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Author Topic: About The Layout Of Shinobi Tutelage  (Read 1273 times)

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Re: About The Layout Of Shinobi Tutelage
« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2017, 02:10:39 »
So let's say this is how learning everything will be.

How do you suggest the library be set up so that you can learn what you want to.

Option 1) actual wings of a Building:
6 wings total one for each skill tree with the required knowledge and skills needed to perform all the jutsu in the game with in that wing.

Option 2) a UI interface in the library allowing you to search for the skill tree you want that has the skills you need to perform the jutsu you have found, bought, or want and don't have yet!

Option 3) villages build there library by collecting jutsu and reverse engineer training manuals from the required skills in the jutsu scroll.

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Re: About The Layout Of Shinobi Tutelage
« Reply #16 on: May 19, 2017, 03:37:54 »
I'd assumed that it'd be a mixture of 2) and 3), more or less:

Upon proper "Launch" of the game, each village will be given a specific set of Jutsu Scrolls to be filed in their respective Libraries. These will be physical buildings, but the actual access of Jutsu will occur through UI set at specific kiosks located in various "Tiered" (and thus, appropriately locked off) sections of the Library -- space for RP/Learning without the inconveniences of physical information searches or space being clogged up. These Jutsu Scrolls may be ferried out of the villages by well trained Shinobi set to steal them stealthily...or, with a bit of a ruckus involved.

Either way, the Jutsu may be stolen from these kiosks by being copied onto other Scrolls (notably, by specially trained Shinobi via a technique known to all Shinobi Villages), which will then need to be transported back to the respective Shinobi Village for filing within their respective kiosk. From there on out, it's just a matter of repeating this cycle often enough to justify near-constant conflict between the villages, as each tries to steal the others' Jutsu after every new Jutsu Update. The developers might even only include certain Jutsu at a time; In part to properly test their strength and balance them (this might just be done in a Concept Testing server, Idk), as well as constantly shifting the spotlight of potential conflict onto each next set of villages to receive Jutsu.

On a side note, we might recognize that, just because a Jutsu is stolen from one village for another, that doesn't mean that Jutsu may even be *learned (not even thinking about Mastery, in that regard) by little more than a minority of the culprit-village's Shinobi*. Jutsu take different levels of skills *as well as different Chakra natures*, meaning some Jutsu --no matter how powerful and tempting-- may simply be impossible for particular Villages to adequately use, and others may only be capable of being fully mastered by the shinobi of a particular village (simply because that village's Shinobi popularly prefer set playstyles and the Skills needed to perform the Jutsu used in them).

Anyway, I'm tired for now, so I'll post this as-is for the rest of you to mull over. G'night.
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Re: About The Layout Of Shinobi Tutelage
« Reply #17 on: May 20, 2017, 05:42:27 »
Here's a list of some things that should be in the libraries( eventually if not at the start)
@Whatasnipe @Vreg
Character skills
1. Power
2. Stamina
3.      Weight training
4.      Endurance
5.      Speed
6. Constitution
         Recovery rate
         Element endurance
7. Intelligence
          Chakra control (3 points )
8.       Imagination
9.       Sciences
10.            Metallurgy
11.            Zoology
12.                Saipan
13.                Rodents
14.                Reptiles
15.                Felines
16.                Ornithology
17.                Amphibians
18.                Equine
19.                Entomology
20.                Swine
21.                Domesticated
22.                K-9
23.                Aquatic
24.                Ursinae( bear)
25.                Draco
26.            Anatomy
27.            Bio-chemistry
28.            Chemistry
29.         Focus
30. Dexterity/intelligence
31.         Bukijutsu
32.             kenjutsu
33.             nunchaku
34.             Kunei
36.         Cooking
37.         Farming
38.         Calligraphy/Sculpting
39.         Blacksmithing
40. Dexterity
41.         Targeting(soft lock-4 points)
                     A. Aoe splash target
                     B.Aoe cone target
                     C.hard lock
                     D. Zoom
42. Sensory
(These can get creative names later)

Jutsu skills( number of points available)
            Advanced chakra control(5)
            requires x focus @3 chakra control
              A.nature change(2-3)
              B. Form change(1-100)
             C. Medical:(100)
              Vital points
              Cellular regeneration
              Chakra network
               Thermal explosives
               Chemical explosives
               Pharmaceutical production
                Botanical poisons
                Venoms ( zoological)
               Heavy metal/mineral toxins

Requires x imagination
          Hypnotic - snake
           Chakra and stamina effects
           Health effects
          Paralysis- pig
     E. Sound
         Hallucinations - Entomology
         Hypnotic- frog
         Paralysis - ornithology

Requires x stamina(stat)
    A-K stances one for each village
    Zoological stances:
        Tiger- feline
        Dragon- Draco
        Snake -reptile
        Crane - Ornithology
        Mantis- Entomology
        Monkey- Saipan
 Requires x dexterity
   Space time

I'm not sure if Bukijutsu should be Jutsu skills or if the ability to use weapons is a character skill.

With the above topics as a guide I suggest the library be devided in to 3 sections

Jutsu scrolls:
   Where Shinobi can go to get access to jutsu the village knows.

Jutsu skills:
   where you can get a list of training regimens associated with the 6 major skill trees.

Character skills:
  Where you can study the subject you need to know to gain access to the nessassary skills need for the training regimens.

The only problem I have with keeping all of the scrolls in the same place as learning skills for them is it puts unskilled players in a high risk location. but since villages are not kill zones I guess its not too big a problem.
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