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Shinobi Life Online Clans / Re: The Tsunagami Clan
« on: March 18, 2020, 17:10:37 »

Tsunagami is the main bloodline clan of the Hidden Metal and home to the Kinzokukage.

Clan History

No one knows exactly when The Tsunagami clan came into existence but it was estimated to have been started over 1000 years ago. Tsunagami clan members have always taught the next generation that Justice and friendship is the key to peace across the nations.

Due to the clans strong belief in Justice, the clan has always had very severe punishments against anyone who commits a crime, whether the crime was big or small. These punishments included things such as death or exile from the clan. Because of these absurd punishments, a group of members who were born into the clan, who were declared as rogues/rebels by the higher ups, fought against the rules causing The Tsunagami Clan Civil War. Two brothers who had very different Ideologies on The Tsunagami Clans rules fought for what they believed in around 100 years ago. The battle is known as one of the deadliest clan civil wars to this day and it was almost the cause of the clans extinction.

The gory battle took place on the outskirts of the metal village, in a forest bordering the Land of Thunder. Kensei Tsunagami known as Kensei of the Wind was on the side of The Tsunagami Clan and believed that the rules that The Tsunagami had lived by for over a millennium were perfect, while his brother Ryuzaki Tsunagami known as Ryuzaki of the Lightning was on the side of the rebels/rogue ninja of The Tsunagami. They were both willing to go to extreme heights to fight for what they believed, and in doing so was able to unlock their full potential. However, Ryuzaki’s advantage in natures and fighting styles made him almost impossible for Kensei to beat, even after unlocking his full strength.

Many lives were lost, however Ryuzaki Tsunagami and the remaining rebels had managed to destroy the Tsunagami higher ups and all of those who followed his brother Kensei. Ryuzaki Tsunagami showed his brother all of the bodies around them and told Kensei that more deaths would occur if the clan continued to follow it’s old ways. Acknowledging what his brother had shown him, Kensei accepted defeat and agreed to change the rules of the clan with Ryuzaki and the rest of the surviving clan members, these rules influenced the future generations leaders of the clan. The two current Leaders are the great grandchildren of both Kensei and Ryuzaki, Ryan Tsunagami, the descendent of Ryuzaki Tsunagami and Kris Tsunagami,the descendent of Kensei Tsunagami.

hi my name is kyoto and i want to join this clan i am apart of the akastuki i am an exellent strategist and i love to help my teamates. my primary chakra nature is fire and i was ingected wit the first hokages blood cells so now i can use wood style to(against beter judgement) and my dad taught me wind style as well as lightning style so please exept me

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