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Author Topic: Kankaku Clan  (Read 595 times)

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Kankaku Clan
« on: February 17, 2018, 23:27:15 »
Clan name: Kankaku

Clan logo: (WIP)

Founder: Momoku Kankaku

Leader: Airesu Kankaku

Affiliation: Village Hidden by Snow


a clan than can see nothing but darkness... long long ago before the existance of ninjutsu a "Blind" man, Momoku Kankaku. Momoku and his fellow Carpenters had to travel to the Yukigakure (Village Hidden by Snow). When they got the news they had to leave from Okagakure (Village Hidden by Hills) to go and build a bridge from the Kinzokugakure (Village Hidden by Metal) to Yukigakure........ After about a month of travel, 6 Carts packed to the brim with fine lumber, donkeys carrying bags up to 60 pounds, of just nuts and bolts, they arrived with a very bright welcoming even though Yukigakure was fairly small they had great respect and they knew each other and looked out for one another. About a week after they had started construction on the bridge, when Momoku was walking towards the work site, He noticed a bit of commotion coming from "Granny Kazumi", he saw three thugs wearing "red" belts created from rope smashing up the beautiful store that "Granny Kuzami" owned.Momoko extended his arm lowering it to his waste-belt he took his nails from the right pouch located on his waste-belt (these were very thick and long nails). some how he managed to balance all ten of the nails on his finger tips, and then with amazing power and such speed no one know how he managed to do it but with great force the nails pinned all three of the thugs to the wall, he then dashed towards them and held them to the wall and waited for the village authorities to come. two of the village Officers walked in, cuffed the three men then grabbed and roughed them up a little bit then took them outside and walked them down to the station.After the Officers had left Momoko decided to help Granny Kazumi and clean up the store and fix any of the damage, but due to Granny Kazumi being a stubborn old lady she request for Momoko not to help. So Momoko left the store and went on his way towards the work site.


About a year and a half has passed since Granny Kazumi's store was attacked, now Momoko had met a lovely women named "Asakuro Renho", the progression on the bridge was still going slowly the bridge but it was no where near finished on a quarter of the bridge structure had been complete but leaving work aside. A few months back Momoko decided to leave Okagakure (Hidden Hills) and move to Yukigakure (Hidden Snow) not only to live but to create a Martial Arts Dojo, to train some of the Villagers who are willing to protect Yukigakure.... a few months later a extreme suprise for not only Momoko but his Co-workers, Momoko's son was born (Airesu). Even though Momoko Couldn't see his sons faces he could sense the good within him. and this is how the clan today known as the Kankaku was formed!.

Unique traits: the Kankaku Clan posses the Ability to Sense, Heat and the ability to sense feelings and they also have amazing hearing. also due to members of the Kankaku wearing Blindfolds because its apart of their uniform genjutsu is not much of a issue for them. the primary chakra nature that the Kankaku posses is Water release.

Strengths: Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Extremely advanced Awareness skills and the clans unique traits

Weaknesses: Most members are weak to anytype of Shadow paralysis things along those lines due them being blind. ( Other weaknesses may be discovered later down the track when they meet other clans and participate in more battles and venture out into different lands.

Rankings:Founder -> Leader -> Member



Momoko Kankaku (Created for Story)
                         -------------> Airesu Kankaku
Asakuro Renho (Created for Story)

Rules:No betraying the Snow. No Disrespect towards one Another. No Violence in the Clan Household. (Im pretty chill and i mean maybe we can work out something for rogue in the future.)

Clan Uniform: Usually the Leader of the Clan will be seen wearing a navy robe with a large crest on the back and the members will be seen wearing a teal shirt with the clan crest.

Application to join the Clan

Village: ( I prefer Shinobi from the Hidden Snow, but..)
Chakra Nature(s):
Specialization: (Fuinjutsu, kenjutsu, etc)
Reason for joining: (What made you interested in joining the clan?)
If you don't know any of this information, just put N/A

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  • Character Name: Airesu Kankaku

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Re: Kankaku Clan
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2018, 09:35:30 »
Like the color scheme. The story is decent. Good luck with the clan. :)


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