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Shinobi Life Online Clans / Kaze
« on: July 16, 2017, 11:22:42 »

Founder: Tori Kaze

Leader: Hiruko Kaze

Affiliation: The Hidden Snow Village

Clan history: WIP

Unique traits: The Kaze have White hair and they are mostly excellent users in Water Release and Wind Release. (Exceptions are possible)

Strengths: Depends on the Member

Weaknesses: Depends on the Member

Rival clans: N/A

Allied clans: N/A

Members: Leader: Hiruko Kaze

Respect every clan member
Never betray the village or the clan
Treat everyone equally

Application Format:

Ninja Rank:
Reason why you want to join:
Chakra Nature:

Clan Code:
Spoiler: show


Shinobi Life Online Character / Hiruko Kaze
« on: November 20, 2016, 15:49:06 »

(Credits to @Rapho)

Name: Hiruko Kaze
Age: 17
Gender: male
Height: 1.76
Weight: 68
Hairstyle: messy
Facial hair: N/A
Hair color: White
Eye color: White
Blood type: AB
Primary chakra nature: Wind
Hidden Village: Yukigakure
Clan: Kaze
Good or evil at heart?: Depends on the situation

Description of the character's personality: He doesnt take his life serious. He is a hated person. He doesnt like to speak at all, he is bored all the time and he searches for a challenge the most of his time

Description of the character's:

Hiruko’s Childhood

Hiruko lived in a small village in a small forest. His father was a shinobi at Jounin level, but he retired because he got an unhealable arm injury. And his mother was a simple woman, with a great heart for her familiy. Due to his injury, Hiruko’s father couldn’t do anything helpful, that meant his mother did everything for the household. Hiruko loved the forest, he was able to climb on trees with his friends, they could play hide and seek, a beautiful normal live. But one evening, something bad happened. Hiruko was sleeping and his parents were still awake. They talked with each other, but then, someone was knocking at the door, Hiruko awoke from that knocking. His mother opened the door, three shinobis with masks on their face stood in front of his mom now. The tallest shinobi came forward and stretched his arm forwards his mother.
“The money, please.” He said in a emotionless voice.
“B-But you said next month, we still have 2 weeks for payday.” His mother said in a nervously voice.
DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT WE SAID?! WE WILL KILL YOUR SON IF YOU DON’T PAY, BITCH The tall shinobi shouted her in the face. A lot of wannabe shinobis are coming to the village monthly. They aren’t Shinobis, they are rogues. Every month they want money, when someone doesn’t gives their money, they got punished.
Hiruko’s Father ran to Hiruko and saw he was awake.
“Hiruko, you heard that right? We don’t want to lose you, so just run away! Become a shinobi and rescue this village and your friends, okay?! Daddy loves you.” He said and kissed him on the cheek. He opened the window and pointed outside.
“W-WHY?!” He thought in his minds. Suddenly he stood up and jumped out of the window, he ran and ran. He ran out of the forest, he was crying, he was screaming, but then he got unconscious… He got unconscious near a sea…

Life before Academy

As Hiruko was awoke, he was laying in a bed.
“Where am I?” He asked and shook his head
A child in his age was sitting at the window, he was looking outside.”Oh you’re finally awake, Kaa-san said I should watch for you, I’m Kyuzaki.” He said and still watched outside, he was like an arrogant piece of sh*t, that was Hiruko thoughts about him in this moment. After a few seconds an older lady came in the room. She came with 3 little girls behind her back. “Hello! I guess you are wondering where you are and who we are… We found you outside near a sea, you laid there 2 days unconscious! So we picked you up in the Orphanage from Yukigakure! The three ladies behind me are Ayame, Ayumi and Azumi! They are shy so don’t worry!” The old woman said all these words, but Hiruko didn’t got anything of them. “Sooo, what’s your name, little boy?” She asked him with a smile. “Hiruko.” He simply said in a emotionless voice. “Hiruko? Thats a nice name! So, you are going to live with Kyuzaki in a room. Since we are just one Orphanage in Yukigakure, we need to take care of newcomers here, so Kyu is going to be your roommate, why? Because he is the oldest here” She said again with a smile. After all these words Hiruko stood up. He didn’t remembered his family neither his village where he was born in. As one foot was on the ground, Hiruko was feeling something weird, like something incredible is flowing through his whole body. “Are you okay?” The old woman said, “If he’s going to guess the black chakra, then we’re in big trouble, master.” The woman thought in her minds. “Follow me.” Kyu said. Hiruko followed him into their room. “On the right is your bed and right next to it, is your wardrobe, you are going to ninja academy tomorrow, so prepare yourself. I’m already a genin, so I can teach you some basics. So take your ninja clothes from the wardrobe, Kaa-san already put them into the wardrobe.” He said and opened the window, “We have got a training field right down here, just come down, if you are feeling ready.” He said and then jumped out of the window.”
Hiruko put his ninja clothings on and jumped out of the window too. He was emotionless at this moment and he will probably be a little Kasuke, because the only thing that he can remember, are the three rogues. As Hiruko landed on the ground, A shuriken flew to him. Hiruko reacted and catched his with his middle finger, even Hiruko was amazed, he never really learned that, neither he knew something about that. “That’s some good reactions, I think we can be friends.” He said with a grin, “Now you need to throw it, when you hit it perfectly, then you are worthy in my eyes!” He said again with a grin. Hiruko picked up three shurikens and threw them at the targets 1 of them hits perfectly and the other two are slightly at the edge of the target. “I see, so you are very good, I like you. Let’s make a deal. Let’s train every evening!” He said enthusiastic. “Sure, why not.” Hiruko said emotionless, “I’m going to explore the village now, I’m coming back late, so the old woman shouldn’t worry about me.” He said again in a cold and more emotionless voice. He suddenly disappeared.
“He is weird, but very good as a shinobi.” He thought and disappeared too.
Hiruko was discovering Yukigakure now, everything is snowy and cold, but somehow the incredible feeling in his body is keeping him warm. He saw the kage office, the hospital, the academy and more. He even made a little mindmap to remember where the Orphanage is. After he discovered Yukigakure, he sat down on a tree at the academy. After a few minutes, three genin came to the academy. “OI, GET DOWN THERE NEWCOMER, YOU ARENT EVEN IN THE ACADEMY, SO GO AWAY, LITTLE SHIT.” The fat one of them said. But Hiruko ignored them and started to play flute. He bought one from his money in his ninja bag.
YOU ARE PROVOCATING US, HUH? GET THIS!” All of them said and threw kunais and shurikens at Hiruko, but Hiruko suddenly disappeared and appeared behind them. He was so fast, that it looked like teleporting. And his reflexes were so good, that he picked up one kunai in the air. “Buh” He whispered them into the ears. They all fell down. “Disappear” Hiruko said and he cut them all in the stomach, after a few seconds, they died. “Worthless scum” He said and laid down the kunai right next to them

Life in Academy

Hiruko woke up in a bed again, but this time he woke up in his room with Kyu. “Today is academy huh?” He said with a smile, I hope it is interesting and not boring like these 3 scum’s yesterday he thought. Hiruko looked around, but no one was there, Kyu was already gone. As Hiruko stood up, he had this incredible flowing feeling in his leg again, but this time Hiruko could feel that it was some type of chakra. “It feels good!” he said with a cold voice. He put on his ninja clothing, opened the window and jumped out of the house. Whilst he was walking through the snowy streets of Yukigakure, every Shinobi with at least Chuunin level, looked at him with a hated look. But Hiruko had his hands in his pockets and continued walking to the academy. As he arrived, he saw the ANBU at the academy and at the entrance of the academy was a letter.
 “Every new academy student should go to the training field.”
 “I guess it is because of me, huh? Boring,” he whispered to himself. He was walking to the training field and saw some academy students and ninjas with headbands, Kyu was also there.
“So everybody, I guess you are wondering why I called you here, but 3 genins were killed yesterday at the academy. We still don’t know who it was, but they were killed by a simple kunai. This rogue appears to be a strong one, so the Kage decided to make practical training for the next two weeks. So today we are having Taijutsu training. You are going through an obstacle course and these genins here are going to write to the time down. After that we will have a Taijutsu spar training. The student with the best time fights against the student with the second best time and so on. I’m going to explain the obstacle course now. First” he continued “you need to jump over this wall, behind the wall is a training dummy, he throws shuriken at you. Dodge or block the shuriken and continue, or you can choose to destroy the dummy. Destroying the dummy gives you bonus time. After that you need to avoid more training dummies, but they are just standing there, three in a row. Decide to spin right or left around them. And after that, you need to jump from wood root to wood root; they are wood roots, because it’s hard to keep balance on them. So, who wants to go first? Hiruko?” The Jounin asked. Without waiting for a reply he said “3, 2, 1 GO!” so Hiruko jumped with ease on  the wall. Without wasting an second he jumped off the wall, grabbed a shuriken mid air and threw it away, then he grabbed the training dummy while in the air and he took it as a speed resource, with the speed from the dummy he spun around the three dummies and then he jumped with ease over the roots.
“Seven and a half second” The genin said amazed.
“Very good Hiruko, I didn’t think you were so good, because you are the youngest here in the group.” The Jounin said.
“Thank you.” Hiruko replied simply and emotionless. Hiruko talked a bit with Kyu while the other students were going through the course. After they finished, one genin said,
“Sensei, the second best has got sixteen seconds, that’s a bit unfair.”
“That’s no problem, there are 19 in the class, that means one needs to fight a genin. Kyu, you are going to fight Hiruko.” He said with a smile on his face. All of the genins were amazed,
“The best genin against the best academy student, this is going to be fun” They all whispered in each other’s ear.
“Destroy him, Kyu.” the jounin whispered Kyu into the ear. The Jounin was a close friend of Kyu and a very violent person. No start signal was given, but Kyu started to make handseals, “Kage bunshin no jutsu!” He said and 2 Kage bunshins were standing right next to him.
“Interesting Kyu, I didn’t think that you know Ninjutsu so well as a Genin.” Hiruko said with a smile. But right after this, Hiruko was standing behind Kyu, with both of his Kage bunshins in his hands. He grabbed them on the throat and then threw them away. But Kyu’s reaction and reflexes were just as good as Hiruko’s. Kyu kicked him in the stomach and Hiruko was knock backed and he fell down.
“It’s over” Kyu said. 5 Kage bunshins surrounded Hiruko. Hiruko held his hands in the air.
“I give up.” He said impressed from Kyuzaki’s skills.
“You can go home you both.” The Jounin said angrily. It was always the same the next two weeks, they trained Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. But one night, Hiruko sensed this incredible feeling. He stretched his hand and little black wind balls were formed on his 5 fingers. He instantly knew what to do in the next weeks.


Shinobi Life Online Character / a
« on: October 21, 2015, 15:26:32 »


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