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General Discussion / Happy birthday to Ken
« on: June 10, 2018, 18:51:25 »

Happy 21 boio @Ken

Games / Cards Against Humanity
« on: February 16, 2017, 20:02:50 »
So yeah decided to host a Cards Against Humanity Party.

It'll start at 7PM CET (GMT+1 if I'm not mistaken)

Just look for my username. Password will be SLO4Lyfe (because that's cheesy af)

Just go to this site, choose an username and search my username (DarthTyrael, obvious choice)

Also for those interested, just join the SLO's Discord Voice Chat, much more fun that way :P
Hope to see you there!


Shinobi Life Online Clans / Kitsune no Sabaku - Nomads of the Desert
« on: January 29, 2017, 15:40:51 »
Clan Name: Kitsune no Sabaku - 狐 – “Fox”
Clan Logo:

Founder: Unknown
Leader: Yondaime Hokorikage, Hayame Kitsune no Sabaku
Affliation: Completely devoted to Hidden Dust and The Sabaku Kuchikomi

Clan History:

Spoiler: show

The Kitsune are as old as the first settlers of the vast Hokori deserts. In the pre great shinobi war years, they came to make the deserts their home. Living off the land and harsh environment of the desert, scavenging and hunting for their meals, these people were able to lay the foundations for the civilization that would eventually take over the sand. During the great shinobi war era, owing to their cunning and shrewd nature as well as their toughness and adaptability, they came to be known as the Kitsune, the desert’s foxes. Historians argue that the name is due in part to the foxes the Kitsune are famous for rearing. Through the combined efforts of the Zen’no and Kitsune, Hokorigakure stood tall during the war and was able after the war, to carry on as a fully fledged shinobi village. Through the alliance formed by the two tribes during the war, the Sabaku Kuchikomi was created. A clan of like-minded people unified under one banner to ensure that Hokorigakure never saw darker times than the foregone shinobi war.
The Kitsune are known for their use of Foxes in battle as well as their specialization in summoning techniques. Through their history as travelers, they have acquired great knowledge and are known for their unparalleled wisdom and humility.

Families and Traditions:

Spoiler: show

The average member of the families are four, though more children are born within a family. Most of them do not make it through their first few years due to the hard nature of the desert. Because of the lack of resources, once a couple’s second child reached adulthood, the couple would no longer try to conceive a child.
Members of the Kitsune tend to work as farmers, merchants, or teachers in the various academies. A lot of members tend to become extremely powerful shinobi and together with the much larger Zen’no house, they make up majority of Hokori’s military. They are also an integral part of the village’s economy often referred to as the roots that keep Hokorigakure standing. When the members that are part of the military have time off, they often return to their tribe helping them out.

Spoiler: show

-Every year the Kitsune host a parade in the Village in which a tribute to the fox spirit of all the desert people is paid. Heads of the Sabaku as well as other clans have dinner together during this festival to recognize the bonds between each clan and family.
-The Kitsune nomads of the desert of course see foxes as sacred creatures and will not harm them without good reason.

Unique Traits: Often dark colored hair, tall and muscular. Personalities: cunning, deceitful, wise, modest. Clan summon: Shirami (only to the worthy, more likely to get one of her offspring). Summon related Sage Mode.
Strengths: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu (or decided by member)
Weaknesses: Genjutsu

Rival clans:
Allied clans:
The Nakai Clan
The Kirishima Clan of Infernogakure
The Sandāreisu Clan of Shogekihagakure

The structure is a simple one. The family’s leadership consists of 4 of the wisest (wo)men it has to offer. The leader is elected by voting and (s)he in turn chooses the other 3 members who will serve as his/her council members and advisors.

Leader: Hayame Kitsune no Sabaku
Council Elders (0/3): -


- Betrayal and murder within the house can and will be punished by death and exile.

- Insubordination will not be tolerated within the branch. Obedience to leaders, elders and other figures of authority is a MUST.

- Respect is a virtue. Elders and fellow members of the clan MUST be treated with utmost respect.

- Wisdom is priceless. The house leader MUST be chosen from among the wisest elders of the clan.

- Agriculture is an important part of our culture as well as the backbone of the clan and will be treated as such.

- Educating the younger generations in the ways of the Kitsune and Sabaku is everyone’s responsibility.

- The Kitsune, Sabaku and Hokori people are your family, protect them with your life.

DarthTyrael – Hayame Kitsune no Sabaku
RaphoZentel – Izumi Kitsune no Sabaku
MrHardTruck – Shi no Me Kitsune no Sabaku

To apply, please fill in this application:

Code: [Select]
[b]Forum Name[/b]:
[b]OC (Original Character) Name[/b]:
[b]OC’s Age[/b]:
[b]What is your specialization?[/b]:
[b]Will you avoid to use Genjutsu?[/b]:
[b]What Shinobi rank do you aspire to reach? (i.e. Genin, Chuunin etc.)[/b]:
[b]Will you adhere to clan and branch rules at all times?[/b]:
[b]Do you wish to take part in educating the younger generations of Sabaku and Hokorigakure Shinobi?[/b]:
[b]Will you protect your family, your clan and Hokorigakure with your life?[/b]:

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Tokage no Sabaku - Bandits of the Tombs
« on: January 29, 2017, 15:33:09 »
Clan Name: Tokage no Sabaku - 透影 – “Lizard” (lit. ‘Transparent Shadow’)
Clan Logo:

Founder: Akimoto Tokage
Leader: N/A (Currently, the Dust Kage Hayame tends to this clan)
Affliation: Completely devoted to Hidden Dust and The Sabaku Kuchikomi

Clan History:
Spoiler: show

In the early years of Hokorigakure, trade and commerce flourished and was the mainstay of the village’s economy. Along with this progress, also came unwanted attention as gangs and bandits attacking merchants and wagons transporting goods was becoming a usual occurrence despite all precautionary measures that were taken by the parties involved in the trades. Among these groups of bandits, was one that was quickly gaining notoriety not just from attacking and hijacking transport wagons and merchants but also from their merciless acts of violence and murder. They were led by an unprincipled, disreputable Shinobi known only as Akimoto Tokage. He had served the village hidden in the dust after it had been founded and was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His desire for material possessions however, had caused him to be driven out of the village as a disgraced thief and he now sought revenge by destroying the village’s only means of survival, its trade The Tokage bandits, as they were called, soon grew in number, becoming an independent clan, well trained as shinobi bandits and despite the village’s efforts, they proved unstoppable, wreaking havoc on all the roads leading to and from the Hidden dust for years to come and their use of lethal toxins extracted from the desert’s reptiles was truly terrifying.
The Tokage came to be identified as a clan from the Dust Village, renowned for their banditry, theft, stealth and use of various toxins. A common technique of theirs was hiding in the sands, using some of the surroundings to blend in with their environment, then emerging from the sands with their weapons ready. Due to their grand success,  opportunities for the more curious and knowledgeable of the bandits to study the equipment they raided from their victims arose.
One amongst them, which is currently a trademark for the current generation of Tokage clan members, is the gas mask. This mask efficiently filters out heavy particles that remain in the air, allowing the user to breathe comfortably in harsh environments (i.e. ash, dust, poisonous gas). Over the years, many clan members have added various trinkets to the design of the mask, resulting in an ominous trademarked item for the Tokage, whilst still keeping their individuality.                                               

In time, many traders were seeking the comfort of having their own escort team, and with it the success rate of the Tokage’s raids dropped drastically. They sought within the deserts of Hokorigakure for something they could use, leading to the discovery of their most powerful weapon yet. Venom – from the tiniest and most volatile of creatures; so lethal that even the tiniest drop injected would cause the unlucky receiver to instantly be in a paralyzed state. The Tokage shinobi were taught by those skilled in medical ninjutsu how to extract the venom from these creatures. The prodigies amongst those trained in medical ninjutsu were highly praised, for they discovered a way to create toxic gases from pure chakra.  The Tokage shinobi would extract the venom from any poisonous creature whenever they found them and covered their weapons with these poisons.

However, most of their raids still resulted in failures due to the reinforced escorts. Most traders decided to take more perilous routes that were more patrolled by guards. Food became scarce and with their weapon supplies running fairly low, their leader at the time, Shikoto Tokage, tried to pull-of a raid on the Kitsune nomad branch of the Sabaku Kuchikomi.  Vizier, the fabled leader of the Sabaku and Hayame, an elder of the Kitsune-Sabaku, were, unfortunately for the bandits, present within the nomad branch at the time of the raid. The Tokage attempted an all-out assault on the Kitsune, who, as expected, fiercely retaliated. Shikoto Tokage was slain in one-on-one combat with Vizier and a fairly large portion of the Tokage, upon witnessing his death, surrendered and were captured. Being exhausted and low on supplies, they had realized they couldn’t win this fight. Those who still resisted were killed. Vizier ordered an execution as punishment for the rebel shinobi but Hayame disagreed with this harsh decision and was able to convince Vizier to change his mind. The elder believed that, as they had surrendered to the Kitsune’s  might, they may also be able to change their ways of living. Vizier agreed to this and the execution was cancelled. He accepted the survivors of the clan within his own as another branch, one that would focus on looting and hunting wildlife. Hayame was then put in charge of the new house, for it was his move to spare them and he was to be held responsible for their actions. The members were allowed to wear their symbol, as long as they also wore the Sabaku symbol.
Thus began a new era for the Tokage clan – once fierce anarchic bandits, now loyal hunters. Even though their way of living changed, their way of combat has not, as members of this clan still specialize in poisons, genjutsu, ambushing and stealth.
They seldom get along with members of the Kitsune house, still believing their predecessors would have defeated the Kitsune in combat had it not been for the interference of Vizier.

Spoiler: show

- Members of the clan are taught from a young age to hunt, hence, they tend to work as hunters as adults. They produce a lot of shinobi (esp. medical-nin and spies) and doctors who are very skilled in their practice. Their toxins and antitoxins are valued as priceless and contribute immensely to the clan’s as well as the village’s economy.

- Reptiles especially lizards, play an important role in their tradition and this is reflected in the way they describe themselves and others using adjectives that refer to the appropriate reptiles e.g the salamander, Shikoto Tokage.

Unique Traits: Slender, wear masks with trinkets (telescopic lenses, chakra identifying lenses, rebreathers). Personalities: Short-tempered, rude, assertive, guileful.

Strengths: Bukijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu (Poisons), Genjutsu, Stealth (or decided by member)
Weaknesses: Taijutsu

Rival clans: None
Allied clans:
The Kinshedo Clan
The Nakai Clan
The Kirishima Clan of Infernogakure
The Sandāreisu Clan of Shogekihagakure

The structure is a simple one. The family’s leadership consists of 4 of the most capable shinobi it has to offer. The leader is elected by dominance and he in turn chooses the other 3 members who will serve as his generals and advisors.

Leader: Hayame Kitsune no Sabaku (temp.)
Generals (0/3): -

-The penalty for betrayal and murder is death.
-Take pride in your Tokage and Sabaku heritage. NEVER allow yourself, your clan or fellow members to be insulted, no matter what.
-Hunting is our way of life. Be proud of it and excel in it.
-A house leader is chosen through a duel in which the challenger must defeat the current leader if he/she is to take over as the new leader of the branch.
-Educating the younger generations in the ways of the Tokage and Sabaku is everyone’s duty.
-Anyone who speaks or plots against your people, clan or village MUST be shown no mercy

DarthTyrael – Hayame Kitsune no Sabaku (temp.)
mattaleks – Matt Tokage no Sabaku

To apply, please fill in this application:

Code: [Select]
[b]Forum Name[/b]:
[b]OC (Original Character) Name[/b]:
[b]OC’s Age[/b]:
[b]What is your specialization?[/b]:
[b]Will you avoid to use Taijutsu?[/b]:
[b]What Shinobi rank do you aspire to reach? (i.e. Genin, Chuunin etc.)[/b]:
[b]Will you adhere to clan and branch rules at all times?[/b]:
[b]Do you wish to take part in educating the younger generations of Sabaku and Hokorigakure Shinobi?[/b]:
[b]Will you protect your family, your clan and Hokorigakure with your life?[/b]:

General Discussion / SLO Arena Battle #8 - Sanji vs Star (cmsurfer)
« on: October 23, 2016, 22:40:52 »
Battle #8 - @Sanji vs Star ( @cmsurfer  )

Star Shizen was casually strolling along a path in a forest on her way back from a mission, when she noticed an inn. The sweet scent of freshly made sweet buns made her crave for food.
Listening to her stomach, she decided it wouldn’t harm to enter the inn and please her cravings.
“Glad to have you!”, the inn owner spoke as Star Shizen pushed the curtains aside, stepping foot in the inn. “What can I help you with?”

“Hmm…”, Star Shizen hummed, as she gazed upon what the inn had to offer. “I’ll have 2 portions of sweet buns and a bottle of sake.”, she then ordered.
“Coming right up!”, the inn owner replied.

Star Shizen took her seat at the bar. The inn owner started to prepare the woman’s order but was distracted when the curtains made way for another visitor.

“Glad to have you! What can I help you with?”, the inn owner replied once more out of habit.
“Oh~?”, the man said, as the woman’s appearance had peaked his interest. “I’ll have whatever she’s having.”, he replied and sat down beside Star.

“So…”, the blond haired man tried to engage in a conversation with Star. “My name’s Sanji… And I couldn’t help but notice you’re without company… Mind if I joined?”

“You already have…”, Star replied harshly as her order arrived with the inn owner saying “Here you go, enjoy!”.

“Ahhh come on lady, don’t be so harsh! Here, lemme treat you on this order. It’s the least I can do.”, he replied as he gestured to the inn owner for Star’s bill.
“I’m perfectly fine paying that myself.”, she once again replied harshly, shoving down the last sweet bun in her mouth hastily. She wanted to get away from this creep as soon as possible.

“Oh, that’s a shame. I’m rather enjoying the company. But then again, who couldn’t enjoy the company from such a lovely lady.”, the man replied.
Okay fine, that’s it…”, she thought to herself as she chugged down the sake, paid the bill and quickly left the inn. Sanji hastily followed in her footsteps.

“Oi, oi… Why leave in such a hurry!? We were just getting along, miss…?”
“Miss ‘Get out of my sight’ for you, mister…”, she replied. This man’s presence was annoying her more and more. Honestly, if he kept it up like this, she was going to snap.
“Alrighty then…”, Sanji replied, slowing down his pace. Not because he wanted to abide her wishes, but to observe her from a different angle.

That posterior though…”, he thought to himself as he slapped the mentioned posterior.
... Did he just… Slap… My rear!?”, Star thought to herself. Infuriated, she turned around and threw a kunai in his direction, only to miss immensely.
“Careful there miss! Those things can hurt” said Sanji, while dodging “You know, I do like a girl with a bit of a temper...!”. He started walking towards Star with a mischievous grin plastered on his face.
“You’re just making it harder on yourself, how about you stop resisting?” Sanji lifted his hand “Why don’t we have a good time?” he reached his arm out to grab a hold of Star’s breast, “You need to learn to take a hint!” Star slapped his hand away, span and tried to land a roundhouse kick on Sanji’s face,”Tch” she expressed her irritation as her kick missed him by a few centimeters..

Sanji jumped back a bit to distance himself from Star. “Hmm… So the kitten wants to play…Well, let’s play!”, Sanji replied to the annoyed woman, as he waved a couple of hand seals, followed by putting his hand near his chest.
The hand started to emit a ball of lightning from within the palm, filling the air with a crackling sound from the lightning splitting the air atoms.

With a flick of his arm he then shouted “Chidori Senbon!”, as several lightning needles were headed Star’s way.

Star replied to the attempted jutsu by doing hand seals of her own and breathed in a large portion of air, using her accumulated chakra to increase the pressure in her lungs and mouth, then exhaled.

“Wind Style: Wind Bullet!”

A large, high pressured bulk of air reflected the senbon that were headed her way, and now charging towards Sanji.

Sanji grinned as he flicked his lightning engulfed arm once more - his entire body was now surrounded by lightning, enhancing his muscles and raising his hair. He leaped upwards with an amazing speed and hung in the air for a bit, stuck out his elbow and balanced the upcoming recoil with his other arm. Dark clouds started to amass above Sanji, as the sky started to fill the air with a rumbling sound.

“Lightning Elbow Drop!”, he shouted from the top of his lungs. Lightning struck from the clouds that amassed above Sanji, sending him down as fast as Star could blink.

As he crashed down upon the earth, rocks flew all over the place, cracking the earth. His hand went straight through Star. He probably would have enjoyed it otherwise, but was shocked as he looked up. There was no gashing wound, whatsoever. A normal person would’ve been annihilated by this attack. The image of where Star was started to flicker and bend before his very eyes.

A genjutsu? But, when..!?”, Sanji thought to himself. The mirage that Star had created faded away slowly, revealing a tree stump covered in explosive notes.

“... Ah, crap.”, he said when he saw the explosive notes upon the stump, quickly dodging away from the blast due to the effects of his lightning armor, he managed to get away with just a few scratches caused by the splinters from the stump.

“... Stupid woman!”, he grunted, removing a large splinter from his left arm. Star had already leaped in the air, unsheathing her Dragon Katana, and came in fast somersaulting towards Sanji.

Sanji unsheathed his blade with his right arm just in time as he blocked Star mid air, sparks flying off of the point of contact. Sanji quickly responded with a forward side-kick, hitting her in the stomach. Star quickly managed to get on her feet, but Sanji was already on her tail. He dashed forward and unleashed an intense flurry of diagonal and horizontal slashes.
Star blocked multiple hits but suffered a nasty cut on her right arm and her sword flung backwards. She leaped towards it and crouched down on one knee.
Sanji dashed once again, but Star grabbed the dirt from the ground and threw it in his eyes as soon as he got close enough. Stunned by the sand in his eyes, he wiped his eyes furiously, as she quickly grabbed her own katana and knocked the sword out of his hand, kicked him on his knees and held her Dragon Katana close to his throat.

“Any last words, you pervert!?”, Star replied in anger.
“Heh… Just one… Kusanagi.”, Sanji replied with a grin on his face.
His katana started glowing up, Sanji flicked his finger towards him and the katana flew towards Star, stabbing her straight through the heart. She coughed up blood immediately and Sanji rolled back to avoid being stabbed by his own blade, should Star fall on top of him.

Star fell to her knees, exhausted from her injuries.
“... Can’t believe… I lost… To such a guy… Forgive me, Father, Mother… I’ll see you soon.”, she thought to herself as her final breath left her body, blood leaving her gashing wound in her chest and through her mouth.

“O-ho… Well then… You really gave me a hard time, I’ll give you that.”, Sanji said to the late deceased Star, grabbing her body.
“Well then… What to do with you.”

He searched for a secluded place, deep within the forest, leaping from tree to tree until he found a less dense forested area.

Ah, yes… This should do it.”, he thought to himself. He started to gather his chakra, whatever he could muster, and waved a large amount of hand seals.

“Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation…”, he whispered, as 12 coffins rose from the earth. Each of them opened up, revealing the corpses of all late deceased Kunoichi, except for one.
Brunettes, blondes, raven haired - caucasian, lightskinned, ebony; every combination of hair and skin color possible, and all looking as if they had never died in the first place.

He laid the corpse of Star down and bent himself over her, slowly caressing her hair as his hand passed through it with each stroke.

“Sanji’s going to take good care of you, gorgeous… Don’t you worry.”, he said to her body.
He then grabbed a kunai with a mind-controlling seal attached to it and slowly, but securely shoved it inside her head through the back of her neck.

After he did this, he stood up, and weaved the hand signs Bird, Monkey, Ox and Tiger. All of a sudden, these mindless women started to move on their own, slowly approaching Sanji and started to caress him.
As did Star’s deceased body… It, too, fell under the mindless control of Sanji, as it stood up and held Sanji’s head, kissing him and stroking his back, slowly sliding her hand down his back.

Ah yes… Ladies: daddy’s home…”, he thought to himself as he laid down, covered with women.

~By @Shivraj & @DarthTyrael ||  Scribe's Guild

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Hidden Dust Discord Server
« on: October 22, 2016, 15:57:51 »
Hidden Dust Village Discord Server

As most of you have seen, the other Kages have created a discord server of their own. Being dusty and therefore slow, I've created one for myself late rather than soon.

Those of you who are Dust Shinobis may enter the chat.

Hope to see you there!

Spoiler: show
Click the symbol

General Discussion / Villages' names in Kanji
« on: October 19, 2016, 13:46:48 »
Thought I'd post this here, should anyone be willing to use it:

Hidden Hill Village (Okagakure no Sato): 丘隠の里
Hidden Thunder Village (Kaminarigakure no Sato): 雷隠の里
Hidden Dust Village (Hokorigakure no Sato): 埃隠の里
Hidden Metal Village (Kinzokugakure no Sato): 金屬隠の里 **
Hidden Snow Village (Yukigakure no Sato): 雪隠の里
Hidden Forest Village (Morigakure no Sato): 森隠の里
Hidden Inferno Village (Inferunogakure no Sato): 燬隠の里 (Yakugakure no Sato - Hidden Blaze Village) *
Hidden Volcano Village (Kazangakure no Sato): 火山隠の里 **
Hidden Ash Village (Haigakure no Sato): 灰隠の里
Hidden Ocean Village (Umigakure no Sato): 海隠の里
Hidden Haze Village (Heizugakure no Sato): 霞隠の里 (Kazumigakure no Sato - Hidden Mist/Cloud/Haze Village) | 靄隠の里 (Moyagakure no Sato, Hidden Haze/'Cloudy Sky') *
Hidden Shockwave Village (Shogekihagakure no Sato): 爆発隠の里 (Bakuhatsugakure no Sato - Hidden Explosion Village) * **

* Please note that some original words that have been derived from English do not have a Kanji, as English derived words are normally written in Katakana characters. (Inferuno would be written in Katakana) Hence I took the liberty in some applications to derive a different word and have posted the meaning of the Kanji afterwards.

** Unfortunately this/these villages need 2 kanji's to express their relative first meaning (Kinzoku: 金屬). I would suggest using each of the first characters if you'd want a shortcut of sorts, however this will change their respective meaning. (Kinzoku 金屬 -> Kin (Gold) )

That said, I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it useful in some way.
Side note:
Spoiler: show
I'm no expert in terms of the different ways of reading Kanji, thus by default I've used the Kun reading. Also I've increased the size of the Kanji font to 12 to make it more visible.

As the title says above ;)

Personally (also, iirc) I look forward to wall walking / ceiling walking. Combat upon walks/ceilings and ambushes this way are something I look forward to experience/plan out >:)

Jutsu wise, once genjutsu/fuuinjutsu (sealing, and ofc if it gets implemented) are released I'll most certainly try them out/get tried out on T^T.

Curious to see your "This has already been planned" favorites ^^

Drawings / [Warning: Dank] DankTyrael - a Character made by RaphoZentel
« on: September 23, 2016, 21:34:07 »
A foreword: Rapho was re-doing my character when he was having a bit too much fun making it dank. We went back and forward with making funny, dank remarks and well... This happened.

Name: Dank Tyrael
Age: 420
Gender: Dank
Height: 2spooky4you
Weight: Wow!
Hairstyle: F*ck her right in the pussy
Facial hair: A la snoop dogg
Hair color: Shit
Eye color: Iris
Blood type: THC+
Primary chakra nature: Blaze Release
Hidden Village: Village Hidden in the Weed
Clan: MLG
Good or evil at heart?: Whatever buys the most weed.


This guy has god level nin-jutsu and carries a scroll with him at all times from the MLG clan. This scroll contains seals which, when unsealed, unleashes the dankest memes upon his enemies.

He also has a contract summon signed with Doge. (which literally contained nothing but 'Wow. Such contract. Many summons. Very signed.')

He's relentless against scrubz and has much respect for the pro's, though often challenging them for a 1v1.
When in a pinch, he'll always rely on his amazing speedhacks his skills.

Drinking Mountain Dew as if it was spring water and smoking weed as if it were breakfast, Medical ninja's are astounded he hasn't died yet, since his blood values are so off, they decided to call it 'THC+'.

Some say they saw him lose in battle, but that was most likely Hayame. If anyone saw Dank in battle, they'd get No-Scoped with a Kunai to the face most likely.

Image made by @RaphoZentel <3
Spoiler: show

Dimensions of image are 420x720. Uw0t.
Rapho made me do it, blame him, not me! D:
jk lul <3

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Suggestion - Lore
« on: September 01, 2016, 11:37:16 »
So yeah, title says it all.
I had a thing in my head and wanted to write it down, post it here perhaps.
I know "Lore" isn't something of a high priority considering development, but nevertheless, here it is. Use it however you (all) want. Feedback is appreciated.

(Note: Second bit might be a bit... well lacking in a way. Inspiration left me a bit.)

The Beginning

Spoiler: show
Long ago, there were three nations living in harmony; side by side: The Land of Nature, the Land of Sky and the Land of Earth.
These three nations were aware of one another, but there were no conflicts. They traded and each land prospered in their own way.

The Land of Earth consisted of many rich rock formations and was rich in minerals and metals. The people who lived there thrived of the many riches that resided in the mountains. A vast amount of people were miners, whilst a handful became traders, trading goods to the neighboring lands. The few places that were fertile enough to grow crops were filled with farmers, keeping the land supplied enough should the food supplied through trades fall short.

The Land of Nature was reach in flora and fauna - from trees to berries; from the elegant dragonfly to giant bears - this land was full of life. It's to no surprise that most people that lived here were farmers or hunters.

The Land of Sky was built near the highest of mountains and its people were obsessed with knowledge and new inventions that could set new limits for mankind. These scholars are mostly occupying themselves with reading their scrolls in libraries and experimenting on new types of tools and techniques to better mankind. All of the new tools were founded here; to be sold to the highest bidder.

One day, a meteor struck the ocean, resulting in a massive tear in the country, splitting off one part of the Land of Sky as it slowly drifted off with the tides of the sea.
Hearing the news, the rulers of the Land of the Nature, Sky and Earth, decided to see the damage for themselves and determine the course of action from thereon.

Little did they know...

Later that day, nearing twilight, the rulers and their escorts had arrived - seeing a huge boulder lying within the ocean.
As they discussed on how to act next, the sun set and as the last light had faded, the boulder lit up and transformed, shrinking immensely in size, and then levitating above the ocean - the First Chakra Beast had emerged.
It's appearance was rather shocking - having the head of a bird, a body of a snake, no hind-legs and claws in the front - truly this beast was an oddly peculiar thing to behold.

Thinking this was a gift from the Creator, people immediately started to worship this entity, since it was sent from above and it possessed abilities unlike anything they had seen.

As time passed, it became a tradition throughout the world to embark upon a pilgrimage to honor the Sacred Beast with offerings. Receiving mostly food and sometimes useless trinkets, the Beast grew immensely in a short amount of time.

Three years later, during the Equinox, the Beast started to rampage, causing destruction throughout the Land.
Seeing the power this Beast has, one ruler tried to tame the Beast, but to no avail - and many lives were lost.
The rulers then came to a mutual understanding that they had to combine all of their forces in order to slay the Beast they once worshiped. The Land of Earth mined all the iron they could, forging blades, shurikens and tips for arrows. The Land of Nature produced more food, cut down more forests for arrows and bows. The Land of Sky tried to build some sort of device that allowed their soldiers for prolonged time within the air, so they could ambush the Beast from above.

So it began, that the allied forces of Earth, Nature and Sky charged towards this Sacred Beast with all they had.
Though the beast was nearing exhaustion, it still had enough power to be considered an opponent to be cautious about. Many lives the Beast had taken, as the forces of the Land of Nature and Earth were holding their ground against this Beast.
As they struggled, the forces of the Land of Sky arrived from the air, dropping newly developed bombs upon the Beast.
As it was stunned, all nations' forces charged with all they had and struck the final blow.
Punctured with arrows and spears in all its vital spot, the beast was slain - peace had returned and all the forces cheered.

Shortly after, the corpse of the freshly fallen Beast started to expand to an immense size as strange light entered the body from all around through the pores, then exploding with an scorching bright light.
Those in the direct vicinity were annihilated - not even ashes had remained. Those further away, however, managed to survive...
It took months before those touched by that very same light to realize, that the light had changed them in strange and mysterious ways.
All people that were 'touched' shared the same sensation - a surge of energy from deep within, waiting to be used. Thus those who were touched started to experiment, train and research their new potentials.

They called this power... 'Chakra' - and the things they could do with it - 'Jutsu'.

As their power, knowledge and skills grew, the top tier of this group became the new rulers of the Lands.
Generations passed and with each generation, more off-springs were 'touched' with Chakra.

Shatter the Earth - Rip the Sky - Ravage the Nature: The Villages

Spoiler: show

As the population of the world grew evermore, it was mandatory for ties to weaken and for new powers and civilizations to arise.
So it was that with due time, "the Earth shattered, the Sky ripped open and the Nature was ravaged", each country giving birth to new villages:

The Land of Earth - now housing the Haze Village, the Ash Village and the Volcano Village. Once rich in resources, the fate of the Land now rests upon the Volcano Village as being their only supplier goods that they can trade for goods. The Ash Village is covered by the ashes scattered by the neighboring volcanoes and life is harsh for those born in it. Haze Village is well-known for its hot springs and healing waters.

The Land of Sky - now housing the Thunder Village, the Snow Village and the Shockwave Village. Most scholars have nested in the Thunder Village - nowadays known as the most technological advanced village - whilst most of the demolition scholars have decided to move to Shockwave Village.
As for Snow Village - which resides upon the island that was torn asunder from the rest of the Land of the Sky by the first chakra beast - , they were cut off from the rest of the world but nevertheless their knowledge and skills have helped them survive the many years of seclusion and have never ceased to thrive in their own, somewhat primitive way.

The Land of Nature - now housing the Hills Village, the Forest Village and the Dust Village. Perhaps this land has changed the least, aside from the Dust Village. Due to the time of the Sacred Beast, this part of the land has had its resources pillaged so harshly that flora could not grow here any longer for a long time. That is until people settled here, in desperate need of food and water.
Still, life in the Dust Village is not as pretty as its sibling Villages and somewhat comparable to  Ash and Haze - hence the somewhat allied ties with these villages. Traders from the Ash and Haze Village tend to travel here to exchange goods for food gathered in Forest and Hills. Luckily, what the traders - the most common occupation for the Dust villagers - lack in resources, they make up for in currency.

As time went by, chaos reigned deep within the Volcano Village, as a group of villagers - called the "Guerrilla of Gehenna" - dared to believe to be able to overthrow their current ruler with their leader. As they plotted, their actions grew more severe every time - from assault to inflicting terror, nothing was too severe. In the end, they were defeated, and the entire group was exiled from the village to the far more severe, harsh terrain with far more volcanic activity then in the entire Volcano Village.

But that didn't stop them. They learned how to adapt and thrived and never stopped holding a grudge against the village that wronged them. They built a new village, which is now known as the "Inferno Village".

In the Land of the Sky however, there was not much chaos at the moment - rather a prosperous time. As some craftsmen and traders knew far too well, the Land of Sky held one of the most knowledgeable and wise craftsmen. Some decided their luck and joined the village that held these wise men, others decided to settle near an environment that was rich with resources, in hope that their trades would succeed in some way, selling basic tools and weaponry to those willing to buy them.

The latter of the group later came to be known as the "Metal Village".

And thus our story begins...

Again, let me know what you think of it.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Movement and camera suggestion
« on: June 15, 2016, 13:33:27 »
Was thinking about the movement and camera after playing it for 5 minutes. Things didn't feel natural for me and I'd have the feeling I'd struggle with the controls greatly.

I was thinking about the speed first. How about having 3 modes for movement: one button to switch to walking (ex. /) one button to switch to ninja run (hold shift) and one button to switch to running (press / again or releas shift).

speeds could be 3 km/h , 20 km/h and 60 km/h.

Camera: I was thinking about doing something Blade & Soul - esque, where your character turns along with your camera (+ cursor).

Let me know what you think.

Introduction / Somewhat late introduction
« on: June 15, 2016, 00:35:21 »
So yeah. I won't post everything within the template. Not that I don't trust you guys, I just don't trust the internet.
Name: Jordy
Ethnicity: Netherlands
Nationality: Netherlands
Living in: Somewhere in the Netherlands
Born in: A hospital
Sports: Too busy currently. Used to go to gym, kickboxing and nin-jutsu (no not the naruto kind xD).
Hobbies: Video games, movies, anime, drawing, playing guitar, martial arts.
Goals in life: Not much, but I have a job that involves the development of cybernetic prosthetics/implants one day.
Languages: Dutch/English
Education: Currently studying Medical Sciences & Engineering.

Shinobi Life Online Character / Hayame
« on: June 14, 2016, 14:53:21 »
Original sketch

Many thanks to @RaphoZentel, who was so kind to make a digital version of my character!

Name: Hayame (, means "Falcon Eye")
Title: The Desert Python / The Mirage (Depending on specialization options, respectively)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 1.82 Meters
Weight: 83 Kg
Hairstyle: Ponytail
Facial hair: Scruffy.
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Blood type: A-
Primary chakra nature: Earth
Hidden Village: Hokorigakure (Dust Village)
Rank: Kage
Clan: Born in and leader of Kitsune Branch of Sabaku Kuchikomi || Temporary leader of Tokage Branch of the Sabaku Kuchikomi
Organisation: Rōguhantā Mura Purotekutā
Alignment : Neutral Good
Specialization: Fuuinjutsu(if possible, if not: Genjutsu) || (Barrier)Ninjutsu, Earth Style Nin-Taijutsu (last two are above average in skill, not a specialty)
Special Techniques: Sage Mode, Summoning (needed for Sage Mode)

Sage Mode Techniques
Spoiler: show

Adamantine Sealing Chains
(Shoots out chains from his back with sharp edges (6 max.), that will try to cut or puncture the target, sealing the chakra from the portion of the body in question, rendering it useless)

Adamantine Sealing Chains - Barrier
(creates dome like barrier that shields user from harm and absorbs chakra to user if attached still. Distance may vary with chakra use)

Samsara Calligraphy - Mind/Body/Motion
(Allows user to harm chakra flow by writing ink in the air with respective character (mind = head, causes dizziness, body = torso, causes stun, motion = arms or legs, causes slow)

Sage Art: Divine Seal of the Earth
(Creates a large ravine under the target, with sealing characters on both sides of the crack. When the two sides meet, whatever is in the ravine is sealed away)

Earth Style - New Eden
(bit like Chibaku Tensei but starts with very condensed Earth which expands by adding more boulders and condenses once more thus creating a stronger pull and has it's maximum (Drains an awful lot of chakra))

Sage Style Ultimate - Earth Style: Wrath of Gaya
(Often needs the help of more Earth Style users to pull this off. Summons a titan sized earth golem, with Hayame sitting in its chest, which is freely controlled by the user. Being made entirely out of earth makes its body a huge source of potential Earth jutsu releases.)

Summon: Chibirami (female offspring of Shirami . Taught Hayame Sage Mode, but refused to be his summon. Instead, Shirami allowed Chibirami to be his guide as long as Hayame kept Chibirami safe)

Sage Mode Description:
Hair whitens and grows longer. White kimono, red markings everywhere. Eyes blacken:

Pros/Cons of Sage Mode (Shirami):
Spoiler: show

+ Very large chakra pool
+ Fuuinjutsu and ninjutsu skill increased
+ Use of Samsara Calligraphy style
- Movement becomes hard due to increased chakra pool
- Taijutsu skill decrease drastically
- Metal inflicts burns.

Description of the character's personality: Laid back, caring, righteous, intelligent, cunning, respectful. Tries to avoid combat as much as possible but will go all out if needed. Works well in groups. Smokes cigarettes in order to focus his mind.


Technical Support / Downloaded file will not start for me
« on: June 13, 2016, 16:01:48 »
After many attempts at downloading the x64 file I've decided that I'm going to need help should I ever want to experience this project first hand.

After trying to run the .exe file, the initial boot-up process does show up in my task manager (104 kB) however as soon as it shoots up to ~2000 kB, it crashes and I get this in my detailed error message:

Spoiler: show
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
  Application Name: SLO
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp: 56e20f7e
  Fault Module Name: SLO
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp: 56e20f7e
  Exception Code: c0000005
  Exception Offset: 00000000014f6d0a
  OS Version: 6.1.7601.
  Locale ID: 1043
  Additional Information 1: f7ce
  Additional Information 2: f7ce3d54102bdac7eb8d7087198c99be
  Additional Information 3: f6b5
  Additional Information 4: f6b5bad35117bd9b3ba0364c7a892650

Please advice :c

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