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As you guys may have noticed the 'fortnightly' dev blogs gradually become less and less frequent until the point where they are not even happening anymore. This is not due to a lack of development - on the contrary, we have completed a huge amount of work for the game since the last dev blog, but the problem is I simply don’t have enough time or energy to go back through the chat collecting development images, going into Photoshop to compile and present them nicely, writing the article describing the respective developments – alongside the school and SLO work which I cannot complete whilst I’m doing this. As a result, we have decided to open up a new position within the team, a social media manager.

The responsibilities for this role will include:

•  Compiling all the work put in the SLO Dev chat so all developments are shown in the dev blog
•  Writing the dev blog
•  Presenting the all the development images nicely using Photoshop
•  Interacting with individual team members so you can describe their developments coherently and accurately
•  Being very active on our forums and social media
•  Posting any completed developments to our Facebook
•  Answering questions given to us on our Facebook quickly and correctly
•  Being active/providing feedback for any WIP developments displayed on our Dev chat
•  Optional - Writing lore/backstory for SLO (locations, characters, mythos etc) – however this is NOT a requirement for this role if you would prefer not to

The requirements of this role include:

•  Being fluent in English
•  Being able to write in English to a high standard – check previous dev blogs for expected level
•  Decent Photoshop skills are preferred
•  Having the ability to communicate/interact with the team and community well
•  Being very knowledgeable about SLO so you can properly respond to any queries raised

The benefits of this role include:

•  Getting an exclusive, up to date look at all the new developments the members SLO team are undertaking
•  Having the ability to weigh in on key gameplay and design discussions we have in the chat to truly have an effect on the future of SLO
•  Provided the SLO Kickstarter is successful, continued work will be provided to current SLO team members with a paid industry standard salary
•  This work will be carried out in an office established for the company after the successful Kickstarter, which will likely be situated in Berlin, Germany
•  A free transfer to the office location will be offered for team members who join pre-kickstarter
•  A small percentage of the Kickstarter profits will be offered to long term members in the form of a joining bonus – the size/distribution of these bonuses will be based on the individual contribution to the project
•  The epic realization and bragging rights that you are working on the #1 Naruto inspired MMORPG!

If you think you can handle all the responsibilities listed and feel you have the required skills then by all means send me an application either via PM or on this thread, and I will select the one(s) I feel would be the best fit. After that stage I will then give you a test, likely in the form of a mock dev blog and either accept or deny you based on the result. Good luck!:)

Dev Blog – June 1st 2016  

Guess who’s back! Exam season is coming to an end for most of the dev team, and Matt is back from his vacation. Because of this, we are now in a good position to both rejuvenate development and subsequently, this blog. As always everything shown here is subject to change and likely very much a WIP, but with that being said, lets get started!


As I can always say in the texturing department, despite having a 1 week holiday where he was totally unable to do work Matt has still managed to produce a considerable amount of content since the last blog. As well as completing the texturing of 8 new buildings (this means that we are only 9 buildings away from completing the previously modeled village buildings)  Matt has also been tasked with learning the newly purchased speedtree, an industry standard tool for AAA trees and vegetation generation, and has picked it up quickly, making a number of high quality trees already as can be seen in the example gifs and images below. Furthermore, he has made a variety of ground textures for later use in the map, in conjunction with the grass, water and weather shaders he has generously purchased with his own money for the project.  I hope everyone in this community appreciates both all the work/time, as well as resources he is now putting into this project- as you can see from the screenshots it is certainly paying off.


On the modelling side of things, Rafael has continued to keep up with Matt’s pace and helped him modularise and tweak each new building so that he can texture it without issue and allow us to take parts of different buildings and combine them in order to give a greater sense of variety and believability to our hidden hill village. As well as this he has restarted work on the hidden hill arena, refining specific parts of it so that future player movement in and around the structure will be easy and realistic. This *early* work can be seen in the screenshots below.

Concept Art

In regards to concept art, after finishing my exams recently I have again restarted work on the hidden snow concept, focusing on the dome itself and attempting to flesh out the design more through adding more details and finesse. I’ve decided not to show it at this point, I think I would rather show it in the dev blog where it should (fingers crossed) be complete.


With the music Rustam has completed another track entitled ‘Remembering You’, a song I could completely imagine being used on the title screen or even in the credits of the game (a long way off I know) with its fast beat and sweet melody. Under the umbrella of ‘music’ we have also been receiving a great number of applications from new composers, so expect this already fast influx of new tracks to increase exponentially!


Unless you have missed it (I can’t imagine anyone would have) we have recently released a new update, SLO Pre Alpha, which introduces a terrain overhaul and a whole host of new graphical improvements, bug fixes and performance increases, and of course was all achieved by Vreg. If you haven’t already I urge you to check it out, as you can see from the screenshots below the graphical increase Is massive, and sets the basis for even more graphical increases to come. Along these lines, Vreg has been working with matt in starting to implement the new shaders, trees and buildings into the game for the next update, so expect some amazing things coming, well, relatively soon. One of the most surprising things about the release of this latest update is that it was developed upon in the middle of the run up to Vreg’s exam period- so after completing it, he had to immediately focus for his major exam in about 3 weeks’ time. As a result, I wouldn’t expect another update until after this period is over, but the good news is once it is finally over we will be able to begin a period of unprecedented development as a full team and will be able to start implementing all the systems and content you guys have been so patiently waiting for.

And with that the 5th dev blog is complete! Although there may be slightly less new development from all areas of the team, this is unsurprising considering we are all recovering from exam period and have just restarted development – however from this point on most of us are now freed up to really focus on development and start producing lots of content for you guys to enjoy! Until next time, sayonara shinobi’s!


Dev Blog – April 30th 2016  

And we’re back! Sorry about the postponement of this dev blog, exam season is upon us and as a result less time is able to be spent by us developing the game in this period. However, we have done our best to put as much time into SLO as possible without wrecking our futures; still, keep in mind the content we have available will not be to the same extent as the other dev blogs. With that said, let’s get started!


Matt has maintained his ferocious pace and has completed the texturing of yet more of the hidden hill buildings over the past month, all of which will be added to the rapidly growing building compilation which is sure to fill up my hardrive pretty soon. His exceptional skills have also landed him some freelance gigs with Raf which have taken some of his time away from SLO, but he still has found time to help Vreg implement the character into the game and once those are wrapped up he will be back to focusing applying his talents in completing our village, jutsus and characters!


Unfortunately, little has occurred in terms of actual modelling since the last blog, with Rafael being occupied with his work in the military as well the freelance project in conjunction with Matt, but he has continued to help Matt with polishing the buildings to be ready for texturing, and Vreg with implanting the character clothing models into the latest SLO build. Similarly, Othman has decided to postpone his work on the hair until he has completed his exams- hence the continued presence of the bald character within the game.

Concept Art

In regards to Concept Art, I have dedicated any revision breaks to continuing to develop the hidden snow concept, and have made some decent progress, fixing some of the perspective issues and laying in photo textures to start to establish the realistic quality our game is going for. Due to the slower progress in the other areas of development, I've decided to show an early WIP of this concept, side by side to the thumbnail to show the iterative steps that have been taken and the changes that have been made from the thumbnail to now. I would not be showing this normally and actually this will be the first time even the team have seen it, so expect many changes from now to final. With that being said, I welcome the critique of any issues you may see in regards to the concept, better to get them fixed at this stage rather than once everything has been tightly rendered.


If you have been paying close attention to Rustams Soundcloud account, you might have again got an early look at the two gems he has created in the past months. The tracks, entitled ‘Training Hard’ and ‘Heart of the Shinobi’ are opposite in style, with ‘Training Hard’ being a faster paced, action based soundtrack that will no doubt act as perfect background music for intense shinobi training regimes, and ‘Heart of the Shinobi’ being more of a soulful piece that will likely serve as ambient background music for when the player is wondering around the world. Rustam’s soundcloud account is linked below.


If you haven’t yet picked up on my references throughout this blog, we just released a new update to the game, SLO Pre-Alpha version, which was pretty much single handedly implemented by the one and only Vregmeister. This update is centred around the addition of the new character clothing seen in the last dev blog, and includes the ability to both change the colour of the vest or remove it to see the shirt underneath as an indication of our clothing modularity, aswell as the inclusion of a new SLO title screen OST from Rustam’s growing collection of tracks. Like the rest of us, Vreg has been heavily tied down with vital university studies; I hope the fact that he was able to dedicate some time to getting this update out to you guys is appreciated – I know it is a long anticipated addition to the game for many of you! I’ve put some screenshots of the character in game to give you guys an idea of how it looks, but I urge you to go test it out yourself, they don’t do it justice.

And with that our forth dev blog is complete. As I have mentioned throughout, this is a tough and unusual period for much of the team, and as a result unlike the other dev blogs I won’t confirm that we will have a dev blog next fortnight. However once the exam season is over for us, we will have far more time than we had even before exams (summer holidays), allowing us to get to work on getting the village and new systems, jutsus, environments and character models into the game for you to enjoy. Until then, sayonara shinobis!


Dev Blog – April 3rd 2016  

Sorry about the delay of this blog, as you may or may not have picked up, we had a Q&A session yesterday, and we wanted to give those who turned up for it extra incentive in the form of an early look at the developments we have made over the past weeks. As usual bear in mind that lots of the work featured may be WIP and very much subject to change and development. With that being said, lets dive into the third dev blog!


On the texturing side of things, Matt is killing it as he always does, and has continued his exceptional pace over the past two weeks to texture a number of key items modelled by Rafael. The most prominent of these is the characters clothing-I am sure this will come as a relief to those who are tired of the shirtless, bald shinobi who currently serves as the in game character. As well as the clothing, Matt has textured and retextured 3 new swords, all of which will serve important roles in the personalisation of play styles when the kenjutsu system is released- as each sword will have its own specific set of attributes. Finally, Matt has started work on earth dome texture, and since starting in the stream yesterday has already finished the texturing of the 16th building of hidden hill. All the pictures for these new textures are shown below.


In regards to modelling and animation, we have a new member to formally introduce to the community, Othman, our 3D Generalist. Othman has ability and experience in both these fields, and so the first task we set him was the creation of an updated animation for the earth dome jutsu based on the top pick of the ‘thumbnail’ style animations made by Vreg shown in the first dev blog. Since completing this task, Othman has begun work on re rigging and skinning the new character to work more fluidly with the current animations and the future animations which will be made by him. Furthermore, picking up the mantle from Rafael, Othman has begun work on the hair for the character, and although he has made rapid strides, continued development will be required to achieve the quality we want (look at Final Fantasy hair for a good reference). On Rafael’s end he has continued to work alongside Matt in polishing buildings for texturing and splitting up buildings into parts in order to achieve modularity- meaning floors or parts of buildings can be duplicated and used throughout the village.

Concept Art

For concept art, I have begun work on the final concept for the hidden snow village, and have made some good progress, laying down the groundwork in regards to colouring and mood. However, at this point I’m refraining from showing anything until I deem it has reached a stage that illustrates the village properly. Unfortunately, Daniel is still wrapping up some Freelance work, but once that is fully completed he will be back to designing all manner of buildings, weapons, props, characters and environments.


Depending on whether you follow our composer Rustam’s Soundcloud account, you may or may not have seen the beautiful tracks he has been making for the game. Over these past weeks he has made a brand new song entitled ‘Spring In Our Village’, aswell as, over several iterations, creating a great sound effect which will be used in game for our earth dome jutsu. For an idea of what this jutsu might look and sound like in game, I recommend playing this sound alongside the gif of earth dome jutsu animation.


Unfortunately Vreg has been buried in work for an important upcoming exam and therefore has been unable to do any concrete work for the game, however he has continued to guide the team in creating content that meets his vision for SLO. As well as this, he managed to attend the stream yesterday where he answered a large number of questions the community had about the game. This stream can be rewatched in full on our twitch channel. In regards to the Q&A stream, we thought it was a success and a fun way of showing off our developments made as a team whilst also answering any queries you guys may have. As a result, we plan to host more of these in the future, perhaps having one every month/other month.

And with that, the third dev vlog is complete. will be back in a fortnight with more development, and more progress. Until then, sayonara shinobi’s!

Dev Blog – March 16th 2016 

In this week’s dev blog we will look back over the last few weeks and reveal some of the work we have been doing as a team. Bear in mind that lots of the work featured may be WIP and very much subject to change and development. With that being said, lets dive into the second dev blog!


As usual on the texturing side Matt has been progressing full steam ahead, and in a fortnight has completed the texturing of 5 more buildings- at this rate, the village will be fully textured within months! Whilst maintaining this exceptional pace on the buildings, Matt has also begun the texturing and retexturing the clothes for the character, starting initially with the shirt (also shown below). For those wondering about Matt’s process in creating these high quality and detailed textures, he has made a short video showing his process for, in this case, creating his 13th building. Also, for those who haven’t yet seen them, I’ve put a compilation of all the small props and weapons which hadn’t been posted to Facebook below, to give you guys a small idea about the kind of variety and busyness we want for the village.> link to process video


On the modelling side of things, Rafael, whilst continuing to work with Matt in polishing up the building models for texturing, has begun early development on what will become the hair of the character. As this is a field Raf is far from comfortable with, as well as the fact he is a perfectionist, he has banned me from showing his initial work on the hair, but knowing him in no time he will have mastered this process and I will be showing you some completed, gorgeous hair done by him.

Concept Art

In the concept art department, I have got back to doing some work and have moved to digital to complete 6 (rather than the initially proposed 3) digital thumbnails to give options for the composition, lighting, and basic design of the snow village. At this stage I am happy for you as the community to give your input on your favourite of the 6 so I can move onto the final stage and develop one to completion and full detail. Just for reference, I also put in a little gif as a comparison with the sketches I showed 2 weeks ago to now. On Daniels end, he has been unable to do much SLO work due to being preoccupied with freelance stuff, hence why there are no new sketches this week, but he assures me he will be able to get back doing buildings once he finishes these projects.


With this new section it’s time to introduce another new member of our team, Rustam, our composer. He has been quick to get to work, and has already produced two new tracks which will likely be integrated into the game within time – first, a general one to get used to the mood and style of SLO, then after that one with a sadder, sombre tone - these can both be seen below under his Soundcloud account linked below. The next track style on his list is an action based one, which you can expect to see in the next few weeks.

Vreg - Skinning Clothing

With Vreg being Vreg he has the general no how to be able to be able to fill a lot of roles, so from last fortnight where he was doing some jutsu vfx and concepting, this week he has been looking into the skinning of the newly modelled clothes by raf onto the character. His work is already yielding results; as shown by the clothes all being skinned to the character in conjunction with the animations. Additionally, rather than being a single piece, this clothing has been developed to be modular or in seperate parts, meaning customization will be more easily achievable in the future (as shown by the gif below).With this now close to completion, and matt beginning the texturing of the clothing, you can expect a new outfit being implemented pretty soon.

And with that, the second dev blog is complete. We will be back in a fortnight with more development, and more progress. Until then, sayonara shinobi’s!

Dev Blog - First Entry 

This Is the first entry in what will be a fort-nightly dev blog where I give the community an inside update on what developments we have made over the last couple of weeks. Instead of our Facebook, where we only really show things when they are completed, this dev blog is intended to keep you guys enlightened about the continued progress of the game in the form of work in progress screenshots, videos and gifs of any of the modelling, texturing, concept art or animation that we are in the process of creating. Naturally as we will be showing lots of WIP screenshots, the items shown will likely be liable to change considerably, so please don’t take them as a finished product. With that being said, let’s begin this opening dev blog!


This will likely be one of the most active areas of the dev blog due to the sheer amount of work Matt produces every week. Recently he has been rapidly progressing through the buildings Rafael modelled, but his pace has been so impressive that I’m unable to show any WIP screenshots as he just finished his 9th building. However, I can show you a blurred compilation of the work not yet posted to Facebook all of which will begin to trickle through in the next few weeks.

However what I can show you clearly are some screenshots from when Matt loaded up these completed buildings in engine, giving you guys a small indication of the attention to detail and quality that will exist throughout the village.


Unfortunately, the creation of real modelling content has slowed a bit due to Rafael needing to focus on his personal life, but still has continued to work with Matt in polishing up each of the 50+ buildings he has produced thus far so they are ready for texturing.

Concept Art

With this section it is time to more formally introduce a new member of our team, Daniel or Dati, who has quickly settled in and produced lots of top notch designs at a quick pace. With his great sketching ability, he was put onto designing some more buildings and village props to populate our village with, as shown below. In regards to myself, I have been sliding into more of an Art Director role whilst working with Dati on design and Matt with texturing, but I am working on getting back into concepting myself, starting with the hidden snow environment design, for which I have done 9 very quick thumbnail sketches to be refined to 3 digital ones, then 1 final concept. The thumbnail sketches can also be seen below.

Jutsu Creation

Vreg has been going through the early stages in concepting out how the earth jutsu will look. This initial process involved going into an animation software in order to create a number of quick animations fitting with the idea of a earth dome to be used mostly for defence in warding off jutsu attacks ,or, if the user has the required skills, offense through trapping the opponent in the dome itself. We thought this jutsu would be beneficial to gameplay as it allows the player to slow down and regain chakra and health in what is an fast paced and deadly environment. Ill show you some of the various animations below, but you will have to wait to see which one we decided to develop. Feel free to comment below on which one is your favourite.

And with that the first dev blog is complete. I hope you have gained a small insight into the development progress we have been making and are happy with our work rate thus far. As I intend for this to be a continued log I will be back in a couple of weeks with yet more developments we have made, from stuff in early WIP states to close to completion. Please comment with any critiques or suggestions you might have for this new format. Until then, sayonara shinobis!

So after doing the hidden snow comp(shown below) my teammates commented that it might not fit the style of the game as the architecture style is obviously not Japanese(Eskimo and Turkish style cultures were the main inspirations). This was done mainly as Japanese style buildings are not meant for constant snowfall, so i thought a culture that had spent centuries living in this climate would be more suited for this village(eskimos) and that the Turkish architecture is so majestic and extravagant that it would fit with the backstory i was creating(strong rich-poor divide). However we are making this game for you, the community, so this is your chance to way in. Do you want exclusively Asian architecture? Or are you fine with some more artistic freedom in regards to culture? Comment wit your thoughts and vote in the poll.

Hidden Snow:

Drawings / Concept Art Contest
« on: February 20, 2014, 09:53:18 »
Heres my stuff Vreg

General character, 4 different angles

4 hairstyles (I guess 5 including the one on the character)

Character in combat position

Thats it, hope Vreg and you guys like it! :D

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Jutsus on the mobile version?
« on: February 01, 2014, 08:42:17 »
I was wondering how you would incorporate the realistic jutsu system into the mobile platform. This is obviously due to the lack of keyboard and screen size

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Shinobi Risings Stuff?
« on: September 22, 2013, 17:25:04 »
I think most of you know this but I'll repeat it anyway. Ashes (head of the SR forum) released a post recently explaining that the game could go no where else and had been dispanded. She also mentioned that she would release the pre-alpha game on the indieDB, in the hope that someone might one day finish it. I dunno about everyone else, but this seems like we hit the jackpot here. The devs of SR actually did some pretty cool things like the ability to walk up walls, like 4 jutsus already implemented,  quite a few charcter models, and lots of pretty cool code. As both Shinobi Life Online and SR have been made in unity, as well as Ashes putting the game on the web and literally asking someone to use/ finish it, I think Vreg should take the opportunity
Heres Ashes post and a vid of SRs work if u still need convincing

Drawings / Eternals Non SLO Artz
« on: September 18, 2013, 20:23:18 »
Critique and comment as you wish, just make sure its constructive  :D

Kylo Ren Quickie:

The Journey-30 minute speedie:
Version 1(Day)

Version 2(Dusk)

Vertical City- 30 minutes:

New Dawn-25 minute speedie:

Mystique-30 minute speedie:

Iron Man Portrait(Lighting Study- 45 mins):

Advanced Police:

Apocalyptic City:


4 Thumbnails:

Value(+Colour) Practise 3:

Sunset - 25 mins:

Monster's Lair:

Mech Heavy:

Introduction / Hey Guys
« on: September 18, 2013, 18:49:07 »
Hiya its EternalEyes here wannabe concept artist :)

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