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Anime / FMAB
« on: January 26, 2016, 20:26:50 »
I don't know if there is already a thread about this anime, but I just sat and watched all 64 episodes in like 3 days and quite frankly new #1. Best anime ever created. Anyone else seen it?

General Discussion / Happy New Year's Eve!!
« on: December 31, 2015, 16:37:57 »
I just wanted to wish everyone here a happy and safe NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Naruto Anime / Funniest Character in Naruto
« on: December 13, 2015, 00:25:36 »
If you couldn't tell from my Prof pic, I think Shikamaru is the funniest character in the anime. His lazy personality and the fact that he couldn't give two shits about life make me laugh. Who do you think is the funniest character?

General Discussion / Summoning
« on: December 13, 2015, 00:22:43 »
If you could summon any animal, what would you summon?  ??? I would probably want to be able to summon salamanders, to hopefully help along with water style. Also who wouldn't want to jump and sit on a giant salamander and skim through the water and stuff?

Naruto Anime / Favorite OSTs From The Anime
« on: December 03, 2015, 21:40:20 »
OSTs are like the background music and such. Here are my top 5  8)

1) This is the Guts to never give up. This is my favorite because this is from when
Spoiler: show
Jiraya dies and he is thinking back to his life. Really amazing and almost brought me to tears

2) Konoha Peace

3) Departure to the front lines

4) Raising Fighting Spirit. A classic.

5) Naruto Main Theme OST 1

No clue how to imbed the videos so if you want to hear them just click on the links lol

Games / Secret Assassin: Round 3
« on: March 23, 2015, 06:22:44 »
Ok guys I decided I was going to try to bring this game back to life since Ive always found this one of my favorite games. This one will have 8 people so there will be 2 assassins so first 8 who sign up get to play, and get the forum up and ALIVE

Players: Shivraj, Kai, Mars, thebossrocks123, biometallurgy, Konohoro, joca94, jcryer

Naruto Fanworks / Uchicha Massacre
« on: March 23, 2015, 06:16:50 »
Heres a story I came up with while bored the other day and decided to write. The Uchicha Massacre kinda always made me wonder what it was like for all of the people in the clan on that night. Its kinda dark, but I really wrote it for the suspense. Let me know what you guys think.

It was the night of the Uchiha Massacre, as some come to call it the night that was burned into Konohagakure forever. Young Hizune had been up late that night, playing shoji with his father and drinking tea with his mother. Eventually, too sleepy to carry on, his father had taken him upstairs for bed. He put his son into his favorite pajamas and laid him in his bed next to his stuffed animal he had from the day he was born.

“Good night son.” Said his father as he tucked him into bed. Being too sleepy to reply, Hizune fell asleep not knowing that those last words would be the last words his father would ever say to him. He dreamt peacefully through most of the night, dreaming of his friend and the days that would never come of his academy graduation, chunin exams, and life beyond, until a sudden crash from downstairs awoke him from his peaceful slumber. He awoke with a stir, wondering what that crash was that came from downstairs.

“Dad? Mom?” he said, unaware that there would never be an answer. He slowly got from his bed, reaching out to his door to peer downstairs. He slowly inched the door open, peering around the corner. From downstairs he could still see the candles burning from the night that he and his parents had been having. He could hear the shuffle of a person downstairs, as if someone was dragging something heavy. Thinking that it was his parents carrying the floor mats back to the wall to clean up, he started to turn around and close the door again when the faintest hint of red peered in the corner of his vision. He focused his vision on that faint hint of red to see that it was slowly spreading, ever so slightly, across the floor. As his mind slowly processed, he realized from the many scrapes and bruises that his father had come back with from missions that it was actually blood. Scared for his life, he slammed the door shut and ran back into his room. His mind was racing, not knowing what to do now that he knew something terrible had happened to his parents. He thought of going back to sleep, hoping this was some sort of terrible nightmare that staying up too late had brought to him, so turning around he slowly slid under the covers and laid down. There was utter silence in his house, not a sound to be heard.

“This must be some sort of dream.” Hizune thought as he slowly drifted back into a light sleep. His conscience was slowly fading until the faintest sound could be heard throughout the house. It was the sound of footsteps lightly coming up the stairs. He tried to listen to the footsteps, seeing if they were the ones that came from his mom or dad when they came to check on him at night when he had friends over. He listened to the gentle thump as each foot made contact with the wood underneath, until he came to a realization. Those were not the footsteps that either of his parents made. He started to panic, realizing there was not much time left for him to hide. He quickly put his pillow under the blanket in his bed hoping that the intruder would just open the door to see a slight lump in his bed thinking he was still asleep. He gently tiptoed towards the closet holding all of his clothes, and crouched inside, gently sliding the door closed. He was shaking, hoping to god that the intruder would let him be. Inside the closet there was no light, just pitch-black darkness. He sat there cowering for what felt like hours, listening for even the slightest sound of someone in his room. He could hear the stillness of the night, with not a sound throughout the Uchicha compound. There was no sound of the cats knocking over trashcans, or the sounds of the drunks finally making their way back to their houses after a long night at the bar. Just silence. He could now only hear the sound of his own body shaking and his heart thumping against his chest, as if it was trying to break out. After what felt like an eternity, Hizune finally was about to stand up and see what was going on when he heard the sound he had been dreading. It was the sound of his door handle turning ever so slightly. He slowly slid farther into his closet, hoping that the sound of the door handle would mask his body movement. Finally he heard the door open. Hizune was no longer holding on to the hope that it was his parents. He knew this person was here for him as well. He heard someone murmur to themselves, and then the click of the door closing again. Hizune was relieved, thinking that the person had left his room. He slowly stood up, reaching for the door to his closet to open it up when he felt a slight breeze settle on his back, the breeze of a shinobi using the shushin. He was paralyzed with fear as he heard the cool, slight screech of someone grabbing a kunai out of their pocket from behind him. He could not move, could not yell, could not even think. All he knew was that this was the end. Then he heard a splatter on the ground. He stood in shock, waiting to feel the pain of the kunai inside of him, but he realized it was not the splatter of blood, or the splatter of his tears for he could not form any. It was the splatter of a single teardrop coming from the person behind him. That’s when heard the last words he would ever hear in the blackness of his closet.

“I’m sorry Hizune.” Those words hit him like a racing truck as he opened his mouth to yell. His last vision on earth was the glint of metal as it raced towards him, then nothingness.

Anime / Favorite Anime Op/Endings
« on: March 03, 2015, 01:16:22 »
What are your favorite anime Op/Endings. Im curious to know. Here are some of mine

Thats just some of them.

Anime / If you could use any power from an anime, which one?
« on: February 09, 2015, 19:03:19 »
If you could use any power from an anime, which one would you choose?

I would personally want to be able to use shadow clones or be able to use instant transmission like Goku.

Games / Song Titles Game
« on: February 08, 2015, 02:55:37 »
Ok so this is a game where you take one song title and use one or more words to make a new song title.

For example, I put "Walk Like a Man" by the Four Seasons.
The next person would do "Walk On" by Aerosmith.
The word that relates is "Walk", so the next person would have to name a song with either the word "Walk" or "On" in it.

Ill start it up. "Rock and Roll Band" by Boston.

Hope you guys enjoy the game and hopefully understand how to play XD.

General Discussion / Age of Aincrad Minecraft Server
« on: February 05, 2015, 03:26:15 »
Hey guys recently Mars and I have started to play the Age of Aincrad Minecraft Server from the game Age of Aincrad that is in development that he has showed me, and it's pretty fun. If anyone likes Minecraft and wants to check it out heres the link and IP address. Enjoy  :).

Direct IP:

General Discussion / Books
« on: February 02, 2015, 05:05:14 »
Just posting this to see if anyone has good book recommendations. Just post any book that you've read int the past that you liked or want to read. Ill give some of mine

1)Killing Angels- a book about the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War
2)The Maze Runner- really interesting series about survival as a group
3)Pathfinder- a pretty good sic-fi book about humans going to populate another planet
4)Percy Jackson and the Olympians- just great overall series
5)The Bourne Ultimatum and others- a really good spy book about a spy who is hunted by his agency

These are some good reads, and go ahead and post some of yours!

Naruto Fanworks / A Love Fanfic
« on: January 05, 2015, 05:06:07 »
I already posted this on my application, but in case anyone wants to read a love fanfic between Naruto and Ino I'm going to put it up. Im going to keep updating if anyone wants to read it. Hope you enjoy. This starts when Naruto is returning from a journey with Jiraya.

Chapter 1- The Return

“Ahh man I can’t wait to see how everything’s changed and how different all of my friends are!”

That is how Naruto Uzumaki was feeling as he saw the gates of Konoha a couple of miles ahead. Naruto had been away training with Jiraya for four years after the attack on Konoha by Orochimaru and Sasuke had been taken from him. He had spent all of his time training with all of his might so that he could become strong enough to bring Sasuke back home. They walked up to the gates until a chunin suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Who are you too and what are you here for?” the chunin suddenly asks Naruto and Jiraya.

“Come on Kotetsu! Don’t act like you don’t recognize a friend of yours!” complained Naruto.

“Blonde spikey hair. An annoying attitude. It’s got to be you, Naruto Uzumaki. How have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages!”

“Me and Pervy Sage just got back from our trip. Now if you don’t mind I’ve got to tell Baa-chan that I’m back. Good to see you!.” Naruto says as he sprints off towards the hokage tower.

“Hasn’t changed a bit.” Kotetsu says to Jiraya.

“It may not look it from his personality but he has changed to become a strong shinobi.”

“How strong is he?” questions Kotetsu.

“He is probably around a high Jōnin.”

“Really?” asks Kotetsu with a look of shock on his face.

“Well he has been training with the best sanin in all of Konoha!” Jiraya says with a smirk on his face.


Naruto looks up at the tower with a look of pure evil on his face.

“Man she is really going to kill me for this.” Naruto thinks as he climbs up the side of the tower. He runs up to the window, and slowly opens it up seeing Tsunade doing paperwork with a cup of sake next to her. She reaches over and downs the entire glass, setting it down with a slam.

“Shizune! Bring me another bottle of sake!”

“Right away Lady Tsunade.”

Naruto slowly climbs to the floor and tip toes over to her chair. He slowly moves his hands up, and covers Tsunade’s eyes with his hands.

“Baa-chan!” Naruto yells as Tsunade reacts quickly, grabbing Naruto and flinging him over her desk and into her door, breaking down the door. Naruto looks up to find Tsunade with a kunai in her hand and a look of fury on her face.

“Baa-chan don’t kill me!” Naruto squeals as he scurries into the corner, not wanting to get pummeled by the seriously pissed off lady standing in front of him.

“Baa-chan? Nobody calls me that except for- Naruto!” She squeals as she runs over and picks up the poor boy and hugs him. “Naruto, when did you get back?” she asks as she lets him down.

“Pervy Sage and I just got back from our trip.” He replies with a relived look on his face. “Damn Baa-chan, I thought you were going to kill me.”

“I would have if you hadn’t told me who you were.” She replies with a smile on her face.

“So now that you are back, do you want to be re-enlisted as a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf?” Tsunade asks with a questioning look.

“Well of course I do!” Naruto replies with a shocked look on his face. “Why wouldn’t I”

“I’m just messing with you.” She replies. “Now the only problem is that I need to see what level you are at right now. Be at training ground 4 at 9:00 AM sharp tomorrow morning, and don’t be late.”

“Alright. What am I going to do? Fight someone?”

“You’ll see tomorrow. Get some rest.”

See you later Baa-chan!” Naruto yells as he jumps out the window and races down the street.

“You can come out now Jiraya.” Tsunade says as she looks over to the other window.

“Man your sensory skills are good as ever Tsunade.” Jiraya says as he hops through the window and into the office.

“How much has Naruto improved since he has left?”

“We has completely mastered the Rasengan, and we found out that his first elemental ninjutsu is Wind Style and his second is Earth Style. He has mastered close to 20 jutsu of each. I have also taught him Sage Jutsu, and he has signed a contract with the toads on Mount Myōboku.”

“Is he Jōnin material?”

“I think he is high Jōnin material. He can keep up with me in a serious fight.”

“I’m impressed.” She says with an approving look on her face. “I have to find someone good for him to fight against then.” She says with a concentrated look. “I have the perfect person.”

“Who will it be?”

“You will find out tomorrow.”


Naruto had been rushing back to his apartment to unpack when suddenly he crashes head first into someone.

“Hey watch it!” that person yells smacking Naruto in the head.

“Ouch! Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” Naruto says as he slowly looks up, rubbing his already swelling head. He looks up to find blue eyes and blonde hair staring at him.

“Dang she’s gorgeous.” He thinks as a blush spreads across his face. Suddnely, a realization hits him. He knows who this person is. His friend from the Rookie 9.

“Ino!” he screams suddenly.

“Naruto? Is that you? Oh my god it’s been so long! How have you been?”

“I’m great. I just got back from my trip with Pervy Sage. How about we go get some ramen and catch up?” he questions.

“Sure I’d love that.” She replies with a slight blush appearing on her face. He had gotten tall and muscular, causing her to blush at his change. They walk for a couple of minutes, talking about how much Konoha had changed and his friends. When they finally reach Ichiraku Ramen, Naruto plops down on a stool and yells to the cook.

“Seven bowls of Pork Miso Ramen please!” he yells while licking his lips. “Man its been so long since I’ve had quality ramen.” He thinks as he imagines the bowls of steaming ramen he is going to be eating.

“Man the last person who could eat that much was Naruto Uzumaki.” Ichiraku says as he turns around to face the customer. “Speaking of the devil!” yells with a smile on his face.

“Hey there old man!” Naruto replies. “Where’s Ayame-chan?”

“She’s on a date right now. She should be back any minute.”

“Who’s the lucky man?” Naruto asks while thinking of all of the possibilities.

“Its Choji.” Ino pipes in while sliding next to Naruto.

“Really?” Naruto asks. “How did that happen?”

“Choji came in here a lot after you left because he craved ramen. Eventually, he and Ayame got to know each other. He asked her on a date, and now they go out.” She clarifies.

“That’s awesome! Now old man about my ramen?” Naruto asks while his stomach rumbling.

“On it.”

“So Ino. How have our teammates been? Are all of them chunin yet?”

“All of us are chunin, but Shikimaru, Shino, and I are all Jōnin now.” She says with a gleam of pride in her eyes.

“Congrats Ino!” he says, hugging her. “I’m so proud of you.”

“T-hh-a-nks.” Ino stammers with a blush spreading across her face from the sudden contact. They talk for the next hour and a half, until Naruto finally says, “Sorry Ino, I have to go. I have to go unpack my stuff.”

He turns around and hands Ichiraku a couple of bills and runs off.

“Bye Ino! Bye Ichiraku!”

As he runs off, all Ino thinks about is how much he’s changed.
“He’s no longer this annoying little kid.” She thinks as she slowly walks back towards her apartment.


Naruto runs up to his apartment and opens the door, finding a clean apartment, just like he had left it. He unpacks his things, and looks out the window.

“Dang, its already dark.” He thinks as he takes off his clothes, puts on his nightcap, and hops into bed. “I gotta be ready for the test tomorrow.” He thinks as he slowly drifts to sleep.

The next morning he wakes up and sits on the edge of his bed, rubbing his eyes. He looks over to the clock and looks at the time. 8:56 AM. He sits there for a second until it hits him.

“Shit! I’m going to be late for my first day back!” he yells as he hurriedly throws on some clothes and rushes out the door. He no longer wears an orange jumpsuit. Now he wears a long green shirt with the Uzumaki logo on the shoulder, blue ninja pants, and a Konoha headband with long black straps. He also uses a katana in battle. He rushes towards training ground four with all of his speed, looking at his watch every once in a while.

“9:01!” he thinks as he looks at his watch. He looks up to see the training ground up ahead. He rushes into the middle of the training ground to find nobody there.

“Maybe I have to fight Kakashi or something? He’s always late.” Thinks Naruto as suddenly shuriken and kunai are thrown from a nearby tree. He pulls out his katana and deflects them, jumping back a couple feet at the same time to put some distance between himself and his opponent.

“Nice reflexes.” The person says as they step out of the shadow of the tree and reveal themselves.

“Ino?” he questions, looking at the blonde in front of him. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m your opponent for today.” She replies. “How you do determines how you are placed as a Konoha shinobi.

“All right!” Naruto screams as he creates a hand sign. “Shadow clone jutsu!” Four Narutos appear, running towards Ino. She uses taijutsu, kicking one in the face, punching one in the face, and smashing two into each other, destroying all four.

“Not bad.” Naruto thinks as he creates more hand signs. “Now I have to go serious. Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb!” A dragon made of mud appears out of the ground, shooting balls of mud at Ino at a high velocity. They hit Ino, only for Ino to poof into a cloud of smoke.

“Damn, it was only a shadow clone!” thinks Naruto as he turns around trying to find the real Ino.

“Water Style: Raging Waves!” Naruto hears this from his left, only to see Ino riding on top of a crashing wave towards him.

“Earth Style: Mud Wall!” Naruto screams, creating a wall of earth to block the incoming wave. The wave hits the wall, forming crack. Naruto uses this time to jump towards Ino with his katana raised. He comes towards her and swipes vertically, only for it to be parried by a kunai. They both land on the ground, rolling to a stop and jump back on their feet. Naruto looks up to see Ino rushing towards him. Aiming a punch to his face, she thrusts her fist at him only to be blocked by his elbow. He swings his leg out and kicks her leg out from under her, using the momentum to throw his elbow slamming her into the ground. She hits with a crunch, causing the ground to crack. He attempts a heel kick to the already down Ino, who moves out of the way just in time and gets back on to her feet.

“Water Style: Water Fang Bullet!” she yells as she fires bullets of water at Naruto. With now way to block, he puts his arms over his chest and takes the bullets. They hit him, crashing him to the ground and into a nearby tree.

“Damn that really packs a punch.” He groans getting up slowly. “I can’t let that hit me again.” He then rushes back towards Ino with his katana out and creates two shadow clones. He forms a Rasengan in his hand, and uses the other two to create an Earth Wall, shooting him into the air.

“Rasengan!” He yells as he crashes down, destroying the land where Ino had just been standing. “Damn I missed.” He thinks as he turns around to see Ino create a Water Dragon. It rushes at him, slamming down at his body. He creates a shadow clone, using the clone to fling him out of the way of the incoming water dragon. It crashes into the clone, making it disappear.

“I can’t let this go on any longer.” He says as he pulls two shuriken out of his pouch. He applies wind chakra to them and throws them at Ino. With the wind chakra applied, they have a farther range of impact, so when Ino dodges them, they still cut her in the arms. Using that as a distraction, he screams “Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu. Using the mist as cover, he creates a shadow clone and slips into the mist. The shadow clone then rushes at the unsuspecting Ino using Earth Syle: Stone Fist Jutsu. Ino manages to dodge it, and smashes the clone to pieces using a chakra enhanced fist.

“Shit it was only a clone!” Ino thinks and is about to turn around when the feels an arm wrap around her and a kunai pressed against her neck.

“I win this one.” Says a gleaming Naruto. As the mist clears, Naruto is seen holding onto Ino with a kunai at her neck. Suddenly claps are heard as Tsunade and Jiraya step out of the woods.

“I have to say that was a magnificent fight you to.” Says a gleaming Tsunade as she looks at the boy she considers her grandson. “From today on you will be of Jōnin rank. Congratulations.”

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Rōguhantā
« on: January 05, 2015, 02:39:30 »

“Swift, Silent, Deadly”


Rōguhantā is located in all of the villages protecting against Rogue Shinobi, and aiding the Kage if needed.



We are an organization of protectors. We are out to rid the world of the evil that plagues it, by killing them. We hunt down Rogue ninja and turn them in, dead or alive, and get the money they are worth in the bingo book. We focus on hunting down on any powerful Rogue ninja, to prevent them causing any further havoc. We also hunt any kekkei genkai from any rogue users, in order to strengthen our organization and further our cause.

• Hunt Rogue Shinobi.
• Collect Kekkei Genkai and Legendary Weapons.
• Protect the villages that we are based in.

Unique features

• Everybody is allowed to have their own clothing, but it must have the Organization symbol on there.
• We are striving to be the largest Rogue hunting Organization that will bring peace and stability in Shinobi Life Online.


Rōguhantā's Headquarters is located in the Hidden Thunder Village.

Members (95)

Uchiha Slade
Jay Double U
Seiko Uchiha
Jimmy neutr
Thunder Dragon

Ranks & Purposes

Soshiki Rīdā

The job of the leader is to watch over every branch of Rōguhantā, and make sure everything is in order and running smoothly. If he dies, all of the Mura Purotekutā vote for the next leader. He/she travels around with 2 others, who make a team with him, protecting him as well.

Mura Purotekutā

These are the 11 leaders of the Organization who vote on everything related to the organization and lead the organization. There is one of these in every village, who runs the Rōguhantā branch in that village.


These are the 33 members of the organization that follow the direct orders of the Mura Purotekutā. They work in groups of 3, each Mura Purotekutā having their own group. They work as a team, eliminating the rogue ninja together. They, along with the Mura Purotekutā, eliminate rogue shinobi in the land that they work to turn them in for income.

Rōguhantā Member

The Rōguhantā Member is a regular member that helps every branch in every village.
They can get promoted when one member holding a certain spot is inactive for a long period of time.
Unless he/she has a valid reason for being inactive.

The Village Squads

The Village Hidden by Hills (short: Hidden Hill)
Mura Purotekutā: Mars



The Village Hidden by Thunder (short: Hidden Thunder)
Mura Purotekutā: shawn_stylizzz


(Jimmy neutr)

The Village Hidden by Forest (short: Hidden Forest)
Mura Purotekutā: Cedie



The Village Hidden by Volcano (short: Hidden Volcano)
Mura Purotekutā: TemiHyung


(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Village Hidden by Haze (short: Hidden Haze)
Mura Purotekutā: Shadowybeats


(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

The Village Hidden by Snow (short: Hidden Snow)
Mura Purotekutā: Husky



The Village Hidden by Ash (short: Hidden Ash)
Mura Purotekutā: Shirihata


(Open Spot)

The Village Hidden by Inferno (short: Hidden Inferno)
Mura Purotekutā: Zama


(Thunder Dragon)

The Village Hidden by Metal (short: Hidden Metal)
Mura Purotekutā: RyanFlashfire


(Open Spot)

The Village Hidden by Dust (short: Hidden Dust)
Mura Purotekutā: DarthTyrael



The Village Hidden by Shock Waves (short: Hidden Shock Wave)
Mura Purotekutā: Limits



Rōguhantā Regular Members

Uchiha Slade
Seiko Uchiha
Jay Double U



Godai Temple




•   Never betray the organization- It is punishable by death.
•   Never tell secrets about the organization- It is punishable by death.
•   If a team member is lost in battle, the rest of the Pīsukīpā select the next member.
•   Never kill another member of the organization- It is Punishable by death.
•   Always help your teammate!

If you'd wish to join Rōguhantā then use this application format

Nickname (if you have one):
What you are applying for:
If you are applying for Mura Purotekutā which village you want to be based out of:
If you are applying for Pīsukīpā who you want to be under:
Why you think that suits you:
Your first chakra nature:
Village you will start from:
Specialization(Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.):[/b]

(If you don't know any of this information, just put N/A.)

Spoiler: show
All shinobi who apply before the game automatically have a spot in the Organization. Afterwards, there will be an application and a testing to see if they are qualified for the spot.

For in your profile: [b][url=][color=#007fff][glow=black,2,300]Roguhanta[/glow][/url][/b][img][/img]

Naruto Fanworks / A New Fanfic- Need Reviews
« on: January 02, 2015, 02:21:40 »
Hey guys. Due to the recent number of fan fictions about their SLO characters I decided to make one about my character, Hachemon Naro. I need reviews, since I kinda want to get better at it. Enjoy, and make sure the comments aren't too harsh  :P Also if i keep updating will anyone actually read it? XD

Chapter 1- The Watcher

Hachemon Naro was just a normal Jonin in the Hidden Thunder Village. He was on a special guarding mission for the Daimyo of the Land of Thunder when his team of four Jonin was ambushed by a group of highly trained rogue ninja of the Hidden Snow who were trying to assassinate the Daimyo. It was just his luck that today, he had gotten split up from his team.

“Shit,” Hachemon thought as he was running through the woods. Two Hidden Snow rogue shinobi were chasing after him throwing kunai and shuriken at his back. Hachemon had been lucky so far and had only gotten slight scrapes as they screamed past his body.

“Just my luck that of all of the people to be split up from the group its me!” He cried in anger. "These guys are easily Jonin!" Suddenly, a kunai struck him in the shoulder blade and caused him to fall to the ground in agony.

“This is really getting annoying,” he thought as he turned around to finally face his opponents..

“Water style: Raging Waves!” Waves of water crashed through the trees, knocking them down. Hachemon landed on a nearby tree to see if his jutsu had hit the rogue ninja, but to find the area empty of them.

“Where did they go?” Hachemon ponders only to hear “Wind Release: Divine Wind and Fire Release: Running Fire from behind him.

“Shit!” Hachemon screams as tornados of fire rage at him.

“Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu!” His vortex of water crashes against the combination of fire and wind ninjutsu and creates a ginormous cloud of steam.

“Now’s my opportunity,” Hachemon thinks as he creates a shadow clone and jumps into a nearby tree. The cloud of steam opens up to reveal the two ninja with their katana out rushing toward the clone. The battle rages on, with the clone barely holding on against the two ninja by using his chakra enhanced blades.

“Now I have to think of a plan.” Hachemon thinks as he watches the battle ensue. He watches the movements of the ninja and looks for openings in their stances, and finally figures out their weaknesses. It happened at a perfect time, for just when he figured it out his clone was stabbed through the chest by one of the enemy ninja.

“Shit, we were just fighting a clone!” yells one of the ninja as they search for Hachemon. They don’t have to look long, for Hachemon then jumps down from his hiding spot.

“Before I kill you two, I want to know your names.” He exclaims as a murderous intent flares off of the two ninja.

“There’s no way that you’re going to kill the Hingo brothers of the Snow!” they exclaim.

“Ohh, you guys are the Hingo brothers. I thought they would be tougher.” This angers the brothers, as both of them charge with their katana. Hachemon brings out his chakra enhanced blades, and parries both swipes to the side.

“It shouldn’t be long until the opening happens.” Hachemon thinks as he continues to parry their attacks.

“There!” He mentally screams as he finds the opening. He ducks to the ground as the Hingo brothers swipe simultaneously their katana to the ground. Without Hachemon to parry their blows, their momentum brings their swords down, causing them to stick into the ground. He then uses that moment to swipe his blades up, stabbing the brothers simultaneously in the chest.

“How did you do that?” One of them exclaims with pain contorted on his face.
“When you were fighting my shadow clone, I watched you every moment and realized that you had a weakness. When you two simultaneously swipe to the ground with you katana, it leaves your chests wide open.”

“Curse you!” They both exclaim as they both pull out paper bombs. “If were going to die, your going to die with us!” They both exclaim as they use their hands to create the “Snake” hand sign.

“Damn!” Hachemon exclaims as he creates a shadow clone and throws himself out of the blast radius, killing the clone instead of the real self.

“I knew I should have stayed in bed.” He says as he starts to walk back to where his team should be, but fails to notice someone in the trees watching his every move with a gleam of amusement in his eyes.

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