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Author Topic: Ichigime Clan  (Read 1463 times)

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  • Clan: Ichigime Clan
Ichigime Clan
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:09:05 »

Ichigime Clan

Clan head: Tsuna

Kekkei Genkai:

The Ichigime clan’s Kekkei Genkai exists in two different forms:

The first form is called Shiryoku (視力, literally: sight, vision) and it is the basic form that every clan member is born with. It grants it‘s user the ability to sense chakra to a far greater extend than a normal shinobi or even an ordinary sensor type ever could. The actual range and extend differs from person to person just like it does with ordinary shinobi, just that for the members of the Ichigime clan the baseline is much, much higher. For comparison, even the most untalented member of the clan would have the skill and ability of a very talented sensor from outside the clan (Not counting people like Karin or Tobirama). The Shiryoku not only extends the range in which chakra can be sensed, but also the depth and accuracy with which they can sense and differentiate chakra signatures, to the extend that they can discern blood relations between people just from their chakra and sense the honestly and emotions/mood of other people by the minor fluctuation in their individual chakra signature. It also allows them to completly cloak their own chakra signature and with enough training that of anyone they touch to the point where not even a sensor of the clan could detect them, someone with the other form of the Kekkei genkai being the only exception.

The second form is called Seizashiryoku (星座視力, literally: constellation sigth) and so rare that it only manifests once every few generations. In contrast to the Shiryoku the Seizashiryoku does alter the physical appearance of it’s user in form of a third eye on the forehead. The abilities it grants are similar to the regular form, but have a much greater extend. Someone who manifested the Seizashiryoku has easily a range that can span whole countries, with an accuracy and depth perception to match that range. They also have the ability to cloak themselves and people around them from other sensors, but in this area Seizashiryoku does not much differ from the basic form, although it presents the only way to sense an Ichigime member that hides their own chakra.

If not trained and controlled well enough the Seizashiryoku can drive it’s user insane with the never ending flood of information and sensation, but even in the best case scenario it usually lead to chronic migraines and insomnia.

Important/notable members:

Hideboshi Ichigime: The mythological founder of the clan

Kaiousei no Kujira Ichigime: The last person to manifest the Seizashiryoku, lived during the warring states era

Clan politics:

The Ichigime clan made a deal with the Tsuchikage after the third war, that they would be taken in and become part of Iwagakure and in exchange for the protection of the village they would sent a certain percentage of the clan members to work as shinobi of Iwagakure.
The Ichigime clan consists of four distinct family lines (seven before the war) and clan members tend to define themselves first over their family line and only secondary over their clan name. (Which often leads to confusion when dealing with outsiders, who often are not even aware that those family lines exist)
The clan does not have a clan head or a main family, but it being lead by a council of four members, one from each family. There aren’t any rules regarding who is to become the council member and how each family decides, only that the member has to be an adult (meaning 16 years) or at least 14 years of age (but that applies only if there isn’t any adult left to take the position)
If a member that manifested the seizashiryoku exists, that person is given an additional seat in the council after their 16th birthday.
The council makes all decisions regarding the clan together, but often selects one spokesperson amongst themselves when dealing with the outside.

Clan whereabouts:

The Ichigime clan's compound is located on the very outskirts of Iwagakure. It was placed there shortly after the third shinobi world war out of necessity, since there was no space for a new compound farther inside the village. The compound isn’t as spacious as their old one in the mountains by far, but it still was much too big for the 16 members that resided there directly after the war.


Appearance characteristics:

The hair colors of the clan are pale pink, purple/violet or brown or any mixture of those colors. The average hair texture of the male and female clan members is straight. Curly or wavy hair is very uncommon and mostly happens when one parent is from outside the clan. Clan members tend to wear their hair long, to the point where it isn‘t rare to see females as well as males with waist or even floor length hair. But there also isn‘t any rule against cutting the hair and wearing it short(er).

The eyes of clan member are usually white or a really pale blue, surrounded by a darker blue. Other eye colors only appear, when one parent is from outside the clan.

The skin tone is always grey, although the exact shady can vary from nearly white to darker grey. Even when one parent is from outside the clan it doesn't visibly influence the skin color in the first or second generation, although consistent mixing with outsiders of the clan will make the grey fade over the generations.

Clan Markings:

Clan member have rectangular purple marking on either sides of her cheeks, as well as a very much stylised, purple eye on their forehead, representing the manifestation of the Seizashiryoku.


The Ichigime clan is known for their sensor and tracker abilities with is the most common way their kekkei genkai is being used. But due to their fact that they can sense dishonestly and emotions, they also make very good interrogators and negotiators.
Clan member usually have the earth release as their charkra nature, but wind or fire are also not too uncommon. If a member masters two natures then it is usually a combination of two out of the three mentioned types.
Despite being in possession of a kekkei genkai, clan member tend to be average fighters at best. It is notable that during all the time the clan existed not one genius or even just memorable fighter emerged from it.

Clan history:

The Ichigame clan existed since long before the warring states era, so that not even the clan member themselves are sure when, where or by whom is was founded. The task of figuring out since when it exists is made even more difficult by the lack of clan head or other notable figures to use for comparison or to measure against other timelines from outside the clan. Only after the beginning of the warring states era does the clan's own timeline become less and less patchy.

During the waring states era the clan lived high in the mountain of Tsuchi no Kuni near the border and more then two days travel away from where Iwagakure would some day be built. They kept among themselves and stayed out of the conflicts and wars around them, which for the most part was made possible by Kaiousei no Kujira Ichigime, who manifested the Seizashiryoku and so was able to warn the clan long before any attack could occur so that everyone could get into hiding savely. The fact that the clan lived far away from any conflict in the first place also helped them enormously.

After the warring states era ended and the hidden villages were founded the Ichigime clan saw no reason to follow all other clans and become a part of the newly established Iwagakure. Although there was some sparse contact between the Tsuchikage and the clan’s council from time to time, usually they were just left alone, since their kekkei genkai wasn’t viewed as so valuable to make it necessary to force them to become part of the village. The first as well as the second war were spent much like the warring states era, by staying hidden and away from any conflict.

Kujira had died in the time between the first and second war, a fact that didn’t cause any problem during the second war only because most of the war took place in Amegakure and other minor countries and what of the fighting did take place in the mountain range mostly stayed away from the clan compound.

But that luck did not reappear during the third war. Possibly because it quickly became a war of attrition on the borders instead of a quick sweep from either side, the clan members became used to always sensing enemy shinobi at the edge of their awareness. A situation that would have caused the immediate departure of the clan compound in the past became the unfortunate normality and lead to the clan members noticing too late that the Konoha shinobi were no longer stationary or moving along the border but actively heading toward their compound. Hiding wasn’t possible any more and if the whole clan attempted to flee, it would just lead to them all getting killed or captured. Since it was a comparatively small group heading their way, less then half their own numbers, it was decided that children, the elderly and anyone unable to fight was to flee, while the rest would defend their compound. Too move faster the group split in two and headed further away from the border.

Only 15 from over 60 clan members managed to survive the night. The group defending the compound was in no way prepared to go against fully trained chuunin and jonin from Konoha, but when they realised just how outmatched they were it was already too late to even attempt to flee themselves. The fate of one of the already fleeing groups was even more bloody and horrifying, the enemy caught up with them and every one of them was cut down regardless that most of those were children, young teenagers or the elderly. Only one man escaped the massacre, wounded and traumatized from being forced to watch his family, friends and even his own son die, and managed to make his way to Iwagakure, where the rest of the survivors had been granted refuge after some of them sensed the slaughter and realised that they would never be able to return. In the end the clan worked out a deal with the Third Tsuchikage and were allowed to remain in Iwagakure. They were given an empty plot of land on the outskirts of the village were their new clan compound was build.

Because of their strange appearance and the rumours and whispers about the “demon clan” they were met with distrust and suspicion from the civilians and shinobi alike, although it never quite crossed the line to outright ostracism. The relations between the clan members and the villagers got better with time, in no small part due to the peaceful and rather pacifistic nature of the clan members and due to how useful their kekkei genkai proved to be.

Clan Legend:
A star fell in love with the man Hideboshi Ichigime and longed to be with him, so much that the star gave up it’s immortality and fell to the earth. During the fall it took on the form of a beautiful woman with long white hair, grey skin and eyes that shone like stars. On her forehead was a third eye that allowed her to overlook the whole earth just like she did, when she still was a star. With the help of her eye’s ability she searched the whole world for the man she loved until she finally found him. He was instantly enchanted by her beauty and allowed her to stay with him. And the more time he spent with her the more he fell in love with her as well. Both got married and had seven children together, who would each become the origin of one of the Ichigime clan’s family lines. Their children had the same grey skin tones as she did and star-bright eyes, but were born with the darker hair of their father and without the third eye that adorned their mother’s forehead. But each one of them had her ability to sense and feel things far away, although none came even close to her range. In the end both the man and his star wife passed away one the same night from old age, while their children built their own families but always stayed close together.

Clan traditions:

Names: While this isn't a fixed rule clan children usually are given names that are sky related. So member are often named after constallations, celestial bodies, astronomical phenomenas and the like.

Clothing: There are no fixed rules, when it comes to what clothes member can or can not wear. Before the third war clan member tended to wear traditional clothes, but after moving to Iwagakure most adapted to the clothes worn there. The only thing usually being avoided are bright colors.

Marriage: While marriages within the clan used to be the norm, marriages with outsiders were by no means truly frowned upon, even during the time when the clan still lived outside the village in the mountains. But after large parts were whipped out during the third war, marriage within the clan has become nearly impossible without resorting to incest or ending one of the remaining family lines, so marriage with outsiders is nowadays strongly encouraged. When an outsider marries a clan member it is expected that they marry inside the clan and specifically into the family line, even if it is the woman who is the clan member. An exception can only be made, if the partner has legitimate reasons for not being able to marry into the clan (like being heir to a clan themselves or having other binding responsibilities) and the clan member in question is not the only one left to continue the family line.

The continuing of the family lines was always one of the most important concerns for the Ichigime clan, so it was also used to decide if a marriage within the clan was permissible (it wasn’t if it would end a family line, meaning if of both were single children/the only one left to continue the line and a marriage would automatically end one of their family lines) and if so, who would marry into who’s family line.

For same-sex marriages the rules where even more complicated: it wasn’t allowed if both or even just one of them were single children/the last ones left to continue. Although exceptions can be made for the combination on one partner with siblings/cousins and one left to continue the line, if a way to provide heir can be presented, either through a surrogate mother or artificial insermination.

Families: In the clan’s prime a family line usually consisted of one or two pairs of grandparents, their respective children, who didn’t marry out of the family line/clan, their children-in-law and their grandchildren. Couples were encouraged to have many children, so that the risk of discontinuing a family line was as low as possible and also so that the children would be able to marry whomever they wished without having to worry about it. So having three or four children was pretty common, even though there were families with only one or two children. Due to that the respective size of a family line could vary wildly, ranging from only five people to sometimes nearly 25.

Inside the families children are usually raised by both of their parents and their grandparents and after they get older also trained by them. Since the children will learn most of the basics at the academy the parents nowadays usually just focus on the sensor training. The first things any child learns is how to conceal their own presence, a tradition that still stems from the time the clan lived hidden in the mountains, and how to deal with the sudden increase of awareness that comes with the honing of their sensory abilities, meaning how to push it at the edge of the user's awareness without ignoring or stopping to notice it.

The relationship between the respective family lines tended to always be quite good, no matter how strong the lines between them were drawn. Before the third war it was mostly because of the marriages within the clan, which lead to siblings and cousins to be in different family lines. After it the closeness is mostly due to the fact that the survivors did grow closer, thanks to the shared trauma and the need to stick together to survive, and never regained the distance after that. Most children nowadays address any adult not in their own family line as (great-)aunt or (great-)uncle, independently of their actual relation to them.

Ninjas: While all children have to undergo the training from their parents to hone as well as control their sensor abilities, children are not forced to become a shinobi or learn to fight, if they truly don’t want to, although they are very much encouraged to at least attend the academy to learn the basics and decide after that. There is no difference being made between males and females, when it comes to a shinobi career.


Clan members are only average fighters and have no offensive or defensive clan techniques to speak of, due to the fact that they never really had to fight in any wars or conflicts in the past and most didn't bother to learn anything more than the basics. Clan members who mastered any kind of weapon besides kunai used to be few and far between. 
For the very same reason clan members also tended to wear traditional clothes, that really were not made to fight in, and keep their hair long.
In case a family line is forcibly ended/ left without anyone to continue it, a child from another family line can be adopted into it. But that practice is only possible if there is at least one member of the family line still alive to do the adopting and even then it is very much a last restort move.

Recruitment Message me if you want to Join
This Clan Have  Ranking System 
1Clan Head
and 6 damyos
the damyos will be the clan councils of the clan the damyos can nominate the next clan head if the current head is resign in his position the damyos is also the clan head advisors the position of damyos can obtain by a merit the family member of clan who have  achieve many merits can be the next member of damyos
Family family is a member of the clan

Every twice a month the family members and damyos have a evaluation match this match will be determine who will be the member and representative of our clan  in the  nation missions and war
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Re: Ichigime Clan
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2019, 12:43:22 »
Skimmed the text, pretty detailed.
As per usual best of luck with your clan, and do realize that you might not end up with a kekkei genkai in the end.
And most of all welcome to SLO, it's not as lively as it used to be due to the progress.

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Re: Ichigime Clan
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2019, 11:53:18 »
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  • Clan: Ichigime Clan
Re: Ichigime Clan
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2019, 13:32:31 »
Choribito i dont care that is your opinion lesbian
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