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Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: February 17, 2019, 18:41:54 »
Sorry I was not clear. Genjutsu would do the most to conscienceness. But adding an item resistance to this would nerf the Genjutsu too much. Consciousness will regenerate fast - full in less then 5 seconds unless your KO.

A demo of this is coming soon.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: February 16, 2019, 17:07:02 »
@Manuster what did you think of the UI example test I posted? I have made some changes to it since then. But I’m also working on a damage systems and the skills and stats UI sheet. But if vreg is not convinced I will probability try and start my own game because I’m convinced this is the right direction for a Naruto based game.

Programming / Re: My Programming Journey!
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:45:47 »
The one im using is SoloLearn. There are classes for every language you can think of and it is not just wright this code it worked good job. They actually explain why the code works and quiz you on your understanding of it. There is a community there as well with programming challenges to help you test what you know.

Games / Re: Assemble your squads!!
« on: February 12, 2019, 23:47:51 »
Wow.. I forgot about this. Gara move set in Naruto approved

But sasuke,Kakashi,and Neji have each bin used in 3 squads already. Need to pick 3 others.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: February 12, 2019, 13:58:50 »
New update coming soon.
I will have a new damage system and stat system ready for item and invintory creation.
And a few new UI systems.

Summery of the ideas are as fallows.

There will be 3 types of damage.
And 2 health bars.
One red representative of your  consciousness.
When this is sent to 0 you will collapse and remain unconscious until you recover at least 10 points.
This bar will recover at a set rate or maybe some form of modifier can be used to increase this amount. The bar will only recover to the amount of your Life Points.
I may also make this a value used to work in conjunction with a fader effect that will dim the main camera until you black out.

The Life point bar is representative of the physical damage your body sustained.
When this reaches 0 you will die.

This bar is effected by equipment such as armor.

The reason for 2 bars is to make an easy distinction between a KO and a Kill. In safe zones KO’s will happen but Kills will not. When your in a Kill zone or war your character will die. This also makes armor and weapons  more then just cosmetic, and will drive the economy of the game more so the food items don’t dominate the market.

The damage types will be  consciousness, Body, and Tic.

 Consciousness is pretty self-explanatory this will only decrease red bar of health.
(Taijutsu and Genjutsu)

Body damage will deal damage to your LP.
(Taijutsu, Ninjitsu, bukiujutsu)
Body damage will come 2 flavors of each normal and Critical. Any damage dealt while unconscious will be critical damage.

Tic damage is damage over time
(Will be almost exclusively bukiujutsu, using poisons and Bleed damage)

I will be uploading a video soon to demo the changes.

General Discussion / Re: General discussion
« on: January 23, 2019, 11:42:35 »
Is that a phylogenetic question or are you asking if anything has changed with SLO ... on second thought there the same awnser...Nothing New!

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Who is Asuma Senju
« on: January 19, 2019, 19:58:09 »
Hello friends I am Asuma Senju I AM Guardian of artifacts and this artifacts is very dangerous any manipulation is destruction of any place and every village be in one shot be destroyed i am 15Th Prime i take this my life mission to save this planet and i am guardian of this planet name Earth
Um that’s great but not really the focus of this thread. Try going here to post character history and info:

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: January 17, 2019, 00:54:47 »

Can anyone think of any reason to allow items effect stats? Other then strength dexterity and Defense?

The only thing I can think of is that kenjutsu weapons might add to defense maybe some armor as well. And long range weapons might add to dexterity the basses for targeting.
Taijutsu increases strength but that’s not an item. Food pills might have effects on strength.

I guess I’m asking if I should just make a constructor that can August a given stat and then we just refince it when we make the item, jutsu or rank rewards. The more i think of it we might need  to so we can use Debuffs as well.

What do you all think?

In order to get the PE bar to work we need to work out stats

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: January 15, 2019, 23:23:11 »
I’m starting to get what’s involved with object oriented code. It sure would be nice to get assets that look nice and would actually be something that might make it in to the game so I don’t have to code with future assets in mind. I’m not an artist by any means.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: January 14, 2019, 11:01:05 »
@nikkolaka, thanks but I’m doing this stuff to kinda teach myself unity and c#.  I may be posting questions here in The future and more updates on my progress of marking the system I have discribed in this thread. But I doubt anything in here will ever make it in the game. I don’t think Vreg thinks it’s nessesary and for how much trouble it has bin getting the Stats worked out so skills and items will work with them but still be usable as more then just storytelling agents, maybe he was right. But I think I’m on to something now and will be posting the code shortly. First I have to check and see if a item effects the stats I have made in the way I want.

If my guess is correct each jutsu so far and the single sword swing have the damage code programmed in to each and a health UI input for that value just gets that value as a % of current health.
With this system a real damage system will need to be made to take in to account the characters stats and all there stat modifiers before sending a value to subtract from the UI.
So while this is a lot of work just to get back to where we are now. I think it’s worth the effort witch is why I’m working on this.
Anyway thanks for the post.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: January 10, 2019, 00:02:06 »
So first update

I apologize for the Sound of this next video i had to edit the video a little because it didn't capture the windows change.
but i got the health bar working. at least the interface between a input recognized as Damage and the bar registering it.

here we go finished the controls for Molding chakra using the PE and SE Bars.
my next trick will be make them represent the right amounts so it makes sense with the stats.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: January 07, 2019, 13:27:19 »
New information

I’m pleased to announce I have decided to try and build and code this system myself.

I have as of this morning almost finished the UI bars nessesary. And will start coding them soon.

I am just starting to learn c# and am not really all that  familiar with unity so the sprites are not very finished looking but if I can demonstrate the value of this system maybe I can get the assets we currently have. @Vreg??
Anyway I hope to have a sample video for you soon. My plan is to get the bars coded by February. Then I will start on the stat system.

When it comes to the stats and skills. I’m going to code for 3 chakra types skills, ninjutsu chakra yin chakra yang chakra, and 3 stamina stance skills, tiger, dragon, and monkey.

If someone knows how to animate these styles please let me know.  I’ll be using empty assets as place holders for a character avatar.

Currently I’m only able to devote about 10 hours a week to the project so I might not make the deadline.

@Batt tell me what you think!

Naruto Anime / Re: The most powerful jutsu on the Naruto Series ?
« on: January 06, 2019, 13:04:13 »
Scorch Style- Nimbus Gail Jet Black Arrow Formation Zero.

It’s over 9000!

Games / Re: Hug,slap,kiss or kill - Fourm game.
« on: January 02, 2019, 01:12:44 »
Slap. Full 5 finger full back swing back hand slap.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: chakra control system (STATS)
« on: December 23, 2018, 03:13:29 »
Sense I was unsure where to post this Ill just do it here.
everything here will contribute to your charicters intelagence.

ITEMS LIST Completed

Each subheading  will be organized by rairety

Resources:color codeed to carrirer type
black smithing=black

Gypsum(60%chance calcium 40%sulfer)
arsenic (blue)

Chakra trees
sugar cane
black pepper
crushed red pepper
star anise
white pepper.
cayenne (blue)[/color]
St. John’s Wort
Doll’s eyes-heart seditive
Angel’s trumpets-hallucinogenic
Water hemlock-cicutoxin which causes seizures

Red Sage-lungs, kidneys, heart and nervous system

Nightshade-nervous symptoms.
Yew-Death is sudden without warning symptoms
(ater a length of time 3 days in game.)
I put this in because it would make check ups after
missions standerd practice making medical ninjas nessessary

Fish different types-animal food for large predators
cone snail
Tree Frog
blue ring octapus
king cobra

you have to know about the item and where to find it.

onece you have studyed a science to a certan point
not sure what yet)you need skills in that field to
use the rescorces you
know about.

chemistry-mixing rescorces with in a scientific field
to create new ones ex. Chemistry skill items
sodium carbonate  cooking
potassium carbonate  cooking
phosphoric acid  cooking
kansui cooking

Bio-chem- How chemistry effects living things.
if you deside to study Bio-chem you will be
given a chart for all chemisty items you know
then you must test them on animals to find out
there effects.Venems from the Zoology field are a
sub-set of Bio-chem and need to be tested like
chemistry items. however if the venem is used on you
it is automaticly filled in on the Bio-chem chart of
effects.If your intelagence is at a certan level
and you have X knowlage of the chemisty items or venom
items of a scientific field, you can discover effects
without testing.
IE Zoology 100
TO muscles.
So you discover schematics for poisons foods and medicines. But as you can see it's a lot of work.

Sence food is the sorce of stamina witch Should be the
sorce of PE for use in all Jutsu, It should be hard to
make your own food that is effective at restoring this
energy. especialy making food pills that make chakra stronger
and or increase the amount of chakra and stamina.
Medical ninja of corse would need to know all about this stuff.

Schematics for blacksmithing should be easily found/ looted/ or developed.
Mineralogy and botany are the only nessasary sciences needed.
To develop schematics for blacksmithing, you should have to use trial and error.
Let me give you an example of a blacksmith schematic: iron shuriken
Step 1
Ceramic mold shuriken schematic
Skill molding-1
Clay 10 units
Step 2
Iron shuriken schematic 
skills required:
Smelting skill 1
Items required
Ceramic mold shuriken(reusable)
10 iron ore
Effects: x damage on contact. Durability rating 10

Looks kinda basic right!!!


This is just the beginning.
Smelting skill reaches 10
Now you can smelt steal
Steal schematic
Skill required
Smelting 10
10 units of iron
5 units coal
Effects 1 unit of steal

Now upgrade your molds
Fuinjutsu clay mold schematic 
Skill moldings 10
Skill Fuinjutsu 5
Effects reusable mold imbedded imprent of Fuinjutsu formulas-allowes user to infuse chakra nature.

Now you can make steal chakra shuriken

Require items
Fuinjutsu clay mold
Smelting skill 10
Items 10 steal units
Effects: x damage durability 100+x chakra effect.

I had an updated idea on this.
In most sand box games the minerals, plants and other things are targeted when you come with in range and the. Identified for you as the items they drop.

In the Botany mineralogy and zoology
Academy of classes, What if you had to demonstrate as a player you know what the item drop looks like in its natural forms before your character could identify them in the game.

So let’s say in the  mineralogy class you want to be able to go out and collect Iron.
You would need to identify out of 4 pictures what Iron ore looks like in real life. Ones you get it right the teacher will give you the instructions on extracting and what you can do with the resource you have identified.
Same with animals, and plants.

The idea about the chemistry and bio-chem classes was good to. What if you needed to fill in a periodic table of the elements you have identified in the resources classes.

Everything you do adds 1 point to your characters intelligents stats.

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