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Shinobi Life Online Clans / Delete
« on: June 09, 2016, 03:39:10 »

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / random suggestions
« on: September 04, 2015, 20:17:11 »
So i made a post earlier about drinking alcohol, i wanted to make another suggestion about smoking in game as well, using the smoke to bite down to make an explosion like how asuma does in naruto but with a twist, instead of the explosion, you will use the smoke as a thick smog and if you know a fire jutsu then it will explode.
If anyone of yall have any other random suggestions write them down here as long as they havent been talked about before.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / pubs/alcohol allowed in game.
« on: August 20, 2015, 01:53:22 »
Alright so it just came to my mind but i think pubs should be made into the game and alcohol should be introduced, if this has came to the teams mind already or been suggested then just ignore this. I would like everyones input on this subject, in the pub they can sell beer and/or sake. While drinking sake in a relaxed environment you will turn red, screen blurry, also words become slurred like they would in real life. If you are drinking sake in a combat environment then you can unlock drunk boxing once you obtain a high enough level for taijutsu.
Looking for others input on this :)

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Legendary Weapon - Flame Claws
« on: August 08, 2015, 23:16:09 »
Legendary Weapon Called Flame Claws

Compatible With: Genjutsu Users

Story: In the hidden inferno there is a rare beast called Ritiki, his body is engulfed in flames and his claws can cut you in half if you do not pay attention, he is a ferocious tiger and around him is piles of bones from people who tried to kill him to obtain the legendary weapon called flame claws. He is only able to be killed if you are a master of genjutsu, it is only then you can confuse him enough to attack. The reason why only genjutsu users can use the flame claws is because they use genjutsu to make people think that flames are coming out of them while they use taijutsu on their opponent.
The flame claws help strengthen your taijutsu and stealth ability.

The Beast Ritiki

Shinobi Life Online Character / Kamiko Himitsu
« on: July 26, 2015, 00:38:56 »
Name: Kamiko Himitsu
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Weight: 136lbs
Height: 5'6
Hairstyle: Short in a pony tail with bangs
Hair color: Black with Red tips
Eye color: Black
Blood type: unknown
Primary chakra nature: Fire
Village: Hidden Ash
Clan: Himitsu
Good or evil at heart?: Good with a Hint of evil

(Image will come eventually)

Description of the character's personality: Kamiko is laid back, but always tries her best to get stronger than the people around her, because she wants to be strong enough to save her comrades as well as keep her clan safe. She is the type to go to a bar and relax with a drink in her hand, sometimes things can be bothersome but she will always make sure to get it done. She likes the company of others but also likes to be a lone wolf. Kamiko will do just about anything for her clan and she hopes to join the anbu and maybe one day become the kage.

Description of the character's history:
Age 7 - joined ninja academy
Age 8 - Graduated ninja academy/Became Genin/ Squad 11 was formed
Age 10 - Became Chunin/ Won the chunin exams
Age 13 - Kamikos mother passed away
Age 14 - Became Jonin
Age 16 - Joined ?
Age 18 - Became ?
Age 20 - Joined Anbu or did she?
Age 21 - Still Alive

          There was once a clan called Hoshi, they were a infamous assassin clan, they did anything for money. At the age of 4 Kamiko had killed her first thug. It was known that the Hoshi Clan were evil at heart but that's not how kamiko saw her family, she saw them as any family member would, a kind and gentle heart who needed to get things done to be able to feed their family and take care of them.
     (At the age of 5 Hoshi clan members get branded on any part of their body, as long as they have killed and contributed to the clan, they are also taught how to "shadow walk"[type of jutsu that allows assassins to kill while in stealth mode, you can stay in the shadows and attack your enemies].)
          At the age of 5 Kamiko was ready to be branded and walk the path of her ancestors, she would go through 4 trials, the first was to be abandoned in the wilderness and fend for oneself, you had to stay alone for 6 months. The second was to come up with an original jutsu of a C or higher rank class, even if it wasn't perfected yet. Third trial was to find an ancient artifact of the hoshi clan. The last and final trial was to kill 100 shinobi with just your bare hands. After she was done with her trials and tribulations, she would find her way back to her home which was outside of the hidden ash village.
         Her clan was waiting for her in the middle of their small village, the ceremony would now take place, her father and mother waited by the fire where their family crest was heating up, (kamiko was nervous but very excited to receive their clan symbol which was a star) finally after words were said, she was now branded with their family crest which would be on her body forever( the smell of flesh being burned, she laughed in joy with a huge smile on her face and 1 tear rolling down her eye) she is now one of the Assassins of the Hoshi Clan.
        Only with a year gone by, kamiko was well on her way to being one of the best children assassins yet, she had killed over 2,000 shinobi and thugs alike. She wanted more in life, not to be just an assassin but to be a shinobi assassin, she sought out council, coming across the leader of the hoshi clan(which was her father).
*Walks up to her father, who is outside of their home*
Kamiko: Father, why are we only doing minimal work, when we could be doing something far greater?
Kamikos Dad: Well you see young one, we are doing great and amazing things without the use of becoming a shinobi, it is bothersome to take classes and exams, when we are already far superior then those who learn in classes, we teach ourselves and grow every day that we wake up and walk out our doors.
Kamiko: but? if we were to become shinobi, we would never have to worry about the anbu or the kage. YOU could even be the kage of hidden ash!
Kamikos Dad: Do not speak such words to me, especially when they are useless to our clan and one day YOU will be the clan leader of hoshi and marry a wonderful man. THIS IS THE END OF THIS DISCUSSION! (He exclaimed!)
Kamiko: Very well father, thank you for your council and I shall make you proud of me.
*walks away from the village*
       The sun was beginning to set and kamiko felt uneasy, she didn't know why she felt this way but it was a sick feeling. She rushed up to her parents to tell them about how she felt, but they thought it was nothing but nonsense and told her that nothing was going to happen to the clan, nobody would dare challenge the hoshi clan. Her mother and about 24 other assassins left the village that night to go deal with their missions. Kamiko woke up to some rustling of the bushes and swoosh sound from the trees as if bodies were flying through them, she ran to her parents rooms to wake her father and she rushed to wake her other clansmen/women. She finally smelt the burning of wood and across from her was the dojo she would train in everyday. The village was under attack by some unknown clan, they were outnumbered and her family were dying left and right.
      She heard her father yell to her "Kamiko run and never look back!", but that was not in their nature. Kamiko saw a shadow of a man with a smirk saying "oh little girl you must not know me, but I am what goes bump in the night and I end those who think they are unbeatable", Kamiko being pissed off, went running towards him and next thing she saw was her fathers throat being sliced open and kamiko stopped in her tracks with a shocked look on her face. Kamikos mom runs into the village and picks her up and runs off, her other clan members stay behind fighting and that was the last she saw of them, while kamiko was being carried off, she watched her clan be annihilated and her village burned to the ground.
One Year Later
       Kamiko now the age of 7, has joined the academy to become the shinobi of hidden ash, while her mother works at a shop. After putting in little effort and waiting 1 year to graduate from the academy, she becomes a genin shinobi and is now in a squad with her sensei and 2 other students.
(Squad 11 forms: Temura-Sensei, Riku, me, and Xeno)
        While we traveled with each other to foreign lands, we grew a bond but I knew when the time came, I would have to break those bonds and continue on my journey to become the strongest there was and to revive my clan. As time passed kamiko was now 10 years of age and was ready to take the chunin exam, she told riku and xeno "no matter what happens we will do just fine and I know we will become chunins, just follow my lead". Now coming to the end of the exam they had to face each other in combat, the kage told them "It could just be one or many that become chunins, so do your best and show me what you got". (out of the 3, riku was the strongest but kamiko knew what rikus weakness was and would out smart him) The battle had finally come down to just riku and kamiko, the battle began and kamiko dropped to her knees and cried her eyes out, with riku feeling sorry for her and walking up to her, she knew that she got him. Kamiko had a clone run up right behind him and chopped him right in the neck with her hand, he fell to the ground knocked unconscious. Kamiko had won, you could hear her mother cheering for her in the background like any parent would.
Three Years Have Passed
       Kamikos mother had grown ill and not knowing what was happening to her, kamiko was ready to become a jonin but she could not take the trial without the fear of losing her mother, so she put off the exam and told xeno and riku that they could do it and that she will become a jonin next year when it presents itself to her. After going to the doctors, they told kamiko that her mother would not have long to live and it was already a matter of time, not too much longer after that kamikos mother passed away in her sleep.
       Next year came and kamiko was handling things pretty well, being the only survivor of hoshi. She took the jonin exam and became the youngest jonin at just the age of 14. She left the hidden ash village in search for an organization called ?, She heard through many shinobis that it consisted of a very strong clan called Himitsu and various other people, also heard that they were strong and that if she was strong enough she could make it as one of the blank leaders, so she went in search of ? and it would be a long search before she would find anyone from that org.
      Time went by fast, I was just barely 16 when I joined as just a member of ? and now I am 18 years old and I am the ?, time seemed to go by quickly the older I got and as I got older and matured, I realized that maybe it is for the best that I do not relive my younger days, but I will teach my techniques to my children who will then teach their children and my clans blood will always run through their veins but they will have a better life and they will never have the same fate.
A Few Years Go By
[Will fill in later]
Before ?
      After Kamikos mom passed away, Kamiko went through a spiral of events and remembered from the time she was in the village with her parents, her mother told her that there was a scroll with information on it about her background. As she got older she went on a journey to search for it, which brought her back to her old village, after diggin and searching for countless hours or so it had seemed, she finally found a chest that she had been searching for, breaking the lock on the chest, she opens the chest and then takes a deep breath and opens the scroll, only to find out her mother was part of the Himitsu clan.
    Kamiko still had a family who was apart of her bloodline, in the scroll her mother puts to search for the clan and to talk to the founder of the clan, whos name is Onimaro, he is my mothers first cousin and that he should welcome me with open arms. So I am sent on this journey to find Onimaro, finally after days, weeks, and months have past, I finally found him and the clan. As mother said he took me in and I changed my last name to Himitsu and I was apart of a clan once more.
After ?
       Finally, Kamiko wanted more power and to be tested, she thought to herself, why not take the anbu exams, you needed the intelligence, talent, and skill to become apart of Anbu, because that meant being the Kages bodyguard as well as the villages, now she knew that she had been very relaxed and it was time to step out of the shadows and start training again, Kamiko trained hard and was finally ready to be tested.
        Walking into the testing area, she felt uneasy and nervous but was ready for anything that they threw at her, she knew that she had to stay on guard the whole time, because this was not like any other test, you had to have skill in order to become apart of anbu and you had to have the guts and courage to continue with anything and everything. Finally pushing through and beating the tests that were before her, she comes down to her final test, sweating, bloody, and exhausted. She has to face a rogue ninja, now everything is tense, she doubts if she can overcome this final challenge, but she snaps out of it and gets ready to give it her all.
      Kunais being thrown, jutsus being casted, its turning out to be one hell of a fight between the rogue and Kamiko. She turns around and calms herself down and performs the hoshi clans signature move Shadow Walk, she dips into the shadows, the rogue looking confused and it seems she had vanished from sight, out of nowhere she cuts his thigh with her sword and vanishes again, then slices his cheek and back. This time the rogue is mad and wets the ground with his water jutsu and then tries to use his lighting jutsu, Kamiko uses her fire jutsu and turns the water into steam before he could use his other jutsu, then before the steam could disappear you see blood splatter everywhere....(nobody knows if Kamiko passed her final test and became anbu, but do you recall her going into the forest to develope a jutsu of C rank or higher? Maybe she used that as her secret jutsu that nobody has ever seen and nobody would see)
The reason behind Kamikos mask and Tattoo
She has a scar on her bottom cheek and even though she was branded with the hoshi clan crest, that will stay with her forever.
only because I am done typing and coming up with things.

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