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General Discussion / The 'London roadman' games!
« on: Yesterday at 18:08:41 »
I have no fucking life, lmfao... but here goes:
I was taking a shower when a thought suddenly clouded my mind.

What is this?
The 'London roadman' games are a series of competitions to see who can produce the best and most realistic sentences using words from my dictionary.
Each round or episode is a week long and there will be rankings that reset every Sunday. Along with a weekly leader board we will also have an all-time leader board to determine who is the best of all time.

Points and titles:
The rankings go up to top 10 but only the top 3 receive titles according to their points.
1. Driller - You are at the top of the leader board with more points than anyone else.
2. Young G - Second best. Still young and learning but you have the potential to get up there!
3. Yute - Third and most demeaning title. You are the yute here. A young boy in the crew.

5 points - Excellent sentence. Realistic and I won't be able to distinguish you from a real driller.
3 points - Fine sentence, you've got a good structure. Acceptable.
1 point - Bare minimum. You tried, but you're still a scrub.

  • You have a week to submit your entries in hopes of reaching maximum points in order to claim the title
  • You are allowed a maximum of 5 sentences per day
  • The sentences have to be at-least 10 words long
  • You are not allowed to directly steal lyrics from songs
  • You DO NOT have to put a slang term throughout your entire sentence. It'll only look shit.
Post your work below!

Leader board and much more to come depending on whether people actually participate.
It'll be sad if nobody cares but oh well, thought this is a fun event.

Leader board
1. DrSuhi - Driller - 10 points
2. Mars - Young G - 5 points
3. RyanFlashfire - Yute - 5 points

Thanks for your time :*

General Discussion / London slang dictionary for SLO |WIP|
« on: Yesterday at 15:12:16 »
Wagwarn, community! (lol)
Recently we’ve been discussing grime and the urban culture of modern London (specifically the Northern and Southern regions) with some members in the Discord chat. We went through how gangs operate and some other shit, but most importantly the language that circulated the urban regions.
I have decided to put together a London slang dictionary for you guys to refer to when listening to grime tracks, and more specifically drill.

Gang related
Jump Out Gang - A collaboration between Harlem Spartans, 67 and 86.
67 - Major powerhouse in London. Pretty much controls the drug and weapon exchanges in South London. Based in Brixton.
86 - Neighbouring and allied gang with 67. Based in Brixton again.
Harlem Spartans - Part of JOG. Fairly new but dangerous and recently active gang based in Kennington.
Ounto Nation - Large gang in North London. Not sure how much of an impact they have or their attitudes towards the south. Based in Tottenham.

Aggy – Aggressive
“Nigga, don’t get me aggy”
Aggro – Aggressive
Amm – Amnesia. A strand of Indica breed weed.
“I get loads of money from trapping Amm”
Ahlie – A London slang word for ‘I know right’
“Mars: The Shinobi exams were retarded
Snoopy: Ahlie”
Allow it – Go easy on something. Let it go.
“Misi: Give me all your SLO coins!
Jcryer: Allow it, please!”
Aired - When you get ignored, whether it be a read message without reply or in real life.
"Lol, man got aired"

Bare – Loads. When somebody or yourself has a lot of something.
“I got bare jewels on my neck”
“She’s chatting bare”
“Man’s got bare problems”
Bands – A large sum of money wrapped in a rubber band. Usually £1000 or more.
“This watch cost me 5 bands”
“I spent 20 bands on this whip”
Bando – The house where drugs are produced, packed and sometimes sold.
“Chillin’ in the bando”
Bredrins – Brothers.
Bells – Type of bullets for a shotgun.
Bun – Ugly or Attack
“That girl is bun, fam”
“If he acts up, we’re gonna bun him”
Bruck/Brukk – To break something.
“Bruck up man’s face”
“Got that weed, bruck it all down”
“Your bro got brukk up”
“I bruck my dik” (Requested by Accelerator)
Body – To “catch a body” means to kill somebody.
“SJ caught a body on Tuesday”
Bait – When something is obvious1, and when someone is being exposed2.
1.   “Ken: Cover yourself with a shirt if someone catches you wanking
Mars: Nah, man, that’s too bait”
2.   “Reminance: I saw Chikai give head to some guy on SLO
Nova: Bait her out fam”
Block – Neighbourhood/Estate
Bird – A girl.
“Who’s that bird?”
Batty – Big ass. Can also mean gay.
“She got that big batty”
“He’s a battyboy”
Bossman - The owner of a shop. Usually corner store. Anyone can be bossman regardless of race.
"What's up, bossman?"
Beef - Conflict between two or more people.
"There's beef on the courts"
Blanked - Ignored
Beg - Someone who is needy
"He's a beg"
Bumbaclart - Something you wipe your ass with. So the English equivalent will be 'Asswipe'. The word can also be a substitute for "fuck".
"Friend performs an evil prank on you
A: Bumbaclart..."
Bludclart/Bloodclart - Blood cloth. Bloody tampon or other substance. Used to describe an annoying person. Big insult.
"What a bludclart"

Corn – Bullets
“Loading the iron with corn”
Crash – Raid/Invade
“We crashed the opp block”
Creps – Trainers
“Look at my fresh creps”
Case – Court Case. When someone has been caught by the police, they may get a court case depending on what crime they have committed.
“I ain’t trynna catch no case”
Chunky – Usually describes fat bullets. Wider than the standard.
“Chunky corn”
“Chunky stones”
Chase – To “Hold a chase” means to run away from someone.
“When we went through your hood, you were holding chase”
Cah – Because.
“Whatasnipe: Needa go sleep, cah man’s tired”
Can – Jail.
“Free my bros in the can”
Clip – The magazine on a gun.
“He emptied the clip on these niggas”
Crud – Shit. When somebody talks shit.
“He’s talking crud”
Cats – Drug consumers.
“I sold to dem cats”
Cheffed – Cut up/killed.
“He got cheffed up on the main road”
Clapped - Someone ugly.
"Rah, he's clapped as fuck"
'Chete - A machete

Driller – A driller is a respected gangster, known for committing crimes like robbery, murder and trapping and most of all sticking with his gang and repping his ends.
“Krazyy: You know Abz, yeah?”
“Snoopy: Yeah bro, he’s a real driller”
Dotty – Street term for a shotgun.
“Got tha’ Dotty in the bag”
Ding-dong – A cheap car.
“Skrr round with the ding-dong”
Dash – Also known as “Dasheen” or “Dashing”. When someone runs away in fear.
“Them man dasheen”
Dough – Money/Drugs
“I make that dough”
Dead up – Killed.
“Someone’s gonna get dead-up”
“He got dead-up”
Dip – Stab. Can also mean to run away or hide.
“Dip man down”
“He got dipped”
"He dipped from the area"
Dashed - When something gets thrown
"He dashed a chair out the window"
Dun Know! - Almost like... "Cmon!" or "You know it!" a celebration of sorts.
"A showing off muscles
B: Big guns bro!
A: Dun know!"
Dead - When something is unwanted/unattractive/unfitting. For example, a 'dead ting' would be someone unattractive. Or, if you went for a party that was boring, or even heard an unfunny joke, you'd say 'that's dead'.

Ends - English equivalent to the American 'Hood'
"These are my ends"
"What ends are you from?"

Fry – To shoot someone up. (Past tense|Fried)
“He got fried”
Fields – In a field or a less populated place. Definitely not main road.
“Don’t leave your Gs when you’re in the field”
Fam - Family or friend
"What's up, fam?"

Gyaldem – Group of girls. Opposite to ‘mandem’.

Head – Blowjob.
Hench - Strong/Muscly
"Fuck, that guy's hench"

Iron - Gun
"There's live corn in the iron"

JOG – Short for ‘Jump Out Gang’. A collaboration between Harlem Spartans, 67 and 86.


Lurk – Going round searching for opps to kill.
“Lurking round with the gang”
Likkle/Lickle – Small or young. Often used when talking about people.
“Likkle man sit down, you don’t wanna get skied”

MAC – MAC-10, a machine pistol often mentioned in drill songs.
“Bro put 20 in the MAC”
Mandem - Group of males, usually referring to your friends but can also refer to opps.
"Free up the mandem"
Man-like! - When you praise someone, usually your bro for doing something that will give him rep.
"A: I just got the new Js and a bird
B: Man like!"
Myth - A lie
"Lol, nah fam, that's a myth"
Merk/Murk - When something/someone is almost if not completely destroyed
"He merked it"
"He got merked"


Opps – Opposition. The rivals.
“Splash an opp boy”
On my ones – Going somewhere alone.
“I was on my ones”
Ounto – Arabic for ‘food’, also used as a reference for drugs by gangs in the North.
“I smoke on the Ounto”

Peng – An attractive person.
“He/she is peng”
Pum – Jamaican slang for ‘vagina’ or ‘pussy’.
“She has a smelly pum pum”

Qwengerz – An ugly girl.

Racks – Loads of money.
Rushed – Beaten up. Warning shots.
“He came to the wrong block and got rushed”
Rambizzy - Another word for 'Rambo', a knife.
"Big rambizzy by my side"
Roadman - A young adult or man in his 20s who generally has no education and has joined a gang. A real roadman is equipped with weaponry, not afraid to get jailed and is involved with trapping.

Skrr – Also known as ‘Skrt’ is the sound the wheels of a vehicle makes when it starts to drift. This is used in drill tracks to show that a car is being used.
“Skrr round your block”
Spinner – A revolver.
“My bro got the spinner”
Smoke – Gunfire / to kill someone.
“He got smoked”
“We ain’t leaving till we see smoke”
Scoreboard – The imaginary scoreboard of gang rivalry, who’s leading in territory, trapping etc.…
“67: Scoreboard is looking great”
Splash – To stab someone to the point where he’s flowing in blood.
“Splash man down then leave”
Sprayed – When someone is showered in bullets.
Skeng - A knife
"Skeng in my pocket, can't you see he bulge in my coat?"
Sket - A slut
Slag - A slut
Shook - Scared
"He was shook"
Shank - A knife. Also means stab.
"He's got a shank in his pocket"
"He got shanked"

Tum-tum – Gun.
“Got that loud tum-tum”
Ten-toes – Walking.
“We went ten-toes in the opp block”
Trapping – The exchange of drugs for money.
Traphouse – The building in which drugs are made and packed.
T-Side – The Tottenham region of London. AKA Snoopy’s residence.
“Don’t come to the T, head back”
Tops – Blowjob.
“She gave that sloppy toppy”
Trek - A long journey
"Walking over there is a trek"

Uck/Uckers – Blowjob.


Whip - Car
Wagwarn/Wahgwan - When you greet someone. Jamaican slang again.
"Wagwarn, where're you?"


Yute(s) – Young people.
Yard - A house
"I have a free yard" (Implies your house is empty and can host friends over)

This is still work in progress. Message me if you have something to add.

Tracks where some of these words are used:

Big shout out to those who contributed to the dictionary!

General Discussion / Happy New Year 2016 >> 2017
« on: December 31, 2016, 22:39:57 »
Don't know how many of you will be on tonight, but here's a happy new year from myself and @Touka

Hope everyone has a great evening and is fortunate enough to celebrate with family and friends. Hope you guys are all safe and make a soft breakthrough into the new year.

Loads of warm wishes and love,
Snoopy & Touka

General Discussion / Nibui Ennia Roiyaru
« on: December 10, 2016, 23:34:55 »
Chiri no wakai ōji.

Name: Nibui Ennia Roiyaru
Status: Reincarnated
Age: 16
Weight: 70KG/160lbs
Height: 190cm/6’2”
Body type: Mesomorph
Hair type: Medium length. Middle parting. Straight.
Hair colour: Oily black with lighter shade at the tips.

Eye colour: Dark brown.
•   Bags under eyes.

Face: Oval face shape, with a general outlook of tiredness.
Skin: Tanned.
Clothes: Black fully-unbuttoned shirt with knee length grey shorts. A general scruffy outlook.

•   Two golden pendants waving across his chest with diamond plated pentagrams on both.
•   A fat diamond ring on his left index finger.
•   A blue dummy in his mouth. Keeps him quiet most of the time.

Dominant hand: Right
Combat style: Close range swordsmanship and ranged ninjutsu attacks

•   Founder of Blackbox organisation.
•   Patriarch of Ennia house Roiyaru.

•   Subconsciously taps the tip of his sword when his attention is drawn elsewhere.
•   Likes to paint the middle finger on his left hand black.
•   Plays with his hair when thinking.


Rumour has it that Nibui is armed with a vast arsenal of techniques, tricks and a great inventory of mediocre sword skills.
Locals know him as a user of unusual, yet powerful fire and earth techniques, some of which have not been identified or examined yet. People have made attempts at learning and copying his abilities, but failed every time.
Some of his known abilities have been listed below:

“Ground transmission”

Nibui becomes one with the earth, sliding beneath the surface and has the ability to instantly emerge from anywhere within the radius of 50 metres. This has proven to be an effective combat technique, especially for ambushing.

“Formless control”
Nibui is able to control a small amount of sand at will without technical limitations. Chakra is only used up when a large portion (5m x 5m) of sand is manipulated. This gives him the freedom to create almost any object or weapon to use in battle.

“Body replacement”
At all times Nibui’s body is shielded by sand that perfectly replicates his body features. This means that potentially if his arm is ripped off, it would only take off the sand replica and expose his true limb. After a replica is destroyed, it goes on an 8-hour cooldown before it can be fully restored. Ultimately this technique gives Nibui a second chance if he is to be fatally wounded.


Nibui is clumsy and careless at nature, which really limits his swordsmanship when wielding his favourite melee weapon – the Katana. He shows little respect and dedication towards the art of kenjutsu and could almost be said to walk around with a katana with the only purpose being to look somewhat intimidating. He is mediocre at best with a sword and doesn’t rely on it as much as you’d expect.

Nibui is a kind and warm-hearted boy most of the time. He is naturally a loud mouthed person but over the years has lost motivation, ultimately becoming a silent troop in the dust. He may have a cold and void outlook to strangers, but has a deep, tender and affectionate inner nature that he rarely shows.

Nibui is not the most talented ninja, nor is he intelligent. He is clumsy in most aspects of life; whether it be failing to get around the area due to poor navigation skills, or win futile arguments against his comrades.

He is considered a loyal member of the Ennia clan and a faithful patriarch of the house based in the Hidden Dust – Roiyaru.

Nibui? Nibui, the name that echoes across the hottest sand dunes. The name attached to a young man who is wanted dead or alive. A foreigner to the land he inhabits. Nibui, the young prince of Dust.

Little is known about him. One of his earliest appearances was during the Great War which involved the Ennia clan. Conflict unfolded within the Hidden Dust as 4th generation family members were declined access to resources within the country, they were indirectly pushed aside from society and implicitly pressured into leaving.

The clan was largely outnumbered but remained persistent. They were in desperate need of someone. A saviour.
“None of these citizens will help you, they rely too much on the government and would not dare turn against it” a local merchant explained to the desperate woman from the family. He was a dwarfish man with a plaited grey beard that swung from left to right every time he walked.
“However, I know a certain group that may be able to help you. These guys have been performing black operations for a very long time, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to get work done in exchange for money or other services”
A flash of red swept across her cheeks as she was overwhelmed by the information given. Aijo was her name, and she was on the verge of exile from the Hidden Dust. She wore basic cloths and was equipped with a single dagger that was jammed between her right hip and belt.

She followed the merchant through underground tunnels. The sides were crumbling and it was hard to breathe in the thick enclosure.

“They go by the name of ‘Blackbox’, not a large number of troops but they are capable of getting a job done. Their work-rate is usually high, but have been stationary recently - you can tell by the decreased number of murders this month” he chuckled as they fell to an abrupt stop before a wooden gate with a small slit near the top.

“…I pray they can help us” she mumbled in despair.

The short man stepped forth and released three knocks on the door before backpedalling and staring at the slit.
“Go get it” a muffled voice commanded from the inside. It was rather deep but soft and soothing at the same time. Like a muscular chocolate rabbit.

A loud bang came from inside. The sound of cutlery and porcelain plates could be heard vibrating against a wooden table as footsteps neared the gate.

“They’re not too friendly --” she spoke up before becoming alert as the metal gap slid open.
The eyes of a tired and dull man peered through the gap.

 “What do you want?”

The merchant cleared his throat
“I bring you this woman who is desperate for your assistance. Her family is low on resources and would be kicked out soon if nobody stands up against the corrupt government”
The eyes shifted to the back where Aijo stood.

“Please, sir. It’s all I’ve got” she raised a small leather sack that jingled with coins.

The man on the inside readjusted his focus to the merchant and shook his head in disappointment.
“Leave” he demanded before swiftly shutting the slit. The merchant grunted with anger.
“No, this can’t be!” Aijo cried out and began banging on the door
“Help us!”

“There’s no use. I doubt they’ll o—“he was unexpectedly interrupted by the sound of locks being picked. The metal shifted within the gate followed by silence.
The little man exhaled with relief and pushed the door open. Aijo’s face glowed up as a bright spark of hope broke out within her.
They both stepped through and noticed several guys huddled around a circular wooden table throwing cards around. Spilled drinks and broken glass bottles were scattered everywhere, and plates had unfinished meals on them, some still warm. The air stank of tobacco and the atmosphere was thick with smoke. It was hard to notice small things around the room.

Aijo and the merchant were soon noticed when every face was turned towards them. Everyone had eyebags and tired expressions. As if they have lived more than once. Nobody had motivation.

The man who greeted them was standing by the door to their left. He was a tall figure of lust and stared deep into the eyes of the guests. A handsome grey-haired man with emerald eyes. He wore a white shirt with the top button undone. A stained red tie was loosely positioned on his neck. Silk black trousers devoured his shirt.

Aijo felt uneasy and blushed, but quickly readjusted.
“I—I come here because I was informed that the organisation would be helpful in aiding my comrades. A battle has broken out between the Ennia family and the government of the Dust, and nobody is willing to do anything against them”

A yawn was disclosed from the back of the room and her eyes shifted through the smoke to find a young man slouched over a small, torn down wooden table with a glass cup in his right hand.

“Looks like the big guy’s finally up” one of the members spoke up from the cards table and exhaled smoke from his lungs before coughing.

The cup was chipped around the mouth-piece and liquid streamed off the edge of the table. His hair was parted in the middle. It was medium length and mostly oily black, except for the lighter edges. A black short-sleeve shirt, unbuttoned to the bottom rested on his shoulders. There were many creases on it and blood stains.

He looked around and waved his arms like the rotor on a helicopter in an attempt to clear the smoke that flooded him. He picked up a katana that lay stationary on the brown leather couch next to him and used it to support himself when standing up. He wore scruffy grey shorts and wooden sandals too big for his feet.

Another yawn escaped his mouth and he ruffled the back of his head.
Silence was quickly broken by the sound of metal jingling. Two golden pendants waved around the boy’s chest like ropes as he strolled towards the visitors.  He was tall – the tallest one there.
It wasn’t long before his right foot met the leg of the gambling table. He slouched over once more, almost falling over.
“Fuck sake…” he muttered under his breath as he got back up.
Everyone glared as he slowly made his way through the smoke and foul odour of alcohol.
The boy stepped between the men and the visitors and stared. Carefully examining the face of despair on the woman’s face.

The sound of his fruity voice was projected

Blah blah blah...
History to be continued and much more yet to come! Stay active! :)

General Discussion / Everything nice
« on: December 04, 2016, 15:43:08 »
Everything nice (a short lecture from experience?)

It’s important that you learn from experience; to learn that nothing is forever lasting.
I was foolish for thinking I would have the perfect relationship, but my father knew best.
“I’m returning from where you’re headed, I have the knowledge and experience you need” I refused to listen.
“Don’t get too carried away, you will suffer in the end” I refused to listen. But he was right.
All the good things will come to an end and new ones will arise. Patience and endurance – key true themes that have lingered around man since the beginning of time.

Kisses will fade and so will their presence. The only thing that will forever be engraved within us are the memories of the unexplainable sensations we once had with that person. That person meant the world to me. And those are the memories that will trigger your most powerful emotions. The tears will mercilessly dispense as your heart tightens and starts to crumble.
Your once neutral, or even happy expression will succumb to your memories and transform into a submissive frown within seconds, you can’t control that. The cherished moments you once had will become the memories that tear your existence apart and feed on them. They will latch onto you and act as an emotional anchor. But you can’t let go.

That person meant too much to me, impossible to take my mind off of. That person was my first ‘good morning’ and final ‘good night’. That person was my heart, soul and being.

Now all we’re left with are the memories that torment us. But I’m glad we made those memories and I will endure the pain for you.

It’s a saddening fact to accept that nothing will be yours forever. 

I’m sorry, my princess.

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Transportation laws
« on: November 19, 2016, 09:38:16 »
Hello again, sorry for my inactivity. The thought of transportation and its laws came to mind this morning, so I wanted to ask a few questions;

If certain items can only remain in specific regions/countries or only certain people can have them, are we going to have laws that forbid others from gaining access or transporting stolen goods?

Maybe we will have certain weapons and gear that should only be accessible by high level/grade ninja. What's going to happen if someone steals this and smuggles it to their own location where they can sell it for a great price and potentially become part of the aristocracy?

Are we going to have drugs that temporarily enhance the physical abilities of a ninja? What's going to happen if someone does illegal drug trafficking, or even starts their own farm? (assuming the drugs are herbs and can be reproduced).

Ultimately this thread is asking about illegal transportation and the laws attached to it.
Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere and I'm wasting your time.

General Discussion / A short story
« on: November 15, 2016, 23:10:20 »
The ropes of death tugged on me, pulling tighter as the world slowed down before my eyes.
The grassland before me became blurrier with every stretch of the rope, but I felt indifferent to the situation. Does it really matter anymore? Squirming and crying are futile and have no influence on the outcome.
It’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of my mind...of the creations around me.
My hearing is starting to die out as time prolonged itself.
The candle of life is dim, and another soul is bound to meaninglessly depart from this cosmic plane.
Eh, who cares, right? At-least now I won’t have to deal with human conventions. It’s bothersome.
The only sense of life I have now is the distant burning sensation of the rope against my neck.

The candle succumbed to its slumber as the faint scenery faded to darkness.
And now...and now I’m trapped. To the left? Pitch black. Right? Pitch black.
Everywhere I twisted and turned it was dark like the never ending cosmos.
Where am I? My voice is echoing inside my head, but no vibrations escaping my mouth.
I’m not attached to a body anymore, am I alive?

The surface beneath the man vanished and he began dropping through space.
Woah, I’m free falling… HOLD UP, WAIT!
There’s no way I’m falling… falling into what?
I’m engulfed by an oblivion of darkness and limitless space… a void.
sigh... And to think that I could escape the struggles of life.

OOFT! Yikes!..oh, there’s no pain, I forgot. All this free falling and now I hit an end? But I’m not standing on anything..
A funny sensation began spiraling through his body.
Jeeeesus Christ, what the hell is happening?!
His body began jolting and twisting as a light yellow energy charged out of it.
The consciousness fell back and stared in amazement as the energy rose large before his very eyes.



“Why would you waste your life like that? What’s the point of life when you’re not going to do something useful with it?”

Who the hell are you?

“I am Бог, but my name shall never be abused, only worshipped”
“Your pity existence brought me here. You’re only a young man with a long life ahead of dare you prematurely end the cycle?!”

Oh man, chill out.
I never had ambitions in life. I was a basic human being who threw his life on a rope.

“You had a loving family, friends and a partner who would sacrifice her life for you!”
“Absolute coward... WASTE OF SPACE!”

What the hell do you want from me?!

“You don’t realize how much of an impact your life has had on others, think about your family and how miserable you have made them. Think about the girl who loved and tolerated you.. Hah, you’ll be lucky if she didn’t follow your footsteps.”

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he knelt in despair.
I APOLOGISE! I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you wanted… I regret my every decision…! I HATE THIS!
He began sobbing with a trembling mouth and red cheeks.
I’m so fucking sorry..I..I wish I could be a better person, but I was a coward! FUCK! I never really thought about anything or cared at-all. I'm so miserable! Now there's no way I could make it up to my loved ones, even if I wanted to!

“I’m going to give you one more chance to correct your wrongdoing, find the correct path and fulfil your life with accomplishments”
“When you’re sent to Earth, you won’t remember this encounter and will be reversed 24 hours prior to your suicide”


The energy whipped back into his body and he began jolting again.
The candles of life have once again been lit and the cycle is resumed.

Rays of light filled the room as his eyes fluttered open, only to find a girl at his desk.
“Good morning, baby” she spoke in a soft and smooth voice.
“Now tell me, what’s the password to this Snoopy account of yours?"


Sorry for the shit story, byeee

General Discussion / SLO Weekly - Issue #2
« on: October 30, 2016, 23:09:13 »
SLO Weekly
Issue #2

This week in Weekly SLO you will find out more about the village elder election, the results of the SLO awards and the news about merging with NC.

Village elder election and results!

With the first appointed Kage for Snow, Dust, Hill and Thunder, there were seven villages without a kage or even a representative. The Kage decided, in a summit, that they would hold elder elections for those seven villages. Four village elders were chosen to be officials for their village until a Kage is elected. Congratulations to the winners:

Haigakure: Shivraj
Kinzokugakure: America
Morigakure: Toratsume Nyshn
Inferunogakure: Whatasnipe

For now they will take the place of the Kage in running their village. A second Elder Election is being held for the three villages still without elders, feel free to vote:

SLO Awards 2016
The yearly awards for members of the Shinobi Life Online forum has been a hit amongst the community - and the voting just ended. The full count of the votes can be seen here:

Most Reputable poster: @Nova 
Funniest poster: @Mars
Smartest poster: @Shivraj , @cmsurfer
Friendliest poster: @taigakun, @Mars and @Toratsume Nyshn
Best moderator: @Nova
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Weekly Vreg Spotting
Vreg has been spotted on the forum, and on the discord this week. The community had grown restless with the lack of progress on the game and a thread was made, prompting Vreg to either hire more developers or merge with Ninja’s Crew, another Naruto MMORPG. He promptly responded, stating that a merge would be impractical, and developers would be hired upon the project reaching Alpha:

SLO Arena
SLO Arena is coming to a long awaited close, and the champion will soon be chosen. With the end of SLO Arena 1.0, a template for SLO Arena 2.0 will be released. We will give people ample time to fill out their template to their liking, as we will be working on an intermediary project.

Most of this was written by America. Props to Ken for initiating this week's newspaper. I couldn't help out as much as I wanted to because my week has been very busy lately.

Stay tuned for weekly issues!

Battle #7 - @Konohuro vs Yamanagi  (@Yamasukage )
The audience was cheering and ribbons flew around the arena as the 7th battle was about to begin, this time it was between Yamanagi from the Hidden Shockwave and Konohuro from the Hidden Ash. Both contenders stepped through the gates into the sandy arena filled with dry dirt, some patches of dry weeds and unattended trees. The air was warm and drops of sweat were rolling down the cheeks of the proctor. Konohuro was a tall warrior with a long black robe - unsuitable for today’s event and had a black ribbon across his eyes, he raised it diagonally so that only his right eye was exposed.

“We love you, Yama!!” four blonde girls screamed from the audience, lifting up their shirts and exposing their breasts as Yamanagi smiled and winked at them; he was now confident for this fight. Konohuro witnessed this happen and raised his katana forward, which signified that he’s ready and will not go easy on him.

Both fighters including proctor were in a mutual zone, blocking away the screams and shouts of the crowd. Yamanagi and Konohuro stared at each other as the proctor put his hands in the middle and looked at both competitors.
“Have a good fight - don’t go overboard. Stop when you have killed your opponent, no need for further disrespect…” the proctor explained the conditions as he wiped his forehead from the accumulated sweat, still keeping his right hand in the middle, separating both shinobi.
Both fighters nodded at each other in understanding as the proctor looked around at the crowd.
“Fight!” he shouted and disappeared from the arena in a flash. It wasn’t long before the eager fans began roaring in excitement, raising their fists in the air and placing bets against others like barbarians in the olden times.

A cloud of dust grew in the enclosure as both challengers launched themselves backwards, allowing themselves more time to evaluate potential tactics. Maybe I could use this to ambush him… Konohuro’s eyes locked down on his small leather pouch where he kept his tools.
He raised his head to relocate Yamanagi and make sure he’s at a safe distance, but his rival was nowhere to be seen.
Crap! Gone that quickly?! Instinctively Konohuro shut his right eye in order to focus and enhance his other senses. He slowed his breathing and fell into a state of concentration accompanied by conscious emptiness. Everything from the slightest movement of his organs, blood and birds on branches became within his range of hearing. He could smell the grass and even the footprints from the entrance. This gave him a good indication of where Yamanagi could have gone.
“I’ve got you now!” Yamanagi was in the air, eyes wide open with murderous intent. He had two fingers close to his mouth - index and middle finger quickly turned into an ‘O’ shape to create an opening for his mouth. His lungs tensed and the chakra from within transformed into fire as it left his mouth.

“Arghhh!” Konohuro was caught off guard and was swept off his feet before he could use his sword to interfere. He was sent flying backwards. The blade of his sword scraped through the ground as he used it to slow down the momentum of the force. Konohuro’s black cloak had a large hole in the middle from the fire. He clenched his chest and began coughing up blood. the… chest! Konohuro was in agony, his heart aching and beating irregularly. His lungs experienced a burning sensation, as if they were slowly burning away.

Yamanagi was strolling from afar with a demonic grin on his face.
“Not so tough, are you?... hahahaha!” his crisp and snakey voice emitted from the distance as he stroked his spiky brown hair backwards - readjusting it. Yamanagi was confident that this battle was a victory and began carelessly whistling as he slowly approached his damaged enemy.
“Go, Yama!!” the girls can be heard cheering once again.

Not now!
Konohuro was still on the floor when he raised his hands to form the snake hand seal.
Yamanagi was blasted to the ground as he realized an explosive tag was latched onto him from their brief encounter.
What the?! When did he have the chance to do this?!
Yamanagi’s right leg was almost completely torn apart - blood was pouring out of a large hole in the calf area like a bloody waterfall in the desert. A trail of dark red blood was beginning to form as the injured shinobi dragged himself away from his opponent in desperation.

I knew you’d come in handy today… Konohuro muttered to himself in relief as he looked at the left-over explosive tags in his leather pack. His journey to Yamanagi was lengthy, especially with a limp.

Yamanagi was infuriated and began wailing like a young child.
“That’s not fair! How did he do that?!”
He turned to his now dead right leg with a painful grin.
“’re no longer useful to me!” he screeched as he pulled out a kunai from his pocket and sliced the last bit of flesh left connecting his shin to the knee.

“Your time has come” a deep and hollow voice void of emotion spoke up. Yamanagi turns around, unaware of the distance between himself and Konohuro, only to find a dark figure standing above him blocking out the sun. Yamanagi’s guts began twisting and turning as fear and emptiness filled his soul.
“No! This can’t be!” he howled once more before limping away backwards on one leg - this was extremely slow and useless, and he knew it.

Konohuro raised his arm and protruded his index finger, pointing directly at his immobile enemy.
Yamanagi froze in place and everything began to morph. Reality was no more. The grass became purple and the dirt pitch black. The audience transformed into soul-reaping demons and the trees into flesh-eating golems. And all of this happened as the cloaked man escorted himself in the direction of the arena’s exit. They all targeted the now left-for-dead Yamanagi who could move freely again.
Screams and cries echoed from the arena as he was mauled to death by the demonic creatures.
As soon as Konohuro reached the exit gates, he clicked his fingers and continued walking out.
The arena shifted back to normal and Yamanagi dropped to the ground like a ragdoll. He had no visible injuries apart from his amputated leg.


General Discussion / SLO Weekly - Issue #1
« on: October 19, 2016, 14:42:31 »
SLO Weekly
Issue #1

This week in Weekly SLO you will find out more about the kage exams that recently ended, the annual forum awards and more!

Kage exams and results!
When the exams were first introduced a lot of hype and excitement went around the forum, everyone was looking forward to them, whether participant or voter. This was a great turning-point for SLO because the leaders or villages are being pre-determined before the release of the game which can be seen as ‘weird’ or ‘unorthodox’ because it is unusual. Regardless, we have taken the time to interview and ask the Kage what they think of the exam and their future plans!

DarthTyrael - Kage of the Hidden Dust
"How was the Kage exam for you? Were you happy with the results?"
"The Kage Exam existed of three parts, as all who followed the tests very well know. First part can't really be spoken of in terms of difficulty - which is the case of the popularity test. Second test - The Theoretical exam - was somewhat challenging and did require some wits from the participant, though in my honest opinions most of the questions were very doable. The final test was something I was most anxious about. Not gonna lie, I wasn't at my best at that time and got really lucky during that test. All things considered, I'm very pleased with the results and scored much higher than I'd ever hoped for."

“What do you plan on doing now that you’re Kage of the Hidden Dust?”
"Kind of an odd question, as there isn't much to do as a Kage right now... But first task is I'm going to try my best to restore the image of the Dust Village, as that's been pretty dragged through the -dust- hahaha..."

Ken - Kage of the Hidden Snow
"How was the Kage exam for you? Were you happy with the results?"
"The kage exams overall were fun and enjoyable.. though the second test was a bit of a stress i managed to get some points out of it though im disappointed because i think i could do better"

“What do you plan on doing now that you’re Kage of the Hidden Dust?”
" First things first, organise myself and see in what kind of situation am I in and the village itself, that includes the people that are joining as well. Then I will open schools, will make special forces as well as ANBU and a police station as well."

Reminance - Kage of the Hidden Thunder
"How was the Kage exam for you? Were you happy with the results?"
"The kage exams were fine but they should've organized it better, and ofcourse i'm happy with the results i became Kage :p”

“What do you plan on doing now that you’re Kage of the Hidden Thunder?”
“For now there is nothing to do for The Hidden Thunder village, but i have great plans for it if i'm still kage by then.”

Mars - Kage of the Hidden Hill
"How was the Kage exam for you? Were you happy with the results?"
“I was fairly happy, could have done better in practical but i gave up at the end as it was the old system and I thought I failed. However I got kage so I can't complain, I also feel that everyone who got Kage deserved it”

“What do you plan on doing now that you’re Kage of the Hidden Hill?”
“As much as I can, help the members of the village out, train our members
make sure our nation is the strongest it can be, even at this stage of the game”

These were all the interviews! Shoutout to all of the voters and the Moderators who organised this! Here’s a table with the results for the Kage exams:

What do you think of this? Let us know!

Annual forum awards!
It’s time for the annual awards hosted by Mars! Every year he creates the awards thread where the community can nominate users who are best fitted for select category. The nominations are still open so make sure to drop your vote here before the deadline (15th November 2016).

Departure from Katakiuchi!
Katakiuchi, the largest rogue organisation on SLO is now short on 2 Yugure members with the departure of their council members - start applying if you’re interested!

Earlier this month Snoopy bid his farewell with the organisation as he “no longer shares the same views on justice and wrongdoing” with Katakiuchi.

Not long after that, Ken also departed from Katakiuchi after becoming the Kage of the village hidden in snow. What’s going to happen now, who knows? We’ll have to wait and find out through time.

General Discussion / SLO Arena Battle #5 - Kamiko vs Ravennus
« on: October 18, 2016, 14:59:19 »
Sorry guys for keeping you all waiting! It's been a couple months of stalemate... BUT WE'RE FINALLY BACK!
Original thread

SLO Arena Battle #5 - Kamiko (Kamiko Himitsu) vs Ravennus (America)
The ground was wet and the atmosphere was a damp enclosure flooded with hatred and murderous intent between Ravennus and Kamiko. The shinobi’s stared at each other coldly from across the windy field.
Ravennus’ heart began drumming rapidly as the battle got nearer and nearer to commencing. He had heart palpitations.
I’ve won the first battle, surely I can’t lose to a kunoichi. Even if it’s Kamiko. He assured himself.

“This battle will be over quickly” declared Ravennus as he imprinted a malicious grin on his face and raised his arm out with his fingers pulling backwards as a sign of intimidation for Kamiko.

The kunoichi didn’t make a sound and remained stationary as the winds grew stronger and more violent.
What is she planning on doing? Ravennus questioned himself and began scanning the environment for anything out of place, his eyes sliding from left to right - up and down in a fast motion.
The leaves of a nearby tree shook, and before Ravennus could turn around Kamiko was only a couple of centimetres away from his face, however this gave him enough time to backpedal and raise his arms in defense as Kamiko released two powerful kicks and recoiled back.

“A weak genjutsu like that won’t have any effect on me” he explained with confidence as he put his hands together.
“Release!” He exclaimed and the stationary clone of Kamiko disappeared.

“I am aware of that. The intentions were that I used the illusionary copy of myself as a decoy, allowing me enough time to grasp a good angle on you and strike at the right moment” revealed Kamiko.
Ravennus released a small chuckle and both contestants began rotating like in a boxing match, however Ravennus was quick to fail sustaining this stalemate and began dashing in a straight line towards the empty field with Kamiko glued right behind him.

Hm, let’s see if this’ll work. He began speculating.
Kamiko was confused but also thirsty for blood and what she thought would be an easy victory; so she didn’t question his actions.

The terrain beneath them was muddy and soaked with rainfall, and the everlasting wind continued brushing viciously through the grass-tops.

The chase was in its prime as Ravennus executes a backflip in which he pulls out a shuriken mid-air and lands directly behind Kamiko.
Oh shit! That was quick! Kamiko was baffled by what has just happened and turns around as quickly as possible only to find a shuriken slicing through the wind at an immeasurable speed directly at her.
Don’t underestimate me. Ravennus thought to himself
Kamiko put her arms in an X shape and used her metal hand-guards to deflect the shurikens. Both metals clashed and sparks flew outwards as the shuriken’s blades ground against the hand protectors and dropped dead. Ravennus frowned.
Kamiko reached behind for her double-edged sword that was resting on her back tied with a leather strap.
No you don’t. Ravennus concluded as he reached in his pouch located on his right leg. He pulled out another shuriken and threw it at Kamiko.
The kunoichi was quick to draw her blade and break the momentum of the small weapon that was aggressively gliding across the field towards her. The sound of metals colliding was once again heard.

Kamiko had the upper-hand because she wielded her sword. She began dashing towards Ravennus with her right hand embracing the blade with it pointing backwards.
“Get ready to die!” She shouted with enmity flowing through her eyes and heart.

Hm. Metal is a good conductor of electricity and so is water. Blood is mostly made up of plasma which contains ~92% water. I could make a small sacrifice in exchange for a big advantage. It’s time to dance, Kamiko. Ravennus thought to himself and pulled an unpleasant grin. He remained still.

Kamiko neared and began waving her blade around attempting to get a hit on Ravennus. He purposely slowed down his movements to allow getting cut just enough to bathe the blade in blood.
The blade of her sword brushed down his shoulder hard enough to slice through his clothing and skin tissue. Blood burst out onto the grass and her sword.
“Got you now!” She yelled like a maniac and charged for a heavy hit on Ravennus.
“Not quite” said Ravennus in a calm manner and backpedalled to avoid any excess damage.

Kamiko charged at him, still very blood-thirsty and hungry for glory. The mud splashed further and more violently with every step she took towards the opposition.
Both shinobi were equally as fast however Ravennus was at a disadvantage because he was avoiding hits from the blade whilst moving backwards, and because of this, Kamiko managed to close in on him just enough to make a fatal blow.
“I’ve got you this time!” She roared with excitement and anger.
Kamiko viciously swung her blade from the right hand side and it had already travelled half the distance between them when Ravennus pounced forward into a front-flip over her shoulders - Kamiko mimicked him milliseconds later. The wounded contestant was mid-air when he started performing hand-seals matching those of a lightning style jutsu.
His feet hit the ground as he roared “Lightning style: Lightning claw jutsu!”

Kamiko was already in the air when a bolt of lightning struck the earth beneath her which triggered and released a massive hand engulfed with electricity in her direction. Chunks of ground were sent flying in every direction from the impact and the sound of electrons diabolically rushing through the fist could be heard from afar.
Shit! Right beneath me! She screamed in her head
Her defenseless body was barbarically clutched by the grand-in-size palm and compressed mercilessly.
“AAAAARGHHHH!!!!!” She screeched hopelessly in the open

“It’s game over for you” Ravennus claimed as he watched the torture unfold before him.

Electrons began flooding her entire body from head to toe as a result of her sword acting as a bridgeway between the jutsu and herself. Ravennus’ blood was also over Kamiko and did nothing but fuel and empower his jutsu.
The lightning claw finally released its grip on the kunoichi and she began free-falling like a ragdoll in empty space. Her body was twitching from the sudden bursts of energy every time electric shocks hit a muscle in her body.
Kamiko shot down in the crater which the lightning claw had created, blood was sliding from her mouth down past the chin and onto her neck. Her sword had been rocketed into the distance and was nowhere to be seen.
“This battle is over” states Ravennus as he turns around and begins walking in the direction of the exit.
He was quickly interrupted from the sound of ground being moved around.
Ravennus swiftly spins back in the direction of his opponent eyes wide open to find Kamiko’s hands reaching out of the crater pulling herself back up.
Impossible. She should be dead after that he assured himself.

“I….can’” she gasped for air as she raised herself from the ground; her body was at a slight angle and both arms were dangling around. One eye was hardly open and the other swollen shut.
Both ninja’s had a limited amount of chakra, most of it was used up during that battle, and Kamiko insisted on resuming the combat.

Ravennus released a sigh to the sight of the half-dead shinobi.
Kamiko swiped her lip which had blood on it and began waving handseals around. Summoning jutsu.

“Summoning Jutsu!” She exclaimed as she pressed her hand on the ground and watched as the marks began spreading in all directions.
The ground began heating up quickly and within a few seconds molten lava began flowing out of cracks in the earth. An explosion was triggered from underneath with molten rocks shooting out in all directions. Chains could be heard dangling and slamming against each other.
I wonder what the fuck this is going to be Ravennus was impressed by the sheer power radiated from the summoning as he tried keeping balance from the earthquake.

Demonic roars and cries could be heard echoing through the underground and it was only a couple of moments before the beast emerged from its slumber. A wolf-like fiend pounced out onto the surface, it was engulfed in fire and molten lava was dripping from its mouth. Claws sharper than the finest blade in the country.

Dang, I don’t have much stamina left Ravennus exclaimed to himself as he began backpedalling from the beast

“Get him!” could be heard in the distance as the large molten canine leaped towards the enemy in anger, the sheer size of the beast made it very difficult for Ravennus to escape.

“Lightning clone jutsu!” yelled Ravennus, but instead of cloning himself, large shuriken engulfed by lightning flew from the sky towards the beast in an attempt to ward it off, however this was unsuccessful as they melted on instant contact.
The beast let out a hellish roar and leaped once more toward Ravennus
“Fuc--!” Ravennus was interrupted as his his body was pulled up by the jaws of the beast. His body caught flames and was now burned to death, however the game didn’t end here. The wolf was throwing Ravennus around from left to right like a ragdoll, his body finally ripped in half. His  waist and feet were flung away and the rest swallowed.

“Enough” she said and the beast disappeared as smoke filled the terrain where it stood.
“That’s game” Kamiko remarked as she fell back and passed out in exhaustion.

General Discussion / Day in the life 2|Snoopy
« on: October 15, 2016, 19:11:50 »
I'm sorry. I wont film vertical again.

General Discussion / Day in the life |Snoopy
« on: October 14, 2016, 19:25:42 »
Inspired by @Zama 's post

20 minutes of cycling and I caught up with my people

I like signs. They're everywhere.

Such a nerd. My bike, he can't even cycle.

Left the shop with £12 worth of food for the day. Black monster.

Sharing is caring. His nose looks weird there.

We have arrived to hell. Look at the children.

Art class. Why am I here?

Save me.

Ball is life.

Here's an mp4 of the day.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Achievements
« on: October 02, 2016, 23:31:27 »
Looking into the future when we have an upgraded website...

I've seen this around many forums and I think it's a great idea; to have achievements for users. This could go somewhere under their avatar when they post or even somewhere on the profile (assuming that gets upgraded too).

We could have achievements for anniversaries and events. Achievements that show how long a member has stayed with SLO for
(E.G a badge with a bronze '1' that symbolizes that the user has created his account over a year ago with a short description of the achievement when it's hovered over. The numbers would obviously change along with the elements: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond), and many more.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Small forum title suggestion
« on: September 26, 2016, 23:04:27 »
The spaces between each title to the next is rather big, so I thought we can fill that up with other titles.
What we have so far:

0 posts. Academy Student Poster
50 posts. Genin Poster (Not entirely sure about that).
100 posts. Chunin Poster (Not sure about these either, but you get the idea)
250 posts. Special Jonin Poster
500 posts. Jonin Poster
800 posts. Anbu Poster SUGGESTION
1,000 posts. Sennin Poster (I think)
1,500 posts. Kage Poster. SUGGESTION
2,000 posts. Sage of Six Paths Poster. SUGGESTION

Not sure how you guys would take this. Just thought it'd be a good idea to close the gaps a bit.

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