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Author Topic: Konohuro Kirishima  (Read 14903 times)

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Offline Konohuro

Konohuro Kirishima
« on: July 29, 2015, 15:58:32 »

Image done by Ken and Nova.

Name: Konohuro
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 70 kg
Hairstyle: A long straight hair falls on Konohuro's back. A medium and thin strand of hair covers a part of his left eye.
Facial hair: -
Hair color: White
Eye color: Grey (only one)
Blood type: B+
Primary chakra nature: Wind
Village: Hidden Ash
Clan: Kirishima
Good or evil at heart?: It depends on how you perceive good and evil. But he will be rogue.



Face 1 (Konohuro refers to this side of his personality as: The Black Mask):

Konohuro is a tragic figure. Since his parent's death he kind of lost apart of himself in that moment too. His whole life since that night has been spent learning and teaching himself how to become a shinobi to save the world from hatred. He's the typical brooding loner type. Also because of his parents death he can appear cold and aloof towards others who wish to get closer. To him he'd rather play it alone because if he cares for someone, puts his heart out on the line, he'll eventually get hurt when he loses them. Still that cold and sometimes arrogant/prideful side is what most people (who don't know him well) see instead of the kind and compassionate person he truly is underneath it all. Though he is very compassionate to others he has trouble sometimes letting the darkness get too far; this can show off his impulsivity despite his calm nature. His friends presence is there for one reason: they're the light to his darkness. They may be the only things keeping him from over the edge.
Beside his attitude The Black Mask has an uncommon curiosity for humans origins and it’s purpose. Since he was a 13 he started travelling across the land seeking answers… answers that are not as important as the question otherwise. He got to three main ideas that are leading his life:
1. Words mean nothing.
2. The emotions are composing the person and are destroying it.
3.Our fate is fixed. It’s our destiny that must be sized.

Face 2 (Konohuro refers to this side of his personality as: The Red Mask):

In contrast with his first face, Konohuro shows that a part of him is a homicidal, psychopathic, ruthless, sadistic, maniacal, lunatic, manipulative, intelligent and diabolical criminal who wants nothing but chaos and anarchy wherever he goes. While The Red Mask covers his mind, Konohuro uses a high-pitched, comical, bouncy, silly, and over-the-top voice that occasionally stoops down to a slight growl. His malevolent, sadistic sense of humor and psychopathic tendency of murdering whoever stays in his way defines The Red Mask so it can't be mistaken with his other personality: The Black Mask. Konohuro also likes to corrupt his enemies in various media, however if he fails he has a vicious, uncommon pleasure of inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on his enemies before he kills them due to his ruthless mind.

Despite of the existence of two personalities, they don't manifest separately in fact they act like a whole. After the shift took place, the other personality remembers what the previous one did, in addition while one personality is controlling the body, the other one can easily take control over the other. In fact, a part of Konohuro's rationality remains neutral and decides how to act: like The Black Mask or like The Red Mask. What other people don't understand is that there aren't two different minds nor two different wills that are fighting for the control of the body, the two personalities are just two different types of behaving that Konohuro decides to adopt in order to act in a certain way; choice that is decided by his mood, too.

Description of the character's history:

Chapter 1
A perfect imperfect life

   Small drops of lead are falling from the heights of the tinted clouds. One drip touches the still smooth skin of a young boy, followed by another one… in no time the whole horizon was covered by a mantle of rain.
The sound of a whip dragged on the hard ground, not wet yet, can be heard anywhere in the small glade. The whip is raised up to the sun than flicked backwards to the peak of the mountain and finally whipped toward the back of the quiet, humble boy. The skin burst under the three strikes of the three metal heads of the whip: ”I TOLD YOU TO DO AS I SAY!”… Those words were resounding like a thunder in the forest. The bushes nearby were shaking covering the frightened small creatures and leaves started falling when the scared birds were rising to the sky. Only three crows were standing on a fallen log from a corner of the glade, looking into the eyes of the boy, who was propping with his chest in a stump from the middle of the clearing.
Another strike of the whip, another set of wounds and another thunder of words: “You knew that those who don’t listen are punished and still you decided to disregard my words and my orders!”. The whip continued to strike as the man was shouting. “How can you dare to dishonor the name of our family, you, my son… to dishonor the name of the village chef, you, insignificant insect!”. Still, the boy wasn’t crying, wasn’t even yelling, he was just clenching and grinding his teeth biting from the old snag out of hate. His hands were wrapping the unfortunate place of punishment, while the heavy whip tore his back. Finally, after five insane whippings the punisher stopped, but for the 11 years old child, was too much to endure. He was now lying unconscious on the ground. The light rain made a fen of blood around the child. The enraged fathered turned to the two guards who were standing and watching all that time, and said: “You two, take him to the village, to his mother, I will come too eventually.” And the two guards executed the order, picking up very carefully the little kid and carrying him as their leader said.


Yashiro Usagi was a very valorous shinobi in the village hidden by ash. Being the most feared enemy of missing-nins and the ANBU Captain, Yashiro was the pride of the village. He was known for being the most merciless shinobi of his kind, thus he was very dreaded. He was young and full of glory, but his cold heart made of stone was soaked by a beautiful kunoichi of the Infernogakure, respected member of the noble clan Kirishima. Of course their love was never accepted in a world full of interests. However they had a son, that lived his early years of life near his mother in Infernogakure. After some time the couple assumed the risk and run away from their villages becoming missing-nin. Soon they got married and got established in a small modest village somewhere in the middle of a forest. Yashiro and his beautiful wife, Jichiru were fast accepted in their new home. Not unexpected at all, Yashiro became the leader of that village. Because Konohuro was now the son of the village leader, he never stayed with other children of his age. Since he was little, he spent his time with the two guards of Yashiro that thought him how to fight and how to survive. His father wanted him to be a good warrior, a good survivor… a beyond compare shinobi.


Black. Everything’s black, but a shiny ray is making its way through the eyelids slightly open. Yet, a sunshine is not always welcomed…    Konohuro opens slowly his eyes waking up in his bedroom. No one in his room, no one in his house, only the noise of a crowd outside the house was disturbing the silence. Heading toward the entrance, some grimaces appears on Kono’s face as the wounds still hurt when he is twisting even just a bit his chest. He opened the door and found a mess; everyone was running chaotically, children were crying and women were screaming: their village was under attack. Konohuro, bewildered, was trying to find a familiar face in the crowd. Without a notice, a hooded rider grabbed Konohuro, threw him a bit in the air, just the right height so he could lend on the horse. Riding together, they managed to escape from the agglomeration. The rider took off his hood and revealed himself. It was a women, Konohuro’s mother. Of course… Kono could have bet on this… that soft touch of the white refined skin could be only his mother’s. He found out that his father got killed in the attack while he was trying to distract the intruders.
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Offline Konohuro

Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2015, 15:58:45 »

Chapter 2
The curse in its entire splendor

Konohuro and his mother were now alone, having no money, nothing to eat and no place to sleep. They arrived in a samurai village and rent a room with the last money that they had. But one priceless thing was kept by Jichiru and offered to Konohuro. It was a ring, but not a normal ring, one that was wearing the Kirishima’s symbol on it. It was so long that it was wrapping half of his finger and near the end, where the nail is, it had a short and sharp blade, triangle shaped, about 2 centimeters; worn by his father and passed on by his mother, it was the most precious thing to Konohuro.
Jichiru tried to find a job there, but the only available job that she found in that crowded village was as a waitress in a ramen shop. But the things were getting from bad to worse. A crisis followed; prices rose and wages fell. Jichiru and her son couldn’t handle with all the outlays and desperate situations call for desperate measures. Jichiru had to resort to a shameful way to earn money. Every night she was pleasing men for maintaining her and her son’s already horrible life. One night, an insane guy goes off crazier than usual. Jichiru gets the kunai to defend herself. He doesn't like that. After raping her he kills her in a slow manner. Konohuro, hidden behind the curtain of the window, watches the entire scene. The murderer left the room but Kono was still staying behind the curtain with his wide opened eyes glued to his mother’s body, being terrified and petrified. He remained there the entire night. The lights were off, only a moonbeam was enlightening Jichiru’s glassy eyes like a spotlight on a stage.

Konohuro was crying and suspiring in the dark watching the body while the body’s eyes were goggling at him. The smell of the blood had filled the room, the blood of his mother, the blood of his only relative alive, the blood of the only person that still loved him. Too many thoughts passed through his little had that night, and too many emotions were captured in his little body struggling and writhing. Anger, sadness, hate, hopeless but the most of them: frustration… frustration of not being able to save his mother. Konohuro opened his left eye wide, deepen the sharp top of his ring in the upper part of his eye and slowly dragged it to the bottom of his eye. Slowly, in the morning he faint.
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Offline Konohuro

Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2015, 15:59:13 »
Chapter 3
The empty path of revenge

Konohuro was declared of insanity and accused for the murder of his mother and doomed to live in the jail. But this jail was not a normal one; it was an arena with cages around it. The cages were for the prisoners who were send in the arena to fight to the death. The spectators were wealthy people who were searching for entertainment. Even if he was only a kid he had to fight with different enemies that didn’t cared about his size, most of them being teenagers. He hardly survived the first years, but finally, after living there for another four years he became the champion of the show. He was always calm, always merciless and always winner and the public loved him. For his glory he was rewarded, and he was allowed to use a weapon, a sword in his fights. One day, when the new “novices” were brought, Konohuro found a way to escape. It wasn’t too hard as all the guards were based farmers who wore swords, while Kono was a swordsman trained since he was a child by the elites, by samurais, and had 4 years of practice.
While he was in that “jail”, Konohuro researched, found and learned useful things about the outside life, and he planed his revenge. He found out that the murderer of his mother was one of generals in the village hidden by ash. He also found out that there is a secret temple in the mountains that are teaching a technique called Genjutsu. So, after he escaped prison he headed toward that place in order to learn this shinobi path.
He spent two years in the mountains with the monks, becoming a good user of Genjutsu art. After finishing learning, he left to hunt. He first aimed for General’s comanders, gathering information and killing them.  After ten months, Konohuro had already killed 16 of General’s commanders, and managed to infiltrate in Hidden Ash.  Sakura festival was coming and there used to be a party; before the party there was a show. Some acrobats were paid to entertain the public on a stage. But on that stage were three chairs for three special guests: The Police Officer, The representative of the Village’s Kage and the General.

Before the festival party started, Konohuro had prepared a “surprise” for everyone in the village, at the gates. He set all General’s commanders’ heads in a pyramid shape in the order of their ranks: the lowest in rank at the bottom and the highest in rank at the top. Near this pyramid a note was found:
“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.
                        - Esthete of Death”

Konohuro disguised as a dancer. He was wearing a long white cloak with cherry blossoms on it. He had a mask on his face as all the other dancers.
The festival started, the sun has already set and the red lanterns were lit all over the place. The dancers were getting closer and closer to the special guest, amazing them with their moves. But Konohuro used his Genjutsu techniques and a lot of cherry blossoms petals started falling from the sky on the stage covering the image for the public, while the guest entered in a state of euphoria and an unusual calm. Slowly Konohuro approached the General and with his ring, he cut the throat of his mother’s murderer. Dancing his way out of the stage, he got rid of the dancer clothes and run away before the Genjutsu effect vanished.
The authorities had no clue of who killed the General classifying the case as an unsolved mystery.
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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2015, 15:59:21 »
Chapter 4
Another poor soul

Days past and the rogue side was growing in number, more and more banished people were looking for Kage’s death. But the forces of the villages were already full-grown, trees, beside rogue organizations, which were like small matchwoods. Konohuro was continuously traveling to different places, searching for a purpose in life as the simple revenge left his soul as empty as before.
Drop by drop a heavy rain started.
A young boy was jumping from one tree to another in a hurry. After him, 3 shinobi armed, chasing him. 1, 2, 3 kunai were catching up the boy from behind, but in the last second… a quick spin and all the kunai missed the target… that was not all… a last kunai was coming directly to his leg with high speed enveloped by lighting. Blood gush and the boy falls in the ooze. The 3 ninjas land on the ground a few steps away from the kid. Slowly, synchronously they were getting closer with each step.  The kid was struggling trying to creep backwards but the pain was too intense.  Suddenly, the 3 shinobi stop, align in one line and turn themselves around, facing the woods. A shadow dash in from one tree with his sword pointing forward killing all 3 shinobi at once. The genjutsu was a success. Konohuro now could see that the 3 shinobi were from a hidden village. Of course… he already knew that the child was a rogue so it was obvious that the followers were sent to kill him. He didn’t even know why he saved the child, something deep in his mind must have happened. He waited no more and vanished in the mist leaving the kid there, bleeding, but alive.
The night was coming; the rain was falling so Konohuro had to find shelter. On the road he found an inn. The noisy drunk man and drinking songs could be heard from outside. It was a common inn… otherwise detestable for him just like all inns.
He set in a corner of the inn, drinking tea, watching the horrible creatures unleashed, having fun, doing their unexplained manners for a man like Kono.
However, a small man that was coming down from upstairs (were the rented rooms were) drew Konohuro’s attention. It was the boy from before. He was hobbling. That boy reminded Kono of himself when he was his age.
When he reached the bar, two big men stand up, grabbed him and threw him like a fly through the inn’s walls, outside, leaving a big hole. Konohuro dashed into the two big men pushing them through the wall, outside in the rain. The two ignored the attack that changed their position, and went straight for the boy that was lying on the ground. Konohuro jumped between the attackers and the boy. “Who are you?” one of the two said. But Konohuro was looking at the ground replying: “You’d better stop there.”. All the people from the inn gathered outside and some other shinobi came behind the two to support their fellows.
“That little cute child has to be punished for leaving the village.” The same big guy continued. Somehow, in a matter of seconds, an entire crowd gathered around the scene.
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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2015, 15:59:30 »
Chapter 5
Opening eyes

Konohuro couldn’t suffer anymore and erupted saying:
“I am the word of all of those banished by you!
This world is sick, I am the cure of this world!
I am the only one that can cure this world! You call me evil because you don’t know the true sorrow! Those that know the true sorrow are just like that child there, just like missing-ninjas, just like me! You are living your good lives without knowing how this world really is, what this world really needs! You lead this world without knowing its true face and you are condemning it’s only save! You hate us because we know it’s true face, you banish us from our homes because we know it’s true face, you hunt us and you KILL US BECAUSE WE KNOW IT’S TRUE FACE!...
…You just want to live your good life just like an hour ago or just like yesterday or just like one year ago… and you don’t even know what true sorrow is… But what about us, those who are doomed by the fate to remain without friends, without families, without homes? You don’t care about us, you don’t want to care about us, you don’t want to know about us, because by knowing about us your good lives will broke and will get…”infected” by our sorrow… and you hate us… You want us killed because we pollute your wonderful lives… When in fact YOU are the ones that should now decay under who-knows what piece of mud… YOU are the ones that reject pour little souls because their destiny is cruel, and YOU are the ones that wear young blood of kids on your blades, NOT US!

This world is sick and you are the blind fools that annihilate its only cure in the name of your dear Kage and for you precious villages! But before you know… you’ve become the bad cells of this world and you are turning the fresh cures that come out of your women wombs into sickness factors! You are the Cancer of this world, you turn your children into Cancer as well by imposing their minds with broken ideas; and we, the remains, we are sentenced to eliminate any drop of hope, love, compassion from within so we can carry all your sorrow, your burdens and your difficulties, thus you can have your beautiful lives that you live .We have to endure all the hatred that you send to us transforming us into “evil containers”. After we can’t resist anymore and we erupt, all you have to do is to get rid of us, calling us rogues and wait for others to come that will take our place. You yell loudly between your village’s walls that we are “the evil” and that we are the ones that must be exterminated, when in fact we are recipients of your evil face, we are and we know your true face, we know this world’s true face! Only someone that knows the both sides of the coin can say which side needs more polish. And this is what makes us the only cure that remained on this world.”

After a long, silent pause, the shinobi dropped the weapons that they were holding so strong and turned their way back. Among the crowd, Konohuro saw a familiar face, an old friend that was now covering his head with the hood and was turning back.
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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2015, 15:59:36 »
Chapter 6
The perfection before the imperfection

Since he was still a baby, Konohuro was always near his best friend Kai. Kai’s mother and Konohuro’s mother were both members of The Noble Kirishima Clan they were friends since childhood. Konohuro being a forbidden and a secret child, Jichiru never told anybody about his father except of Kai’s mother.
Konohuro and Kai grew up, learned to walk, learned to speak and played together. They seemed to be inseparable. When they grew older, the two children used to go near a river that had bamboo forests on both shores and there they played together.
But the day came and Jichiru had to run with her child out of the village. For the first time, Konohuro met his father and the entire family established in a small village. The poor child was forbid to meet again with his friend Kai, as they would have risked too much having any type of contact with a villager. Konohuro however, didn’t listened, and every day, hidden from his father eyes, he was going to the river where he used to meet with Kai. Kai was waiting for him there, hitting bored the water surface with a stick.
They started playing as they used to do, forgetting about everything else. They started dreaming of becoming samurai and they were often fighting.
One day, Konohuro was followed by his father’s guards. Nothing happened during his meet with his friend but when he returned home, he encountered the cruel punishment: his father’s punishment and the life’s punishment… He never saw Kai again…
Until now.
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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2015, 15:59:43 »
Chapter 7
New people, same concepts

After people started spreading around, Konohuro noticed a pure face that was looking at him with admiration. A beautiful girl, that was slowly approaching him. After looking at each other for a few seconds without any word spoken, the beautiful girl handed Kono a sheet of paper and then left with the crowd. On the sheet of paper some sweet words were written, and a meeting point was set in the bottom part of the page.
Konohuro was staring at the small piece of paper when a cold hand touched his shoulder waking him up from his dreams. He turned around to see a young man, a bit older than him, that was looking at the ground and whispered to Konohuro:”Please, follow me.”. The same “true sorrow” could be read in his eyes.
Konohuro followed him in the night until they reached near a small lake that was reflecting the light of the moon. The mysterious man took a seat on the wet grass and invited Kono to do the same. They spoke the entire night about their principles about life, and how things should happen. They got well along with each other and became friends before they noticed. His new friend, Aoi, was inspired by Konohuro’s speech. He told Kono about his dreams over the future and revealed Kono that he shares the same ideas as he does. In only one night they got to know each other better than others do in years. Konohuro saw Aoi’s devotion and perseverance, he noticed his leader skills and suggested him to found an organization that will have as ultimate desire to purify the world, to make it clean and blank without any discrimination. Aoi accepted this and together they set the foundation of Kiyoraka, with Aoi in charge and Konohuro at his side.
Next day, Konohuro went to the meeting point set by the beautiful girl. It was set on a hill, under a lonely old tree. He waited for her, and she finally came.
Everything was perfect again in Konohuro’s life, he was starting all over again, and near his beloved girlfriend, he felt reborn and alive again. Every evening the young girl was getting out of her village to meet with Konohuro. Hours, days, weeks and months spent together, they intended to run together and escape from this miserable world. But as always, Konohuro’s curse was still following him.  One unfortunate day the girl didn’t come. The second day past and Konohuro still had no news about his dear person that owned his heart. He decided to approach as much as it’s needed to the girl’s hidden village. Sneaking toward the entrance he remained frozen looking up at the lifeless body that was hanging at the gates. The wounded soul’s last drop of love and kindness vanished in that moment. Konohuro started crying and cursing his life. He was thinking of committing suicide but he had no force to be able to hold a kunai in his hands. He slowly started to crash under the hard suffer and eventually he fainted in his bitterness.
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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #7 on: July 29, 2015, 15:59:50 »
Chapter 8
A way of consolidation

Konohuro woke up in an inn room.
“Finally you woke up.” Kai’s voice could be heard. He was sitting in the corner of the room reading a book. “I found you near Hidden Forest. So I had to carry you all the way here.”. Konohuro slowly rose feeling dizzy. He didn’t know if he only dreamt or the things really happened. Unfortunately, life doesn’t give a second chance and it never backs down.
Konohuro was destroyed. There was no other thing in his life that could bring light to his darken heart. He continued being part of Kiyoraka and fighting for a better future for the ones that will follow.
The only way of consolidation for him was writing. By writing he was able to shed all his pain. Therefore he started his first page of his notebook with this:
“I sit alone and ask myself why have I left my home? May it be the curse, which has been pressing us for ages? For I've done nothing wrong, but I've suffered so much and I've been slandered for no reason by those I loved…
Sunset after sunset… how quickly the time passes… the dawns are gone… how cold the wind blows!
I waited fervidly to come back but you all judged me, sentenced me… BUT WHO ARE YOU?
Give me my life back, the life I’ve lost for you! Forgetting the yearning, and the years of wandering, it won’t be long now, the thousand years are almost through.
The leaves have fallen, the storm has scattered them…
Where are the hopes? None remains. A sudden, unvoiced thought stills me in my tracks: of all I waited for, all I dreamed of, nothing has changed…”

Thank you for reading!
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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #8 on: July 29, 2015, 18:13:38 »
Not bad.. A little dark but very well written. There was a few grammatical errors but seeing as English is your second language that's understandable. And I see you worked this into the end?

I am unsure if anything else was from songs but yeah :P
Good job :)
  • Character Name: Onimaro Nakai

Offline Konohuro

Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #9 on: July 29, 2015, 20:12:03 »
I am aware that there are some grammatical problems, but I am afraid I can't do more than this.
And yeah, I just love that song!

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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #10 on: July 29, 2015, 23:02:57 »
I don't usually read stories, but I got sucked into this one. Good job :D
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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #11 on: July 29, 2015, 23:19:44 »
Nice character, amazing story!

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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #12 on: July 30, 2015, 13:26:51 »
Thank you very much! @Mars @jcryer

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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #13 on: July 30, 2015, 14:28:48 »
Now my character's history seems like a mere excuse for becoming rouge.............. Wow, that's just........ wow.
  • Character Name: Kazuki Raiu

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Re: Konohuro Kirishima
« Reply #14 on: July 30, 2015, 17:43:54 »
*blushes* Thank you.

@Leebz, I just saw the rest of your message (on the phone, I don't know how, a part of it was missing/unloaded or something). No I haven't used any other external source of inspiration. Otherwise, the idea and the concept related to how the character will see the Kage and villages came in my mind before I thought of the song.
That speech was pure inspiration (I wrote it while taking a bath xD)


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