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凄い!!! It looks amazing, thank you guys. Keep up with the good work!

Games / Re: Competition Time!
« on: October 22, 2014, 23:18:33 »
I'm really happy about this, it was my first fic!

Thanks Shadow, I would choose your story too.

Games / Re: Competition Time!
« on: October 22, 2014, 19:40:00 »
Shadow, feel like helping me judge the stories? As you don't want the prize even if you win.

When are you planning to finish this?

Introduction / Re: Hello. Somewhat new Naruto123456789
« on: October 22, 2014, 19:36:43 »
you posted just on my birthday and I didn't even seen this post so far, welcome anyway. :)
Lol, this guy is already banned, for double account. Flash appearance

Introduction / Re: Hello :)
« on: October 22, 2014, 04:04:29 »
Welcome, dude!

I found this game the same way you did. Maybe 90% of the community has ;)

I'm a barcelona fan too!

Games / Re: Competition Time!
« on: October 22, 2014, 00:37:29 »
   Shisume sighed as his sandals crunched once more against the pure white snow. He watched as his clone fell through the air with a gash across his back, blood staining the innocent white ground a crimson red. The clone dispersed into a flurry of snowflakes right before the moment of impact, floating in with the rest of the snow storm. Shisume looked down the side of the steep mountain, his breathing steady despite the thin air. He could almost see the faint outline of his village, but the blizzard impaired his vision. He shook his head and shifted his weight. The snow creaked and crunched.

Such a relaxing sound… Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

   Shisume stretched his arms high above his head, yawning deeply. He suddenly clasped his hands together in a strange formation, almost like two vertical finger guns put together. The snow in front of him churned and swirled in the form of a circle before a figure slowly slid out of it. An icy replica of Shisume rose out of the ground, sluggishly gaining color and details before resembling Shisume perfectly. The short, spiky, brown hair, the piercing blue in one eye and deep purple in the other, the simple Yukigakure ninja outfit. Every last detail was remarkable. Shisume’s hand itched as he reached for his ninja tool bag, retrieving a hand full of senbon. His clone instead took out a kunai knife, going into a defensive stance. Shisume leaped into the air, his senbons beginning to shimmer a sky blue. Once they were completely enveloped in this light, he threw them right above his head. He then clasped his hands together once more, this time in a series of complicated formations.

 “Ice Needle Rain!” Shisume shouted.

   The senbon multiplied rapidly until they formed a several-layered dome above the clone. Every single one glowed an icy blue. Shisume felt the crunch as his feet hit the snow once more. The clone simply threw his kunai above his head and quickly performed a series of hand formations, too fast for the human eye to track. He caught his kunai in one hand and braced himself for the hit. Even though Shisume could not see the hand signs, he knew what the clone was going to do. It was his clone, after all. He narrowed his eyes.

“Fire!” he yelled once more.

   The senbon rained down, all focused on a singular point: the clone. Shisume watched with suspicion as the clone was impaled time after time in all the vital areas. The shower stopped almost as quickly as it started. The clone was mid-fall, his face full of surprise, his body and head peppered with the glowing needles. Suddenly, there was a burst of smoke, and the clone was gone. A simple log instead took his place, covered in thousands of needles. Shisume narrowed his eyes and turned around, looking up. His clone was exactly where he expected him to be, behind him in the sky, falling with a kunai. Shisume smiled as he himself quickly pulled a kunai, leaping into the air. He held the kunai forward, preparing to skewer the clone. He successfully hit him, the knife sinking into his chest. Blood splattered the snow once more as the clone burst into a storm of snowflakes and floated away.

Word Count: Exactly 550 words.

Really sorry for how boring it is, the limited amount of words didn't couple well with my descriptive writing. Didn't come out too well, and doesn't really make sense that my character could defeat his clone so easily if they are the exact same in strength and such. But oh well! Guess that is just one of my many writing flaws; I write a little too much.

If I do win (Which I doubt; lol) I would like to funnel the donation to second place, because I dont wanna take someone's donator playing opportunity, but I did want to write and see if I could write anything good (which I didn't, xD) Anyway, PEACE!

That's really good, I liked your descriptive writing.
Oh and I already wrote mine, if you didn't notice ;)

Nice story dude:)

Thanks, Mars!

Games / Re: Competition Time!
« on: October 20, 2014, 17:56:43 »
My story takes place in the Hidden Thunder village. This concept image of the village (by EternalEyes) inspired mi imagination  :D

- I think he won’t come – he said, without taking his eye off the Lightning Ball – He’s a coward, Hana.
- Not just him, I’m scared too. You’re the only guy who likes this place, Shinsei. And that’s because of your new job.
Shinsei was a genin from the Hidden Thunder Village. After the last Great War, as the world fell into peace, mission requests have decreased. For a low-level ninja like him, it was even more difficult. So he started working on the village power plant, a massive building that gathers the lightning bolt energy and distributes it to the village. Periodically, someone had to climb the tower to do the maintenance of the equipment. They started hiring ninjas to do it, due to their ability to climb walls. Near the top of the tower, Shinsei found a place where he had a great view of the strikes at the ball. Earlier that day, he challenged his teammates to go up there. He and Anna climbed up together, and were waiting for Uryū to arrive.
- You won. We’re leaving – and they started climbing down the tower - You know I hate that job. I just need the money. But I like this place… I always felt attracted to thunderbolts and stuff.
- It’s your chakra nature, isn’t it?
- Yes, but I didn’t master it yet. It’s been a while since me and Naoi trained together.
His elder sister Naoi, a former kunoichi, took the role of both parents to care of him, after their father left the village. Their mother was killed during a mission while Shinsei was still a baby. Afraid of taking more risks, she quit the shinobi’s life. She also taught him ninjutsu, and lately how to use his Lightning nature, which was hers too.
- I was trying to channel my chakra into weapons, to improve their cutting capacities.
- Seems tough.
- You’re right, It’s like searching for something in the darkness.
And the darkness fell over the world.
- What’s this? – Hana asked, scared.
- A problem in the power supply, I guess – He tried to seem calm – I’m gonna climb up again, and see what happened. Stay there.
- OK. Take care.
He started hearing explosions down in the village, and understood that someone was attacking the village. When he arrived, there was nothing but darkness. But then a thunderbolt fell, and he saw the cables which linked the Ball to the village were disconnected. He walks towards them, in order to put them back, and then realizes there’s someone behind him. He turns, and all he sees is a fist coming to his face.
- Gaaahh!
The punch threw him to the floor, and then he sees the blade. He jumps to his side, and avoid the blow. When another thunder falls, he can see his enemy’s face.
- Uryū?!
- You challenged me to come here. You forget, rat?
Uryū was the most prodigious ninja of his age, and member of a traditional clan from the village, while Shinsei was the son of a rogue ninja. In his eyes, there was only despise…
- Why are you doing this to OUR village?
- This village is rotting away. The ninjas are treated like sh*t. All we’re doing is to give a reason of the ninja’s existence. You should thank me.
- This is madness! – Shinsei’s rage was building – I’m gonna stop you!
Shinsei threw his shurikens at his mate, even though he couldn’t see him. But he could hear the sounds that resembled metal hitting a rock.
- Hahaha! – Uruū jumps towards him - You forget about my earth ninjutsu? I can make my skin as hard as diamond!
Uryū then strikes Shinsei again, and again, and one more time, leaving him almost unconsciousness. Deep in his mind, Shinsei can hear his sister, and the lightning chakra training.
- This is ironic – says Uryū - Precisely this night, when I’m sent here for this mission, you challenge me.
Then Shinsei wakes up, with his former teammate staring at him. He grabs a kunai.
- That’s useless – Uryū said – and then he sees Shinsei’s kunai shining.
- That’s not coincidence. Destiny wanted me here to stop you!
With a single blow, his Kunai pierces through Uryū’s flesh.
- I said I would stop you… - suddenly, Shinsei feels sad - we were supposed to be friends…
He then gets up, reactivates the power plant, and falls to the ground.


Exactly 750 words.
I wanted it to be more focused on the characters, and their relationship, but i had more than 900 words and the story hadn't even reached its climax  :o
So it has a dose of protagonism that I couldn't avoid. And except for my english limitations, i think the story is OK. Hope you like it  8)

Games / Re: Competition Time!
« on: October 18, 2014, 04:02:36 »
Another marvelous story, this is very original as it's not about a shinobi graduating from academy and going on an s class mission straight of and going full super saiyan on everyones ass. Well done:)

Hey Mars! Do I need to create a character in the Character session of the forum, before i post a story here?

Naruto Anime / Re: What is the best chakra nature ???
« on: October 17, 2014, 21:23:59 »
Most useful: Earth
Strongest: Lightning
Coolest: Water
Favorite: Lightning

Number 3.
BTW, nice logo!

Introduction / Re: hello guys
« on: September 14, 2014, 19:14:57 »
Bem vindo ;D

Introduction / Re: hello from
« on: September 14, 2014, 19:12:46 »
Welcome, naruto fan!

Shinobi Life Online Character / Re: Saruko Kirigal
« on: September 13, 2014, 22:16:03 »
51 kg isnt too skinny?>.<
The guy used to live on the streets, poor guy, no money for food... then he got to the ninja's island and started training more than Rock Lee, so he didn't have the time to eat :D

Introduction / Re: Hello everyone!
« on: September 13, 2014, 21:54:24 »
Thanks to all!

Welcome, it seems there are a lot of people who shared the dream of a Naruto MMORPG.
That's why we are here ;)

Welcome, just for you to know, at the end of this year, a deathmatch version will be released. :D Enjoy
I can barely wait

Great to know another football player!
Yeah! I'm brazilian, so you know :p
Used to play more often, but life seems to become harder every day, haha!

If I had a kekkei genkai, I would probably specialize in that. Using kenjutsu, or ninjutsu, depending on the KG.
Else, it would be senjutsu and ninjutsu, i think. Just playing to figure it out

water style and kenjutsu FTW!

Sounds nice!

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