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Author Topic: Manuster *******-Tsukegami (Chapter 19)  (Read 13887 times)

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #60 on: January 10, 2017, 14:29:01 »
It dawned on Zama that the scars that covered the mans skin were all names and he shuddered as a chill passed down his spine.
Chills maan... them chills :3

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #61 on: January 10, 2017, 16:16:23 »
Come on manuster im w8ing for the next chapteeeeeeeeer. Come on man...
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #62 on: January 10, 2017, 20:23:47 »
Come on manuster im w8ing for the next chapteeeeeeeeer. Come on man...

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #63 on: January 15, 2017, 23:58:00 »
Last Time:
Spoiler: show
Itsuki and Hachemon Himiitsu have problems initiating the second stage of StarShizen's plan.
Zama's tasked with leaking more information to Reminance to gain his trust.
Kazuki wakes up to find in an unknown environment, only to be drugged back to sleep again.

Part 10

Itsuki opened his eyes to find himself looking down a dark vertical tunnel. His initial panic came to an end as he remembered where he was.

"Oh no no no, fuck fuck fuck..." repeated Itsuki to himself as the panic set in once again. Itsuki scuttled into a sitting position and dug into his bag, taking out a watch and whimpering at the time.

"How the fuck did I fall asleep??" he asked himself as he began to hurry back up the tunnel.

Vuregu flew through the lower statrosphere, pushing his chakra and lungs to the maximum in a strained effort to reach the Hidden Snow in time.

"If what Rayzote told me is true..." he mumbled to himself. "They're right about to walk into a trap..."

Itsuki reached the top of the tunnel far easier than his initial attempt. As he poked his head over the top, his jaw dropped in amazement. The tunnel opened up to an immensely large cavern, electric lights hung on the wall at head height every 10 meters, however the cavern was nothing more than 10 feet high. Itsuki had emerged next to one of the walls, and could barely see across to the opposite wall, a fact he attributed to both the sheer size of the cavern and the thick smoke that hung in the air. As Itsuki stood up and stretched out his stiff back, he spotted another hole in the ground, just about 50 metres along the wall to his right, identical to the one that he had just climbed out of. What was different however was the blood on the wall right behind it. Itsuki turned to his left and sure enough there was a tunnel there too, also with blood stains on the wall behind.

Itsuki immediatly cloaked his chakra and lowering into a crouch, made his way round the cavern, stopping every 50 metres to look into the tunnels. 6 tunnels later and Itsuki had thrown up 4 times, there were scenes of an attack, or rather an ambush, at every single tunnel. To confirm his worst fears, dead bodies could be found hanging on the safety nets every time Itsuki peeked in. It was as if the enemy had waited at the exits and attacked them the  very second the tunnels were opened.

" Who?" As Itsuki retched at the 7th tunnel, he fell to his knees, tears passing down his face. He couldn't count the number of familiar faces he had seen. Each and every one of them had put their faith in StarShizens plan and it had cost them their life.

Confused, distrubed and conflicted, Itsuki rose to his feet, swearing revenge on whoever was resonsble. He cast a wind style jutsu to clear the thick smoke, exposing half the cavern into bright, white light. A single, limping, figure, walking away from Itsuki could be seen. The figure took two more steps, the sound of hiking boots against the stone floor creating a dull, ringing echo before stopping, and in a familiar voice, saying;

"Ahhh....thought you'd never make it...fatso."

Vuregu lowered into the troposhere as he approached the Hidden Snow, he turned off his Thunder God Eyes in one eye, restoring his vision to a satisfactory level.

Despite the ability to freely wield both water and lightning, his Kekkei Genkai had the drawback of harshly reducing his eyesight when in use. Despite the disadvantage, Vuregu was pretty happy with it, the alternative was the late Kage of Morigakure's KKG that reduced the user's vision permanently instead. Vuregu scanned the surroundings for any sign of Onimaro Himitsu or Shishida Amigake.

He spotted two resembling figures towards the east of the village, they seemed to be with 2 other shinobi, a female, short in stature and a shinobi dressed in Hidden Dust clothing. As Vuregu changed his course,  hundreds of shinobi appeared on the mountains surrounding the Hidden Snow. Amazed at first, Vuregu had to get closer to realise that it was a Genjutsu.

"Damn...fooled me..." muttered Vuregu to himself.

He was only about 100 meters away from Onimaro when the shinobi dressed in Dust clothing, attacked the other three. Onimaro was stabbed in the lower back and stunned with what appeared to be an electric device, the short, female shinobi, had a kunai jammed into the back of her neck and as Shisida reacted to the attack, the Dust shinobi - whom Vuregu could now make out as a Sabaku - cast an earth style jutsu that blew the others back by 10 meters.

Onimaro fell down the west face of the mountain while the shorter shinobi rolled down the east, knowing that he could only save one, Vuregu accelerated past Crono Sabaku, throwing a charged kunai in his direction as he picked up Onimaro inches before he made contact with a sharp rock.

"Oni! Onimaro!" Vuregu slapped the older shinobi's face before drawing water from the air around him and splashing it into his face. Onimaro immediatly woke up, coughing water out of his nose. Vuregu had set him down at the base of the mountain and flown back up before Onimaro could even ask him how he'd got here.

"You traitourous bastard!" roared Shishida Amigake as she pummelled an earth dome with wood style jutsu. Rectangular trunks of wood rose from the ground and slammed into the earth dome from all sides as Vuregu reached the mountain top once more.

"Errr..." said Vuregu "need a bit of help?" Shishida's relentless attack didn't stop and her skin darkened as she entered Sage Mode.

"Thanks Vuregu, but I got this" said Shishida as both the speed and intensity of her attacks tripled. "Crono said something suspicous about Stage 2 of the plan...he wasn't even briefed about it but can you check..." asked Shishida.  The earth dome crumbled and Crono Sabaku was slammed into the ground with a wooden pillar. He smiled through cracked teeth before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

"Dammit...but he can't be far" muttered Shishida, she closed her eyes and sat in a meditating position. The ground around her came to life as grass and plants sprung out of the earth. A dull hum escaped from her body as she channelled nature energy to the world around her.  "Got him" smiled Shishida as she sprang to her feet. She glanced at Vuregu's hovering body.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" shouted Shishida as she ran off after the Katakiuchi's new Envy.

In what seemed like an eternity, the figure turned around, locking eyes with the frozen Itsuki.

"Ha...Hachemon! You're alive!" Itsuki ran forward, tears of happiness his eyes. He took two steps before he came to a realisation.

"Er...Hachemon..." The older shinobi laughed at Itsuki's surprise, the yellow pupil of his red eyes rotating as he let out a twisted smile. Itsuki shook his head in disbelief, the peril of his situation sinking in.

"Oh and Zama, when you get back, we'll start on dispatching the Inferno Kage...I think you're just about ready to take his place."

Kamiko Himitsu stiffened as her worst fears were confirmed. She peeked open her eyes to watch Zama leave the dungeons, glancing into the cell to her right, she saw Taiga tightly gripping the bars, glaring at Nanami Kirishima with unfevered hatred. The pair were imprisoned in the depths of an unknown building after having used the dead Kage of the Ash's teleporting kunai to interrupt the Katakiuchi meeting. As the door was closed behind Zama, Konohuro continued his conversation with the Hidden Snow Kage.

"You weren't kidding, the guy does look like he's been through alot" joked Konohuro, he then lowered himself to his knees and looked at Taiga Himitsu.

"I saw him die right before my he survived and recovered enough to kill only son...." Nanami's voice caught as emotion flooded into her, however her face remained a picture of hate.

"I think it's only fair to say that we kill him this time. For good." she concluded.

"Hmmm" replied Konohuro, deep in thought. " say he died before your very eyes?"
"Yes, what of it?" replied an angsty Nanami.

"Well, don't you wonder how he came back to life'?" asked Konohuro with a sarcastic edge to his voice.

"Errr..." was all Nanami could say in response. Konohuro turned back to Taiga, whose gaze had been focused on Nanami the entire time.

"Well, Taiga, don't you think that kinda information is worth sharing?" Taiga's gaze remained on Nanami as he talked.

"I've told you people, I was treated by a medic. I don't know who, I was dead." Konohuro grabbed Taiga's jaw and turned it towards him.

"Look at me when you talk to me" demanded Konohuro. His voice had lowered an octave and his grip threatened to crush Taiga's jaw. Slowly, Taiga tore away his glare and stared Konohuro in the eyes.

"Leave. Me." demanded Taiga in an equally threatening tone. Konohuro's face switched to surprise before he burst out in laughter.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, you can't be more than 20, so let me clear this up for you. You're in a dungeon. I am your captor. I make the demands. And you obey. So if you don't want me to end your miserable life right this moment, tell me who resurrected you."

Taiga Himitsu stared at Konohuro for a few seconds and spat in his face. Konohuro tightened his hand and crushed Taiga's jaw, before standing up and wiping the saliva off his face. Kamiko shut her eyes once again as Konohuro glanced in her direction.

"Kamiko, is it? You're not particularly good at're holding your breath" said Konohuro. Kamiko let out a breath and recalled her ANBU training to calm herself down.

A young shinobi strolled in, a young male with silver hair and a large sage scroll on his back, with a swagger that exuded confidence but also a calm cool.

"Yup, Kono I got the info, Ima be real quick cause I got a date in like half an hour. But basically no one in the Himitsu clan has seen Taiga so you're probably right about Mika being the 'Hand of God'. Anyways Arashi's out bitches." the young shinobi turned around and left just as suddenly, and with as exaggerated a walk as he had entered. Nanami shook her head and put no attempt to hide the disdain in her voice.

"Where do you find these Yugure?" Konohuro scoffed in response, turned to Taiga once more and tossed a smoke bomb into his cell. He walked off with Nanami at his heels, fuming that Konohuro had spared her son's murderer.

Over the sound of Taiga's coughing, Kamiko could make out Konohuro's voice saying something, something that made Taiga sit up straight and his eyes widen. Taiga slammed his fist into the ground, and Konohuro let out a piercing laugh that echoed through the dungeons. The metal door slammed and the laughter was cut off; as Kamiko waved away the smoke, and Taiga's coughing died down, the dungeons once again settled into an eerie silence.

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #64 on: January 16, 2017, 13:17:56 »
Woooo... getting on to something!

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #65 on: January 16, 2017, 13:45:50 »
I start giving that idea of becoming really that evil a second thought.

Very enjoyable chapter, as always.

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #66 on: January 16, 2017, 17:00:22 »
You really know how to do this shit.
Just red all the other chapters as well, it's pretty damn awesome.
  • Character Name: Kazmaru Himitsu
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #67 on: January 16, 2017, 20:54:26 »
really good stuff Manu, well done.
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #68 on: January 25, 2017, 06:55:55 »
Last Time:
Spoiler: show
Itsuki arrives at the scene of Stage 2 of StarShizen's plan only to find all of his comrades had been slaughtered. Except for Hachemon.
Vuregu reaches Onimaro and Shishida and StarShizen just as Crono attacks them.
Konohuro confronts Taiga about who resurrected him, but Taiga doesn't reveal anything. Arashi Himitsu returns from reconnaissance and confirms it was the famed "Hand of God".

Part 11

Itsuki stared at Hachemon, taking in the battle worn sight in front of him. Hachemon was dressed in standard combat gear of the Hidden Thunder with the flat bottomed sandals replaced with hiking boots and the addition of blood stained gloves. There was a kunai wound just above his right knee and his long, brown hair was partially burnt. A layer of dust had also seemed to settle on his face, and yet the Chuunin smirked with demonic confidence.
"You don't have any dojutsu" said Itsuki, staring at the rotating yellow spokes of Hachemon's eyes.

"Well" smiled Hachemon, "I clearly do." Hachemon spread his arms out and without the casting of a single jutsu, dozens of clones appeared.

"Shadow clones? You can cast shadow clones without any signs?" Itsuki's body flooded with relief at the revelation.

"You really think I killed all these people with just shadow clones?" whispered a voice behind his ear. Itsuki jumped and threw several shuriken, hitting Hachemon right in the face. The clone fell to its knees, smiled and disappeared in a poof of smoke. Itsuki looked up to see that he was surrounded by a ring of several hundred clones.

"Okay, I see how it can be useful now..." muttered Itsuki, his muscles tensing up once again. "But...once I find the real you..."

"And that's where you're wrong boy" said one of the Hachemons, every single clone vanished except for one that was right by Itsuki's side. Hachemon tapped Itsuki's shoulder.

"Hey" Itsuki jumped again, before retreating and holding up two kunai.

"Ahaha, hey we haven't started fighting yet. I just want to show you something." Hachemon gestured around, "As you can see, I'm the only Hachemon" A clone appeared by his side, took out a kunai and stabbed the real Hachemon in the chest. As the real Hachemon fell to his knees and coughed up blood, he pointed to the clone and gasped a few words to Itsuki.

"'s the real...Hachemon." before disappearing into a cloud of smoke. The clone, now the real Hachemon smiled a smile of genuine happiness as Itsuki realised just how deadly the ability was.

"Oh, I'll never get tired of that look" grinned Hachemon, he vanished and for the third time whispered into Itsuki's ears. "This is basically teleportation" Itsuki didn't even react this time. This was an ability he had never even heard about, he had no idea how to even begin strategising against it.

During Himitsu's early history, numerous clans had migrated to the Hidden Thunder to seek safety, the only requirement was that the clan abandoned their name and took that of Himitsu's. Several of these clans had had Kekkei Genkai but true to Himitsu's name, the abilities were kept a 'secret'. Over a thousand years later and the original Himitsu were indistinguishable from the adopted clans. Itsuki concluded Hachemon's abilities must have been one of those secrets that were lost to time. He laughed at the irony of it, at least 100 Himitsu Chuunin were involved in this attack, each and every one slain by someone their ancestors had helped.

Accpeting his fate, he fell to his knees and lowered his head, beckoning an execution.

"Hahahah, you know as tempting as that is..." Hachemon appeared in front of him and lifted up Itsuki's head, staring him dead in the eyes. "I want to see you suffer", Hachemon smiled, drawing out the next words "...just like your brother did."

Itsuki clenched his jaw.

"Do you know how I managed to get this wound on my thigh?" asked Hachemon, "your brother." he replied, answering his own question.

"The kid managed to attack each and every single one of my clones at the same time" there was an edge of admiration to Hachemon's voice.

"Some powerful ninja he was, kinda reminds you of Kuria doesn't he?" he grinned at the memory of the battle. "Shame I had to cut it short."

The feeling of defeat left Itsuki's body just as quickly as it has entered and his face contorted as he tightened his fist, "You basta-" his insult was cut off by a kick to his side that sent him sprawling across the ground. As he rolled onto his knees another kick was aimed at his head. Itsuki slumped to the ground, motionless.

"Oh come on...really? Just two kicks?" laughed Hachemon as he hobbled over to Itsuki.

Haruko Tsukegami groaned as he woke up to a pounding headache. The last thing he remembered was struggling for air inside Ken's signature jutsu. He opened his eyes and looked around, he appeared to be in a white room of sorts. A machine stood by his side, pumping unknown fluids into his arm. Another beeping machine was to his right, keeping track of his vitals. He pulled off the white duvet and noticed he was dressed in a white hospital gown.

"This isn't Hill..." muttered Haruko to himself, the leader of the ANBU rubbed his temple as the banging in his head grew louder. He pulled out the needle and hopped off the bed onto a cold, white, marble floor. In a half-filled bucket in a corner were several bloody rags, as Haruko hobbled over to inspect them the door burst open and a young, scared-looking teenage boy ran in, covered in a white robe.

"Oh no, no, no no" the boy ran over to a white cooler and took out a blue syringe. Haruko stared at him, raising up his hand to stop him as the boy took several anxious steps in his direction.

"Oh no you don't kid." Haruko stood up to his full height in an effort to demonstrate his authority. "I think you know who I am, whereas I, know nothing of you or..." Haruko gestured to his surroundings, "where I am. So naturally, I've got a few questions."  The boy didn't get a chance to speak before the door burst open once more, this time an angry-looking woman, somewhere in her 30's appeared, also dressed in a white robe and white shoes.

"Where'd tha-" she stopped her sentence halfway as she stared at Haruko, she glanced at the boy, then back to Haruko, then to the boy again.

"Oh you fucker, you gave him the green injection didn't you." In response the boys eyes only seemed to double in size and with shaking hands, he offered the blue syringe to his superior.

"Yeah, like he's going to let us use that now" she responded sarcastically. The woman began digging in the pockets of her white robe as Haruko took the opportunity to speak.

"Excuse me madam, I'm sure you're aware of my identity. Needless to say, I have several questions to ask, because when I'm found, and they will find me. Things may not spell out too well for you. So you may want to get on my good side." The woman took out a folded sheet of paper and opened it up, scanning the pages for something with a finger.

"Excuse me madam, I don't want to ha-" the woman put up a finger to silence Haruko.

"Firstly Haruko, you died; they think you're dead. Secondly, you're no more the Head of the Hidden Hill ANBU so I doubt the search for your body is that serious. Thirdly..." the woman began reading from the sheet of paper, speaking words that sounded familiar to Haruko but words he also didn't understand. As Haruko opened up his mouth to ask a question, he felt a sharp, aching pain in both his head and abdomen. The headache he had been suffering before came back several times stronger and as Haruko fell to the ground, he knocked over the white, rag filled bucket; spilling it's contents on the floor. For the first time since his fight with Ken, Haruko was stricken in fear as a large amount of blood, sealing tags and unidentified human remains spread across the shiny white floor. As his consciousness faded he heard the woman scream for the boy to get a mop and clean the mess but only one thought went through Haruko's mind.

"What did they do to me?"

Itsuki slumped to the ground, turning away from Hachemon, he hid his hands behind body, and used the opportunity to cast several wind style jutsu.

"Oh come on...really? Just two kicks?" laughed Hachemon as he hobbled over to Itsuki. As he raised his foot to place it on Itsuki's torso, he was knocked off balance by Itsuki's backward swinging foot before being blown back by a wind bullet. Itsuki gave no chance for Hachemon to recover, hitting him with an assortment of kunai and shuriken. After a short pause, the wounded body vanished and Hachemon walked out of the fog. 

"Wha..?" said Itsuki. He had cleared the mist with a jutsu but it had subtly crept back, reducing his vision to no more than 20 meters in all directions.

"I get it can only create a clone where you can see. I bet you've got clones scattered all around dropping smoke bombs. Keeping up a mist allows you to keep extras out of view" Itsuki said to the Hachemon facing him.

"Hmph. And what are you going to do about it?" Itsuki responded by casting another jutsu.

"Wind Style: Defense Sphere!" Itsuki held the Ram sign as winds whipped into a sphere around him. The sphere grew and the winds picked up speed. Hachemon watched on, a  curious look on his face.

"Defense Sphere: Push" Itsuki changed his sign to Monkey and the sphere pushed outwards, pushing the mist back several hundred metres. Hachemon responded with a slow clap.

"Nice and all, but your brother's was about twice as big." Itsuki looked around, the sheer size of the cavern meant that his jutsu hadn't reached the opposite wall. Fortunately, the circular wall had been exposed behind him, giving him a vague idea of his location.

"So....what now?" asked Hachemon. Itsuki didn't respond, both shinobi stared at each other for a while before charging at each other. As Itsuki ducked and aimed an elbow, Hachemon appeared right above him, kicking Itsuki into the ground. The Hachemon that Itsuki aimed for vanished and as Itsuki growled in pain, Hachemon winked, and created a clone down Itsuki's mouth, killing him instantly.

"So that's how you do it." said Itsuki, a hint of amazement to his voice. Hachemon looked up as the younger shinobi cut down the wire holding him in place and dropped down from the ceiling.

"What the fuck??" asked Hachemon, his look of surprise quickly turning into anger.

"I was wondering how your Kekkei Genkai managed to kill so many people at the same time. Now it makes sense, you set your timer back by a few minutes, got out early, made a clone at each gate and simply tore apart their heads by creating a clone in their mouth." Itsuki nodded to himself, before carrying on.

"Being able to create an so many clones and swap your consciousness with them must have taken alot of training to perfect. In fact, I doubt you had much time to work on your basic skills" for the first time since the fight had begun, Itsuki smiled.

"Probably why you've spent 15 years as a Chuunin." finished Itsuki.

"Tsk. Well done. Guess you aren't as dumb as you look after all." responded Hachemon. He resumed his attack without anymore words, pummelling Itsuki until the clone vanished, before another Itsuki appeared and the cycle began again.

"Kid, you're doing nothing but delaying the inevitable. I'm unbeatable." Hachemon stood over Itsuki with his arms crossed as several of his clones punched Itsuki's seventh clone into non-existence." Hachemon felt a tap on his shoulder.

"You know sensing chakra is a basic Jonin skill, if you had it, you'd spot all the clones I made" Hachemon jumped at Itsuki's voice and his growl only made Itsuki's smile widen. Itsuki vanished into air as Hachemon struck out.

"Stop playing with me kid" threatened Hachemon. He created dozens of clones, spreading them out in all directions, filling out the large cavern. The sound of fist and foot against skin echoed around the cavern as Itsuki's clones were spotted and attacked. A short while later, all of Hachemon's clones vanished except for 6. Two of whom held a squirming Itsuki.

"Your shadow clones are merely an imitation of my 'Army Of One'" boasted Hachemon "Now, open up and accept your fate." Itsuki shook his and clenched his teeth, staring at Hachemon with venom in his eyes.

"I was planning on ending this quickly but I guess I'll extend the same courtesy to you that I gave to Keita." Hachemon took out a kunai and stabbed Itsuki's thigh. Itsuki moaned in pain but kept his mouth shut.

"It's strange you know, your brother tried the exact same thing." Itsuki's eyes widen as Hachemon pulled out the kunai from his thigh for the fourth time.

"He lasted 78 stabs, let's find out if there's anything you can do better than him."

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #69 on: January 25, 2017, 07:30:10 »
Larger then my life-story
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #70 on: January 25, 2017, 09:13:30 »
Rooting for Itsuki... pls no kill him ;_;

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #71 on: January 25, 2017, 19:59:19 »
Awesome as always, pls write the next chapter faster tho. k thx bye.
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #72 on: January 25, 2017, 21:34:29 »
Holy shit i've been through alot man ; -;
And the story just keeps getting better and better man gg @Manuster

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #73 on: February 02, 2017, 21:03:52 »
Welp there's a massive typo in Chapter 11 that I feel I have to clear up.

The very last line said;

"He lasted 78 stabs, let's find out if there's anything better than him."

when it should have said

"He lasted 78 stabs, let's find out if there's anything you can do better than him."

Last Time:
Spoiler: show
The battle between Itsuki and Hachemon begins, Hachemon's abilities granting him the advantage.
Haruko awakens in a strange hospital, his attempts to find out where he is are brought to an end when he is knocked out by a searing pain in his abdomen.

Part 12

After a short while, Kamiko decided enough time had elapsed to once again approach Taiga. He had ignored her initial attempts to start a conversation, opting instead to lean his head against the bars and stare into space with a look on his face that rested somewhere between anger and confusion.

"'d you meet 'The Hand Of God'" asked Kamiko for the third time. "I mean you were dead so you don't know exactly but you must have at least had some sort of contact prior."

"She..she said she used Medical Jutsu" responded Taiga, he looked up, his brows furrowed and an edge of realisation to his voice.

"She? Who? Do you know her? Did you meet her?" Kamiko struggled to contain her excitement. The 'Hand of God" was the only person known to have ever brought back the living from the dead. Ever since the 7th Ninja War over 60 years ago, there'd been countless efforts by ANBU all over the world to locate the legend. Not a single person had succeeded. The phantom's existence was only confirmed by the random resuscitation of often Himitsu-affiliated, deceased shinobi. The latest being Taiga Himitsu.

Taiga shook his head. "It can't be her, it can't be.." He rubbed his temples as he struggled in his thoughts, clearly confused by something. Kamiko sighed, wondering how long it'd take before the name was revealed to her. She hid her frustration and tried a different tactic.

"Hey, Taiga, maybe if you tell me, I can help you with what you're struggling on. After all I am the Head of Ash...or was...The point is, I have a lot of information regarding who The Hand of God should be."

Taiga nodded, shaking his head once more in a final attempt to clear his thoughts.

"Well...that kid...Arashi, I think he said his name was. Well, he said that no one in the clan saw me, which means that when Mika said she used Medical jutsu...she must've been lying. But -" Kamiko interrupted his flow, half laughing at the name that Taiga mentioned.

"Wait, Mika? Mika Himitsu? Onimaro's reserved, gentle wife? The one that's tried to become a Medic almost a dozen times and failed?"

"I..I don't get it either but she said she revived me using Medical jutsu." said Taiga.

"She...she told you she brought you back from the dead and you didn't question how?" asked Kamiko, an edge of sarcasm to her voice.

"I..I had other things on my mind..." responded Taiga defensively.

"You know it's virtually impossible to bring anyone back from the dead with Medical jutsu?" continued Kamiko, "Not even an assortment of the greatest experts could bring a mere rat back from the dead. Once an individual dies, their soul is gone. Forever. And you're telling me that a Medic, a failed Medic managed to bring you back and you don't even question her??"  Taiga frowned, having no reasonable response.

"Well, she obviously wanted to protect her identity..." he muttered after a while. Kamiko eased off her ranting and sat back down. She'd always thought that 'The Hand of God' would be someone highly secretive and mysterious, likely someone that was already presumed dead and had revived themselves. The revelation that it was someone so public, the co-leader of the Himitsu clan who also failed the Medical ninja exam so many times...Kamiko was both annoyed and sceptical. As much as she didn't want to believe it, the evidence was staring her straight in the face. It simply annoyed her how someone she had met so often could harbour such a secret. Nevertheless a secret she'd devoted so much time and resources to finding.

"She would be an amazing asset to anyone who knew of her abilities..." Taiga's eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he remembered something.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no" he turned to the bars and put his hands outside. He casted a Wind Style jutsu and, while keeping his hands outside of the bars, sliced several of them into half. He carried himself through the small square shaped hole, his wooden leg clanging loudly against the bars. He dragged himself up in front of Kamiko's neighbouring cell and cast the jutsu again, freeing Kamiko as well. He turned and hurriedly hobbled towards the door without an explanation.

"Wo- woa- woah!! Taiga!" Kamiko pulled Taiga to a stop. "What the hell? You really need to work on your communication skills. Why did you react like that and how did you do that? Jutsu can't be cast in the cells." Taiga's face was an image of panic, he rushed his response;

"The Katakiuchi's Pride.... Konohuro? I think he was called...He just cast a fire-style jutsu outside the cells. Chakra is only suppressed within the cells, not within the entire dungeon."

"Damn" responded Kamiko, she hadn't seen Konohuro cast the jutsu as she spent the majority of the earlier encounter preteneding to be asleep.  Once more she grew annoyed at her incompetency. Taiga continued.

"The thing 'The Pride' said to me...he doesn't plan on using Mika's abilities, he plans on copying them. And in case Mika's told anyone else, he plans on wiping out the all the Himitsu in the Hidden Thunder as well."

"Wiping out the Himitsu?" Kamiko frowned, Konohuro had destroyed all documents that related to his abilities when he left the Hidden Ash's ANBU but Kamiko doubted he had any ability mighty enough to destroy the most populous and powerful clan.

"Hi...Himitsu?" whispered a raspy voice. The pair turned to one of the cells across from them. Huddled up, sitting just far back enough that their face could be seen, but not close enough that their body could; was a young, pale skinned male with a leathery face and dimmed blue eyes that had seen far too much. The figure rocked back and forth gently, with each backwards motion their face would be lost into the darkness of the cell and with each forward motion, the true extent of Konohuro's torture was evident. Though only the neck and face would be visible, the shape of a diamond had been branded across every inch of the individual's visible body. When he opened his mouth to speak, Taiga nearly retched at the branding on the individual's tongue.

Kamiko steeled herself, having used branding herself as a method of information extraction. She pushed down further self anger and focused on the individual before her.

"Yes. The Himitsu clan, I doubt there's a shinobi that doesn't know of them." responded Kamiko. The individual's rocking continued as he spoke, he seemed almost oblivious to the fact he was doing it.

"I...I overheard you..I can help. I'm Himitsu" croaked the individual. The dryness of their throat was obvious and if the evidence of torturing wasn't enough; the pair instantly knew that not all prisoners were treated the same. Kamiko rushed back to her cell to grab the bowl of water she had been given. After a very sincere thanks and the addition of Taiga's water share; the individual could talk freely. His voice still had a scratchy edge to it and Taiga figured it was probably from the sheer amount of screaming he must have undergone.

"Onimaro gathered all the Chuunin in the clan and several Jonin.. he said he had a mission for us within The Hidden Snow but couldn't disclose the reason behind it. He told the Chuunin to consider it a test for the upcoming Chuunin-Jonin exams." Taiga nodded, thinking back to his resurrection noting that Mika had mentioned Onimaro had several preparations to make. Taiga briefly wondered if there were more.

"Your mission?" asked Kamiko "What do you know of your mission?"

"I was placed in one of 4 squads; each made up 40 shinobi, half of whom were Himitsu and the other half made up of a combination of Amigake and contracted shinobi. As part of Stage 2, we were tasked with taking and holding important places within the Snow Village. I personally was part of Squad 3, whose target was the academy. The strongest ninja were placed in this Squad as the academy was likely to pose the greatest resistance."

The final statement gave Taiga an idea of the individual's strength, having not recognised him, Taiga presumed he must have been one of the younger Chuunin of the Himitsu. He wordlessly began to cast Wind Style: Wind Blade and proceeded to cut up the metal bars of the cell.

"We were to commence our assault at a pre-determined time, however we were told that if the village's warning alarm were to be set off before then we should use the confusion to launch our attack. Although we were not given the complete details or the reason for such an assault, we had complete faith in Onimaro's ideals and StarShizen's plan."

"StarShizen?" asked Kamiko, curious as to how the neutral shinobi had been drafted into what was turning into a potential war.

"Yes, she was one of the 4 'leaders' of our operation along with Onimaro and the Amigake clan's leader; Shishida Amigake."

There was a short pause and a clangy echo as the final bar hit the ground.

"He was a Sabaku, but...I cannot remember the name of the fourth. However, I do know that he specialised in Genjutsu...I believe he was personally trained under Vizier of the Dust. That is all I know. I have told you everything that I told the-"

There was another pause and for the first time, he stopped rocking back and forth. His eyes clouded over as memories of his torture filled his consciousness.

"Oi! Oi!" Taiga attempted to reach him but the wooden stump just below his left knee made Kamiko rush forward instead. She climbed out of his cell with the rigid body slung over her shoulder. Now that he was closer Taiga could really see the damage caused to the young man's body. Taiga briefly wondered why diamonds were branded into his skin and realised that "he" didn't even yet have a name.

"Kamiko...we didn't even ask him his name."

But Kamiko already knew it. Having met him on one of her first visits to the Hidden Thunder, she knew the young Chuunin from the age of 3, his mischievousand lazy behaviour had made him a burden to many adults in the village but to Kamiko, he was the closest thing she had to a younger brother. Highly talented at Taijutsu, Kamiko had planned to take a week off her role as the Head of the ANBU to watch him in the upcoming Chuunin-Jonin exams. And yet, she doubted he even remembered who she was.

As often was a consequence of such extended torture, a Shinobi would forget much of their past as their brain blocked out not only the pain they were suffering but many many memories too. At the end of the information extraction, the shinobi would remember little more than what they had been tortured to retrieve. Kamiko bit her tongue to prevent herself from crying out in anger and turned away so Taiga couldn't see the pain in her eyes.

"Diamond...His name is Diamond Lee Himitsu."

Avoiding the wicked and questioning glances of the prisoners surrounding them, Taiga, Kamiko and Diamond Lee began the lengthy journey to the single door that marked both the start and end of these dungeons.

The real or 'conscious' Hachemon laid his back against a wall, clones bandaging and tending to the wound on his knee. Hachemon looked at the brother of the shinobi who caused him such injuries, wondering how it was that he was surviving so long.

Held up by two clones, Itsuki was on sitting on his knees, every visible inch of his skin plastered with dry blood. Hachemon had lost count of the number of times he'd stabbed him and yet Itsuki refused to open his mouth to scream. As Hachemon grew tired he swapped consciousness with the clone who stood over Itsuki.

"..77....78....79!" with extra emphasis on the last number, Hachemon drove the bloodied kunai into Itsuki's crotch; receiving a muffled scream in response and a look of pain and suffering that Hachemon had long grown accustomed to. There were no more tears to leave from Itsuki's eyes and his head lowered once more as his body shook in a fit of dry sobbing. Of course, the circumstances were such that Hachemon could've killed Itsuki several times over, and Itsuki had long since beaten his brother in terms of resistance but yet he felt as though....

Hachemon paused. He wasn't exactly sure why he had insisted on torturing Itsuki anymore. He glanced once more at the watch on his wrist and realised he'd spent it'd been nearly an hour since he ran into Itsuki. Considering capturing him had taken at most 10 minutes, Hachemon couldn't understand why he'd spend the most part of an hour unnecessarily torturing his defeated foe. Hachemon didn't even enjoy the act of torture, he found pleasure in the mental defeat of his enemies but he had no interest in the delicate art of inflicting pain. He glanced once more at Itsuki and realised the sheer volume of blood that surrounded the heaving body,

"There's...there's...way too much.."

Hachemon surged forward in a flash of rage as he realised his situation. Stabbing the kunai deep into Itsuki's throat, the body shimmering as the fatal blow was inflicted. Hachemon stared at the empty air as the blood on the ground, clothing and kunai shimmered and vanished. His gaze drifted to his kneeling clones before snapping once more and punching himself in the face. He lost his mental composure and the rest of his clones vanished, Hachemon letting out a roar of pure fury.

Itsuki ran out of a hidden stairwell, welcoming the feeling of cold air against his face as he was buffetted by the winds of the Hidden Snow. He had spent over 45 minutes finding his way out of the various tunnels that led to the citizen bunker and now that he was free, he let out a genuine sigh of relief; confident that he had left Hachemon 3 kilometres below.

He took a minute to catch his breath and find his bearings, during which he noticed his Genjutsu unravelling. Knowing he had a good while before Hachemon made it out of the tunnels, Itsuki began lightly jogging in the direction of the Hidden Snow Academy. He doubted that the strong team assigned to the assault the Academy could have been stopped as easily as his was.

"At the very least, I can warn Squad 3 of Hachemon's abilities" Itsuki thought to himself. He ignored the gnawing idea in his head that if Hachemon had single handedly defeated his team, then an even stronger individual, or individuals would've been tasked to take care of Squad A. He shook his head to get rid of the feeling and ramped up his speed as he shuddered in the cold.

What Itsuki didn't know was that the shudder wasn't caused by the cold of his environment, but instead, he had sensed the unadulterated blood lust from Hachemon's roar. And although he had escaped him this time, the pair were certain to meet once more.

The land between Hidden Villages were not often travelled on one's own. Most shinobi moved in teams of 2 or 3 when travelling to another village. And in the case where 2 shinobi were travelling, both would almost always be alive.

Such was not the case for Kenshi Himitsu, who dragged the limp, shattered body of Kuria Himitsu in a dusty, torn bag. It had taken Kenshi nearly 3 days, but he made it back home to the Hidden Thunder. Exhausted, both physically and emotionally, Kenshi had passed out on the roads leading to the village and if not for the travelling tradesmen delivering construction supplies; he too would have likely perished.

It was another 23 hours before Kenshi would awaken.

Author's Note:
Spoiler: show
Spent alot more time on this as I felt quality was kinda lacking recently. Chapter's will also be taking a tad longer as I go through them in more detail.

ALSO, I was introduced to this new book. It's not the greatest thing I've read but it's pretty good in my opinion.

It's also reeeeaally long. Like the size of a novel.  If interested, here's a link;

P.S. I might steal a couple of writing tips off the writer

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