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Jōbu of Kinzokugakure


Name: Jōbu of Kinzokugakure
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 148 lbs.
Hairstyle: Unkempt
Facial hair:stubble
Hair color:black
Eye color:bright green
Blood type:AB +
Primary chakra nature:Wind
Hidden Village: Kinzokugakure
Good or evil at heart?: he is good with passion for fighting

Description of the character's personality: with his Jovial demeanor, and the goal of self improvement and understanding others Jōbu holds to heart the legend that first class shinobi can understand one another through combat alone for this reason  he works as hard as possible each day to improve min, body and soul. He is mild-mannered outside of combat and quick to help others, and rarely lies so expects the same courtesy from others to a fault. He prefers not to kill unless absolutely necessary but is quick-witted and unrelenting while in battle.

Description of the character's history: Jōbu was born, raised, and acted like any future ninja to be until the day he first saw a real fight between two ninja he has long since forgotten names and faces but never forgot the fight spins flips kunai thrown blades clashing wind and lightning going back and forth between the two. However more than the spectacle as he sat watching from a distance so he would be safe and could follow the battle yet he felt that there was something missing, something  he couldn't grasp to far beyond him to see. For months he fought other students in sparring matches, but felt nothing he trained harder so that he could spar more opponents, but nothing so he finally asked his instructor who reluctantly told him that when 1st class ninja clash they also exchange ideas, thoughts, feelings. and beliefs all without a single word. He was amazed to his Instructors dismay he said that he would work as hard as possible to reach that skill level and wouldn't stop till he got there. His instructor tried to tell him it that those who walked that path usually lived a short life, but it was to late he had decided his way and there was option to quint in young Jōbu's bright green eyes.


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