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General Discussion / Re: The Long Awaited Update Has Arrived!
« on: August 15, 2020, 21:16:38 »
atleast i got jebaited today

Naruto Anime / Re: Character you despise the most
« on: June 18, 2016, 17:31:01 »
black zetsu, much like sakura and ino he never really did anything and just mumbled a lot of bull crap

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: village completely destroyed
« on: April 07, 2016, 11:50:37 »
Having control over a village by ruling it with a puppet government is as far as you'll be able to go.
[/quote] I like the puppet government idea, you could have the villagers turn on the kage and players who dont support you kind of like propaganda in politics. As for the resurrect in hospital, wasnt this supposed to be a survival game?

General Discussion / Re: america toste 2torial
« on: April 07, 2016, 11:43:21 »
you don't have to quote the whole thing.... (I removed the quote from his message so it doesn't require massive amounts of scrolling again to read this.)
[/quote] I will try to remember that in the future, TIMETRAVEL ENGAGE

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Re: Smilers
« on: March 31, 2016, 11:25:23 »
I like the idea, makes people team up or work more to perfect their skills before running rampant around. Everyone will be trolling eventually and would make it cool if you could make your own custom designs for your organisations so people will run in fear when they see you.

If it would be hard to learn the different trees together, maybe letting you combine the transformations like a "sage mode" chakra based and "8 gates" taijutsu based so it will turn to some god like mode

General Discussion / Re: america toste 2torial
« on: March 18, 2016, 01:06:56 »
U putz the kanjay or jzay rapper on straw?

Edit: You don't have to quote the entire thread. ~Nova

Seems like you're just listing Kekkei Genkai ideas, and there is a thread for that already.
Oh is there, not easy to find things, I still taught it was some type of form or power up, a boost i might say. A form can arrive from a kekkei genkai but also from training am i right?

Name: Rune eye
        Type: Sensor
        Description: A Dojutsu that can put different seals without doing hand signs.(seals like explosive mines, stuns etc.
        Level: Medium-Low
        Chakra Nature: Yang/Yin-Yang(for higher levels)
        Duration: More depending on level
        Evolution: At a low level for a random player who's already been decided since character creation to belong to that clan. The eyes can only be unlocked by a player from that clan.

Name: God eye
        Type: Sensor
        Description: Gives you the eye of god that allows you to view down from the sky, really useful on the battlefield as a support or as a war leader/Kage.
        Chakra Nature: Yang/Yin-Yang(for higher levels)
        Duration: More depending on level
        Evolution: Medium level player can unlock this if they have a "Rune eye". The eyes can only be unlocked by a player from that clan.

Name: Demon eye
        Type: Space-Time
        Description: Allows a player to place or release seals from wherever they are viewing with the God eye.
        Level: Medium-High
        Chakra Nature: Yin-Yang
        Duration: More depending on level but still medium expensive with chakra in its users highest levels.
        Evolution: High level players can unlock this as the ultimate battlefield control power.

Some added info on the eyes: Etch side of the eyes must be unlocked separately left eye then right eye vice-versa, meaning you first get rune eyes (left/right) -> rune eyes (left/right) -> God eyes (left/right) -> God eye (left/right) -> Demon eye (not sure if their should need to be 2 of this eye but it does improve the power of the rune eye when you unlock this after so its much like the same ability.  Only a person from the clan can activate them(but if a person from the clan is killed wile the eyes are active, the eyes will stay in the form they where in and can be used only in that state by others.) A person from the clan can switch between the eyes freely with no chakra cost for activation. Other players who uses the eyes through other means can only utilise the state they are currently in.

And this is for a completely different "gekei genkei"
Name: Eyes of the reaper
        Type: ???
        Description: The eyes will be completely black and it will be kind of like staring into the face of death. When you would die, you will instead escape death at the cost of one eye, the eye will then shoot out a white light turning itself and everything in its view completely into a white stone.
        Level: High
        Chakra Nature: Yin-Yang
        Duration: Always active
        Evolution: Can turn to stone and with 2 more eyes combined can utilise much higher potential.

Some added info on these eyes: There will be some power that can be unlocked with these eyes, like curses and or I taught maybe a reaper form like "Darksiders 2" if anyone played it since its kind of like a susano'o (pls lollernoob9) and the Izanagi is kind of like the other ability.
I especially wanted this clan to be in a really dark place as you can see on the map from the shinobi life facebook page: Hidden Inferno(totally the gateway to hell)

And with it being dark it would also be hard for clan members to have trust in one another after so they are all your possible victims or next back staber. Wanting to be able to use more of the eyes death escaper you'll take a clan-members life for the prize of 2 more for you.

you meen like

        Name:sage mode
        Type: Chakra enhancement
        Description:While remaining still you mold in nature energy making more chakra
        Chakra Nature:Nature energy
        Duration:Until you run out of sage chakra
        Evolution:God mode????
Yeah thats what i'm talking about, but evolution can also mean how you got it, like you had to mediate for 12-24 hours and over time it will take less time to activate it.

Yeah but it ended with the idea of making something else, maybe do it kinda like the jutsu creator

write Name:
        Chakra Nature:

Referring to the Topic: Add a ability to be a Jinchūriki ( That so kindly got taken down.
I still would like to hear what you people think/would like to see and what actually would be possible to create.

So what is your power?

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Calaberation jutsu
« on: March 16, 2016, 17:39:03 »
Unlocking a diamond style release would be pretty epic I gotta say.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Kages
« on: March 16, 2016, 17:37:29 »
Yeah it would be awesome, you could like control the rumors everyone hears and what the agenda of the village will be as the Kage are more military commanders. Dont really think they would need any special powers, maybe some way to control an army is needed and a level cap to qualify for the position.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Kages
« on: March 16, 2016, 03:30:35 »
Would be better if they just didn't use any jutsus to start with maybe some taijutsu.

Wondering what peoples thoughts are about corruption and behind the scenes in the villages and black market/mafia organisations

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