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3D Modeling / Timelapscapadia
« on: February 16, 2016, 07:19:22 »
Just going to be doing Timelapses of simple Hard-Surfaced works here.

A Simple Threaded Screw

Shinobi Life Online Character / Cirruscho Algetz
« on: February 10, 2016, 05:15:06 »
Gender: ♀ Hermaphrodite
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 170
Hairstyle: Loose Curly Afro
Facial hair: No
Hair color: Autumn
Eye color: Yellow Sclera
Blood type: O Positive
Primary chakra nature: N/A
Hidden Village: N/A
Clan: None
Good or evil at heart?: Undefined

Description of the character's personality:
Cirruscho is a composite, but culmination of swirling personalities that create a single amalgamation. She is both filled with zeal and cowardice, seeming frantic, but precise

decision making. Mentally when not in combat, she's shaken from all of the hardships she found herself enduring, but her body reacts based on the severity of past experiences.

She has a rather sporadic nature and tends to skew the line between good and evil.

Description of the character's history:
Born within the west, from birth to their late teenage years, they were physically abused and treated like smut. The depiction of such a serene woman was overshadowed by dual

reproductive organs. Because of this, she was often very violently beaten and/or raped in front of crowds, viewed as a spectacle of amusement & pleasure. Years passed and

unfortunately all that occurred was permanently baked into her train of thought, but ironically she sought understanding through a local church. Her skewed and masochistic

thinking paired with her refined morals of humanity created an amalgamation in character. She was neither forgiving, nor harsh in judgement, but whenever her personal sentence

was delivered, she took pleasure in it. Eventually, Cirruscho found herself traveling about and eventually enlisting into a massive civil war. As she went from area to area fighting,

she eventually suffered a nearly-paralyzing injury that forced her into receiving reinforcements into most of her limbs. Back onto the battlefield, she found herself in the area she

suffered within...The lady, covered by scars, dirtied by oil and dirt found herself in confusion as she was seen as a different...greeted as a hero fighting for her peoples. Passer-

bys say that the confusion of the young lady was perplexing. They wonder why the mob formed around to kick and beat her after she lifted her bouncy autumn hair to reveal her

dark and freckled skin. Commentary of the people tends to vary, but what always strikes as a common phrase is "Those damned eyed.." followed by a crushing feeling. Many

depict their perspectives as  graphic and deemed the young lady several names such as "The Holy Butcher" or "Quick Draw" for after several seconds of what seemed to be

deliberation, the young lady streaked forward, crushed a man's esophagus, then ripped his head off with such force that the air boomed. She went by each person in the vicinity

scanning their faces and matching their past with their unchanged present, then repeated her gore fest until no more than three were supposedly left. It's said that the woman 

expressed a very motherly smile, not meeting her actions with expression which made the experience of viewing a horror story. People say that what appeared to be foreigners

appeared to detained her, yet no one messaged for help. They let the stranger young lady go, giving her what appeared to be a ticket and strangely vanished. After looking at the

fallen corpses once more, she was said to have took one final seat within the church, then vanished herself.

Shinobi Life Online Character / Morgan Freeman
« on: November 23, 2014, 17:33:15 »
Biography: Morgan Freeman
Age: Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman...Morgan Freeman.


Music / A Bowl of Soup - Sounds of Lumen
« on: March 24, 2014, 20:26:23 »

Will update shortly.

3D Modeling / Lumen's Corner
« on: March 15, 2014, 15:58:20 »

My name is Lumen. I'm a generalist of sorts, but my main craze nowadays is character art. Officially, I've been doing it(character art) for five months now. It's been a good while since I've found

something that I'm satisfied with. If anyone needs help, I don't mind giving advice or help.

Educational Sources

If we're speaking in Anatomy, I must recommend Anatomy for Sculptors It is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge and points out basic shapes,

landmarks, origin points and other pieces of information that will help you better articulate a lot of form in the body. For the bits that you just can't quite get a hold of like some of the less obvious

muscle masses, I recommend Scott Eaton. If you have a way of getting a hold of his "Anatomy for Sculptors" lessons, I say go for it. It's is thorough and everything you'll need to get yourself an

efficient understanding of anatomy. I did mention Polycount which is a wonderful source for both technical and physical-based understanding & showcasing.

[Updated as of 1-5-2016]
Anatomical Study References
Paul Richer
Burne Hogarth
Scott Eaton
Sarah Simblet
Zack Petroc

Drawings / R & D - Ask for help if needed
« on: March 07, 2014, 20:57:56 »
Head retopology along with some animation tests. It deforms perfectly. Started on the ears.

Started on the earlier this morning. Did an extremely dense retopo. and will be going back to re-do it again.

Both of these have Turbosmooth modifiers applied to them, so they're not too rough looking for preview.
If you've got any questions about modeling, feel free to ask.

General Discussion / My sides - Funny videos
« on: March 07, 2014, 13:09:44 »
In the middle of work, I keep finding myself distracted by these videos. My sides just in pain now. Morning!

Professor Layton and the Malignant Growth - Part 3

Introduction / Howdy Doodles!
« on: March 05, 2014, 18:21:05 »

Name: Yoruichi( Not really)
Ethnicity: Brack
Living in: United States
Born: 9, 1, 1990
Sports: TKD
Hobbies: Cooking!
Languages: English, Broken Jap.
Education: Art Institutes of Pittsburgh

My name's Lumen, but my former name is Paws. I was referred to this site unofficially by HydroCrusader and officially by Saitou. I'm a former member of Shinobi Risings. It didn't go to well, so I honestly had my gripes about approaching this project, but it's fine now. I'm more of the type to research for hours before implementing anything for I have major issues with contingency. I just generally don't like hostility or impatience either. I'm happy-go-lucky and don't mind criticism. It's actually fun to hear other people's ideals and it's nice to just, out of nowhere help another if they have an issue themselves.

I'm a pretty mellow person due to many experiences, though I can be somewhat eccentric when I want to. In short, I'm a bit bi-polar at times. I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but a degree is something I did not attain for their teachers were either absent or didn't communicate...Don't ever take online classes. I spend my days researching and developing my skills, so I'm mostly on Polycount. I don't enjoy bickering, but I do love a good discussion though.

Traditional Modeling [Organics, Inanimate, Hard-Surface, Interior, Exterior]
Unwrapping [Organics, Hard-Surface]
Retopology [Organics, Inanimate, Hard-Surface]
Animation [Character Animation Toolkit, Custom Rig Solutions] 2 Years(or more)
Rigging [Standard bones, Basic Rig creation, FK/IK Blend rig solution] 1 Year
Sculpting [Standard masking, MicroMesh, Dynamesh] 2-3 Years
Anatomy [Human] 1+ Year
Volumetrics & Destruction [RayFire, FumeFX, Krakatoa] 3-5 Years
Compositing [After Effects , Photoshop]
Texturing [Normals, Displacement, Specular, AO, Cavity, Diffuse, Sub-Surface Scatter]

The rest involve music, lighting, engines(Unity & UDK) and some C#.


Traditional & Sculpting - Max & Zbrush
Rigging & Animation - Max
Texturing & Other Maps - Zbrush, Photoshop & Xnormal
Unwrapping - Unfold3D
Retopology - Topogun 2.0

: > I almost just slammed my monitors because it erased everything. Anyways, I hope that I didn't bore you guys to tears. Apologies! Enjoy your day.

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