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Technical Support / Account upgrade to Sennin
« on: June 18, 2016, 12:18:11 »
So ever sence I made Sennin donator I have had a few bugs on the forum.
I no longer have the resent topics page on the side or bottom and I tried downloading the 9.9 version cause I finally got my computer out of storage and it told me I was not authorized
Not only was I not authorized for the donator version but for the Normal one as well... I can't download 9.9 at all. Help please anyone!!!

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Skill tree ideas
« on: June 14, 2016, 17:08:09 »
this is going to be hard to stay on topic but please try!!
So sence the inception of this game the idea is that you can learn anything you want. Any skill Any jutsu, Any religuse abuilitys, ext, and it's one of the many things that sets SLO apart from other MMOARPG games. However it has also bin stated that to accomplish this you must play for a Realy long time. I think That for the players that want to attempt this, they should have every right. I'm guessing though that some players may want to specialize in certain skills as well. I think this needs to be accomplished in the tree skills of the 5 Majer skill trees.
From what I can tell no ninja in naruto ever mastered more then 2 Majer skills
Itachi- master of genjutsu and ninjutsu
Jiraiya- Taijustu and ninjutsu
Zabuza- kenjutsu and ninjutsu
Neji- sensory jutsu and Taijustu
Keba- same
You get the idea.

So for the players that want to master everything, I suggest that they must
1. Train in tear 1 in all trees before moving to tear 2 and so on up the trees.( this will be a long process)
2. Only be able to master 1 skill.
3. Find items hidden around the world that allow them to learn the remaining 4 master level skills

For the players that want to specialize in 2 skills
They must
1. Evenly train in both skills-tear 1 before training in tear 2
2. After tear 2 you can train other skils tear 1-(whatever half way is- if there's 10 tears )5
3. After reaching tear 10 in each skill tree
The same 4 items will push you past the master level of your 2 skills- 2 items needed for each
This is were things like
(Naruto examples not In game)
sage mode- ninjutsu
Tsukuyomi- genjutsu
8 inner gates - Taijustu
Byakugan- sensory
Creation Rebirth- medical
Bukijutsu- use of all weapons including legendary ones.(Think Tenten)

And so its all in how you train your skill trees.
As you will likely get your first teer in the academy, you would need to start this from the very  beginning of the game.

The next thing is separating skills from jutsu
What do I meen by this?...
Under the Ninjutsu tree
The first thing you learn is chakra control.
(Chakra is necessary to perform all ninjutsu)
But what other skills are needed to perform say
The chidori in game now.
1.Change in Form level 3 or higher maybe?
2. Change in nature level 1 or 2 ( depending on if it's your primary nature)?
3. Chakra control level 5 or higher? Basic won't work will it?
And that's Just to start.
4. How about activation control- the first time naruto used the Rasenshuriken In battle why did it fail? Because naruto could not keep it active for long enough. This was not because he ran out of chakra.. He was just not skilled enough yet with the jutsu to keep it active. Should this be in the tree skill or should it be built in to the jutsu???This is why it's going to be hard to stay on topic with just the tree skills.

 So what skills do we give to each major skill tree??

Ninjutsu and genjutsu both require chakra
Which one gets chakra console??
Or do they all get chakra control??
Or dose chakra control unlock all 5 trees.

Introduction / Well I finally got around to this Lol...HI!!
« on: June 11, 2016, 13:23:16 »
Name: Clint Montgomery
Ethnicity: Irish,German
Nationality: Amarican
Living in: South Carolina now!!!
Born in: San Mateo, California
Sports: Surfing,Basketball,Dogde ball
(the ocho baby yeah) and I don't know if you could call it a sport but Ninja  Warrior.
Hobbies: video games,  movies,  shaping surfboards, and Chess or Shogi
Goals in life: None- Realy not all that  ambitious... I have a good  career as a crane operator,  just got married to a beautiful woman,  I suppose when I was younger I wanted to be a profecinal surfer. Then work at a 3D animation studio. I thought those were going to make me happy... But somewhere down the road I realized that what you will never make you happy. Happiness comes from the people you share your life with.
Languages: broken English
Education: high school diploma,  two semesters of college. Then I realized I'd never be able to make it in college... I could not stand paying for classes I didn't want and only needed so some university could say they fulfilled a  curriculum.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Shizen clan
« on: June 07, 2016, 21:55:19 »
Shizen clan(nature)

Leader:Star Shizen

Clan history: Now a scattered and desperate clan Star searches for her brethren. Once hunted to near extinction for the unique property's of there blood, the  remnants of this once powerful clan have found shelter in nature.
Becoming extremely adept at survival techniques as well as sensory ninjutsu.
After discovering the location of there ancient village, Star Finds a stone statue of a tree on a round table with 10 chairs and inscribed on the tree are just 2 words Shizen's Pawā(nature's power). As well as a strange stone with 3 clan symbels one was hers, the other a  circle with a 3 claw rip throw it, and a third she can't quite make out. now Star sets out to find the Shizen clans survivors.
Chapter one.
On one fine day, when Star was following the leads and information she had gathered on one of her lost clan member, she stumbles upon a masked boy about 13 years old training in a strange jutsu with a strange looking Tiger. The boy senses her presence and throws a shiruken at her hiding place. Star successfully dodges it and tells the boy that she means no harm. But the boy doesn't believe her. To which Star says if she wanted to kill him she would have already done it. This angers the boy and he challenges Star, with the Tiger as the spectator.
The duel begins and Star is taken aback the power and technique of the strange Taijutsu the boy fights in. Nevertheless as the fight proceeds, she discovers that the boy is still weak in ninjutsu.
She begins long-range duel (water vs Earth) and is able to defeat the boy. In the end, both of them are nearly exhaust all their chakra. Star  congratulates the boy and tells him you are the first person to survive after a battle with her.

Star, curious about the boys Tiejutsu, asks the boy what clan he comes from. The boy not wanting to give a way any thing important simply points to a symbols of a circle with 3 claw rips through it.
 Taken aback At what she saw, she the tells the boy that in the ruins that was once here great clan, Lay a stone tablet with 3 clan  symbols  engraved on it. She swears that this was one of them...and under it was  inscribe the word
"Honor". She introduces her self as one of the last servicing Shizen clan.

The boy introduces himself as Tatsuo of the Toratsume Clan and tells her to come with him to his clan's settlement. There he takes her to the Chief of the Clan, Ichitsume Takeshi Toratsume. She tells him about the stone tablet. Ichitsume-sama tells her that even he is baffled about this as the clan is not much old. The only information that he has is that The Tiger Tribe had once mentioned  of the Three warriors of Kuraimorio (the dark forest) who used to live long ago. Now star is after the Tiger Tribe to unravel the mystery.

Clan unique  characteristics:
You can always tell a Shizen by there forest Green eyes and there white or red hair. Most are fairly short and at the height of there clans fame could be identified by a green clock.

Clan Goals:To rebuild the clan. In the meen time the Shizen will most likely serve as a safe back channel of communication between most villages and as diplomats. As such will likely be privy to top secret intel.

Personality: The Shizen were peaceful and trustworthy people, striving to talk and negotiate before resorting to violence. However always shrewd and prepared to defend themselves.

Strengths:The Shizen originally were strong in wood style- however after being hunted and driven from there land (somewhere neer the hidden forest) they have developed many different chakra natures but Almost all can still use water nature. There massive chakra makes ninjutsu,and Fuinjutsu  formidable. Sencing chakra comes easy to most, living on the run has givin them a heightened sence of smell that can detect chakra. They were also world renown swardsmen, both in construction and in kenjutsu.

Weekness. Most of the Shizen have  average to below average Stamina.  There Taijutsu was never fully developed and was replaced with kenjutsu. And most lack accuracy in long range Shuriken jutsu. Genjutsu is something of a mystery to them.

chakra nature:
(most members must have 1 of the 2 if you want to join and be part of the 3 villages that don't have one of these two let me know)

Leaders title: Pagoda(Star Shizen)
Second: Katsura(open)
Village Representatives: Lelac(open)
Hidden hill-
Hidden forest-
Hidden thunder-
Hidden volcano-
Hidden haze-Atske Shizen
Hidden snow-
Hidden dust-
Hidden shock wave-
The 10 ranking members will meet to discuss the villages state of emergency and clan actions. All  decisions will be made by majority vote with Pagoda's vote as 2. Any clan/or forbidden jutsu will be aworded at these meetings.

Affiliated villages: All but hidden metal, inferno, or ash, and as a skatered clan all villages have some Shizen descendants among them except fire nations.

Rival clans:none
Allied clans:

Toratsume Clan


Clan rules:
1: clan before village!!!
You must obay the village laws Inless you are ordered to take a life of a clan member! This is the only exception..
2: All rouge Shizen will be hunted down!!!
3:If you can you must!!!
Every member of the clan must live up to the good reputation of there peaceful forefathers.
This includes rendering add whenever possible to those in need!!
4:Rouge Shizen members will be made Black Ops members to the Pagoda(those that are Rouge because of rule one)
5: Lelac officers must be active at least 2 days a week, or there position will be forfeit 
6: the  strong  rules:
 at the beginning of every 6 month's all Lelac officers will be invited to battle for the Katsura  position! All bonsai members will battle for Lelac office of there village.And at the end of 6 months the Katsura and Pagoda will battle for leadership.
7:All clan members are responsible for the  Financial health of the clan:
Not a lot-10 in game credits a month
No salerys will be paid out of a balance less then 600 credits.
All salery growth must be even in increments of 10 to all officers.
Salerys will be paid to:
 Lelac first
 Katsura second
 Pagoda last
8:Lelac offices can not serve consecutive 6 month terms, Inless they are the only clan member to that village. See rule 6 to figure out the next Lelac if there are more then 2 Shizen in a village.
9:these rules can not be changed by any Pagoda, all other rules and  decisions made by the Pagoda must be obeyed. But the Pagoda must obay these 9 rules.

 Officer incentives
Lelac 6 month salary 10 credits/ month
Katsura 6 month salary 20 credits/month
Pagoda 6 month salary  40 credits/ month
(These will be subject to change as more members join. At the discretion of the Pagoda)
First in the clan to receive clan jutsu and forbidden jutsu.

The first from each village to join will  emediately be made Lelac to there village.
If you goin and are part of a village that has a Lelac already you will be named bonsai under there village.

If you wish to join
Post a link to your character profile and I will fill your spot

Clan code
Code: [Select]

So if anyone doesn't know in the Q & A on the 4/2 there was a mention of a village library were common jutsu scrolls will
be available to academy students and graduates.

This spiraled a storm of ideas that I think would be amazing for the game and i invite any other ideas to be added to this.

So the first thing i got from this was a way to organize the jutsu in the library so you could find the scrolls you are researching.
so entered the DEWEY DECIMAL Idea.
Each jutsu in the game could be assigned a number based on General categories and narrowed down by chakra nature targeting type and  damage type/effect.
So for a jutsu like flamethrower
IT's a ninjutsu so its in 1000
its a fire nature so its 1100
its a cone area targeting so its 1130
and its a DOT damage so its 1135
This is not to say that only flamethrower will have this number other ninjutsu with the same nature cone shape and damage effect will have the same reference number its only to identify it as that jutsu type.
In this way all you need is a UI in a instanced building that lets you search for the exact jutsu type you are looking to learn.

The next step is the scrolls must be in the library. basic jutsu that every nation will have will already be in the library but what about more advanced and specialized Jutsu. I propose a Librarian ninja as a village carrier and only people with this
carrier can add new jutsu scrolls to the libraire. Forbidden jutsu will obviously be excluded from this ability. this ninja will receive a salary for searching the world for new jutsu to add to the libraire. They must find it, buy it, steal it, and maybe- eventually in the very long run in future expansions- maybe even make them.

Rogue ninja will be excluded from getting into the library so they will likely not want to give up scrolls they have found or have learned. This will create conflict between librarian and rogue ninja- likewise rogue ninja will likely learn all they can from the library before they go rogue creating the need to hunt down rogue ninja to protect jutsu your village have hunted down and added to there  library falling in to the hands of other villages.

Libraries will also now be a major target for wars if you capture the library for a given amount of time during the war( king of the hill type ) you can choose a jutsu in the library as a reward that the all the participants in the war can learn.

Thoughts changes or Ideas??

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Calaberation jutsu
« on: March 16, 2016, 17:03:45 »
So i dont think i have read anything about this, and its one of the things that i always imagined would make for an excellent game. think of the uses of collaboration jutsus, an earth dome traps the opponent, and a fire style jutsu consumes it tuning the dome to lava dealing inescapable damage. or fireball jutsu amplified by a wind style to break through a water wall defence.
this need not only be ninjutsu- a shuriken jutsu amplified by a wind style from another player. a sword wielded by someone with out earth being enhanced with earth style from a partner turning the carbon in the steel to diamand. there are limitless combinations, tactics, and strategies that could be implemented. just like jutsus that collide and cancel each other out or overpower each other, there should be jutsu that combine to make more effective jutsu.these should be easter eggs discovered in game when a specific jutsu is used at the same time as your teammate. activation must be synchronized.this is a long term idea of course, but it would make for a much more diverse game play and would encourage people to play with different people then the normally do and eventually find the ideal team.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Character Alias
« on: February 14, 2016, 21:16:03 »
So I had this idea about an alias system that is linked to your acount name. I think there could be a disruption and espionage Corp that can teach you the skill that lets you set up a alias and family name of another village...what do you think?

Any other suggestions ?

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / the next step.
« on: February 10, 2016, 05:13:31 »
so we have improved graphics-with some bugs :(
3 ninjutsu
1 aoe cone
1 projectile
1 close combat
and movements
some ninja tools look ready-though not in yet

So what's the next step after tools and buildings?
personally i would like to see some genjutsu and taijutsu but these need to be planned out thinking of how training will affect  them but still fit in and ballance out with the chakra system in place now.(See chakra control system STAT for my suggestion on that)
Then once all the attack types are sampled add some targeting and you would have a playable deathmatch.

Any Devs want to chime in?

So This has bin bugging me since i read that you will start as a adult!!

The only thing i can think of is after you pick your village an nature you walk up in that village's hospital with amnesia after being in a coma from a mission you were on. This has several benefits.

1 From the start your engrossed with the story as physical therapy(i.e tutorial) is integrated into the character creation.

2 Amnesia- explains your Low Spirit energy- things like intelligence, imagination, charisma and chakra control.

3 the coma- explains your Low Physical energy- things like strength, stamina and dexterity would all be atrophied.

4 this lets you chose a clan-(last name) since the amnesia would make you forget your linage. once you chose the clan  any
   shared kkg,Clan related Jutsu,and  clan history could be filled in for your character. amnesia explains why till this point you
   didn't know any of them.

5. this is just an idea!! But this would also allow for a character reset when someone "kills" you in a Kill Zone.At this pont you can choose to walk up with the same charicter name atribute and village or make a hole new charicter. you still wake up week as you have been in a coma because you were injured to the point of near death. and your injuries caused amnesia.
Any other ideas??

General Discussion / Ninja STORM 4
« on: February 05, 2016, 18:31:49 »
IN 4 DAYS THE NEW STORM IS RELEASED??  Is anyone getting it??

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Jutsu hunter
« on: January 29, 2016, 22:15:11 »
Organization name: Jutsu hunters

Organization logo:

Founder:No one knows.

Leader:Currently unknown.

Affiliation: each member operates out of their own village.

Allies: NONE-Buisness is buisness

Enemies: Same as Allies

History:As long as there have been shinobi there have been members of this organization. trading and selling jutsu in the shadows to any clan or village willing to pay. their identities are always masked during a deal. The Only thing that anyone knows about the founder of this organization is that he was known as The Archaeologist. There are Ruins of an alter that have a simple Inscription bearing his Title that says: Place your scroll here!!
Many have tried to gain entry by placing scrolls of every type on the alter. None have ever returned. Yet new unique jutsu are always supplied by a jutsu hunter.

Purpose/Goals: The development and discovery of new and Ancient Jutsu.

Unique features: A black Clock with Yin yang symbol on the back, and a white mask with green horns at the bass that faid to a pale blue on the tip.

Rankings: The Archaeologist- and Jutsu Hunters- Are the only Rankings, each member operates on his own But if summoned by The Archaeologist they are certain to be reworded with a new and powerful jutsu after the mission.

Members: concealed for their protection.

Rules:If Summoned by The Archaeologist You must show up.
         Killing members will be dealt with quickly and Harshly.
         Revealing your face to a client or any other member Is punishable by death
         If The Archaeologist is Killed the Remaining members Vote for the Title.

Code: [Select]

Don't have a logo yet and If you want to be part of this organization to PM a Jutsu hunter.

in short dice rolls.
you train your kenjutsu throw like kunai shuriken and senbon with a 3 sided dice to start
if the target shows no defence dice or attack dice is higher the attack connects
if the target shows a equal or higher value for their dice roll i.e atack shows 1 def shows 3 the attack is blocked

now both are attack and defence are trained the same way after rolling say 30 3's
they move up to a 6 sided dice after 60 6's
they move up to a 9 sidded dice
then a 12 sided
and i don't think there is a thing but computer dice rolls aren't limited to 3 dimensional objects... so there is no reason this can't keep going to 1000 sided dice.

by this time you are a jonin,you still must block(hold the block key) the kunai shuriken senbon whatever
but there is only a 1 in 8.2 chance that you cannot block it IF YOU ARE ROLLING A 24 SIDED DICE. against a noob.

you can get credit for blocking attacks in battle but its not smart to rely only on this... there should be a training ground with a npc to throw training kuni
at you so you can train dice rolls.(this is were a lot of people will probably just tape the b key down and go to lunch). you will not be able to do that with attack rolls because they must be targeted.  also the higher the number on your attack dice role i believe should impact the damage inflicted with that attack (as it would represent how close to vital organs and pressure points the attack hit)this would mean that some one that only trains in Kenjutsu would have the skill to aim for the heart or neck and inflict serious damage.with some level of chance involved.
again noobs start with a 3 sided dice not a lot of damage there.

this is ok for balance because there is still a level of luck involved and
there are other jutsu to limit the damage you take. not to mention it will train people to never underestimate a opponent

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Hit point debate
« on: January 11, 2016, 00:08:01 »
For realizam and to force strategic and serious play I have put forth a rather unique Idea no other mmorpg has ever done before... there may be a reason i'm not sure.

the hit point you have at character creation barring some jutsu affect or kekke genkai mutation, are the hit points you have for your character  for the entirety of the life of your character.

if you start with 500 life points
you will still have 500 life points at jonin or kaga levels

survivability at higher levels should not come from being able to take  multiple powerful attack because you have 300% of the life points you started with, but should be based on the skills and abilities you train your character in and the squad you work with(if any!! i know any medical or genjutsu user will want to be)

i believe this can be dune with out affecting balance because of the level of jutsu available to players from start to finish. as well as time spent training in skills such as blocking, sensory abilities, defencive ninjutsu, and taijutsu. as well as ninja tools such as smoke bombs and traps

one would obviously expect more damage out of higher level jutsu so with static hit points this leads to the possibility of a one hit KO.

this is where the debate begins

is there a middle ground here?

would it still be fun to play if hit points stayed the same?

would you want to be able to train a jutsu to a one hit point?

Since there is no rare gear or weapons to lose if you die... Is it really that big of a deal
to lose your character in a kill zone to a player of equal or similar ability?

would you be in a killzone alone?

this is a radical Idea for a MMORPG
Are we looking for ways to be different from other mmos out there?

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / chakra control system (STATS)
« on: January 10, 2016, 04:42:42 »
Skip to page two for the most updated ideas

i saw this and i wanted to bring this topic up because it is kind key to learning and executing jutsu. and something like this should be added to the current build when
you're ready to address trainable stats

a real simple way to do this is with a physical energy bar(stamina PE)
and a sprite energy bar(SE) experience in stats gets turned in to energy for these bars. see later posets(edited)and
chakra control(CC) levels :(edit- experience in this as well)
cc level mod-
.1           LV1
.2           LV2
.4           LV3
.8           LV4
1.6         LV5

PE 2000 to start
SE 2000 to start
total chakra at chakra control level 1:
 level 1=you learn to mix PE and SE to make chakra here is the equation:
(X pe+(SE x .33))cc level mod=desired chakra in bar- so if
chakra bar cap is 200 then
(1340PE+(660SE)).1=200 max molded chakra - use beginner jutsu
if you only train in chakra control then
(?PE+(SE.33)).2=400 chakra        level 2  level 1+ novice(tree climb)       
(?PE+(SE.33)).4=800 chakra        level 3 level 2 + intermediate(walk on water)
                     .8=1600 chakra       level 4  "      "    expert(your choice form or   
                                                                   nature change)                                               
                      1.6=3200 chakra      level 5 "       "    master(your choice form or
                                                                    nature change)
(these figures are only to illustrate the idea and do not represent actual game play figures, you start with a chakra bar value for the cc level and work back from there
i suggest this because we currently have a chakra bar value.)

remember that PE and SP are also trainable so the amount in the chakra bar should be a percentage of both...i will explain why in a min, but the mix should favor PE at least 2-1
and should cap out at 33% of SE. the same factors determine what jutsu you can successfully execute based on your current level of chakra control... this implies the level of concentration needed to execute that jutsu as well as provides a scaleable value for chakra.with PE and SE trainable the chakra bar will grow exponentially. IF YOU RUN OUT OF EATHER SE OR PE
this is why i added a PS at the end- but briefly it mentions molding chakra- by using 33% you insure you cant kill yourself by recovering chakra

this would also allow for taijutsu to use PE and only slightly affect chakra reserves. regeneration rates for PE should be based on stamina stat below and should continue to regenerate the total amount of the stat per sec but only while standing still. so long as you still have SE. this is to insure fast battle style.... sense the less PE a person can recover because of dodge,block or attack the more damage they will take from a weaker endurance(see hit point debate in suggestions and the equation in character stats below)

SE should only recover after you sleep or by an item. so after a battle chakra could only recover to the amount of SE you have left.. so using 33% you can replenish 3 times, either manually or not, before sleep.

(eventually i would like to see the regen rate for PE drop if you fight with low SE to long but for now we will keep it simple)

although with this set up it may be technically possible to learn all 5 chakra nature with each chakra control level i believe no more than 3 or 4 should ever be able to be mastered simply for game play and teamwork reasons.
The only exception to this i believe would be if you at the beginning of the game you inherit the village legacy then all 5 natures may be possible.
But i  like the current chakra nature plan, this gives you the option to learn more if you want.

also i believe each one of these should be the main focus of a specific type of jutsu

Taijutsu would require a higher PE value to execute combos and can be done at low levels of chakra control- my even only require PE! if they train in high enough levels of chakra control yin release ninjutsu and low level genjutsu may be available.

Ninjutsu would requires both SE and PE to master and require varying levels of chakra control based on the skill needed for the jutsu and chakra consumption. here is where you can add yin and yang release to the mix...literally... a yin release would use more SE than PE and a yang release more PE than SE.

Genjutsu is doesn't require much if any PE at all It is solely a Yin release. however unlike ninjutsu the level of genjutsu are based on your chakra control and do not take as much chakra to execute. however since SE does not recover like PE it has its risks. but this is also why i believe genjutsu can be strong. and so they are not at a complete disadvantage maybe there should be a tree skill that converts PE to SP at a rate of say                10  -  1 to start trainable, also this means less pure chakra to us regular ninjutsu to attack with, only yang release attacks should be available to genjutsu users.

for this system of jutsu to work- basic jutsu that wont use much chakra can just function off of the system in place now.but high level or yin yang release jutsu will need to be programed with a PE and SE consumption value! In order to even be available, the caster must have at least the programed PE and SE +1 values in there reserves and the requisite cc level to be able to activate the jutsu .since i only expect there will be a chakra bar in the upper corner, a list of jutsu you know at the bottom of the screen( you can still activate with the reserves of PE and SE you have )should be available so you know if you need to address a stats level in battle. through items like medical herbs-food pills or adrenaline.

this whole system can be worked back from the chakra level you already have in the current build. (cc level mod-.1 LV1,.2 LV2,.4LV3,.8LV4,1.6 LV5)(X pe+(SE x .33))cc level mod=currant chakra in bar- after you get the values round PE up to nerarest whole number and SE you need to multiply by 3 and round up to nearest whole number.
all skills can be worked of a % final values or current values of PE and SE and chakra control levels- each CC level should be assigned a numerical value for each level.

so here is what i think a character stat sheet should look like after creation:
health: set value
endurance=beginner (Total PE available)x.1=damage reduction
Total SE Stat=____- Intelligence, charizma, Imagination
           optional %'s   40/30/20    30/40/20    30/30/60
Total PE Stat=____strength,     Stamina,    dexterity/block.
           optional %'s 60/40/30    20/30/40     20/30/30
CC=level 1
chakra bar total:________
chakra nature= wind
       mission items

I apologize for the length of this  but i just want my ideas to be as clear as possible.

PS.i know that no one wants to have to mold chakra manually
but with this system it does not need to be that manual. one key could activate a animation of a one hand sign that simply does some math to fill a chakra bar, based on your chakra control level..

if you are not moving to do this PE regeneration can work at the same time. i suggest that this can be done while moving but one must be careful because you could pass out...potentially... if you run out of PE

this would be advantages for 3 reasons.

1. stealth- most scenery ninja bass there ability on sensing chakra-
no chakra means blind- so i propose a way to discharge all molded chakra
just one keystroke to bring chakra bar to 0.and reintegrate resources back to reserves.

2. ninjutsu can use less premolded chakra then if activated without it based off of the level of chakra control.

3.spending time molding chakra gives you another way to train chakra control

here is how a ninjutsu could work without premolded chakra-
CHIDORI jutsu info
master level jutsu-cc mod 1.6
molded activation 200 chakra (number from 1.0.8 version)
unmolded activation 150 PE and 100 SE= 400 chakra
needed unmolded+1
IF  3             +                  9                 +                   8  =molded(out of
then 150 PE       +         100 SE    =      250 TE    x      1.6 cc =unmolded
                                                               Total Energy
using a simple if then code you could make pre molded chakra the default source of the the jutsu and  unmolded the back up so long as the character has the unmolded values +1 in reserve. as you can see in battle it would be twice as hard or more to mold chakra and activate a jutsu then if activating it out of molded chakra. because of the added difficulty of programming these jutsu with this ability maybe only high level jutsu should have this ability to start.  Again the values here are only for illustrative purposes testing would be needed to get a balanced game play. this should also be a learned skill based on intelligence.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / PVP-PVE-RP
« on: January 03, 2016, 05:54:58 »
I hadn't seen anything like this out there yet and i was just curious what the majority of the people on the forum what the game play to focus on.

personally if i had to pic only one i would say pvp but this game is unique in that with both villages and clans and organizations you have an opportunity to use them for different purposes

pvprs may want to stay around the villages and complete mission against other villages or  hunt rogues and the like

RPe players my want to totally immerse themselves in there clan carrying out missions and professions to earn rep for there clan and build there clan to the rank of legendary shinobi like the senju and uchiha clans

pve players in my opinion don't really belong in the shinobi world for they are not willing to put there life on the line for anything or anyone there content killing npc that 9 times out of 10 are weaker then you

but for the purposes of this poll you will only get one vote and you will not be able to change it.

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