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Author Topic: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4  (Read 1358 times)

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The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« on: December 31, 2016, 03:48:01 »
Chapter 4
Heeeellloooo everyone. Welcome to your first fight scene.  And this will not be the is not the last one lol. Please submit any criticism and feedback you have about it! I need that!!!
In Yoake Hill
1646 Hours

Diamond Himitsu Lee sprinted down the stairs, the red glow getting stronger. He was feeling another chakra more and more.

This was it! He had caught up! He felt adrenaline rushing through his system.

Suddenly he saw someone. He could only see half of a body, but he seemed to be a man.

Lee decided he would try to avoid a fight. He slowly walked down the stairs, deciding what do say.

If it came down to a fight, he was at a disadvantage: his chakra was at about 45 % from the medical jutsus he had performed.


The dark-skinned man heard the steps stop, then start again, slowly. He did not wish to kill an innocent person, but he would defeat anyone that came in his path. He had to do it not only for himself but for all he people he felt he was carrying within him, such as his best friend and his sensei.

However, for the fight, he would be at a disadvantage: he was down to about 30% chakra from those two jutsu he had used to destroy the rock.

He had to strike first.

He turned around and ran down the  remaining stairs.

Diamond Lee picked up his pace as the man ran, probably upon having detected him. Where was he going? Why was he even in this strange and unknown temple?

As he started to catch up to the man, the pursued suddenly stopped running, and Diamond realized why.

They were at the bottom of the stairs, and it opened into a hall of epic proportions: there were burning torches, which was what was emmiting the glow. These burned purple, probably from some kind of age-old secret jutsu. The ceiling was too high too see, as darkness eat into the light from above. Stone pillars supported the room. The room also was seemingly endlessly wide. This was a stark contrast from the cramped and low ceilinged stairs and tunnel.

A shuriken whizzed through the air towards Lee.

He whipped out of his state of  observation, and quickly dodged the projectile. "Hey! I don't want a fight! Why are you here? Are you the one who set those traps?" The reply came back:  "I don't wish for a fight either. Just go back up there and forget you ever saw anything!" "Not gonna happen!" Lee retorted. "Plus, do you think I'm the only one who knows about this? The Thunder's already sent a team, and I'm sure all the other neighboring nations all know by now! Just explain yourself! You had no right to kill and injure shinobi from a village who's nation owns part of this hill!"


"So I killed them, huh. that's a pity," thought the man, genuinely feeling sorry. "Some pretty bad Thunder shinobi, they must have been, to fall for such an obvious trap. Probably weren't ANBU."

For a second, he felt uncertainty. Should he continue? The information was probably right, everything about it so far was accurate, but he did not enjoy taking innocent lives.

However, he regained his resolve as he thought of all those who had already been killed by the broken political system in place. "For the greater good, I must obtain this power. And once I have it, I see no reason why I should kill anyone. I just need to fix things." He reached into his pouch for another batch of kunai.

"I can kill you, and will not hesitate to do so! You have a few seconds before I attack!" He said, trying to sound as tough as he could. Well, he was tough, after all.


"Damn, is this really going to be a fight?" Lee thought. Then, two shuriken whizzed towards him. He dodged both, then reluctantly decided to fight. He would just incapacitate his opponent, then figure out what was going on.


"I'll just incapacitate this man, then go to my power." Thought the dark-skinned man, pulling out five kunai.


Diamond Lee hopped down to the floor of the hall, as five kunai came his way. "Well, if this is going to be a fight, then might as well try out that new move." Lee leaned to the side to dodge the first, knocked aside the second with the metal plating on the back of his gloves, and steadied his breath. He had practiced this move for over 10 months, and yet he did not fully master it. He might have trouble with it in these low-light situations, but he could felt confident he could pull it off. He had three tries. As he focused his breathing, all went silent around him, and time seemed to slow down.He hopped to the side just as the next kunai came close, and, "just NOW!" jerked his hand up with one finger extended.
And failed.

His finger bounced off the hilt of the kunai, not going into the ring at the end like he had hoped. The kunai clattered a few steps away, useless. "DAFUQ?" Just as Lee turned around, the fourth kunai painfully lodged itself into his side, blood spurting. "Ow! Concentrate, Lee!" Diamond told himself, knocking the weapon out of his side with the back of his hand. His opponent was quite good at shurikenjutsu. His aim was on point.

As the last kunai of the batch whistled through the air, Lee was determined not to fail this time. He bent his knees, put his right arm behind his back, and jerked his left up, index extended.

"Yes!" The finger went right through the hole. Lee quickly spun on one foot, extending his arm to the side as he went, his right arm still behind his back, so that he looked like a waiter serving a dish. A deadly dish.
He jerked his hand at the right time, opening his hand palm up, after having rotated 180 degrees, his back facing his attacker. The kunai flew through the air on the way back to its sender with more momentum than it had come, aimed right at the man's chest.

The dark-skinned man barely had time to jump to the side, as the kunai grazed the side of his shirt, drawing blood, surprised by the adventurous move his attacker had pulled off. "Unpredictable, more of an all-rounder, probably about chunin level" was his first analysis of Diamond Lee.

He quickly had to revise it though, as the attacker moved towards him with surprising speed, and began engaging him with quick and sharp Taijutsu. He battered the dark-skinned man with a flurry of blows from both legs and hands, acrobatically jumping and flipping in order for his flawless offense to provide to him a flawless defense. The dark-skinned man parried with difficulty. "Unpredictable, an offensive type, very good at Taijutsu, perhaps better overall than I thought. I have to get some distance between us so I can use some Katon." He analyzed.

Although the dark-skinned man was quite proficient a Taijutsu, and had learned quite a bit, Diamond Lee was just a notch better than him in that discipline.

Lee launched a roundhouse kick with his left at the dark-skinned man, who blocked it with his forearm and retaliated with a punch. Lee easily dodged it and attempted a double sweep to make his opponent fall, but his movement was hindered by the wound at his side. The dark-skinned man easily hopped over the sweep, pulling out a kunai, which Diamond Lee knocked out of his hand as he flew back to his feet. Lee then followed through with a head butt, shoulder hit, and uppercut, which the dark-skinned man parried with difficulty.

He needed to be able to use Katon if he wanted to win this fight. He wasn't going to defeat this opponent in Taijutsu, it had become clear.

The dark-skinned man leaped backwards, getting chakra ready.


"I really can't keep this up for long, my chakra's really low and I'm not even using the Flaming Fist. If I'm not able to neutralize him by using Tai, I'll have to use another strategy." Thought Lee. As the unknown man leaped backwards, Diamond wondered what to do next. "He doesn't seem confortable with Taijutsu, so I need to use that. He's jumping away, so he must be a long-range type. I could try and use some fire-style jutsu, but I really don't have much chakra for it. I need to stick close to him." Lee sprinted towards his ennemy just as he lifted both index fingers to his mouth and took in a deep breath. "Oh-Uh..." Lee took a flying leap to the side as a roaring wave of fire washed over where he had been instants before. He struggled to his knees, his left side singed. "Another Fire-Style user, huh"... "Damn it!" Lee was in trouble here.


"I can't let him come close to me with that Taijutsu again, I don't know if I'll be able to resist.... But my Katon seems to work quite well against him. I need to stay long range...." the dark-skinned man strategized.

He shuffled to the side, sporadically throwing shuriken as Lee attempted to approach him in order to land Taijutsu.

This dance lasted a few minutes, both sides exhausted, trying to find weaknesses in their ennemy.

Then, Lee leaped forwards in an attempt to hit him with a flying kick. In response, the dark-skinned man pulled out a kunai and slashed at his leg. Blood spurted from his calf, and the wounded shinobi fell to his knees, panting. "He seems to be drained already. Lucky" remarked the dark-skinned man. He backed up a few steps to fire off a Katon jutsu when his heel bumped against a solid surface.

It was the step he had come down to the hall from. "What?" His attacker, by coming close to him and flanking him, had actually turned him around and had backed him into the stairs.

Lee leaped up and pounced towards him and landed a solid punch in his stomach, making him trip backwards and fall flat on his back onto the hard rock stairs.


Lee swayed unsteadily, a throbbing pain in his side and calf. His leg was about to give out. Before his ennemy could get up, he leaped towards him, and battered him with punches. After a few hits to the head, the dark-skinned man stopped struggling, and lolled his head around groggily.

"You've lost! Now speak! Who are you? Why are you here?" Lee shouted, speaking with difficulty.

He had only won because of lucky strategy, and because strangely, his enemy seemed drained. Had they both faced each other in an open field with full chakra, he suspected he would have lost.

"I... asjdj" mumbled the fallen shinobi. " I'm bringing you to the nearest authorities, sir." Spoke Lee leaning down to grab his opponents arm.

At that moment, the dark-skinned man's eyes flew open, full of power. "Heh. Yeah right." He growled. "What?" Lee managed.

All of a sudden, a sudden blast of power unlike any Lee had ever seen before flew from his enemies' body, and pushed him flying into the air and smashing into a pillar. "What? H-how?" Lee spluttered, blood running from his mouth, his vision blurring. His head slumped, as blood began to pool around him. As his vision darkened, he saw his ennemy get up, walk to him, kneel in front of him, and say: "My name, is Sareko Akaihono. Goodbye."

Under Yoake Hill
1700 Hours
Sareko Akaihono walked down the hall, towards a blinding light and heat, slightly limping but feeling good as power coursed through his veins, his right eye glinting red.


how do u feel?
bear with me
next few chapters will feature Izumi, diamond Lee, sareko Akaihono, juke, some kages/elders, kamiko Himitsu, shiro Nakai and maybe more or less unkno

Let the power of youth wash over you and fill you with strength!

-lethal dankness

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Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2016, 03:56:46 »
Interesting... But did he seriously pull an Almighty Push?

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Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2016, 04:12:07 »
Interesting... But did he seriously pull an Almighty Push?

no he did not lmao
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-lethal dankness

Offline adithya

Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2016, 07:05:14 »
That was a good chapter my man. Can't wait to write my story now too lol

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Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2017, 08:00:03 »
Keep up the good work, pretty good chapters, cant wait to see how everything unfolds.
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Offline Manuster

Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« Reply #5 on: January 04, 2017, 15:45:47 »
oooooh interesting dude

Interesting... But did he seriously pull an Almighty Push?

Wait. In order to response to this I was gonna link Sareko Akaihono's character page...

But Sareko Akaihono is adithya...and he's already writing a story that ovelaps with mamita....

Fk man, now yours overlaps with him? riip.
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Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« Reply #6 on: February 09, 2017, 21:10:38 »
Well yeah. I guess it's the beginning of a web of stories!

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Re: The Battle of Yoake Hill - Chapter 4
« Reply #7 on: February 10, 2017, 13:16:20 »
a fine job I'd say Lee. It was fun reading it. (And this one came after a while though.)
looking forward :)


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