Within these scrolls...are the creators of Senjutsu." Toichi's eyes widened as he realised just how important these scrolls were. Maybe his death wouldn't be in vain.

Konohuro, meanwhile was getting impatient.

"Are you quite finished now? Good. Now he can die in peace." Konohuro slit Toichi's throat, tossing aside the body as blood spurted all over the rooftop. Batt quickly set alight the Sea-King and Earth-King Scrolls but Konohuro got to him before he could destroy the third. Konohuro tried to stab Batt with the same kunai he used to kill Toichi but Batt countered, turning the kunai against Konohuro. Batt stabbed Konohuro's in the chest, pushing the rogue to the ground and bombarding him with an assortment of kunai, shuriken and explosive tags.

"Huh...that was relatively easy." said a surprised Batt a moment later. He looked up at the sound of laughter and saw a waving Konohuro disappear into a puff of smoke. Batt looked down but the body on the floor in front of him was not that of Konohuro's anymore, but of Toichi Tsukegami's. Batt, now aware that he had been subtly placed under a Genjutsu, physically recoiled, falling to his knees in shock.

Toichi's body was torn to pieces by ninja tools with explosive tags leaving parts of his body a splattered mess. Batt desperately looked around but couldn't find any scrolls. He fell to the ground in a tired slump, only wondering what Konohuro planned to do with the scrolls.

As the last of the fires were quenched, an eerie quiet settled over the Hidden Hill.

Writer's Comment:
Spoiler: show
Fuck. My. Life. This Chapter was ready when Chapter 6 was, but expectation's for it were so high that I just had to go through it again. I've rewritten parts more times than I can count, and honestly I still have doubts about how Kazuki and Kuria's battle ended. I feel like I put more effort into this Chapter than I did into the first 6 Chapters combined. I can't even count the amount of hours I've spent on this.

Anywho, I'm not writing this to evoke pity over how hard I worked. I loved doing this, tremendously so, I just really want to thank everyone for all the amazing support this lil story of mine is getting. It could be the fact that I'm listening to Classical music right now, but I truly want to thank to everyone on SLO from the bottom of my heart. I've always hated writing, in school and especially outside of it. I did Chapter 1 out of boredom I suppose but it's snowballed into something far greater than I could have imagined.

There are probably some people reading this thinking "Dude chill, it's a character story on a mmo forum" and yes, ofc it is. But at the same time you've all helped me make this into so much more.

I'm going to stop this now as it's getting a bit too cringey (even for me) xD but once again, I'd like to Thank You, SLO.
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Amazing as always man
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You're going down the wrong road... @Mars

Is it worth dying just to kill me?

Awesome Chapter <3
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do you make your grand entry when all the good ninjas are dead :3
jk this one gave me chills tho.

Something like that xDD

You're going down the wrong road... @Mars

Is it worth dying just to kill me?

Awesome Chapter <3

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xD oh dear, after rereading my comment at the end it really does sound like my final chapter xDDD

you might be please to know though that i have quite a long way to go xD I haven't even been born yet yk


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Read through about four parts roughly and I am pretty certain this mentions Onimaro more than Manuster. Is this your character history or a SLO story? Great writing though.
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Read through about four parts roughly and I am pretty certain this mentions Onimaro more than Manuster. Is this your character history or a SLO story? Great writing though.
I think its an SLO story about everyone.
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Read through about four parts roughly and I am pretty certain this mentions Onimaro more than Manuster. Is this your character history or a SLO story? Great writing though.
I think its an SLO story about everyone.
Ahh. I feel it should have been put in a separate post in my opinion, lol.
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Read through about four parts roughly and I am pretty certain this mentions Onimaro more than Manuster. Is this your character history or a SLO story? Great writing though.
Awe thanks Leebz, it was really inspired from your Himitsu Trilogy

As for my character, he makes an appearance later on xDD I wanted to do a backstory including SLO characters before I 'arrive'

He just forgot to introduce his character lmfao, but, he's setting up the world rn.

Exactly xDD my parents are the main characters in Part 1

I NEED PART 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spoiler: show
Sorry for the long delay, I was gonna post Chapter 8 before December even started but lost mah USB and had to start all over ;_;

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New chapters should be coming in like my shitposts tho, thick and fasta

Last Time

The Himitsu brothers, Kazuki and Kuria face off, whilst Haruko Tsukegami forces Ken, the Lust of Katakiuchi, to use his strongest jutsu to overcome him. Konohuro deceives Batt with a Genjutsu and manages to take the 3 Legendary Sage Beast Scrolls off him, Batt slits Toichi's throat whilst under the Genjutsu.

Part 8

Standing upon a snowy peak were 3 Jonin level shinobi. Behind them, a fourth, much shorter shinobi clambered up, panting in her obvious efforts to reach the summit. StarShizen's small frame was inadequate for battle, however a sharp intellect and unparalleled memory distinguished her as one of the greatest tacticians of all time. All over the shinobi world, stories are told of how she passed the physical aspect of the Chunin exams without using a single jutsu. Her primary chakra nature is still unknown to even her closest of friends.

" up.... the soldiers" panted the young tactitian. Shishida Amigake, leader of the Amigake clan and close friend of Onimaro Himitsu, rose her arm to signify the first stage of the assault. A loud, thudding noise soon blasted from behind as the sound of tens of thousands of shinobi clambered to the peaks of the surrounding mountains. Crono Sabaku stared in awe as StarShizen's plan came to fruition.

Strategically placed, every 10-20 metres apart were Genjutsu seals that amplified and regulated any visual Genjutsu cast by a user placed upon them. Sitting at the bottom of a 2 kilometre deep valley, the Village Hidden in the Snow was surrounded on all sides by treacherous, snow covered mountains. As Shishida Amigake gave the signal, Genjutsu users simultaneously cast Shadow Style: Shinobi Multiplication Genjutsu to make the 200 strong shinobi army appear over 100 times greater in number.

As a result; the Snow Village now appeared to be surrounded on all sides by treacherous mountains with shinobi dotted along their face. As the shinobi stamped their feet, the snow that blanketed the mountains now began to slide, slowly at first but quickly gathering into terrifying avalanches.

The avalanches, of course weren't meant to fool any decent Jonin-level shinobi. The sheer number of shinobi that dotted the landscape was far too many to be reasonable, it was obvious that Amplification seals were being used, however that deduction was simply part of StarShizen's plan.

Nevertheless, some response was still expected, yet the village was unperturbed by the apparent threat and as the first wave of snow slammed into the walls, not a single flare, alarm or siren was activated. Onimaro sensed something was wrong and asked Star about it, who responded in a calm yet rather hurried fashion;

"The average village posts Chunin to Special Jonin level shinobi at their gates, a village as desolated and hard to locate as the Snow should have even lower, making it practically impossible that not a single shinobi fell for the trap. Furthermore, the Snow Village has enforced metal gates that they imported from the Hidden Metal over a decade ago, the fact that those weren't used, even as a safety measure mean that they must have been forewarned. However, even if they were fully knowledgeable of our plan, the obvious route would be proceed as if they were unaware and simply lay in ambush... "

The tactician's rant was cut off by a scream and clash of metal from behind, an explosion sent a wave of heat up her back and she was soon swamped on all sides by the familiar sounds of battle as the Genjutsu-specialists were forced to defend themselves. In almost as little time as it had taken to sweep her head from side to side to spectate the dismantling of her strategy, StarShizen's diversion had been completely taken apart. As StarShizen turned her head to inspect the intensity of the damage behind her, she felt a sharp sensation at her lower back, swiftly followed by a great force pushing her backwards. As she rolled down the face of the mountain, she made the following mental deductions.

"1. I'm losing a lot of blood, yet this wound was perfectly aimed so as to not kill me immediately...this is most likely a kidnapping, either with intent of a ransom...or worse.
2. Crono Sabaku, Onimaro Himitsu and Shishida Amigake are the only individuals who were informed of the initial stage of the plan before this morning.
3. No shinobi approached us recently, therefore the attacks must have come from members within.
4. The fact that we were attacked at this point, reveals that Stage 2 and 3 of the plan were not jeopardised. That excludes Onimaro who was aware of all 3 stages.
5. The attacks must have come from the guards assigned to protect the Genjutsu users.
6. Crono was solely in charge of the payments and recruitment of the guards, furthermore, he's the only other individual who doesn't have clan members involved in this mission.
7. Crono Sabaku is the traitor."

StarShizen hit a boulder as she reached halfway down the mountain, combined with the blood loss she had already suffered; she then spent the next 15 seconds of her descent unconscious, rolling to a contorted slump with far too many broken bones than she would've liked to count.

A heavily bandaged Ken Himitsu waddled into the meeting room, flanked on both sides by Katakiuchi subordinates. They each had an arm over his back as they helped him to his seat at the front of the room. They scampered out immediatly; ecstatic to just have set foot in the war room. Konohuro stood in front of the congregation, virtually unscathed. His lips tightened as he began to address the people before him.

"Now that we're all here, I'd like to start off by addressing several obvious concerns." He gestured to the 5 empty seats alongside Ken.

"Nibui Kirishima perished in Vuregu's escape." Several concerned gasps spread throughout the room.

"This is no cause to worry. Arashi, our current Sloth, has been sent to recruit a new Greed. The two of them will then proceed to locate Vuregu." There was a pause as Konohuro looked across the room.

"However... we do have a deserter. Our Envy, Rayzote Yamato vanished at the Hidden Hill and we do have cause to believe that he has given up our plans. I can assure you that he will be handled justly, but as of now, we will have to lay low.

As we all know, our Gluttony will be out of combat for a considerable period of time due to the child she is bearing. She will use her visual prowess to recruit not only a replacement for herself but for Rayzote and Kazuki."

Ken, rarely ever paid attention in these meetings, he only really joined Katakiuchi for the blood and fighting. He wouldn't even have bothered to come to this one if so many of the Yugure weren't absent. As usual, his interest wasn't piqued and he was just about to dose off when he heard Kazuki's name mentioned. He snapped his head up and had to shake off the dizziness that followed.

"K...Kazuki? What about Kazuki?" It suddenly dawned upon Ken that he hadn't seen his friend since halfway through the battle at the Hidden Hill. Konohuro raised a curious eyebrow at Ken.

"Surely you of all people would have noticed... he never made it back from his battle with Kuria. We found his arm and alot of blood at the scene so we're assuming the worst. His brother wasn't found either."

The crowd that Konohuro was addressing was largely made up of corrupted Kage. There were 6 of them, and each sat in a seat specifically ordained for their respective Hidden Villages. As there were still 5 uncorrupted Kage, the remaining 5 seats were filled with high ranking shinobi with hidden Kirishima links. Once the remaining 5 Kage had been disposed of, these high ranking shinobi were to take their place. One of the soon-to-be-Kage/shinobi stood up to ask a question.

"Konohuro, I am not doubting your leadership qualities and this question is in no way questioning your capabilities; but I, as well as other members present do find it unsettling that you have such confidence when your proclaimed Yugure has been reduced to just 1 member in such a short period of time. And I'm saying 1 because Ken here is no condition to fight. Only leaving you...and, you couldn't even kill the Hidden Hill Kage."

Konohuro nodded in agreement. "I can understand your worry Allake, but in 48 hours the Yugure will be back at full strength. As for Batt, I have...other... plans for him. Someone with his talents can serve us better alive than in death." A sinister yet thoughtful smile appeared on his face, a look that silenced the room and any other questions. As Konohuro's eyes wandered across the room, scanned the Kage and future Kage alike. He pointed to the Kage of the Hidden Snow and the soon-to-be-Kage of the Hidden Inferno.

"You and you, come with me, lets talk. Everyone else is dismissed, this meeting is over." 

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Last Time:

Spoiler: show
StarShizen's plan unfolds but it interrupted by either Crono Sabaku, Onimaro Himitsu or Shishida Amigake.
Konohuro addresses the situation to the Katakiuchi-Kirsihima council.

Part 9

"Hey fatso, hurry up." complained Hachemon Himitsu, kicking more dust into the eyes of his larger, yet younger companion.

"26 years old and still a Chuunin, he's just venting his frustrations." repeated Itsuki Himitsu to himself. The more that the 16 year old tried to calm the growing distaste within him, the harder Hachemon seemed intent on making it. Itsuki placed his foot into the dent in the wall and pushed himself up. He came to an immediate stop. He exhaled, sucked in his stomach and pushed again, only managing to push his chest deeper into the narrowing tunnel.

"Err...Hachemon...I think I'm stuck...." said Itsuki in a somewhat nervous voice. Hachemon sighed in reply, took out a timer from his pocket and groaned for only the 8th time in the past 5 minutes.
"Come on fatty, the assault began 30 seconds ago and we haven't even begun to unlock the seal....urggh....I can't believe I'm stuck at the same rank as you..."

Stage 2 of StarShizen's plan included teams of 2 shinobi making their way through century old tunnels deep below the Hidden Snow Village. As the village was supposed to react in a panic to the threat of Stage 1, the Stage-2 shinobi were then tasked with launching simultaneous assaults on vulnerable locations of the village. Hachemon and Itsuki were part of a team designated to attack the huge citizen bunker, designed to hold double the population of the Hidden Snow in times of crisis. However, before it had even started Hachemon felt that Itsuki was putting the mission at risk with his shenanigans.

"I...I told''s" gasped Itsuki. He'd managed to keep his claustrophobia under wraps throughout the mission so far but the narrowing at the top coupled with the stress that Hachemon was pilling on him were finally getting to him. His feet kicked pathetically beneath him as he struggled to find the foothold.

"Of all the partners...fuck this Fatso, I can't wait any longer." Hachemon pressed his hands against the seal at the top of the ancient tunnel. The chakra seal had weakened but it's presence was undeniably present. With no knowledge or experience in Fuuinjutsu, Hachemon had no chance of opening it, a task that was solely designated to the struggling teen below him.

'I'll just have to use brute force' concluded Hachemon, we're too late to be worried about stealth.' Hachemon pressed his back against the seal, looking down at his wheezing companion. In the dim light, Hachemon could see the beads of sweat that plastered Itsuki's hair and forehead, and for a moment, he felt sorry for how he'd treated him.

"Hey...Itsuki..." Itsuki turned to face Hachemon, noticing a change in his voice. As Itsuki opened his mouth to ask Hachemon why he'd been called; he noticed the Dragon sign that Hachemon's hands had taken.


"Wind Style: Dragon Bullet!" Itsuki's sentence was whipped away in the following wind. It felt like a hurricane was unleasheed in the confined spaces of the tunnel. As wind rushed into his lungs, Itsuki felt the earth around him breaking away, and as suddenly as it had started... the attack stopped. Itsuki found himself on one of the safety nets they'd installed in the case that one of them fell. Several hundred metres up, he could see the roof of a large, hollow room. With one jutsu, Hachemon had freed Itsuki and bypassed the seals, using the force of his jutsu to make what would have been a grand entrace. Itsuki smiled, impressed.

"Ahhh...well, lemme just rest here for a while...I'll need my energy for the climb back up.." thought Itsuki to himself, as the cold air of the Hidden Snow met his legs.

Kazuki Himitsu was standing with his back against a tree, the sheer pressure of his brother's chakra making movement impossible. In a deep, booming voice his younger brother asked him;

"Kazuki, make your choice. Home...or death?"

"And you're saying that the counter attack is ready to go as planned? Stage 1 and Stage 2 of StarShizen's plan have both been accounted for and they are none the wiser?" asked Konohuro.

"Yep, by nightfall, Onimaro, Shisida and StarShizen should all be in the dungeon." replied Nanami Kirishima, the pride in her voice easily evident.

Konohuro walked down the lengthy corridor at a brisk pace, keeping up alone left Zama Kirishima struggling for breath. He burrowed his eyes in both confusion and awe as the elderly woman, Nanami Kirishima easily kept up with Konohuro's pace. As they approached the stairwell at the end of the corridor, Zama let out a sigh of relief, expecting that the descent would be easier on his poor stamina. He let out a frustrated groan as the pair hurried down the stairs, side by side and in conversation so casually one would assume they were at a dinner party.

4 minutes and over 1000 steps later, Zama reached the bottom of the staircase, and only just managed to follow the pair into the dungeons before the guard closed the door behind them. As he caught his breath with his hands on his knees, he pondered on where the actual location of the Kirishima-Katakiuchi base was. They had walked for at least 10 minutes in a horizontal direction before the strenuous vertical descent. He had counted over 40 rooms before giving up, so he roughly estimated that the building must be at least 3 kilometres long and at least half that size high. Only ever being transported to and from one room, Zama had no idea how large the building was, and with the lack of any windows, there was no way of determining where it was either. He was perplexed by how such a large building could be so easily hid and began fabricating abstract theories...

"Psst...psst" Zama's internal dialogue ended as a hunched figure called out to him from within the shadows. He looked around, only just taking in his surroundings.  He seemed to be in a dungeon of sorts, with long steel cells that descended into barely lit shadows. He squinted at the figure talking to him, and took a disgusted step back once he noticed the individual was naked.

"Hey...Hey no no come back...d-d-d-don't go" stuttered the manic-looking figure. The caged man slithered into the light and Zama could make out the scars that covered every inch of his skin.

"Wh..wha...what's your name kid" hissed the figure. "L-l-l-lemme add it to my collection kid...c'mon kid...w-w-whatcha ssstaring at.... I've never killed a nig-" the  man's sentence was cut off by a fire style jutsu that collided with the right side of his body. The scrawny man vanished back into the shadows with a loud hiss as his skin bubbled from the impact.

Zama looked over to Konohuro, smoke drifting from his hands as he lowered the tiger sign from his mouth.

"Don't talk to the prisoners Zama. Also...I'm guessing from the deployment of Kuria and the others, that you were successful at gaining Reminance's trust." Zama nodded in response, maintaining eye contact as his superior talked to him. Nanami Kirishima was looking at him rather distastefully, almost as if she were trying to unnerve him.

"Good..." Konohuro replied. " report to them that we've recruited Crono Sabaku and by the end of the week we should also have Isei Himitsu. We'll need to feed him with truthful information before we can truly take advantage of his trust." smirked Konohuro. Zama nodded in response, glad to be doing something useful, as he turned away to leave, Konohuro added one more thing.

"Oh and Zama, when you get back, we'll start on dispatching the Inferno Kage...I think you're just about ready to take his place."

Zama left without reply, he glanced back at the naked man's cell only to see him sitting by the bars, dragging a cracked kunai into his skin, engraving the name "Zama Kirishima" onto his thigh. It dawned on Zama that the scars that covered the mans skin were all names and he shuddered as a chill passed down his spine.

Kazuki Himitsu woke up in an intense sweat...his eyes flashed open and flashed closed immediatly again.

"W..where the fuck am I???" thought Kazuki to himself. He attempted to move his body only to be hit by how weary...both mentally and physically he was. As he gained full control of his senses, he noticed the sounds around him.

"OHH FUCK, he's actually awake!" screamed one voice. Excited clapping could be heard over the sound of rushing footsteps.

"I said the BLUE INJECTION!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOCK HIM BACK OUT WITH THOSE." screamed another, more authoritative voice.

"Errr...guys quieten down, I think his eyes just opened..."

Kazuki only just opened his eyes once more in time to see a white coat leaning over him before being hit by a massive wave of tiredness. He tried to fight the feeling but was overcome by sleep before his brain even registered the pain of the needle.

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Mine eyes deceive me -_- Manuster updated it heck yeah! *dives through window*

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It dawned on Zama that the scars that covered the mans skin were all names and he shuddered as a chill passed down his spine.
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Come on manuster im w8ing for the next chapteeeeeeeeer. Come on man...
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Last Time:
Spoiler: show
Itsuki and Hachemon Himiitsu have problems initiating the second stage of StarShizen's plan.
Zama's tasked with leaking more information to Reminance to gain his trust.
Kazuki wakes up to find in an unknown environment, only to be drugged back to sleep again.

Part 10

Itsuki opened his eyes to find himself looking down a dark vertical tunnel. His initial panic came to an end as he remembered where he was.

"Oh no no no, fuck fuck fuck..." repeated Itsuki to himself as the panic set in once again. Itsuki scuttled into a sitting position and dug into his bag, taking out a watch and whimpering at the time.

"How the fuck did I fall asleep??" he asked himself as he began to hurry back up the tunnel.

Vuregu flew through the lower statrosphere, pushing his chakra and lungs to the maximum in a strained effort to reach the Hidden Snow in time.

"If what Rayzote told me is true..." he mumbled to himself. "They're right about to walk into a trap..."

Itsuki reached the top of the tunnel far easier than his initial attempt. As he poked his head over the top, his jaw dropped in amazement. The tunnel opened up to an immensely large cavern, electric lights hung on the wall at head height every 10 meters, however the cavern was nothing more than 10 feet high. Itsuki had emerged next to one of the walls, and could barely see across to the opposite wall, a fact he attributed to both the sheer size of the cavern and the thick smoke that hung in the air. As Itsuki stood up and stretched out his stiff back, he spotted another hole in the ground, just about 50 metres along the wall to his right, identical to the one that he had just climbed out of. What was different however was the blood on the wall right behind it. Itsuki turned to his left and sure enough there was a tunnel there too, also with blood stains on the wall behind.

Itsuki immediatly cloaked his chakra and lowering into a crouch, made his way round the cavern, stopping every 50 metres to look into the tunnels. 6 tunnels later and Itsuki had thrown up 4 times, there were scenes of an attack, or rather an ambush, at every single tunnel. To confirm his worst fears, dead bodies could be found hanging on the safety nets every time Itsuki peeked in. It was as if the enemy had waited at the exits and attacked them the  very second the tunnels were opened.

" Who?" As Itsuki retched at the 7th tunnel, he fell to his knees, tears passing down his face. He couldn't count the number of familiar faces he had seen. Each and every one of them had put their faith in StarShizens plan and it had cost them their life.

Confused, distrubed and conflicted, Itsuki rose to his feet, swearing revenge on whoever was resonsble. He cast a wind style jutsu to clear the thick smoke, exposing half the cavern into bright, white light. A single, limping, figure, walking away from Itsuki could be seen. The figure took two more steps, the sound of hiking boots against the stone floor creating a dull, ringing echo before stopping, and in a familiar voice, saying;

"Ahhh....thought you'd never make it...fatso."

Vuregu lowered into the troposhere as he approached the Hidden Snow, he turned off his Thunder God Eyes in one eye, restoring his vision to a satisfactory level.

Despite the ability to freely wield both water and lightning, his Kekkei Genkai had the drawback of harshly reducing his eyesight when in use. Despite the disadvantage, Vuregu was pretty happy with it, the alternative was the late Kage of Morigakure's KKG that reduced the user's vision permanently instead. Vuregu scanned the surroundings for any sign of Onimaro Himitsu or Shishida Amigake.

He spotted two resembling figures towards the east of the village, they seemed to be with 2 other shinobi, a female, short in stature and a shinobi dressed in Hidden Dust clothing. As Vuregu changed his course,  hundreds of shinobi appeared on the mountains surrounding the Hidden Snow. Amazed at first, Vuregu had to get closer to realise that it was a Genjutsu.

"Damn...fooled me..." muttered Vuregu to himself.

He was only about 100 meters away from Onimaro when the shinobi dressed in Dust clothing, attacked the other three. Onimaro was stabbed in the lower back and stunned with what appeared to be an electric device, the short, female shinobi, had a kunai jammed into the back of her neck and as Shisida reacted to the attack, the Dust shinobi - whom Vuregu could now make out as a Sabaku - cast an earth style jutsu that blew the others back by 10 meters.

Onimaro fell down the west face of the mountain while the shorter shinobi rolled down the east, knowing that he could only save one, Vuregu accelerated past Crono Sabaku, throwing a charged kunai in his direction as he picked up Onimaro inches before he made contact with a sharp rock.

"Oni! Onimaro!" Vuregu slapped the older shinobi's face before drawing water from the air around him and splashing it into his face. Onimaro immediatly woke up, coughing water out of his nose. Vuregu had set him down at the base of the mountain and flown back up before Onimaro could even ask him how he'd got here.

"You traitourous bastard!" roared Shishida Amigake as she pummelled an earth dome with wood style jutsu. Rectangular trunks of wood rose from the ground and slammed into the earth dome from all sides as Vuregu reached the mountain top once more.

"Errr..." said Vuregu "need a bit of help?" Shishida's relentless attack didn't stop and her skin darkened as she entered Sage Mode.

"Thanks Vuregu, but I got this" said Shishida as both the speed and intensity of her attacks tripled. "Crono said something suspicous about Stage 2 of the plan...he wasn't even briefed about it but can you check..." asked Shishida.  The earth dome crumbled and Crono Sabaku was slammed into the ground with a wooden pillar. He smiled through cracked teeth before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

"Dammit...but he can't be far" muttered Shishida, she closed her eyes and sat in a meditating position. The ground around her came to life as grass and plants sprung out of the earth. A dull hum escaped from her body as she channelled nature energy to the world around her.  "Got him" smiled Shishida as she sprang to her feet. She glanced at Vuregu's hovering body.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" shouted Shishida as she ran off after the Katakiuchi's new Envy.

In what seemed like an eternity, the figure turned around, locking eyes with the frozen Itsuki.

"Ha...Hachemon! You're alive!" Itsuki ran forward, tears of happiness his eyes. He took two steps before he came to a realisation.

"Er...Hachemon..." The older shinobi laughed at Itsuki's surprise, the yellow pupil of his red eyes rotating as he let out a twisted smile. Itsuki shook his head in disbelief, the peril of his situation sinking in.

"Oh and Zama, when you get back, we'll start on dispatching the Inferno Kage...I think you're just about ready to take his place."

Kamiko Himitsu stiffened as her worst fears were confirmed. She peeked open her eyes to watch Zama leave the dungeons, glancing into the cell to her right, she saw Taiga tightly gripping the bars, glaring at Nanami Kirishima with unfevered hatred. The pair were imprisoned in the depths of an unknown building after having used the dead Kage of the Ash's teleporting kunai to interrupt the Katakiuchi meeting. As the door was closed behind Zama, Konohuro continued his conversation with the Hidden Snow Kage.

"You weren't kidding, the guy does look like he's been through alot" joked Konohuro, he then lowered himself to his knees and looked at Taiga Himitsu.

"I saw him die right before my he survived and recovered enough to kill only son...." Nanami's voice caught as emotion flooded into her, however her face remained a picture of hate.

"I think it's only fair to say that we kill him this time. For good." she concluded.

"Hmmm" replied Konohuro, deep in thought. " say he died before your very eyes?"
"Yes, what of it?" replied an angsty Nanami.

"Well, don't you wonder how he came back to life'?" asked Konohuro with a sarcastic edge to his voice.

"Errr..." was all Nanami could say in response. Konohuro turned back to Taiga, whose gaze had been focused on Nanami the entire time.

"Well, Taiga, don't you think that kinda information is worth sharing?" Taiga's gaze remained on Nanami as he talked.

"I've told you people, I was treated by a medic. I don't know who, I was dead." Konohuro grabbed Taiga's jaw and turned it towards him.

"Look at me when you talk to me" demanded Konohuro. His voice had lowered an octave and his grip threatened to crush Taiga's jaw. Slowly, Taiga tore away his glare and stared Konohuro in the eyes.

"Leave. Me." demanded Taiga in an equally threatening tone. Konohuro's face switched to surprise before he burst out in laughter.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, you can't be more than 20, so let me clear this up for you. You're in a dungeon. I am your captor. I make the demands. And you obey. So if you don't want me to end your miserable life right this moment, tell me who resurrected you."

Taiga Himitsu stared at Konohuro for a few seconds and spat in his face. Konohuro tightened his hand and crushed Taiga's jaw, before standing up and wiping the saliva off his face. Kamiko shut her eyes once again as Konohuro glanced in her direction.

"Kamiko, is it? You're not particularly good at're holding your breath" said Konohuro. Kamiko let out a breath and recalled her ANBU training to calm herself down.

A young shinobi strolled in, a young male with silver hair and a large sage scroll on his back, with a swagger that exuded confidence but also a calm cool.

"Yup, Kono I got the info, Ima be real quick cause I got a date in like half an hour. But basically no one in the Himitsu clan has seen Taiga so you're probably right about Mika being the 'Hand of God'. Anyways Arashi's out bitches." the young shinobi turned around and left just as suddenly, and with as exaggerated a walk as he had entered. Nanami shook her head and put no attempt to hide the disdain in her voice.

"Where do you find these Yugure?" Konohuro scoffed in response, turned to Taiga once more and tossed a smoke bomb into his cell. He walked off with Nanami at his heels, fuming that Konohuro had spared her son's murderer.

Over the sound of Taiga's coughing, Kamiko could make out Konohuro's voice saying something, something that made Taiga sit up straight and his eyes widen. Taiga slammed his fist into the ground, and Konohuro let out a piercing laugh that echoed through the dungeons. The metal door slammed and the laughter was cut off; as Kamiko waved away the smoke, and Taiga's coughing died down, the dungeons once again settled into an eerie silence.

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Very enjoyable chapter, as always.
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Just red all the other chapters as well, it's pretty damn awesome.
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Spoiler: show
Itsuki arrives at the scene of Stage 2 of StarShizen's plan only to find all of his comrades had been slaughtered. Except for Hachemon.
Vuregu reaches Onimaro and Shishida and StarShizen just as Crono attacks them.
Konohuro confronts Taiga about who resurrected him, but Taiga doesn't reveal anything. Arashi Himitsu returns from reconnaissance and confirms it was the famed "Hand of God".

Part 11

Itsuki stared at Hachemon, taking in the battle worn sight in front of him. Hachemon was dressed in standard combat gear of the Hidden Thunder with the flat bottomed sandals replaced with hiking boots and the addition of blood stained gloves. There was a kunai wound just above his right knee and his long, brown hair was partially burnt. A layer of dust had also seemed to settle on his face, and yet the Chuunin smirked with demonic confidence.
"You don't have any dojutsu" said Itsuki, staring at the rotating yellow spokes of Hachemon's eyes.

"Well" smiled Hachemon, "I clearly do." Hachemon spread his arms out and without the casting of a single jutsu, dozens of clones appeared.

"Shadow clones? You can cast shadow clones without any signs?" Itsuki's body flooded with relief at the revelation.

"You really think I killed all these people with just shadow clones?" whispered a voice behind his ear. Itsuki jumped and threw several shuriken, hitting Hachemon right in the face. The clone fell to its knees, smiled and disappeared in a poof of smoke. Itsuki looked up to see that he was surrounded by a ring of several hundred clones.

"Okay, I see how it can be useful now..." muttered Itsuki, his muscles tensing up once again. "But...once I find the real you..."

"And that's where you're wrong boy" said one of the Hachemons, every single clone vanished except for one that was right by Itsuki's side. Hachemon tapped Itsuki's shoulder.

"Hey" Itsuki jumped again, before retreating and holding up two kunai.

"Ahaha, hey we haven't started fighting yet. I just want to show you something." Hachemon gestured around, "As you can see, I'm the only Hachemon" A clone appeared by his side, took out a kunai and stabbed the real Hachemon in the chest. As the real Hachemon fell to his knees and coughed up blood, he pointed to the clone and gasped a few words to Itsuki.

"'s the real...Hachemon." before disappearing into a cloud of smoke. The clone, now the real Hachemon smiled a smile of genuine happiness as Itsuki realised just how deadly the ability was.

"Oh, I'll never get tired of that look" grinned Hachemon, he vanished and for the third time whispered into Itsuki's ears. "This is basically teleportation" Itsuki didn't even react this time. This was an ability he had never even heard about, he had no idea how to even begin strategising against it.

During Himitsu's early history, numerous clans had migrated to the Hidden Thunder to seek safety, the only requirement was that the clan abandoned their name and took that of Himitsu's. Several of these clans had had Kekkei Genkai but true to Himitsu's name, the abilities were kept a 'secret'. Over a thousand years later and the original Himitsu were indistinguishable from the adopted clans. Itsuki concluded Hachemon's abilities must have been one of those secrets that were lost to time. He laughed at the irony of it, at least 100 Himitsu Chuunin were involved in this attack, each and every one slain by someone their ancestors had helped.

Accpeting his fate, he fell to his knees and lowered his head, beckoning an execution.

"Hahahah, you know as tempting as that is..." Hachemon appeared in front of him and lifted up Itsuki's head, staring him dead in the eyes. "I want to see you suffer", Hachemon smiled, drawing out the next words "...just like your brother did."

Itsuki clenched his jaw.

"Do you know how I managed to get this wound on my thigh?" asked Hachemon, "your brother." he replied, answering his own question.

"The kid managed to attack each and every single one of my clones at the same time" there was an edge of admiration to Hachemon's voice.

"Some powerful ninja he was, kinda reminds you of Kuria doesn't he?" he grinned at the memory of the battle. "Shame I had to cut it short."

The feeling of defeat left Itsuki's body just as quickly as it has entered and his face contorted as he tightened his fist, "You basta-" his insult was cut off by a kick to his side that sent him sprawling across the ground. As he rolled onto his knees another kick was aimed at his head. Itsuki slumped to the ground, motionless.

"Oh come on...really? Just two kicks?" laughed Hachemon as he hobbled over to Itsuki.

Haruko Tsukegami groaned as he woke up to a pounding headache. The last thing he remembered was struggling for air inside Ken's signature jutsu. He opened his eyes and looked around, he appeared to be in a white room of sorts. A machine stood by his side, pumping unknown fluids into his arm. Another beeping machine was to his right, keeping track of his vitals. He pulled off the white duvet and noticed he was dressed in a white hospital gown.

"This isn't Hill..." muttered Haruko to himself, the leader of the ANBU rubbed his temple as the banging in his head grew louder. He pulled out the needle and hopped off the bed onto a cold, white, marble floor. In a half-filled bucket in a corner were several bloody rags, as Haruko hobbled over to inspect them the door burst open and a young, scared-looking teenage boy ran in, covered in a white robe.

"Oh no, no, no no" the boy ran over to a white cooler and took out a blue syringe. Haruko stared at him, raising up his hand to stop him as the boy took several anxious steps in his direction.

"Oh no you don't kid." Haruko stood up to his full height in an effort to demonstrate his authority. "I think you know who I am, whereas I, know nothing of you or..." Haruko gestured to his surroundings, "where I am. So naturally, I've got a few questions."  The boy didn't get a chance to speak before the door burst open once more, this time an angry-looking woman, somewhere in her 30's appeared, also dressed in a white robe and white shoes.

"Where'd tha-" she stopped her sentence halfway as she stared at Haruko, she glanced at the boy, then back to Haruko, then to the boy again.

"Oh you fucker, you gave him the green injection didn't you." In response the boys eyes only seemed to double in size and with shaking hands, he offered the blue syringe to his superior.

"Yeah, like he's going to let us use that now" she responded sarcastically. The woman began digging in the pockets of her white robe as Haruko took the opportunity to speak.

"Excuse me madam, I'm sure you're aware of my identity. Needless to say, I have several questions to ask, because when I'm found, and they will find me. Things may not spell out too well for you. So you may want to get on my good side." The woman took out a folded sheet of paper and opened it up, scanning the pages for something with a finger.

"Excuse me madam, I don't want to ha-" the woman put up a finger to silence Haruko.

"Firstly Haruko, you died; they think you're dead. Secondly, you're no more the Head of the Hidden Hill ANBU so I doubt the search for your body is that serious. Thirdly..." the woman began reading from the sheet of paper, speaking words that sounded familiar to Haruko but words he also didn't understand. As Haruko opened up his mouth to ask a question, he felt a sharp, aching pain in both his head and abdomen. The headache he had been suffering before came back several times stronger and as Haruko fell to the ground, he knocked over the white, rag filled bucket; spilling it's contents on the floor. For the first time since his fight with Ken, Haruko was stricken in fear as a large amount of blood, sealing tags and unidentified human remains spread across the shiny white floor. As his consciousness faded he heard the woman scream for the boy to get a mop and clean the mess but only one thought went through Haruko's mind.

"What did they do to me?"

Itsuki slumped to the ground, turning away from Hachemon, he hid his hands behind body, and used the opportunity to cast several wind style jutsu.

"Oh come on...really? Just two kicks?" laughed Hachemon as he hobbled over to Itsuki. As he raised his foot to place it on Itsuki's torso, he was knocked off balance by Itsuki's backward swinging foot before being blown back by a wind bullet. Itsuki gave no chance for Hachemon to recover, hitting him with an assortment of kunai and shuriken. After a short pause, the wounded body vanished and Hachemon walked out of the fog. 

"Wha..?" said Itsuki. He had cleared the mist with a jutsu but it had subtly crept back, reducing his vision to no more than 20 meters in all directions.

"I get it can only create a clone where you can see. I bet you've got clones scattered all around dropping smoke bombs. Keeping up a mist allows you to keep extras out of view" Itsuki said to the Hachemon facing him.

"Hmph. And what are you going to do about it?" Itsuki responded by casting another jutsu.

"Wind Style: Defense Sphere!" Itsuki held the Ram sign as winds whipped into a sphere around him. The sphere grew and the winds picked up speed. Hachemon watched on, a  curious look on his face.

"Defense Sphere: Push" Itsuki changed his sign to Monkey and the sphere pushed outwards, pushing the mist back several hundred metres. Hachemon responded with a slow clap.

"Nice and all, but your brother's was about twice as big." Itsuki looked around, the sheer size of the cavern meant that his jutsu hadn't reached the opposite wall. Fortunately, the circular wall had been exposed behind him, giving him a vague idea of his location.

"So....what now?" asked Hachemon. Itsuki didn't respond, both shinobi stared at each other for a while before charging at each other. As Itsuki ducked and aimed an elbow, Hachemon appeared right above him, kicking Itsuki into the ground. The Hachemon that Itsuki aimed for vanished and as Itsuki growled in pain, Hachemon winked, and created a clone down Itsuki's mouth, killing him instantly.

"So that's how you do it." said Itsuki, a hint of amazement to his voice. Hachemon looked up as the younger shinobi cut down the wire holding him in place and dropped down from the ceiling.

"What the fuck??" asked Hachemon, his look of surprise quickly turning into anger.

"I was wondering how your Kekkei Genkai managed to kill so many people at the same time. Now it makes sense, you set your timer back by a few minutes, got out early, made a clone at each gate and simply tore apart their heads by creating a clone in their mouth." Itsuki nodded to himself, before carrying on.

"Being able to create an so many clones and swap your consciousness with them must have taken alot of training to perfect. In fact, I doubt you had much time to work on your basic skills" for the first time since the fight had begun, Itsuki smiled.

"Probably why you've spent 15 years as a Chuunin." finished Itsuki.

"Tsk. Well done. Guess you aren't as dumb as you look after all." responded Hachemon. He resumed his attack without anymore words, pummelling Itsuki until the clone vanished, before another Itsuki appeared and the cycle began again.

"Kid, you're doing nothing but delaying the inevitable. I'm unbeatable." Hachemon stood over Itsuki with his arms crossed as several of his clones punched Itsuki's seventh clone into non-existence." Hachemon felt a tap on his shoulder.

"You know sensing chakra is a basic Jonin skill, if you had it, you'd spot all the clones I made" Hachemon jumped at Itsuki's voice and his growl only made Itsuki's smile widen. Itsuki vanished into air as Hachemon struck out.

"Stop playing with me kid" threatened Hachemon. He created dozens of clones, spreading them out in all directions, filling out the large cavern. The sound of fist and foot against skin echoed around the cavern as Itsuki's clones were spotted and attacked. A short while later, all of Hachemon's clones vanished except for 6. Two of whom held a squirming Itsuki.

"Your shadow clones are merely an imitation of my 'Army Of One'" boasted Hachemon "Now, open up and accept your fate." Itsuki shook his and clenched his teeth, staring at Hachemon with venom in his eyes.

"I was planning on ending this quickly but I guess I'll extend the same courtesy to you that I gave to Keita." Hachemon took out a kunai and stabbed Itsuki's thigh. Itsuki moaned in pain but kept his mouth shut.

"It's strange you know, your brother tried the exact same thing." Itsuki's eyes widen as Hachemon pulled out the kunai from his thigh for the fourth time.

"He lasted 78 stabs, let's find out if there's anything you can do better than him."

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Welp there's a massive typo in Chapter 11 that I feel I have to clear up.

The very last line said;

"He lasted 78 stabs, let's find out if there's anything better than him."

when it should have said

"He lasted 78 stabs, let's find out if there's anything you can do better than him."

Last Time:
Spoiler: show
The battle between Itsuki and Hachemon begins, Hachemon's abilities granting him the advantage.
Haruko awakens in a strange hospital, his attempts to find out where he is are brought to an end when he is knocked out by a searing pain in his abdomen.

Part 12

After a short while, Kamiko decided enough time had elapsed to once again approach Taiga. He had ignored her initial attempts to start a conversation, opting instead to lean his head against the bars and stare into space with a look on his face that rested somewhere between anger and confusion.

"'d you meet 'The Hand Of God'" asked Kamiko for the third time. "I mean you were dead so you don't know exactly but you must have at least had some sort of contact prior."

"She..she said she used Medical Jutsu" responded Taiga, he looked up, his brows furrowed and an edge of realisation to his voice.

"She? Who? Do you know her? Did you meet her?" Kamiko struggled to contain her excitement. The 'Hand of God" was the only person known to have ever brought back the living from the dead. Ever since the 7th Ninja War over 60 years ago, there'd been countless efforts by ANBU all over the world to locate the legend. Not a single person had succeeded. The phantom's existence was only confirmed by the random resuscitation of often Himitsu-affiliated, deceased shinobi. The latest being Taiga Himitsu.

Taiga shook his head. "It can't be her, it can't be.." He rubbed his temples as he struggled in his thoughts, clearly confused by something. Kamiko sighed, wondering how long it'd take before the name was revealed to her. She hid her frustration and tried a different tactic.

"Hey, Taiga, maybe if you tell me, I can help you with what you're struggling on. After all I am the Head of Ash...or was...The point is, I have a lot of information regarding who The Hand of God should be."

Taiga nodded, shaking his head once more in a final attempt to clear his thoughts.

"Well...that kid...Arashi, I think he said his name was. Well, he said that no one in the clan saw me, which means that when Mika said she used Medical jutsu...she must've been lying. But -" Kamiko interrupted his flow, half laughing at the name that Taiga mentioned.

"Wait, Mika? Mika Himitsu? Onimaro's reserved, gentle wife? The one that's tried to become a Medic almost a dozen times and failed?"

"I..I don't get it either but she said she revived me using Medical jutsu." said Taiga.

"She...she told you she brought you back from the dead and you didn't question how?" asked Kamiko, an edge of sarcasm to her voice.

"I..I had other things on my mind..." responded Taiga defensively.

"You know it's virtually impossible to bring anyone back from the dead with Medical jutsu?" continued Kamiko, "Not even an assortment of the greatest experts could bring a mere rat back from the dead. Once an individual dies, their soul is gone. Forever. And you're telling me that a Medic, a failed Medic managed to bring you back and you don't even question her??"  Taiga frowned, having no reasonable response.

"Well, she obviously wanted to protect her identity..." he muttered after a while. Kamiko eased off her ranting and sat back down. She'd always thought that 'The Hand of God' would be someone highly secretive and mysterious, likely someone that was already presumed dead and had revived themselves. The revelation that it was someone so public, the co-leader of the Himitsu clan who also failed the Medical ninja exam so many times...Kamiko was both annoyed and sceptical. As much as she didn't want to believe it, the evidence was staring her straight in the face. It simply annoyed her how someone she had met so often could harbour such a secret. Nevertheless a secret she'd devoted so much time and resources to finding.

"She would be an amazing asset to anyone who knew of her abilities..." Taiga's eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he remembered something.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no" he turned to the bars and put his hands outside. He casted a Wind Style jutsu and, while keeping his hands outside of the bars, sliced several of them into half. He carried himself through the small square shaped hole, his wooden leg clanging loudly against the bars. He dragged himself up in front of Kamiko's neighbouring cell and cast the jutsu again, freeing Kamiko as well. He turned and hurriedly hobbled towards the door without an explanation.

"Wo- woa- woah!! Taiga!" Kamiko pulled Taiga to a stop. "What the hell? You really need to work on your communication skills. Why did you react like that and how did you do that? Jutsu can't be cast in the cells." Taiga's face was an image of panic, he rushed his response;

"The Katakiuchi's Pride.... Konohuro? I think he was called...He just cast a fire-style jutsu outside the cells. Chakra is only suppressed within the cells, not within the entire dungeon."

"Damn" responded Kamiko, she hadn't seen Konohuro cast the jutsu as she spent the majority of the earlier encounter preteneding to be asleep.  Once more she grew annoyed at her incompetency. Taiga continued.

"The thing 'The Pride' said to me...he doesn't plan on using Mika's abilities, he plans on copying them. And in case Mika's told anyone else, he plans on wiping out the all the Himitsu in the Hidden Thunder as well."

"Wiping out the Himitsu?" Kamiko frowned, Konohuro had destroyed all documents that related to his abilities when he left the Hidden Ash's ANBU but Kamiko doubted he had any ability mighty enough to destroy the most populous and powerful clan.

"Hi...Himitsu?" whispered a raspy voice. The pair turned to one of the cells across from them. Huddled up, sitting just far back enough that their face could be seen, but not close enough that their body could; was a young, pale skinned male with a leathery face and dimmed blue eyes that had seen far too much. The figure rocked back and forth gently, with each backwards motion their face would be lost into the darkness of the cell and with each forward motion, the true extent of Konohuro's torture was evident. Though only the neck and face would be visible, the shape of a diamond had been branded across every inch of the individual's visible body. When he opened his mouth to speak, Taiga nearly retched at the branding on the individual's tongue.

Kamiko steeled herself, having used branding herself as a method of information extraction. She pushed down further self anger and focused on the individual before her.

"Yes. The Himitsu clan, I doubt there's a shinobi that doesn't know of them." responded Kamiko. The individual's rocking continued as he spoke, he seemed almost oblivious to the fact he was doing it.

"I...I overheard you..I can help. I'm Himitsu" croaked the individual. The dryness of their throat was obvious and if the evidence of torturing wasn't enough; the pair instantly knew that not all prisoners were treated the same. Kamiko rushed back to her cell to grab the bowl of water she had been given. After a very sincere thanks and the addition of Taiga's water share; the individual could talk freely. His voice still had a scratchy edge to it and Taiga figured it was probably from the sheer amount of screaming he must have undergone.

"Onimaro gathered all the Chuunin in the clan and several Jonin.. he said he had a mission for us within The Hidden Snow but couldn't disclose the reason behind it. He told the Chuunin to consider it a test for the upcoming Chuunin-Jonin exams." Taiga nodded, thinking back to his resurrection noting that Mika had mentioned Onimaro had several preparations to make. Taiga briefly wondered if there were more.

"Your mission?" asked Kamiko "What do you know of your mission?"

"I was placed in one of 4 squads; each made up 40 shinobi, half of whom were Himitsu and the other half made up of a combination of Amigake and contracted shinobi. As part of Stage 2, we were tasked with taking and holding important places within the Snow Village. I personally was part of Squad 3, whose target was the academy. The strongest ninja were placed in this Squad as the academy was likely to pose the greatest resistance."

The final statement gave Taiga an idea of the individual's strength, having not recognised him, Taiga presumed he must have been one of the younger Chuunin of the Himitsu. He wordlessly began to cast Wind Style: Wind Blade and proceeded to cut up the metal bars of the cell.

"We were to commence our assault at a pre-determined time, however we were told that if the village's warning alarm were to be set off before then we should use the confusion to launch our attack. Although we were not given the complete details or the reason for such an assault, we had complete faith in Onimaro's ideals and StarShizen's plan."

"StarShizen?" asked Kamiko, curious as to how the neutral shinobi had been drafted into what was turning into a potential war.

"Yes, she was one of the 4 'leaders' of our operation along with Onimaro and the Amigake clan's leader; Shishida Amigake."

There was a short pause and a clangy echo as the final bar hit the ground.

"He was a Sabaku, but...I cannot remember the name of the fourth. However, I do know that he specialised in Genjutsu...I believe he was personally trained under Vizier of the Dust. That is all I know. I have told you everything that I told the-"

There was another pause and for the first time, he stopped rocking back and forth. His eyes clouded over as memories of his torture filled his consciousness.

"Oi! Oi!" Taiga attempted to reach him but the wooden stump just below his left knee made Kamiko rush forward instead. She climbed out of his cell with the rigid body slung over her shoulder. Now that he was closer Taiga could really see the damage caused to the young man's body. Taiga briefly wondered why diamonds were branded into his skin and realised that "he" didn't even yet have a name.

"Kamiko...we didn't even ask him his name."

But Kamiko already knew it. Having met him on one of her first visits to the Hidden Thunder, she knew the young Chuunin from the age of 3, his mischievousand lazy behaviour had made him a burden to many adults in the village but to Kamiko, he was the closest thing she had to a younger brother. Highly talented at Taijutsu, Kamiko had planned to take a week off her role as the Head of the ANBU to watch him in the upcoming Chuunin-Jonin exams. And yet, she doubted he even remembered who she was.

As often was a consequence of such extended torture, a Shinobi would forget much of their past as their brain blocked out not only the pain they were suffering but many many memories too. At the end of the information extraction, the shinobi would remember little more than what they had been tortured to retrieve. Kamiko bit her tongue to prevent herself from crying out in anger and turned away so Taiga couldn't see the pain in her eyes.

"Diamond...His name is Diamond Lee Himitsu."

Avoiding the wicked and questioning glances of the prisoners surrounding them, Taiga, Kamiko and Diamond Lee began the lengthy journey to the single door that marked both the start and end of these dungeons.

The real or 'conscious' Hachemon laid his back against a wall, clones bandaging and tending to the wound on his knee. Hachemon looked at the brother of the shinobi who caused him such injuries, wondering how it was that he was surviving so long.

Held up by two clones, Itsuki was on sitting on his knees, every visible inch of his skin plastered with dry blood. Hachemon had lost count of the number of times he'd stabbed him and yet Itsuki refused to open his mouth to scream. As Hachemon grew tired he swapped consciousness with the clone who stood over Itsuki.

"..77....78....79!" with extra emphasis on the last number, Hachemon drove the bloodied kunai into Itsuki's crotch; receiving a muffled scream in response and a look of pain and suffering that Hachemon had long grown accustomed to. There were no more tears to leave from Itsuki's eyes and his head lowered once more as his body shook in a fit of dry sobbing. Of course, the circumstances were such that Hachemon could've killed Itsuki several times over, and Itsuki had long since beaten his brother in terms of resistance but yet he felt as though....

Hachemon paused. He wasn't exactly sure why he had insisted on torturing Itsuki anymore. He glanced once more at the watch on his wrist and realised he'd spent it'd been nearly an hour since he ran into Itsuki. Considering capturing him had taken at most 10 minutes, Hachemon couldn't understand why he'd spend the most part of an hour unnecessarily torturing his defeated foe. Hachemon didn't even enjoy the act of torture, he found pleasure in the mental defeat of his enemies but he had no interest in the delicate art of inflicting pain. He glanced once more at Itsuki and realised the sheer volume of blood that surrounded the heaving body,

"There's...there's...way too much.."

Hachemon surged forward in a flash of rage as he realised his situation. Stabbing the kunai deep into Itsuki's throat, the body shimmering as the fatal blow was inflicted. Hachemon stared at the empty air as the blood on the ground, clothing and kunai shimmered and vanished. His gaze drifted to his kneeling clones before snapping once more and punching himself in the face. He lost his mental composure and the rest of his clones vanished, Hachemon letting out a roar of pure fury.

Itsuki ran out of a hidden stairwell, welcoming the feeling of cold air against his face as he was buffetted by the winds of the Hidden Snow. He had spent over 45 minutes finding his way out of the various tunnels that led to the citizen bunker and now that he was free, he let out a genuine sigh of relief; confident that he had left Hachemon 3 kilometres below.

He took a minute to catch his breath and find his bearings, during which he noticed his Genjutsu unravelling. Knowing he had a good while before Hachemon made it out of the tunnels, Itsuki began lightly jogging in the direction of the Hidden Snow Academy. He doubted that the strong team assigned to the assault the Academy could have been stopped as easily as his was.

"At the very least, I can warn Squad 3 of Hachemon's abilities" Itsuki thought to himself. He ignored the gnawing idea in his head that if Hachemon had single handedly defeated his team, then an even stronger individual, or individuals would've been tasked to take care of Squad A. He shook his head to get rid of the feeling and ramped up his speed as he shuddered in the cold.

What Itsuki didn't know was that the shudder wasn't caused by the cold of his environment, but instead, he had sensed the unadulterated blood lust from Hachemon's roar. And although he had escaped him this time, the pair were certain to meet once more.

The land between Hidden Villages were not often travelled on one's own. Most shinobi moved in teams of 2 or 3 when travelling to another village. And in the case where 2 shinobi were travelling, both would almost always be alive.

Such was not the case for Kenshi Himitsu, who dragged the limp, shattered body of Kuria Himitsu in a dusty, torn bag. It had taken Kenshi nearly 3 days, but he made it back home to the Hidden Thunder. Exhausted, both physically and emotionally, Kenshi had passed out on the roads leading to the village and if not for the travelling tradesmen delivering construction supplies; he too would have likely perished.

It was another 23 hours before Kenshi would awaken.

Author's Note:
Spoiler: show
Spent alot more time on this as I felt quality was kinda lacking recently. Chapter's will also be taking a tad longer as I go through them in more detail.

ALSO, I was introduced to this new book. It's not the greatest thing I've read but it's pretty good in my opinion.

It's also reeeeaally long. Like the size of a novel.  If interested, here's a link;

P.S. I might steal a couple of writing tips off the writer

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Let us begin.

Armament: "The weapons and supplies of war with which a military unit is equipped."

Last Time

Spoiler: show
Kamiko and Taiga escape their cells and meet Diamond Lee.
Itsuki avoids Hachemon and makes his way to Squad 3.
Kenshi manages to drag Kuria's body back home, fainting on arrival.

Part 13

"Oi, Sasaki can you hear that?" Sasaki was shaken awake by the new recruit.

"Wh..wha?" Groaning and stretching, Sasaki opened his eyes to deal with whatever situation the newbie had conjured up this time. The pair were on guard duty, a job that Sasaki had practically slept through for 20 years. This new intern however had only been here for a week and whether it was nervousness or a desperation to impress, he was adamant that every noise was an attempt to escape.

"Sasaki! Sasaki! Can you hear that! There's someone coming!" the intern pulled the visor that acted as the only method of looking into the dungeons. Convinced that newbie was losing his mind, Sasaki stretched back into his chair and closed his eyes. Several seconds passed and he heard a body hit the floor.

He opened his eyes and saw that the intern had been on the receiving end of a fire jutsu, the upper half of his face was completely charred black. He rushed to his feet and the second he placed his feet on the ground he jumped back up; the sheer temperature of the metal floor had melted his shoes instantly. He sat back down in his seat as the chair beneath him began to melt into the ground. Panicked, Sasaki let out a cry, shouting for any assistance. However the only response he got was the sound of his own voice echoing back to him. Squinting, he could see a rotating sphere of Wind encompassing the entire guard area. He paused for a second to admire the level of skill it would take to cast a Wind Sphere from the other side of the door. The jutsu was normally used for protection, but he knew that no sound waves would be escaping from within this one, the sheer speeds of the wind sent out a mildly strong breeze, aiding the heating floor in raising the temperature.

As the intern's body began popping and sizzling in the heat, Sasaki snapped out of his thoughts, the ground was far too hot for him to walk on, however he was forced out of options as the seat beneath him made contact with the ground. He jumped unto the interns body, the sheer heat radiating through the body was already scalding his feet. He stretched towards the alarm on the opposite wall before he heard a voice say.

"Found him...he's standing on the body" Sasaki looked towards the door and saw a pair of dark eyes on an even darker face staring back at him. "Increase the temperature Kamiko" the pair of eyes said.

"You...don't...understand how difficult this is" a gasping female's voice responded. However the temperature increased nevertheless, with the winds picking up speed Sasaki was forced to hop onto various parts of the dead interns body. He stretched forward, wrapped his arms around the alarm and pulled.

There was no reaction.

Ordinarily, lights placed along every metre all the way up the stairs will flash on and off and several hundred sirens would blare. He looked past the wind sphere, but not a single light had even come on. He looked back at the alarm and saw that seveal of the wires that should have been sealed were exposed and melted. Sasaki realised he was sweating intensely and he placed his feet back onto the chest of the intern. However the interns chest wasn't there anymore. Sasaki's hopping had only helped push the body into the ground, leaving him with nothing left to stand on besides a steaming pile of organs and red hot bones. Sasaki slipped in a desperate attempt to find some footing and internally cursed his luck for having only unlocked his primary chakra nature. 

The next 24 seconds were his last, all of which he spent screaming in flaming agony.

After almost 10 minutes of walking and a 15 minute pause during which Konohuro scared an intern shitless; Nanami and Konohuro had finally reached the top of the large, nameless building. Nanami had been walking behind Konohuro, sulking that he had let Taiga live. As they passed several unidentified shinobi; Nanami wondered just how many people Konohuro had under him. She paused, thinking she had heard something. She glanced at Konohuro before turning back to the shinobi she had just passed before remembering that none of them had hearing ability akin to hers.

Nanami Kirishima, aged 68, was one of the the rare shinobi to abandon their natural elemental affinities in pursue of Sound Chakra. Normally not powerful enough to be considered actually dangerous, Nanami had lived to an age where experience had granted her the ability to release Sound waves for hundreds of metres in all directions. And while there was no fatal Sound jutsu, disabling your opponents in such an aggressive manner was still a useful enough ability to have awarded her the role as The Hidden Snow's Kage.

"Konohuro...I think I heard something..." Konohuro had met up with a pair of medics and was in deep conversation with them, both of them nodding vigourously and latching on to every word he said. He was discussing rapid medical treatments to get Ken Himitsu back on his feet again and had a look on his face that said he did not want to be disturbed.

"Tsk..." Nanami turned and decided to head back to investigate. Whether or not there was actually worth looking into, she didn't plan on letting Taiga Himitsu live for what he did. The image of her only son flashed into her head as she stalked to the staircase.

"At worst, I'll lie and say he attempted to escape" chuckled Nanami to herself as she shifted into a jog, moving as fast as her aged legs would let her.

"Sooooo is he dead?" laughed Taiga as Kamiko retched into an nearby, supposedly empty cell. Kamiko turned and glared at Taiga, letting him know exactly how she felt about his 'joke'. In all her years spent in the ANBU, Kamiko had always had a particular distate for disfigured human bodies. Having used Fire Style: Furnace, she probably should've expected the result but nothing could've prepared her for the sight she saw. Glossy, stretched human skin laying loosely against cracked amd bones with a distorted expression of torment and pain that was far more disturbing than it should have been. The red steam rising from where the eyes used to be was the clincher and she'd had no choice but to hurry over to the nearest cell and empty her dinner.

Taiga took several deep breaths as he stopped his laughter and brought his focus back to the topic on hand. "Okay okay, so how do we get out...the keys are definitely gone, unless you want to check."

Kamiko backed away just as a green hand swung at her. She didn't even have time to process his latest joke.

"W-woaah"  From the cell Kamiko had just puked in appeared a short, hunched over elderly man. From the waist up, his skin was green and side effects of malnourishment were plain to see, his skin was plastered to his bones, making his hunched back and bony ribs even more evident. Perhaps more surprising was the contrast his lower body had, wearing nothing but knee long shorts, the calves of the man were pale in colour and laced with muscle. His calves would've rivalled even the strongest of taijutsu users and completely rid away any thoughts of malnourishment. The individual was an clear survivor of a series of illegal experiments to mix the genes of an animal with that of a human. The animal used in this case was unclear but from the age of the man, it could've likely been one that was long extinct.

Kamiko and Taiga took in the appearance of the man before sharing a look and a worried glance to the still sleeping figure of Diamond Lee. Without a single word, Taiga cast Wind Style: Twin Wind Scythes to free him. He held up his two hands with the palms completely flat; refined wind chakra whistled throug the air as he sliced his hands against the bars.

However before he could even make contact, the bars absorbed the chakra out of the jutsu. He hit his hands painfully against the bars. He shared another look with Kamiko, this time, a look of confusion on her face. He cast the jutsu and tried again. The same result. He rubbed his hands to ease the pain. The elderly man had retreated back in his cage, but looked on with desperate curiosity.

"Try adding more chakra to it, the wind sphere you kept up from earlier could've drained you more than you realised" suggested Kamiko. Taiga nodded, and cast the jutsu once more. He poured half of his chakra into it and had to put his hands together to control the refined chakra. Twin Wind Scythes was a powerful jutsu, requiring an impressive amount of control over wind chakra. Single Wind Scythe, on the other hand was a far easier jutsu to learn, and was often the gateway to the former one, a trick not known to many however was that once the Twin Scythes were mastered, the Single Scythe could be utilised for a far more ddevastating attack.

Taiga took several steps back and advised Kamiko to do the same. With both of his hands together, he moved them up over his right shoulder. In a single, downwards, diagonal motion, he brought upon the cage the full power of the Single Wind Scythe. The chakra left his hands and moved forward at high speeds, tearing through the metal of the cell and that of the neighbouring cell. Taiga rushed forward to push the beam out of place but to his astonishment saw that the metal wasn't even completely cut through. The cuts glowed as the bar worked at instantly restoring itself. Sighing, Kamiko appeared at his side.

"When I said more powerful I didn't me-" she was cut off by her surprise and held the bar in shock. Immediatly she pulled back her hand.

"Taiga. The bar is absorbing my chakra." As she finished her sentence, she looked over to him only to find him pointing and looking upwards. At the top of each and every single bar was a complicated string of letters, similar only to that used in sealing and summoning scrolls.

"Our cells didn't have that," Kamiko stated. She glanced at Diamond's snoring body, propped up against another supposedly empty cell and covered in Kamiko's coat. "and his didn't either."

Taiga stepped towards the dungeon entrance, a large metal door over a foot thick stood in front of them, he took a sideways stance and began casting the Single Wind Scythe again. Kamiko was about to interrupt him when she noticed that the door lacked any obvious sealing inscriptions either. After several seconds of gathering chakra, Taiga lunged forward with even more animosity than before. The foot thick door was cut in half diagonally and blown back several meters, the walls on either side cracked from the sheer force. The sheer damage invoked by the jutsu was only a remainder of the inescapability of the sealed cells.

The fact that they could escape so easily made it pretty clear that Konohuro casting a jutsu earlier was no mistake. For the third time in the past 5 minutes, Kamiko and Taiga shared a look. This one, a look of unspoken distress.

As the smell of burnt human flesh hit them in unison, so did a sound that turned their distress into full blown panic.

'clop, clop, clop, clop'

The sound of leather combat boots rushing down stone steps.

Standing alone, surrounded on all sides by treacherous mountains, shone the Hidden Snow Village. A village carved out of a mountain itself and reinforced with tremendous ice and metal gates; it prided itself on its impenetrable defense. On the surrounding mountains were splatters of blood where dead shinobi lay.  Both in and out the village were silent, streets and roads completely deserted and almost devoid of life.


Outside the village, a single shinobi stood in combat facing against just under a dozen. With a shield of visible chakra surrounding her body, Shishida Amigake stood at her full height, showing off the might of Senjutsu. Her green and brown Amigake-clan armour glowed as it assisted her in absorbing Nature Chakra. Across from her, panting from their efforts were a group of hired mercenaries, who circled the brand new Envy of Katakiuchi, Crono Sabaku.

Skilled in kenjutsu and bukijutsu, the mercenaries were hired by Crono to help defend the Genjutsu specialists who were vital to Stage 1 of StarShizen's plan. Of course, their betrayal also wasn't expected. Shishida's blood boiled at the thought of having to go back to the Hidden Forest and explain to so many people's family what had happened to their loved ones. Roots spread out from underneath her as she began to attack, she would not let a single person live. Not for what they did. The roots wrapped around her legs, lifting her up and towards her opponents with a single motion.

Crono looked around in a panic, he had the ability to escape at any given moment but had been given very specific warnings as to what would happen were he to waver from the plan. And this being his first mission as Envy, he was desperate to impress. He jumped out of the way of as an arm shaped of wood grabbed at him from underground, he barely had time to raise his arms in protection as he was slammed into the ground by a swinging trunk. Kicking away the trunk as it peeled back to shape itself into spikes, a mercenary rushed to his aide and sliced the trunk in two mid-transformation. Crono barely managed to dodge 2 others, hiding behind a mercenary that took the blows that were headed his way. He finished casting a jutsu as another mercenary flew past him, blood pouring out of where both his arms should be. He cast an earth dome, knowing full well he had barely a second before it was broken through. But with carnage outside, a second of relief was more than enough. Crono's mind raced with ideas of how to slow down this assault, with the rate that this Sage was obliterating the hired mercenaries; he wasn't even sure if he'd live to see this plan through.

Itsuki ran through the empty streets towards the where he hoped the Hidden Snow Academy stood. He paid little attention to how empty the streets were. With each step he made, the sound of his boots echoed along the cobbled ground, only reminding him of his isolation. As he turned into a residential area, he was certain he saw several curtains pulled shut. Not wanting to be victim to a surprise attack, he channelled chakra into his feet and began scaling the walls in an effort to shorten the distance. Normally he wouldn't have used such a method as it made his presence all the more obvious to any shinobi he was approaching, but he decided that there wasn't much he could do. He'd already cheated death once. He would let fate determine whether he could do it again.

The Hidden Snow Academy was in ruins, torn apart by a last-ditch jutsu used by a dying Lava user, smoke and steam rose, acting as evidence of the stone and ice used to construct the building. Standing side by side were 2 shinobi wearing brand new black cloaks. Despite their freshness, they were splattered in blood and covered in a thin layer of ash. All around them were bodies strewn on the ground. At a height of 5' 6" stood the proud Sloth of Katakiuchi, his well maintained cloak pridely displaying his emblem. To his right was a man only 1 inch taller, with plain grey hair and a small frame that denoted a lack of adequate taijutsu practice. The emblem of Greed was partially covered in blood, but was recogniseable if enough attention was paid to it. Unlike Arashi, Hishiro Nakai had only recently joined Katakiuchi, a large deposit of gold was more than enough to have him leave his clan. Floating around the taller man were 5 kunai, each brightly with radiating lightning chakra. As they scoured the wreckage for any survivors, a kunai would fly from the man's side and pierce any suspected movement.

"Awe come on Hishiro, leave some for me" joked Arashi. As their mission was all but done, he was taking the time to recharge his large chakra pools. He didn't mind that Hishiro was finishing up the job but he had wanted to see just what made the silent man of such importance to Konohuro. He'd asked him several times what jutsu he could use but so far, but had simply been ignored, to further pique his interest, Hishiro had only stuck to Armament jutsu. Several more kunais zoomed from Hishiro's side, one of them travelling far further than the others. Upon hearing the sound of metal upon metal, both the Sloth and Greed turned their heads to inspect who had deflected the attack.

Itsuki had just arrived on the roof of an adjacent building when he was assaulted with a kunai.. He barely had time to get out a kunai and deflect it, and even then  his shoulder had been grazed. In front of him was what appeared to be the Academy, however a good 3/4 of the building were gone, wooden wreckage and 2 figures stood in it's place.

"Oh, fuck!" Itsuki could barely take in the sight before him before being attacked with 2 more kunais, each just as fast as the one before. He deflected one and failed to dodge the other, he gritted his teeth as it sank deeply into his right thigh. His pain was compounded as a wave of electricity passed through his body, forcing him to his knees. He opened his eyes to see 2 more kunai flying straight at him, and a half-laugh escaped his throat as he thought of the irony.

"I guess no one can cheat death"

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*falls back on chair*.............................woah that Itsuki hit me hard........he lives right? Some dope shinobi saves him right?

Spoiler: show

<_< this crap never happens at hidden inferno,  ocean, thunder or shock we got our shit covered

erm well actually, ocean doesn't exactly exist anymore..I didn't know what to do with it so kinda had the Yugure burn it to the ground. its like halfway into chapter 1 welp

The thunder's in a state of repair from waaaaay back when vreg got captured

Zama's enroute to the hidden inferno to kill the kage and take his place

and you'll be finding out about the hidden shock once we introduce yamasukage (so about 6 months? kek)


I'll do a catching up chapter where I go through each introduced character and describe what they're all doing to refresh all y'all memories...and mine too kek
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Spoiler: show
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Last Time

Spoiler: show
Taiga and Kamiko realise their escape is not as fortunate as they once thought.
Crono stares death in the face in the form of Shishida Amigake. He refuses to give in.
Itsuki stares death in the face in the form of Katakiuchi's Sloth and Greed. He accepts his fate.

Part 14

"Why won't I die?"

Itsuki posed the question to no one in particular, the response and especially it's source made him doubt as to whether he was even alive.

"Ahaha, guess today's just your lucky day" replied a familiar voice, Itsuki tried to open his eyes, but the intensity of the dark blue chakra was too much for his untrained vision to bear, especially at this proximity. He felt his stomach lurch, infact his whole body experienced an odd sensation and before he knew it his feet were placed on a patch of wet, heavily charred ground. As he shook his head to clear his thoughts and vision, he felt himself being grabbed and dragged to the side. He initially attempted to fight back, but the familiar voice told him not to worry, before the sound of thunder, but on a smaller scale  surrounded him.

Itsuki lay on his back panting and pondering over what the fuck just happened. He sat up several seconds later, as another lightning bolt landed a short distance in front of him, in the split second, he realised that the familiar voice belonged to exactly who he had suspected. Vuregu, clad in a thick coat of crackling chakra, dropped a bleeding body, before he vanished once more in an ascending lightning bolt. Ghost and Isei Himitsu worked together at dragging the unconscious shinobi to the side, panting in their exasperation, barely getting the injured shinobi away before Vuregu descended with 2 more bodies. This time, neither were breathing.

Itsuki turned away, laying his eyes on the unconscious figure by his side. Star-Shizen, the orchestrator behind this whole farce was covered in swollen bumps, deep cuts and dried, frozen blood. Itsuki scrambled to her side, examining her body for any symptoms of hypothermia. The continued use of Vuregu's lightning radiated a steady stream of warmth, preventing any of the surrounding bodies from succumbing to the dangers of the harsh Hidden Snow climate. As respectfully and carefully as he could, Itsuki began a medical examination of her mangled body.

A groan came fom Hishiro's side and he turned to see his very own kunai sticking out of Arashi's face, burn marks spread around the impact area as the electricity dissipated into Arashi's normally attractive face. There was nothing attractive about it anymore, one of his eyes swelling up several times larger than the other, nearly popping out of it's eye socket. The kunai was almost entirely embedded, completely gone from sight, except for the very end.

"Oh shit!" Before he could help himself, Hishiro had exclaimed in surprise. As Arashi felt his brain turning off, several thoughts ran through his mind.

"So that's what the guy sounds like" was his very last.

"How? how? how? how?" She repeated the question in her head as she awoke from her unconsciousness. How had they planned everything so perfectly? She understood that a gathering of herself, and the two Sages in both Onimaro and Shishida was a tempting prize for any neutral and even some shady village-affiliated organisations. But she still failed to understand how everything had worked out so perfectly against her. An infiltration of such scale, and at such speed was simply beyond her grasp. She had planned everything to exactly prevent such a thing. The Genjutsu users were assigned guards randomly, and the guards were hired from 4 different organisations, each one lied to about the the task. Minimal, and in some cases no details were given to each Squad about what the others were doing.

Stage 1 was to surround the village and lure them into a sense of danger using a large scale Genjutsu. The Genjutsu would soon be discovered by any highly skilled Jonin and the villagers would soon adopt a feeling of calm, thinking they had seen past the trick. At that point, Stage 2 would initiate, where shinobi would emerge from underground; surrounding key buildings in the Snow. Incapacitating those who resisted and subduing those who surrerended. All she had to do was take a quick look around her to see that both Stages had miserably failed. She did a quick mental calculation in her head. 320 shinobi, 80 backstabbing guards and less than 50 shinobi had survived.

She had even installed a Stage 3 incase both Stage 1 and 2 failed. But Yasei was nowhere to be found. She scolded herself for trusting the greedy man from the Kamikiri clan. She scolded herself again for allowing Onimaro to pick Crono Sabaku. She for one had never trusted those Sabaku savages. However the nature of which her plan fell apart made her doubt whether the Dust trash had an important part to do with it. She looked down at the suprisingly round shinobi that was attempting to heal her wounds. He told her to lay back down to ease the healing process, his voice shook from nervousness, fear, or both.

Ignoring the youth, she took the time to survey her surroundings. Every single ninja in the nearby vicinity was wounded, dead or dying, with the only 2 healthy survivors clearing the path for Vreg to carry in more. With thick thunderclouds hanging low in the sky, Vuregu was constantly teleporting himself to and from the Hidden Snow, crossing a distance of over 3km. Each time he brought back wounded shinobi, however from the looks of the latest arrivals, there were no more living shinobi to retrieve. As the grim reality of her failure set in, she searched the snowy landscape for a certain face, or rather, two certain faces.

" really would be best if you lay down...your head is bleeding quite a bit" Itsuki tried again to urge Star-Shizen to lay down but the young woman blatantly ignored him, and placing a hand to her head, began to heal her own wounds. Itsuki paused, confused as to whether he should continue or not. His hands dangled suspiciously close to her waist and his mind raced at the mini-dilenma. He began questioning whether it was truly a benefit that he had survived when a question from Star brought him out of his daze.

"Have you seen Onimaro, or Shishida?" Itsuki scanned the area. Alot of the bodies were unidentifiable....and the ones he could recognise, he almost wished he couldn't. He got up and began to ask around, healing serious injuries as he went. He gave a silent thanks for having been forced into specialising in support jutsu. His Genjutsu and Medical jutsu had really paid off today.

Onimaro sat a fair way from where Vuregu had began his rescue mission. He'd been collecting Sage chakra for the past 30 minutes and was finally ready to face his opponent. He stood up, took a deep, nervous breath and as his immense chakra pool filled, he vaulted in the direction of Shishida's chakra. He left a crater with every step, reaching his destination in a mere 14 seconds.

There were 2 hired guards left, a pair of hired brothers who were not affiliated with any group, known for several successful assassinations of the Hidden Ash's and Hidden Inferno's higher ranked shinobi. Hanzo and Konishi Shizue, had long been utilised by Katakiuchi, all it took was deftly placed lies and several paid actors and the shinobi were more than prepared to bring down all of Jyuunshin. Together, the two seemed to be holding back Shishida, a feat that almost 80 hired guards had failed at.

"The second one of them dies, I'm out of here. I don't care what kind of Genjutsu Kono puts me in, as long as I'm alive" thought Crono to himself. As if on queue, his patience paid off and Onimaro Himitsu leaped into view. He was travelling incredibly fast and heading straight towards him. Crono barely had time to let out a sigh of relief before he was punched in the jaw, and sent flying at a pace that would have broken his spine, had he not already coated his body with Earth Style: Body Guard.

The momentum of Onimaro's leap still shattered his jaw, leaving him grumbling incomprehensibly as he struggled to his feet. Onimaro was upon him once more and with a simple stamping of his foot, crushed two of his ribs, breaking through Crono's Earth guard. Crono coughed, a wry smile on his face despite his injuries. He would show this fool that mere strength was not the decider of victory. Seeing the smile on Crono's face, Onimaro raised his foot once more and with a panicked look that was half pracice and half rehearsed, Crono Sabaku reached to his waist, unhooking a kunai plastered with a jutsu formula with the emblem of Katakiuchi's Envy at it's handle. Onimaro stopped, his foot hanging in the air, the sound of Shishida and the brothers' conflict escalating in the background as both parties seeked to aide their partner.

"Katakiuchi are a rogue organisation, they have a 7 member council instead of a leader and your son, Kazuki is on it. As well as Konohuro. They call themselves the Yugure and can be summoned at will by each other using a complex series of seals belonging to a forbidden jutsu."

Onimaro thought back to the conversation he had with the Katakiuchi whistle-blower, Zama. It took Onimaro hours of scouring through Godai Temple scrolls but eventually, he had found what he was looking for. The only existing form of teleportation similar to that which Zama described was a blood pact set into kunai, a variation of the existing Summoning Jutsu, allowing the contracted, or any who simply held the blood of the 'contracted' to have themselves summoned to any other who held the similar seal. The use of a jutsu like this, not only removed the doubt he had about Zama but deeply worried him as to the depth and breadth of Katakiuchi's resources. But this was not the time, he placed his hanging foot down as the whimpering shinobi beneath him began to fade from his vision. If not for his currently activated Sage Mode, he would not have had the speed to grab hold of Crono's arm.

Nanami Kirishima had descended into a sprint, the mere thought of taking her sweet revenge raising a long abandoned bloodlust within her. She had just passed the halfway point of the stairwell, glancing at the '600 steps left' sign that marked ones progress. As she neared the sign that quoted '550 steps left', Konohuro appeared before here, practically stepping out of air.  Nanami had to come to a grinding halt, almost knocking over Konohuro in the process. Actions like this remind her that he is the only one who knows where and what this building is.

"Let me make this clear to you. I have plans for Taiga. If you kill him, I will not hesitate to burn your pathetic snow fort of a village to the ground. I know that Ken would love to pay his home a visit." The colour drained from Nanami's face. She may look old enough to be Konohuro's mother, but anyone that glanced at the two in conversation would see that she feared, if not respected the man. Something she would never openly admit, for she was a proud woman, and in an attempt to appear as such, she glared at Konohuro and turned to stalk back up the circular stairwell.

"Wait. I require your assistance, I have set in motion a plan that is about to come to fruition." Nanami sighed internally, she cared little for his elaborate plans, one of which was currently occuring in the village that she was Kage of.

After having unconvered the details from Diamond Lee, Crono Sabaku and several other bribed shinobi; Konohuro had simply told her that he would be using her village as a means of weakening the Himitsu. She had resisted at first, but she truly held no power over the pale skinned man. She turned around, looking down at him from her position on higher steps. Despite the neutral look on his face, she felt as though it was he that were looking down at her, and in a simple voice, akin to that of one used to teach a child; he begun his explanations.

This was ridiculous, she'd been standing outside the war room with Konohuro for the past 10 minutes, with an intense looking aide standing several metres behind them. Despite her old age, she was restless when still and occupied herself with tapping her feet to an old Hidden Snow song taught to her by her father. Konohuro turned to her, giving her a look as to question if she was ready. She nodded, and rolled her eyes the second he turned around. His plan was stupid, bordering on childish, but she both feared and trusted him enough to not question it. At the sound of teleportation stutter occuring, Konohuro entered the room, Nanami Kirishima following, the two delving straight into a rehearsed conversation.

A smile spread across his face, he had originally planned to take the kunai from Crono's dead body, but having the prize presented to him wouldn't hurt. He still intended on killing the scum, or at least injuring him to beyond repair. But having him use the jutsu itself was far far better.

It felt weird travelling through space, an odd feeling that unnerved every cell in his body. And as he arrived at his destination, he struggled to fight down any feelings of travel sickness, even with the added constitution of Sage Mode. He landed in a dark room, with a banner of the Kirishima clan and Katakiuchi hanging side by side.

He swiftly knocked out Crono Sabaku with a punch to the nose, and turned to the door, to face both Konohuro and Nanami Kirishima. The pair were paused, mid-conversation, with a look of surprise etched on both their faces. Onimaro flared his stored Nature chakra, a viscous green layer bubbling out of him, forming a thin, yet incredibly dense layer on his skin. As he took a step towards the still gaping pair, Nanami put her hands together, casting a jutsu with a single sign.

A high pitched scream emanated from Nanami and both Konohuro and Onimaro brought their hands to their ears. Nanami increased the frequency and power and simultaneously her voiced carried in the air.

"Thank You for this opportunity Onimaro, I will set our differences aside just this once as we share a common goal." As she finished, the inhuman screeching came to and end and Onimaro shuddered at how helpless he had been, even with Sage Mode. He took several cautious steps to the door, keeping his eyes focused on Konohuro, who still seemed to be under the effects of Nanami's jutsu. As he passed her, she took out a kunai and gouged it into Konohuro's eyes, eliciting a scream of agony. She then moved her kunai to his other eye, screaming in anger about how he had simply sacrificed her village to further the cause. If Sage Mode were not impervious to Genjutsu, Onimaro would have been convinced that this was all a set up, however the screams of pain and the blood pouring from Konohuro's eyes were evidence enough that this wasn't fake.

He stepped outside and turned to both sides as an agitated looking aide ran into him. The aide jumped back, holding his hands up in defense and began spouting out his innocence. Thanking his luck again, Onimaro used the aide's guilt and fear to extract information from him, prioritising finding the dungeons and freeing any shinobi in there. Satisfied with everything he had received, he knocked him out with a swift palm to the chest. With a grin on his face, he began the long journey to the dungeons.

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Part 14 - continued

It was Onimaro.

How on Earth did Onimaro end up saving us?!? Scrunching up his nose at the sight and smell of the guards, Onimaro had punched the door off of its hinges, causing Taiga and Kamiko to dive to the side to avoid it. He stood at the door, clefts of snow and blood on his armoured vest and trousers.  For just a brief second, he appeared to be slightly confused.

"Where's Satomi?" he asked, glancing around at the 3 shinobi before him. Seeing Diamond Lee's scars, his temper flared up, his jaw and fists clenching.

"Why am I even here? I'd come here to wipe out the did I even know they had a dungeon..." Taiga and Kamiko shared a look at the older man's rambling, Taiga speaking out their concerns.

"Erm, Satomi isn't here...and how did you get here? Did you use one of those kunais?"

"Too many questions." responded Onimaro, he walked right past Taiga and headed forward, into the dungeon, glancing briefly into each cell. Ignoring the snarls, shouts and screams; he walked on with an eerie focus. Inexplicably confident in his rescue. There was something in his head telling him to go forward, that Satomi was here. It didn't take him long for him to find her cell. Badly bruised but otherwise uninjured, he smiled gently as he tore apart the bars with brute force alone.

The voice in his head was at once silenced, only to be replaced by it's realistic version.

"My oh my, so it does work. I've got to thank Crono for this." Onimaro turned to see Konohuro standing on his own, wiping off fake blood from his cheeks with a white napkin; his posture serious yet still radiating an air of laid-back confidence. His eyes were perfectly back to normal, seeming to glisten as if new. Almost as if to illustrate this point, his left eye began to rotate lightly, the pupil vanishing to the back of his head. Konohuro chuckled and with a swipe of his finger, his eye rotated back into place. Several blinks later and he smiled, his eyes apprarently back to normal.

Onimaro grabbed Satomi, throwing her over his shoulder and with a leap, flew back towards the dungeon door. His eyes wide and his mind racing, he took out an emergency scroll from a pouch on his waist and told the others to stay close. He opened the scroll flat on the ground, and poured some chakra into it as Kamiko returned with Diamond Lee's still-sleeping body. The forumla spread across the floor, circling the group and in an instant they were gone, teleported to safety.

Onimaro panted, looking around at the group with him. A bruised Satomi, one-legged Taiga, and horribly scarred Diamond. How had this happened? And so soon? He thought of the tragic scenes he had left at the Snow and not for the first time he doubted his ability to lead the Clan.

He had had to escape to Jyuunshin headquarters. Whatever genjutsu Konohuro had placed on him had caused him to act irrationally, there was no reason for him to have know that Satomi was taken by Katakiuchi and although he was glad to have her back, he was still concerned as to how the impenetrable genjutsu defense of Sage Mode had been breached.

"How the fuck did he even get in my head?" Onimaro checked his body for foreign chakra, circulating the Nature Chakra in the process. "When did he even place a Genjutsu on me?" He was confused, medical jutsu, fuinjutsu and kinjutsu were his specialities, his role in Jyuunshin mainly being that of support and research.

The emergency scroll he had just used was a testament to his skills, and although it only had a one-time use, it was not too difficult for someone of Onimaro's skill to replace. Onimaro led the odd group out of the room, he gave them over to one of the full time guards with instructions to heal their injuries before being blindfolded and lead to safety.  With no explanation to the confused guard, he strode to the nearest stairs and ran up, heading over to check on his wife and son. He still couldn't figure out why Konohuro had led him to the dungeons in the first place, but that was not his priority. He had a clan to lead.

Kuria awoke as if waking up from a nap. He smiled at the roof above him, recognising the roof from his many visits here. His smile was interrupted by a hard flick on his forehead.

"Ow...mum tha-"

"Dont give me that. What have I told you about using all 8 gates! And in public for that matter!! This is the 8th time I've had to resurrect you now, you've got to stop treating this as a joke."

Kuria scowled, annoyed that she had made such a big deal about it. Ever since Kuria had carelessly opened the 8th Gate during training, his mother had had to resurrect him time and time again as he abused her rare, widely sought after ability.

"I don't see what's the bring me back each time. And besides, I kept it up for almost half an hour this time!" Kuria had occasionally been "training" his 8th gates, hoping to reach a point where he wouldn't die.

"Tsk. This isn't funny Kuria, what if I die? And you waste your life over another training attempt? Or because you're feeling bored?!?"

Kuria rolled his eyes, earning him another, harder flick on the head. 

"You say this every time, but it's not like you're not going to bring me back. Aaaaaand" he hopped out of bed, giving his mother a tight hug. "This is only the first time I've died in public, no one is even gonna suspect you." He grinned at his mother, his eyes shining with childish innocence. Despite the fact that she was seated and he was on his feet, the small 14 year old was still several inches shorter than his mother, only serving to remind her of how young he truly was. Especially to have died 8 times.

"Revival or not, no mother wants to see her child laying dead." She said as her throat caught and she pulled him tighter, tears in her eyes. Several seconds passed before either of them spoke.

"I saw Kazuki....I mean...I met him. He's why I..." Kuria waved his hand to gesture the present scenario "opened all 8 gates." Mika Himitsu pushed Kuria back and looked him in the eyes.

"I know, Kenshi told me everything."  She smiled, understanding the frustration he felt. Her smile dropped as she realised something.

"Did you...did you kill him?" she asked, apprehension in her voice. Kuria's face fogged over in confusion.

"Wait...isn't he here??" He looked around the hidden room he was in, a room deep within Jyuunshin headquarters, which itself was deep within the Hidden Forest. His mother's eyes widened.

"Kuria! Did you kill your brother?!!"

"No! I mean...I don't know! I left him badly injured! I'm here so why isn't Kazuki??" His mother closed her eyes, taking a deep breath in a failed attempt to calm her rapidly beating heart. She stood up, unable to keep still in her worry.

"Kenshi said he could only get to you, by the time he got there, Kazuki was gone. He said he thought he had won the battle and escaped but survivors said they spotted shinobi wearing masks carrying both Haruko Tsukegami and Kazuki out of the village." Kuria's shoulders slumped.

"Nonono...does anyone know who they are? Masks? What masks??" Desperation seeped into his voice. He had been too childish. Too fast to act, he didn't think things through, severely injuring both himself and his brother. Killing himself when it would have been easy to knock him out and take him. This was exactly what Kazuki had said...he thought over one of the last things his brother had told him.

"Just because you are strong, does not make you wise. You are wrong, you always have been, and no amount of strength will change that."

Kuria visibly saddened at the memory and Mika's heart pained to see her son so hurt. She moved in for another hug but Kuria stepped back, rejecting it. He had to stop acting like a child. He would fix this. He would go to the Hill, ask around, see if anyone saw anything. With an almost comical look of determination on his face, Kuria thanked his mother and sped out the room, already planning on the fastest way to the Hidden Hill from the Hidden Forest.

Kuria had ran out with the briefest of goodbyes. Whilst she didn't fully trust her son, she was fully aware of how capable he was at combat, despite his odd decision to completely ignore ninjutsu and genjutsu. He wasn't even bad at ninjutsu, being fairly capable at Wind Style; just like his father.

A guard ran in, interrupting Mika Himitsu's merry thoughts and she was told that Onimaro had appeared with 4 other Himitsu members. Seconds after, Onimaro ran in and the two embraced, glad to be together after so long apart.

"Hey where's Kuria?"

Noticing a strange chakra, Mika Himitsu pushed him back taking up a defensive stance.

"What's that? That chakra. And why are you in Sage Mode?" Her immediate elation vanished as she realised the peculiarity of the situation. "And why are you here?? Weren't you planning on sieging the Snow?"

Onimaro smiled gently at his wife, motioning at her to calm down.

"It's fine, everything's fine." Ignoring her questions, he repeated his. "Just...tell me where Kuria is."

In a flash, Mika Himitsu was covered in a cloak of raging red chakra, her brown hair fading to silver and white lines streaking her face and exposed arms. She still had quite alot of Nature Chakra left over from reviving Kuria, his small body and the thick Nature Energy of the Jyuunshin base greatly aided in her healing, leaving her with over half her chakra. Concentrating a large amount of chakra into her fists, Mika held up her hands and posed Onimaro a question.

"Oni...why do you want to know that?" At his wife's offensive gesture, Onimaro's head cocked to the side, and his face momentarily flashed to confusion and then clarity.

Slow clapping could be heard from the doorway and the couple turned to greet their new guest. With blood running along the floor and a kunai in his throat, the guard who had reported of Onimaro's arrival was dead or dying and standing over him was none other than a clearly elated Konohuro.

"Not only do I get invited to this splendid hideout, but I also manage to get the wonderful honour of meeting not only the fabled "Hand of God" but her husband too! None other than Onimaro Himitsu!  The face of Jyuunshin! One of their founding members!!! Leader of the Himitsu clan!! The greatest clan in the world!!"

Konohuro exaggerated his praises, raising his hands dramatically, a look of genuine awe and admiration on his face. The smile on his face dropped and he cracked his knuckles.

"Mika, I've got some work for you to do." By his side appeared Crono Sabaku, his face very badly bandaged, a rushed job that looked like he did it himself. He held up an electronic device, a crooked look of pride and victory plastered on his bloodied face.

"I'm sure Onimaro will remember being attacked with this." Onimaro's eyes widened in shock and realisation. 'So that's how he got in my head' Raising a finger weakly to Konohuro, he realised why he hadn't sense any foreign chakra within him. He realised why his original intentions had been forgotten, he realised why he had been forced into a situation where he had to teleport to Jyuunshin.

"You planned this...every single step of this..."

Konohuro brought his hand to his chest as if being accused of something he didn't do.

"Whaa? Mee?" He laughed at his own joke, before turning serious again. "Every. Single. Step. From attacking the Hill to the perfect scenarios you encountered when you arrived." He chuckled again. Konohuro seeming to be in quite a good mood.

"I mean did you even think that there was a reason I only sent 2 Yugure to attack the Hill? If I was trying to wipe it out.... well, just look at what I did with the Hidden Ocean." His voice lowered at the mention of the Hidden Ocean, sending shivers down the spine of everyone around.

"So it wasn't Heathen..." Konohuro rolled his eyes at Mika's comment.

"Well which kind of idiot would destroy a village and leave their organisation name inscribed in the mind of the survivors. The Kage are far too easy to manipulate, but isn't that what makes it soo fun."

The hum of Sage Mode only grew in volume as both Onimaro and Mika worked on absorbing more Nature Energy. Mika took a step towards Onimaro but as she reached out a hand to his back; he collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. With a genuine look of regret on his face, Konohuro shook his head, waving the electronic device in the air.

"A small needle, barely a millimetre thin, it travels through a simple taser but is a bitch to get out. Not that I'm going to let you try."

As if to show that Onimaro's condition was his doing, he pressed it again, eliciting further screams and an explosion of chakra from Onimaro's body, an obvious attempt at overloading and destroying the chakra needle. Konohuro only rolled his eyes again as the needle absorbed the chakra, fuelling it in causing more pain. Onimaro lay on the floor, sweating and convulsing in pain, looking up at Konohuro with eyes filled with agony, anger and hatred. Smiling gleefully, Crono Sabaku stepped towards Onimaro and looked him in the eyes, soaking in every drop of pain.

"The second I tagged you, you were done for. Most shinobi need to make contact, some good ones even use sound or touch. But not Konohuro. All he has to do is transfer his chakra to an object and anyone who comes into contact with it is his bitch." He made sure to say the next part slowly. "Even. With. Sage. Mode."

"Stop...please...stop" Mika Himitsu fell to her knees. If not for the red chakra around her, she would've looked weak, almost pathetic even. A weeping wife, begging for the life of her husband. "I'll listen please, just leave him alone. I'll bring back anyone you want me to, please."

"No...Mika...don-AAARGGH" Onimaro was cut off as his words descended into unintelligible screaming, his Sage Mode withered into nothing as he rolled around, the suffering too much to bear. A drop of sweat formed on Konohuro's forehead. Onimaro's genjutsu defenses were impressive, reminding him of his mentor when he first attempted to cast on him. He would be glad to kill him, he was far too useful to let run around. Poking his arm into the corridor, he gestured for those in need of healing to come forward.

Ken Himitsu, his leg crushed from his fight with Haruko came in on crutches, a look of boredom on his face. The deceased body of Arashi Himitsu, struck down by Vuregu was carried over the shoulder of Hishiro Nakai, the look of apathy mirrored on his face. In his hand was the ghastly head of Nibui Kirishima, flies and maggots eating away at the long dead face.

Through gritted teeth and a tear filled face, Onimaro gasped out a warning, telling Mika of the dangers of reviving such deadly shinobi. Shaking her head as tears streamed down her face, Mika apologized to Onimaro.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry", crawling she headed towards the Yugure, new and old, dead and alive; praying, despite everything that her sons were alright.

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Last Time

Spoiler: show
Itsuki escapes death once again.
Kuria awakens.
With the assistance of Crono and Nanami, Konohuro's trap plays out, ensnaring both Onimaro and his wife.
Taiga, Kamiko, Satomi and Diamond are led to safety.

Part 15

After finding themselves in an building that seemed as though carved out of wood, Kamiko, Satomi, Taiga and Diamond Lee were handed over to the first guard Onimaro saw. Without a word the Clan Leader rushed off, giving the group no chance to ask any questions.

Their guard was a young bearded man with a scar across his lip, despite his rugged look, he spoke rather gently, ushering the group towards the medical room.

Laying the shivering Satomi and unconscious Lee on separate beds, medics rushed in to inspect the injuries, both physical and mental. Taiga was swiftly knocked out before being rushed off to an emergency room, as an expert medic-nin swaggered in, rolling up his sleeves to begin the regeneration of Taiga's leg.

Kamiko stood in awe, taken aback by the sheer preparedness of the base. In the past week, she'd uncovered bigger secrets than she had in her entire ANBU career. She briefly paused as she wondered where she would return once this was all over. Her thoughts were interrupted as a blonde haired medical ninja ushered her over to a seat, beginning to ask her a series of questions as to judge her eyesight, hearing and mental state. 2 assistants ran over, one holding a change of clothes and the other with a warm meal of beef and chicken curry. With a grand sigh, Kamiko settled into her seat, taking the meal into her lap and brushing off any questions of psychological trauma.

"I've been through worse, and besides, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger"

"I...I think it'd be best if I start with the least injured..." Mika Himitsu gestured to Crono Sabaku to lay down on the bed by the wall. Sharing an apprehensive look to Konohuro, Crono Sabaku obeyed, keeping his eyes firmly on Mika. She'd stopped crying and dried her eyes, seemingly resolved in the situation and ignoring the moans of pain from Onimaro.

As Konohuro opened his mouth to ask a question, Mika's hands flared red with Nature Chakra, her left hand moving to Crono's laying figure. She ripped out Crono Sabaku's heart, his shout of fear halted in his throat, leaving only a pathetic gargle. Simultaneously, she swung out her right hand, sharpening her chakra around the side of her palms and aiming at Onimaro's kneeling figure. With a crunch of bone, his head came off his neck, his body slumping to the floor and blood spurting out both his detached parts. With a thought, she parted the chakra cloak at her chest, an attempt to make her suicide more timely and less painful. Her left hand had reached her chest, her fingers already penetrating through her skin, ribs and lungs when she paused, a look of shock and then defeat flashing across her face before it froze. Blood slowly poured out of the 5 holes in her chests where her fingers rested, each one lightly gripping her heart. No one moved, the athmosphere tense and volatile.

Konohuro let out a sigh of relief as he lowered his outstretched hand.

"Damn, if I wasn't expecting that, you'd have almost got away with it." He shook his head and chuckled. "Tryna kill yourself and hubby taking out Crono as well. How noble. How predictable." He reached into his black cloak and took out several needles, each of them looking no different than the standard available at every decent weapons shop.

"Have you ever actually wondered why Senjutsu repels Genjutsu?" He chuckled, as if only realising that she couldn't speak. "Because Genjutsu can't get past the thick bodies of Nature Chakra. So of course the question is, what if the Genjutsu comes from behind the chakra cloak?" He paused as if expecting an answer, his pale face merely resembling an enthusiatic teacher posing a question to his class.

"Well, it turns out that when the Genjutsu is sourced from behind those cloaks, well, theres nothing you can do!! Infact, I'd go as far as to say that the Genjutsu is stronger." He nodded to himself, as if proud of his revelation.

Hishiro Nakai subtely shook his head, both surprised and humoured by the sarcastic boasting. Konohuro the Pride of Katakiuchi, he had never seen someone so fitting for their role.

Mika Himitsu, spurned on by Konohuro's boasting fought with renewed vigor against the genjutsu, applying all her willpower and training in an attempt to take just a little bit of control.
'Just enough to squeeze my fingers' she thought, mentally straining at her efforts, however her attempts were futile. The more she tried, the less control she seemed to have. Her entire body was unresponsive, a simple paralyzation genjutsu was normally easy enough to repel but Konohuro's skill was unlike anything she'd ever experienced. Konohuro appeared at Mika's side, slowly removing her fingers from her chests, he laughed out loud at a lecherous joke made by Ken and with a sly grin he agreed to Ken's following request.

"Sure, you'll get to do whatever you want with her. But first she's gotta revive the others, and we all know how Nibui likes to repay favours."

Mika was sure she shivered at the words, but she wouldn't know. With a simple command, her body began to work on it's own; her feeling, control and future all but lost.

Kamiko woke up several hours into the night. Having chosen to stay with the recuperating Diamond and Taiga, she briefly checked on the comatose pair before heading out to find a toilet. As she placed her foot out of the infirmary, she heard the sounds of worried whispering, and the rushing of steps.

"You just left them there with Mika Himitsu?? What the fuck is wrong with you!" hissed a high-pitched voice, the agitation and fear palpable even from where Kamiko stood.

"There are 3 of them! I called for some of the elders the second I found out about it but Takeshi-sensei is on a mission several hours away!" replied another. Peeking out, Kamiko could make out the fear-stricken face of the bearded guard that helped her earlier. Patting down herself, she cleared her throat and stepped out, making her presence known.

"I happened to have overheard you. If I may ask, are the 3-"

"Excuse me madam can you please return to sleep, this is nothing that the Toratsume clan can not solve on their own." Tilting her head to the side, Kamiko studied the weary looking man in front of her. A tall, thin man with a distrusting face and cracked teeth, his grey hair only reached halfway into his head and stuck out in poorly combed tufts.

"Takeshi, even with the assistance of his escort, won't be enough to stop the Yugure."  At the mention of the Yugure, both men tensed. The attacks on both the Hill and the Thunder still fresh on everyone's mind.

"I'm sorry but you have no way of knowing whe-"

"Tsk.You really think any 3 random rogues could infiltrate this place and not raise a single alarm? You really think Mika  can't take care of 3 average rogues?" At the lack of a response, Kamiko continued, changing back into her torn and burnt mission-wear.

"You, guard, what's your name?"

"M...Myaki, miss"

"Don't stammer. It's annoying, you take Taiga, Lee, Satomi and any other people you have healing here with you to a place of safety. Far, far away from here."  At Kamiko's commands, the older man's face fell into a frown, his balding head shining in the light.

"As I said, the Toratsume clan have this covered. In our 6 years as the protectors of this base, not a single scratch has occured to anyone within it. Myaki, you will not be following her instructions, I am the appointed Head of Security and we will wait till Takeshi and his escort arrive before a decision is made. Also, could you kindly change back into your night-gown, your assistance is not needed and no one wants to see that anyway." Finishing his response with a pumped out chest, the old man looked Kamiko in the eye, as if daring her to test his authority. Squeezing her feet into her boots, Kamiko stood on one leg, muttering to herself about getting new combat boots. As she placed her foot on the ground, she pounced forward, crossing the distance of 6 metres in the blink of an eye, pinning the Head of Security to the wall by his neck, holding the thin man with just one hand.

"You pompous bastard, Onimaro and Mika are likely getting tortured as we speak and you waste time playing your stupid games of dominance. Clear everyone who's not combat capable out of here and gather every spare hand you have. If you're lucky, one of us will survi-" Wood spurted out of the roof, walls and ground, grabbing each of Kamiko's limbs. As she struggled fruitlessly against her binds, the sound of slow footsteps could be heard descending from the nearby stairs.

"Han, the girl is right, do exactly as she says." At the head of the group stood a middle aged man with flowing white hair, radiating power in his brown and blue armour, Takeshi, the current Head of the Toratsume clan and whom many of the citizens looked to as the deserving Kage. His exploits in the last Ninja war brought great pride to the Toratsume clan, his combination of Wood-style and the Clan's Ki-Kyugan dojutsu left him unrivalled in the Hidden Forest, even surpassing the Great Wood Sage; Shishida Amigake. Takeshi stood at the bottom of the stairs, surrounded by over a dozen identically armoured shinobi.

"However, the girl is vastly underestimating my abilities if he thinks that we'd be lucky to leave alive. At worst, I'll be forced to use these." He smiled, a small smile that radiated confidence, yet not one that could be labelled as over-confident. His pupils shone golden and the whites of his eyes darkened to a deep black. He turned around and left just as suddenly as he had arrived, leaving Han and Myaki rushing about to alert the guards of the evacuation.

Ceasing her struggles, Kamiko let her body hang in the entanglement of wood. As she watched Diamond Lee's snoring body being rolled out by a escort of medics and guards, she allowed herself to momentarily relax. Perhaps Takeshi would be enough to stop them. Her body jolted as realisation hit her like a lightning bolt. What would 3 Yugure be doing in a room alone with Mika Himitsu -none other than the Hand of God- if not to raise more Yugure? Her panic ascended when she realised that no one had mentioned anything about Onimaro, likely meaning he was dead or worse. She needed to get help, not even Takeshi would be enough against 5 or 6 Yugure and who knows how many shinobi Konohuro wants to revive.

7 hours later and Mika Himitsu was still at it. Hishiro glanced around the room, Crono Sabaku had been revived almost immediatly he was killed. Ken and Arashi were handled next, the former's a mere healing of a shattered tibia, and the latter being revived from a vicious thunderstrike by Vuregu. Nibui Kirishima was taking longer, his entire body having to be reconstructed from pure Nature Chakra. Mika's methods were highly interesting, each bone, muscle and organ was formed in her hands, and with the utmost delicacy, she pieced his body together, the proportions, shape and size of each tendon having to be perfectly accurate otherwise the entire revival process would fail. Konohuro stood over Mika's shoulders, his eyes wide with fascination at the process. Hishiro however, was far less interested, the chakra control displayed by Mika alone was utterly monstrous, for any other human being the mere sight of such a process would only make one feel inferior, even Ken and Crono were not paying attention, the pair discussing which emblem Nibui would take once revived.

"And what of Gluttony?" asked Crono, his words had a slight slur to them, as he adjusted to his recently mended jaw. Ken sighed at the mention of Gluttony, rolling his eyes before responding.

"It's taken and by a bloody pregnant woman too" The statement caused Crono Sabaku to perk up, the idea of a kunoichi odd amongst the Sabaku Clan and Dust Village.

"A female? And one with child too? How absurd. She must be useless in battle."

From his vantage point behind Mika Himitsu, Konohuro interjected,  "She is currently working on finding her own replacement. I full faith in who she chooses. As Hishiro is now Greed, Nibui will simply have to take the place as Wrath." At this statement, Ken stood up, his fists balled up in anger.

"Kazuki isn't dead, you said it yourself, we know nothing as of yet." At the mention of her son's name, Mika Himitsu's hand faltered, the Genjutsu weakening for a brief second. Konohuro placed a hand on her shoulder and her body resumed movement as usual, with Mika internally struggled for a solution.

"If Kazuki returns, he will simply have to battle Nibui for his old position. Or, anyone one of you."  Ken seemed to calm down at the statement, even smiling at the thought.

"Hehehe, none of you would stand a chance. That little guy scares even me when he's angry."

Crono posed a question, resuming their previous conversation.

"The woman..this she the one who stole the former Morikage's eyes?"

Ken chuckled, "Good luck, she's as talkative as Hishiro right here. But hey, who am I to judge? Pregnant and silent might just be your type. Maybe she'd cast a Genjutsu on you so you'd see her as your mother." Crono frowned at the vile suggestion as Hishiro stuggled to hide a smile and Ken laughed out loud, with even Konohuro letting out a small chuckle. His great pride wounded, Crono momentarily considered killing the sick bastard in his sleep,  just revenge for daring to ridicule one such as he.

Arashi lay on one of two beds on the opposite side of the room from where Mika was working. Yawning as he woke, he streched out both arms and looked around blinking as he tried to adjust. His face fluctuating between a mix of surprise, confusion, realisation and panic.

"Wait what did i die???"

"Horribly and painfully, your screams were heard all over the continent." Ken responded with a smirk. With a sigh and a roll of his eyes Crono briefly explained the situation to the confused youngster. Arashi looked at the headless body of Onimaro on the floor, an unfamiliar feeling of loss rising up within him. He buried it, and looked up to Konohuro.

"Why do you have a remote in your hand? What does that have to do with chakra needles? Don't you just need to cast a jutsu to control her?" Konohuro smiled, glad that someone had finally asked the question.

"You'll see."

If the door wasn't opened, Hishiro simply wouldn't have witnessed it. Bulging as if alive, the wooden floor grew and rose, a resplendently armoured white haired man stood at the front with an equally well dressed entourage. At the sight of them, Hishiro backed away from the door, kunai flying from his pouches and floating by his side, shimmering as he pumped chakra into them. Ken and Crono appeared at his side and Arashi, albeit slowly, joined them. Konohuro ignored the fray, not even bothering to look up from his obvservations.

"I am Head of the Toratsume Clan, Tamers of Tigers, Champions of the Forest, Protectors of Jyuunshin and the Clan of Golden Eye. My name is Takeshi Toratsume and you will meet your demise." Ken unsheated 4 of his swords, holding 2 in each hand.

"Konohuro, this guy got some serious chakra. Take Mika somewhere else, this is going to get messy."

"Hmph. You sound scared." said Arashi.  With a single fire jutsu and a command to Mika, Konohuro created a hole through the adjeacent wall. Walking through with Mika and the bed where Nibui's half body lay, he looked back at the challengers for the first time.

"Arashi, you should be. This guy killed the Pride before me." At the revelation, Arashi gulped, looking back to Takeshi with substantially less confidence than before. Ken continuted staring Takeshi in in the eye, a cheeky smirk inviting him to make the first move.

Takeshi raised his right hand, and a wall of earth rose up to block the hole Konohuro left out of.

"Good. Now that Mika is gone, I have no reason to hold back."

As soon as he said those words, the 6 kunai floating by Hishiro's side vanished from sight, barely a second later, 3 dead bodies slumped to the floor, a small pool of blood spreading from each of their necks, the only sign of their quick and easy deaths. As the kunais discharged electricity through their targets, a groan of pain came from one of the standing shinobi.

"Dammit, these things hurt like a bitch." Pulling out the kunai from her hand, one of the targets that Hishiro had failed to fatally hit fell to the floor as the 3rd wave hit her.  Someone else fell, a kunai having grazed their shoulder.

The only person to have dodged the kunai was Takeshi, a look of unmasked anger on his face. To have 5 of his followers murdered so quickly was not going to be forgiven easily. If ever.

"Do not let those kunai touch you. They are infused with electricity and dipped in poison. Stay behind me, summon your Tigers and do not let these scum escape. Today we show them they messed with the wrong Clan."

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Last Time
Spoiler: show
Takeshi Toratsume, hero of the Forest engages the Yugure.
Kamiko realises that there are more Yugure than initially thought.

Part 16

'These Yugure were strong, handling them would leave us too weak to forcefully take Mika from Konohuro. How the fuck did that worthless Han mistake 5 Yugure for 3???

'I would've gotten backup if I knew there were going to be so many.' thought Takeshi to himself. As Crono crushed the skull of one of his most promising students, Takeshi made up his mind.

"Formation 6, Offensive Retreat" Parrying one of Ken's thrusts, Takeshi cast a Wood Wall behind him, which was quickly reinforced by 6 other walls of various elements. Dodging one of Crono's punches, he swung up the shinobi by his arm into the path of Arashi, disrupting his Water Cannon jutsu. As the pair untangled, Takeshi backed into a wall, drawing in the Yugure's attention and then activated his Dojutsu ability: Temporary Hypnosis. Safely behind the series of elemental Walls, his comrades had began casting varioius powerful jutsu whilst the 4 Yugure stood frozen in place, their eyes closed and chests heaving. Slipping by Hishiro, Takeshi took one of his floating kunai and stabbed it into the skinny rogue's arm.

"See how you like your poison now, you fucker."

Lacing his arm with over a metre of wood, Takeshi plowed through the wall, opening a hole into the room with Mika and Konohuro. Stepping through, he was already halfway into casting a jutsu when he was blown back into the room by a savage punch. Climbing to his feet, he darted in once again, ducking under Mika Himitu's punch and running towards Konohuro.

"Wood Style: Crushing Cage Jutsu" The very walls near Konohuro tore apart as they encircled him, creating a cage with only a single horizontal slit to peer through. The walls began closing in just as quickly as they formed yet Konohuro stood stock still, as if oblivious to the jutsu. Turning around to the charging Mika, Takeshi once again activated Temporary Hypnosis, bringing to a stop the corrupted Sage's charge. 'Don't worry I'll save you Mika. And then you'll teach me the ways of a Sage.' Takeshi turned back and smiled at Konohuro's nonchalant look through the slit before raising his hands in a Boar sign.

"Wood Style: Cage of Spears" True to the name, the cage formed spears on it's interior, slashing where Konohuro just stood. A hole perfectly shaped to Mika Himitsu had torn through the cage, standing on the other side her kneeling figure showed deep cuts, exposing the ribs on her back and a mass of flesh. For the first time since Takeshi had attacked, Konohuro reacted, waving a remote to the troubled opponent.

"That Hypnosis of yours is supposed to stop all Genjutsu isn't it? As if I'd use such a simple method." Takeshi could sense that Mika's jutsu was disturbed, a foreign chakra roaming in her body. But if the remote was the source then simply knocking out Mika wouldn't work. As the Yugure broke out of the Hypnosis, the sounds of battle resumed in the previous room.

"Fire Cannon!"
"Wind Cannon!"
"Dust Cannon!"
"Boil Cannon!
"Convergence of Thunder: Struck Thrice."

Several short explosions rang out, the surrounding walls and roof ripping to shreds in the impact as light rain fell from the now exposed cloudy sky. 3 lightning bolts fell into the room, each seeming to come from a different direction yet hitting the same point. As his surbodinates took control of the battle, Takeshi pieced together the best way to save Mika.

"So? All I have to do is destroy that remote and Mika is back to normal? Simple." Takeshi smiled at the blurring image of Konohuro, agitated that he'd already had to use his dojutsu 5 times.

Konohuro looked Takeshi straight in the eye as he told the lie.


Reminance sat in a heated tub across from Takami Himitsu, taking the short break to celebrate his 30th birthday. Despite the 14 year gap in age, Reminance chose to spend this 30 minute-turned-3 hour-break with Takami, the two already getting along like brothers. Which was rather a relief for Reminance, as he had 5 younger sisters of his own.

Takami, the young, rising talent who excelled in long range distance jutsu had been taken in by Reminance as a pupil. Unbeknownst to him, Reminance had plans for the youth to supercede him as the next leader of Roguhanta. Dedicated, talented, diplomatic and enthusiastic, Takami reminded Reminance of a younger version of himself.

Leaning over to one side, a loud tearing sound erupted from Reminance and bubbles rose to the surface of the tub as Takami recoiled in shock horror. Letting out an even larger eruption, Takami shot Reminance a grin, earning him a nod of pride from his tutor. An awkward cough from the door earned both shinobi's attention, Reminance lowering his face into the water to hide from Hisaki Nakai's glare. Takami steeled himself, bravely and naively challenging Reminance's assistant to knock the door in the future before entering.

'Oh he's going to regret that,' thought Reminance.

To say that Hisaki scared him would be an understatement, despite Reminance's dominating 6'3" frame, Hisaki's no nonsense glare sent shivers down his spine. Reminance briefly wondered whether the Nakai clan had a tendency to produce scary individuals. The fact that both Hisaki and Shiro scared him senseless could stem from some sort of secret clan jutsu.

Looking at Hisaki, Reminance noticed several odd things about him, his eyes looked tired and his shoulders sagged, his arms hanging loosely by his side and his mouth wasn't set in it's usual half-frown - ready to blast Reminance  for not acting as an individual in such a respectable position should. Reminance sat up, knowing only something serious would effect Hisaki like this.

"Somethings wrong." sensing Reminance's tone, Takami climbed out of the bath as Hisaki simply nodded in response, before briefing Reminance on the occurences. Utilising a chakra linked tattoo system, Roguhanta could keep locate and keep tabs on their members. When one of the marks faded, one of 3 possibilities had occured; either the limb the tattoo was attached to was disconnected from the body, the shinobi had simply poured their chakra into the tattoo and destroyed the tracker, or the shinobi had died. Seeing as most shinobi attached their tattoo to their chest or back, the first outcome was often rare.

For over 100 trackers to lose connection within the space of 5 minutes was disastrous, coupled with the fact that the mission wasn't even a Roguhanta assigned further increased worry. Grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist, Reminance stormed out after Hisaki.

"100 members around the Snow village? I don't get it, we only have 37 members from there."

"Very early reports suggest a failed siege on the village but we have nothing conclusive." Hisaki responded, handing Reminance several reports.

"A siege? On the Hidden Snow? Who would gather so many Roguhanta members for such a thing?"

Takami spoke up from behind the pair, fighting to get himself into his trousers while keeping up with them.

"M..maybe Onimaro, ouch....maybe he went through with that plan he told you about." Reminance and Hisaki froze, glancing at each other with a look of worry etched on their face. The pair looked at Takami who sat on the floor with his shirt on the wrong way round and his trousers around his knees. He looked back at them and blinked.

"Fuck." said Reminance, doubling his pace. Hisaki followed effortlessly, verbally running through several calculations.

"Assuming Onimaro used mainly Genin and Chuunin for the siege, as well as hired guards for the Genjutsu users, then 100....65% of Jonin...30....Hmmm. There should be anywhere between 300 and 350 shinobi fatalities, including Roguhanta members. We can expect most if not all of them to be Himitsu." Reminance kept on walking in silence, venting his frustrations on the door by throwing it open, threatening to knock it off its hinges in the process. Practically holding up his towel with a single hand, Reminance began poring over the control panel, absorbing the information regarding each individual's name.

"I swear when next I see that idiot..."

Ken sat in a puddle of blood, water, and ash, leaning against the battered wall with a sword in his hand. 5 swords. He had lost 5 of his swords against Takeshi and his entourage, a feat that no one had accomplished since he first sparred Kazuki. Arashi, the only Yugure to have escaped unscathed delivered the finishing blow to Takeshi, before calling out to Ken and tossing him his arm. Ken stretched out lazily, missing completely and getting slapped in the face by his detached elbow.

Rendered blind by Takeshi's Radiance, Ken had no vision in either eyes. He groaned as one of his loose teeth fell out.

"Urgh...Arashi, where's Hishiro..."

"The guy got poisoned by one of his own kunai, he's there somewhere underneath those bodies." Arashi gestured to a pile of decapitated limbs, Hishiro's last stand before death was upon him.  Another moan drifted from the other side of the room; Crono Sabaku crawling on both elbows towards the crumbling wall separating them from Konohuro, both of Crono's legs obliterated off by Takeshi's use of Golden DeathLight led to his intestines trailing out behind him, a sight that both disgusted but puzzled Arashi. Konohuro's head appeared, a slight smile at the scenes before him.

"By the Beasts. Where the hell is Hishiro? And I vividly remember telling you guys not to die? Just because we got a medic now doesn't mean we have all the time in the world." Arashi looked pointedly at Konohuro.

"You barely fought the guy, you just got Mika to do all the work." Konohuro smiled sweetly at Arashi.

"That's because I'm the brains. Now, Arashi, carry in Crono, might as well start with him." Mumbling under his breath about hygiene, Arashi awkwardly grabbed Crono's hands, pulling the shinobi towards Mika.

After going through the control panel, Reminance had called out 112 names, 112 members to have died within and outside the Snow Village. He sighed and looked at Hisaki who scribbled down the last name with the same look he wrote down the others with. Hisaki looked up.

"How many left?" Reminance looked back, barely needing to count.

" about 20 survivors right?" 

"And Onimaro?" Reminance's sighed in response.

"I don't know, I didn't check on him. I couldn't bring myself to do it." Hisaki stood up and walked over to the panel. On a large, detailed, 2D map were single red lights scattered unequally. Filtering out any shinobi belonging to the Hidden Snow, there remainedover 100 grey lights around the Hidden Snow Village, each one gradually fading as the individual's chakra dissipated into the air.

"Well he isn't dead so he has to be one of the 6 left." Hisaki stated matter-of-factly, hiding his turmoil within. He silently tapped on each light, bringing up an  extensive page of each individuals status and details. A short while passed before Hisaki continued.

"He...he isn't here." Reminance rushed to the panel, double checking each status. Moving to the filters on the right he highlighted each light belonging to a Himitsu clan member, he then highlighted users of Wind Style, Medics, and Jonin.

A single grey light stood out towards the outskirts of Morigakure, faded almost into nothing. Opening the screen, Hisaki read out the connection status, fighting back the lump in his throat.

"Last connection detected, 513 minutes ago." Reminance reached over to the panel, removing the filter for 'Wind Style.' As he did so 4 more lights came on, 1 in the Hidden Haze, 1 in the Hidden Hill, 1 in the Hidden Inferno, and a last one in the Hidden Forest, practially on top of Onimaro's faded light. Reminance let out a sigh of relief as he brought up Mika Himitsu's screen, reading over 'Active Connection' with near glee. Whatever reason Onimaro had had to go to the Jyuunshin headquarters had obviously been resorted if Mika was fine. At least his death wouldn't be in vain. Sharing a half-smile with Hisaki, Reminance reached to close her screen when he froze in horror.

Mika Himitsu's light faded, turning from red to grey right before their very eyes.

'Oh no, oh no, oh no' Kamiko was near panicking, getting out of Takeshi's wood jutsu was simple enough but she had massively underestimated how big this hideout, or rather fortress was. She spent over 10 minutes wandering through the emptying halls and asking clueless guards and evacuees before the large sounds of battle drew her attention. She could hear a crashing noise almost directly above her and it seemed to be gradually getting closer.

Throwing herself to the side, Kamiko dodged the falling body as one of Takeshi's screaming entourage flew past her; several weapons and lightning jutsu evident over his half-armoured body. Kamiko peeked through the hole the man had left, gazing upwards at the scenes of battle. She jumped into the hole, propelled upwards by her Fire Style: Jet Propulsion, pondering as to what exactly she could do if even Takeshi failed against the mighty Yugure.

Tucked in on a bed to the side, Nibui Kirishima lay snoring, his body completely regenerated during the fight. Crono Sabaku lay on another bed, currently being worked on by the tireless Mika Himitsu, who, if not for the high Nature Energy density, and the fact that her controlled mind could no longer feel fatigue; would've long passed out.

Arashi had just managed to drag Ken's bleeding and unconscious body through the crumbling wall when a figure appeared out of the one of the numerous holes in the ground.

Her feet emitting a steady stream of fire, Kamiko stood floating, taking a quick look around at the scenery before bending her knees and propelling herself to Nibui, landing rather painfully on his abdomen.

"Ow!" Nibui sat up, glaring at the individual who interrupted his nap. "Wait what the fuck? Where's Vreg?" Before he could ask anymore questions a kunai was placed at his neck and Kamiko began weaving signs with her free hand.

"Cancel the Genjutsu, give me Mika and I will let you go."

"Urgh. Konohuro, please dude, I'm sooo tired, can you just like put her in a Genjutsu or something, I can't bear to fight anyone else." Arashi sat heavily on the ground, subtely placing himself behind Hishiro and Ken's laying bodies, creating the least effective meat shield he'd had the misfortune of using.

"Do not turn around, have Mika turn towards me and tell me something only she and I would know." Kamiko finished off her demands by placing her fingers to her mouth, the Flamethrower jutsu ready to be released.

"Hey. Arashi. You asked me what the remote was for?" Konohuro raised his arm showing the electronic device. Confused, but sure that he was supposed to answer, Arashi agreed.

"Yeah...what of it?" Konohuro threw the remote towards Kamiko, who simply grabbed it, thinking it was merely the device that controlled Mika. The second the device was in her hands and she laid both eyes on it, she was attacked by a Genjutsu, triggering each and every nerve cell in her body. Falling to the floor, Kamiko writhed in pain as Konohuro simply explained.

"Well with someone as important as the 'Hand of God' in our midst, we would undoubtedly be targeted by shinobi of all backgrounds. And some, if not many will attack us when our guard is down, such as now. Rather than fighting back against each and every single one of them, the easiest thing to do would be to submit to them. Or rather, pretend to. Appearing to use a remote misleads them to think that theres still a way to save Mika when in fact, the best method would simply be to kill her." 

Arashi gaped in admiration at the forethought and detail of Konohuro's elaborate scheme, but he still had a question.

"Wait, how will the world know we have the Hand of God if her identity has always been a secret?" His question earned him a chuckle in response.

"Boy. Why do you think I left Taiga and Kamiko escape in the first place?" Konohuro's laughter echoed as Kamiko screams came to an end and she gladly faded into unconsciousness.

"Errr is no one going to explain what the fuck is going on?" Nibui sat up, rubbing the point on his neck where the kunai had rested. "Seriously? I'm guarding Vuregu around Shogekigakure, he starts to go into Sage Mode and all of a sudden I'm being sat on by some bitch. And where the fuck are we??"

Nibui glanced around the room, the questions and confusions pilling on thick. Looking down, he kicked at the spasming body of his attacker, a wicked smile forming on his face with even wickeder thoughts.

Kamiko had been raised as part a member of the Hidden Ash's infamous assassin-orientated clan; Hoshi. With an unparalled training program, children as young as 4 were forced to kill, leading to a terrfyingly high number of teenage suicides and desertations. Those who deserted were ruthlessly hunted and if found, were subjected to a punishment that would make them wish they had committed suicide. As one of the brightest products of the Hoshi clan and Hidden Ash Academy, Kamiko's future in the clan was cut off when it was attacked and annihilated by the Ennia of the Hidden Metal. Kamiko was in her twenties when she discovered her mother's links to the Himitsu. After being welcomed into the Himitsu with open arms she returned to Hidden Ash in order to change the village's financial destitution once and for all.

As she slipped into unconsciousness, Kamiko thought of the debt she held towards the Himitsu. She absolutely refused to ignore such an instance where her help was greatly needed. She begged her arms, her legs, anything to move, but whatever genjutsu had been placed on that block, made every movement agony.

"Appearing to use a remote misleads them to think that theres still a way to save Mika when in fact, the best method would just be to kill her."

As Konohuro finished his speech, Kamiko perked up, fighting the waves of unconsciousness that threated to overcome her. She renewed her attempts with added vigor, slowly, but definitely, she moved her arm up, hidden by her body that lay on top of it.

'How ironic...the only way I can thank the Mika is by killing her.' She chuckled to herself, blinked away the pain, and drew the remaining quantity of chakra to the tips of her fingers. With a single swift motion Kamiko punctured the middle of her chest with her fingers.

"Die, you scum."

Arashi Himitsu heard a weak chuckle from the floor, stopping him mid-laugh. He turned to see that Kamiko's elbow had moved, placing her hand somewhere underneath her torso. He turned to Konohuro to see an expression he had never seen and would never see on his face again; fear.

The world went black.
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Last Time
Spoiler: show
Reminance does a boom boom.
Tamaki does bigger boom boom.
Kamiko goes Allahu Ahkbar.

Part 17

"Kage! Lord Morikage!" Aoi Amigake-Kirishima was a lean man of athletic build rapidly approaching his 50's, with an unwavering desperation to cling on to his youth. He was currently doing so by sparring with several fresh Morigakure Jonin, loudly proclaiming that he was under no stress. Attempting and failing to hide his laboured breathing, Aoi stalked over to his Head of ANBU, secretly thankful for the break.

"What? I was just settling into my rhythm. A couple more rounds and I would've wiped the floor with them." The young woman nodded, humouring the aging man.

"There's been reports of a large explosion not far from the South East coast, just several kilometres behind the border of the Toratsume Clan's private ground. Our spies have reported several carts moving en masse towards the Village. Your suspicions are looking to be right, my Lord." Aoi smiled, wiping his brow with a towel.

"Get my escort ready. And tell your ANBU to get into position, if Takeshi is still out of the country, we can strike now."

Awakening with a jolt, Kazuki opened his eyes, closing them almost at once as he recalled his surroundings.

'Ok, ok, ok. I've got to calm down. At the first indication that I'm awake they'll simply drug me again.' Calming himself down, Kazuki laid stock-still, taking slightly larger breaths than normal to slow down his rapid heart rate. Channeling chakra through his body, Kazuki changed the nature of the chakra and moved it down his left arm. A spark jumped from Kazuki's index finger to his middle finger and he let out a small sigh, glad that he still had complete control over his chakra.

Unsure as to whether he was being watched or not, Kazuki decided to leave movement until later. A brief internal inspection revealed that there was nothing wrong with his body, apart from the large quantity of foreign chakra present in his torso. Inspecting it, he found that it seemed to writhe around his lower abdomen, all the way up to about halfway up his lungs. Prodding the weird chakra with a bit of his own, the mass hit back vigourously, dizzying Kazuki and sinking him into unconsciousness. 

Konohuro opened his eyes, staring right into the face of Crono Sabaku. He let out an involuntary sigh of relief, Crono's face falling apart at the soft contact, withering into ash and vanishing in the light wind. Slightly disturbed but otherwise thankful, Konohuro moved unto his knees, inspecting his injuries. His heart was racing, but otherwise for several burns across his face and right hand side and several pieces of sharpnel sticking out of his front; he was practically unharmed.

Having been a former ANBU of the Hidden Ash, he knew of the Kinjutsu that all members were required to have inplanted into their chest, placed behind their sternum and between their lungs. Forbidden Art: Cleansing Explosion was a last-ditch technique that sacrificed the chakra of the caster to ignite an explosion, often ensuring that secrets remained as such. Konohuro frowned. To have been caught out by such a jutsu was both incredibly frustrating and embarassing. Mika Himitsu was literally a once in a lifetime talent, and Konohuro had lived a very lengthy lifetime. To have her taken from him, and by a jutsu that he had helped discover no less was borderline cruel.

The plan to ensnare Mika Himitsu had been a extensive and complicated one, one that had so many opportunities to go wrong. And yet, despite all that, it had succeeded; in his grasp he had the only answer to resurrection from the dead and he was free to exploit it to his heart's desires. 

Konohuro let out a deep sigh of defeat, he had instinctively commanded Mika Himitsu to block the explosion with her body, after all, what use would the chakra needle be if the only person who could use it was dead? He could feel the chakra needle, or at least several fractions of it, scattered in at least 3 different directions and broken up into dozens, if not hundreds of pieces. If the needle was destroyed, what hope was there for Mika Himitsu? He let out a sad laugh at the irony, that only Mika would have been able to bring Mika back.

"Did I miss out on a joke? Hey what's funny? Waaaaaaait. Did you get hit in the head? Oh no...Konohuro is crazy..." Hearing the voice, Konohuro's heart dropped, of all the people to survive, he was left with the only Yugure member that lacked even a modicum of self-respect. Looking up with a frown, Konohuro's eyes widened at the sight of Ken, utterly unharmed. Standing with a the typical annoying smirk, he was coated in a thick layer of ice, almost a metre in depth. Of all the people to unlock a Chakra Mix, it had to be this bastard. He responded with an even deeper frown and a single word.


"Hey! Don't be like that, after all, aren't you saying we need to get more Chakra Mixes? And with Nibui gone, that means I'm the only guy in the team with one. Though this armour did kinda drain all of my chakra...and I don't even remember weaving any signs either...." As Ken merrily continued his rant, Konohuro racked his brain, recalculating, replanning and rethinking.

'I'm going to have to build this team from scratch. And with a lunatic and pregnant woman to start."

Shortly after being taken to Jyuunshin's infirmary, Taiga was ushered to a bed and knocked out with a powerful anesthetic. He found himself woken up several hours later with barely enough time to rejoice about his new leg when he was dragged out into the back of a cart with practically no explanation, and told to remain silent. It took 30 minutes of the dark, damp and uncomfortable journey before Taiga lost his patience. Sticking his head out of the tarpaulin, Taiga squinted through the rain at the man riding not far from the rear of the cart.

"Oi. You. Where's Kamiko? And why we gotta hide? Are you kidnapping us?" Taiga looked the man up and down, recognising him as the bearded guard who led them to the infirmiary after they arrived with Onimaro.

"I can kill you, you do know that?" Taiga's left eye lightened to a yellow color as his heterochromia set in. A sign of his split personality, Taiga's right eye would change colour when he was under great stress. He cast a few hand signs and the wind picked up, threatening to throw the pleading guard off his horse.

"Nonono, please, whatever you're doing, stop, T-T-Taiga is it? Look, please, stay quiet. Oh no, oh no." The guard kept looking back as if running away from something. "Look look look." Moving alongside the cart, the guard held onto the sides to steady himself as his horse began to neigh in panic at the absurd weather.

"The Yugure were attacking the base and Kamiko stayed back to fight them. She told me to evacuate all of you b-but you need to be quiet. Just trust me, please!"

Taking a deep breath, Taiga calmed himself down, cancelling the jutsu with a thought. Retreating into the crowded tarpaulin he sat against several filled barrels, looking at his company for the trip. Shivering, looking at him with wide eyes was Satomi.

"W...where's my brother?" Sighing, Taiga ignored her question, not wanting to be the one to tell her that he was probably dead. He turned to Diamond Lee, the lazy kid somehow managing to sleep through the bumpy cart ride. Frowning in annoyance, Taiga kicked Lee, waking him up from his 14 hour slumber.

"Urrrr," A punch to the gut from Taiga woke up him immediatly. "Ah! Who...where...." Lee descended into panicked breathing, looking around the cart and fighting against phantoms. In the dark, Taiga couldn't see Lee's scarred face but his aggressive reaction reminded him of all the torturing he had endured. Not wanting to have to tread lightly around the subject, Taiga channeled chakra into his elbow, swinging it into the forhead of the gibbering Lee. With a loud knock, he slumped back into a sitting position, his chest heaving as he snored. Looking at Satomi's retreating figure, Taiga leaned back and sighed once again, reminiscing of better times and better company.

Standing over the panel, Reminance stared at the fading light of Mika Himitsu, his eyes tearing up as he thought of both times spent with the pair and the repurcusions of their loss. He had personally tattooed Onimaro, placing his tattoo over his heart at Onimaro's own request. Onimaro had said he wanted his friend to know without a doubt that if his light went out he would have died.

Reminance remembered the scenario clearly, how he had dismissed his friends words with a wave of his hand. How long ago it seemed, how distant. And all because he refused to help his friend, claiming that Roguhanta couldn't turn their back on the very villages they aimed to protect, regardless of whether they were corrupted or not. With a clenching of his fists, Reminance turned to Hisaki. His friend was stating off at a wall, a distant look on his face. Hisaki, although a brilliant assistant, had never even wanted to be a shinobi, much less one with such responsibility. Remiance vowed to give his friend a well-deserved holiday once this was all over.

"Hisaki, call for a meeting." Snapping out of his daze, Hisaki absorbed Reminance's request. As Reminance turned to leave, Hisaki stopped him, confused about the lack of details.

"Wait. Who do I call?" At the question, Reminance seemed to break into a smile, his eyes however, remaining to hold a calm, cold anger.


"E-even them?"

Reminance turned and left, Takami's silent figure following at a distance.

"Even them."

Somewhere in the Hidden Dust, in a leather, overhanging tent sat 3 men at a table; a decrepit old man, a young black man and a chubby Chuunin with a forgetable face. Vizier Zen'no Sabaku sat meditating, whilst the 2 on either side of him were tasked with attempting to distract him, one of the old man's many odd methods of training.

Whether or not it actually worked, no one really knew, however Vizier's control over the Dust element as well as his prowess in Genjutsu was something that simply could not be denied. It was even rumoured that Vizier was blessed with the God of SandStorm Eyes, however he vehemently denied all claims and had never actually been spotted showing visual signs of the Dojutsu. Floating on a thin film of levitating Dust, the old man sat with his legs crossed over each other and his flowing grey hair wrapped around his torso. Ikiryu Zen'no Sabaku and Ren Tokage no Sabaku sat on either side of him, hollering, shouting abuse and scraping together kunai to distract their Clan Head.

"By the Beasts, this is exactly why people call us savages." Standing at the door of the tent was the fearsome stature of Hayame Kitsune no Sabakue, a man with almost twice the width of most; the leader of the Kitsune no Sabaku's seemed to ooze power with every movement. Coupled with his Sage Mode, Hayame could literally hurl a kunai from one village to another. Whilst it was an impressive feat, it only furthered outsiders' claims of the Sabaku being a clan composed of entirely monstrous savages.

On the bare skin of Hayame's arm was the glowing tattoo of Roguhanta. With a stern look at Vizier, the old man pulled his robes down at the neck, glancing down at his own tattoo and nodding back a Hayame. Still floating on the cloud of Dust, Vizier simply drifted out of the tent, commanding Ikiryo to keep the Clan in order while they were gone.

"Err, Lord Vizier, how long will you be gone for?" With a simple shrug of his shoulders Vizier and Hayame walked off in the direction of the Village's gates, leaving the pair both slightly anxious and confused. Ikiryo turned to Ren, a devilish smile on his face.

"Well. You heard him. I'm in charge now. As Head of the Zen'no and by extension the Sabaku Clan, I command you tell me where Hayame's stash is." Ren barely had time to respond before a pebble tore through the tent, hitting Ikiryu squarely in the chest. As he rolled on the floor in agony, Ren noticed something odd attached to it. In scrawny handwriting, and littered with spelling errors was a message, likely written by someone who wasn't completely sober at the time.

"If anywone efen looks at my stach. I will hurl tem to the moon. Sighed, Hagame."

Ren sighed, he'd been desperate to try some too. It now looked like 18 months of reconnaissance was doomed to go to waste. He scrunched up the note and burnt it in his palm. Hopefully somebody else would be dumb enough to try it, Ren however, was going nowhere near the stash. He'd never seen Hayame angry, but that only made him all the more cautious.

Somewhere towards the north of the Hidden Volcano was a single travelling clan and their leader. Shiro Nakai, on a constant crusade for jutsu and tailed beasts, had stumbled upon a small mining village in the midst of a vicious attack. With the help of his clan members and the weapon he stole from Konohuro's very hands, Shiro managed to subdue the Flying Wind Beast, sealing it within his Scythe. 3 months had passed and Shiro was now satisfied with the village's recovery.

Happily accepting an A-rank scroll from the Village Elder, Shiro was now ready to set off with his growing entourage of family, warriors and friends. He raised his arm to signal the beginning of the procession when he felt a dull pain on his chest. Raising his hand again in a fist to stop the procession, he peeked under his armour to find his Roguhanta tattoo pulsing red. Shiro sighed, he was happy being with his clan, even happier on his own, but he absolutely detested public meetings. Knowing it was serious, Shiro turned to his 2 assistants, Rito and Kairu Nakai, briefing them on the fastest route to take and of any potential dangers to avoid. Shiro then turned and stood atop the back of his horse, facing his fellow clansmen.

"I am being called to urgent business, I am sure any other Roguhanta members amongst us have received the message too. Unfortunately for you, I am a far greater asset and will be heading over immediately. You, however, will have to make the 3 week journey by horse back to the Hidden Thunder. If you're lucky it will be 2 weeks long."

Ignoring the mixed sounds of disdain, support and worry, Shiro jumped off the back of his horse unsheating his scythe from his back. He rubbed his thumb over the white orb where the wind chakra Beast had recently been sealed. Controlling, subduing and taking control of its chakra, Shiro was clad in a cloak of white pulsating chakra, sprouting wings out of his back in an imitation of the sealed eagle. With a thunderous clap, he was thrown into the air, soaring dozens of metres eastwards with a single, fluid motion.

Jolting awake once more, Kazuki recalled his last actions. Paying no attention to his increasing heart rate, Kazuki gathered a larger quantity of chakra and surronded the mass, attacking it in one swift motion. It hit back, just as hard as before, but this time Kazuki was prepared. He hit back at the mass, utilising a simple method he often used in combat; bracing an enemy's attack and hitting back twice as hard as they step back. 

The tactic worked and the mass stopped attacking, instead opting to gather itself up into a condensed ball. A smile nearly broke out on Kazuki's face as he thought himself able to tame it when he was knocked back out with a loud voice screaming in his head.


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Part 17 - continued

Struggling to his feet, Konohuro surveyed the wreckage, the Jyuunshin base, or former Jyuunshin base was somewhere along the South-East coast of Morigakure, far away from most civilisation and the prying eyes of the Kage. On all sides were the wreckage of the explosion, wooden panels, wooden walls, wooden doors, wooden furniture, metal beams and what Konohuro hoped wasn't human remain. Konohuro reached to his waist for his kunai, looking to leave this sight behind him. As his fingers scraped against raw flesh, Konohuro reeled back in pain. Clenching his teeth, he pulled his peeled patch of skin back over the flesh and bone of his exposed hip.

"Hey K-dot, you looking for this? I lost mine but luckily for me I found Arashi's sticking right out of my armour. It'd probably stabbed me in the head too." Ken twirled the teleporting kunai round his finger and tossed it to Konohuro, Ken's whole attitude and series of luck only serving to further annoy him. Without a word, Konohuro poured chakra into it, praying the kunai hadn't somehow stopped working. He found himself in the Katakiuchi-Kirishima war room and found a sight that nearly brought tears to his eyes. Sitting down in his summoning circle as the Greed of the Yugure, with his robe cut off and tied around his left arm was Hishiro Nakai, looking blankly at the new arrivals as though they were late for a casual meeting.

"Oh thank the Heavens" whispered Konohuro. Maybe Ken wasn't the only person blessed with luck after all.

Aoi Amigake-Kirishima hated horseback riding, and besides, he was Kage. He could do as he pleased. Despite assuring himself several times already, he was still uncomfortable with being dragged in a carriage like some sort of dilapidated noble. His self argument was cut off when his beautiful Head of ANBU stuck her head into his carriage.

"Lord, we've found them, our spies had halted them in the name of a random search and successfully delayed them for the duration of our journey." Smiling, Aoi, clambered out of his carriage, reminding himself to dutifully reward his Head of ANBU for her forethought and planning. He was not a rapist, having made many subtle and even several bold attempts to woo her. But the woman remained resisting each time. Dismissing any thoughts about his age, Aoi had came to the conclusion that she was a lesbian; a conclusion that had only made him redouble his efforts. Swaggering over to the panicked looking guards, Aoi called out for their current leader. A snivelling man by the name of Han came forward, bowing far too low and for far too long.

"My Lord Morikage, how may I assist you?" Aoi pretended to ponder, drawing out the man's fear.

"Well. It's simple really. It's raining, I'm tired, I'm sure you're all tired as well and everybody just wants to go home."  Han, the snivelling coward, nodded vigourously, his large head bobbing up and down on his impossibly skinny neck.

"Y-y-yes Lord Morikage."

"Little problem though. You see, there was an explosion not far from where you're coming from. With absolutely no survivors found at the scene. And something tells me that Jyuunshin had to do with it." The look on Han's face fluttered between shock, worry and then resignation, his shoulders slumping as he accepted his fate. He whispered under his breath.


"Ah. You see, once I have evidence against you. I have evidence against your entire clan. Takeshi may be powerful and all but he is not above the law. And the law is me." Aoi finished with a flourish, pointing to himself with his thumb and puffing out his chest just the slightest bit to go with it. Han, however seemed oblivous to the Morikage's actions and stared at the ground with a face of defeat. Turning to the collection of horses, donkey, rhinos and carts behind him, Han cupped his hands and shouted.

"Takeshi is dead. Pray for your family and for yourselves as well." At the mention of Takeshi's death, the nervousness vanished, as if a blanket had been placed over them, the crowd slumped in unison. Confused, Aoi opened his mouth to ask a question before his Head of ANBU posed one of her own.

"Excuse me Sir Han, but would I be correct to guess that Takeshi was at the Jyuunshin base? I'm assuming he was about to engage a difficult opponent and you were all told to clear so as to prevent collateral damage>" Han nodded in resignation, agreeing with every point made. A smile spread over Aoi's face.

"Even better." With a swift motion, Aoi turned around, raising his hand for the signal to strike. "Slaughter them all, and dear, tell your ANBU to burn the Toratsume Clan to the ground and hang every living member. Be sure to tell the people that this is what the price of treason is. Cooperating with Jyuunshin or Roguhanta in any way will earn you death. Absolutely no one is above the law. And the law is me."

Walking past her, Aoi slowed down to whisper into her ears.

"Come to my carriage if you want a firsthand experience of being under the law.

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yay! I woke up for at least 2 seconds and had a dialogue!!! I'm honored

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"If anywone efen looks at my stach. I will hurl tem to the moon. Sighed, Hagame."

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Just finished reading both parts. GJGJGJ
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"Come to my carriage if you want a
firsthand experience of being under the
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So, when will the next chapter appear, @Manuster ? :)
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I dont wanna make promises but anytime between today and the weekend

Its gonna be a loooong ass chapter
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I dont wanna make promises but anytime between today and the weekend

Its gonna be a loooong ass chapter
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idk anymore rip

What the fuck does that mean?


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Honestly dude, you might as well reread the thing.

Part 18

Two robed figures traveled side by side in silence. One walked, covered from head to toe in dust and the other sat cross legged atop a pile of levitating dust, oddly untarnished in comparison to his compatriot. On all sides, the pair were bombarded by a vicious sandstorm, yet their pace neither slowed nor their path wavered.

"I know you're deflecting the storm with Dust-style, you might as well share it." Hayame turned to his right and spat out a globule of spit and sand.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm enduring the harsh and troubling storm in its entirety. We are brothers, forged through our trials and tribulations. I would never, not even for a second, even dare to break that bond." responded Vizier. He continued to stare on straight ahead, dramatically stroking his lengthy beard for added emphasis.

"....Vizier...I can-"

"Lord Vizier."

Hayame took a deep breath. "Lord Vizier, I can literally see the bubble of gathered Dust around you. There isn't even a speck on your clothing. Isn't the duty of a clan leader to protect his own? How can you ask for us to call you Lord when you -" Hayame was cut off once again by Vizier holding up his hand. Vizier came to a stop and a wall of dust formed in front of Hayame to stop his motion.

"Wha? What now?" asked Hayame. He had gotten sand in his eye and was beginning to get slightly irritated.

Instead of a response, Vizier weaved several handsigns and the sandstorm that was previously limiting their vision to a mere 2 metres in all directions retreated from the pair. A sphere grew with Vizier at the centre, practically pushing away the storm several kilometres in all directions.. Hayame would have scoffed and complained about the unnecessary scale of it if not for the sight before him.

Just 3 or 4 steps ahead of him laid an impossibly wide cavern. It stretched for a good 3 or 4 kilometres to the South and as far as Hayame could see towards the North. Hayame dropped to his knees and crawled forward to get a view of the depth. He didn't realise it but he was shaking. Several kilometres down, just several steps ahead of him, Hayame could make out the unmistakeable red glow of lava.

"The great and powerful Hayame Kitsune no Sabakue, brought to his literal and mental knees by a childish fear of heights."

Hayame couldn't even respond until he had crawled back to a safe distance and taken several deep breaths.

" isn't childish." was all he could muster. He took another deep breath and composed himself. "How are we crossing that...I...I absolutely refuseto be carried by you. Not after what happened at the Kinzogakure Chuunin Exams." Hayame shuddered at the memory as Vizier struggled to hide a smile.

"Well if you refuse, then we'll just have to close the cavern." Without another word, Vizier floated off ahead, over the edge and onwards. The sandstorm that had been held back by Vizier's jutsu came rushing back in full force and Hayame spent a few seconds loudly cursing until he was relieved once again. This time, Vizier had cleared a stream of air directly in front of Hayame, allowing him to see to the other side of the cavern. For all its mighty depth and width, the cavern was a mere 50m wide. 50m that Hayame could have jumped, were he able to muster up the courage to do so. That however, did not take away the from the brute power required to create such a chasm.

"What kind of monster created this?" Hayame whispered to himself. 

Several hundred kilometres away, the retiring Kage of the Hidden Thunder, sneezed.

"Is everything all right Vuregu?"  The ex-Kage nodded.

"Yeah, I'm all right. Lets continue with the initiation ceremony."

Back at the chasm, the pair had began to simultaneously weave handsigns, Hayame was a fraction of a second off, but that did not hinder the jutsu;

"Earth Style: Continental Shift"

A short, curvy woman stood outside the gates of the Shizen clan compound. Two young boys ran past her engaged in a recreation of a fabled battle when one of them caught her eye. He stopped and shoved his friend, pointing excitedly at the arriving traveler. His friend squealed and in his excitement, the first boy forgot to make fun of him. They turned and ran through the gates, announcing to the clan that their hero was back.

A small smile appeared on StarShizen's face as she watched the spectacle. She enjoyed the hero worship, at least when she wasn't suffocating under it's pressure. She was the first and only individual in the clan's history to ever make it past Chuunin and only the 4th to even reach Chuunin at all. She had single-handedly made the Shizen clan relevant and each battle she commanded only further propelled the name. Her fat donations to the clan were well appreciated and it was pretty commonly thought - although never said - that if Star ever died, her clan likely would too. She had rescued the clan from crippling poverty

She barely made it through the gates before she was swamped with cousins, cousins of cousins and cousins of cousins of cousins.

"Hey, hey, what did we tell you! Give her space! Give her space!"  A single voice commanded the roars of the crowd into a murmur and a path was parted for Shizen's brother to walk through.

"Welcome home Sis" clamoured Bakuro Shizen, embracing his sister in a hug.

"Look, Bakky, I'm really tired and just want to go home...could you do me a favour and tell the elders I won't be able to brief them..." In the dim light of early evening Bakuro could just make out the heavy bandages underneath his sister's bright green coat.

"Of course...of course, they won't mind at all." He wanted to press the matter but knew that this wasn't the time for it.

"Okay everybody, that's it for tonight. Our Star is tired, let her get her much needed rest!" there were audible groans from all around the crowd. Children and adults alike keen to hear of their hero's latest triumphs.

On the other side of Morigakure, a short, yet muscular 14 year old boy knelt in front of a newly polished sign. The sign stood mere metres in front of where the Jyuunshin headquarters once had. A base that had spent its entire short history hidden from view was now reduced to nothing but pitiless wreckage. The very road leading up it was formerly cladded in a combination of both adept Genjutsu and the thick, uneven, forestry surrounding Morigakure. Now, that very road had it's secrecy stolen from it, it was a sight that was both hard to look at and hard to miss. On both sides of the 10km road, placed 5 metres apart were a variety of cheaply made gallows. Some were made with Wood-Style jutsu, some were hastily constructed and some were even just tree branches with a rope tied around it. However each of these gallows held a single thing in common.

Women and men, children and the elderly swung by their necks in the evening, summer breeze. A large, and powerful clan served as nothing more than a haunting piece of roadside decoration. A warning and a deterrant, one repeated upon the very sign that the young boy was reading.

"As punishment for disloyalty to the Great Lord Morikage (Elder Aoi of the Kirishima clan and Amigake clan) the Toratsume clan and their allies have been sent to a righteous death. Take this as a generous warning, cooperation with any blacklisted organisation is to be severly punished. Praise be to the Great Lord Morikage for his crushing defeat of our enemies. For a list of blacklisted organisations, visit your local government office.

Toratsume Clan Traitors
- Takeshi Toratsume
- Yakura Toratsume
- Tylet Toratsume
- Guren Tsukegami-Toratsume

Allies of the Toratsume Clan
- Mika Himitsu
- Onimaro Himitsu
- Kamiko Himitsu
- Hyun Amigake
- Junior Amigake
- Yangan Chiitsuki

All current and past Yugure of Katakiuchi (in order of their bounties, all of which are to be claimed by the Great Lord Morikage and utilised for the betterment of the village and its citizens)

- 'Unnamed woman of the Amigake' - 50 million
- Konohuro Kirishima - 50 million
- Hishiro Nakai - 45 million
- Ken Himitsu - 43 million
- Nibui Kirishima- 37 million
- Kazuki Himitsu - 30 million
- Rayzote Yamato -28 million
- Crono Sabaku - 25 million
- Arashi Kirishima - 12 million"

The breaking of a twig brought Kuria out of his daze and he turned to see Shiro Nakai standing behind him. He wiped his eyes and stumbled to his feet. "H...How did you get here...I thought you were in one of the fire nations?"

Shiro Nakai stared at the child in front of him. It had been nearly 10 months since they had last met and although the boy had barely grown an inch, he appeared to have aged considerably. Shiro glanced at Kuria's arm and unto the list of names behind him.

"Reminance triggered a Level 5 warning. I arrived to the base immediately as I was supposed to. Only to find that one member hadn't even begun moving." Shiro looked back at Kuria's arm and the slight frown on his face only deepened.

"If you even are a member anymore..." Kuria didn't respond, he held his left arm as if to hide the spot where he his Roguhanta tattoo had been hastily removed. Shiro stared him down, daring him to look into his eyes.

"You know removal of the tattoo is synonymous with leaving the organisation. And as much as I would like to leave you here, I made a promise to your father." Kuria nodded meekly, he wanted to say something, but knew too well how Shiro would respond. It appeared not even the death of his parents was enough to earn Shiro's sympathies. Without even a single word on the topic, Shiro tapped his obsidian staff on the ground, encasing the pair in Wind chakra and ascending into the sky.

Aoi Amigake-Kirishima lay on his stomach, enjoying a well earned full-body massage after a tough day's job of ordering peasants around. There was a knock on the door and he waved at his guard to let the guest in.

"Oh, if it's none other than my beautiful assistant! Why, wouldn't you like to take over? I'm sure those delicate hands of yours could do better than these mongrels."

His Head of Anbu walked in with a glass and jug of Aoi's favourite wine.

"It is as though you read my mind Lord Aoi." She flashed a smile and raised the jug, making sure to push together her breasts in the process." Aoi's eyes almost popped out of his head at the miraculous change in behaviour. He rushed his servants and guards out of the room and gestured for her to bring the wine to his bedside table.

"My oh my, what brought about this sudden change? Something about my ruthless slaughter of a clan? Or was it the way I claimed all the glory for myself..." He got a flirty smile in return as the soft and delicate hands he had so often dreamed about started to work on his shoulders. Aoi moaned aloud, as he sank into his hand-crafted bed. He downed two full glasses of wine in the blink of an eye, and was just about to 'make his move' when everything went horribly wrong.

The alcohol in his blood began to attack his cells, wracking pain throughout his body. The soft hands on his shoulders grasped his neck, and a knee slammed into his lower back, pushing all the air out of his lungs and preventing him from calling for help. The sweet voice he had grown so accustomed to spat into his ear with venom.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this day, planned for this day, fantasised about this day." She could imagine that Aoi had done the same, but not with this added twist. A wicked laugh escaped her lips.

Aoi pushed with all of his strength but the poison had rendered his muscles useless.

"I've suspected you for years, but this farce you pulled today was the last piece of evidence I needed. You're working for the Kirishima in some twisted plot with Katakiuchi. You've been lying to the people and the elders about Roguhanta and now you've told the world that all of the Yugure are dead. And by your hand nonetheless."

Aoi attempted to gather his chakra, but his chakra too was beyond his control. He couldn't even move his fingers to cast hand-signs and the pressure on his back was overbearing.

"You think you're smart. And in some ways, you are. A perfect opportunity had arisen and by claiming their deaths, you not only ended the search for the Yugure but painted yourself as a hero and cleared all suspicions in one well thought out swoop. But although you may fool those petulant, arrogant elders. You cannot fool me."

Aoi had long ago learnt the beginnings of gathering Nature chakra, he thought back to those lessons and for a brief moment regained control over his right hand. But it was already too late. He had gone too long without breathing and dark spots were beginning to appear at the edges of his vision.

"I only wished I could've done it sooner, I'll blame myself for the eradication of the Toratsume clan for as long as I live."

As Aoi's eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body began to throb, his Head of Anbu bent over and kissed him on his bloody lips.

"And yes, I am a lesbian."

Star-Shizen almost collapsed as she entered her 4 story home. She gratefully accepted assistance from her servant, clambered up to her room and sank into her bed with a huge sigh.

"Where's Hanna?" asked Star.

"A messenger informed me she'd be working till late, some sort of personal task she must oversee to completion." Star released a pained groan as she let out the frustrations of the past few days..

Although she was the Head of the Morigakure ANBU, it wasn't often that her lover worked till late, snd for it to happen on the day where Star had finally returned was most frustrating.

"Whatever she's doing she better hurry up...she wouldn't believe what I've been up to.

On the far west of Morigakure, several kilometres away from Hidden Dust territory, a rickety supplies wagon bumped along an old, unpaved road. It's 3 living passengers sat in the very back, bundled uncomfortably against bags of pig feed and compost. 3 Hidden Thunder shinobi, each from the Himitsu clan, evacuated as they were unfit for battle. 1 of them because they were too young, and 2 recovering from scars both mental and physical. Diamond Lee, Taiga and Satomi sat in silence, except for Lee's awkward, yet persistent attempts at conversation.

"Say, Satomi...whatever were you doing out of village territory on your own anyways?"

"I came to the Hidden Hill to help rescue my younger, older brother. "

"Younger... older brother? So you have more than one older brother?"


"Cooool... Still it's pretty impressive you were sent on a rescue missi-"

"I wasn't. I followed my older brother, but I wasn't authorised. He told me to retreat because once he realised how ill prepared he was." There was as short pause as the young girls eyes filled with tears.

"He's probably dead..."

"Errr, you don't know that! Your older brother could've saved your...younger older brother." A weird noise escaped Satomi's lips as she gently shook her head.

"Not a chance, Kenshi wouldn't stand a chance against Ken. Before...maybe, but Kenshi left it too long. Ken is too strong from him to take down on his own." The weird noise happened again and Lee realised it was a sad, crying laugh.

"K..Kenshi? and Ken?" Lee paled as he realised just who she was talking about. He whispered, as though Ken was listening.
"K..Ken the Kannibal?" Satomi looked annoyed at the nickname but her expression was more than an answer in itself.

"Yes, the Krazy Kannibal or Kinky Kannibal or whatever name he's been given. He's still my brother. And he needs saving." She clenched her fists in a sudden spurt of determination. A strong contrast to her crying just moments ago.

Lee nodded meekly, he had no doubt that Ken was in some serious need of saving, he just doubted whether anyone would be able to do it...let alone...her.

"I know what you're thinking. I will do it."

"Ah...well yes of course...I mean maybe not physically...but you could...convince" Lee's sentence drifted off as he avoided the looks from both Satomi and Taiga who had been listening in the entire time. He deemed the conversation had gone on long enough though and stepped in before the conversation got any more...personal.

"Seriously Lee, sleep or be silent. Or I'll knock you out again."

A tense nod from Lee was followed by a good few minutes of silence.

"Sooo Taiga...I heard your organisation was slaughtered" There was a loud knock and bump and the wagon descended into silence once more.

On the far west of Morigakure, a rickety supplies wagon bumped along an old, unpaved road. It's 3 living passengers sat in a comfortable silence. 2 conscious shinobi and 1 unconscious shinobi. A long, long way from home.

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A Hamlet: a small settlement, generally one smaller than a village.

Last Time
Spoiler: show
Hayame and Vizier continue their journeys. Mars meets the plaque left at the site of Jyuunshin. Hanna gets her revenge for the Toratsume clan. Diamond Lee annoys both Satomi and Taiga.

Part 19 - A

"The Great Wood Sage", "The strongest woman in all the world.", "The Sage of the Forest" were a few of the nicknames granted to her by the public.

Of course, if one were to ask Shishida Amigake why she was a shinobi, she would pridefully mention that she was just humbly passionate about fighting and that the hero worship that came along with it was nothing but an minor benefit. She would of course, never refuse to indulge the public and it is commonly noted that she coincidentally strides through the centre of Morigakure whenever she returns from a mission. In fact she was doing so right now, only with a distinct lack of hero worship. Not that she was bothered. She fought only for the thrill of a good fight. Only.

That being said, she barged into the Kage building mumbling under her breath about the ungratefulness of the common public.

She slung the 2 unconscious shinobi from her back unto the ground and looked around, confused about the relative quiet around the building. The Kage building was usually a hub of activity 24 hours a day; yet she stood in its common room and it was unerringly quiet.

"Good evening Shishida. We've been expecting your return." Shishida jumped at the sudden voice by her side. It was disconcertning how Hanna could get so close to her without a single disturbance of noise or chakra. Although she WAS the Head of ANBU...She decided to brush it off as another peculiarity of the woman and turned to her clan-mate with a question.

"Which tailed beast was it? The earth one? Please tell me it was the earth one, I hear it -"

"There was no tailed beast attack. The villagers are staying indoors on their own volition...I have declared a week of mourning."

"Wait. What? What happened? Did Aoi die? Did he die defending the village??? That doesn't make sense, he would never do that... Urgh. And I wanted to fight him as well."

"He is dead, but that is not the reason for mourning."

Shishida's eyes narrowed.

"Does this have anything to do with the distinct smell of death that I smell from the south?"

 As a member of Jyuunshin, Shishida was completely aware of the location of the hidden base. And upon noticing the strong smell coming from the direction she knew she had to investigate its cause.

"Please. I know what you're thinking -"

"I have to go." Shishida turned to leave but Hanna was already standing in front of her, blocking her path.

 "Please, just listen. There is nothing you can do. It is too late." However Hanna's attempts at calming Shishida down only served to do the opposite. She was grabbed by the taller, stronger woman and lifted up to Shishida's height.

"What do you know?" Shishida snarled the words.

"I...I'll explain it if you come, if..if you come but the secret is out...Jyuunshin's base is not

"Wait. Those 2 unconscious shinobi I bought in, they're brother assassins from one of the Fire nations...Inferno or Volcano. I bought them in for questioning, however I may have wounded the younger one quite seriously..."

"It is no matter. They'll be treated and held in the prison cells till a later date."

Hanna had led Shishida to the War Room. The Morgakure War Room was a brightly-lit, expansive room with an ancient, oval table made of an unknown and indestructible wood that spurted from a hole in the ground. She stood outside the large, imposing doors and looked at Shishida seriously.

"Everything will make sense soon, I promise you. But Shishida, please know that you..."

Hanna unceremoniously opened the doors and Shishida saw that each and every seat around the table was filled, all but one. Far across the room, with a chair slightly bigger, slighty higher and slighter cleaner than the others; this seat had a blue and green hat placed on on the table in front of it. A hat with 4 points and the symbol of Morigakure on each of its 4 sides. The hat of the Morikage, and the white cloak to match.
"...are all we have." finished Hanna.

Taiga Himitsu had always been good at sensing chakra. It was a skill he practiced often, and was exceedingly skilled at. All living things gave off a chakra signature, even more so shinobi, whose chakra was for more plentiful and refined than civilians.

So he sat, eyes closed, legs crossed and hands in a Tiger Sign, using his skill to judge the distance to their destination.

He could quite clearly feel the chakra of both a civilian and a shinobi. The shinobi's chakra signature was far larger than that of the civilian, however it might be possible that the civilian was considerably weak, or just very young. However as he drew nearer, both the strength of the civilian and shinobi's grew. In itself, this was expected, the closer to an individual one goes, the more intense one can sense their chakra.

The difference in chakra signatures, however was what was concerning Taiga. The weakest of shinobi had 30,40 times the chakra intensity of an average civilian of the same age, a lucky bastard with a large chakra pool may have 7/800  times the chakra intensity. Those with over 1000 were either currently using Sage Mode or a downright freak of nature.

A high chakra intensity didn't necessarily mean a bigger chakra pool. It meant a purer, rawer, more powerful chakra. A tailed beast, beings of raw chakra would permanently blind any fool who tried to use chakra sensing in their prescence.

Taiga thought of Vuregu's chakra signature. He had made the mistake of attempting to practise his chakra sensing when in the same room as Vuregu. He shuddered at the memory, he had passed out and lost the ability to sense any chakra for several days.

The chakra signature he was sensing was nowhere near as potent, however it was scarily beginning to approach such levels. It was several hundred times stronger than the civilian's next to it and that difference would only increase the closer Taiga got to the farm. He assumed it was a farm, there was nothing but farmland in all directions and the one building that could be located was... Taiga's jaw dropped. He had canceled his sensing to look out the wagon and get a feel for his surroundings, only to see that they were indeed approaching a farm. His surprise came from the fact that said farm was still kilometres away. Taiga sat down, his mind racing, if he could sense the chakra so strongly from here...

"What kind of monster are we going to?"

Her first instinct was to say no. She had said no every other time they had asked her. Saying no this time would be no different. But...but she couldn't bring herself to do it. There was something in Hanna's voice that worried Shishida. Something in her voice as she made her last statement, her last plea;

" are all we have." And thus Shishida had caved. She had listened to Hanna's recital of the events of the past week. The destruction of Jyuunshin, the sacrifice of Takashi, the slaughter of the Toratsume clan. She listened to the news of Taiga's singlehanded destruction of the fat and lazy Haikage, of how Kamiko Himitsu, the estranged Head of ANBU, had a change of heart that ultimately led her to sacrificing herself for a cause she had spent her life fighting. She listened as the list of dead was recited to her, Onimaro, Mika, the organisation she had founded with them just 12 years ago. She listened and she cried. She cried out in anger and despair and in sorrow for her friends.

Her blood boiled in rage at the thought that no one would ever know of Kamiko's sacrifice, that the Toratsume line was down to 3 or 4 farming settlements, that the Yugure were not dead. She wished for nothing more than to storm to Aoi's room and...and..and kill him. And kill the already killed man. Shishida took a deep, deep breath. He was already dead, poisoned by his own Head of ANBU. She calmed herself.

"The damage is done and the message is clear by this point. Katakiuchi...the Kirishima, whatever their alliance was, were no more attempting to take over peacefully. Onimaro's crusade against the Snow may have ended in failure, but we know that the Yugure must've suffered a huge blow. Of all the times to strike, it would be now. The country is reeling, our largest clan has been eradicated and the Kage is dead. The people think that Aoi is some sort of hero. He lied to them that the Yugure were wiped out in an effort to buy them time and win over the public's hearts. He paints Roguhanta as a corrupt organisation and the fools buy his words. They only saw a tradegy when they were told their Kage is dead. And yet they care not about the Toratsume. The Toratsume are rotting like anim-"

Hanna Amigake, calm at the beginning of her speech was starting to lose her cool. Shishida put a hand on her shoulder and nodded, thanking her silently.

"The Yugure are not all dead. But I will make Aoi's lies a reality."

She turned to her head of ANBU, who was staring at her with an intense experssion. Filled with anguish, anger and a little bit of anticipation, Shishida put on the Kage hat and spoke.

"I'm guessing there's some sort of fancy ceremony we are supposed to do. Fuck that. Alert all 10 Kages. There will be a Kage Summit in the Hidden Forest 24 hours from now. The 27th Morikage would like to make a statement."

The heavy atmosphere slowly dissipated as the people in the room began to disperse, dozens of clan heads, civil servants, elders and many shinobi left to spread the word. Not of the summit, there was an individual assigned to that. But of the new Kage, "The Great Wood Sage", "The strongest woman in all the world.", "The Sage of the Forest" was finally the Morikage. And behind her, Morigakure would rise above their peers.

"And for the love of God. Can we please begin to take down the corpses. The least the Toratsume deserve is a proper burial."

Taiga had long ago concluded that Vuregu must've been waiting for them at their destination...his chakra pool was smaller and felt a lot less controlled but the quality was something he had only ever seen in Vuregu. Maybe he had gone through some sort of battle and had his chakra affected in it? It was a very wild and unlikely scenario but the only solution Taiga had at the moment. Unless of course...Taiga shook his head. That was even less likely.

The wagon rolled to a stop after almost a day of non-stop travelling and the three shinobi were out in a flash. Apparently Diamond Lee had learned his lesson and spent the better part of the last hour pretending to be asleep than actually attempting to start any conversations. The unlikely trio set found themselves in front of a 3 story high house made up of thick, carved bark. The house was surrounded by dozens of smaller stables and outhouses that made up a hamlet. Outside of that were a plethora of different crops that spread out in all directions. The wagon had traversed on a road cut straight through a field of waist-high wheat plants. It was mid summer and harvest season was at its peak. Of the 8 barns that the shinobi could see, 6 were practically overflowing with goods, and the wagon drove on to park between 2 of them, presumably to load the cargo and take it for selling. 

"Well. This is my...erm, home village...or hamlet to be more accurate." The guard from the Jyuunshin base and their guide gestured feebly to the wooden buildings.

"Not much,'s something."

"It will do." Taiga had decided to ignore the growing silence by taking control of the situation.

"We thank you for your hospitality. However I will need to follow you out of when next you go. It may be suitable for us to lay low and..." Taiga glanced at his two compatriots. "...recover our strength but ultimately we cannot stay here forever." The bearded guard nodded furiously, eager to agree.

"Erm, well...then..let me show you to your rooms. And I'd like to introduce my wife...and 3 cousins. And their parents live here too. And 2 of my aunts..."

Taiga sighed. It was going to be one of those nights.

"What the fuck?"

He knows he just died. Again. At least he was sure of it. But then why the fuck was he alive? Nibui Kirishima looked down at his naked body. He was literally unscarred. All the scars he had gotten throughout his life were gone, leaving his white skin unusually clean. The burn on left arm, the cut down his side. Even the bent middle finger on his right hand were all fixed. And yet, his body was in the best physical shape it had ever been. A stupid grin spread across his face as he looked down between his legs.

"Heh. And here I thought you couldn't get any bigger." He climbed to his feet, shakily but confidently. He remembered guarding Vuregu and a very short burst of pain spread through his body before he woke up laying down in the middle of some big ass wooden building. He thought about the scenario he woke up in. The Yugure were clearly dealing with the aftermath of some battle. He remembered seeing Mika Himitsu leaning over someones body...

"But why her of all people...?" He shook his head, not bothering to worry himself with the hypotheticals. He couldn't possibly think of an explanation as to how he had come back from the dead. Twice. Nibui was an opportunist. And immortality was an ability he was sure to abuse.

"Now...Where the fuck am I?"  He was standing in a mess of rubble and human remains. An explosion had quite clearly obliterated most of the building, the shallow crater and pulverised wood and metal quite clearly marked the epicentre. He could see the sea several kilometres to his left and beyond that, in every other direction, dozens and dozens of trees. Quite frankly, apart from the sea to his left and the clearing where this building had once stood, there were nothing else of note. Apart from the road of course. The road started at what was probably the front of this building and ran straight into the surrounding forest. It would have been an ordinary road if not for the corpses that were hung on both sides of its entire length.

"Fucking hell. Someone must have had a grudge." With nothing else to do and the realisation that he probably hadn't eaten since a past life. Nibui picked up a bent metal pole, cleared the rubble off his buttcheeks and strode down the road.

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Part 19 - B

After a tiresome evening of introductions and storytelling to the fascinated farming family, the 3 Himitsu clansmen had been led to their rooms. Despite the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy amongst them, they were still treated as heroes to the unexposed farm workers. Many of who had never come across an actual shinobi before. The awe was such that they were even readily prepared to evacuate their rooms for the shinobi, despite the protests that it wouldn't be necessary.

Several hours later, deep into the middle of the night and the house had finally settled into silence. 2 of the shinobi were asleep, however one of them sat on his bed, fully dressed for combat and more awake than ever. Taiga Himitsu took a deep breath, closed his eyes and flipped the mental switch to activate his chakra sensing. Bright lights of chakra exploded into view around him. He shut off the skill immediately, physically reeling from the intensity of chakra around him. The large body of chakra he had sensed earlier was literally placed right on top of him, nearly blocking out every other chakra signature in the vicinity and causing a terrible backlash. He spent several minutes in a daze, nearly knocked out by the sheer intensity he had sensed.

At this proximity it was also easy to tell that the chakra signature was not Vuregu's. It also became clear to Taiga why he had sensed only one other chakra signature at the settlement, despite the presence of several other humans. In the half second Taiga had had his chakra sensing on, the sheer magnitude of intensity had managed to block out every other chakra signature around him. Even those of the shinobi in the adjacent rooms.

Once he had recovered, Taiga climbed out of bed and snuck out down the corridor in a flash. He climbed out of the window at the end of the hall and dashed up the side of the house, knocking the wall lightly every few metres with his kunai. He reached the roof and climbed onto it, continuing to tap his kunai against the tiles. He had almost reached on top of where his room was when he heard a hollow echo bounce back to him. Normally, Taiga would've been the last one to potentially agitate such a naturally gifted being. However the retreat of the previous day was still weighing heavily on his mind. Particularly with the lack of information available it. Brimming with curiosity and an urge to do something, Taiga cast a Lightning Fist jutsu and punched through the roof.

A shocked, confused and terrified face woke up in a panic. A lanky boy with extraordinarily pale skin, big brown eyes and moppy, black hair stared at Taiga. The two stared at each other for several seconds before the whites of the boys eyes turned a dark, brown, matching the brown of his eyes and wood exploded - no other word would describe the effect - exploded from the boys hands, shoving Taiga metres into the air. Taiga landed towards the edge of the roof, and clambered to his feet to find the boy jumping off the opposite edge of the roof.

Taiga cast 2 jutsu, he jumped off the roof in chase with Feet of Lightning as a Lightning clone went to warn the inhabitants of the house.

The boy was a slow runner, awfully unfit, however he made up for that with repeated obstacles. Walls, ledges, spikes and pillars rose out of the ground to impede, trip and impale Taiga. However it wasn't the first time Taiga was chasing a retreating foe and it wouldn't be the last. Taiga steadily caught up and when he was just an arms width away, the teen turned around a look and upon seeing how close Taiga was, a look of utter panic crossed his face. This was when Taiga truly witnessed the kids power. The boy pushed the air in front at Taiga's chest and another pillar of wood rose out of the ground, heading straight for his chest. He managed to dodge it, the blow hitting him mostly in his arm. However, despite the glancing blow, there was still enough force to knock Taiga back. Another pillar of wood rose from the ground beneath him and knocked him dozens of feet into the air. Taiga flailed wildly and began casting Wind Style: Calm Descent but he landed before the jutsu was complete. However Taiga didn't land on the ground; he landed on a smooth, wooden, circular surface, sliding down till he landed on the ground in a heap.

He climbed to his feet and took several steps back, his mouth agape. Before him was a simple, but huge wood dome jutsu. If he hadn't seen it before he wouldn't have believed it but the timid kid he had just met bore Eyes of the Wood God, the ability to manipulate the Wood-Style at an inhuman ease and scale.

Taiga kept walking back, trying to see around the dome. It was over a kilometre wide, cutting straight through several of the buildings and 3 of the barns. Half the settlement had disappeared under it while it reached so high it blocked out the moon when one stood right beside it. The amount of chakra required would've been immense...and the ease....Taiga hadn't seen the kid use a single hand sign throughout the altercation. A completely untrained, probably fugitive kid with the eyes of a literal god. Taiga practically licked his lips at the potential.

"Erm...crap. I was going to introduce you tomorrow but....urgh...well..... I see you've met my nephew... Tatsuo....Tatsuo Toratsume."

Taiga turned around in surprise to see the guard who had brought him here in his pajamas, standing awkwardly in the cold. A dozen questions ran through his head at once but his mouth could only say one thing.

"Wait. What?"
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He's been frankensteined hasn't he.
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U legit owe us the final shit... come on...

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