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General Discussion / Thoughts without reason
« on: June 04, 2017, 20:01:35 »
Sadness and melancholy:

What are these feelings really?
I personally don’t quite know. Are they essential? Are they inherent? Are they the child of a situation that you are placed in? Are they the outcome of a certain incident?

Or are they just present?
Do these feelings exist because of reasons unknown to man?

I am sad.

You may ask me, why?

If I knew the answer to that question, I wouldn’t be writing this.
I just am.
As sadness exists, so does my feeling it.

None of this makes sense to you, I know.

But what if it didn’t have to?

What if there needn’t be structure to anything?

What if the reason to sadness is this structure to which one has to adhere to?

What if the reason to experiencing sadness is the inability to meet expectations? Not of other’s, but of yourself?
Not set for yourself, but set for others?
What happens when man is betrayed?
   Should he have expected it?
What if man betrays?
   Did the person on the receiving end deserve it?

I digress.

Sadness: a useless emotion.
Sadness: the purest emotion after rage.
Sadness: the only emotion to counter ecstasy 

How does sadness help you?

I have no clue.

I know how it’s helping me though: I am motivated to write something, no matter how shitty.

I stare at a screen almost 20 hours a day. Be it my computer, my phone, the television or the brilliant plays that unfold before everyone’s eyes, where you are forced to take part.

You needn’t have chosen it, but you just are. You play the part which is forced upon you.
You may hate the play, but, ultimately, it is you who is the director.
It is you, who is the actor.
It is you, who is the side character.
It is you, who is the interpreter.
It is you, who is in complete control.
It is you, who is in utter chaos.

But the real problem arises, when the first three words from me are followed up with the fourth one from you.
It is you.
Who are you?
Who is you?
Who am I?

When your answer to this cannot go past ‘My name is Adithya Dananjay’, you need to start pondering your existence.
 Sure: I’m good at something- well, I’m pretty go- I AM better than mos-
When you start to become unsure of yourself.

When you find it so hard to list out something you know you are amazing at, something you know no one can beat you at, something at which you are next only to you in the next few minutes, you know something’s not right.

It IS possible to live with the feeling of never being the best at something; never being unique.
But what kind of life is that? One where you are treated like dirt? One where you are the background character in the play, never offered the position of Romeo OR Juliet? One where Shakespeare would brush you off as fodder for the scene?

Let me ask you: Would you really be okay with leading such a life?
Never getting to be at the center stage, always taken to the edge. Always left hanging. Listening to Moonlight Sonata, writing a super edgy millennial ‘oh I’m so depressed give me attention’ arti- paragraph?

I certainly wouldn’t. I don’t believe you would either.

But the truth is

We’re all the side character in every other person’s story. We’re the supporting cast in someone’s romance, someone’s thriller, someone else’s story.

But doesn’t that make all of us the main characters of our own story?

Sure it does.

But the difference is:
You are the main character of a story that no one will glance towards a second time.

Do you feel sad for me? Or do you find your life condensed down in one line?

Either way: If I’ve not murdered your puppies or done something equally fucking evil, you probably feel sad, or at least not ecstatic.
So why did I want to make you sad?
To bring you to the point I started to make in the beginning.

Is this feeling essential? Would you be more satisfied if you hadn’t felt sad?

I don’t know how I feel right now. I don’t know if I feel anything at all. After all, you aren’t real. Yes, that’s right. Everyone I imagined would be reading this. You’re all in my mind reading this, but you never will.
I never planned on actually sending this out to you.
I’ve wanted many people to feel sad in the time I’ve been alive in this world, but when feeling the way you might if you read this, I’ve decided that I don’t want you to feel this way.

This might not be sadness, but it sure as hell isn’t something I’d like anyone to feel.
So what could this be, then? Loneliness? Jealousy? What if it’s nothing?
What if, this is: to feel ‘numb’?
After four pages in word, I give up. I can’t chase after the meaning for this anymore. I’ve accepted that it’s just a new feeling: When I don’t want to watch another episode of that show, when I couldn’t give less of a shit about a person whom I would have called a best friend, when I could live without seeing the face of everyone I care about, when I could just stare at the screen all day long, without a change in expression, when I don’t have to look at the keyboard or the screen to type any longer, when I just let my fingers do the rest.

I hate feeling this way.

There is no reason.

There is nothing to help me get out of this but time.

There is no permanent fix.

I will feel this way once again, at the slightest remark, at the slightest look, at the slightest expression of discontentment, and at the slightest criticism.

I do see many reasons to live on, though. To get through this period to get to enjoy watching the next episode, to look at the faces of the people I love, to help out someone who needs a favor.

So I know I will let this go eventually, but like I said: I will feel this way once again.

But the real test is to see how I handle myself in the moments I do not feel this way. How I live my life to the fullest when I have motivation to get up from this chair and go outside this house.

But what happens when I find the triggers outside? What happens if I step outside my comfort zone? I’ve been shut inside a room for the past month and a half. I’ve been feeling this way for the past year.

Solidarity has changed nothing, and I know that being a face in the crowd changes nothing either, and neither does trying to be a part of a smaller group.

Rejection and hate are only natural in this life. Shakespeare will reject me every time I ask him for a major part in the play till he deems me worthy. So I will strive towards achieving this ideal.

So to my fellow people who feel like shit for no reason: go listen to Filthy frank’s music or to Mozart. Both have equal outcomes. Both have made want to write, made me want to feel like this, and made me shake my head in slow motion as I immerse myself in the soft and hard keys of Mozart and the ear shattering pink season album (probably for very different reasons).
Or if neither helps you, suck it up and wait for it to pass (Whatever the fuck ‘it’ is) and stare at the whites of your screens till it does. Because when it does, and it will, you finally have a chance to change the things that made you feel this way. Get through all the tears which may engulf you for reasons that may not exist, and get through, which is what I’m hoping to do.

P.S: lemme know if you feel this way too, let’s feel like shit together.
P.P.S: I’m fine, nothing to worry about.
P.P.P.S: Ignore the random change in writing style and other shit mistakes. I was never paying attention.

General Discussion / My_Path_ By Mamita
« on: April 22, 2017, 15:45:03 »
Yo guys, if you guys knew @mamita , you would now know that he isn't active anymore. This is because of a shitty internet situation, and there is a possibility that he might not return. In light of this, he left me with his scattered thoughts and some of his literature. He asked me to do with them as I saw fit, and I have waited for some time now, and have decided that no other time less would be suitable. And thus:

My Path
              -By @mamita

I see it through their eyes, heart pounding.
I love their loves, I live their lives,
I know I'll see it the way they did.
I'll grow up in a world that strives
to beat you down and shut you under a lid.
I'll make my own path, I won't be a parasite
I'll have money and love and friends and
I'll have all the things that I might
I won't be confined to just one path,
just one job. I'll do whatever I want, with no fear.

But I am blind. I see through their eyes,
dreaming while my own are shut.
And I am young, with too many stories
and none of my own.
I slide towards the edge of a crevice,
and I don't bother to grab at the ice
that hurts my hands, with cracks that slice
and bleed my fingers, that are not precise
for they don't know where to move and what to trust,
as I go numb-

I have no idea where I'm going.

I'm staring into an eternal night,
a cavern of unknown depth.
Before I start moving my feet forward

Where is my torch?

Do I really want to move forward?
Maybe I can stay here, unmoving forever.
Maybe I'll be safe.

Standing here, frozen in fear.
I'm not safe anywhere-
I'm surrounded by darkness.
The question drives me mad.
Memo to self: Watch documentary on Krokodile drug

General Discussion / The Agni Saga- Part II Chapter 1
« on: March 22, 2017, 10:16:43 »
The Agni Saga- Part II

Side note: You don't need to have read the previous chapters to understand what will go on from here, but of course they will play a part in future chapters. So read them if you're intrigued by this :D


‘Tell me… where can I find him?’ 

‘The culinary district. He’s been known to serve the best ramen.’

‘You better be right. I don’t like taking multiple trips.’

‘Just ask for Shirobi Atense; you won’t have to wait.’

The sound of water speeding through the small creeks always seemed to delight Reina. Rubbing her eyes, she woke up to the sunlight gently caressing her brown hair. She walked out and started getting ready for the day- kneading the dough, cleaning the mats, polishing the counter and finally turning the sign to open the ramen distillery. She let out a sigh, and waited for her first customer.

Somber piano on the radio and a lazy morning didn’t seem to faze Reina’s motivation to keep making more noodles. She knew that someone would come along eventually, and she was right- the first customer of the day was an accountant who lived a few blocks away and worked at the village’s arena.

‘Ah, welcome Higeshi-san. The usual?’ Reina asked with a pleasant smile.

‘That's right, Reina’ replied Aizawa Higeshi'

‘You never lose that smile of yours, do you? It has been 7 months since you started, and I’ve never seen you in a bad mood’

‘I guess things have been good for me since I quit being a shinobi’

‘Yes, a shinobi lifestyle doesn’t suit everyone’

Reina knew that all too well. After all, she had moved to the Kazangakure with Akaihono to train to be the best user of ninja tools and ended up messing up worse than she could imagine.

Reina always believed that being a shinobi was a given, she assumed that she would rise up and become the kage. She had never even considered the possibility of her messing up as badly as she did.

‘Here we are. Enjoy!’ she delivered the ramen.

As she turned back to work, Reina heard a loud crash outside. After sharing a look with Higeshi, she headed out to see what the commotion was.

The vegetable vendor Takaoki-san was on the ground, potatoes all around. He had a foot on his throat.

‘Who is Shirobi Atense here?’ asked the buff brute who had put Takaoi-san on his back.

‘Tell us where to find him and we won’t break your neck’ said the hooded man who had his foot on Takaoi-san.

‘Let us head back in. We do not want any trouble’ Reina whispered to her customer as she swallowed in her shame and fear.

Reina felt eyes on her as she headed inside.

‘I swear, I have no idea who that is!’  Takaoi-san replied.

‘Yaa-chan, I’m going to ask other people. You take care of little Mr. Vegetable here’

The hooded man followed Reina into the shop.

‘Hello, little lady’

‘W..welcome. Would you like a bowl of our finest ramen?’ Reina asked, nervously.

The hooded man smiled.

‘Nice try. Unfortunately, I am an impatient man. Tell me where I can find Shirobi Atense’

‘I haven’t heard of that name, I apologize’ Reina lied

‘Don’t fuck with me, you little bitch. I could kill the both of you and burn down this little distillery without a second thought. Now tell me. Where can I find Shirobi Atense?’

With her hands shivering Reina started to sweat, not knowing what to do. She heard another loud crash. The man pulled his hood down in surprise, revealing his short white Mohawk, and a violent scar down the back of his skull.

‘Yaa-chan, is everything alright?’

‘Oh of course. Everything is lit as fuck, boy.’

Confused, the man stepped outside and within seconds, Reina heard him fall. He had fallen to the ground, face first. Reina was relieved, but weary still. She peered outside her window. The Atense gang were facing off against “Yaa-chan”. With one eye closed and bleeding, the brute was in obvious pain as he stood against three men.

The one on the far left was wiping his kunai.
The one in the middle had a cigarette in his mouth,
And the last one was pulling his kunai out from the throat of the man with the white colored Mohawk.

The dark skinned man-killer stared into Reina’s red eyes with a pair of his own as he pulled his kunai out of the man with the mohawk. He turned around and flung his kunai at Yaa-chan swiftly, with no effort. It was too fast to evade, but Yaa-chan had managed to save his other eye at the cost of his fist.

The one on the far left leapt through the air, landing on Yaa-chan’s shoulders and bitch-slapped him. They continued to attack him till he fell to his knees as blood and tears covered his face.

The man in the middle finally spoke.   

‘Scurry back and tell your piece of shit boss how badly you were beaten. Shirobi Atense doesn’t spare his precious time on fools’

After letting out a puff of smoke, he put out his cigarette on Yaa-chan’s remaining eye, and walked over to Takoi-san. He bowed and apologized for the mess. He turned around and looked at Reina with disappointment before he leapt into the air along with the other two.

----The End----

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Village or Jutsu
« on: March 19, 2017, 18:48:36 »

As the title says!

Which would you guys prefer more? The Hidden Hill Village released while we wait for Jutsu, or Jutsu to get good at, as we wait for the Hidden Hill?

Getting Hidden Hill first:


1. New environment

2. Can hold Chunin exams ASAP


1. No jutsu

2. Not much to do except run around and bask in the glorious village made by @mattaleks

Getting Jutsu first:


1. MOAR JUTSU BOIII. (should be reason enough, imo)

2. Moving towards a more finished version of the game, enabling you to choose your style of fighting.


1. Run around the same environment with more shit to play with.

2. Wait a long ass time for Chunin exams.

Hey guys. It's been quite a while now, and I finally finished up this chapter. Hope ya'll like this one :D

Read the other chapters here:

With that:

Chapter 5 Contrasts


A figure in blue, dancing, caught on fire. Face bent out of shape, irreparable. Screams that were too loud to hear, fears too real to comprehend. ‘Too much’ Akaihono thought.

‘Come on, hono. Finish your dinner. Is it not to your liking?’ asked Kino-san the caretaker. ‘It’s fine Kino-San, as always’ he replied with a smile. He thought a smile could hide a million things from many people. After all, how different is smiling to hide your feelings from talking ones way out of everything?

Kino-san smiled back at Akaihono. ‘Ha. See? No one realizes’ he thought to himself. ‘All right! Dessert time!’ Kino-san announced, when her co-workers Miachi-san and Shiromi-san brought out the pudding.

It was a fortnightly tradition at the Family orphanage, to have humongous dessert. Last time it had been cake in honor of the late Kino-san’s husband. The man who established the orphanage, the man who had first found Akaihono wrapped up in the black flame bordered cloak.

‘It’s sometimes best to forget, child. Not all memories present one the best of moods’ Kino-san told Akaihono as she monitored the dinner hall to make sure that the mischievous Hikari didn’t smuggle one for a midnight snack. Akaihono looked up at her, dazzled. ‘How did she know?’ he asked himself and remembered the answer to the question frequented by Hikari.

 Smiling, he replied ‘Yeah... Thank you Hino-san’ ‘It is the duty of a parent to advice her children through tough times’ she said. ‘Now go on, eat your pudding. Hikari might just have herself a second helping.’ ‘Ha! Like I’d let that happen!’


Struggling to keep his moments straight due to his crippling hunger, Sareko scaled a volcano, in hopes of finding the village famous for its dumplings. With his black ninja vest slowing him down, he took it off and hid it under a boulder, where he hoped no one would look. Wiping the sweat and short hair (but growing) hair off his forehead, Sareko headed up the volcano to finally find a stable flow of food for himself. 
Upon reaching the village, Sareko felt a mysterious presence around the village. The atmosphere was eerie and the village was desolate. With complete silence and no human in sight, Sareko put up his guard. He walked through the old and damaged houses of the village and when he reached the biggest building, he felt a striking pain on his neck. He tried to turn around, when he felt his arm bleed and his vision blur.

Sareko fell to the ground not to be wakened for a very long time.

8 years later,
Somewhere deep inside a dark tunnel

‘I have returned, master. I have the information at last. The information from 10 years ago… It hasn’t been for naught, alas, Hiro Yagami was but an old man ready to give up.’ Said the voice of a man in his mid twenties.

‘And? What is it that you have found for me?’ the man asked.

With a vicious smile on his face, the white haired devil replied ‘Hiro Yagami’s last meal’


It was pretty late into the night, and past his bed time. Akaihono looked out of the wooden window from his shared hall where he slept with the other orphans. He leapt out and landed on the sunshade of the window of the hall where he had had his dinner earlier.
Silently creeping through the grass below, Akaihono climbed the biggest tree in the village, under which he loved dozing off during his chores.
With the moon at its peak and against his red hair, Akaihono felt a deeper connection with nature than he had ever before. Akaihono wanted to become a shinobi. ‘That’ll help me get stronger, won’t it? Stronger is better’ he thought out loud.
‘Not always, you know’ said a sweet voice.


Tossing and turning in her bed, Hikari could not sleep. She had heard sounds, but was too lazy to get up and investigate. Luckily, her bed was right next to one of the windows. With nothing to do, Hikari looked out of the window to witness the almost glowing scarlet hair of Akihono, sending a chill down her spine. ‘What’s he doing up there?’ she thought.

Akaihono seemed to be talking to someone, but Hikari couldn’t see anyone sitting next to him on the big branch, so her eyes groped the dark areas finally reaching the end of the bark. Reina had been leaning on the bark, but with her dark blue robes, she seemed to blend with the shadows.

Hikari was frustrated at only watching their lips move. So, got out of bed and sat on the window sill. While admiring Akaihono’s glowing scarlet hair, she jumped down to the ground, landing on all fours.
As she walked up to the two of them who had now noticed her, she straightened her blonde hair and ruffled clothes.


Reina wanted solitude, away from the constant and repeated bickering of her parents. She had often found company with the moon during the nights, and so had come to climb the tallest tree in the village. Upon approaching the Giant sequoia, Reina saw that Akaihono, with whom she played often had found himself seated comfortably on one of it’s big braches.

The elders had told stories about the Sequoia, and had named it the Elder tree. The Elder tree, quite ironically was the youngest Sequoia amongst the villages nearby. Old man Shin had told Reina stories of how the Village hidden in the volcanoes, or the ‘Kazangakure’ had the oldest and biggest Sequioa tree in all of the volcanic lands. She had wanted to visit this village for the longest time, but her parents could never decide on anything, let alone a trip.

When she reached the 130 foot tall Elder tree, she heard Akaihono mumble about how being strong is always better. She thought otherwise. Reina had seen her father get enraged and push her mother. Once, he pushed her so hard, her mother had hit her head. She had never seen her father so sad and tense after that.
‘Not always, you know’ Reina replied to Akaihono’s thoughts on strength. Akaihono looked down at her and replied ‘you would know’ with a soft smile on his face. ‘Planning on going off to Kazangakure to learn jutsu, are you?’ Reina asked him.

‘I don’t see anything else to do right now. Life is good, but how long am I going to keep doing chores?’ replied Akaihono.

‘I can’t argue with that.... Promise me this, hono' 'take me with you. You know that you need to, don't you?'

'Of course I do' Akaihono finished.


Akaihono had always been sharp with people and recently he found that his instincts had become sharp too. When he heard the sound of a person landing on the ground, he ducked down, to avoid being seen by Kino-san.

‘Relax, it’s only Hikari’ said Reina. Akaihono turned back to see Hikari pull down her golden hair, which glittered in the silver moonlight. As she walked towards the Elder tree, Akaihono sat upright, and thought of a cheeky comment to pass on her being unusually awake.  ‘Don’t you dare’ said Reina sharply.

With half a smile on his face, Akaihono turned from the moon, to face Hikari, brushing past the thick branches. He felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck. Struggling, he picked out a thin wooden splinter from the nape of his neck. He fell from the branches to the ground, but he had already become unconscious by the time he slipped.


Thank's for reading. Tell me how you guys liked it, and how I can improve :D

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Agni
« on: January 22, 2017, 17:59:37 »


Credits: @adithya @mamita @Nova @Rapho

Founder: Sareko Akaihono, Chikaze Yoba Akaihono  ( @adithya  and @mamita )

Leader: Sareko Akaihono, Chikaze Yoba Akaihono

Affiliation: Kazangakure (The Hidden Volcano)


(Note that this is a sequel to the Agni saga which can be found by following this link:

Spoiler: show
Clan history:

"-The burned hand teaches best", The old man said, staring into the fire.

He sat in the clearing around the fire, surrounded by children who watched his every movement with a hunger to hear more apparent in their eyes.

In the middle of the village, at the foot of their great volcano.
He pointed up at that volcano.
"I was a young man when I came to this place, leading my people from the conflicts of the dust and the ash."
His eyes drifted off into memory.
"I remember the struggles of my people. How we were forced to fight for small, meager scraps of territory in this war. How we all decided to desert."
"The King of The Sands was furious when he heard of our revolt, but by then, it was too late for him to take action."
"We fled. Carrying supplies, food and water hastily stolen from the camps, we ran across the Land of the Haze, never stopping.
We knew that those who stayed behind would die.
That spurred us on, even when it seemed our bones would break and our muscles would tear from the very fabric of our bodies.
It was in this fashion we ran for days on end, without stop.
Sometimes people fell to the ground. We left them.
I hope, deep in my heart, that they died quickly.
By the time we reached the great red desert, half of us were left.
Women carrying children, men carrying supplies,
we had made it to the border of the great red desert, with sands the color of blood.
Nobody had ever crossed here. We knew nothing of what awaited us beyond this point.
And so we continued.
Eventually, we began looking for water.
Oases. Plants.
The old man reached into the fruit bowl sitting by his side on the bench and picked out an orange.
"People needed to eat. But there was nothing there.
Eventually, people started dying.
And then we started eyeing each other.
I feared it would all end there.
But then we reached the volcano.
We looked up at it, huge, imposing.
Our fatherly shadow.
And in the shadow of the mountain, we found food.
Plants, growing in a fertile valley near the apocalyptic mountain. A stream, bringing us water from underground..
And we ate. And we drank. We were so happy to be alive..
Eventually... People began fearing that there were natives here who would begrudge us this land. And they looked at the mountain with fear.".
The old man looked up at the mountain.
"I was sent up to investigate if there was anything on the mountain.
It was a difficult climb. At times I hiked up steep earth, at others climbed stone..
The rocks tore my flesh and the baked dirt seared my skin.
But at last, I made it to the top.
It was nightfall when I made it there.
There was nothing but a huge, smooth-sided peak.
I was tired.
I knelt, there in the shadow of that peak.
And then, I felt it.
A rumbling...beneath my feet.
I don't know what the people down at the bottom felt.
But as it came up to the peak, just beneath me
...I still feel it, that inspiration for our people's war chants.
The drums, symbolic of the volcano's rumbling
And then the peak of the mountain EXPLODED.
And out came fire.
I was thrown onto my back.
Luckily, this was absolutely nothing compared to what could have happened, only a small eruption.
The flames reached into the sky.
I still remember the heat, searing my face.
But it was beautiful, the fire against the night sky.
It was there that our people was born.
Gazing at that fire in the sky.
Red against black.
Fire against darkness.
We would be that fire. An eternal flame, standing steadfast against the wild darkness that would attempt to smother it.
I remembered being told the story of Agni as a child.
How he gave us fire, and life.
In that moment, that volcano became our Agni.
It had given us food, in the valley born in it's shadow.
And it was here
that our courage was born. For who would dare assault the people of the volcano?
And so, eventually our village was built. The rest, is history."
The old man stood up, amid the pleas of children to finish the story.
He smiled. "Not tonight, children. It is time I rested."
The children began to scatter and leave as he walked away.
But at the back, two shinobi watched in silence.
Sareko was tall and thin, with black hair and scarlet eyes.
He had dark skin, a sign of his ancestry
from the people of the Volcano.
Sitting cross-legged beside him was his friend.
6 years younger than him, Chikaze had pale skin,
with brown hair in several scattered shades.
His eyes were also red, showing his more distant relation but sure to the people of Kazangakure.
Sareko stood up and stretched, ignoring the other children's
reproving glares as he walked through the crowd.
Chikaze followed him.
"Sareko! Why are we leaving?"
Sareko shook his head in disgust.
"That old man is speaking nonsense.
There's no such thing as gods!"
Chikaze stared. "No such thing?"
"Yes!" Sareko kept walking through the streets of Kazangakure,
away from the clearing.
"If there were gods, would our world be in the state it is now?
Eleven different shinobi nations, unwilling to stand with each other! Eleven, Chikaze!"
*And*, he thought, *if there were gods... My friend...*
"But Sareko!" Chikaze protested.
"Who says that the gods are gone?
They might be doing everything they can and we just don't know it!"
Sareko stopped and glared at Chikaze.
"Then they aren't doing enough. If they're so powerful, if they want to help us so badly,
why don't they just force all of the nations to unite? Why don't they just strike down
out [i]enemies[/i] , with their godly power? Bring peace to this torn and bleeding world?"
Chikaze was silent. Slowly, Sareko realized that he had been shouting.
"I'm.... I'm sorry, Chikaze. I..."
He looked around and noticed other people in the street watching him now.
Sareko turned back to Chikaze, who was also looking at him now.
"I'm... I have to think for a while."
He turned and leaped into the evening sky, streaking across the rooftops.

Night had fallen, and Sareko sat at the foot of the red mountain that was their home.
He stared up at it.

Supposedly, the great mound protected their village against enemy incursions.
Personally, he thought it was just a pile of dung.
He spoke to the mountain. "If you're so great and strong,
why don't you ever just erupt, like volcanos are supposed to?"
Although, if it did, that might lead to the magma flooding Kazangakure.
*That would be bad*, he thought dryly.
He looked up at the night sky.
“It had been a long time…” he thought,
but the pain remained fresh in his mind every time he remembered it.
[b][i]If the gods were real, then they would have saved my friend.[/i][/b]
If only that stupid civil war had never been started
If only...Tears began to well up in his eyes, but he forced them back.
He stood up, shaking his head.
"If you were real, then you would have done SOMETHING!" He screamed at the violet skies.
"You wouldn't have let our world descend into violence like this!
You would have guided us, like you were supposed to!
If you knew that this would happen, why didn't you just destroy us
and spare yourselves the pain of watching us slowly kill ourselves?!"
Tears streaming down his face, he raged at the night air.
Then, slowly, he calmed down, until he was silent once more.
Not bothering to wipe the tears from his face, he stared at the mountain and asked,
"Akaihono, what do I do?"

He remembered how Akaihono had lost his clan, just like him.
He wondered if... he could bring it back.
He was shocked. Rebuild his clan? It seemed a ridiculous idea.

And then the mountain of Kazangakure exploded.
Sareko felt the ground rumbling beneath him,
heard the trembling roar of the stone mound,
had only a moment's warning before
the peak of Kazangakure's guardian mountain exploded
and the sky lit up like the sun had suddenly returned.

The beautiful crimson magma, streaking into the sky. The fire, flying upwards, the sky,
imprinted behind it.

And then it was gone. The fire in the sky dissipating, what
little remained flowing down the sides of the mountain,
vanishing into the night.

Sareko, stunned, remembered Akaihono.

The next day, the entire village was aflame with talk
of the last night's eruption. Thankfully,
it had been a small one, so nobody had been hurt.
Chikaze was wandering through the village, looking at the stalls and vendors,
when he saw Sareko sitting with his feet dangling off the edge of a rooftop.
He stared at the sky, a small smile on his lips.
“I have an idea, Chikaze.” Sareko said.
“An idea, that will carry on Akaihono’s legacy, my beliefs, all with the help of the [i]gods[/i].”
Astound, Chikaze asked “What brought about this change?”



Unique traits:

The Agni clan is open to any person, regardless of nationality and previous clan. Anyone can join us as long as they swear allegiance to the Agni clan and Kazangakure ( you do not have to be part of Kazangakure to join. You need only to aid the village like it is your own.)
But the unique trait for any Agni clansman will be that his last name will NOT be Agni. It will be Akaihono.

You can be a part of Agni only, and no other clan.

Rival clans:

 None so far.
Allied clans:



Founders-Have the most power, part of the council
Pandavas-Decision makers
Kauravas- Regular members

There are five Pandavas. These are members who sit on the council that decides for the clan.

Each Pandava leads a different branch of the family.

Each branch is distinguished by their differing qualities and strengths.

(you do not have to meet all of these requirements to want to be a part of the branch. You can have the personality, but not the specialization and still be a part of the branches)

These branches are:


Peaceful and soft-spoken, Yudhi are honest, tolerant, and discerning.
They are frequently skilled in the art of ninjutsu.


Mischievous pranksters,
Bhima are willing to resort to brute force as an easy solution to accomplish their goals.
Distinguished by being very hotheaded, with an amazing temper, Bhima might also scorn deception.
They are known for often being proficient in taijutsu.


Prideful and dignified, Arju rarely decline a challenge.
Possessed of a brave soul, not much can frighten them.
They are perfectionists, hating to fail in anything.
There is a story told of an Arju who, as a child, lost his ball in a while.
He then spent the entire night climbing down to get it back.
This determination can often lead to them mastering whatever they endeavour to learn.
They are most often known for their mastery of weaponry, or kenjutsu.


Vain to the grave, Nakula are infatiuated with their own beauty.
However, they are highly trusting, seeing good in everybody.
They have an affinity for nature and animals, and this can lead to skill in Bukijutsu.
Many also go on to become Medical Ninjutsu healers or physicians.


Quiet and bashful, the Sahadeva do not easily step into the limelight.
They are possessed of a deep knowledge and percieve things others do not about the situation.
Their intelligence can lead to them exploring the arts of the mind, Genjutsu.

On the shoulder of each member, a stripe is pinned to identify their branch.

The colors of each are:

Green of nature for Nakula

White of silent snow for the quiet Sahadeva

Noble Blue for the peaceful Yudhi

Wolf-eye Yellow for the prowling Bhima

Fiery Orange, hot as the pride of the Arjuna

Once every year, every member of agni (who does not live at the kazangakure) makes a pilgrimage to kazangakure to honor their adopted family. It will be on the 22nd of January and all members are to make sure to visit their adoptive family and take part in events that will be held on this day.

How to apply

Forum and Discord Name:

Character name:

Chakra nature:

Previous clan(if any):


Branch you identify with:


Sareko Akaihono @adithya   Founders

Chikaze Yoba Akaihono @mamita  Founders

Yarden Akaihono @yarden Yudhishthira branch, Kaurava

Takaoki Akaihono @Kakashi Natsu Yudhishthira branch, kaurava


You will not kill your fellow clanmates.
You will not steal from your clan.
You will not betray your clan.
You will not speak of your clan's secrets.

PM one of the founders for Discord link.

*note: most of the clan's ideas were inspired by the Hindu mythology

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Disguise Mechanics
« on: January 14, 2017, 16:34:44 »
(Kinda surprised this wasn't already made, TBH)

I was watching Matt stream (awesome shit as always) when he zoomed through the village. He stopped at one point and there was a lone bench at the back of a building. Now I was intrigued. My mind wandered off and I came up with a scenario where 2 shinobi meet to exchange sensitive information.

But then a question popped up in my head. If it was, in fact 'sensitive' information, if an enemy player sees you in the village with another player, it'll really fuck up the whole secrecy thing. So I headed over to the forums in search of the word 'disguise' failing to find any threads discussing this, I figured I'd make one.

So to answer my own doubts about the secrecy factor, it is known that players will be able to use custom clothing (duh) What if there was an anonymity mode, which makes your character automatically wear a custom preset NPC clothing, which also hides your player name.

Note: The player name will be hidden only if you do not make an effort to find out if the player is an NPC. i.e., I use my mouse and right-click on the player.

This mechanism will have depth to it, if the game is really aspiring to be as detailed as possible ( each NPC having a name, family, routine etc etc) So, if I hover my mouse over a character be it an NPC or a player, it comes up on my screen just as a name. However, a right click on the character will reveal their identity as a player, because (hopefully) the final game would have in-game GUI to add people to your clan etc etc which can be triggered by the right click.

So now, we have a medium level of anonymity, making it hard on the stalker to find out who you are as well. There's an actual job for spies instead of just following a player character around. ( I realize as I write this how similar this is to the assassin's creed multiplayer lol)

I apologize if this has already been discussed. I couldn't find it on the forums, so I made a thread.

Tell me if this is plausible, logical and fun.

Tell me if it isn't. (with reasons of course)

General Discussion / HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIV
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Happy 15th name you little Indian curry eating shit @Shivraj

Hey guys. Finally got around to writing again, and I found what I was looking for these past few days. I don't know how you're going to react, but I'm in love with some of the characters xD Anyway, enough of me rambling on.

Read the previous chapters before getting into this one!:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Here goes:


Chapter IV A breath of fresh air

Akaihono woke up to a sunny sky, seeming to be engulfed soon, by the rocky edges of the now inactive volcano. Seemingly satisfied by the rest, he rose to his feet. An orphan, of age 10 getting to laze around midday was very uncommon. But Akaihono was different. He was smart. He could talk his way out of almost anything, he found early on in his life.

Slowly slithering to the orphanage, he caught a glimpse of Hikari, the golden haired girl who seemed to be his only match. She was not smart like Akaihono, but still.. She always managed to pique his interest.

They had tried to outdo each other for as long as he could remember.

She giggled. He was heading right for it. Pushing her golden hair out of the way, Hikari ran inside the orphanage. ‘He’s coming!’ She announced. Like clockwork, the other children hurried along the stairs, ready to pour down the water they’d worked so hard on getting.

Taking cover behind the columns, Hikari spied on the figure coming through the back entrance.

‘NOW!’ she shouted. ‘HEAVE HO!’ the children poured the water down. A shriek silenced the entire building.

 The army of children ran toward the entrance.

‘WE FINALLY GOT YOU!’ The excitement in their voices filled the entire building with laughter.

‘Oh my, that was really well thought out’ said a mocking voice behind Hikari who was at the back of the crowd.

She turned around with dread, to the auburn hair of frustration.

‘HOW DARE YOU?’ The words filled the silence that had fallen.

Hikari’s face now as red as the hair of the boy in front of her, turned around to face her caretaker Kino-san. A second of silence filled the area. ‘RUN!’ shouted Hikari, and the gathering dispersed almost as fast as it had gathered.

It was now Akaihono’s time to giggle. ‘Still got one over you, Hikari’, he thought. ‘HONO’ said a stern voice. Realizing that he was the only one in front of her now,  Akaihono turned around, in hopes of running away. ‘NOT THIS TIME, BOY.’ She lifted the boy by his favorite black shirt. ‘Not this shirt. Please. It’s my favourite, Kino-san. Yuu-San bought this for me, remember? We went together!’ suddenly with her face turning soft, the dripping caretaker Kino- san let go of Akaihono

‘I don’t know how you manage it boy… Everytime… You know just what to say. But I guess that’s what makes you you. Run along, now’ she said with her face overflowing with reminisce.

Climbing the stairs, Akihono entered the boys' quarters which was empty. He spotted gold under his bed. With a grin, he walked inside.

With a sigh, Akaihono was in his bed. ‘That was too close. Almost got one on me Hikari’

‘How did you know?!’ she said, climbing out from the bottom of his bed.

 ‘Know that you were here, or that you were planning on pranking me? Either way, the answer is the same: Figure it out’ he finished with a wink.

Pouting, Hikari climbed on to the bed next to Akaihono’s. ‘Just you wait, ginger. I’ll get you one day’ with a chuckle, he replied sarcastically ‘oh, I’m sure’

Sareko had escaped from the villagers who were chasing him. After all, he had just assaulted the manager publicly.

 He still had a kunai in his hand. Eyeing it, he continued walking. When he reached the tree of despair, as he had named it in his mind, he was too tired to stay awake, and climbed the tree and laid on its branches.

 ‘this is quite comfortable’ he thought. Little did he know, that the only place he would come for comfort, was “the tree of despair”.

He pulled out a scroll that he had swiped while escaping the mob, and read aloud

 ‘Are you brave enough?! Get rewards for obtaining valuable treasures from the hills between the border of the land of Ashes, Hills and Thunder!’

 ‘what a bunch of rubbish’ he thought, as he  burned the scroll with his katon.

------ THAT'S ALL FOLKS------

Props to people who find a nice easter egg hidden in there. Anyway, the next chapter might not come out for a while. On that note, Critique away!

Hey guys, I'm rolling out with these chapters pretty fast. But I spent more time on this one and made it longer, as some of the suggestions had come out. I think everything that needs context was made clear in the last chapter.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 4:

Anyway, Here Goes:


Chapter III Loss

It was a dark night when Hiro Yagami shoved Sareko into the ramen shop. As he walked slowly, emitting an aura of defensiveness, Hiro held his beautifully crafted and chakra enlightened bamboo kunai, ready to strike down any man who dared to threaten him. After a good minute of waiting, Hiro finally flung his kunai at the roof of a building in front of the ramen shop. With effort, he launched himself after the kunai. In a flash, Sareko saw his master getting struck by a leg.

Hiro’s jump was broken, landing him on his frail yet sturdy feet, as he descended to the ground again. Two men, dressed in all white, with contrasting jet black hair, ran at Hiro, throwing punches. Easily blocking and countering the two shinobi, Hiro guarded himself for the attack from above.

The man, who had kicked Hiro down, was different from the ones he had beaten a few seconds ago. He landed on Hiro’s perfect block, and retreated back to the ground. Hiro and the one who jumped on him, engaged in a battle of Taijutsu, which Hiro struggled to keep up at. Getting pounded multiple times and his temple now bleeding, Hiro retreated back while pulling a Kunai from the shinobi, and flung it at one of the other attackers, while he extended his leg to counter another’s advances. Taking advantage of this chance, the Shinobi in front of Hiro who had just pushed Hiro back, punched Hiro in the face, blurring his vision. With his leg still off the ground, Hiro kicked the shinobi’s torso.

It was night, when Sareko approached a village a few days south of Chikaze’s. He kept walking, till he finally saw a ramen distillery. Sareko collapsed at the shop exhausted from his travel. He had only berries to eat on his way to the village after his experiences with the squirrel.

He woke up to the roof of the ramen shop. The owner had laid him on one of the tables to rest. He had taken the liberty of going through Sareko’s pockets. Seeing as he had no money or food, the owner placed a bowl of hot ramen in front of Sareko. Without uttering a word, he gobbled up his savior’s food. Satisfied with his helping, Sareko thanked the owner with a bow, and asked to help around the shop for repaying the owner’s kindness. The owner nodded, and hired Sareko for helping out in return for food and shelter.

The next day, when Sareko was doing the dishes for the owner, he heard a scream come from the alley next to the shop.

 Rushing to help, Sareko stumbled upon a lady struggling to fight off the owner. Horrified, he separated them, readied himself for the consequences of his action. The owner shouted ‘YOU DARE LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME BOY?!’ ‘I GAVE YOU FOOD AND SHELTER’ Sareko was still in front of the woman, shielding her. ‘I know you helped me, but I can’t overlook this. What you’re doing is a crime.’ Growling, the manager lunged at Sareko. Moving swiftly, he sidestepped, and chopped the manager on his neck. Sareko pulled the girl away, and asked her to run. Now just the two of them, Sareko took out a knife he had taken from the Manager’s workstation. Ready to defeat his opponent, Sareko pounced.

Gasping for air, the old man held his ground against his three attackers. Hiro finally over powered the leader of the attackers, and kicked him back to where he came from: the roof of the building. Now that it was only the three of them, Hiro knocked one of them out, and got hurt by the other. The remaining shinobi threw a kunai at Hiro, which landed in his right shoulder. The old man pulled it out, and tore off his black, damaged, blood soaked clothing. He freed his thinning, white hair which had been rolled into a bun. Sareko saw, that his master’s hand was hurt badly, was bleeding and almost unusable… almost.

Hiro Yagami, with a wounded right arm, in the midst of fighting the remaining shinobi, saw from the corner of his eye, his bamboo kunai flying at him. He retreated back, and observed his surroundings. He decided, removing his defensive stance, that he would make his last stand here. He would end the fight right there. The leader of the attackers dropped down from the building. There was a dead silence.

Sareko easily over powered the manager, kneeing him in the face. He quickly disabled the manager’s legs, and threatened him, with the knife at the manager’s throat. ‘Give up. There is a clear winner, and it is not you.’ said Sareko. ‘YOU UNGRATEFUL FOOL’ belched the manager. The next thing he knew, Sareko had cut the manager on both his arms. The manager was screaming in pain.

By now, the fight had caused quite a commotion. Both the ends of the alley were filled with people responding to the sounds of commotion. Realizing the amount of trouble he had headed for, Sareko without want, slashed at the manager, rendering him disabled. He could never cook anymore. Sareko took off, heading into the Ramen store; he swiped any cash the manager had made, found the kunai that the manager had hidden, and made a run for the tree where he had caught the squirrel.

Hiro ran towards his attackers, throwing, landing, receiving and blocking punches and kicks. When they seemed distracted enough, He stepped back again, and finally lifted his injured arm, and made the hand seals for the katon jutsu. The attackers realized what was going to happen, and began to retreat.
 The leader retreated successfully, but the other attacker flung his last kunai at Hiro, which pierced his left knee. This made Hiro aim directly at the attacker, who got completely burnt by the katon. Now on his knee, with an arm that can’t be moved and a leg that was useless, Hiro realized that the fight had come to an end, and that he had lost.

The leader approached Hiro, with the bamboo kunai in his hand. He dug the dagger deep into Hiro’s wounds, making him cry in anguish. ‘Now THAT was a fight’ said a rough voice. ‘I’ve got to tell you, old man. You were strong. Probably would’ve beaten me alone. Good thing I brought my back up’ he completed as he removed the Kunai.

‘Go to hell’ Hiro replied. ‘Oh I will. I just want that ultimate power of yours before I do’ he said mockingly. The man stuck the kunai into Hiro’s right eye.  Hiro felt his warm blood splatter everywhere, as he deafened himself with his screams of pain.

Sareko watching from the window could smell his master’s blood. He could see his master’s dark face become red. Not with anger or embarrassment like it usually is, but with fear and helplessness. Tears filled his eyes as he witnessed his master’s pathetic, last moments.

‘Shout all you want old man. No one here is coming to get you. NO ONE WILL EVER COME TO HELP YOU’ Sareko’s inner voice told him to move, to help his master, to ask for help. His body and mouth did not comply. He simply teared up, too scared to do anything.

‘NOW TELL ME….TELL ME THE SECRET THAT ALL YOUR KIN DIED PROTECTING’ ‘NO. I WON’T LET YOU WIN!’ Hiro said with his last few breaths. ‘Fine then  I’ll just have to deprive you of your vision from both eyes.’ He stuck the kunai into Hiro’s other eye.

Hiro couldn’t think anymore. He had held off for so long. He had tried for so long… So no one could blame him, could they? After all, they were dead… long gone… and Sareko didn’t know much, nothing at all. There was no one he could betray anymore.

Hiro Yagami gave in.

‘The Kazangakure elder…. He has the plans…’

The man was shocked. He removed the kunai from Hiro’s eye and threatened him.


‘I…. Swear… That’s where the plans are’

Satisfied with Hiro’s reactions, the man placed the Kunai on his throat and said

‘that was easy, wasn’t it old man? Now let go.’

In the dead silence, the prefix that gives the silence meaning came to pass, with a single sound that deprived Sareko the happiness and teachings that would've been. He had heard his master play the flute for the last time that night. 'Did I ever thank him?' Sareko thought.


And just like that, with the stroke of a kunai, Sareko lost his last living relative.

---------THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!-------

So this chapter was just supposed to be the other half of the previous chapter. But I lost myself, and made it big. Anyway, as usual, tell me what you liked and disliked so I can improve next chapter.

General Discussion / The Agni Saga- Part I (chapter2Theimageofwhite)
« on: December 25, 2016, 09:10:03 »
Hey there, reader! So I read the titles and realized that it needed more explanation. So a little context before you read the next chapter.

The Agni saga, is the journey of Sareko Akaihono, as he creates the clan 'Agni'

I plan to make part I with his travels, reminiscing his past, to flesh out his personality.

Part II will be him meeting someone that makes his travels most interesting,

and Part III will be the direct prequel / chapter I for the history of Agni.

(There's more than ^ planned out for the Agni saga, that I may or may not write. It all depends on how much I can write till I can't. Cause exams. *Sigh*)

That being said, this is all I felt was necessary for this chapter. There's more that's been written, but I feel like it needs its own chapter, with its own theme.

Before you read this, you should probably read chapter 1:

Chapter 3


Part one: Drifting memories

Chapter 2: The image of white:

‘A Yagami never falters in the basics’ Hiro Yagami, Sareko's teacher used to say. How was Sareko determined to be a Yagami anyway? He never followed their traditions. He didn’t have the time. Always running, always hiding from the hunters and always in fear.  Leisure was a luxury Sareko could not afford. Until Hiro-Sesei died anyway. The alleged exterminators of the Yagami clan never knew of Sareko’s existence and thought that Hiro Yagami was the last of the Yagami.

He could remember it all like it was a moving painting. He could remember the pearl white attires of the assassins, masked up to their eyes, with jet black hair, and skin that was so white, it resembled a feather fallen from a dove. His memory was so white his thoughts went blind.

Sareko and Hiro-sensei were of the same dark skinned, red eyed physicality, but Hiro sensei’s look had the mark of a shinobi who had seen it all, and was tired of it all, only living for the boy at his leg.

The day it happened, Sareko could hear the sound of his sensei’s flute, soothing his soul from the inside out, giving a calmness to even a young and restless boy of no more than 8. The duo had settled down in a silent and warm village with similar people. No one pried into their business, and the people would gather round, to listen to Hiro sensei play the flute. Sareko was proud of his master, who was the wisest and the kindest person he had known his entire life.

‘You need people, Sareko’ he used to say. ‘Every man in the world needs other people. The success in your life is to have made your mark on them. We don’t just visit these places. We make friends here. We make relationships that live throughout our memories. In your darkest moments, you can look back and reminisce.’

Sareko smiled at his memory of his Sensei’s advice ‘how right he had been’ he thought. He moved on, walking on the side of the volcano. With only a kunai he had flicked on his travels, ready to deal with any threat. Sareko walked on… still reminiscing.

After he was lauded for an impeccable performance and the after performance sake, Hiro- Sensei’s gleeful look disappeared. While they were walking out of the warm looking Mars’ Ramen branch, Sareko ran up to Hiro Yagami, who shoved him away. He had a look on his face that Sareko hadn’t seen till then. His eyes drowned in anxiety,  Hiro broke his flute, shaping it into a bamboo kunai. He used his chakra, and sharpened it, strengthening it to cut down a grown man. Sareko, now on his feet went back into the shop, and watched from the window. His master, holding the bamboo kunai  was in a fighting stance. Ready to end any threat.

Sareko crouched, determined to not make a sound. He carefully eyed the grass beneath the huge tree, a few hours from the village where he had met Chikaze. With the kunai in his hand, Sareko crept up to the tree. He saw a legendary tasting flying squirrel on the branches. It had been a moon since he had anything to fill his stomach. Sareko flung the kunai at his soon-to-be lunch. He heard a shout that made him sick to his stomach.

Sareko used the katon jutsu to roast his meal, forgetting the miserable cries it had made just seconds before. He settled at the bottom of the tree, and started chewing, with a little bit of self loathing, which disappeared when his tongue tasted his lunch.

‘I would’ve let it go if it had flown off, I would’ve forgotten about it’ he thought. Is that what the man with his sensei's Kunai thought too?

Sareko threw up.

---------THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!----------

Again, critique away, tell me what was good and what wasn't. I know this chapter wasn't big, but I split this into 2 chapters. I feel like I needed to choreograph a good fight scene, that'll come up soon. So yeah.

Hello reader, and welcome to what will hopefully be a Saga, giving character to the history of the TBA clan. The name of the clan will be Agni. However, since I haven't finished my history which is what the clan's history is based off of, Mamita and I will not be releasing the clan soon. Though trust me, it is in the works   ;)

For all you slow asses:
1. What is this? a character history
2. why is this here? because I plan to turn it into a story
3. what is Agni? new clan TBA. Mamita and I. Almost done with development

link to my character page (for Image of MC):

The basic premise is what you (might've. IDK) have already read. Hopefully this will give some more flesh and skin to the bones that you might've read.

CHAPTER 2:;topicseen#new

CHAPTER 3:;topicseen#new



Anyway, here goes:

Part one: Drifting memories

Chapter one- It starts:

In the silence of the night, there were screams of pain heard throughout the village of the Yagami clan. The screams continued on into the night, until another was heard. The screams of life, of a new born baby.

Sareko was born to two Kazangakure shinobi during times unsettling. There was a civil war, with the battle for the title of kage raging. The ambushes and attacks seemed to never end, devouring the lives of many, and the mere possibility of a happy memory. Sareko was born amidst all the chaos, bringing the possibility of hope to his wary clan.

A child during times of war was a sign to the clan that something good was about to happen and that something…..  will lift their spirits. And lift their spirits it did. Right out of their bodies.

Sareko woke up to a sunny sky, seeming to be engulfed soon, by the rocky edges of the now inactive volcano. Seemingly satisfied by the rest, amongst the dreams imagined, he rose to his feet and walked to the small village.

 He saw the backyard of a house from which he heard sounds of laughter of a child, the anger of a mother and the mockery of the father. Lost in pleasant thoughts of yearning, Sareko suddenly realized that it was something that he did not have. A 12 year old boy, with nothing to his name, no one to his back and just the ability to produce flames out of his mouth was not needed he thought.

 Bitterly hurt by his own thoughts, Sareko jumped the fence, to steal a pair of gloves hanging on a tree to the backyard. When he reached for the gloves, he heard a sound behind him, which scared him to the edge of his spine, making him glued to the bark of a tree. When he realized it was only the child, he let out a sigh of relief and put down his head. Sareko paid no heed to the child, until he walked right up to him and asked, "Who are you?" Sareko eyed him. "I'm Sareko." The child grinned. "Cool! I'm Chikaze!" And just like that, the soon to be shinobi of the kazangakure and his most trusted right hand man met.

Chikaze and Sareko were sitting together, when Sareko on a whim, and a sudden need to show off, asked if Chikaze had ever seen ninjutsu. Chikaze confirmed that he had not. Sareko smiled. Forming a few hand signs, he blew out, and a flame billowed from his lips.

Confirming the utter confusion in the eyes of the child, Sareko could not confine his laughter. Determined like all children are, Chikaze mimicked Sareko, to produce barely, but surely flames.
Sareko was astonished. ‘The child has talent it seems’ he thought.

Sareko stood up and continued walking, jumping over the other fence, to eventually step outside the crater the past volcano had made. ‘How old was I?’ He thought out loud ‘when Hiro-sensei first taught me how to weave a hand sign?’

-------------END OF PART I-----------------

So hope you all liked it and hopefully, I finish my history in time for Agni's rise. Remember. There's going to be more than one active clan in the Kazangakure.

Tell me what you guys thought and what I should improve.

and Chikaze's character:

Games / $$Money Multiplier$$ (only for Orgs :D)
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HELLO AND WELCOME TO: Bōeki no tanzō's first official SLO included event $$$ :


The basic idea:

Each entry (one representative per org :D),

will be given 5000 ryo  and they can choose to exercise one of three options:

1. Invest into the Boeki no tanzo treasury (for the purposes of the game, our treasury is infinite) and get back your investment with an interest rate that fluctuates at random times from 5% to 25%.


3. Lend to other orgs.

Now, I will explain to you the basic instructions:

1. The goal of the game is to purchase the most reputation points by the end of 2016. i.e.,
on 1st Jan, the org with the  most rep points will take the MONEY MAKER title.

2. Each rep point will cost you 5000 ryo.

3. Rep points can be purchased from Boeki no tanzo, or from other orgs. i.e., if you can pay the price they offer. (The maximum sales of a rep point in a day is 1)

4. If an org charges unacceptable rates, Boeki will step in, and obviously, it's reputation points will go down.

5.  All orgs must report on their earnings at the end of each day.

6. If reputation points are sold to other orgs, that must be accounted for immediately with a PM to myself or the Council members at Boeki. (If the rep points aren't accounted for, then your exchange becomes null at the end of the day)
7. Interest will be calculated like so: Investment amount * interest rate * number of hours invested (this will last for 24 hours exactly. Even if an update isn't made, assume that the interest rate has changed)

(So if you withdraw your money after 2 hours with an interest rate of 25%, it works like this: 25% of 5000 = 1250, 1250 x 2 for the 2 hours in the bank = 2500. Adding that toyour total,you should have 7500.)

YOU CAN WITHDRAW ONLY AFTER 1 OR 2 OR 3 ETC HOURS. NOT IN-BETWEEN. This doesn't mean you have to withdraw at that time exactly. You can mention the time you'd like to withdraw.

8. You can only purchase a maximum of 5 Rep points a day.

9. In case you require a loan from boeki, the same interest rate for investing will apply to you, and the constraint is you can only borrow a maximum of 1000 ryo per rep point.

10. How to enter:

Org name:
Willingness to participate: Yes(Y)/N(NO)

(In case there's a lapse in the logic of the rules, please don't shy away from pointing it out in this page)


1. Iryō Buntai/Medical Squad- Representative: @RaphoZentel

2. America's Shack- Representative: @America FORFEIT

3. Mars' Ramen- Representative: @Mars FORFEIT

4. Vongola- Representative : @StriderOtaku

5. Kamakiri Hunter's Guild : @AbeMelbs


1. Iryō Buntai/Medical Squad- 0

2. America's Shack- 0

3. Mars' Ramen- 0

4. Vongola- 1

5. Kamakiri Hunter's Guild- 0


(note that investment times will equal forum time.)

20:03 @America invests 5000 ryo (FOREFIT)

21:12 @RaphoZentel invests 5000 ryo

22:24 @Mars invests 5000 ryo (FOREFIT)

02:04 @StriderOtaku invests 5000 ryo

18:57 Dec 7 @StriderOtaku invests 3,847.5ryo


Interest rate for 7.12.2016 (Or if you're American 12.7.2016) :

 25% on Investment amount at 19:46 

 15% on Investment amount at 00:01 

 7% on Investment amount at 02:30

 5% on Investment amount at 07:00

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Village blueprint
« on: December 03, 2016, 16:55:23 »
So I was watching the stream uploaded a few days ago, and I was thinking about how if the blueprints of the village was known to all of the players, some of the rouge might find their plan of attack quite easily, AND in contrast, how if the Kage did not have the blueprint of their respective villages, they'd be pretty weak in planning a defensive strategy during times of attack.

Hence, I propose that (apart from the superficial buildings and the general maps) if the villages have some sort of hidden, non-publicized areas or entrances/exits, only the Kage should be made aware of these secrets (and whomever else they wish to share this information with) so as to retain that need to collect all information (in this case the secret pathways) before drawing up a plan of attack.


Music / Public performances
« on: September 04, 2016, 07:42:35 »
So this was a thing that my school went to, and my team was given the first place. There were 15ish schools participating this was our performance. And yes, I'm the fat one xD :

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