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Games / Re: Songs for the Soul
« on: February 26, 2015, 16:39:02 »




Yes, such a feature will be added to the game.

Not entirely related, but the discussion about the SLO housing system:,1116.0.html

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Shadow Clone Jutsu
« on: February 24, 2015, 14:57:05 »
There will be a shadow clone jutsu. Regular users of it will be able to create up to 3 clones, and the most advanced user will have up to 100. However, they will be AI programmed from what I know.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Tailed Beasts
« on: February 24, 2015, 14:54:24 »
The existence of tailed beasts equivalents, used for events is entirely possible. However, jinchuriki won't be considered.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Re: Kandakai clan
« on: February 23, 2015, 20:25:27 »

This is for your profile.

Naruto Fanworks / Re: America's Corner
« on: February 23, 2015, 17:22:43 »
Alright, so America wrote this filler thing. It's the battle when my char kills that Kage. (Those of you who've got to read part I will know).

     Through the corner of his eye, Kinzokugakure ANBU Captain Hogai Sugiyama could see the robed man carefully sip his burning hot coffee. The gray robe with no other details gave few hints as to who this man could be, but Hogai had ample suspicion. His bingo book had clues towards identifying known criminals, however the aged captain could not remember the specifics. Taking out the book now would alert the anonymous rogue that Hogai was suspicious, unless he could do it so nonchalantly as to not raise question. With no panic in his actions, Hogai slipped the small black book onto the counter. He casually flipped through the pages as if he was not researching one person in specific.
    As he browsed the book, he became aware of someone watching him. It was something he could notice easily, almost like a sixth sense. There was no doubt in Hogai’s mind that his cloaked friend was monitoring his actions. To avoid suspicion, Hogai laxly crossed off a random target’s picture, scribbling a few notes. To further convince the onlooker, he left his bingo book on the counter with a kunai jabbed through the center of the book, and headed towards the restroom.
    There was one thing Hogai didn’t understand about the nature of rogues, especially those attempting to hide their identity. A hooded cloak raised more suspicion than wearing nothing but normal attire. Hogai certainly didn’t remember every face in the bingo book, and wouldn’t recognize any but the worst criminals if he passed them on the street. By hiding their faces with clothing, they confirmed that they were probably a criminal, and therefore garnered more attention than desired.
    As the captain made his way back to the counter, he saw his bingo book in the exact location as he left it, with the kunai still piercing through to the counter. It didn’t really disapprove that the cloaked man had looked at it, but it seemed to remain untouched. The man himself had his back facing the counter as he stared out the window. From his position, Hogai could see a few strands of white hair sticking out in front of the hood.
    Hogai approached his stool and took a seat. He reached out and picked up his tea, almost making the mistake of taking a sip. Before the liquid came out of the cup, he quickly put it down, realizing that it could possibly be poisoned.
    “Excuse me, ma’am. Could I get a new beverage? This one is cold.” Hogai asked as he pulled the kunai out of the wooden surface.
    “We can heat that back up for you if you’d like.”
    “No, that’s okay. I’d just like to order a new drink if you don’t mind.” Hogai requested a new beverage. As the waitress shuffled away, Hogai noticed her hands shook intensely. Was he really that scary of a guy? He brushed the thought off and turned back towards the counter. Seeing that the cloaked figure was facing the exact opposite direction, Hogai took the chance to sift through his bingo book and look at the person he suspected. Over the next few minutes, Hogai compared the man in the book to the man sitting next to him. He decided it was a match, however, this man had a minimal challenge ranking. Anyone below the rank of ANBU Captain was not authorized to fight, even Hogai himself was strongly advised to seek reinforcements before confrontation. However, that was not how Hogai operated. He had been in the ANBU for 22 years, and understood how to handle difficult situations.
Hogai turned on his chair to face the mystery man. As he went to place a hand on his shoulder, he noticed his posture was very different compared to before. Also, Hogai observed severe fidgeting and shivering all throughout. It certainly did not seem like the same person that was sitting in the chair earlier.

What was going on?

    Instantly, Hogai realized that something was off. There was a foul mood that swamped the entire room. With intermediate talent in sensory, the aged captain could feel the fear in the collective chakra of the room. He was not surprised to discover that the chakra next to him was smaller than he previously thought. Quickly, Hogai pulled the hood back off of the mystery man, only to find out it was a terrified teenaged girl with long white hair. She gazed into his eye with fear comparable of invoking the anger of one thousand gods. Terror was not the only thing that clouded her eyes, she held unbelievable sorrow.
    “H-help me….” The girl whispered in a weak voice, as she tugged on the sleeve of his shirt. Hogai wasn’t on duty as of now, but he couldn’t just overlook this. She pointed to a table in the middle of the cafe, which had two seats, one of them empty. Upon closer inspection, Hogai saw the person sitting on the right side was dead. He couldn’t see it clearly from his position, but he could see enough blood splattered on the table and on its clothes to be confirmed as deceased. The hood on the person was up, and as Hogai pulled it down, the head fell completely off the shoulders.
    The girl at the counter let out a muffled cry, allowing Hogai to deduce it was someone of importance to her.
    “Who did it?” The obvious question came from the ANBU Captain, with no immediate response. After almost a minute of trying to pull herself together, the girl picked his bingo book up from the counter and flipped to the section Hogai had been studying earlier. As expected, it was one of the six remaining Yugure, Hao Kirishima. The sin of Pride. He was notorious for hunting Kages, which sometimes forced unprepared ninja into the vacant position, weakening the village. Of course, he was probably on a reckless dash straight to the Kage's Office. This village was one of the three Katakiuchi had not targeted before. Why now?

The battle was raging by the time Hogai arrived, even though it only started few minutes prior. Both parties were in quite a bind. The Kage had activated his Magnet Style ultimate defense, Iron Susano'o. He held small metal plates suspended in the air around him, forming a solid shield. Despite his fortifications, Hao's Plasma Style already managed to melt several plates, leaving gaping holes in the defense.

Hao, on the other hand, could not last in long fights. He was surrounded by the fourth wave of village shinobi that came to aid their Kage. As night fell, Hao's Fire, Lightning and Plasma releases lit up the surrounding area, making it easy to find the fight.

Hogai jumped down from the roof, avoiding large patches of scorched ground on the way to aid his Kage. Hao mopped the floor with the Chuunin ranked reinforcements that threw themselves at him like fodder. He stepped up to the top of the growing pile of bodies.
"Kinzokukage! Did your father not teach you proper mannerism?! You must bow in the presence of a god!" Hao yelled from his elevated position on the stack of corpses. As the Kage stood up off of his knee, Hogai noticed that some of Pride's attack had hit the Kage.

The Kage looked up towards Hao. The setting sun directly behind Hao illuminated the Yugure with golden sunshine.
"This world is mine to take." Hao said to himself. "THIS WORLD WAS ALWAYS MINE!!" Hao yelled with a face distorted by anger. He raised both of his arms, truly appearing as a god to any onlookers. After a moment of basking in his own glory, Hao dropped his arms, forming a dickish smirk on his face.
"Who are you to challenge my divine authority?" Hao calmly asked the Kage. No response was given. "ANSWER ME, MONGREL!!" As Hao yelled, cracks in the earth opened up, spewing flames. By the time Hogai looked back at Hao, he was only a few feet from the Kage, and moving in fast. The fire spewing from the earth was merely a distraction, but the Kinzokukage was not fooled.

He used his Magnet Release to place several kunai as a wall in front of himself. The Yugure had no option but to dodge. He swiftly stuck his hand out onto the ground before the Kage, pushing himself upward and over the Kage..
As gravity pulled him to the ground behind his enemies, Pride unleashed Fire Style: Dragon Flame Barrage. This was easily blocked by manipulating metal plates into the Iron Susano'o. As the smoke cleared, two giant shuriken flew towards the Kage. Upon impact with the metal defense, it was evident that strings were connected to the shuriken, and Hao held the end of them.

With a few quick handsigns, the Yugure ran a powerful electric current down the wires, effectively making the Iron Susano'o a death trap. Unable to utilize his secondary affinity to fully negate the incoming lightning, the Kage suffered mediocre burns. It was time for Hogai to stand up for his leader. As Hogai pulled a kunai from his waist pouch, the injured Kinzokukage held his hand out in front of the ANBU Captain.
"This is my village to protect. I've already let-" The Kage coughed up blood, interrupting himself mid sentence. "too many ninja have sacrificed themselves because I am weak." He finished his sentence.
"You were supposed to retire the Kage position six years ago, but you held on. This wouldn't be happening if you did what you were advised." Hogai reminded the age-worn Kage.
"You must understand... The only true successor to this position is my daughter. I will only relinquish my mantle in death or upon the return of my child." This sentence caught Hao's attention.

"Your child? Are you referring to Ayame Hayashi?" Pride closed his eyes as a smirk formed on his face.
"What do you know of my Ayame?" The Kage spat, anger displayed on his face.
"Oh, I don't call her Ayame. I know her as the Sin of Lust." Hao grinned as he spoke, knowing his words would provoke a reaction. The Kinzokukage fell to his knees. If Hao could further break the Kage's spirit, he could easily win this fight. Pride lifted up his right arm, instinctively moving to roll up the sleeve of the cloak he wore, until he remember that he left it with the distraught teenage girl at the cafe.

Hao removed the wrist cuff of his raised right arm, revealing a summoning seal. Hao pressed his left hand down onto the seal, channeling chakra into it. With a loud poof and white smoke, Hao summoned one of his Umbra.
"What's the situation at base?" Hao asked, loud enough for the Kinzokukage to hear.
"Uh-, Greed captured Lust's brother and Sloth's sister, Sloth used Greed to kill his sister." The Umbra spoke loudly and clearly, inspiring despair in the Kage.
"And Greed's health?" Pride asked, although he didn't actually care what happened to the obnoxious Yugure.
"He's dead." The answer was blunt. Hao nodded his head and waved off the Umbra. Another puff of smoke announced his depart.

The Yugure looked back towards the Kinzokukage, who was now on his hands and knees, tears falling from his face onto the burnt ground. The metal plates that previously formed his Iron Susano'o had fallen to the ground.
"Man, you must've been a terrible parent." Hao rubbed it in. No response.

Only half of the setting sun was now visible on the narrow Kinzokugakure road.
"The sun sets on your life, Kage." Pride said while placing the cuff back on his wrist. He drew a chokuto and slowly made his way towards his enemy.

Before Hao could deliver the finishing blow himself, the Kage rose from his hands and knees. Hao felt a tug on his chokuto. This was why he didn't use it earlier, it could be easily controlled by the Magnet Style. He prepared for the worst.

There was no resistance towards his advance. Instead, the Magnet Style wielder pulled the blade towards himself at an alarming rate.

With a splat of blood, the Kinzokukage fell to the ground, a chokuto piercing his heart.

"Put my daugh-" He started coughing. Blood. "out of her-" More coughing. "-misery."

That was Izumo Hayashi's final order to the captain of the ANBU. Hogai himself was paralyzed by shock. He couldn't move as Hao nonchalantly strolled to the Kage's corpse, and removed its head.

The last thing Hogai remembered from that day was the distinct smell of a cigarette.

Anime / Re: Death Parade
« on: February 22, 2015, 19:37:40 »
I've recommended it several times in the chat. Glad that someone finally picked it up. It's my 2nd favorite psychological yet. 8/10

Yeah, you mentioned it in the chat and i decided to watch it. Thanks m4! I would rate it a 9 it's very interesting and what's your 1st favorite psychological anime?
It's Serial Experiments Lain. Very thought provoking, albeit weird and confusing. I'd rate it a 10/10.

Anime / Re: Death Parade
« on: February 22, 2015, 19:23:11 »
I've recommended it several times in the chat. Glad that someone finally picked it up. It's my 2nd favorite psychological yet. 8/10

General Discussion / Re: Game ideas you wish were real
« on: February 22, 2015, 13:58:36 »
Also, i think everyone wants a SAO MMO with virtual reality.
Not really...

General Discussion / Re: Game ideas you wish were real
« on: February 22, 2015, 10:09:42 »
A FMA MMO would rek all there is.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / Re: Randamu Clan
« on: February 22, 2015, 04:50:21 »
Please read the FAQ:,305.0.html
Nothing specific from the Naruto universe will exist in ours. That in mind, neither the Uchiha nor the Sharingan will be part of it. As for the reason a clan named Randamu has as its leader someone who does not have Randamu as his last name, and also, why the members of what basically is a blood related family is having ranks, that is none of my business.

I can't log in on the main website. Isn't the account I have on the forum linked to the main website.
I can't log in on the main website. Isn't the account I have on the forum linked to the main website.
I can't log in on the main website. Isn't the account I have on the forum linked to the main website.
the username is your username not your email id. Try that and if it still doesn't work then check any spelling mistakes and if it still doesn't work then contact Vreg.

I did that five times!!!!
Can you PM me your account and password? @Renagade24

I sent a message to you and Vreg
Alright, I have tried it and it is not working. We will fix this issue as soon as possible.

I can't log in on the main website. Isn't the account I have on the forum linked to the main website.
I can't log in on the main website. Isn't the account I have on the forum linked to the main website.
I can't log in on the main website. Isn't the account I have on the forum linked to the main website.
the username is your username not your email id. Try that and if it still doesn't work then check any spelling mistakes and if it still doesn't work then contact Vreg.

I did that five times!!!!
Can you PM me your account and password? @Renagade24

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Re: Storm Release
« on: February 20, 2015, 17:06:37 »
We don't know at this point what many things will look like. I am afraid we will have to wait and see.

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Re: Kami Hantāzu
« on: February 20, 2015, 17:05:03 »
xD you guys are mean :D
He is just muted so he cant respond.
Also this Org is the whole time on top so actually its not dead.
People are just to lazy to also look at other Organizations
It's not people being lazy, it's always atop because people fill it with useless spam. True story 2015.

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