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Shinobi Life Online Questions / Treaties and Killzones
« on: May 24, 2017, 02:38:01 »
So I was wondering if kill zones will be villages based? Meaning the reagen boundary of your starting village is your safe zone and anything outside of that is a kill zone!!

If that is the case I would like to suggest that the safe zone be extended to tarritorys your allies control.

This would lower the cost of a resource traid mission between villages and make for more engaging diplomacy between villages.

The naruto system will need to be modified a bit to work for a Mmorpg.
Villages should be the only place that can  receive all mission request from players!!
This should be done so the villages have stable economys. Villages need this so they can pay there ninja there salerys for there missions.Players have no choose if they need something they can't or are unwilling to get themselves they must submit a mission.
But How do you do this??
Go to the kage in person!! What if he is offline??
Mail in mission to the kage!!!
Why mail?
Because you want the freedom to offer missions to anyone even people outside your own village.
Sence resorses will be devided up by reagen, in environments they would logical be found in, you should be able to offer missions to the kage in charge of that reagen.
Also SLO will be competing with the real world and I can't pay my rent by playing SLO!!!
Players can't be on all the time. If the kage go's offline, they can set the mail to exempt:
select mission types
or no missions.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Capture the scroll!!!
« on: May 19, 2017, 13:22:39 »
So was looking at the new map that Matt was working on with lake in the middle and the caves and logs in the forest and thought it would make a awesome capture the flag map.

I also saw the masked character updates are being worked on as well. This could be used to develop the teams for the capture the flag as well as a basic form of transformation.

Plus the game itself is something that we will need to develop skill in for the real game.

General Discussion / Ninjas school of chakra!!
« on: January 21, 2017, 12:19:40 »
So if anyone has any questions about chakra or stamina as it pertains to the naruto universe,
My self and my man shikamaru( the Christian Grey of naruto) will awnser any questions you have.

This is not a thread for discussions on chakra in game!!! It is for the sole perpose of explaining chakra in naruto!!

All forms of chakra can be discussed

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Nara clan jutsu -slo style!!!
« on: January 04, 2017, 21:26:35 »
So I really think there should be some kind of Kiting jutsu... it's a classic Mmorpg strategy to
Brake up a mob or group.

However it can't be shadows and I don't know how else to do it other then Genjutsu.

However I would want the same effects as
Shadow position - movements are reflected
Shadow strangle- (stamina drain)
shadow stitching (damage-not possible in genjutsu )

These 3 jutsu would be some of the most usfull in the game.
I would be so willing to play this character if I could have medical ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu!!!

The combination of traps and healing would be amazing!!!

But what do you all think.

Could there be a ninjutsu nature that this would work with??

The only thing I can think of is earth.

Anime / Goku vs Superman discussion
« on: December 28, 2016, 22:30:21 »
So in one year from today we will see Who would win as votes by the SLO community.

This can get heated but there is one clear awnser if your fully informed. Sence I started this I will give my opinion first... and the winner will be Super man for one reason...
Super Man Prime!!!!

General Discussion / What the Nara clans jutsu was really used for!!!
« on: December 27, 2016, 15:46:21 »
Shadow paralysis
Shadow possession
Shadow strangle
Shadow stitching

 Arguably some of the most useful jutsu in the history of the naruto universe.
But what was the original idea be hide these jutsu?

Well let's look at there effects.
Shadow paralysis.
This is essentially a bondage jutsu. A person  caught in this jutsu can not move.(perfect for S&M)
Shadow possession
Let's the caster control the target.
also what the targe feels you feel
(A rapest wet dream)
Shadow strangle jutsu
Shadow take the form of a hand
(Need I say more)
Shadow stitching jutsu
Shadow takes the form
 Of sharp pointy spears to kill the victim
(Leave no one alive to testify against you)

I think we can all agree the Nara clan are all homicidal rapists with  masochistic tendencys!!!

Not to mention there misogynistic attitude  toward women!!!

General Discussion / Poison Ideas
« on: November 21, 2016, 22:10:37 »
So I was thinking of this after talking about triad roots and thought it would be awesome if you could mix your own poisons.

But this would require a very large item pool
Fisrt the drug type
Cocane- suppress chakra regeneration
Heroine-popys supresses stamina regeneration
Marijuana -drains stamina dot effect
Mushrooms- drains chakra dot effect

Second the poison type
Snake- dot damage
Frog-stamina and chakra dot
Spider-dot health
Jellyfish-restics movement speed
Hemlock -dot health
Wormwood -dot stamina

Third the delivery system
Liquid -blood born
Gas- lungs obsorb
Powder-skin obsorbs

Then by mixing the required items depending on your skill you can get all or one of the effects.

General Discussion / Medical ninjas combat effectiveness.
« on: November 09, 2016, 19:12:47 »
As the topic suggests... I wanted to get comments on how combate effective medical ninja should be. If a player want to specialize in medical ninjutsu- dose that mean he will be less combat effective against someone that specializes in say ninjutsu or taijutsu?

Sence your rank will be based on ELO and ELO is based on combat. Then if medical ninja are less effective at combat then other trees then
It will limmet the rank a medical ninja will be able to achieve. However if medical ninja are as combat effective as say ninjutsu and taijutsu
And can heal then they will be to OP and throw off the balance of the game.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / SLO vesion of ninja info cards
« on: September 30, 2016, 12:13:48 »
So I was thinking about the stats and the format they should take... in naruto there was a version of a stat record on ninja info cards.
And I thought that was a good idea... to avoid copy right issues the format on the card would need to be different of course but being able to change and record your stats and then share those cards would be a good feature to have.

Ours unlike naruto could be read by anyone.
And can even be looted.
We just need to come up with a different format then this

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Things to update and edit in the FAQ
« on: September 07, 2016, 15:13:17 »
The mechanics haven't really been planned out yet, but it will be a Hack and Slash gameplay. Taijutsu will be dynamic with fighting combos, akin to the way Ninjutsu is done with seals.

This is confusing because when you think hack and slash you think button mashing mouse clicking- and when you hear dynamic fighting combos you think Dead or alive or morale combat.

I think it has bin desided that combos are the way we were going so I would suggest removing the hack and slash part and maybe update ideas about camera modes for Taijutsu

I have some ideas of how to set up chakra and stamina  separate values.

So what I'm suggesting is still using skills and Experiance to make up the sum total of all your chakra.

SP+Exp= chakra total
Stat+Exp= stamina total

Sence your stats points represent the charicters physical abuilitys and limitations for the game
It should be the foundation for your total stamina

Sence your skill points represents what you know- it should be the foundation for your chakra

I'm using Experiance points in there so we can adjust how much chakra and stamina we want and still make skill points and stats values that will work.

This is juts the start of my ideas but I think this will fit better with what @Vreg has in mind.

So when you train chakra control
What your saying is your using your knowlage and Experiance better
so using the sum from above
Chakra x 1.1 rank 1
Chakra x 1.2 rank 2
And so on untill you can double the total chakra
If you train in advanced chakra control
It will reduce the cost the Jutsu is programed with.
So if a Jutsu takes 100 chakra
Rank 1 .9x 100= 90 chakra
This is alittle simpler and get the same effect as my other system it's just happening at the charicter and Jutsu rather then all in charicter.

Games / Naruto D20
« on: July 22, 2016, 14:59:27 »
I wanted to throw this out here to see if anyone was interested in playing over the fourm or Skype or other chatting media...

Naruto d20 is a paper and pen RPG
You can fully customize your charicters and abuilitys, if aneph people are interested I might consider buying all the expansions and GM a few games.
Ok well I can't post the images of the charicter sheets for some reason...

WARNING: the charicter creation process is extreamly complex and game play can be a little confusing at first... You will need 4 - 20 sided dice for this game. It will be held on the  honor  system... Cheeting will result in charicter ban from the game and fourm WP given.

Ok so first I think we need to be clear to everyone that dose not know what Fuinjutsu is!!
Fuinjutsu is the art of puting something in or taking somthing out of an object- mostly for the  purposes of conserving stamina, strength, and it can also be used to Capture intangible things like chakra and even Jutsu
There is obvious low level non combat uses for this, sence objects like weapons  can be very heavy and slow a ninja down as well as use up stamina- sealing it to eliminate the weight of the item is a easy solution. This is  similar  to advanced bag slots in other MMOARPG games.

But do we want to make this a combat Jutsu?? There are applications for sure... What if say some one uses a flamethrower Jutsu on you and you seal the Jutsu in a scroll. If you servive the fight could you then use the Jutsu and study the way it is made to create a scroll to teach the Jutsu from, or even later seal the Jutsu in a chakra blade imbuing it with that nature. Simpler to  augment slots in other MMORPG's

Do we want to seal a corps so it won't slow us down when we are bringing a bounty back, or can we seal a player for a short period of time at Realy high levels?

We need to start to list real boundaries for this kind of Jutsu because you can literally change the terrain of the game if we don't- I want to seal that mountain with  enough training should you be able to??

Just something to think about!!

Games / Assemble your squads!!
« on: June 18, 2016, 18:38:51 »
assemble your squads

Welcome to a new game I will GM!!!
The Ideas are simple each player will List there 4 man Squad below. Squads must be made up of naruto shappuden  characters of any village from before chapters 384 the fated battle between brothers( sauska and itachi's battle)All  characters can have abilities from either anime or manga. Once you submit your squad I will approve it... If it is valid. Only 1 squad per member- and as a added insentive to submit early -no charicter can be used in more the 3 squads.Squads must consist of:
1 jonin and 3 chunin or lower.
For every genin you have on the squad you may use one Kaga (dead or alive).
So your options are
K- kaga J- Jonin C-chunin G-genin
Or lower if you want.
(I don't care what there technical rank is, Naruto and saskei will be classified as a chunin,
And other kage level charicters will be considered as such even if they never actually made kage)
   Once your Team is approved you should PM me:
2 battle formations and 1 defensive formation.
2 defensive formations and 1 battle formation.
   Choose wisely and be as  descriptive as possible of each person's role in each formation, as it will be the basis for the out come of matches. no skills or Jutsu not mentioned in the formation will be used in deciding the outcome.

Once you have submitted your formations, you may challenge any squad approved on the thread.

Injoy making your squads and maybe if some one wants to help me with this we might right up story's for each challenge.( I suck at story telling).

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