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Games / Re: Hunger Games Simulator 3
« on: Yesterday at 15:38:05 »
"Yaisei Kamakiri, Tsunayoshi Kaiyo, Nibuia Ennia Roiyaru, Allake Kirishima and Konohuro Kirishima track down and kill Reminance Kaiyo"

Jesus fucking Christ, the entire gang jumped him.

Gang gang
Gang gang

The dictionary has been updated.
Specifically in the M and G sections.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Re: The Akuma Raitongu [Akurai] Clan
« on: January 16, 2017, 23:13:07 »
Good luck

General Discussion / Re: The 'London roadman' games!
« on: January 16, 2017, 19:07:14 »
The leader board has been updated; Dr Suhi has taken nbr.1 spot with 5 points ahead.

General Discussion / Re: The 'London roadman' games!
« on: January 16, 2017, 01:57:59 »
Mars has taken up the leader board with 5 points. I wonder if anyone will contest.

Games / Re: Hunger Games Simulator 3
« on: January 15, 2017, 19:33:06 »
Wow, I forgot about this.
Who was the winner of the 1st simulator? (If anyone remembers)

Let's gooooooo @Toratsume Nyshn

General Discussion / Re: London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: January 15, 2017, 19:26:35 »
Safe bro
I was hesitant when it came to the clarts, because I thought that it would be a stretch too far.
I'll include them though, it'll be hard to explain to non-London people what they are though.

No problem man. Yeah fair enough. I just thought it's essential they know. I guess you could just say that it's the vilest thing you could say/use to describe someone? But when you put it like that, it doesn't really sound bad haha. My friends dad said it once in a store in the Caribbean, and all the people around him who heard just gave him the most disgusted looking faces. Man was too embarrassed lool

BTW I just remembered, 'screwface' (resting bitch face),'yardie'(used to refer to jamaicans / jamaican gang members)

EDIT: Add in 'roadman', 'shank/shanked', 'chete'(machete). I can't believe it's this topic that got me back to posting here

EDIT2: 'bruck' can be used in a nonliteral way when it comes to dancing. so when you're talking about a girl, and you say she was 'brucking her back', it's referring to the intensity of her whines/grinds.

Oh and 'dead' could be used to refer to anything that is unwanted/unattractive/unfitting. For example, a 'dead ting' would be someone unattractive. Or, if you went for a party that was boring, or even heard an unfunny joke, you'd say 'that's dead'. So it's quite versatile.

The thread has been updated once more. Thank you for the contribution!
Keep 'em coming!

General Discussion / The 'London roadman' games!
« on: January 15, 2017, 18:08:41 »
I have no fucking life, lmfao... but here goes:
I was taking a shower when a thought suddenly clouded my mind.

What is this?
The 'London roadman' games are a series of competitions to see who can produce the best and most realistic sentences using words from my dictionary.
Each round or episode is a week long and there will be rankings that reset every Sunday. Along with a weekly leader board we will also have an all-time leader board to determine who is the best of all time.

Points and titles:
The rankings go up to top 10 but only the top 3 receive titles according to their points.
1. Driller - You are at the top of the leader board with more points than anyone else.
2. Young G - Second best. Still young and learning but you have the potential to get up there!
3. Yute - Third and most demeaning title. You are the yute here. A young boy in the crew.

5 points - Excellent sentence. Realistic and I won't be able to distinguish you from a real driller.
3 points - Fine sentence, you've got a good structure. Acceptable.
1 point - Bare minimum. You tried, but you're still a scrub.

  • You have a week to submit your entries in hopes of reaching maximum points in order to claim the title
  • You are allowed a maximum of 5 sentences per day
  • The sentences have to be at-least 10 words long
  • You are not allowed to directly steal lyrics from songs
  • You DO NOT have to put a slang term throughout your entire sentence. It'll only look shit.
Post your work below!

Leader board and much more to come depending on whether people actually participate.
It'll be sad if nobody cares but oh well, thought this is a fun event.

Leader board
1. Nas - Driller - 19 points
2. DrSuhi - Young G - 10 points
3. Mars - Yute - 5 points
4. RyanFlashfire - 5 points

Thanks for your time :*

General Discussion / Re: London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: January 15, 2017, 17:22:29 »
I thought it was 'wagwan' not 'wagwarn'??

ALSSOOO don't forget 'leng' (gun). Funny enough, people often confuse skeng with leng, so skeng could be seen as a weapon in general to be honest.

And for E, don't forget 'ends' (equivalent to the American 'hood').

Murk (beat up someone really badly)

All the different clarts (bombaclart, rassclart, pussyclart etc). All high insults. Like you'd get murked in certain places that are aware of jamaican patois for calling anyone any of these.

'Dun Know' (a sort of celebration like 'Of course')

In grime music, girls are usually referred to as 'tings' or 'gyals', so you'd here something like 'peng ting' which means an attractive woman. Females could use tings when referring to guys as well.

Besides those, I think you got most of them down. Sorry my post is a bit messy, feeling slightly sick.

EDIT: When I wrote this reply, nobody had posted here. It posted late for some reason  ::)

Safe bro
I was hesitant when it came to the clarts, because I thought that it would be a stretch too far.
I'll include them though, it'll be hard to explain to non-London people what they are though.

General Discussion / Re: London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: January 15, 2017, 16:49:58 »
you're missing a lot of words, looks good tho :)
I'd appreciate it if you let me know what they are so I can add them.
Obviously the thread is WIP so there's others that I can't think of just yet.

General Discussion / Re: London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: January 15, 2017, 16:45:49 »
dip - also means to leave something/somewhere ngl
That is correct. I completely forgot about the other meaning lmao.

General Discussion / Re: London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: January 15, 2017, 16:43:31 »


General Discussion / Re: London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: January 15, 2017, 16:10:27 »
Them bare slangs jus crashed mah brains nigga. Need to smoke on the ounto but I ain't got nones.
The traphouse's a mile away, mah ding dong's broken. Need racks to fix it so gonna go ten toes on mah ones.
Imma likkle nigga gonna skip the T-side. But jus in case opps on lurk, mah MAC shall smoke 'em.
Ciao Yutes.
Spoiler: show
Good enough? :3

Not bad, but you've overused the words and the way you've formatted it makes you seem weird.

General Discussion / London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: January 15, 2017, 15:12:16 »
Wagwarn, community! (lol)
Recently we’ve been discussing grime and the urban culture of modern London (specifically the Northern and Southern regions) with some members in the Discord chat. We went through how gangs operate and some other shit, but most importantly the language that circulated the urban regions.
I have decided to put together a London slang dictionary for you guys to refer to when listening to grime tracks, and more specifically drill.

Gang related
Jump Out Gang - A collaboration between Harlem Spartans, 67 and 86.
67 - Major powerhouse in London. Pretty much controls the drug and weapon exchanges in South London. Based in Brixton.
86 - Neighbouring and allied gang with 67. Based in Brixton again.
Harlem Spartans - Part of JOG. Fairly new but dangerous and recently active gang based in Kennington.
Ounto Nation - Large gang in North London. Not sure how much of an impact they have or their attitudes towards the south. Based in Tottenham.

Aggy – Aggressive
“Nigga, don’t get me aggy”
Aggro – Aggressive
Amm – Amnesia. A strand of Indica breed weed.
“I get loads of money from trapping Amm”
Ahlie – A London slang word for ‘I know right’
“Mars: The Shinobi exams were retarded
Snoopy: Ahlie”
Allow it – Go easy on something. Let it go.
“Misi: Give me all your SLO coins!
Jcryer: Allow it, please!”
Aired - When you get ignored, whether it be a read message without reply or in real life.
"Lol, man got aired"

Bare – Loads. When somebody or yourself has a lot of something.
“I got bare jewels on my neck”
“She’s chatting bare”
“Man’s got bare problems”
Bands – A large sum of money wrapped in a rubber band. Usually £1000 or more.
“This watch cost me 5 bands”
“I spent 20 bands on this whip”
Bando – The house where drugs are produced, packed and sometimes sold.
“Chillin’ in the bando”
Bredrins – Brothers.
Bells – Type of bullets for a shotgun.
Bun – Ugly or Attack
“That girl is bun, fam”
“If he acts up, we’re gonna bun him”
Bruck/Brukk – To break something.
“Bruck up man’s face”
“Got that weed, bruck it all down”
“Your bro got brukk up”
“I bruck my dik” (Requested by Accelerator)
Body – To “catch a body” means to kill somebody.
“SJ caught a body on Tuesday”
Bait – When something is obvious1, and when someone is being exposed2.
1.   “Ken: Cover yourself with a shirt if someone catches you wanking
Mars: Nah, man, that’s too bait”
2.   “Reminance: I saw Chikai give head to some guy on SLO
Nova: Bait her out fam”
Block – Neighbourhood/Estate
Bird – A girl.
“Who’s that bird?”
Batty – Big ass. Can also mean gay.
“She got that big batty”
“He’s a battyboy”
Bossman - The owner of a shop. Usually corner store. Anyone can be bossman regardless of race.
"What's up, bossman?"
Beef - Conflict between two or more people.
"There's beef on the courts"
Blanked - Ignored
Beg - Someone who is needy
"He's a beg"
Bumbaclart - Something you wipe your ass with. So the English equivalent will be 'Asswipe'. The word can also be a substitute for "fuck".
"Friend performs an evil prank on you
A: Bumbaclart..."
Bludclart/Bloodclart - Blood cloth. Bloody tampon or other substance. Used to describe an annoying person. Big insult.
"What a bludclart"

Corn – Bullets
“Loading the iron with corn”
Crash – Raid/Invade
“We crashed the opp block”
Creps – Trainers
“Look at my fresh creps”
Case – Court Case. When someone has been caught by the police, they may get a court case depending on what crime they have committed.
“I ain’t trynna catch no case”
Chunky – Usually describes fat bullets. Wider than the standard.
“Chunky corn”
“Chunky stones”
Chase – To “Hold a chase” means to run away from someone.
“When we went through your hood, you were holding chase”
Cah – Because.
“Whatasnipe: Needa go sleep, cah man’s tired”
Can – Jail.
“Free my bros in the can”
Clip – The magazine on a gun.
“He emptied the clip on these niggas”
Crud – Shit. When somebody talks shit.
“He’s talking crud”
Cats – Drug consumers.
“I sold to dem cats”
Cheffed – Cut up/killed.
“He got cheffed up on the main road”
Clapped - Someone ugly.
"Rah, he's clapped as fuck"
'Chete - A machete

Driller – A driller is a respected gangster, known for committing crimes like robbery, murder and trapping and most of all sticking with his gang and repping his ends.
“Krazyy: You know Abz, yeah?”
“Snoopy: Yeah bro, he’s a real driller”
Dotty – Street term for a shotgun.
“Got tha’ Dotty in the bag”
Ding-dong – A cheap car.
“Skrr round with the ding-dong”
Dash – Also known as “Dasheen” or “Dashing”. When someone runs away in fear.
“Them man dasheen”
Dough – Money/Drugs
“I make that dough”
Dead up – Killed.
“Someone’s gonna get dead-up”
“He got dead-up”
Dip – Stab. Can also mean to run away or hide.
“Dip man down”
“He got dipped”
"He dipped from the area"
Dashed - When something gets thrown
"He dashed a chair out the window"
Dun Know! - Almost like... "Cmon!" or "You know it!" a celebration of sorts.
"A showing off muscles
B: Big guns bro!
A: Dun know!"
Dead - When something is unwanted/unattractive/unfitting. For example, a 'dead ting' would be someone unattractive. Or, if you went for a party that was boring, or even heard an unfunny joke, you'd say 'that's dead'.

Ends - English equivalent to the American 'Hood'
"These are my ends"
"What ends are you from?"

Fry – To shoot someone up. (Past tense|Fried)
“He got fried”
Fields – In a field or a less populated place. Definitely not main road.
“Don’t leave your Gs when you’re in the field”
Fam - Family or friend
"What's up, fam?"

Gyaldem – Group of girls. Opposite to ‘mandem’.
Grub - Drugs
"I'm selling grub"

Head – Blowjob.
Hench - Strong/Muscly
"Fuck, that guy's hench"
Hollow tips - Types of bullets that expand on impact to cause maximum damage.
"My hollow tips will put man down"

Iron - Gun
"There's live corn in the iron"

JOG – Short for ‘Jump Out Gang’. A collaboration between Harlem Spartans, 67 and 86.


Lurk – Going round searching for opps to kill.
“Lurking round with the gang”
Likkle/Lickle – Small or young. Often used when talking about people.
“Likkle man sit down, you don’t wanna get skied”

MAC – MAC-10, a machine pistol often mentioned in drill songs.
“Bro put 20 in the MAC”
Mandem - Group of males, usually referring to your friends but can also refer to opps.
"Free up the mandem"
Man-like! - When you praise someone, usually your bro for doing something that will give him rep.
"A: I just got the new Js and a bird
B: Man like!"
Myth - A lie
"Lol, nah fam, that's a myth"
Merk/Murk - When something/someone is almost if not completely destroyed
"He merked it"
"He got merked"
Mazza - Madness. When something is too much.
"A: Rah, you see all dem yutes beefing?
 B: Yeah g, it's a mazza"
Mash/Masha - Gun
"I raise my mash on the streets"


Opps – Opposition. The rivals.
“Splash an opp boy”
On my ones – Going somewhere alone.
“I was on my ones”
Ounto – Arabic for ‘food’, also used as a reference for drugs by gangs in the North.
“I smoke on the Ounto”

Peng – An attractive person.
“He/she is peng”
Pum – Jamaican slang for ‘vagina’ or ‘pussy’.
“She has a smelly pum pum”
Pagan/Paigon - A traitor
"How can man be wearing Adidas AND Nike? What a paigon!"
"Don't trust that yute, he's a paigon"
Qwengerz – An ugly girl.

Racks – Loads of money.
Rushed – Beaten up. Warning shots.
“He came to the wrong block and got rushed”
Rambizzy - Another word for 'Rambo', a knife.
"Big rambizzy by my side"
Roadman - A young adult or man in his 20s who generally has no education and has joined a gang. A real roadman is equipped with weaponry, not afraid to get jailed and is involved with trapping.

Skrr – Also known as ‘Skrt’ is the sound the wheels of a vehicle makes when it starts to drift. This is used in drill tracks to show that a car is being used.
“Skrr round your block”
Spinner – A revolver.
“My bro got the spinner”
Smoke – Gunfire / to kill someone.
“He got smoked”
“We ain’t leaving till we see smoke”
Scoreboard – The imaginary scoreboard of gang rivalry, who’s leading in territory, trapping etc.…
“67: Scoreboard is looking great”
Splash – To stab someone to the point where he’s flowing in blood.
“Splash man down then leave”
Sprayed – When someone is showered in bullets.
Skeng - A knife
"Skeng in my pocket, can't you see he bulge in my coat?"
Sket - A slut
Slag - A slut
Shook - Scared
"He was shook"
Shank - A knife. Also means stab.
"He's got a shank in his pocket"
"He got shanked"

Tum-tum – Gun.
“Got that loud tum-tum”
Ten-toes – Walking.
“We went ten-toes in the opp block”
Trapping – The exchange of drugs for money.
Traphouse – The building in which drugs are made and packed.
T-Side – The Tottenham region of London. AKA Snoopy’s residence.
“Don’t come to the T, head back”
Tops – Blowjob.
“She gave that sloppy toppy”
Trek - A long journey
"Walking over there is a trek"

Uck/Uckers – Blowjob.


Whip - Car
Wagwarn/Wahgwan - When you greet someone. Jamaican slang again.
"Wagwarn, where're you?"


Yute(s) – Young people.
Yard - A house
"I have a free yard" (Implies your house is empty and can host friends over)

This is still work in progress. Message me if you have something to add.

Tracks where some of these words are used:

Big shout out to those who contributed to the dictionary!

Or even better; we have a tab under 'options' where we can set custom key bindings like most games now-a-days have.

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