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We have released Shinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version! This update features Earth Release: Earth Dome Jutsu, Aiming Mode and more! Try it out and tell us what you think.


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Welcome to Shinobi Life Online

What is Shinobi Life Online?

Shinobi Life Online (SLO) is a 3D MMORPG project with the goal of simulating life as a shinobi (or ninja) in a universe inspired by Naruto.

Our goal is to create a world without limitations or restrictions. A world that allows you, as a player, to live the daily life of a shinobi - one created and deeply customized by you. A shinobi forged into a reflection of yourself as you live your life in the Shinobi Life Online world. An open world so immersive that you experience it as living another life instead of playing a game.

Every feature of Shinobi Life Online aims to create and simulate a realistic virtual shinobi world. Villages, economies, political systems, war mechanics, survival mechanics and advanced jutsu mechanics are some of the basic requirements of this. Even virtual recreation (e.g. a bathing house), a housing system and a marriage system will be incorporated in order to make the Shinobi Life Online experience feel more life-like. In order to visually accompany the experience we will be using the latest of rendering techniques to bring you the best possible 3D graphics, coupled with extensive graphical settings for those that have weaker systems.

As you create and customize your character, you will decide which of the 11 Hidden Villages you want to start in and be part of. You will then choose your primary chakra nature which will be unlocked upon reaching a certain level of skill. Your secondary chakra nature will get randomly assigned by the intricate SLO System and will be revealed to you once you reach the level of ninjutsu skill required. In reality, shinobis would not have been able to select the chakra nature they were born with, and as such, aside from your primary nature, you will not be able to either. During character creation you will also have the ability to allow your character to be born into one of the many player-created clans. What happens after this stage is entirely up to you. You may live life as a village shinobi, going on missions. You may join the village's police force, maintaining peace and safety for all. You may travel the massive SLO world or join an organization and work towards a common goal be it malicious or helpful. You might want to protect your clan, or bring either peace or terror upon the SLO world. The possibilities are endless. Everything is in your hands. Any and all wars will be caused and fought by real players like yourself.

All players will be given an equal start as an Academy Student and be forced, if they so choose to walk this path (see above paragraph), to climb the shinobi ranks as they progress and expand their skills. In mention of ranks, besides the basic shinobi ranking, SLO will have an advanced ELO-based rating system for every player which will effectively rate their skills in all the different aspects that make up being a shinobi. Once you first reach the Genin rank, you will start in a team with other new and inexperienced shinobi and be placed under the guidance of a Jonin ranked commander who will mature your comrades and yourself until you are ready to participate in Chunin exams. Additionally, the commander and comrades you are teamed with will all be real players like yourself.

Those of you that decide the organised village system is not meant for you are given either the option to officially resign as a village shinobi or unofficially abandon the village and be labeled as rogue.

Hidden Village Kages will be players elected by other players due their remarkable skills and popularity. Kage will have considerable influence in whichever village they rule and electing the wrong person can result in war. This makes Kage elections an extremely serious matter.

Will you be famous for your heroic actions or impressive shinobi skills? Infamous for all the people you have murdered? Will you become just the average shinobi that no one knows about? Wherever your adventure may take you, we wish you good luck on your journey.

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