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General Discussion / reanimation
« on: May 14, 2018, 00:33:23 »
i think it would be cool if you could reanimate a dead ninja but to do it you have to sacrifice something,
but that is just my opinion

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Hinode
« on: May 11, 2018, 19:16:13 »
Hinode is a prestigious clan responsible for some of the ninja world's greatest shinobi.

Bloodline History

Many years ago, triplets were born to the leader of the Hinode clan. The father, an Earth-Style user, and the mother, a Water-Style user, were shocked when their three sons developed affinities to Lightning, Fire and Wind, respectively. Nevertheless, they cherished the children and raised them into fine shinobi.

On their eighteenth birthday, a prophecy was spoken, on how the greatest of the legendary weapons would be found lost the barest expanse. With the three boys entering manhood, they ventured forth on a quest to find said legendary sword. Along the way, they had a disagreement about where to look.

The oldest brother, with his lightning quick wit, suggested they search the vast and endless metallic plains. The middle brother spoke with fiery passion as he demanded they search the boiling volcanos. The youngest brother, not convinced by either, looked to the hills for his answer. He, after some deliberation, decided that the hills must be the barest expanse known to man.

And so, the three brothers, each with a different destination in mind, split up to search for the legendary weapon. The youngest brother climbed the hills in order to reach the sky, the middle brother found peace spitting fire amongst the treacherous volcanos, and the oldest brother finally discovered his match in the never-ending storms of metal.

After many years, all three brothers gave up on their pursuit of the legendary sword, as they realized they had found something far more important: home. With other travellers of their respective areas, the brothers founded small settlements, which would eventually grow into Shinobi Villages.

Bloodline Members

General Discussion / Gameboy Colour in 4K
« on: March 15, 2017, 01:44:55 »
How 2 4Kay ?

So, gameboy colours have a res of 144p.
144p x 4 = 240p - 4 gameboys
240p x 4 = 480p - 16 gameboys
480p x 4 = 720p - 64 gameboys
720p x 4 = 1080p - 256 gameboys
1080p x 4 = 2560p - 1024 gameboys
2560p x 4 = 3840p - 4096 gameboys

1 gameboy costs £30 from
This totals £122,880

Display connectors
Each cable costs £130
4096 x £130 = £532,480

So, each gameboy uses 2 batteries
4096 gameboys = 8192 batteries
8192 rechargeable, non branded batteries from Amazon came to £134,725.63
8196 spare batteries for switching
£134,725.63 x 2 = £269,451

10800^2 feet to store the gameboys
$6.50 for each square foot per year
$6.50 x 10800 = $70,200
Warehouse cost £57,744.

Battery chargers
12 dock battery charger costs €32
683 chargers are needed to charge 8192 batteries
683 x $32 = $21856

4K camera drone is £493

Plane Tickets
1 x £457
3 x £852
Plane tickets are for getting to the warehouse in Florida
Tickets all together are £2556

£  57,744
£  17,974
£       493
£    2,556

Total : £1,003,578
In USD : $1,220,451

Done by


Shinobi Life Online Character / Ryuzaki Tsunagami
« on: March 10, 2017, 04:55:01 »
Ryuzaki Tsunagami

Shoutout to @CaioDarT for the character design <3

Personal Information

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Hidden Metal Village
Place of Residence: Hidden Metal Village   
Occupation: Kage Candidate
Birthday: August 3rd
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Bloodtype: 0-
Status: Alive
Clan: Tsunagami - Leader
Organisation: Roguhanta - Mura Purotekuta


Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 70kg
Skin Colour: Pale
Hair Colour: White and Grey
Eye Color: Red

Ninja Info

Chakra Type: Lightning
Fighting Style: Kenjutsu
Jutsu Strengths: Ninjutsu and Genjutsu
Jutsu Weaknesses: Taijutsu and Sealing


Ryuzaki is a serious guy, mainly because of his childhood. Being the leader of his family's clan, Tsunagami, from an age of just 6 made it necessary for him to grow up faster than most people his age. He never grew a sense of humour as a child, as he had no friends to joke around with. Growing up, Ryuzaki only talked to his elders, personal teachers and his older brother, Kris. He was always taught to not kill people, to spare people's lives and grant everyone a second chance. But the rage and frustration that was created from the civil war when he was only 4, created a monster within him, a monster that Ryuzaki has been learning to control.

Hidden Metal

Ryuzaki has been a large part of the Hidden Metal from birth. Being the leader of one of the two dominant clans, he was destined to protect and give his life for the metal. This sense of purpose excited Ryuzaki. Even though he was the face of Tsunagami, he didn't get to make many decisions, and didn't really have authority over the higher ups of the clan. Instead of trying to run the clan, he focused on building connections, getting to know strong opposition, as well as making friendships with the right people even with his social issues. Within this journey of building relations, he ran into numerous higher ups, who all seemed suspicious of Ryuzaki, but still took the time to understand and get to know him.  Ryuzaki hated making friends, he had little trust in others, but he knew he had to for the greater good of the metal.

Running For Kage of Metal

After being hit with the responsibilities of his clan at such a young age, Ryuzaki didn't want to have anything to do with leading his village. He didn't feel like people would support his efforts, as most of the Tsunagami had died in the civil war, and he didn't have many friends. He thought his brother deserved to have some sort of power, and thought his kind, jokey personality would be perfect for the role. However, his brother refused. He didn't believe he was worthy enough to take the role, and refused the responsibility. He wanted to be his brothers sentinel, protect him in any way possible and in so believed that any major responsibility would hinder his efforts in doing so.

Ryuzaki had become good friends with Reminance Kaiyo, the Kage of the Thunder. Being bordered countries, it was easy for Ryuzaki to go see him, and discuss their issues. Remi was aware of Ryuzaki's capabilities as a shinobi, and in so invited him to become a member of his organisation, Roguhanta. Ryuzaki wanted to be a regular member, a send out as such, but Reminance had other plans. He offered to train Ryuzaki, take him under his wing and teach him how to use maximum efficiency of his lightning style.

After months of training, Ryuzaki'a speed control, chakra usage and unpredictability had grown to a stage where only a talented few could touch him in battle. He had mastered a powerful jutsu, an adaption of the Chidori, the big shidori, which was almost impossible to counter. Ryuzaki finally felt as if he was able to support and protect his village and clan, and believed he was strong enough to stand up to any threat. During this time, Remi had suggested that Ryuzaki became Kage numerous times, but he still felt as if he wasn't the right person for it. He believed that the growing power of Ennia was becoming the perfect foundation for metal, and that their elder, America, was already doing everything right.

Ryuzaki was away for a few months, and began to miss his brother. He couldn't wait to see him to show off his new skills, but at the same time he knew he was in for a bollocking because he didn't tell anyone how long he was going for. After arriving back from his journey, Ryuzaki wasn't hesitant to challenge his brother to a joustle. tbh, he knew he was going to win, but naturally kept a serious feel about himself. They stood at opposite sides of the rather small sized palaces yard, Ryuzaki looking like he's out to kill. Kris seemed rather calm, not knowing of the training that Ryuzaki had gone through and the prowesses he had gained. Kris charged at him, releasing a bombardment of wind bullets. Ryuzaki dodged past them all with ease, or so he thought. A sharp pain grew in his lower thigh, lag bullet. The confusion from this mysterious jutsu captured Ryans attention, “wtf even is this game” he thought to himself. Kris hastily appeared through the smoke screen engulfing Ryuzaki, but this was his greatest mistake. Lightning surrounded Ryuzaki's body, pulling Kris towards him. His hand lit up into a blinding white, the noise emitting from it was strong enough to destroy quad-layered glass. He quickly thruster it towards Kris’s chest, before stopping it just at the tip of his clock. The surge from the electricity was enough to knock him out. Kris laid on the floor, not dead but just a bit dazed. “What was that?” Kris whispered in a troubled voice. It was none other than the big shidori.

After many weeks of training and sparring, Kris was still not able to keep up with his little brother. He had remembered all the talks they had about him become the Ka. He realised that Ryuzaki was the only one strong enough to protect the village from large threats, even if he isn't politically experienced. He spent days persuading and convincing Ryuzaki this was the right thing to do, but Ryuzaki was too stubborn to listen. He wanted to use his strength to fight the strongest rather than side with them. However, the constant nagging finally got to him. Ryuzaki, with some reminding from his brother, finally remembered his ambitions to protect everything he loves, and to stop unnecessary conflict. With realising this, he knew that becoming the Kage was the best way to achieve his goal and after some talk with his clan elders, he decided to run for the Kage. He knew that he would have to try extra hard as he wasn't very known and didn't have that much support. He trained day and night to make sure he can best his opponent without taking any hits, to maximise his opportunity. He's was determined to do it for his village, but mostly for his brother.

I may do more soon if I can be bothered. Hope you liked it. If you see any issues, have any criticisms or suggestions on how to improve it, post them on here or send me a pm :)

2nd Community Top 10 Players Voting Poll (tbh)
02/02/2017 - Press “F” to pay respects for those that don’t make it on the list

In-depth rules:
How it works? (tbh)

Vote your top 10 players based on ingame skill (1 being the best and 10 being the worst)
Depending on where you have placed a certain person on your list, they will receive a set amount of points e.g (1st on your list receives 10 points, 2nd on your list receives 9 points, 3rd receives 8 points etc)
You can only submit one list of ten players
We add up all the points to see who the top 10 players are (tbh)

Idk if it's still too early, but I wonna get the next one done before the new update so that we can have a good comparison between the old and new meta. If you think this is a bad idea, or it's too early, just say and i’ll postpone it until after the update has been out for a month or so.
Also, Kris wrote most of this so all this dead shit in the post isnt me *cough* title *cough*

The last winner was Reminance Kaiyo with 49 points, with the next shinobi's being Ken and Limits with 48.
Here’s a link to the first vote if you care :
We hope to see some new names making it onto the top 10 list…
In a bit you man SN

That is it so start voting

Technical Support / My game is broken after PC upgrades :/
« on: January 12, 2017, 16:33:49 »
Basically, i upgraded my PC from 4th Gen to 6th Gen cause my processor had burnt out due to some intense overclocking lmao. So since its been broken i haven't been able to play anything without it overheating and dying (means nothing now tho). So before i would play on a i7 4960x and my FPS would be fine. Now i try play on a i7 6800k and the FPS counter says its on 59-60 fps but plays like its on 20. it does this no matter what graphics settings i play on and with weather on or off. I've tried everything to fix it but i cant get it to go back to normal. However, uncapped i get between 200 - 400 fps. The problem with this tho is that the sensitivity changes too much as i believe its tied to fps (idk if this is right but this is what i have seen from playing it). Having the sense randomly increase and decrease makes it kinda unplayable for me right now.

Specs before:
i7 4960x
GTX 1070 msi Gaming X
16 GB x 1 kingston RAM 1666mhz (idk what type but it was turd)
and some shitty mobo

i7 6800k
Same GPU
8GB x 2 Vengeance 3200mhz
and some tonk mobo ngl

on both i played on Max settings (Fantastic?) at 1920 x 1080

any help would be appreciated right now cause i'm finding it impossible to fix tbh :/
ty you man/woman

Introduction / Eh, RyanFlashfire?
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:21:51 »
Name: Ryan Morgan - Olaye
Ethnicity: Mixed
Nationality: English
Living in: UK
Born in: August 3rd, 1999
Sports: Basketball if anything
Hobbies: Working in Software Development, Gaming, Music (play Drums and dat), Building and Designing Computers, spending time with mates and family.
Goals in life: Studying Computer Science, Software Engineering specifically, at Uni and getting a Bachelor's degree. Wonna go into work in either Security or application development.
Languages: English
Education: Computer Science and Networking, Maths, Graphic Design

What do I want to do in SLO?
Right now, seems pretty big for someone relatively new, but i want to become the Kage of the Metal. At first, i wasn't sure about what i wanted to do or be in SLO, so i just trained to become more efficient with the game's meta. Some peeps have been suggesting that i should become Kage for a while now, but I haven't been interested until lately. When i started SLO, I wanted to be a bigger part of the game by make myself known for my skill in game, rather than my actions in the forums or my ranking. I know that's pretty irrelevant now considering i'm trying to lead the Metal, but still.

My Personality
  • The most important thing to remember when talking to me, is to never take things i say too seriously. I like to joke around and sound patronizing at times, but i never mean harm or don't look to offend people, most of the time.
  • I’m quite a chill guy, don't talk too much but I find it easy to get along with a variety of different personalities.
  • I'm lazy af, and rarely have anything to do cause i try to get everything done ASAP, so you’ll prob see me on SLO a lot just chillin.

Spoiler: show
If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask and i'll try answer ASAP (as long as it isn't too personal)

Gonna do a character page next so look out for that. Peace.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / The Tsunagami Clan
« on: October 23, 2016, 09:36:26 »

Tsunagami is the main bloodline clan of the Hidden Metal and home to the Kinzokukage.

Clan History

No one knows exactly when The Tsunagami clan came into existence but it was estimated to have been started over 1000 years ago. Tsunagami clan members have always taught the next generation that Justice and friendship is the key to peace across the nations.

Due to the clans strong belief in Justice, the clan has always had very severe punishments against anyone who commits a crime, whether the crime was big or small. These punishments included things such as death or exile from the clan. Because of these absurd punishments, a group of members who were born into the clan, who were declared as rogues/rebels by the higher ups, fought against the rules causing The Tsunagami Clan Civil War. Two brothers who had very different Ideologies on The Tsunagami Clans rules fought for what they believed in around 100 years ago. The battle is known as one of the deadliest clan civil wars to this day and it was almost the cause of the clans extinction.

The gory battle took place on the outskirts of the metal village, in a forest bordering the Land of Thunder. Kensei Tsunagami known as Kensei of the Wind was on the side of The Tsunagami Clan and believed that the rules that The Tsunagami had lived by for over a millennium were perfect, while his brother Ryuzaki Tsunagami known as Ryuzaki of the Lightning was on the side of the rebels/rogue ninja of The Tsunagami. They were both willing to go to extreme heights to fight for what they believed, and in doing so was able to unlock their full potential. However, Ryuzaki’s advantage in natures and fighting styles made him almost impossible for Kensei to beat, even after unlocking his full strength.

Many lives were lost, however Ryuzaki Tsunagami and the remaining rebels had managed to destroy the Tsunagami higher ups and all of those who followed his brother Kensei. Ryuzaki Tsunagami showed his brother all of the bodies around them and told Kensei that more deaths would occur if the clan continued to follow it’s old ways. Acknowledging what his brother had shown him, Kensei accepted defeat and agreed to change the rules of the clan with Ryuzaki and the rest of the surviving clan members, these rules influenced the future generations leaders of the clan. The two current Leaders are the great grandchildren of both Kensei and Ryuzaki, Ryan Tsunagami, the descendent of Ryuzaki Tsunagami and Kris Tsunagami,the descendent of Kensei Tsunagami.


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