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Topics - Mattsoncubae OdiloShinnai

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Shinobi Life Online Character / Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:51:54 »
                                 Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai                       


Name: Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai
Age: 33
Height: 5,5
Weight: 180 lbs
Hairstyle: Spikey Buzz Cut
Facial hair: Goatee
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown (Red with green Veins when usung Draegis)
Blood type: A
Primary chakra nature: Fire
Hidden Village: Infernogakure
Clan: OdiloShinnai
Organization: Midori Ken
Good or evil at heart?: Good

   Friendly, Respectful, Honorable, Determined, Wise and Loyal. Always the one to be refered to as a good or close friend and he always treats every one around him like a Friend irregardless of his Status and Position. A believer in the Ways of Bushido and Samurai codes of Honor, Mattsoncumbae's determination has been often reffered to as an Iron Will. Wise for his Age Mattsoncumbae is often looked up to and asked for his opinion or advice. Loyalty is a big thing to him as he values the Loyalty of his clansmen and allies.

Mattsoncumbae wears comfortble Clothing that he Prefers. Normally made by the OdiloSHinnai Clan and always made for combat. Consisting of a Black Long sleeved combat Shirt, Black Combat  Pants, Black Ninja Sandals and Black Gloves. He also wears a Green Jonin Vest, Green Wrist Tape and Green Ankle Tape. He Also Represents His clan and Organization Pridefully by wearing the Following, a White Captain's Coat Bearing the Crest of the OdiloShinnai Clan on the back and Golden Armor bearing the Crest of Midori Ken on the front.

  In the Smoke of an Old Wars wake one man stands Sword Drawn surrounded by Crimson Flames ready for battle.  Clad in a White Captain's Coat Bearing the Crest of the OdiloShinnai Clan on the back and Golden Armor bearing the Crest of Midori Ken on the front.  This man is Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai the Great Grandson of the OdiloShinnai Clan's Most Famous Leader known as The Silent Dragon.  Matsoncumbae spent his early days training in the ways of the sword. First with his Great Grand father Leaning the Full extent of his famous Shuuga Style and then eventually with his father's Sensei, Masa Murimoto to whom he would be assigned to affter becoming a genin. He would Improve the Shuuga Style and add new secret techniques to the Shuuga Style.

  (Fade into a Flash Back of the Past) At the OdiloShinnai trainging grounds we focus on a Particular young boy training in the Ways of the Sword. Mattsoncumbae attempts to defend against his Great grandfathers attacks. Their practice Swords hit together as Mattsoncumbae barely manges to put his guard up before his Great Grandfather reaches him. Mattson, " NNNNNGGH, So fast.." Great Grandfather in a Stern scolding voice, " You were not paying attention!  You must pay attention to your opponent, the slightest move could mean death." Mattsoncumbae Looks at his Great Grandfather almost as if to apologise for not paying attention and being lost in his thoughts. "Come Sit here, rest for a While....I created the Shuuga Style to be a force upon itself if used correctly. Honor is the Way of the Sword You must Show your opponent Respect even in the Face of fiece battle to the death. It is the Honorable Way." Mattsoncumbae Rises up and takes his stance, his Great Granfather rises as well and smiles.

 Forced to fight for his Life at a young age Mattsoncumbae would becaome a seasoned War Veteran from Fighting in the Great Takezo War. He would help to show that the once forgotten OdiloShinnai are indeed back and Stronger than ever before. After the War Mattasoncumbae Now a Teen would continue his Training and begin preparing for the Chunin Exam. Mattsoncumbaes's Great Grandfather wuld Die 2 months after the War's ending. He would pass on his Sword Dragon's Blood to Mattsoncumbae and Name him the Next Leader of the OdiloShinnai Clan. His Great Grandfather's final Words to him would echoe in his head. "After a Long War you remaine yourself, Good. Stay that way and you will be a great Leader." with a Smile his Great Grandfather would Close his eyes and breath his last breath. His Last Will would be read Naming Mattsoncumbae the new Leader and Inhearetor of The Dragon's Blood and a Note with it. In the Note his Great Grandfather would tell him about the legond of the Sword and how to use it's powers. He would also be instructed to burn the Note once he Masters the Sword's abilities.

(Fade into a Flash back)  Mattsoncumbae Now a teen, Is Training with his Sensei Masa Murimoto. Training in new Jutsu and Change of Chakra nature. Mattsoncumbae is struggling to control Lightining release. Masa, "You have such a Natural Affininty for Fire nature, Not many Shinobi can use it Like you do. This makes it more difficult for you to change Chakra nature. Focus it is not impossible." Mattsoncumbae begins to relax and he begins to focus more. The ball of Chakra is his hand begins to turn into a ball of Lightining. Masa, "Good, now your ready."

 The Great Takezo War Left the OdiloShinnai Clan in a Near destroyed state, even tho the War was won. Mattsoncumbae had to work hard to repair what damege was done. Now with the dameged repaired Mattsoncumbae focused on re building the Numbers of the Clan. This Would be a Long Process and currently still has not been completed, but strides for great improvement have been made and continue to be made. In this time Mattsoncumbae would reestablished The OdiloShinnai's connection to the Organization Midori Ken. The White Knights of Midori Ken would serve the Green fist always.

(Fade into a Flash back)  We Focus on The Office of the Leader of The Organization Midori Ken Tameshi Hinode of the Hinode Clan. Tameshi, :Its good to know that The OdiloSinnai are back and how is the stregnth of the Clan now?"  Mattsoncumbae Steps out from the Shadows and humbly Bows. (After some time being part of Midori Ken Mattsoncumbae and Tameshi have become friends) Mattsoncumbae, "We have increased our Numbers since the Takezo War. Wranted our Numbers are only half of what Our forces were. We are still a Strong Force and we are more than ready to aid Midori how ever we can.". Tameshi' "Very well then I have a Mission that only a group the Caliber of the OdiloShinnai can handle." Tameshi takes an envelope and hands it to Mattsoncumbae. He opens it reads it and Salutes Tameshi. As He begins to leave Tameshi's office Tameshi give him some advice. Tameshi, "Speed will be key with this mission, keep that in mind." Mattsoncumbae looks back at Tameshi with a smile and Nods his head in agreement and proceeds out the door with a Bow.

                                 More story line to come

 Mattsoncumbae is the Leader of the OdiloShinnai Clan. He is a proud Member and Leads the Clan calmly and with a friendly attitude. The Clan is known for using Summoning Jutsu from the Scroll of Dragon Summon and posses the Kehki Gehnki called Draegis.

 Mattsoncumbae is a proud member of the Midori Ken Organization. Following the ancient ties his Clan has with Midori Ken's ancient History. Mattsoncumbae sought to reestablish the connection to Midori Ken once more. His Rank in the Organization is unknown at the time.

Fighting Style
 Mattsoncumbae is the inheritor and new True Master of the Shuuga Style. A sword fighting style created by Mattsoncumbae's Great Grandfather who was once a Samurai. Mattsoncumbae began training in this style with his Great Grandfather when he showed early signs of Fire Chakra Nature. The Shuuga Style is a combination of Kendo, The OdiloShinnai Style Martial Arts and Fire Style Techniques. The combination created a Sword Fighting style that can switch from Offense to Defense in seconds. Opening up openings in an opponent's Defenses For devastating Counter attacks and a Large array of Secret Techniques. When Mattsoncumbae finished Learning the Shuuga Style his Grandfather told him 1 thing, "Perfect the Shuuga Style, it has far more Potential than I achieved.". Doing just that Mattsoncumbae worked to make the Shuuga Style his own. He studied a Large amount of Samurai Sword Techniques until he came across the art of Botojutsu. The Art of Sheathing one's sword and Unsheathing it Maximizing the Speed of the Swing of the Sword. Mattsoncubae Trained in this art and Now the Shuuga Style has Botojutsu Techniques.

 Like the vast majority of the OdiloShinnai Clan Mattsoncumbae has Trained in using Summoning Jutsu from the Scroll of Dragon Summon, however he had a deeper interest and Studied further Techniques and in time He met with the respective members of the Dragon's tribe developing a bond with the Dragons. In time Matsoncumbae hope to Learn the secret Jutsus and techniques of the Dragons.



Thanks @Dart for the awesome Artwork.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / OdiloShinnai
« on: April 03, 2017, 11:45:00 »
Clan name: OdiloShinnai

Clan logo:

Here on this day. We Vow to remain loyal and honorable to The Kage, Midori Ken and the OdiloShinnai Clan. We vow to never waver in the service of The Kage, Clan and Organization. Let the Honor of Midori Ken Rise to the Heavens. The OdiloShinnai are here.

Founder: Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai

Leader: Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai

Affiliation: Infernogakure

Clan history: The OdiloShinnai are a Legendary Family of warriors who fought in the Great Demon Wars. Sadly the Clan was nearly wiped out from the Wars they fought and the Family has become forgotten. Still having enough members in the Family the Clan began to rebuild  adopting worthy warriors into it's fold and adding new blood to eventually rebuild the fighting strength. Having close Historical ties to Samurai The OdiloShinai follow both the Ways of Samurai and Shinobi. Due to this they have a High Sense of Honor and Loyalty. They serve the Kage, Vilage and their Organization faithfully with out question. A Large number of Legends are connected to the OdiloShinnai. The clan has close relations with the Haknari clan and close friendship with the Hinode Clan.

Unique traits: Most OdiloShinnai are Lightning Natured and although they come from Infunogakure Most are capable of using earth, wind or water release. It is Rare for an OdiloShinai to have Fire Nature Chakra (1 in every 20) and its even more rare to see a Master of both Fire and Lightning Nature. Most have dark colored eyes and Either Black or brown Hair. However due to Adoptions of Members these Traits have broadened out slightly due to the Mixing of New blood in the Blood Line.

Strengths: The OdiloShinnai are Skilled Swordsman and many of them developed their own Sword technique styles. Many of them Rely on Speed, strength and Power with some focusing on Defense rather than Power. They are very skilled at Ninjutsu and Senjutsu. Summoning from the Scroll of Dragon Summon is a highly known strength of the clan. The Clan has a Kekki Genki" called Draegis, a Dojutsu that turns the users Eyes into Dragon Eyes. This Dojutsu Enables the user to Heighten their Senses at will.

Weaknesses: The OdiloShinnai are Strong Fighters and  Although they are skilled at detecting Genjutsu they are not immune to it, they can be caught in traps if not careful. Their Kekki Genki also has a weakness. If not trained in using it properly or at higher Levels they can do harm to their senses rendering them Numb, Unable to taste, Incapable of Smelling, Deaf or Blind.

Rival clans: None as of yet

Allied clans: Hinode and Hakunari

Rankings: The OdiloShinnai operate almost like a typical army only there are only 3 to 4 higher Ranks. Included are The Leader, Right Hand, Co Right Hand and 3rd seat. Every one else serves as General members although more experianced Members are trusted with more important missions.

Members: Mattsoncumbae OdiloShinnai(Leader)

Rules: The OdiloShinnai follows strict rules similar to the Rules of the Hinode and Hakunari Clans.
1. Respect, The OdiloShinnai are a respectful group and any form of disrespect is frowned upon and possibly can lead to consequences.
2. Loyalty, Loyalty is extremely important and Disloyalty is Highly Problematic and met with swift execution or banning from the clan.
3. No Harrassing , Trolling or any unwanted behavior, Offenders of this rule will be given up to 3 warnings. if a 3rd is incured the offender will be Banned from the Clan.

  The OdiloShinnai are a Layed back group but the rules are enforced stricly and the Consequences are sever.

  Interested in becoming an OdiloShinnai?? This Clan may be for you if you fit into these requirements.
1. You must be a member of the same Organization as the clan. (If you are not you will not be considered)
2. You believe in Honor among Warriors or on the battle field.
3. Follow the Way of the Sword (Some exceptions may be made)
4. Believe in Loyalty and Can Show Loyalty to the Clan and it's Organization
5. Believe in Justice and what is right.

 Applicants Will be put through 2 or More tests to prove they are Worthy and if Accepted will Recite the Oath of the Clan to Bestow the name of the Clan on the accepted applicant.

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