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General Discussion / Quote of the day
« on: August 07, 2016, 22:55:17 »
In the many communities i have been in there have been some that in a way recorded the funny shit that people would say so today i am going to start this topic. All you have to do is either put a picture or write down a quote that someone said that you thought was funny BUT you cannot put something you said cause just because you think you're funny doesn't mean everyone else thinks that so i will start.

The Quote of the day is

Viewer Desecration is advised

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Kako No Yami
« on: August 03, 2016, 02:17:07 »
Kako No Yami

Founder: Unknown

Leader: Allake Kirishima (Sage)

Affiliation: Rouge Organization

Allies: N/A

Enemies: N/A

History: (coming soon)

Purpose/Goals: We are known to many as Shadow of the past and our purpose is to destroy this world and rebuild it into our own image no matter what it takes. We will give second chances to those who've lost everything and we will fuel their fire for vengeance. Kako No Yami goals are to give justice to the corrupted world we live in and give it a second chance to be reborn as a peaceful world.

Unique features: We are very organized and we try to stay in the shadows unseen from the public, we do not care if you were kicked or left on your own accord from another organization as long as you agree to our ways then we accept you.


4 Horsemen OF The Apocalypse(Relay Concerns And Advice About The Organization)

Death- Allake Kirishima  (In Charge Of The Forums)

Conquest- (Leader Of Strategy And War Games)

Famine- (Deals With InGame Events/ Recruitment Power Of Denying Applicants If Needed)

War(Deals With The Advisors/ Anyone who Dares To Start A War With The Organization They Will Be The One Representing The Organization as a Messanger)

Advisors To The Council (Only Very Few Can Obtain This Rank, Used To Relay To The Horsemen About Quarrels And Real Issues):


1. Follow the chain of command (EX- Advisory, 4 Horsemen)
2. Never tell our secerts to other Clans/Organizations
3. Never Kill another member in the organization
4. Disrespect will not be tolerated

Application to join the Organization

Ninja Rank(If possible):
Chakra Nature(s):
Kekkei Genkai or Chakra Mix:
Where you previously part of another Org (if so state your reason for leaving):
If you don't know any of this information, just put N/A

Code: [Select]
[b][url=] [glow=orange,2,300]Kako No Yami[/b][img][/img]

General Discussion / What is your best Naruto pickup lines
« on: August 02, 2016, 05:10:30 »
What are your best naruto pick up lines that will 100% win someone over

Here's mine: what's the fastest way to a girls heart, A chidori

now it's your guy's turn

Naruto Anime / What are your thoughts on Kakashi's Face
« on: July 31, 2016, 06:29:07 »
So this isn't really a SPOILER cause it's in the Manga and if you are caught up with naruto (on crunchyroll) then you will know how he looks like.

so i wanted to know what you guys think of Kakashi's face and is it how you imagined Kakashi looked like?

Games / Caption that photo!
« on: July 29, 2016, 08:20:01 »
Post a funny picture (all ages appropriate) and the next person will quote it and caption it then he will post a picture and the next will do the same.

I'll start

Introduction / Guess it's never to late to introduce myself
« on: July 10, 2016, 05:40:51 »
Name: Allan
Ethnicity: Mexican/American (and sadly im polish from my "fathers" side)
Nationality: American
Living in: The middle of Chiraq
Born in: Chicago
Sports: Airsoft, Paintball, Baseball, Football, (and basketball from time to time)
Hobbies: video Games, watching my favorite anime, Riding Harleys
Goals in life: Become a Mechanic and open my own shop
Languages: English, Spanish
Education: High school Dropout (G.E.D or whatever)

Description of myself: I know some of you already know me and i hope those who do know me i made a good impressio, i am a very chill guy(most likely cause of the weed)i try to be a nice guy but i do get angry if someone annoys the shit out me. I try to not get in pointless internet fights as a matter fact i see myself as probably the peacemaker in most situations. I grew up in a very ghetto neighborhood and was friends with many people who where in gangs, never joined one cause i didn't want to commit to any of that shit, i trust no one i only have a selective list of people who i would call friends and trust with certain issues and other stuff. I've always been into Harleys best motorcycles in the world, and i guess that's pretty much it.

General Discussion / What's the best you got
« on: July 09, 2016, 09:14:23 »
So i was at this store the other day an i saw this girl who was working at the cashier and by god was she freaking beautiful, now im not good when it comes to talking to people i don't know face to face ESPECIALLY when it comes to good looking girls, so i was thinking to myself what in the world would i say to this chick i got nothing and i didn't want to say something so cheesy. So what i ended up doing was going up to the cash register she worked at, as i go up to her i looked at her and smiled and in my head i was thinking of shit to say but it was all so stupid, so i just ended up complimenting her smile and eyes and walked off. So what i'm asking from you guys is, what is your best pick up line when it comes down to the ladies and does it work.

Here are some lines to begin with.

I'm not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.

Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.

I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

Have fun and give me the best pick up lines you got!!

Shinobi Life Online Character / Allake kirishima
« on: May 30, 2016, 21:35:41 »
Allake Kirishima (Sage)

Thanks to RaphoZentel for drawing this!

Name: Allake Kirishima
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1 - 185.45
Weight: 195
Hairstyle: Long and Spikey
Facial hair: none
Hair color: White
Eye color: Black (Turns Blood red when the rage takes over him)
Blood type: O
Primary chakra nature: Fire
Secondary Chakra nature: Lightning
Specialization: Kenjutsu
Hidden Village: Inferunogakure (Hidden Inferno)
Clan: Kirishima
Good or evil at heart?: Evil

Description of the character's personality: Allake is a very calm person with no love for other people other than his family and the love for his wife who passed away. He wields a powerful sword that he calls Kuroki "The Black Demon" if someone were to get slashed by this the sword absorbs that users chakra and is infused with that chakra nature, he has no siblings but just his close friends he would call brother, If he where to see a family member injured or killed he will snap and turn into a killer with no remorse for the one he's going after. He acts calm on the outside but in the inside he is filled with hate towards the people who killed his Father,Mother, and wife. He has turned to the rouge life and is now a member of the greatest organization to ever be known (Kako No Yami)

Description of the character's history: As a kid Allake was very active and loved everyone in his village, he had many friends and loved to spend time with his parents. His father was a skilled ninja who was a part of the Anbu Blackops and his mother was a stay at home mom. When he reached the age to be able to join the Academy he made it with high scores and was one of the top class ninja, right after his graduation he was put on many Rank C rank missions and when the Kage noticed his great work he made him a Chunin and started sending him in higher level missions.

One night he was out on a training run with his father when they heard leaves falling down from the trees and what sounded like multiple ninjas running around them, when one of the ninja approached he noticed that it was a ninja from the Yukigakure village, as Allake and his Father where both in defensive mode Allake was wondering why the Yukigakure village was doing in the land of Inferno at night. Out of no where the ninja attack Allakes father and they began to fight, another ninja approached Allake and they began to have a battle, kunai flying everywhere and ninjas going down, at the end there where still to many ninjas for Allake and his father to fight off, as a move of desperation to save his son Allakes father used a jutsu that only the Anbu knew how to use the only thing wrong with it was that whoever use this jutsu would also die. Allakes father looked back at him and told him to go back to the village and warn the Kage and that he would be right behind him, as Allake started to run he heard a boom off in the distance as he looked back and noticed his father was following him he began to worry and ran towards the direction of the explosion. When he got there he noticed that 10 of the ninja that where there before had all died and the rest where gone, as he started to search for his father he saw a hand reach out of the ruble and say his name, it was his father, as he ran towards his father he noticed that he was missing his legs and his left arm, while his father had enough energy to speak he told his son to protect his family and his village that one day he will meet with him again. As Allakes father drew his last breath he gave his son his kunai that he loved and then he passed away.

As Allake went back and warned the Kage a war began between the 2 villages at this point Allake was 18 and was fighting in the war, during this time was when he met his wife they both fell deeply in love with each other and soon after both villages declared a peace treaty Allake asked her to marry him. As time progress the village was peaceful and he lived with his wife next to the house of his mother, but one peaceful night while Allake was on a mission he had a bad feeling that something had happened back home, so he abandoned his mission and rushed back home, by the time he got there the clans little village was destroyed and there where few people trying to find others who where alive. When Allake saw this ran towards his house to find that his mother and wife where both dead and his wife holding a kunai as she was trying to defend herself and his mother, Allake saw this and began to grow hatred he yelled as his beloved wife and mother where lying on the ground motionless. He immediately ran outside to get answers from one of the other clansmen, when he found out it was multiple ninja but they couldn't tell who it was, he was furious, he left the village and started to find out who the killers where, after 2 years searching he didn't find anyone at this point a good friend from his clan bumped into him and asked him if he wanted to start an organisation with him. Allake accepted and they founded a new organization called Kako No Yami, after that he began to work alongside his friend and began to recruit other ninjas who have never been given a second chance. He still hasn't found the killers and will continue to look till the end of his days.

Technical Support / Problem with the new (FIXED)
« on: September 24, 2015, 01:26:47 »
Every time  i try to start it, it keeps telling me it can't run on this pc when the last versions ran perfectly fine i'm having trouble figuring out what's the problem i already tried troubleshooting it but every time i try the game won't start please can i get some help!!!

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