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General Discussion / Re: The Meaning
« on: June 30, 2017, 02:19:45 »
Getting real sick and tired of these topics, ngl...

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Re: Schedule
« on: June 28, 2017, 11:45:16 »
What you are not understanding is yes, they signed up for this but are they getting paid for signing up? No. So they can't commit to such a tight schedule because they have rent to pay, jobs irl and lives to lead such as exams, family and more. This is not some organised, funded game dev team. It is a group of people coming together to make a project with little donations and their own pockets and time. If the project actually gets backers or to the point where it can get backers then we can talk tight scheduled updates but for now it is not possible. what you are asking is something that will happen in the MMO release or at least at a stage of some sort of alpha with a monthly funding.

Though we would all like a tighter schedule, you just can't simply ask that of the devs without knowing the actual hardship of making a game with a small team that aren't getting paid for their time at this point. Be patient and considerate of their situations.

General Discussion / Re: Kenjutsu 1v1
« on: June 27, 2017, 20:19:37 »
May I join? @taigakun

Not a game and even if it would be, it looks garbage :p
Pretty much what Remi said ^

If it is not real like others have said, you should probably do some research next time before plastering the forums with other possible projects. Also, consider the rule of "No Advertising" before posting another possible project.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Chunin event
« on: June 14, 2017, 12:27:18 »
This. Has. Been. Planned. Please. Read. Around. The. Forums. Before. Posting. Thanks.

General Discussion / Re: BTS Is Fucking Dope
« on: June 11, 2017, 17:09:42 »
Have I found my people?

Reason for the post and what this post is.
Because I am unable to raise my postcount through any other means than reviving these dead-ass posts from 2015 I am making a new one. I'm still dumb as fuck. :ddddddd

FTFY. Please show up at your local vet in order to be neutered.
Yo dawg I heard you like razor blades. @m4r1us

General Discussion / Re: Is God real
« on: June 11, 2017, 17:03:00 »
Post your opinion in a respectful manner. Hopefully a mature debate will start.
@Shivraj I'm not salty or anything but I actually want this discussion.
I'll try and counter any argument disregarding the existance of god
I would hope he isn't if I were you, I heard he has an aversion to beta cucks. Please show up at your local vet in order to be neutered.
Look at this ancient, has-been, degenerate clown trying to start drama on SLO again. XD

I would hope he isn't if I were you, I heard he has an aversion to beta cucks. Please show up at your local vet in order to be neutered.

I would say kys, but you already tried @m4r1us :/
LOOOOOL +Rep. Careful though, you might bring back some PTSD for the guy.

General Discussion / Re: BTS Is Fucking Dope
« on: June 11, 2017, 04:00:54 »
Yo they're easy to get hooked onto lmao.
Catchy as fuck, everything about them tbh.

General Discussion / Re: What would happen in Tenten met Sasuke?
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:11:17 »
kakashi could've persuaded him probz as well since he had done that before.

This is where I think the anime lacks a lot, so many things could have been prevented if people acted as they usually do but for some reason when they're needed the most they are just passive.

Seems like a poetic metaphor for life though. so many things could be prevented in life if so and so was here or there at this or that time but life doesn't plan out like that. But we can always ponde rIF it could of happened. I don't think Anime is lacking because of it.

I believe anime is being realistic when having these events unfold and sometimes the ones who are needed most aren't there to prevent a tragedy or an outcome but, again, it doesn't mean we can't wonder "what if".

(I know you never said we couldn't wonder or anything, just letting you know that anime is not lacking because of bad/sad plot lines. From your recent arguments I wanted to make sure You don't misinterpret anything I have said or get too sensitive.)

General Discussion / Re: What would happen in Tenten met Sasuke?
« on: June 09, 2017, 13:26:02 »
kakashi could've persuaded him probz as well since he had done that before.
True shit actually. But I feel Kakashi hadn't much else to say to convince him at that point. I feel Tenten definitely had the potential to do so though as she is the only female who wasn't gaga over him. She could of dragged him back by force if need be too.
(Btw,I don't ship Tenten with Sasuke, I actually like the end canon of Naruto relationships.)

General Discussion / Re: BTS Is Fucking Dope
« on: June 09, 2017, 13:11:24 »
Boy bands have the reputation to more or less,create mainstream music that usually hasnt a lot of meaning.
The fact that they are a boy band+the videos you posted,are more than enough to,,judge''them.
Also,teens are easily manipulated,especially young girls.
Thats why managers try to get a group of pretty boys together,to make money out of this,its not rocket science.
And no.....not every song has a meaning,there are boy bands who dont write their own songs,they just use songs written by other people,for some easy money,because they know that their fans will buy pretty much everything.
About BTS:I was reading that they write MOST of their songs,but not all of them.

If i cant judge a band based on their videos,how should i judge them then?
Nearly everything about them is,,the generic boy band stuff''.
Call me a hipster if you want,if im a hipster because i dont want to listen to boring mainstream music and,,artists''who are just after a fast money grab,then yes,im a hipster and im completely fine with beeing one :)
Its normal that people want something extraordinary,if everything is the same(as in,the same mainstream stuff ),it gets boring over time.
Though,thats not the only reason why i dislike this boy group,i simply dont like the music and their voices,mainstream or not.
There are better bands out there,and they would deserve the attention that those boy groups get.

Im also not dissing them.
You asked for oppinions,if you think im judgemental for stating my oppinion when asked to do so,alright.
Its simply critic,i dont like the music,i dont like their voices and i dont like their lyrics or the whole marketing concept.
Its also not just,,personal preference'',their marketing concept IS questionable,along with the actual talent of most boy groups:

,,Due to this and their general commercial orientation towards a female audience of preteens, teenyboppers, or teens, the term may be used with negative connotations in music journalism.''
-Wikipedia(yea i just quoted wikipedia)

TLDR version:
I dont listen to music with extraordinary lyrics all the time,yea im guilty.
But the problem with BTS is not only that they are mainstream oriented,really.
Its that they are mainstream oriented AND are not that good,medicore,perhaps.
One reason why,is their lack of rhytm,or that their songs are not memorable and leave a lasting impact(im not talking about lyrics or dance moves now),like i wrote before.
Youre free to disagree with me,but there is no need to get defensive and imply im a,,hipster wannabee''or that i have no clue about music,because
i have the feeling it will lead this discussion into a dissrespectful direction,and i would like to avoid that.
All my arguments have been directed at the band,not at you.

I'm not defensive about it xD
I was stating my opinon of yours. Thanks for your long winded opinion :)
I do listen to kpop occasionally and I know BTS.
Tbh, what I like from BTS is their choreography and I like the scene composition and the cinematic feel in most of their MV.

If you like rap music you can try this

Saaaaame dude. My exact feeling too. Their choreography is dope af and it is probably one of the main reasons I like them along with their rappers.
Will give the songs you linked a listen when I got some free time too and let you know what I think.

General Discussion / What would happen in Tenten met Sasuke?
« on: June 09, 2017, 00:23:34 »
If Tenten saw Sasuke before he left the village, do you think she could of persuaded him to stay unlike Sakura? Because even I would leave a village if Sakura tried to hold me back.

General Discussion / Re: OMG [Ben 10 vs Sage of Six Paths]
« on: June 09, 2017, 00:11:41 »
Obviously Ben 10.
He would own anyone from Naruto by just being Ben.
Make the battle a bit fair next time so anime characters will stand a chance pl0x.
+Rep these fights seem too unfair tbh. Who's fighting next though? and wouldn't Ben side with Obito? I feel Ben sides with the idea of making a perfect world to protect the people in a childish way like Obito was trying to put across, y'kno?

General Discussion / Re: BTS Is Fucking Dope
« on: June 09, 2017, 00:01:53 »

Yes,the translation may be a problem.
But i got to say,i listened to other asian bands,and was able to understand the lyrics and the meaning behind it.
BTS uses some methaphors/wordplay to describe things,i simply dont think that those are good enough,or that the thematic they are used for,is worth it.
The last video you posted,isnt that bad,lyric-wise and i understood the meaning,but i have seen better.

,,I can understand why you wouldn't though, as you aren't a big fan of rap (Or much music in general it seems.) and probably lack the ability or effort to try that.''

Like i said,im not a fan of rap,but i am a fan of music.
Pretty much my whole family is into music(my dad also earned money with his music).
But in my eyes,BTS is just a overhyped boy band that gets attention for their looks/mainstream thematics/marketing/dancing/interviews but not because of the music itself,i dont even know if they write all of their songs themself.
Its like when gangnam style became popular....this happened because PSY is a good entertainer,thats what he is good at.
As for my personal preference of music:Power metal,rock,punk(not much anymore),jazz,classical music....i dont care how they look or if they can dance,or have a cool backstory,i simply want to listen to good music and i have no problem with taking time to find out a songs meaning and read about it-if i actually enjoy that song and think the lyrics are worth it.
For example,i like songs about society and its norms and hypocrisy,or things that people usually dont talk about.
A good story,is fine as well,as long as its nothing generic that you would hear on the radio everyday anyway.

With 20,youre older than the target audience,thats right.
Still....i really doubt you would listen to it in 5 years ;)
The reason why i said,,growing out of'',is that this kind of music isnt simply aiming for a certain group of people,who like a certain style of music.
Its aiming for young people(mostly girls who adore the band members).
When people get older,they usually dont have much use for the topics/style of those bands,and there is a reason why boy bands are generally young.

But youre welcome to prove me wrong.
Lets stay in contact,and in 5 years,you let me know if you still listen to them ;D

Just because a musician has a backstory/dance moves etc doesn't mean their music is bad. And from your last post I figured you said you didn't like music. Yes, they do write their own songs actually and tbh you shouldn't say an artists song has no meaning. If you can't see a meaning it just means you can't understand it. I personally believe every musican has a meaning behind their music if they are serious. (Even screamo scum have a meaning even if I disagree their music can even be classed as music.)

End of the day it is preference. If you think they are "an overhyped boy band that gets attention for their looks/mainstream thematics/marketing/dancing/interviews" just from listening to the songs I sent, then that's your opinion. Personally I feel that is a little judgy without actually knowing much about them but that's just me I guess. I am not one to go too deep into dissing musicians just from a handful of their songs. xD
Ty for your opinion regardless. Even if you do come across as some hipster wannabe trying to avoid the "mainstream" like it is a plague. Also, everyone I know who liked them have been late teens. But hey-ho. I don't judge a musician by age range? Seems more like a hipster wannabe thing to do than someone into music for music. :P

@Snoopy I know SHINee and G Dragon, both also very good <3

Introduction / Re: Introducing myself
« on: June 08, 2017, 16:11:16 »
Welcome to the forums man. I hope you enjoy your stay in this BR hell. If you have any other questions about the game or site, drop me a PM. I am more helpful than Nova. ;)
Nah, seriously though, if you need anything just message me or some other helpful nerd here. <3

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