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Author Topic: The Sabaku Kuchikomi  (Read 1495 times)

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Offline SirTroll

The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« on: December 10, 2016, 12:11:11 »
The Sabaku Kuchikomi

Founder(s): The Zen’no and Kitsune families
Allegiance: Hokorigakure no Sato - Hidden Dust Village


Long before the walls of Hokorigakure, and the thriving ninja village that Hokorigakure has become now, the desert was a barren, and hostile land. Before there was irrigation, water rationing, collection and control, those who wished to live in the deepest deserts away from the close and known oases lived in a brutal, and dangerous world. The wildlife, the conditions, the very environment they lived in, was meant to kill them. Here, in this world where so many perish, a small group of tightly knit, and well organized people don't just survive, they thrive, having built an entire civilization where most say no civilization is to be found.
It was said that the first of the Hokori people, built the first civilization in the deserts, first finding the ways to draw water up from the ground, to capture the precious waters, engineer rivers and create their own havens on earth. They used the luxuries they found in the desert, hidden and exotic spices, special gemstones and herbs found nowhere but in the most dangerous and desolate recesses, animal parts for healing poultices, and other riches that were hidden all around them, turning their castles of sand into an empire rivaling the lands from which they were banished. They found their punishment in the very decadence they had created, forgetting the lessons the desert had taught. Droughts, war, and famine lead to a total collapse of the empire, causing many of those who had become too accustomed, too soft, to perish in the unforgiving wastes once more. Only those with great will to survive once more kept on. Hence, they had built the first cities in once barren desert.

When the village of Hokorigakure was established after the perils of the great shinobi war by the Zen’no - clan of kings -, many of the desert nomads from the deepest desert who fought alongside the wealthy city dwellers, began to trade with them, and share their long kept knowledge that they had gathered from the ruins. This information allowed the already intellectual city dwellers to become architects, engineers, historians, and other knowledge keepers, using their math and sciences to help improve the empire. And yet, it was an empire that few of the nomads would care to stay in. The racial and cultural lessons imparted with the tribe ran deep. They knew the mistakes that had been made, and their people could not be made to suffer further. When asked to join the new city under the newly established banner of the Sabaku Kuchikomi, only half had agreed.
That half agreed, only on the condition that all of the children born within the village be forced to live in the harsh deserts with the nomads, and those born in the desert came for a small time as children to learn the ways of the empire. This way, all of their kind knew to not grow complacent, knew how it was to survive, to starve, to go hungry, and learned the cultural and historical records of their clan, as well as being taught all the fundamental knowledge in the arts and sciences. The genius and enterprise of the Zen’no together with the guile and sheer physical power of the Kitsune desert nomads, made them worthy adversaries and dangerous opponents.
This way the main branch, the Zen’no - who lived inside the comfort and luxury of the city walls - and the side branch the Kitsune – who lived outside the city walls, staying true to the old ways of the nomads-formed an alliance, a family, one that would protect and defend the hidden dust for years to come. They became the Sabaku Kuchikomi.


The Sabaku Kuchikomi now consists of three branches, each with their own specialty and tasks. These are:
Zen'no - House of Kings

The Zen’no is the main branch of the Sabaku Kuchikomi and one of the two branches that founded the clan. Proficient in many branches of combat and social skills, those who have not become a Shinobi often decide to occupy an important role in the trading business or enter the politics of Hokorigakure. They are well-known and wealthy, distinguishable by their clothing.

Kitsune - Nomads of the Desert

The Kitsune is one of the side branches of the Sabaku Kuchikomi, as well as one the founding clans. Staying true to the ways of old, the Kitsune travel around for fertile lands, not straying too far from the village. Their innate proficiency in Taijutsu makes them invaluable as warriors. Those who do not become Shinobi remain with their tribe, helping out harvesting crops and tending to their family. They wear leather and fur clothing, gathered from their livestock.

Tokage - Bandits of the Tombs

The Tokage are a group of ex-bandits that formerly wreaked terror to Hokorigakure and the Kitsune branch. After a failed all-out assault upon the Kitsune in which their leader was slain in combat, the Sabaku Kuchikomi offered them a place in the clan in exchange for their skills. Reluctantly accepting, the remaining members joined the Sabaku Kuchikomi. The Tokage are renowned for their skills in stealth, knowledge of toxins and genjutsu. They often attack in groups and ambush their enemies when their guards are lowered. Their clothing is mostly dark, with many trinkets and useful tools. 

Brief description of the task distribution between the branches:
-The Zen’no house takes charge of all the political affairs of the clan as well as overseeing the activities of the other branches and house members.
-The Kitsune nomads’ house supply livestock and crops to the clan and village and their farming activities are a mainstay of the village’s economy.
-The Tokage concern themselves with scouting the desert ruins for any valuables, along with hunting and medicine. Their toxins are a priced possession of the clan and Hokorigakure as well.

Below is depicted the main council of the Sabaku Kuchikomi. It exists of the leaders and elders of each branch. The elders are part of either the Peace or War council, tasked with aiding their Kage and finding a balance between strategies, goods and produce within times of war and times of peace. Aside from this main leadership, each branch has their own ranks, which is determined by their leaders.

Leader of Clan Branches:
Zen’no – Ikiryo Zen’no no Sabaku
Kitsune – Hayame Tokage no Sabaku
Tokage – (temporarily)  Hayame Tokage no Sabaku

Clan rules:
While there are rules within each branch family of the Sabaku Kuchikomi, there are a few main rules that apply to all members of the clan. These are:
Betrayal of the Clan, Village or Alliances will result in timely death.
Revealing secrets to outsiders will lead to a swift end.
Insubordination is one sure way to lose your life.
Allied Clans:
The Nakai Clan
The Kirishima Clan of Infernogakure
The Sandāreisu Clan of Shogekihagakure
Rival Clans:

SirTroll - Vizier
DarthTyrael - Yondaime Hokorikage,  Hayame Tokage no Sabaku
RaphoZentel - Izumi Kitsune no Sabaku
StriderOtaku - Ikiryu Zen'no no Sabaku
Mattaleks - Matt Tokage no Sabaku

### below, please pm me on the forums or discord to get your branch clan and to be moved to above.]

@Crono - Crono
@xXRenXx - Ren
@MrHardTruck - Shi no me
@SirHats - Hibiki


To apply to this clan, please select and copy the following code template to use for your application:
Code: [Select]
[b]Forum Name[/b]:
[b]OC (Original Character) Name[/b]:
[b]OC’s Age[/b]:
[b]Which branch do you pledge allegiance to? (Read branch rules and description to properly align your character)[/b]:
[b](Optional) If Kitsune, will you avoid to use Genjutsu?[/b]:
[b](Optional) If Tokage, will you avoid to use Taijutsu?[/b]:
[b]What Shinobi rank do you aspire to reach? (i.e. Genin, Chuunin etc.)[/b]:
[b]Will you adhere to clan and branch rules at all times?[/b]:
[b]Do you wish to take part in educating the younger generations of Sabaku and Hokorgakure Shinobi?[/b]:
[b]Will you protect your family, your clan and Hokorigakure with your life?[/b]:
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Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2016, 12:16:12 »
good luck shirt roll i like the revamp
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Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2016, 12:17:17 »
Looks good, very detailed I'll read it more thoroughly at a later date.
Best of luck with Sabaku v2.

Offline SirTroll

Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2016, 12:33:35 »
Credits go to:
@StriderOtaku & @DarthTyrael  for the stories and writing
@RaphoZentel for the logos
and @Snoopy for fixing my horrible grammar.

Love you guys!

good luck shirt roll i like the revamp
thanks cuz

Looks good, very detailed I'll read it more thoroughly at a later date.
Best of luck with Sabaku v2.
Thankyou nova <3

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Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2016, 12:46:15 »
Amazingggggggggggggggggg logo writing leader

gooodo job
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Offline taigakun

Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #5 on: December 10, 2016, 13:01:49 »
Nice one troll it looks very nice and well explained
Good job and best of luck

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Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #6 on: December 10, 2016, 13:17:32 »
so fucking coooollll!!
Other Organization:
Iryō Buntai

Offline StriderOtaku

Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #7 on: December 10, 2016, 13:40:38 »
aah, finally.
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Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #8 on: December 10, 2016, 20:41:22 »
Good luck.
May the revamp bring you more fortune <3

Offline SirTroll

Re: The Sabaku Kuchikomi
« Reply #9 on: December 17, 2016, 19:51:47 »
Removed highly inactive members, another reminder to
to choose a branch or suffer the same fate.


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