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Title: Let us help.
Post by: Chorbito on March 03, 2018, 22:04:15
Instead of keep the comunity waiting, it woud be better that we help making the game.
I think a developer should post a tutorial how to make objects and stuff for the game (maby even coding).
We woud send it to Vreg and after he puts it in the game  woud be an update, like that the comunity and the game wouldnt be dead.   (Sorry for bad english)
Btw whats up with the village made by whatasnipe? (

Title: Re: Let us help.
Post by: NinjaMirage on March 06, 2018, 15:48:54
First whatasnipe is the PR guy for the game and lore writer!! He only posts the deves progress that they give him!! Matt designed most of hidden hill!

Second code is something Vreg wants to do himself! I think the idea behind it is to limit the conflict between opposing ideas on core machanics... witch makes sense!! Less bugs and lest time debugging that way!!
 As for models and assets I think the community could contribute but there‚Äôs no garintee there work would end up in the game.
And if we did this we would need at least 11 modelers not including Matt. Because each would have there own style each could do a village ,1 could focuse on equipment assists and Matt could then focus on mission design and connective territory between villages!
However even with this support if vreg codes this game get myself it will still be over 15 years if he writes 1000 lines of code each day, before all the code for the game is finished! If vreg could devide the work in to separate fields such as:
 character design/development,
 and economic/carriers.

And the people doing it know how to leave space for the overlapping elements then we could get it down to 2-5 years!!
Title: Re: Let us help.
Post by: Bo0mx on March 14, 2018, 12:10:44
? Having more people coding (obviously people knowing what they are doing) would speed up the progress, making a game on your own is hard as fk... and no using the right tools and having more people contribute in finding bugs speeds up the process. Trust me coding alone might seem "better" but when you are working on a big project it's impossible. They could do some tutorials on building the game (unity stuff) but coding requires time and experience so I don't think that is possible unless there are some people who are experienced in coding who want to help and have time (obviously if the developers want to share their code). 

Anyways that's enough for me, I just wanted to give you an insight and maybe see this game completed one day.
Title: Re: Let us help.
Post by: NinjaMirage on March 14, 2018, 16:09:48
Well unless some  serious support and money is put into this project , it will not be finished before the boruto series ends. And if it is not finished by then then people will lose Intrest in the concept and move on to the next awesome anime out there!