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Author Topic: Manuster *******-Tsukegami  (Read 2670 times)

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #60 on: January 10, 2017, 14:29:01 »
It dawned on Zama that the scars that covered the mans skin were all names and he shuddered as a chill passed down his spine.
Chills maan... them chills :3

based on artwork by @RaphoZentel

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #61 on: January 10, 2017, 16:16:23 »
Come on manuster im w8ing for the next chapteeeeeeeeer. Come on man...
"The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed."

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #62 on: January 10, 2017, 20:23:47 »
Come on manuster im w8ing for the next chapteeeeeeeeer. Come on man...

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #63 on: Yesterday at 23:58:00 »
Last Time:
Spoiler: show
Itsuki and Hachemon Himiitsu have problems initiating the second stage of StarShizen's plan.
Zama's tasked with leaking more information to Reminance to gain his trust.
Kazuki wakes up to find in an unknown environment, only to be drugged back to sleep again.

Part 10

Itsuki opened his eyes to find himself looking down a dark vertical tunnel. His initial panic came to an end as he remembered where he was.

"Oh no no no, fuck fuck fuck..." repeated Itsuki to himself as the panic set in once again. Itsuki scuttled into a sitting position and dug into his bag, taking out a watch and whimpering at the time.

"How the fuck did I fall asleep??" he asked himself as he began to hurry back up the tunnel.

Vuregu flew through the lower statrosphere, pushing his chakra and lungs to the maximum in a strained effort to reach the Hidden Snow in time.

"If what Rayzote told me is true..." he mumbled to himself. "They're right about to walk into a trap..."

Itsuki reached the top of the tunnel far easier than his initial attempt. As he poked his head over the top, his jaw dropped in amazement. The tunnel opened up to an immensely large cavern, electric lights hung on the wall at head height every 10 meters, however the cavern was nothing more than 10 foot high. Itsuki had emerged next to one of the walls, and could barely see across to the opposite wall, a fact he attributed to both the sheer size of the cavern and the thick smoke that hung in the air. As Itsuki stood up and stretched out his stiff back, he spotted another hole in the ground, just about 50 metres along the wall to his right, identical to the one that he had just climbed out of. What was different however was the blood on the wall right behind it. Itsuki turned to his left and sure enough there was a tunnel there too, also with blood stains on the wall behind.

Itsuki immediatly cloaked his chakra and lowering into a crouch, made his way round the cavern, stopping every 50 metres to look into the tunnels. 6 tunnels later and Itsuki had thrown up 4 times, there were scenes of an attack, or rather an ambush, at every single tunnel. To confirm his worst fears, dead bodies could be found hanging on the safety nets every time Itsuki peeked in. It was as if the enemy had waited at the exits and attacked them the  very second the tunnels were opened.

" Who?" As Itsuki retched at the 7th tunnel, he fell to his knees, tears passing down his face. He couldn't count the number of familiar faces he had seen. Each and every one of them had put their faith in StarShizens plan and it had cost them their life.

Confused, distrubed and conflicted, Itsuki rose to his feet, swearing revenge on whoever was resonsble. He cast a wind style jutsu to clear the thick smoke, exposing half the cavern into bright, white light. A single, limping, figure, walking away from Itsuki could be seen. The figure took two more steps, the sound of hiking boots against the stone floor creating a dull, ringing echo before stopping, and in a familiar voice, saying;

"Ahhh....thought you'd never make it...fatso."

Vuregu lowered into the troposhere as he approached the Hidden Snow, he turned off his Thunder God Eyes in one eye, restoring his vision to a satisfactory level.

Despite the ability to freely wield both water and lightning, his Kekkei Genkai had the drawback of harshly reducing his eyesight when in use. Despite the disadvantage, Vuregu was pretty happy with it, the alternative was the late Kage of Morigakure's KKG that reduced the user's vision permanently instead. Vuregu scanned the surroundings for any sign of Onimaro Himitsu or Shishida Amigake.

He spotted two resembling figures towards the east of the village, they seemed to be with 2 other shinobi, a female, short in stature and a shinobi dressed in Hidden Dust clothing. As Vuregu changed his course,  hundreds of shinobi appeared on the mountains surrounding the Hidden Snow. Amazed at first, Vuregu had to get closer to realise that it had to be a Genjutsu.

"Damn...fooled me..." muttered Vuregu to himself.

He was only about 100 meters away from Onimaro when the shinobi dressed in Dust clothing, attacked the other three. Onimaro was stabbed in the lower back and stunned with what appeared to be an electric device, the short, female shinobi, had a kunai jammed into the back of her neck and as Shisida reacted to the attack, the Dust shinobi - whom Vuregu could now make out as a Sabaku - cast an earth style jutsu that blew the others back 10 meters.

Onimaro fell down the west face of the mountain while the shorter shinobi rolled down the east, knowing that he could only save one, Vuregu accelerated past Crono Sabaku, throwing a charged kunai in his direction as he picked up Onimaro inches before he made contact with a sharp rock.

"Oni! Onimaro!" Vuregu slapped the older shinobi's face before drawing water from the air around him and splashing it into his face. Onimaro immediatly woke up, coughing water out of his nose. Vuregu had set him down at the base of the mountain and flown back up before Onimaro could even ask him how he'd got here.

"You traitourous bastard!" roared Shishida Amigake as she pummelled an earth dome with wood style jutsu. Rectangular trunks of wood rose from the ground and slammed into the earth dome from all sides as Vuregu reached the mountain top once more.

"Errr..." said Vuregu "need a bit of help?" Shishida's relentless attack didnt stop and her skin darkened as she entered Sage Mode.

"Thanks Vuregu but I got this" said Shishida as both the speed and intensity of her attacks tripled. "Crono said something suspicous about Stage 2 of the plan...he wasn't even briefed about it but can you check..." asked Shishida.  The earth dome crumbled and Crono Sabaku was slammed into the ground with a wooden pillar. He smiled throuh cracked teeth before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

"Dammit...but he can't be far" muttered Shishida, she closed her eyes and sat in a meditating position. The ground aronud her came to life as grass and plants sprung out of the earth. A dull hum escaped from her body as she channeled nature energy to the world around her.  "Got him" smiled Shishida as she sprang to her feet. She glanced at Vuregu's hovering body.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" shouted Shishida as she ran off after the Katakiuchi's new Envy.

In what seemed like an eternity, the figure turned around, locking eyes with the frozen Itsuki.

"Ha...Hachemon! You're alive!" Itsuki ran forward, tears of happiness his eyes. He took two steps before he came to a realisation.

"Er...Hachemon..." The older shinobi laughed at Itsuki's surprise, the yellow pupil of his red eyes rotating as he let out a twisted smile. Itsuki shook his head in disbelief, the peril of his situation sinking in.

"Oh and Zama, when you get back, we'll start on dispatching the Inferno Kage...I think you're just about ready to take his place."

Kamiko Himitsu stiffened as her worst fears were confirmed. She peeked open her eyes to watch Zama leave the dungeons, glancing into the cell to her right, she saw Taiga tightly gripping the bars, glaring at Nanami Kirishima with unfevered hatred. The pair were imprisoned in the depths of an unknown building after having used the dead Kage of the Ash's teleporting kunai to interrupt the Katakiuchi meeting. As the door was closed behind Zama, Konohuro continued his conversation with the Hidden Snow Kage.

"You weren't kidding, the guy does look like he's been through alot" joked Konohuro, he then lowered himself to his knees and looked at Taiga Himitsu.

"I saw him die right before my he survived and recovered enough to kill only son...." Nanami's voice caught as emotion flooded into her, however her face remained a picture of hate.

"I think it's only fair to say that we kill him this time. For good." she concluded.

"Hmmm" replied Konohuro, deep in thought. " say he died before your very eyes?"
"Yes, what of it?" replied an angsty Nanami.

"Well, don't you wonder how he came back to life'?" asked Konohuro with a sarcastic edge to his voice.

"Errr..." was all Nanami could say in response. Konohuro turned back to Taiga, whose gaze had been focused on Nanami the entire time.

"Well, Taiga, don't you think that kinda information is worth sharing?" Taiga's gaze remained on Nanami as he talked.

"I've told you people, I was treated by a medic. I don't know who, I was dead." Konohuro grabbed Taiga's jaw and turned it towards him.

"Look at me when you talk to me" demanded Konohuro. His voice had lowered an octave and his grip threatened to crush Taiga's jaw. Slowly, Taiga tore away his glare and stared Konohuro in the eyes.

"Leave. Me." demanded Taiga in an equally threatening tone. Konohuro's face switched to surprise before he burst out in laughter.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, you can't be more than 20, so let me clear this up for you. You're in a dungeon. I am your captor. I make the demands. And you obey. So if you don't want me to end your miserable life right this moment, tell me who resurected you."

Taiga Himitsu stared at Konohuro for a few seconds and spat in his face. Konohuro tightened his hand and crushed Taiga's jaw, before standing up and wiping the saliva off his face. Kamiko shut her eyes once again as Konohuro glanced in her direction.

"Kamiko, Is it? You're not particularly good at're holding your breath" said Konohuro. Kamiko let out a breath and recalled her ANBU training to calm herself down.

A young shinobi strolled in, a young male with silver hair and a large sage scroll on his back, with a swagger that exuded confidence but also a calm cool.

"Yup, Kono I got the info, Ima be real quick cause I got a date in like half an hour. But basically no one in the Himitsu clan has seen Taiga so you're probably right about Mika being the 'Hand of God'. Anyways Arashi's out bitches." the young shinobi turned around and left just as suddenly, and with as exaggerated a walk as he had entered. Nanami shook her head and put no attempt to hide the disdain in her voice.

"Where do you find these Yugure?" Konohuro scoffed in response, turned to Taiga once more and tossed a smoke bomb into his cell. He walked off with Nanami at his heels, fuming that Konohuro had spared her son's murderer.

Over the sound of Taiga's coughing, Kamiko could make out Konohuro's voice saying something, something that made Taiga sit up straight and his eyes widen. Taiga slammed his fist into the ground, and Konohuro let out a piercing laugh that echoed through the dungeons. The metal door slammed and the laughter was cut off; as Kamiko waved away the smoke, and Taiga's coughing died down, the dungeons once again settled into an eerie silence.

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Credit to @Artemis

Credit to @RaphoZentel

Credit to @Leebz

Credit to @Ghost0000

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #64 on: Today at 13:17:56 »
Woooo... getting on to something!

based on artwork by @RaphoZentel

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #65 on: Today at 13:45:50 »
I start giving that idea of becoming really that evil a second thought.

Very enjoyable chapter, as always.

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #66 on: Today at 17:00:22 »
You really know how to do this shit.
Just red all the other chapters as well, it's pretty damn awesome.
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