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Author Topic: My suggestions for SLO  (Read 216 times)

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My suggestions for SLO
« on: December 06, 2017, 19:26:07 »
I only found this game last night and I am now in love, sadly I can't play it since I am on a Mac and my windows laptop won't turn on but I still see a lot of potential and I hope it doesn't die. But on to my suggestions

1. Gameplay over looks - I saw the older version to this game and it looked really good back then in terms of graphics and gameplay but now that you're using the Unity engine, yes it looks good but can it handle the stress down the road?
What I mean is, You plan on having 11 main villages right? So for this game to have a RPG feel these villages need to be populated, so a good number to give each village life is around 500-1000 Players, you can probably fill in some areas with NPCs, But the point is if each village have around 500-1000 players, that's 555-11000 players running around and for a game this fast paced with jutsus and fast combat, there's going to be lag. Hopefully you guys have this in mind and you can make a fix before the problem happens.

2.Skill levels - You guys probably have this done on paper but I'll still make my suggestion, I think there should be a levelling system for a lot of needed things, example: Chakra control, if your chakra control level is at 0 you won't be able to walk on water or walls and also your jutsu strength will be low and the size of the jutsu will be small (Fire breath, lightning ball, etc). also some jutsus should require a high chakra control level, like the lightning ball, if it's low and you try to do the jutsu, it will backfire causing damage. Other skill levels in mind are, throwing, medical, raw speed, chakra dash, stealth, strength, health and stamina. (I have much more ideas for this but I don't wanna take up a lot your time reading these).

3. Abilities - Some abilities I had in mind are, 1. Sensory: You can still count this is as a skill but this can be limited to certain clans or just very skilled Shinobis but what I had in mind is, having the sensory skill can let you detect surrounding enemies (the higher the skill the more enemies you can detect with perfect accuracy (number of Shinobis and village). More abilities in mind are, camouflage (blending into trees, bush, sand, etc with a icon saying that you're hidden) and Genjutsu (this one will take a lot of development so this can wait)

This is all I have in mind on this topic, sorry if it's too much or if it has been discussed already.

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Re: My suggestions for SLO
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2017, 20:03:24 »
A. I only found this game last night and I am now in love...

B. ...sorry if it's too much...

C. ...or if it has been discussed already.

A. That's lust, not love, Jones >_). Cool down for a week, then come back; and if SLO still looks pretty, feel free to compliment, but don't force yourself on her. If you want to see an example of ze TRUE passion of ze 'eart, observe the fans of Camelot Unchained: They had to wait for the entire thing to be built from the ground up, and it's only several years later that the progress is even close to Beta.

B. Nah, you were kind enough to space things out into paragraphs. A lot of people (myself included) have made the mistake of vomiting a slurry of text onto the screen...some don't even have the stomach to handle punctuation marks. And as I've said previously to people who can't stand reading a mere page of text: "I pity you."

C. That is not a viable excuse to ignore the "Search" tab.

Welcome to SLO all the same!
« Last Edit: December 06, 2017, 20:06:31 by Dragon6624 »
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Re: My suggestions for SLO
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2017, 00:17:57 »
I remember when I had this much passion!! But I made the same mistake of jumping in to the forum with out reading up on what is already set in stone. But I was set straight so I'll do the same.

First levels are not what the game is going for. The skill of the player is the only thing that matters. Character skills will be able to be learned at any time. There might be bass skills like chakra control for example that will have requirements to "level up" but no character levels will be in the game.

I agree with you that there being to ambitious with the graphics but this is what they want and obviously think they can do it. One way they were talking about is to have certain things instanced.

So spend a week reading up on some of the other suggestions. And if you think you have an idea use the search to see if there is alrady a thread dealing with it and read up in that thread before posting. Welcome to SLO!!

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Re: My suggestions for SLO
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2017, 00:58:49 »
I spent sometime reading everything, I made this like the same day I joined and I was just a little excited and didn't know what was really going on.
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