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Title: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 5
Post by: Diamond Lee on February 22, 2017, 04:19:16
Yoooo, what is going on guys, welcome backkkk after going inactive here is the new chapter of my story!

Here are the links of the last few chapters if you've forgotten what's happened!

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LAST TIME: Diamond Himitsu Lee and the unknown man fight it out down there, and after several turnarounds, Diamond seems to have defeated the unknown man. But then, with some kind of a secret Jutsu, the battle turns around. The unknown "dark-skinned man" is revealed to be Sareko Akaihono, shinobi from the Hidden Volcano recently gone rogue.


there's a secret code in here at some point could be useful if u want to harass me one day

27 October
Yoake Hill
1900 Hours

Izumi huffed up the last meters of the gravel, arriving to the explosion site. A few boulders were strewn around the area, and in the fading sunlight, he could see two bodies lying in the debris, unmoving.

As the medic got closer, he realized instantly that one of the shinobi, wearing a Hidden Thunder ANBU  uniform, was dead and had been dead for a while already. His legs had been messily separated from his body, and their grisly remains lay in different pieces around him. However, upon closer inspection, Izumi noticed that the stumps had already been half-healed.

Confused, he wondered if another Iryo Buntai member had come around here, of if perhaps the dead man's' teammate had tried to save him.

 Izumi guessed the former, since he did not know of any Iryo Buntai medic also in the area.

Also, there was the question of what had caused this death.

Izumi guessed an alercation between ninja from different villages. If his theory was true, it could have very deep and grave repercussions in the politics of the land: the political situation was currently unstable and the Thunder, although generally not an extremely belligerent nation, was not to be reckoned with.

Izumi took a deep breath as he weighed in all of these things, and looked for and removed the man's ID tag. Hidden Thunder, ANBU captain, Itachi Kasumigake. ID code: BD0DHADAIE.

The medic then hurried over to the next body, which was more lightly injured and appeared to be sleeping. His right leg was damaged from the knee down. This shinobi too, was from the Hidden Thunder Shinobi, but according to uniform, seemed to be of lower rank. The young man had flowing grey hair, and an attractive, cherubic face. Izumi gently woke him up.
First fear, then a look of relief went through the shinobis' face, as he recognized the Iryo Buntai patch. He tried to sit up: "I need to send a report to my officer, as fast as possible! What time is it? How is Itachi?" The ANBU exclaimed.

"Easy there", responded Izumi gravely. "It's about nightfall." The leader of Iryo Buntai took a deep breath. "Unfortunately, your team member did not .... make it."

Even after all these years healing people, Izumi hated breaking this type of news to people, and watching the confusion and despair on their face as he told them the news. He also knew that he was often hated, irrationally, as the bearer of the awful news.

"I suggest you rest while I take care of your wound and I submit a report to your officer. Just tell me what you want to say."

Juke slowly brought his head back down, his eyes teary, trying to find his words. If only he had seen the trap... things could have been so different..... But he was an ANBU now. Time to be professional. Chasing the dark thoughts from his mind, he took a deep breath and steeled himself. "My name is Jukahira Yamakazi, Hidden Thunder ANBU, and Itachi and I were..... "

Hidden Volcano Village
1850 Hours

Chikaze paced up and down his office, his head full of conflicting and unrelated thoughts. Ever since he had had to become the new elder of the village, his life had been absolute chaos. One one side, there was the search for Sareko, and on the other, the economic challenges the village was facing. Of course, there was also the tense state of diplomatic relations with the Hidden Inferno. If only Sareko could only come back, thought Chikaze desperately.

He grabbed his hair and and leaned against the wall, taking deep breaths to calm himself. There was no use in thinking about things he had little power over.

He was so worried about the reaction that the villagers would have if they found out the truth. After all, it had now been 29 days since the ex-elder had mysteriously disappeared, and some might be suspecting that he wasn't just "on vacation" now. And if Sareko was to never come back, Chikaze was afraid that he would never be able to fill the shoes of his predecessors as well as Sareko had.

Knock, knock.

"Yes? Come in!" Chikaze answered, trying to keep his voice from wavering.

His new assistant of a month, Aki, rushed in. "Sir, I have some news coming from one of our friends in the Hidden Hill"! Chikaze nodded. In this setting, the word "friend" referred to spies and undercover agents. "Go on, Aki." "Our friend saw smoke in the distance from his camp, and decided to get closer to it, seeing as it seemed to be coming from the border, and saw what seemed like a crater carved out of a hill. He then saw two shinobi in Hidden Thunder ANBU uniform approach the area. According to our friend, they were both injured by minor blasts and were rendered incapable of movement. Then a while later, he saw .... he saw....." Aki hesitated. "He saw a dark-skinned man in dark and red robes go up to the crater, try to interact with the fallen Thunder ANBU, and then go into the hill."  Aki stopped there, and looked apprehensively at his superior.

Chikaze had frozen in place. He could feel chills in his spine. Could that dark-skinned man have been Sareko?  "Aki, was our... friend able to confirm from which village this dark-skinned man was from?" "No, sir".

Chikaze breathed in, his mind racing. Aki was the only person in the village apart from him who knew about Sarekos' disappearance and it was obvious that he suspected the dark-skinned man mentioned in these intel reports to be him.

"What happened after that, Aki?" Chikaze inquired.

"That's when our friend sent the message. Right now, he is on standby awaiting orders. What do we say, sir?"

Chikaze sat down heavily, wondering what he should do. He had no proof that the dark skinned man mentioned was Sareko, none what so ever. In fact, the chance that it was him was slim. And it was much too brash to send in a team now, in a zone far away from his own nation. Plus, it seemed the Thunder was involved. Right now, it was better to withhold this intel and  sell it later on if something happened.

"Tell our kind friend to stay in place, Aki and to watch. Tell him not to get any closer or farther way than he is already. Understood?"

Aki looked taken aback, and looked like he was about to say something.

"Understood?" Repeated Chikaze, more forcefully.
"Yes, sir" answered Aki, and turned around and he walked swiftly out of the room.

Inside Yoake Hill
1910 Hours

Sareko Akaihono struggled to his feet, his mind and eyes clouded. Barely 30 meters after having defeated his opponent, he had felt weak, and had collapsed the ground, and was just now recovering consciousness. It felt like hours had gone by.

Quick! He needed to hurry and secure his power before anyone else came down to investigate!

Sareko shuffled down the hall towards the ever growing glow. He tried to remember what had just happened, but he had more and more trouble remembering. Wait, had he been in a fight? He felt injured. Yes, yes, someone had come down here to try and kill him, yes, he had had to defend himself, right.

Whatever, all this thinking was making Sareko feel tired. The glow was getting stronger and stronger.
He felt an almost kinetic pull towards the glow, as if there was a hook in his left shoulder pulling him forwards. Every step he took, he felt stronger.

He was now within eyesight of his goal! Sareko felt euphoric, as power steadily flowed into his body. He started running towards the bright light.

Then, Sareko Akaihono stopped. He had arrived. In front of him, was a lake of lava, the heat coming off of it so strongly he could feel his i own hairs being singed. And in the center of this lake, connected by a narrow land bridge, on a pedestal, was a rock. It was a dark, brown rock, very different from the rocks around it.

It beckoned to Sareko.

He knew what to do. He sprinted across the passageway, faster than he had ever sprinted before, stopped in front of the rock, and without hesitating, placed his hand on the brown rock and dug his fingers into it. "It actually has the consistance of mud..." Sareko was able to think, before the world was upended.

A convulsion shook Sareko's body. The underlying feeling he had felt, ever since blowing a hole into the hill, finally crystallized in that moment. A burst of pure power entered the Hidden Volcano shinobis' body so fast that all his muscles painfully clenched, making his very joints grind.

Suddenly, Sareko felt a spark in his mind, almost as if another entity was there, but then it was gone, followed by another blast of power to his body. His body felt lighter with each blast, and each breath he took felt ice-cold. Several blasts of power kept coming, as the shinobi kept gripping the mud, not letting go. One final, extremely powerful pulse of power went through Sareko so intensely that he fell to the ground.

Sareko breathed heavily, recovering. His vision felt clear, and he could see in the places which used to be too dark for his eyes, and could hear the bubbling of the lava even better than before. And the sizzling sound as the leather of his left shoe burnt off his foot.

His left foot was in the lava.

Sareko didn't even bother taking it out, for he knew it wouldn't do anything to him.

He was invulnerable.

He looked down at his hand, and saw with surprise that some of the brown mud was embedded in his hand, and was now glowing a deep red. The rest of the substance was still on its pedestal. This was the stuff of wonders.

Sareko got up to his feet, and walked across the lava back to the hall. He didn't even bother taking the bridge. His shoes burnt off, but they were useless anyways. As Sareko arrived to the other side, he suddenly thought that people were probably going to come down and try and steal this power that was rightfully his. "Well, just let them try!" Sareko thought.

And then a new idea crossed his mind. "After I give them a good beating, I'll share some of it with them, since I'm so nice." He thought, contented.

Sareko Akaihono, now surely the most powerful shinobi in the whole region, sat down on the rock and waited for opponents to arrive.


 I know I have been focusing on some characters a lot, but a bunch of new ones are coming don't worry, and these guys won't r around the whole story either so don't worry.

Thanks for any feedback
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Oh shit, welcome back man. Exciting chapter. Makes me want to come back and finish up my stories too. Love how the story is going. I look forward to more chapters
Title: Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 5
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The story makes me very confused. You make it clear