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Author Topic: Character Creation: Gurīn'ai Tsukegami  (Read 498 times)

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Character Creation: Gurīn'ai Tsukegami
« on: August 05, 2018, 23:12:06 »
Name: Gurīn'ai Tsukegami
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 1 (in feet/inches)
Weight: 142.3 Ibs
Hairstyle: Messy, swooped over to the left
Facial hair: Face is covered by a mask.
Hair color: White
Eye color: Both eyes are green, however his left eye is a tad paler.
Blood type: AB
Primary chakra nature: Wind, (Lightning comes later)
Hidden Village: Hidden Hill
Clan: Tsukegami
Good or evil at heart?: Good

Description of the character's personality:

Gurīn'ai is a very mysterious shinobi. He can seem very jolly and charismatic in one moment, and can seem cold and calculating the next. His mood and personality really depends on what the situation is around him. Most of the time, his true emotions cannot be deciphered, due to the mask that is wrapped around his face. His comrades can only tell though his body language and voice. When asked about the scar that sits located over his left eye, he gets touchy, dismissing the subject immediately. Gurīn'ai can be very lazy. If the activity doesn't include relaxing, reading a book, eating, or playing a board game, he wants no part in it. He also enjoys a few practical jokes every now and again, which alludes to a very rare mischievous mood. When going into unfamiliar territory, Gurīn'ai will take off his glasses as a form of self conciousness. However, this act also allows Gurīn'ai to find the see amounts of chakra signatures.

Description of the character's history:

Gurīn'ai was born on October 19th. He grew up in a large clan who valued the art of being a shinobi, with the exception of his parents. His parents had heard awful tales of rogue shinobi who lurked in the world and hoped that their child would never have to come face to face with them. So, instead of enrolling him within the Ninja academy, his parents did the exact opposite: They tried to hide the existence of shinobi altogether. As one may expect, the young Gurīn'ai eventually came face to face with a powerful Jounin of the village. What's worse is that, he had witnessed the man perform a very powerful lightning release attack. Amazement glazed the boy's eyes as he spied on the Jounin even further. Needless to say, the boy had figured out the existence of Shinobi. After pestering his parents for three weeks, the parents eventually became tired of the boy. They sent him to live with his aunt, who against his parent's will, enrolled him within the academy. However, he had been enrolled too late. Whereas his peers were graduating at the tender ages of 12 and 13, Gurīn'ai had graduated at the age of 16. During a training exercise, two of his comrades each threw a barrage of kunai in his direction. These two youngsters had heard of the Tsukegami 's fast reflexes and decided to test them. After successfully dodging the first barrage,  Gurīn'ai had to twist his body to dodge the second. However, the twist hadn't been enough. One of the kunai plunged into his right leg, and another twisted itself in his left eye. His face flushed with blood, as the poor Gurīn'ai fell unconscious. On his way to the Hidden Hill's Hospital, a bystander sensor- medic jounin took over the situation by using his chakra to mend the boy's injury's. As the green light from the medic's hands flowed over into the boy's head, he had also gained some of the abilities that the medic had.  Though no one knew it at the time, a new Dojutsu had been created, the Bushinomeigan (Eye of the Martial Artist) .

Fighting Style:

Gurīnhoīruai's fighting style is short ranged - long ranged. During combat, he is not hesitant to make good use of his high stamina, strength, and fast reflexes. Using ninjutsu, he enhances his taijutsu with wind-styled attacks, such as Gale Palm, and Wind Cutter. He is also very good at medical ninjutsu, and a decent sensor ninja. The use of Bushinomeigan may also allow Gurīnhoīruai to copy different Martial Art techniques that are within his chakra natures, or infuse his own chakra natures within different techniques, to make them usable.


Piss poor at creating Genjutsu attacks. He has never studied how to create such attack, and dislikes using them. He is also very susceptible to the use of Genjutsu, and due to a lack of observation, he is affected by them twice as long as the average shinobi. Although his Bushinomeigan can sense chakra being used, it only works within it's line of sight. Another downside to the Bushinomeigan is that it may not distinguish between chakra signatures, so the use of Genjutsus or jutsus that affect his eyes just look blurry.


Though Gurīnhoīruai has very fast reflexes, high stamina, and an above average strength, these, along with his speed are increased with the use of the Bushinomeigan. The Bushinomeigan can also sense chakra within it's line of sight. This, paired with his wind-style chakra nature can make for a devastating battle. He is also very adept at medical ninjutsu, and chakra sensory.
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