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General Discussion / Morigakure no Sato
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:06:20 »
Got bored, so did some stuff.@Zeffyr, arigato for helping out :)
Spoiler: show
I made this post purely to escape boredom and do something productive. Such posts may not make sense at the current stage of the game... but anyways, its one of my ideas of having fun! :3 :P
P.S:-The current administrative model is based on low population power hence may seem inadequate as of now, but I assure you guys this is just the beginning; as the village grows new posts and ranks (which have already been chalked out) will be made availaible for the populace.
Thanks for stopping by ^_^

Accord, Advance, Achieve


                                                                                                                                        concept art; courtsey: SLO's official fb page
Spoiler: show

Situated deep within the maze of dense canopies of the Forest of Vregland lies one of the eleven famous shinobi villages called Morigakure no Sato, the Village hidden by Forest. Away from the concrete cities and villages, The Hidden Forest, is a semi-arboreal habitation with almost all of its buildings constructed using wood, mud and clay. The clay is as good as concrete since it has been reinforced with special ninjutsu, hence will not wash away during rainy months! While the wood houses have well dried logs which are regularly treated with various natural oils and wax which were developed over hundreds of years by the ancestors of the village and prevent water, sun and termite damage. The logs are held together by binding tags.

Most of the residential buildings and some commercial institutions are arboreal. The ground is where the Morigakure Ninja Academy is situated which nurtures young and promising future nins. It also serves as the Training and exercise area for the Morigakure Standard Shinobi Army (MOSSAR). The market place is another social place situated in the central village. At the end of the main street is the Elder Tree, A huge chakra enhanced tree that serves as the Kage building of Morigakure.

The Elder Tree courtsey: SLO's FB page again

Other than these, Morigakure also has a General Hospital which also serves as the Main office for the Medical Nin Corps.
The Iryo Buntai Clinic is present nearby

Other Administrative offices include the Anbu Headquqrters (Location Undisclosed).

Along with the Administrative institutions, their are certain privately owned buildings like the Kinpaku The Diner-cum-banquet hall. Its the most famous Hangout place for a shinobi where she/he can eat, drink and make merry. The Bottom floor is the Hall, while the first floor has many Food Stalls serving a variety of dishes and beverages. The rooftop has been entirely dedicated to Mars' Majestic Ramen, the most popular Ramen Franchise in Vregland. This is where you can enjoy the fresh forest breeze and the scenery while having a hot bowl of Ramen! The Hall can be booked by Clans and other villagers for special events ranging from marriages, birthday parties to award functions and stage events.
And specially for the Stoners and the people who wanna get high and have some fun, Morigakure has legalised certain hallucinogenic drugs. We have the Dank Herb Corner This place is a stoners' paradise. You get your grass, muffins, cakes,rolls, bongs,cigars,etc. They are natively grown in the forest. We have successfully struck a deal with Hokorigakure and will be importing the special dusty kush soon. Wine and Sake lovers are also in for a treat as Morigakure is famous for the exotic alcoholic drinks. We have a wide range of flavoured alcoholic beverages made by processing the best fruits and berries the forest provides us. Along with that we also provide mushrooms, handpicked and processed by our finest fungiculture experts and mycologists.

All in all, with its favorable climate, warm weather, organised layout, safety and protection and availability of amenities, Morigakure is one of the most comfortable villages to stay in.

The Morigakure Seal

The Kanji in the middle stands for FOREST (Mori)
Below the leaves the full name- MORIGAKURE NO SATO is written
The various trees on the top signify the vegetation and flora of the Village which is the core of the village. It also signifies the diversity of the village.
The wreath is made up of olive leaves (the left one) which symbolize peace and unity and oak leaves (right) which symbolize strength and stability.
The 3 lined Hexagon symbolizes completeness. It can be also seen as a cell of a honeycomb of bees symbolizing their hard work and cooperation to bring peace (accord), which will lead to progress (advance) and finally yield success (Achieve).
The council is under the leadership of Kage and consists of the following members:

oversees the activities of their village, from sending ninja on missions to making the hard decisions regarding the safety of their people. The Kage is acknowledged as the most powerful ninja of our village.
Elders exist to help the Kage govern the village and to make sure all decisions are made with the best interest of the village and its inhabitants in mind. Although the Kage always has the final say in the matter, the Elders are there to give their opinions and advice, thus making sure the decisions made are fair and take into account all possibilities and viewpoints.
Sr. Advisor, Advisor
Advisors act as assistants to elders. They provide second opinions to them as well as take part in the council meetings to act as the witness of passing of orders and rules. They do not have direct contact with Kage. Senior Advisor is the administrator of the Advisory team.
Anbu Leader
The Anbu stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, are covert operatives dispatched by the Kage. Anbu are recruited from the village's standard shinobi forces, hand-picked by the Kage for their individual capabilities and special skills. They are led by the Anbu Leader and report directly to the Kage and nobody else.
Shinobi Commander
Leader of the standard shinobi forces of the village. She/he is an ex-Anbu who controls and governs the Shinobi army of the village.

1) The Morigakure Shinobis are ranked in the following way:
  • S Class Jonins (JS), A Class Jonins (JA), B Class Jonins (JB)
  • A class Special Jonins (Sp.JA), B class Special Jonins (Sp.JB)
  • A class Chunins (CA), B Class Chunins (CB), C Class Chunins (CC)
  • Senior Genin (Sr.G), Junior Genin (Jr.G)

2)During peac time missions and tasks:
The Shinobis are divided into 3-5 man teams consisting of a Jonin, a Chunin and three genins, depending on the threat level of the mission.

3)During War/Emergency:
The MOSSAR is divided into two corps, The Shinobi Battle Corps led by Battle Commander and the Medical Nin Corps led by Chief Medical Shinobi
Each corps is further divided into Division led by Division Leader. Divisions are based on the primary nature transformation of a shinobi. Morigakure is known for Earth and Water nature users while there are some other nature users too. Based on this they are divided into divisions.
Divisions are further divided into Brigade, led by Brigadier.
Brigade is further made up of Battalions which consists of platoons which can be further broken into squads

A Model administrative instituition in the form of Morigakure is waiting for its Kage to take over, its members to become active and join the Discord Server and new shinobis to arrive with their baggage to make the village their home.
Mock Battles, RP and many more events have been planned.

The complete list of channels and roles in the server each with its complete description.

Stop Existing, Start Living.
Come To Morigakure, where Life begins...

Tatsuo E. Toratsume
Elder, Morigakure.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / SLO Population Census II
« on: December 12, 2016, 18:36:22 »
Alrighty, Got a bit late this time (Cuz EXAMS) But here we are!
This time, I'll try to fit everything in one post. To make that possible, I have made the following changes.
  • Only the Active and inactive shinobis from each village will be listed. No banned or suspended members included. Even the characters based in naruto/self made villages have been omitted. Although yeah, independent shinobis and some village shinobis, who at least have kept there lore based in Vregland will be mentioned. So don't be surprised if your eyes stumble on an Uchiha!
  • The Active shinobis are in Bold font while the inactive ones will be in normal font.
  • Sincere request to all Kages and Elders to specify names (both character and username) of any of their village nins whom I couldn't add
  • Including Population growth and activity rate which compares the statistics of the current census to the previous one.
aight I'm already low on characters! >.<

12th December 2016

OKAGAKURE (The Hidden Hill)
Kuria Ennia Yuishi (@Mars)Nao Tsukegami (@Batt)
Manuster Tsukegami (@Manuster)Tsunayoshi Kaiyo (@Tsunayoshi)
Hari Tsukegami (@Uzumaki Hari)Tai Tsukegami (@Sage32801)
Harukoo Tsukegami (@mamoudou52404) Toichi Tsukegami (@waly206)
Psykho Tsukegami (@Psykho) Akeno Kobayashi (@Akeno_Kobayashi)
Saino Maindo (@popcornfrenzy)Hirochi Himistsu (@Seguro416)
Rikuyo Kōkai (@Ryugan) Sora Tsukegami (@Sora_Taiyka)
Raito Tsukegami (@Hatake Raito)Masaki Tsukegami (@Itsuki00)
Boruto Pawa-me (@Boruto050202)Sora (@Crackheadbear)
Mitoko Kirishima (@MinatoNamikaze) Tamashi Tsukegami (@Legendary Ninja)
Morugan erisu (@Malice_Unleashed) Orochi Akira (@Orochi)
Kazuo Tsukegami (@Komeno)Toshiro Kiiroissen (@BeowulfsBane)
Kiiroissen Niccosan (@niccosan) Kurama Tsukegami (@KuramaTensei)
Tenzo Hitsugi (@StrawHatSeyi)Kaniha Sukunara (@K4kashiHatake)
Raka Ruff (@Ruffin1t)Keito Zakushi (@Nirasu)
Nishimoto Hyosuke (@StroodleCake) Gaara Tsukegami (Gaara Kasai)
Active:11 Inactive:21 TOTAL=32
Growth%=0 activity rate=+6.25%

KAMINARIGAKURE (The Hidden Thunder)
Reminance Kaiyo (@Reminance)Shiro Nakai (@Nova)
Onimaro Himitsu (@Leebz) Hisaki Akagi (@jcryer)
Taiga Himitsu (@taigakun)
Isei (@Nas) Sanji Kaiyo (@Sanji)
Hishiro Nakai (@vipto) Killingstar (@killingstar)
Kenshi Himitsu ( @GhostParadise  ) Kinato Kirishima (@Epicstar25002)
Jorrez Kuroi ( @jawillia1987  ) Kagami Sandareisu ( @Menma Uzumaki  )
Jukahira Yazamaki ( @JukeBlook  ) Saisho (@Ratiustar)
Akira Nasiani ( @Klaatublue422  ) Superson Nakai ( @Superson )
Shiratori (@Aethrandur)Arashi Raimei (@Arashi Raimei)
Keita Himitsu (@Keita) Zero Geass (@zeroinu)
Leiagana Akagi (@tyler179) Norinaga Hachimitsu (@Doylo Bushida)
Zhou Himitsu (@Remi) Satomi Himitsu (@ThePinkDemon)
Ataki Himitsu (@mislav000) Devil Himitsu (@Devilthekiller)
Hisui (@JadedSwift) Huirama Himitsu (@Eythynhkh)
Hisashi  (@ThatPersonmv) Hiashi Himitsu (@VaprJonin)
Grypha Himitsu (@Tenzin) Kichyose Ookami (@Kichyose)
Jiro Kazokaki ( @Flavour_Flieve  ) Gekido Tatsumaki ( @Renegade  )
Active:16 Inactive:19 TOTAL=35
Growth%=9.09 activity rate=-2.77%

YUKIGAKURE (The Hidden Snow)
Kuro Nakai (@Ken) Chikai Kamakiri (@SpeakingRain)
Hachemon Akagi (@json243) Gin Kamakiri (@psychorx)
Hiruko Ennia Yuishi (@Hiruko) Sanashi Shimokaze (@Shadow1759)
Shingen Kajahara ( @Dragon6624  )Mika Himitsu (@Esteez)
Marise Hiraku (@Dekatophos) Shirihata Itsuru (@Shirihata)
Yoru Kusemono (@Raenir) Zoro Okatski (@HyldigPower)
Kunita Unuhuki (@Zero) Aoi Kirishima (@Aoi)
Tamensei (@Ryotenbin)Takumo (@Yoshiro Ninja)
Emi Himitsu (@CookieFacePrimoz) Yaru Asari (@Heimdallr)
Rokuro Akagi (@Scrumpeh) Toshio Ushida (@Hyorinmaru)
Hikari Suzume (@Narf) Yume Shirotsuki (@Krumla)
Tasko (@Chakra) Tobimaru Kamino (@Atomic_Ghost)
Seraphiel Kirishima ( @huntasol  )
Active:7 Inactive:18 TOTAL=25
Growth%=3.08 activity rate=+27.39%

HOKORIGAKURE (The Hidden Dust)
Hayame (@DarthTyraelVizier (@SirTroll)
Nibui Ennia Roiyaru ( @Snoopy  )  Izumi (@RaphoZentel)
Katugsuchi Yamazaki ( @HermitTheSage  )
Hibiki (@SirHats)Kotetsu (@Mandalore)
Asindra  (@AugustRed)
Active:5 Inactive:3 TOTAL=8
Growth%=0 activity rate=+12.25%

INFERUNOGAKURE (The Hidden Inferno)
Hikaru Kirishima (@Whatasnipe)Kӕiro Kirishima (@Kai)
Allake kirishima (@Kings_HeadZama (@Zama)
Gukan Himitsu (@Cryptonexin) Katsu Kirishima (@TheRealKuha)
Shi Xie (@ShiXie)Kairu Nakai (@Wheezy)
Linnet Kirishima (@Linnet) Hashamaru Kirishima (@Hashimaru)
Tameshi Hinode (@Tameshi Hinode) Jale Himitsu (@Jale)
Yuchiko Shinotenshi (@Kawaiisickle) Sai Kirishima (@granit)
Takashi Hono (@igna400) Tsuki Kirishima (@MadaraS)
Isao Kirishima (@Foxy) Yurugen Kirishima (@Jurg3n)
Shi Akuma (@just4real) Kai Uchiha (@Jiten)
Hao Kirishima (@m4r1us) Searson Genkai ( @Sewayne )
Active:8 Inactive:13 TOTAL=22
Growth%=0 activity rate=+13.63%

HAIGAKURE (The Hidden Ash)
Kazuki Kaiyo (@Shivraj ) Konohuro Kirishima (@Konohuro
Kamiko Himitsu ( @Xassassin  )  Homurashinzui Leonardo (@ZodiacPT)
Diamond Himitsu Lee ( @Diamond Lee  ) Yato Ookami (@fabris256)
Kanmeh Nemuran Higuchi ( @Nemuran  ) Ling Higuchi (@Jozett)
Ryu Randamu (@Deanster17) Ryoichi Yagami (@Shintrixx)
Hikawa Saita (@Indigo) Kasuta Fushine (@InfinityQuake)
Auma Kirishima (@hoko43) Naruke Wing (@Naruke)
Active:6 Inactive:8 TOTAL=14
Growth%=5.84 activity rate=+24.67%

MORIGAKURE (The Hidden Forest)
Tatsuo Ennia Toratsume (@Toratsume Nyshn) Kurobuchi Kurama (@Cedie)
Shishida Amigake ( @lollernoob9  )   Neffesh Kurama (@neffesh)
Drexanz Xikam (@Drexanz) Zhu Ookami (@Unno)
Kiyoshi Ookami (@conteledemonte) Jin Ookami (@Dre)
Ayame Hayashi (@LuveniA) Saiyahito Ookami (@Saiyahito)
Rayzote Ookami (@rayzote) Akio Yamato (@Karlos_Baron
Ubichiko SeikyouHitomi (@UbichiKo) Ronald McDonald (Madara Uchiha)
Soraian (@soraian) Menma Hiroyuki (@Menma Uchiha)
Yoru Satori (@ToadSage) Sazama Naitou (@Umarekawari)
Bigfoot (@WithACloud)
Active:6 Inactive:13 TOTAL=19
Growth%=5.84 activity rate=+0.29%

Continued in second post. Click Here

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Special Hand Seals
« on: October 05, 2016, 13:05:24 »
  • 0-9 and  (-/_) and (=/+) keys are used to perform the 12 basic hand seals to activate usual ninjutsu.
    How about special hand seals which can be used to activate secret jutsus? Like Haku used one hand to weave the special hand seals to activate her his 1000 needles of death.
    In our SLO universe, For eg. The Kamikiri's (as of now) Blood bind or suppose the dojutsu I had suggested a while ago may be activated by the special hand seals.
  • They can also be used to quickly activate some ninjutsu which requires a lot of hand seals. Like the water dragon. It requires 40+ hand seals to activate (Okay we might not have a jutsu with 40+ hand seals :P) but Tobirama can activate it with just two special hand seals.
    So suppose we have an awesome jutsu which requires around 7 hand seals to activate (6-2-8-2-9-7-1), with improve in chakra stats over the time, the player can earn or get a special one time command which once entered, will assign the player just one or two number/s (suppose 7 or 7-2) to activate that specefic jutsu. In this way, the players who have trained and have experience with that jutsu can always have battle advantage.

    Also if you note.... along with increase in exp and training, a shinobi requires lesser hand seals to weave to activate the jutsu to a point where the jutsu can be activated without hand seals.
    The best example is the chidori.
    It requires either Ox → Rabbit → Monkey to activate or Monkey → Dragon → Rat → Bird → Ox → Snake → Dog → Tiger → Monkey[/i]
    But both kakashi and sasuke later master it to such a level where they don't require the hand seals.

    Such a system can help a shinobi to fight more efficiently.
    :) thanks for the read

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / SLO Population Census
« on: September 03, 2016, 05:21:29 »
Whew!!! 3 days of work. I did go through all the 16 character pages. The community has around 250+ characters across 11 villages as well as the 12th village (help! I dunno anything much about the ocean). All the data provided is accurate enough. Nevertheless, I'm just a puny human, so to err is my right! :P. If you guys do find some misgiving, please bring it to my notice!

So finally, I came up with this census. Before we start, we should keep in mind the following things:-
  • Every Character has been displayed along with its username and status. Status involves ACTIVE (last seen= yesterday to today) , IDLE (Last seen= three days to a month), INACTIVE (Last seen= >a month), SUSPENDED and BANNED.
  • Rogue characters, if specified their village, will be counted in that village (as of now).
  • Characters with unspecified village will be listed at the end.
  • Usernames with multiple characters have been listed with only two of their latest characters. I seriously think One character per username should be made an Iron Rule. If any member wants to change the characters that they are allotted, feel free to PM me.
  • The Order of the characters is from newest to oldest ones, so if you see your name on the top of the list, your nuub :3.

Now without further ado, Igzhou!

August 2016

Population Per Village

OKAGAKURE(The Hidden Hill)
Harukoo*Tsukegami ( @mamoudou52404 ) -ACTIVESora ( @Crackheadbear ) – INACTIVE
Manuster *******-Tsukegami ( @Manuster ) – ACTIVEMitoko 'Kirishima' Nerumani ( @MinatoNamikaze ) – INACTIVE
Tsuna Tsukegami ( @Tsunayoshi ) – ACTIVETamashi Tsukegami@Legendary Ninja ) – INACTIVE
Hirochi Himitsu ( @Seguro416 ) – ACTIVEMorugan Erisu ( @Malice_Unleashed ) – INACTIVE
Gaara Kasai ( @Gaara Kasai ) – INACTIVEOrochi Akira ( @Orochi ) – INACTIVE
Tai Tsukegami ( @Sage32801 ) – IDLEKazuo Tsukegami ( @Komeno ) – INACTIVE
Psykho Tsukegami ( @ Psykho ) – INACTIVENao Tsukegami ( @Batt ) – ACTIVE
Kuria Akagi ( @Mars ) – ACTIVE Toshiro Kiiroissan ( @BeowulfsBane ) – INACTIVE
Toichi Tsukegami ( @waly206 ) – ACTIVE Kiiroissen Niccosan ( @niccosan ) – INACTIVE
Saino Maindo ( @popcornfrenzy ) – INACTIVEKeijiro Moshoki ( @misi4444 ) – ACTIVE
Rikuyo Kōkai ( @Ryugan ) – INACTIVE Kurama Tsukegami ( @KuramaTensei ) – INACTIVE
Tsukegami Hari ( @Uzumaki Hari ) – INACTIVETenzo Himitsu ( @StrawHatSeyi ) – IDLE
Sora Tsukegami ( @Sora_Taiyka ) – INACTIVEKaniha ( @ K4kashiHatake ) – INACTIVE
Raito Tsukegami ( @Hatake Raito ) – INACTIVERaka Ruff ( @Ruffin1t ) – IDLE
Masaki Tsukegami ( @Itsuki00 ) – INACTIVEKeito Zakushi (@Nirasu ) – INACTIVE
Boruto Pawa-me (@Boruto050202 ) – ACTIVENishimoto Hyosuke ( @StroodleCake ) - INACTIVE
TOTAL: 32 (9 active, 21 inactive, 3 idle)

KAMINARIGAKURE(The Hidden Thunder)
Reminance Akagi ( @Reminance ) – ACTIVEAtaki Himitsu ( @mislav000 ) – INACTIVE
Trekashi ( @TreWolfBud ) – ACTIVE
Shiro Nakai ( @Nova ) – ACTIVE   
Keita Himitsu ( @Keita ) – ACTIVE
Devil ( @Devilthekiller )  – INACTIVE
Taiga Himitsu ( @taigakun ) – ACTIVE
Hisui ( @JadedSwift ) – ACTIVE
Akira Nasiani ( @ Klaatublue422) – ACTIVE
Isei Himitsu ( @Nas ) – ACTIVE
Kazuki Akagi ( @Shivraj ) ACTIVE
Koi (Koidesu) Himitsu ( @Eythynhkh ) – INACTIVE
Sanji Akagi ( @Sanji ) – ACTIVE Onimaro Himitsu ( @Leebz ) – ACTIVE
Killingstar ( @killingstar ) – INACTIVE
Hisashi (@ThatPersonmv) – IDLE
Arashi Raimei ( @ Arashi Raimei ) – INACTIVE
Hiashi Himitsu ( @VaprJonin ) - INACTIVE
Kuro Akagi ( @Ken ) – ACTIVE
Hisaki Akagi ( @jcryer ) – ACTIVE
Hishiro Nakai ( @vipto ) – ACTIVE
Grypha Himitsu ( @Tenzin ) – INACTIVE
Kenshi Himitsu, Ryuu Himitsu ( @GhostParadise ) – ACTIVE
Jorrez Kuroi, Douzo ( @jawillia1987 ) – INACTIVE
Zero Geass ( @zeroinu ) – INACTIVE
Shingen Mori ( @ParadoxRonin ) – IDLE
Hiruko Himitsu ( @Hiruko ) – INACTIVE
Kichyose Ookami (@Kichyose ) – INACTIVE
Norinaga Hachimitsu ( @Doylo Bushida ) – INACTIVE
Nisshomaru ( @ Nisshomaru ) – SUSPENDED
Zhou Himitsu ( @Remi ) – INACTIVE
Gekido Tatsumaki ( @Renegade24 ) - INACTIVE
Satomi Himitsu, Kazumi Himitsu ( @ThePinkDemon ) – ACTIVE
TOTAL: 33 (16 active, 14 inactive, 2 idle, 1 suspended)

MORIGAKURE(The Hidden Forest)
Tatsuo Toratsume ( @Toratsume Nyshn ) – ACTIVE
Akio Yamato ( @Karlos_Baron ) – INACTIVE
Shishida Amigake ( @lollernoob9 ) – ACTIVE
Rayzote Ookami ( @rayzote ) – IDLE
Menma Hiroyuki ( @Menma Uchiha ) – INACTIVE
Zhu Ookami ( @Unno ) – INACTIVE

Soraian ( @soraian ) – INACTIVE

Saiyahito Ookami ( @Saiyahito ) – INACTIVE
Star Shizen ( @cmsurfer ) – ACTIVE

Ayame Hayashi ( @LuveniA ) – INACTIVE
Ronald McDonald ( @Madara Uchiha ) – INACTIVE
Kiyoshi Ookami ( @conteledemonte ) – ACTIVE
Hayashida Ryunosuke ( @Umarekawari ) – INACTIVE
Drexanz Xikam ( @Drexanz ) – INACTIVE

Ubichiko SeikyouHitomi ( @UbichiKo ) – INACTIVE

Jin Ookami ( @Dre ) – INACTIVE

Zakari Himitsu ( @ToadSage ) – IDLE

Kurobuchi Kurama ( @Phone Star ) - ACTIVE
TOTAL:18 (6 active, 10 inactive, 2idle)

KAZANGAKURE(The Hidden Volcano)
Jubokko Senpai ( @mamita ) – ACTIVE

Looki Kinkarasu ( @luckycmsn ) – INACTIVE

Dati ( @dati ) – INACTIVE
Supaku ( @eliforth ) – INACTIVE
Raishimaru Himitsu ( @jedikan ) – INACTIVE

Kenta Kobayashi ( @Thactor4 )  - INACTIVE

Sareko Akaihono ( @adithya ) – ACTIVE

TOTAL:7 (2 active, 5 inactive, 0idle)

HEIZUGAKURE(The Hidden Haze)
Sayo Kasai ( @SayoKasai ) – INACTIVE

Shinbou Maeda ( @TheUnknownCheese ) – INACTIVE

Arashi Akagi ( @bloberfish ) – IDLE
Satoru Nii ( @DrSuhi ) - INACTIVE

TOTAL:4 (0 active, 3 inactive, 1idle)

YUKIGAKURE(The Hidden Snow)
Seraphiel Kirishima ( @huntasol ) – IDLE

Takumo ( @Yoshiro Ninja  ) – INACTIVE

Tobimaru Kamino, Ren Kamino ( @Atomic_Ghost ) – INACTIVE
Mika Himitsu ( @Esteez ) – INACTIVE

Kuriha Himitsu  ( @Kamashe ) – BANNED
Shingen Kajahara ( @dragon6624 ) – ACTIVE
Yume Shirotsuki ( @Krumla ) – INACTIVE
Kunita Unuhuki, Zero Urusoma ( @Zero ) – INACTIVE
Hikari Suzume ( @Narf ) – INACTIVE
Yoru Kusemono ( @Raenir ) – INACTIVE
Toshio Ushida ( @Hyorinmaru ) – INACTIVE
Shirihata Itsuru ( @Shirihata ) – INACTIVE
Husky Akagi ( @Husky ) – INACTIVE
Sanashi Shimokaze ( @Shadow1759 ) – INACTIVE
Rokuro Akagi( @Scrumpeh ) – INACTIVE
Aoi Kirishima ( @Aoi ) - INACTIVE
Uliro ( @Ayshi ) –INACTIVE
Marise Hiraku ( @Dekatophos ) – INACTIVE
Yaru Asari ( @Heimdallr) – INACTIVE
Tamensei ( @Ryotenbin ) - INACTIVE
Emi Himitsu ( @CookieFacePrimoz ) – INACTIVE
TOTAL:21 (1 active, 18 inactive, 1idle, 1 banned)

INFERUNOGAKURE(The Hidden Inferno)
Shi Xie ( @ShiXie )ACTIVEKaeiro Kirishima ( @Kai ) – ACTIVE
Zama ( @Zama ) ACTIVETakashi Hono ( @igna400 ) – INACTIVE
Hikaru Kirishima ( @Whatasnipe ) – ACTIVEKatsu Kirishima ( @TheRealKuha ) – IDLE
Gukan Himitsu ( @Cryptonexin ) – INACTIVESearson Genkai ( @Sewayne ) – INACTIVE
Linnet Kirishima ( @Linnet ) – INACTIVETsuki Kirishima ( @MadaraS ) – INACTIVE
Hashamaru Kirishima ( @Hashimaru ) – INACTIVEKaguyo Uchiha ( @Kaguyo ) – INACTIVE
Kinato Kirishima ( @Epicstar25002 ) – INACTIVEIsao Kirishima ( @Foxy ) – INACTIVE
Tameshi Hinode( @Tameshi Hinode ) – INACTIVEYurugen Kirishima( @Jurg3n ) – INACTIVE
Jale Himitsu ( @Jale ) – INACTIVEShi-Akuma ( @just4real ) – INACTIVE
Yuchiko Shinotenshi ( @Kawaiisickle ) – INACTIVEKai Uchiha ( @Jiten ) – INACTIVE
Shiziy Tsukegami ( @tyler179 ) – IDLE
Hao Kirishima ( @m4r1us) – INACTIVE
Sai Kirishima ( @granit ) - IDLEAllake Kirishima ( @Kings_Head ) - ACTIVE
TOTAL:24 (5 active, 16 inactive, 3idle)

Haigakure, Kinzokugakure and Hokorigakure have been shifted to the continued post. click here to jump to the continued post.
It involves The remaining village census, Indepensent Shinobi List and Village Satistics.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / SLO pictures,GIFs and Memes!
« on: August 10, 2016, 11:33:02 »
TBH, I didn't go through all the 9 pages of this board... but I guess such a thread doesn't exists. Anyways...
1)feel free to post screenshots, GIFs and memes which you have taken/made while in game.
2)Pictures can be funny, sarcastic, nostalgic or any damn genre (except being toooo offensive).
3)Don't forget to put a caption to the picture and mention the guys in that pic :P

lets see how you guys spend your days in SLO! :)

I'll start....
A wonderful morning for some Flying Raijin!!!

can anyone help me with the image size??? and tell me how to resize?? so that I can do it in future without bothering the mods :3

I guess the devs already might have this rough idea in their head about how all villages shall look like (according to their names), and I know this, right now is not the priority... but still, I'd like to share my thoughts out here on how the villages should look like.
So here we go :)

This is under development so won't comment much on it, basically I believe it should look like a normal village surrounded by hills with specific paths through the valley for entry and exit for the village.
Climate:all four seasons

Yeah... this one should be surrounded by volcanoes... but not like hidden hill, there should be a specific number of them like four on each cardinal directions ( north, south, east, west)
Climate:Hot and humid, sometimes windy.
It should be a combination of hot Igneous rocks and greenery.. something like this..

As a village hidden in forest.... General image of it will be of surrounded by lotsa trees.... but IMO, this village can stand out by being an arboreal village, i.e a village on the trees.
Climate: Just like every evergreen forest.
It should look something like this.

A typical village look ,except that everything is greyish and damp.
Climate: Always covered with dark clouds which leads to the frequent thunderstorms and periodic rains.

Haze looks similar to mist, so this one should look like it's naruto counterpart (Hidden Mist)
Climate: Would be cold and foggy and winter will be prevalent (minus the snow)

A typical snow clad village will do... some igloos and pinewood log houses can also be used to define the village as hidden snow.
Climate: Winter throughout the year... covered with snow all the time.
This picture can roughly fit my vision of YUKI

well... didn't think much about this one... probably like those villages in cowboy movies or a sandy village... the idea is not clear so suggestions are welcome :)

This one is the hell on earth... people living here have adapted to low body water levels and intense heat.
Climate:Hot and dry. Fiery all the time. Temperature is never below 50℃
Basically, something like this....

It shall look like amegakure (the hidden rain village) minus the rain of course. Highly industrialized, due to their skill with metal... some metal release jutsu unique to this village can be made if desired.
climate: Summer to Autumn. Not much of winter comes.
A quite downgraded version of these images

Literally hidden in ash, this one should be closely situated to Hidden Volcano Village
Climate: Warm and dry... windy during late October to December (winter in other words)

Again... no proper vision for this one.... I guess a gigantic tesla coil in the middle of the village, which will act as a defensive barrier or something..

And that's the end of the tour :P
PS- the images are not owned by me... they are just some random Google searches that roughly fit my idea of how each village should look like.

General Discussion / Your First
« on: July 17, 2016, 06:12:56 »
Basically, this is what I do when I'm bored...
I'll ask you guys the following Your First Experiences and you guys can describe them if you feel like, and can add your own questions which can be directed towards either all the members or towards a specific member...
PS. It's not a game, just a medium to know you guys better :)

First Forum:

First Anime/Manga:

First video game:

First important lesson learnt in life:

First Crush/love:

First failure:

First fight/brawl:

First achievement that means the most to you:

First adventure:

First friend:


Technical Support / Does the "options" button work?
« on: July 05, 2016, 17:15:29 »

does this button works??
it is not in mine

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / The Uninheritable Dojutsu
« on: July 04, 2016, 16:16:25 »
Read this First!!!
This is just a dojutsu Kekkei Genkei suggestion, such thing as of now doesn't exists. I orignally planned it to be in *my clan*... But fack it... I'll be happy if it is ever incorporated in this game  :)
The Ki-Kyugan
English Translation: The Golden Eyeball
Developed by: The Founder of Toratsume of The Dark Forest** (its as per my clan, but again, it can be changed as per whichever clan is chosen)
Requirements: Vast reserves of Chakra, chakra meditation (one time) and most importantly, the knowledge of the secret technique of activation.

The Ki-kyugan is a dojutsu which is uninheritable by nature. That is, it will not be in the genes of whichever clan it will be possessed by. Rather, It has to be activated By special hand seals, which will be a clan secret. This will also need immense chakra meditation to concentrate all the chakra at the eye chakra point.

Once Activated, it cannot be reverted back to your normal eyes as it synchronizes with your life force chakra. Hence it will be deactivated only if
  • You Die
  • Your eyes get removed from your body (which will cut chakra supply and hence deactivating the Golden eyeball)
  • Somehow chakra flow stops in your body, especially to your eye chakra points. (if they would exsist.)

Ki-kyugan has three stages of activation:

Once activated by the clan's secret hand seals, The eyes turn golden and the surrounding eyelid becomes thick black. This stage grants the user Enhanced Vision and Hikari no Akarui (Sunshine Eyes), which gives out dazzling light confusing the opponent so as to dodge him or render him unable to perform any close combat attack.


This stage is achieved by further concentrating chakra on eyespots. This stage can be deactivated back to primary stage. In this stage, there appears a four-spoke star in the middle of the eyeball.
Along with the abilities of the primary stage, it gives the user two new abilities.
-Penetrative vision
-Kagayaki (Radiance): An upgraded version of Sunshine Eyes, it makes the eyeballs emit a dazzling light upto a much higher distance, providing a blinding shield around the user. Also, it can be infused with any object or weapon, which may be used as false Epicentre of the emitted radiance to confuse opponent or just a super bright chakra infused kunai/  shuriken/ sword,etc.

3) SEIJIN STAGE: (as sennin was too mainstream  :P )

Golden Eyeball with six-spoke star in the middle, it can be deactivated back to Primary stage.
Along with the techniques as mentioned in primary and Masuta stage, the following abilities are added-
-Read opponent's moves (hint: sharingan )
-Binocular vision
-Temporary Hypnosis (saimin no jutsu)
-Kogane Shikosen (golden deathlight) as the name suggest... it can penetrate anything and can atomize the target on contact :P

As mentioned before, it uses up a good amount of chakra when first activated.
Excessive use of Radiance can lead to blindness in future.
Once achieving Seijin stage, the eyes are subjected to a lot of strain and use up more amount of chakra. Further, The Golden Deathlight can be used only once in the battle as it uses almost 91% of the chakra you're left with. That also implies, the intensity of this Technique is directly proportional to the chakra that you are left with... in simpler words, the higher the chakra you have, the stronger/powerful is your Kogane Shikosen.

Thanks for giving it a look :)

Shinobi Life Online Clans / The Toratsume Clan
« on: June 22, 2016, 18:38:08 »

Clan Name: Toratsume
Clan Logo: Given as above
Founder: Tsumemoto "Toratsume" Yamazaki
Clan Leader: (Ichitsume-sama) Takeshi Toratsume
Affiliation: Morigakure
Clan History: The founder of the clan, the First Ichitsume, Tsumemoto Yamazaki was born in the village of Okagakure to Hamura and Shinju Yamazaki, vets and owners of a pet shop. His name means "The Orignal Claw".
One day, when Tsumemoto was 8 years old, he saw some shinobis training in the clearing near the woods close to his house. He crept near the ninjas for a better view but his presence was sensed by one of the ninjas and he mistook him for a spy and projected a shuriken toward him which Tsume intercepted in time and was able to throw it back towards the ninja with astonishing agility. The ninja appreciated his bravery and through a series of events, Tsumemoto was enrolled in the Oka Ninja school.
 By age 15, Tsumemoto became a chunin and was sent on a spying mission in Morigakure. While on his way back to his village after successfully completing his mission, Toratsume encounters a badly wounded Tiger who was bleeding heavily. Tsumemoto had the knowledge of Feline treatment as he had veterinarian parents. He patched up the tiger and took him to his house where his father treated the beast. Soon, the Yamazaki family came to know that the tiger could talk and move like humans. He tells them his name- Toraichi the heir to the Tiger Tribe of the Dark forest, and the circumstances responsible for his near death.
The news of a talking tiger in the Yamazaki Household spread like wildfire in the village and people from around the village came to meet him. One day, a group of chunins, and friends of Tsumemoto, were passing by the Yamazaki household when they decided to pay a visit to the Talking tiger. When they entered the house, they saw the Tiger practicing a strange Taijutsu. The five chunins, thought to test the skills of the beast and play a prank on it. Tsumemoto, entered his home at that very instant and advised the chunins not to do so. But the mischievous chunins jumped on Toraichi to surprise him, The tiger, suddenly had the vision of the five assailants who had tried to kill him and in distress, unleashed his taijutsu on them as all the five unfortunate chunins dropped dead. Tsumemoto could'nt do anything as all this happened within a few seconds.

The news reached the Kage and no sooner the Tiger was ordered to be caught and executed in public to avenge the death of the five chunins. Tsumemoto defended Toraichi as he had witnessed the truth. He even spoke to the Kage of Hidden Hill, but it was of no use as the whole shinobi society was enraged at this act and even if he did take back his order, someone will surely kill him.
Tsumemoto then told the Kage that he is going to follow the path of truth and protect the Tiger at all costs. Even his life.

 The Jonins started to attack the Yamazaki Home. In the skirmish, Tsumemoto lost his parents, who wanted to protect their son, but was able to escape the village with Toraichi. Both of them traveled for weeks before they finally reached Toraichi's settlement in the Dark Forest (Kuraimorio). Tsumemoto was praised, thanked and rewarded by Toraichi's father and the chief of the Tiger tribe. He told Tsumemoto that he had did what was just, even when everyone else went against him. He had the true spirit of a tiger and hence from that day onwards, he should be known as Toratsume (Tigerclaw) and signed the pact of Summoning with the Tigers, which explicitly states that, "Only an able and worthy Toratsume can summon the Tigers of the Kuraimorio".
Toratsume stayed with the tribe and trained with them in their Taijutsu, Tora no Waza, or "The Art of The Tiger". [It is with them that he develops the uninheritable Dojutsu, the "Ki-kyugan" or "the Golden eyeball" and masters it"]

Later by the age  of 35, Toratsume leaves the tribe to lead a nomadic life, during which he meets Kaori Kawaguchi and marries her. They have three children Hisashi, Hisoka and Haruo. Hisashi bonds with Ryota Ishikawa, a fire nature ninja with no memory of his past except that abandoned by his comrades. Later Ryota joins the clan as the sworn brother of Hiashi, thus giving the Toratsume clan Four orignal lineages.
The following is the family Chart of the Clan:

As of recent, A fateful friendship between Tatsuo Toratsume and Star Shizen led to an allegiance between the Toratsume and The Shizen Clan. The clan finally settles down in the village of Morigakure.

Genetic Similarities: All clan members have predominantly black or grey hair (unless you plan to dye it), and black or brown eyes.

Unique Traits: The clan had led a nomadic life for a long while. The bloodline is of highly rare "hh" type, the Ryota lineage is exception since he is not Tsumemoto's son still, possesses another super rare blood group, the Rh-null type.
The Clan practices the secret Taijutsu called "Tora no Waza", which utilises brute force chakra and agility.
They are the only clan till date to have summoned the Tigers of the Kuraimorio.
The Primary Chakra type varies in the four lineages.  While Hiashi and Haruo lineages are Earth Release(they were able wood style users), Hisoka is a Water release kunoichi (the lineage consists of the most skilled water release user) and Ryota has fire Release(The most well-known fire usersof the Hidden Forest). Some clan members had mastered the Wood Release (Tsumemoto himself was a Wood release expert).
[The clan also keeps the secret of the Uninheritable Dojutsu- "Ki-kyugan".

Strengths: Mentally, the clan has superior observation and memorization capacities and have the knowledge of a lot of ninjutsus, taijutsus and genjutsus (even if they cannot perform them, they can identify any ninjutsu by the hand seals, taijutsu by the initial stance or attacks and prepare for it and are resistant to most of the genjutsus).

Physically, their  taijutsu is one of the most dangerous ever to exist and one of the most difficult to master.They also have massive chakra reserves which is a must for Earth release user. [in addition to that, their Dojutsu, enhances their visual prowess allowing them penetrable vision and to perform the ShinoKihikari (Gold light of death)]

Weaknesses: The only weakness the clan has is in the Ryota lineage which possess the Rh-null type of blood, due to which they are chronically anaemic and also have low chakra reserves.
The weaknesses of rest of the members varies from member to member.

Rival Clans: No specefic rival clan but the Toratsume Clan do think twice before making friends with rogue Ninjas as they had murdered and/or killed their clan members and used to harass them during their nomadic life.

Allied Clans:  Shizen_Clan


Rankings: Their is no formal rank structure, except for the Ichitsume-sama or "Lord First-claw" who is the most powerful Toratsume alive and four elites who form the Advisory Council of the Ichitsume called the "Hyogiin" (?).Earlier, assigning missions and the Clan's welfare were the jobs of Ichitsume-sama, but after settling in Morigakure, most of the young Toratsumes have joined the Morigakure Shinobi Force, hence The only thing the Ichitsume has to worry about is the welfare of the Clan. The head of each Lineage is their Hyogiin. Any Lineage matters shall be reported to her/him. The Hyogiin's will have their special logo like the Itchisume in the forum but in-game, they should use the Orignal Clan Logo which is at the Top of this post.
The following are the Logos for specified Ranks and members.
Normal Member
The forum logos of Hyogiins of the Hiashi, Ryota, Hisoka and Haruo Lineages respectively
Ichitsume's Symbol

Members: Recruitment has started, once the members are selected, they would be alloted their families. (PS; I'm still new here so my first priority is to gain some reputation right now :) )
before you apply, keep in mind that your primary chakra should either be earth or water (doton or suiton). You can be a Fire Release Ninja (Katon) if you want to join the Ryota lineage.
Spoiler: show
You can have other natures since marriages with different families is allowed in the clan, so you may end up inheriting your mother's chakra nature. :)

You must start the game as a citizen of MORIGAKURE. Then it depends on you, whether you want to join the Shinobi Army of the village or join any independent organisations or roam the world alone.
Also, if you noted it in the family tree, The clan follows the tradition of naming their progeny with 'H' and 'T' alternatively. The Ryota lineage is an exception where you find names beginning with 'R', 'Y' and 'T'. Hence I request to abide by the tradition, although it's not compulsory (i.e you can have your own name starting with any alphabet you choose :) )
1)Tatsuo Toratsume
2)Tayuun Toratsume
3)Rabuno Toratsume
4)Takeuchi Toratsume

Charecter name:
Primary Chakra Nature:
unique ability/Jutsu:
Which lineage will you prefer? (refer the family tree given above)
1) Hisashi Lineage (hh-type blood)(Earth Release)
2)Ryota Lineage (Rhnull- type blood)(Fire Release)
3)Hisoka Lineage (hh-type blood)(Water Release)
4)Haruo Lineage (hh-type blood)(Earth Release)
(The lineages are listed in order of eldest to youngest)
What made you choose this clan?

Application Template:
Code: [Select]
[center][b]APPLICATION FORM[/b][/center]
[b] Charecter name:[/b]
[b]Primary Chakra Nature:[/b]
[b]unique ability/Jutsu:[/b]
[b]Which lineage will you prefer?[/b] [b](refer the family tree given above)[/b]
1) [color=green]Hisashi Lineage [i](hh-type blood)[/i][/color](Earth Release)
2)[color=orange]Ryota Lineage [i](Rhnull- type blood)[/i][/color](Fire Release)
3)[color=navy]Hisoka Lineage [i](hh-type blood)[/i][/color](Water Release)
4)[color=green]Haruo Lineage [i](hh-type blood)[/i][/color](Earth Release)
[i](The lineages are listed in order of eldest to youngest)[/i]
[b]What made you choose this clan?[/b]

Rules: will be declared after clan becomes at least 5 active members strong. After that the Ichitsume and the four Hyogiin members will be elected who will formulate the Clan's code of conduct. NOTE: I may have created the clan but am not the final leader unless the clan members feel the other way. Once the clan is big enough, The candidates will be suggested by the Hyogiins and the leader will be elected by the clan member's votes. The only power that I'll hold on to is a permanent Hyogiin Membership :P .

Text in red talks about the Clan's Kekkei Genkei, which as suggested by the others will have a really low probability to exist in my clan, if my clan ever happens. anyways, its just and Idea. Click Here to know more about Ki-kyugan. :)

Shinobi Life Online Character / Tatsuo Toratsume
« on: June 20, 2016, 12:33:09 »
Tatsuo Toratsume
(虎爪 竜雄)

Name: Tatsuo Toratsume
Age: 19 years
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft.
Weight: 145.6 lbs
Hairstyle: currently spiky and messy
Facial hair: None
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Blood type: hh (Bombay Blood)
Primary chakra nature: Earth
Hidden Village: Morigakure
Clan: Toratsume of The Dark Forest (暗い森の虎爪)
Good or evil at heart?: Good

Description of the character's personality: Tatsuo has grown up in a Nomadic clan and hence had seen almost all the lands and experienced a lot of things throughout his childhood and Teenage life. He stays quite alert all the time and has high observation power and memory, although he is generally not interested in most of the stuff and considers them quite trivial.

During his childhood and throughout his genin years, Tatsuo wears a dark brown Kurta and grey pants. He has  a black waistcloth tied around his waist. When he becomes an official shinobi, he wears a pair of black shinobi gloves with metal plate and dark grey standard long neck shinobi sandals. His forehead protector is on his forehead and is alsogrey in color. He is seen wearing a mud brown mask when he is active in a mission, war or fight. Later, when he becomes a Jonin, he retains his grey forehead protector and dons the standard Morigakure Flak jacket, below which he wears a mud brown vest.

After voluntarily retiring from the Shinobi army of his village at the age of 19, he starts wearing a brown kurta and brownish orange pants along with his grey forehead protector, which now bears the kanji of "Wrath", to honor his alignment to Nanatsu and his new Sensei Allake Kirishima. He also wears a long black overcoat and resumes wearing the black waistcloth.

As a member of Heathen, Tatsuo keeps his post retirement outfit and adds the Black Rose logo on his kurta that he wears under the black overcoat. After Allake became the Death of Kako no Yami, Tatsuo started wearing a forehead protector bearing the Kanji for "Death".
             Tatsuo is quite intelligent, thanks to his nomadic life which helped him collect a lot of information and knowledge, but he doesn't considers himself as a good teacher and had declined the Morikage's offer to train three of the village's upcoming talented genins.
             Tatsuo has mastered the Toratsume clan's taijutsu called the Tora no Waza or the"Ärt of the Tiger" and can summon the heir of the Tiger Tribe of the Dark Forest (Kuraimorio no tora buzoku), Torosuke. He can perform Doton (earth release) techniques as earth is his primary chakra nature

Description of the character's history: Tatsuo was born to Hiroshi and Aino Toratsume in the outskirts of the Hidden hill village, where the entry of the clan is prohibited. During this time, the clan was attacked by a troop of rougue ninjas. Hiroshi, Tatsuo's father, led five of his men and annhilated the whole troop but later, succumbed to the battlewounds that he got. He was given the title of "Imperial Hero" of the clan by the "Ichitsume" (the clan chief) and hence his son was also named after his title, i.e Tatsuo (tatsuo also means dragon). When Tatsuo was six, he came to know about his father's sacrifice and swore that he would follow his example and protect his loved ones and live up to his name.
           He started training under Ryotsu Toratsume, his cousin who was 15 years older to Tatsuo. One fine day, Tatsuo observes Ryotsu performing the summoning jutsu to summon a peculiar looking tiger before he went out on his morning hunt. When he comes back Tatsuo begs Ryotsu to teach him that jutsu but Ryotsu declines, saying that before summoning a Tiger, he should first learn the Tora no Waza as the tigers, when first summoned, make sure that their summoner was an able Toratsume, othewise they would reverse summon or if angry, could even kill the summoner. But Tatsuo being adamant and stubborn kept observing Ryotsu secretly for a couple of days and finally one fine day, he escapes from the clan's settlement and after making sure no one was around, he performs the Summon, to his surprise, it was a Tiger cub that he had summoned.

                The cub was quite happy at the thought of being summoned,but at the same time, he had to confirm whether his summoner was worthy of the summon or not. But before the duel could start, they were attacked by a pack of wolves. Tatsuo and the Tiger cub try their best to defeat the pack but were soon overpowered by them. Still, Tatsuo stood infront of the Tiger cub in order to protect it. Just as the alpha wolf was about to pounce on the two of them, a strange gigantic Tiger appeared from nowhere and scared the wolves away. The Tiger introduced himself as The chief of the Tiger tribe "Torahiro-sama", the great-grandson of the legendary beast "Toraichi". He was observing his son, (the tiger cub) Torasuke to test his knowledge and skills. He also states that Tatsuo had impressed him with his guts and his attitude and offers to give him a free ride back to his settlement. Once back home, the clan members are awestruck to see little Tatsuo on the back of the great Torahiro-sama along with his son.
Later that day, as Ryota was bandaging Tatsuo, Tatsuo thanks him to teach him Summoning. Ryota gives a bewildered look and says he never taught him summoning, to which Tatsuo replies he knew that Ryota purposefully used to do the summoning everyday so that he would sneak up on him everyday, observe, learn and practice that jutsu. Ryota smiled and patted on Tatsuo's head saying that he is smart.
         Tatsuo continues training under Ryotsu for the next 7 years as he travels across the forests, mountains and villages, going through many adventures and learning and observing many jutsus.
         One day, when he was 13, Tatsuo stumbled upon Star Shizen of The Shizen Clan while practicing Taijutsu with Torasuke. He sees her as his opponent and challenges her. He stuns Star with the brilliance of Tora no Waza in close combat which makes her rethink her strategy and opt to long-range ninjutsu. As Tatsuo was yet to learn Earth release properly and he had told Torasuke to stay out of it, He could not match Star's Water Release ninjutsu and is forced to go defensive. After a long battle, Both the Shinobis (who have large chakra reserve) exhausted thier store of chakra and fall but Star manages to pull off a weak water splash at Tatsuo which catches him off-guard and he is defeated. In the end, Star helps Tatsuo get up and tells him that he was the first person to survive a battle with her. This meeting struck friendship between the two and laid the path to form allegiance between the Toratsume and the Shizen clan.
When he was 14 years old, Lord Ichitsume accepts the offer of The Morikage and the Toratsume clan becomes a permanent denizen of Morigakure. Here, Tatsuo joins the ninja Academy and graduates within an year to become a Genin and is commissioned as a member of Mori Team Two along with Akira Uteki , Ichiro Soratoko and their Jonin sensei Daichi Haruko. He passes the Chunin exam in his first attempt the next year.
            By 18, he is recommended to be Promoted as Jonin. During this time, he is sent on his final mission as a chunin to safely retrieve the kidnapped son and brother of a feudal lord, who also happened to be Ichiro's sworn brother and student. After successfully finding the boy (named Kenta) the team is Ambushed by certain hired assasins who's primary target was the boy. The team gets separated during the battle. Ichiro discovers that one of the ninja was a Morikagure Jonin and feels betrayed by the village. On the other side, Tatsuo successfully neutralizes the rogues but out of nowhere, a kunai knife flies out and pierces through Kenta and flies towards Tatsuo but he intercepts it in time and catches it before it could pierce him. At this moment, Ichiro arrives and mistakes Tatsuo as the murderer of his beloved little brother. Being heartbroken, He swears revenge on Tatsuo and leaves.
          After the mission (although a failure), Tatsuo and Akira are promoted to Jonin level and investigation is started to find out the actual killer of Kenta. Tatsuo's aim was to bring Kenta's murderer to justice and win back his best friend's trust.
But over a few missions (out of which maximum were failures), Tatsuo realizes that he is weak in ninjutsu and hence calls himself an Underqualified Jonin.
          Tatsuo retires from the Morigakure Shinobi Forces and joins the Nanatsu, to train under the Sin of Wrath, Sage Allake Kirishima to become a better shinobi.

During this time, he comes across another Organization called Heathen, an ally of the Nanatsu and was inspired by their ideology and goals which ultimately made him join that organization and work under them to improve himself and prove his innocence to his best friend Ichiro. He is then promoted to the Captain of the Trainees as an acknowledgement to his improvement as a shinobi.

Later, due to unfavorable circumstances, Sage Allake decides to leave NANATSU. Being loyal to his sensei, Tatsuo follows him to a new organization called Kako no Yami. No sooner he joined Kako no Yami, the organisation declared war against Nanatsu. Tatsuo is deeply saddened as being in Kako, he has to fight against Nanatsu, where he has some very good friends whom he can't even think of hurting. Seeing no other option, Tatsuo leaves Kako no Yami too, just before the war. He said,
"If I can't stand beside my friends during their bad times, I have not right to stand with them during their good times either."

The war ended in a stalemate with none of the two organisations benefiting anything from it. Allake, the death of Kako no Yami, and Tatsuo's sensei then tells Tatsuo to return to Nanatsu  as it is where he feels like home. Tatsuo then rejoins Nanatsu as the Doshi of the Fox. He now bears the kanji for "Death" on his forehead protector.

Tatsuo (childhood)     Tatsuo as a genin (14 years)
Since including a dojutsu or kekkai genkei was not appreciated, I am adding this as an additional footnote.
Toratsume clan has the dojutsu Ki-kyugan, which Tatsuo unlocks in his later years as jonin. (if possible)
Photos will be added soon.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Can I create my own clan???
« on: June 20, 2016, 11:07:40 »
I am thinking of starting my own clan which specializez in wind release techniques. Do I have the right to create one?

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