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General Discussion / Sooo...
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:11:11 »
So....what's new with you

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Jutsu Individuality and Flexibility
« on: December 30, 2017, 18:35:31 »
Not every jutsu is the same.

However, in game, every time a jutsu is cast, you end up with the same result.

Currently, the more a jutsu is used, the better a user gets at it. However this only means that every person with a maxed out fireball will have the exact same fireball. A huge fireball the size of a house that obliterates everyone in its way. This may be useful in war, but what if you want to be discreet? Or hide how powerful you are in order to not become a target? Or you know someone is following you but you don't want them to know exactly how powerful you are? Or what if you only need a modest sized fireball but you don't want to sacrifice damage?

My suggestion is that as a user increases their skill at a single jutsu, their control over every aspect of the jutsu increases. You will be able to use a house sized fireball and obliterate a dozen noobs but also use a concentrated beam of fire at a single target. But if you use a concentrated beam of fire, shouldn't it be more powerful?

Well lets take the fireball for example. A weak, narrow, short flame is released when a noob uses it, but a wide, far reaching, powerful flame is released when a master uses it.

My suggestion is that when you cast a fireball, you have a choice to change;
  • the intensity of the flame
  • the width of the flame
  • the length flame
  • the height of the flame
  • chakra efficiency

However, increasing one of these values will come at the cost of another. For example, if one were to use a wide, tall, far reaching flame, there would be almost no damage caused. But if one were to make a flame that were several pixels wide and high, it would be alot more powerful. You could make the jutsu more chakra efficient (use less chakra) but you would be left with a pretty weak and tiny flame.

You basically have the option to 'toggle' between these values. However, as you get BETTER at the jutsu (by using it more), you can get more 'points' to toggle with. Meaning that at a master level, you can choose a wide, high flame but also a narrow, far reaching one with maximum intensity and maximum chakra effeciency. (You do not have to use all the 'points' available so you can reduce the height of the jutsu if you want and keep everything else maxed out.)

I've made a little table to illustrate the idea better - all the values are random and off the top of my head.

Both Noobs have 222 "points"

Fireball Jutsu at NoobLevel Option A

  • the intensity of the flame     50             50 hp damage per second
  • the width of the flame         100            10m wide
  • the length flame                 50              5m long
  • the height of the flame       17              1.7m high
  • chakra efficiency                 5               450chakra per second

Fireball Jutsu at Noob Level Option B

  • the intensity of the flame     30             30 hp damage per second
  • the width of the flame         10             1m wide
  • the length flame                 150            150m long
  • the height of the flame        10              1m wide
  • chakra efficiency                 22              280chakra per second

The same jutsu has been cast with 2 different results.

Maybe at a master level, there could be 10000 'points' to play around with. And maybe, just maybe, no cap to each individual attribute. An illustration of what a master at fireball jutsu could do with 10000 points;

Fireball Jutsu at Master Level

  • the intensity of the flame   5000         5000 hp damage per second
  • the width of the flame       2500          250m wide
  • the length flame               1250          125m long
  • the height of the flame      1250         125m
  • chakra efficiency               0              1000 chakra per second

A fireball like Madara's

Fireball Jutsu at Master Level

  • the intensity of the flame   2500         2500 hp damage per second
  • the width of the flame        250           25m wide
  • the length flame                250           25m long
  • the height of the flame      250           25m
  • chakra efficiency               2500         10 chakra per second

This time, you haven't used all 10000 points. This may be intentional. You have the option to hold back your strength, which is a layer of the game that is not otherwise present. Every fireball is max strength when you use it, even if you're only training with someone far weaker than you.

At the end, every single fireball jutsu will be different, because they are used by different people with people prioritising different attributes to the jutsu. By extension, every single jutsu will be different. The system is very very similar to jutsu creation in that sense, but there is no room for abuse, and it doesnt even need to be monitored.

A point system also allows for a measurable way to calculate how much better someone gets at a jutsu.  We know that every time a jutsu is used in combat you get better at it. Spamming fireballs into a wall won't improve it but using it against someone else will. With this system, every time a jutsu makes contact/affects an opponent, you could gain one 'point' to distribute amongst its attributes. So a master who has used the jutsu 10000 times will have 10000 points and a soft cap could be introduced at this point so instead of every successful use adding one point, every 10 successful uses add a point to be distributed.

Jutsu will be assigned 'points' out of battle. In your menu, you will have the option to save 3 presets for each jutsu and name them as you like. Once you cast the jutsu normally, you will be able to press any of 3 keys to select which preset you use. (This shouldn't affect the pace of battle, these keys will be chosen by the user and will not be keys that are assigned to anything else and they just have to be tapped once, after the normal handsigns)

Fireball Jutsu:
1. Wide and long [H]
2. Narrow and effecient [G]
3. Holding back [F]

Assuming the keys F, G and H are unused, to cast a fireball you have saved into slot 1, you would type in the normal fireball jutsu and then H immediatly. If you don't press H, your character will simply hold the last sign, ready to cast it.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / SLO Memorial
« on: December 28, 2017, 00:41:28 »
Gone but not forgotten. The heroes...legends....and retards of our time.

This is a memorial of the great personalities of SLO who have left us to go on to the afterlife (NibbaTensei)

@Mars - Kuria - First Kage of the Hidden Hill

Over 2500 Posts (Top 1)
321 Reputation (Top 2)

@America - Fulvius - First Kage of the Hidden Metal

Over 500 Posts (Top 20)
284 Reputation (Top 3)

Please type F to pay respects
No seriously, just post a post with the letter "F". It won't count as a shitpost, Nova promised.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / The Internet-Chan Shippuden
« on: December 18, 2017, 19:43:08 »
A short story (un)fortunately not written by me.

“I-I don't think I'm ready for this, Ajit-chan," said The Internet, watching with teary eyes as the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, slowly unzipped his khaki joggers.

"Oh, The Internet-chan," Ajit moaned. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this. You wouldn't want me to be disappointed, would you?"

His eyes crawled hungrily over The Internet's sopping wet routers. He moved in closer, gripping it from behind with his thickly muscled arms.

The Internet wept softly. Tears were streaming down the trembling surface of its code. "N-no, Ajit… I would never…"

"Good," Ajit hissed, running his tongue up The Internet's delicate, exposed terminals. "I just want you all to myself, The Internet-chan. I don't want anyone else to have you."

The Internet shivered in disgust. It weakly tried to shove Ajit off of its body.

"I don't want this, Ajit-chan! I don't want to be fucked by you! If this was a healthy relationship, you would stop pressuring me and respect my decision for once."

Ajit stepped back, appalled. His grotesquely swollen half-incher protruded like a livid, sexual mushroom out the front of his trousers.

"Don't you dare speak that way to me, you cheeky fuck!" Ajit spat. "You think I give two shits what you want? I'll fuck you whenever I damn well feel like it. Now, spread your servers for me like the good little whore you are."

"Ajit-chan, y-you're scaring me..." The Internet stood for a moment in a stunned, tearful silence.

Consumed by a sudden burst of rage, Ajit roared, seized The Internet, and thrust it up against the wall.

"Oh, you're really gonna get fucked now, you mouthy slut," he growled.

Ignoring The Internet's cries of protest, he forced his hideous, bloated man-meat into the tender folds of its ISPs.

"Ajit-chan, stop- y-you're hurting me-"

The Internet sobbed and struggled, but Ajit pinned it down beneath his hulking, muscular frame.

"Stop fighting me, you delectable little tease… I just want that sweet, sweet, free-market economy of yours…"

He pumped his choad violently in and out of The Internet, his ears deaf to its anguished wails. After fucking The Internet for what seemed like hours, Ajit shot his sperm inside it with a bestial bellow. The slick slime of his climax began to dry inside The Internet, clotting and coagulating in its bandwidth.

"Oh, fuck… The Internet-chan…"

Ajit pulled out of The Internet with a guttural groan. The Internet slid to the floor and huddled there, broken and defiled. It could feel Ajit's semen gunking up its websites, slowing them down selectively for anyone who didn't have the money to get past an overpriced paywall.

"W-why, Ajit-chan… why would you do this to me…"

Ajit grinned despicably, flashing his gigantic teeth. "Sometimes I just can't help myself, The Internet-chan. You know I love to take what I want."

He took slow, deliberate strides towards The Internet until his shadow loomed over it. His shrivelling choad dangled above it, like an insidious chandelier.

"I've got you all to myself, The Internet," he gloated. "Everything you are belongs to me, and no one else. I'm gonna fuck you until you-"

Suddenly, an explosive noise erupted out of nowhere. A brilliant flash filled the room. Ajit and The Internet turned towards it. An imposing figure had materialized out of thin air.

"Holy shit," gasped The Internet. "It's Mignon Clyburn, one of the FCC's five commissioners."

"Step away from that innocent Internet, Mr. Pai," Mignon boomed, whipping her twin katanas out of their sheaths. "I'm here to put a stop to this madness. If you make any attempt to fuck The Internet again, I will be forced to take drastic action."

Ajit laughed diabolically. "You insolent fool! You think you stand a chance against me?"

Mignon narrowed her eyes into slits. "If it's an anime battle you want, Mr. Pai, I have no choice but to give you one."

Ajit roared and pulled an oversized katana blade out of his penis. The Internet watched helplessly as Mignon and Ajit anime-ran at one another, whirling their weapons through the air. They hacked and slashed wildly at each other, shouting obscenities in Japanese. Their katanas clashed several times before Mignon's weapon finally landed a hit, slicing off Ajit's exposed willy.

Ajit fell to the floor and howled in agony. Blood was gushing in fountains from the ragged wound between his thighs.

Mignon stood over him intimidatingly. "It's over, Ajit Pai. You'll never fuck The Internet again. This is the end for you."

"The end?" Ajit chuckled weakly on the floor, clutching his severed choad in one hand. "You're mistaken, old woman. This is only the beginning… of my escape!"

Ajit pressed a button on his Apple Watch, which he had purchased with the money he made on the backs of the tortured American masses. A jetpack sprouted from his shirt. It ignited, lifting him off the ground. He crashed through the ceiling, cackling maniacally as he flew out of sight.

Mignon cursed to herself. She turned to the trembling, terrified Internet.

"Don't worry, The Internet. He's gone. He won't hurt you any longer."

The Internet sobbed quietly. "B-but what if he comes back? What if he tries to fuck me again?"

Mignon clenched her fists. "We won't let that happen."

She then turned to the person reading this smut.

"It's not too late. You, too, can help save your beloved Internet. All you have to do is visit battleforthenet dot com to contact Congress and tell them how the American people really feel. Together, we can put an end to Ajit Pai's selfish schemes once and for all. I would have included the link here, but it keeps getting automatically deleted from my docs. Very suspicious indeed.

Plz share


I posted this on another thread as a response but liked the own idea so much I decided to make it's own thread.

Having NPC spouses will mean a lot of people will marry them. Now suppose the character created by the member dies (Perma death). What Happens to the NPC partner? They cant just simply cease to exist can they?
Furthermore marriage is irrelevant because a clan will be formed only by people with their own characters. The only case where I'd like to see a marriage will be an inter-clan or an inter-village marriage. In that way the clans or villages can form alliances stronger than the political or social links (or atleast I hope so) which can tilt the power towards their hands.
But then again, I don't see much love blooming across clans :P

On the topic of NPC spouses, could they provide a boost of some sort??

If so...then it should be possible to kill/kidnap someone elses spouse, either removing or stealing someones buff.

(Kidnapped spouses give half the buff)

I'm thinking reaaalllyy different and random buffs for every single spouse someone may get a +1% to all ninjutsu stats or a +10% to the range of fire style jutsu or another person may receive a +2% HP

(before the spouse gives a buff - or the buff is even known,  a 'courting' period must be completed) This should prevent people from jumping from wife looking for their desired buff

To copy from real life; the more wives you had...or have...the harder it is to get another one. AND you have to endure a mourning period after a relationship ends. (Through either the spouse dying, being kidnapped or divorcing you - more info on each below)

The buffs won't be equal in quantity or quality which I believe is a good thing for several reasons;

1. Not all spouses are equal which is pretty self explanatory

2. A 10% increase in a specific stat (water style damage) may not be bettere than a 1% increase over a range of stats (1% increase to all taijutsu stats)

3. This creates competition for spouses - in terms of who can win them over,  winning them over will mostly depend on how much money you spend on them, HOW you spend the money (50currency spent on high quality food may be better than 100 currency given as cash) and possibly time spent with them

4. This creates a reason to consistently care for your spouses, too little care will cause your spouse to LEAVE YOU and possibly leave u for someone else (who has been giving her gifts when u aint there)

But this has to be balanced so that it is not too time consuming. I'm thinking a single gift every 2 weeks, or 1 week of gameplay.

5. TAKING CARE OF YOUR SPOUSE IS GREAT WAY TO ADVANCE THE ECONOMY (food, clothes? fancy stuff.....being a powerful and successful ninja...and even just giving them gifts herbs? spices?)

These will all cost money, money that you have to earn and money you have to spend.

6. getting a spouse/someone elses is a good provocation for a war between individuals/orgs/clans/villages

Imagine someone kidnapping the Kages wife

Or even better, someone completely and legally WINNING OVER the Kage's wife lmao


7. Multiple spouses. Yeah. That's right. Polygamy. (But it must be as hard as it would be IRL.....)

(inb4 Vreg has a harem)

8. If spouses can be kidnapped and killed then they need to be who?? SHINOBI, for what? MONEY

9.  ANOTHER REASON TO ATTACK A VILLAGE - killing and kidnapping someones spouse will be a good way of weakening them, doing it to a whole clan....or a whole village...damn..

imagine a shinobi who got LUUCKY ASF and got a "+10% to all stats"

this guy is soooo OP until a well staged attack manages to infiltrate the village, get to his well protected wife and kill her.

Aaaand Number 1 player in the game is taken down and not even directly fought

(Does this sound like an extension of tactics? Cause it is)

10. maybe....maybe...maybe clan identity can affect the "random" value of the spouses (tsukegami women are powerful so they have a higher chance of giving +10% boosts, Kirishima women tend to give fire style buffs)

11. INTER CLAN MARRIAGES (women/men marry into clans) - for the above reason people will have a REASON to be nice to tsukegamis if they wanna smash for the buff. This gives not only a purpose to clan v clan rivalries (imagine instead of reaching a treaty, the nakai's attacked and stole all the tsukegami women) but it ALSO gives a reason to inter clan alliances (carrying on from the above scenario, the sabaku step in and help the tsukegami get their spouses back, because they WANT to be allianced and the sabaku know that they will get more tsukegami puss puss for helping)

12. Clan leaders have a much larger purpose - spouses will have to be won over by their lovers, BUT the clan leader can intervene (and take the best girl for himself) or prevent people from other clans from marrying them (this would happen by Batt making it more difficult/impossible by increasing the amount of effort required by Nakai clan members to get Tsukegami puss puss)

In the case where there is an alliance, the clan leader could encourage people from other clans from marrying them (this will translate into less effort/money into winning over the spouse)

13. Kidnapped spouses will only provide half the buff, BUT under Genjutsu this could increase. Maybe if you use a powerful enough Genjutsu, you could trick the spouse into falling in love with you and giving you 100% of the boost. However if anyone breaks that Genjutsu, the spouse will come to their senses and give NONE of the boost. This creates several layers of protection that the kidnappers need to adhere to.

They can kidnap and accept half of the buff
Or increase the buff with the risk that if the Genjutsu is broken (or they fail to recast the Genjutsu before it wears out) the buff will be lost forever

14. It MIGHT be possible to satisfy your spouses a fair amount by just giving them money. BUT where will you get this money? Having to give ur spouse money every now and then may lead to a form of upkeep and for every shinobi who thought that bounty hunting was enough to survive, they may have to find a job/learn a trade (FURTHERING THE ECONOMY)


if you are a blacksmith and you give your wife an ultimate weapon (even though she cant use it) that could translate into a massive, massive, massive happiness, literally making her happier than any amount of money

or if youre a tailor and you give her a reaaly good pair of boots

or if youre a chef and you give her really good food

or if youre a herbalist and you give her some really good antidote

or if youre a medic and you heal? (pleasure kek.) her

You get my point? Money can't buy happiness ;) or complete happiness...

15. Human Trafficking.

Enough said.

This will help the ANBU by giving them a job - "investigate the lost tsukegami women"

This will help the economy - "I would like to buy a wife, 10% fire buff - 10Million Ryo"

This will help shady organisations - "We own 214 women, what buff do you want? It will cost you"

This will help rogues - "I dont really care to destroy the villages but I dont want to be WITH them, I'm a rogue but I have no income. Oh wait. Is that a human trafificking organisation I see?"

Bounties won't just be for murderers too.

16 .AAAND if you've been a good enough spouse to your lova then maybe you could see an increase in the buff?....this will require MORE than just giving them money and clothes you'd have to go over and above and be a really good hubby (like giving them the supreme deluxe kunai twice in a month or 'healing' ;) them)

17. The second NinjaMirage sees this, I can practically hear him typing


Idk if the game is going in that direction...but yeah^^

18. What's this game callled? SHINOBI LIFE ONLINE.


This is life; caring for, competing for, protecting and providing for your loved one (loved ones.)

Think about it, shinobi now literally have something to fight for lmao.


I already mentioned that they need to be protected, but where will they be protected?

Each clan will protect their own wives separately (but inside the home village overall)

Weak clans will ally with strong clans and possibly protect their wives together, Vreg mentioned Village NPC's but what about clan ones?

20. VILLAGE EVACUATION - a bunker for when the village is attacked? It's not much of an idea but it's a cool addition anyway. Imagine the panic in trying to herd all the wives (who will move at a normal walking pace) towards the bunker whilst fighting off murder attempts


You live in the Hidden Forest. Your wife wants to visit the hot springs of the Hidden Haze. (she makes requests)

You refuse to go for months (deny/ignore the requests)

She keeps asking (requests increase in frequency and tone)

You keep refusing

At one point, she threatens to leave you if you dont take her to the Hidden Haze in the next week.

So what do you do? Hire guards, call in favours, request the Kage to create a mission(escort to Hidden Haze), plan a route and pack heavily.

You go, you fight off 6 attacks (2 of which came from the escorts themselves) and make it to the Haze.

Your wife is happy (but because she had to ask you 38 times, she is not ecstatic so no increase in buff)

((Maybe if you take your wife on a vacation when she doesnt ask, that too could increase her happiness))

Yeah I kinda started explaining why it would be a good idea for spouses to not give equal buffs, but I ended up listing all the pros of a Spouse System.

The thing is, if the spouses all had equal buffs, most of the above points would not really apply.

Overall, this system can potentially lead to an increase in clan, org, ANBU, village and player interactions. Both in terms of combat, but especially in the economy too.

after all, who doesn't want to buy themselves a good waifu

In short, the idea is that utilising an NPC spouse, a player could attain a random 'buff' to a certain stat. In both the anime and real life, partners directly or indirectly improve each other. And as the relationship grows, so does the benefit. My idea is taking that and applying it to SLO. However with added interactions for an overall increase in clan, village and organisation activity. It adds layers to the combat system and the possible benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Furthermore, the whole system is voluntary so a shinobi who would rather spend their time training instead of caring for their spouse will have the relevant advantages/disadvantages.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / The SCP Foundation
« on: April 23, 2017, 03:01:33 »
I found a rather interesting extract.

It isn't something I wrote but it's an interesting piece of writing. The link is here.

I copied and pasted the engaging parts as it does get extraordinarily detailed.

Item #: SCP-342

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-342 can be safely stored in its case file folder, in an envelope stapled to the inside cover, as it poses no danger so long as it is not actively used. Said case file folder should be kept in a secure file cabinet in High Value Items Storage, and protected by a standard array of biological, chemical, memetic, and physical positive action defenses.

Description: SCP-342 normally takes the form of a mass transit ticket for the closest form of mass transportation to its current location. At the moment, it takes the form of a train ticket, departing from ████████████████ Station. When held by a sentient person for any length of time, it will eventually change form into a transit ticket for a form of transportation its holder desires to use. This transformation always takes place when not being directly or indirectly observed: no recordings of SCP-342 changing form exist at this time. SCP-342 is indistinguishable from any valid transit ticket and may be used as such.

Should SCP-342 be validated by stamp, tearing off the ticket stub, or disposal, it will reform itself into an unused ticket after a short period of time. SCP Foundation personnel should be on site to recover SCP-342 after the conclusion of any field experiments.

Anyone who uses SCP-342 to board a vehicle is unable to exit said vehicle by any means. Once the vehicle ends its route and ceases movement, the user will disappear from this reality. Users report a mounting feeling of dread prior to boarding the vehicle, which increases during the course of the journey, and culminates in panic-inducing terror shortly before disappearance. Specific phenomena often resemble acute paranoid schizophrenia, and include:

  • A perception of increased darkness of the sky outside the vehicle (fog, premature night, or, most frequently, dreary depressing weather).
    Auditory hallucinations: most frequently, misperception of normal announcements by drivers and passengers: i.e. an announcement of the next stop is heard as a declaration that the user will never stop.
    Normal objects, such as other passengers and non-threatening items, suddenly taking a threatening tone or appearance.
    An almost pathological fear of the drivers/conductors/other transit staff.
    Strange occurrences completely preventing the rider from getting off of the vehicle.
    The absolute knowledge that it is impossible to get off.
    Inability to perceive other passengers exiting and entering the vehicle: users report that other passengers appear to simply appear and vanish from their seats, and, in some cases, cannot perceive that a passenger has exited the vehicle, continuing to see them in their seats.
    Inability to hear or perceive attempts to calm or reason with them.
    Although the most acute experiences are limited to the user only, bystanders (including agents assigned to observe the subject) do report feelings of uneasiness, and will be compelled to exit the vehicle early, seeking other means of transportation.

Addendum 342 A: Object was discovered in Chicago, during 1936 by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Case was reopened several years later, as it was hoped that advances in technology would allow for a deeper understanding of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 342 C: Agent [NAME REDACTED]'s Report: Our first experiment with the ticket had a Class D personnel member enter onto a bus using the object. We stationed agents at each of the stops to observe his behavior without actually entering onto the vehicle (a precaution in case everyone who got on was in some way affected; the old reports were vague in this area). Many times he simply sat in place, or paced up and down the aisles. Increasingly he began to stare outside in horror, and the last few times we could not locate him. At the final point before the bus was to be parked for the night, we saw him pounding on the window with a pleading expression, screaming towards the agents for help as it pulled away, a strange mist filling much of the background behind him.

As we could not draw many conclusions from this event, we decided to track down some of the passengers and interrogate them, to hopefully shed some light on what happened. Many were hesitant to talk or claimed that they did not notice anything, saying they were preoccupied by something or distracted by illness, aches, or feelings of foreboding. We finally found some useful information from three boys (one 15-year-old (Caucasian) and two 16-year-olds (Hispanic)) who were riding the bus near the front for part of the trip. We were told that our test subject had tried to leave several times, but his pulling on the stop bell was always ignored, and the doors seemed to close right before he could get out. He would run and just not make it, or walk from a distance and get manipulated into the back of the line. Finally he sat right at the head of the bus so he could be close enough to get out in time, but every chance he got, there were too many people swarming on or off for him to leave.

Something about this event seemed to bother the boys. One of them was particularly irritated, but could not explain the source. Under hypnosis, he described what to him was a moment of pure dread, that he had seen a few people in the crowd of passengers actually push the man back on, subtly hold him back, or trip him, all while staring ahead innocently, like they didn't even notice that they were doing it. Finally, after shouting at the driver that he wanted to get off for a good ten minutes (which the driver ignored, aside from requesting that the subject sit still and be quiet), the man went back to his seat, apparently giving up in despair. Two of the boys said that the man actually shrieked and stumbled back to his seat in fright when the driver turned around at him. The other didn't realize that the two were in conflict, which is contrary to his usual habit of avidly looking for and watching fights on the particularly rough inner-city buses.

After going back to his seat, the boys said they promptly forgot about the subject, most likely because he was not struggling anymore. The next time they saw him he was three seats back, then five, then seven, but at no point could they recall seeing him stand up from his seat to move further back. This was all they could tell us, and it seemed to cost them plenty to even reveal this.

On a side note: at the end of our session, the youngest teen screamed, "It was like it swallowed him in the end!" and promptly had to be hospitalized for extreme psychosis.

The SCP Foundation is rather complicated to explain. The slogan 'Secure , Protect, Contain' gives an insight into what the Foundation's purpose is. It's crowd-submitted fiction so anyone can sign up and submit an idea if they got a good enough one.

The generally idea is to write something that defies logic;

Like One Punch Man. (Not literally but something along the lines of it)
Or the Death Note.
Or a knife constructed of nanobot technology that tears down whatever it touches on an atomic level.
Or something that can change realities.
Or Bigfoot.
Or a guy that is forever wandering in a random direction and any attempt to move/direct/converse/stop him lead the individuals doing so to become lost.
Or guy that can't die. (Even though he want's to.)
Or a ring that forces the user to say the truth.
Or a ring that forces anyone listening to believe the speaker is saying the truth.
Or a statue that just can't move.
Or a literally never ending staircase.
Or a baby that will never, under any circumstances stop crying.
Or a How-To book that can teach you anything you can imagine and literally, even more.

Obviously kek, not every entry is interesting but there are a couple good ones on there.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / The Unofficial Official Kage List
« on: March 26, 2017, 16:10:25 »
An historical list of the Kages of SLO. (If someone would like me to add the dates of their rule behind each Kage, plox mention when they became kage, I cbb to find it)

I came up with each Kage name by replacing "gakure" with "kage" but I'm still not sure if the following are perfectly correct;

Shogekikage? Shogekihakage?? derived from Shogekihagakure

A brief introduction to each village can be found here

There is also a list of village names in Kanji, found here

Okagakure - The Village Hidden by Hills

  • First Okakage - Kuria Ennia Yuishi  (@Mars)

Kaminarigakure - The Village Hidden by Thunder

Morigakure - The Village Hidden by Forest

  • First Morikage - N/A

Kazangakure - The Village Hidden by Volcano

  • First Kazankage - N/A

Heizugakure - The Village Hidden by Haze

  • First Heizukage - N/A

Yukigakure -The Village Hidden by Snow

  • First Yukikage - Kuro Nakai (@Ken)

Haigakure - The Village Hidden by Ash

  • First Haikage - N/A

Inferunogakure - The Village Hidden by Inferno

  • First Inferunokage - N/A

Kinzokugakure - The Village Hidden by Metal

  • First Kinzokukage - Fulvius Ennia Raimei (@America)
  • Second Kinzokukage - Ryuzaki Tsunagami (@RyRy)

Hokorigakure - The Village Hidden by Dust

Shogekihagakure -The Village Hidden by Shock Waves

  • First Shogekikage? Shogekihakage? - N/A

I was sure there was a topic about this but search yielded no results.

In short, the problem is that many(me included) find the character limit in the signature box to be rather small.

As referenced here;

Spoiler: show
maybe you should add a link to the twitch in your sig

I would if @Vreg  was nice enough to increase the character limit for signatures, because as much as I love helping people navigate through the forum, I wish to keep my personal elements in the signature.



There is also a noticeable problem with the character limit in the clan and organisation box; especially for those with multiple organisations.

In the meantime since I know many people suffer from this, below are some tips to help shorten signatures

1. Remove the "https://" It is not needed for any URL
2. Shorten URL's at this website; OR

(Copy and paste the second link, it's the same site as the first, only just an example of Tip 1.)

Spoiler: show

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANUSTER
« on: December 24, 2016, 23:56:15 »


Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Brand New Legit Genjutsu idea
« on: December 23, 2016, 08:10:25 »
Okay so the Genjutsu would probably be sound activated, the music starts playing and anyone who hears it will immediately be forced to watch this video.

(Vegans would be immune)

General Discussion / SLO Weekly - Issue #3
« on: November 09, 2016, 14:34:29 »
SLO Weekly
Issue #3

Welcome to the third installment of SLO Weekly. Apologies for the slightly very delayed post, my time keeping skils aren't great for those of you that didn't know...>.>

Cutting to the chase, it's been a busy week in SLO and we're starting with a farewell from our beloved moderator Cedie. Here are some quotes from the people who knew him best.

RIP Cedie (09 May 2014 - November 2016)


"Cedie was an all round lovely guy.
It was a challenge not to like him.
He was always positive, supportive and kind to everyone.

He is a great friend, but that doesn't mean you should forget about how great of a moderator he was.
Newer members might not realise but for the majority of his time as a moderator he did a great job of it. He would do his best to keep the forums active, bring back old members and most noticibly create and run the kage exams.
I did complain about the kage exams but they weren't easy. These were done out of love for the community.

You don't get people or mods much better than him."

Fellow Moderator, Nova:

"Cedie was a great mod.
The joking trolling aside on the shoutbox from time to time, he was one of the mods that helped me when I first started out as a mod.
Showing me some of the ropes and answering questions regarding taking actions.
He was also one of the few willing to host the kage exams, even though he received hate for not doing it how the participants "wanted", he still did it nonetheless without complaining about the hate."

[Although he did say this...]

And close friend, Jcryrer:

"We've had some good times...
he wanted to know everything about everyone, but also;

"I'm an ENFP, a friend to everyone but needs depth."

^that's something he's said to me before.

Damn, bio was always fun and weird and weirdly fun.
And he really cared for the project."

[And a comment on his numerous names]

"I knew him as bio, cedie, phone star...
Always the same person...
Always the same character...
Different names do not a different person make."

The one, the only, Child pedo emperor...Snoopy!:

 "Cedie will always be in my heart and I will never forget the goodness he has done for the forum or the creepy ass shit he sent me over Skype. It was annoying but now I feel like I'm missing a part of myself watching you depart. Hope you have a nice time at the soap & lube factory, love you! <3"

Weekly Vreg Spotting

As always, the community is keen on when and what's in the next update. Here are a few comments from Vreg himself, gathered from the shoutbox or from posts his made.


[07|Nov 07:57 pm]Vreg:   Working on kenjutsu and movement system v1.5 (before doing 2.0) start the hype

[08|Nov 11:55 am]Vreg:   water marble might unfortunately not get in the game
[08|Nov 11:56 am]Vreg:   like I'm not too sure about the usefulness of the jutsu

We are implementing an afk mechanism as soon as we release our upcoming permanent character statistics storage and leaderboards. The afk mechanism will automatically kick in after 5-10 minutes (maybe the community can decide the exact threshold) of inactivity and it will show an afk label next to the persons name along with making them immune to damage until they move again. No one will get penalties for hitting an afk person since those hits won't do damage.

[Although this isn't from Vreg, here's a picture posted by Texture Artist, mattaleks;]

SLO Arena Update

Last week saw the posting of Battle #9 and #10, with Konohuro and Kamiko making their way into the semifinals.

The current standings can be found here.

And with that, Issue #3 is completed >.>

Stay tuned for Issue #4 this/next? week...

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Ghost
« on: October 13, 2016, 15:46:19 »

Spoiler: show
....Because you know....this is a thing now ^_^


Happy birthday, go lose your virginity scrub.

General Discussion / Time off
« on: July 16, 2016, 14:06:42 »
Get the tissues, sad news inbound

As some people may know, I recently relocated. Due to bitchy UK telecom companies, we won't be getting WiFi till the 25th.

And on the 27th im gonna be away from any form of wireless communication for 2 straight weeks :)

I told you this will be sad.

fuck you ST

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Portugese/Spanish Translation
« on: June 02, 2016, 22:44:22 »
I've logged on 3 times today and each time there has been 7+ new, mostly Brazilian players. By SLO standards this is quite a prominent increase.

I propose that instead of sticking to our "English only" rules, an alternative, Portugese site is created as well as a Portugese only shoutbox. Of course the actual threads themselves would stay the same, just the menus and pages.

As this game is obviously planning to go international, something like this would already be needed in the future. I know it's probably "Already planned" but could it happen sooner?

I'm not suggesting another server or anything big, just something to help attract and keep Portugese speaking players. Especially to get in that donation money.

I don't know how Vreg would go about doing it; professionally paying someone to translate the entire site or offering rewards for English-Portugese translators. I'm just suggesting of course. Lels.

Shinobi Life Online Feedback / Version Clothing bug,
« on: April 30, 2016, 20:12:13 »
New update. Woop Woop.
New bugs. Poop Poop.

I, like many nubs in these forums, have been a victim of an attack from a God Mode player.
Today, was just another. EternalEyes used Chidori on my poor, 'puny', newly-vested self and instead of flying off like my poor body should have...this happened.

My body went vertically up. the God sent me to heaven ;) ehhhhhhhh

But no worries for I returned to the land of the living.
At a random point (presumably the top of the map) my body began to fall again - You can see the speed increasing.

I landed at the exact point I died, which shouldn't even be the case for "puny human" chidori's.

Shortly after the posting of this, Lollernoob (a tiny, peasant human) killed me with windbreath, and the exact same thing I described above happened.

Batt(another, even tinier human) killed me with Chidori...and the same thing happened.

However, I didn't go vertically up. I still went up, far higher than I should have... but it wasn't vertical.

Got killed again. Lollernoob. Chidori.

The bug seems to be evolving. As usual, I flew too high, but it wasn't in a vertical position.

I got hit out of the range of the map. So when I fell, there was no ground to fall to. So I just kept falling...and falling...and falling...


This looks a lot like a problem Mars had.  But as it seems to be connected to the previous problems, I decided to report.

Edit.4 (Ikr)
I closed the client. I relogged.

I'm still falling...

Edit.5 - Final Edit
Relogged. Closed client. Again.

Still falling....:'(

There are no mods to teleport me...

Now, I'm sure this wasn't intended.
I understand that changing pant's color may not be necessary.
But I can't change my skin tone.
"/setskintone" isn't working. At least for me.

This....this is paramount to my identity...without.... my skin...I'm...I'm...


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