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Shinobi Life Online Character / Star Shizen
« on: January 02, 2016, 05:13:51 »

Name: Real name Unknown goes by Star Shizen
Weight:105 lbs
Hairstyle:short long bangs
Facial hair:none
Hair color:red
Eye color:green
Blood type:c+
Primary chakra nature:water
Hidden Village:hidden forest
Good or evil at heart?:good

Description of the character's personality:good sense of humor, but stoic most of the time,takes herself to seriously most of the time.not quick tempered but explosive and out of control  when she is angry(you would not like her when she is angry)

Description of the character's history:thought to be the last descendant of the Shizen clan she is obsessed with returning  her clan to its former might. her parents abandoned her to save her from the raid on the clan...the Shizen have a unusual blood type that is not from this world and has the ability to bond with metals. if a blade absorbs all the blood it will be bestowed with that clan members chakra nature. stars entire clan was hunted to near extinction because of this ability. The only keep sake she has from her parents is a Wrist Cleaver that belonged to her mother.

Games / Chuck Norris VS The most Interesting man in the world
« on: December 28, 2015, 06:19:12 »
the ultimate match up... here is how it go's cast your vote for how wins and post your favorite quotes
for ether one how ever gets the most votes wins entries must be in by Jan. 1st

ill kick it of with :
The most interesting man in the world

"He once won a staring contest with his own reflection"

"He can speak Russian… in French"

"Once a rattlesnake bit him, after 5 days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died"

"His signature won a Pulitzer"

"He gave his father "the talk""


i have no idea IF THIS WILL WORK BUT if this works its all but the dust and shockwave.... i got nothing for them.... you should be able to tell witch is witch just by looking at them and there real simple like something you could scratch with a kuni

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / hand signs and style jutsu
« on: December 19, 2015, 17:08:15 »
so if i understand correctly currently the plane is to use 1 through = on the keyboard for using hand signs and that some were in the ui eventually these will be customizable to the style jutsu you use

the signs are named from the chinese callander years : rat ,ox
       tiger ,rabbit,  dragon, horse,  serpent, ram, monkey, bird,
                      dog                            boar

as there are no copy right laws against using these names the only thing
we would have to come up with is different actual hand configurations

but as many of you know some of these signs directly correlate to specific chakra natures such as
tiger for fire and serpent for earth bird for wind and rat for water and rabbit for lightning

from what i can tell most chakra nature jutsu end in one of these 5 signs respectively
dose anyone think that these should be the  signs used for all jutsu of a specific nature so that the discerning eye can identify what jutsu there using???

thought comments or just tell me to shut up

General Discussion / Shogi
« on: December 16, 2015, 21:04:15 »
Ok so it doesn't play a huge role in naruto but I was introduced to the game because of naruto and now I love it!!!! If anyone else plays there is a good app for the iPhone called board lounge the down side is there are no universal  symbol  only  Japanese symbols. But if you know how to play you can play others any time...

For those that aren't familiar with the game it is much like chess you have a king you need to protect but in like chess you do not have an all powerful queen instead you have two gold generals and two silver generals  2 Knights 1 bishop 1 rook and 2 lances
And like chess a hole row of pawns the board is 9X9 instead of 8x8
Everything till now is very simpler to chess
The  major difference come with promoted  pieces  And captured pieces

Promoted pieces are as fallows

Pawns to gold
Knights to golds
Lances to gold
Rooks gain 1 space diagonal
Bishops gain rooks 1 space
Silver to gold
And gold to  either rook or bishop i think or maybe they will  not promote
This is kinda like kings in checkers but work moving in or out of the opponent's home rows

I think it's bin a little while since I played and am a little rusty

When you capture a enemy piece on your next turn you can place it in a appropriate spot anywhere on the board you can only have 1 pawn per  column  thus increasing your attack strength and  weakening their defense... Love this about the game and makes for a nearly endless set of strategies
you can not put a pawn on the board to checkmate but you can with any other captured piece

If I got something wrong post here or if you have any questions let me know

Also what do you think about eventually including a mini game of Shogi in the finale game to train spiritual energy and or study exp I forget what's planned for training mind...

Also to train mind there's sudoku.  I just think there should be other ways besides using jutsu!!!

Is this a free for all game or is there a level of team  strategy? I only aske because if it's based on naruto then missions should be carried out in teams of 3-4. Train and side qusets can be done on your own obviously....
But to advance in your  Village and gain titles genine chunine Janine Kaga
You must complete missions of different  difficulties and prove your capabilities!So will missions be team  based, of will there be solo missions??

I would like to see team missions only
But I can see some players being frustrated with that...when they want to move up and can't get a group to do that last mission they need to take the chunine exams!!!!

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