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Title: A sincere thank you
Post by: mjkoenig on July 15, 2020, 21:50:09
I just wanted to post here and say thank you to whoever's running the site, and only the website.

The game itself looks like an upscaled Roblox level with serious optimization issues and an abundance of physics issues; but the website is an amazing design relic of the early 2000's (circa 04-06 specifically).

I used to browse anime fansites, the neopets guilds/forums, and other similarly designed novels of the early anime fandom and I never thought I'd see something so unapologetic in it's nostalgia as this.  The everpresent site logo at the top, the list of top posters on the right mirrored by site statistics on the left, even this textbox having the old "Smileys" instead of emoticons or emojii and animated marquee buttons. 

I downloaded the alpha to try and see what the game would play like, but now I'm just glad I got to see this in all its glory instead.
Title: Re: A sincere thank you
Post by: mamita on October 03, 2020, 09:30:00
I'm hoping we never get a forum redesign.
I like it this way.