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Topics - Tameshi Hinode

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Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Midori Ken
« on: April 29, 2017, 11:42:10 »
                                                                          Midori Ken
                           Strength through unity, honor through loyalty.
This organization was established to serve its daimyo,lord daichi.
For dedicated people,the sky is the limit.
Members of this organization,take it a step further:only their daimyos order,is the limit.
They will gladly risk their own well beeing,if their daimyo demands it.

As a well organized military force consisting of skilled samurai,this organization was involved in many battles,to fulfill their daimyos will.
Territory,influence,riches.......what their lord commands,shall be carried out into action swiftly,and with full commitment.
Though,besides absolute loyalty towards their daimyo,other values have been important aswell.

The iron will
Never give up on your goal.
If you are going to lose your head,at least make sure that you
wear it up high at your last moments,free of regrets.

Respect your enemy.
Set yourself high morale standards and never act out of low motives.
A good warrior defeats his opponents.
A extraordinary skilled warrior,defeats himself.

Be loyal to your comrades,your leader and also your daimyo.
We are not mercenaries,we dont fight for money,we fight for what we believe in.
Stay true to our cause.

Over time,midori ken brought forth multiple leaders,with orochi beeing the first of them.
Later,orochis former right hand,tameshi hinode,became the 5th leader.
He noticed that the organization was drifting away from its ideals slowly,and tried his best to make everyone remember,where midori had its roots.
Ultimately,this resulted in tameshi giving up on the leadership,and he was not seen again for a long time.
He started to travel the land,searching for a new goal,a new purpose
And he found it.
Convienced that the midori ken he knew,was not dead yet,he started to contact some of his former comrades,to rebuild the organization according to his own standards,in a far away land.

Today,midori ken is a home for likeminded shinobi,many of them,beeing former samurai.
The organization still serves lord daichi,but it also acts according to its own interests and traditions.
They fight to earn their place in the world,to keep their way of living alive.
And to continue the fight,that never ended.

Midori Ken started off as a clan in a samurai themed game,a few years ago.
I was not the first leader of the clan,but i was leading for over 1 year before i left the game.
The details are not important.
But what IS important,is that i didnt want to lose contact with the rest of the clan,and i wanted
that we are still able to play games together and chat.
So i turned it into a multigaming clan.
We got a discord server and (finally a new)homepage.
The clan in its current form,was created because of the,,good old times'',but this doesnt mean
that we wouldnt like to welcome new members!
We are not just clan mates who work together because they have to,so they can reach a common goal.
We are also friends.
And everyone who wants to be a part of the clan(or lets say,organization),is encouraged to
apply and maybe become a part of this family.


Now,lets talk about the requirements:

-There is no age requirement,but you should possess some maturity.

-You have no problem with a friendly dictatorship :)

-You enjoy RP or at least dont disturb it.

-You dont kill innocent people,scam,or do similiar things,that could stain
the organizations reputation.


Our goal in the game is to gain territory(maybe just RP wise,depends on the game mechanics later)and influence,take part in politics,build up our own little army and save people from harm,if it goes against our morale standards and we can afford it.
We are technically a neutral organization,so we will try to stay out of conflicts that dont concern us.
But we are still going to act,should we think that there is a major injustice,or a global threat,that needs our attention.
Your village and fighting style doesnt matter....kenjutsu users would better fit in though.


@Tameshi Hinode - Leader
@Mattsoncubae OdiloShinnai

I will only write down our members who play SLO,not the rest.

If you want to become a member,just leave a message here and we will have a short conversation on discord.
If there are any questions about the organization,like ranks,the orga,s history or something similiar,feel free to ask here or on discord.

PS:Once more,art made by @CaioDarT
Thanks for the logo and the characters.

Shinobi Life Online Clans / The Hinode Clan
« on: March 31, 2017, 10:52:51 »
                                                                Loyalty above all else


The hinode clan doesnt take those words lightly.
Loyalty towards the kage.
Loyalty towards the village.
Loyalty towards the clan.
Clan members who dont take their responsibilities serious,become outcasts and lose the respect of their fellow clan members.
Clan members who plot against the kage,the village,or the clan,have it even worse.
One must continously train his body and mind,starting from a very early age.
Hobbies,games and friends,are considered to be a waste of time and a burden,because they are distracting someone from his duties.
Those duties also include assassinations of the kage,s enemies.
Because of this,its recommended to not get too close to people outside of the clan,since they are all potential targets.
The Hinode clan is not full of heartless people,they simply are very determined to protect their village with all their strenght,and believe that they have to make sacrifices for the greater good.
Traditions and the concept of honor,play a big role in the clan.
A mission has to be fulfilled.
A clan member and,especially the kage,has to be treated with the utmost respect.
There are also strict rules and rituals,to maintain order and discipline,but also to remember the clans history.

Kenjutsu basics are normally thought to every member of the clan,even if this particular clan member wants to focus on a different fighting style,in the future.
Besides kenjutsu,clan members are usually skilled in taijutsu or genjutsu,but ninjutsu is not very common.
If someone is practicing ninjutsu,he is most likely learning about fire based jutsus.

The clan is very old,and has always been protecting the village.
Its beeing told,that this clans ancestors have been skilled samurai,who later choosed the path of a shinobi,for reasons,that only a few members of the clan know about.
It is also known,that those ancestors fought side by side with the odiloshinnai clan in the past.
Today,a deep bond between those clans is the witness of days,that have been forgotten long ago,by most people....most,but not by all of them.


The clan is intended to be very strict,not a lot of people might be interested in this concept.
This,and the requirements,are the reason why i dont expect to have a lof of members in it.
But thats completely fine.

The clan may be the right choice for you,if you:
-like kenjutsu
-want to be part of a clan with a serious background
-like to climb up ranks,while gaining more and more influence in the clan
-are interested in ingame politics
-enjoy RP
-are a member of the hidden inferno village

The clan might not be for you if you:
-cant follow orders
-are childish
-plan to kill innocent players
-dont like a serious RP background
-cant speak english properly(not really talking about bad grammar here)
-like to troll
-dont want to serve the kage
-throw toasters at other people at 7:00 AM while wearing only your underwear and screaming,,the birds shall fly!''.Really,those people are weird.

Additional infos:

-Members of the clan will have various titles,and you are expected to call them by their title(when doing RP)and show them respect.
You are also expected to show respect to the kage of your village(and other kage aswell)and the elders.

-As i allready wrote above,this clan will serve the kage.
To be more specific,the kage of inferuno no sato.
You may still be able to join the clan,even when youre from another village.
In that case,we might be able to work something out.

-You should also know,that while beeing a member of this clan,you are not allowed to be the member in a rogue organization,or any other organization that is considered to be a enemy of the village.

-We have good relations to the odiloshinnai clan.

-It would be nice if your character would,,fit the clan''
That means,dark hair(black,if possible),black eyes,pale skin.
The clothes could be black,grey,white,blue,brown......but they shouldnt be too bright.
Its not a must,but i would appreciate it.

-Your character should have a RP conform name(no numbers in the name,and no names like,,XAwEsOmEkillerX'',you should have a japanese sounding name aswell).

-Members of the hinode clan are known to be very passionate about their tasks,but in general,have a calm and quite personality.

How to join the clan:

If you are interested,you should provide a few informations about your character,like the age,what fighting style you want to use,what your goals are,your village,why you want to join the clan,and so on...
If i think that you could meet the requirements,i will talk with you privately on discord,about the details.
We dont have a discord server yet,but i will make one soon.
* * *IMPORTANT* * *
You have to respect other players and be aware that the bad behaviour of 1 clan member,reflects badly on the other clan members aswell.
Harassing other players,on the forum or ingame,will not be tollerated here.
If there are any problems with members of my clan,please let me know about it and include a screenshot,if possible.


I hope we can keep a close contact with the future kage(and elders)of inferuno no sato,to support the village.
Feel free to send me a pm on discord.

More details about the clan,like the ranks,events,rules and similiar things,will be added later.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Discord server for Infernogakure
« on: March 12, 2017, 20:08:37 »

Since there are allready discord servers for other villages,and no one wanted to make one for it is:



Nothing spam,no insults,you get the idea...basically,just be nice to each other :)

If you have ideas for new ranks/channels/emoji,feel free to post them here or on discord.

PS:Please note,that visitors will not be able to use the,,village square''channel.

General Discussion / Blade Symphony
« on: December 30, 2015, 11:47:40 »
Hello there.

First,i hope that i dont get trouble for making a thread about another game.
But i did it with the best intentions,trust me.
There is a game on steam,called blade symphony,and i just bought a few copys of it and decided to give them away to you guys for free.
No scam,really.
Its just that christmas was there a few days ago and i thought it might be a nice idea to get a few members of the community together to play a game,while we wait for SLO,s next update.

Now about the game itself:
Its a fast paced online fighting game on steam,focusing heavily on melee combat with swords.
The game has 3 different stances for each character,you can customize your character,join a server or make your own,run on walls or even design your own swords and upload them for the community(if youre capable of doing it,ofcourse).

I still got 4 copys of the game available for you.
If you want one,just let me know(you should have at least 30 posts,though).

Games / Table=Fable?
« on: December 13, 2015, 18:30:22 »
I thought we could play a little forum game here,that i found on another board a few years ago(with a few changes).

Its very simple.
Someone writes a word,and then,someone writes a word that he connects with the first word.
Maybe it just makes sense for you,because of a personal experience,or maybe its the name of a city/person(in this case it can also have more than 1 word,but keep it short).

Here are a few examples:

Person 1:Ant
Person 2:Antman
Person 3:Superhero
Person 4:Villain
Person 5:Criminal

Person 1:Fish
Person 2:Water
Person 3:Earth
Person 4:Fire
Person 5:Toaster(because his toast gets burned all the time)

We will start with the word......


Shinobi Life Online Character / Tameshi Hinode
« on: November 30, 2015, 19:44:13 »

Name:Tameshi Hinode                                                                                  
Hairstyle:Reaches the shoulders
Facial hair:None                                           
Hair color:Black                                         
Eye color:Black                                                               
Blood type:A+
Primary chakra nature:Fire                                                                                                   
Hidden Village:Inferunogakure
Good or evil at heart?:Good
Fighting style:Kenjutsu

    Tameshi as a child

Description of the character's personality:   
Calm,polite and very idealistic,values honor,loyalty and justice.
While having a strong sense for justice and fairness,he has his very
own definition of what justice and fairness means.
Often questions morales,and suffers from a lack of self confidence sometimes.
Very altruistic at the core of his heart,but tends to look down on others
sometimes,and has problems to get along with people he doesnt know.
Is interested in art,politics and likes to play mindgames.

Description of the character's history: 

Tameshi Hinode opened his eyes for the very first time,in inferunogakure.
He was born into a family of assassins that served the kage for multiple years.
Beeing a member of the Hinode family,was tied directly to the well beeing of the kage,the village and its inhabitants,and considered a great honor.
Everyone in this family is expected to serve the kage and honor the family name,without questioning orders.
Because of these high expectations,tameshi,s childhood was short and empty.
Very early allready,he had to learn how he could supress his emotions and that friends are only a burden because they would distract him from his duty.
Also,every friend could become a target at one point,that the kage wants dead.
The only way to get his parents attention was to impress them with the skills he learned,but instead of training everyday to become a professional assassin,
tameshi showed interest in music and poems and was known for his peaceful nature and questioning the old villagers if he heard them talk about politics.
When his family heard about this,they were very dissapointed and treated him like an outcast.
His only friend was akito,a boy from okagakure,who moved to inferunogakure,together with his family.
He was 3 years older than tameshi and shared his interest for music and art.
When tameshi was 9 years old,he experienced something that should change his life drastically.

One night,tameshi heard loud noises in his family,s house.
He went out of his room to see where these noises where comming from.
The sound of steel,meeting steel,could be heard.
Convienced that there was a fight going on and that his family could be in danger,tameshi began to run.
The fight seemed to be fought in his familys training hall.
Normally,this would be no reason to be bothered,but at this time of the day and with noises like that,it was definatly unusual.
When he reached the entry of the training hall and wanted to open the door,no noise was to be heard anymore.
Taking a deep breath,tameshi opened the door slowly,not trying to make a noise that could let the attacker know that he was there.
Darkness and silence welcomed him into the room,as he made his way towards the center of the room.
The only source of light,came from a big window near the ceiling,where the moon could clearly be seen,revealing all kind of drawings on the walls.
Drawings,and something else.
Someone was standing there,turning his back towards him.
Then he heard his fathers voice:
,,You are late.And you are loud aswell.''
Something or someone,was lying on the floor,to his fathers feet.
His father continued to speak,without looking at him:
,,Your friendship made you blind,tameshi.You should have listened to me.''
The light of the moon began to fill the dark hall with light,and tameshi,s heart with sorrow and grief,as he saw what the darkness hid from his eyes.
In front of his father,there lied two bodies.
And he instantly recognized them.
One of them was akito,s father,holding a kunai in his right hand.
The other one was akito himself.
Neither akito nor his father,seemed to be breathing.
Anger started to take the place of sadness.
Just like he would have noticed it,tameshi,s father spoke to him once more,but this time,with a gentle and understanding voice,even a sad one,perhaps:
,,Your friend and his father are spys from okagakure''.
,,They just wanted to earn your trust to get informations about the village.You could have endangered the whole village with your friendship.''

Now tameshi,s father turned around,looking him into the eyes,as he continued to speak,with a voice that became louder and louder,losing its gentle tone:
,,You even put the well beeing of your family at risk!They came here to kill us in our sleep.On this floor,could now lie one of us,ans it would be your fault.''
Fortunately,we are still alive,but this wasnt thanks to you,tameshi.You are useless and a disgrace to our family''

Sharper than any blade,these words went right trough tameshi,s heart.
The anger remained,but the direction changed.
Tameshi took a few steps back and fell down on the ground,gazing at his lost friend in disbelief.
His father turned his back on him and stared silently at the ceiling,appearantly searching for words.
,,From now on,you will do as i say.This will never happen again.You will fulfill your duty to your family,your kage and your village.''
Tameshi didnt say a word.

From this day on,tameshi focused on his training,going the way of his clan.
He became stronger,but also colder and lost any trust in humans he previously had,always fearing that they might use him for ther own advantage and that his village and family would have to pay for this mistake that is called,,friendship''.

At the age of 15,tameshi,s mother died on a secret mission.
Neither tameshi nor his father shed a tear.

1 year later,tameshis father dissapeared,also on a mission.
But his body was never found.
Officially,his father was decleared dead,but tameshi was convienced that his father is still alive and that he will return to him one day.

At the age of 19,the kage showed interest in tameshis service and started to request his help more and more.
Tameshi never declined a request,but he started to investigate the dissapearance of his father on his own.
Since he worked for the kage directly,he also had more access to secret informations,and hoped that they would help him to find his father.
He also noticed that there are no reports about his lost friend akito or his family.

Currently,tameshi is living in infernogakure,where he serves the kage.
He accepts every mission he can get,hoping to get hints about his father,so he can return him to lead the family,but also he wants to confront his father with the death of akito.
He is convienced that there is more behind it,than what his father told him.

***The main story is finished and will continue as soon as the game is ready for some RP.***

PS:I might write some side storys about my character later(flashbacks about the past),that give out more details about his youth,where he learned to fight,who he met....things like that.

                                            Flashback 1

                                            The Weakling

,,Your guard!''
*Wood clashes against wood*
The wooden sword began to shake in tameshi,s hand.
Kizaro,his instructor,never gave him a break.
Since akito,s betrayal,tameshi spent everyday training,sometimes even trough the night.
Kizaro was one of the best sword fighters in the village,but also a very strict person who normally doesnt teach students anymore.
Though,thanks to the influence of his father,tameshi was able to become his student.
While beeing a expert swordsman,kizaro was known for staying in his house on a nearby mountain,most of the time,only leaving it when he was training or buying supplies.
,,Are you dreaming tameshi?!''

This time,he just barely managed to parry kizaros attack.
For his age,this old man was very fast!
Tameshi began to sweat and took a step back,focusing on his opponents sword,while holding his own sword in front of his waist,pointing at his instructor.
His sensei didnt seem to be impressed and started a new,slower attack,aiming at tameshi,s head.
,,I got this!''he thought,and raised his sword above his head,ready for the impact.
But the impact never came.
Instead of attacking his head,kizaro closed the distance and kicked tameshi,s stomach.
Before he could react,his sparring partner spinned around,raised his other feet and used the momentum to kick tameshi,s chin,knocking him to the ground.
Still shocked about what just happened,tameshi dropped his sword and touched his chin in disbelief,noticing that he was bleeding from his mouth.
Now he started to feel the pain.
Kizaro offered him his hand.
,,Get up!''
After he angrily gave tameshi a tissue to wipe off the blood,he continued to speak:
,,Follow me''
Tameshi and kizaro left the training hall and sat down on a nearby bench.
It was hot outside,with a slight breeze and the light of the sun was blinding tameshi for a moment.
His interlocutor let out a sigh and continued to speak,with a resigned look on his face:
,,Why are we doing this everyday?''
Tameshi was confused,he didnt expect a question like that.
,,What do you mean,sensei?''
,,What i mean,tameshi,is that im teaching you the way of the sword for 1 year now,everyday.
And even if you never said anything regarding this matter,i can clearly see that you are not a fighter.
And you dont want to be one.So,i am actually trying to give you a gift,that you refuse to accept.
This is a waste of my time,and only thanks to your father,am i continuing to teach you.Do you understand me now?''

Charming as always,his sensei got straight to the point.
Tameshi looked up to the sky and took a deep breath:
,,Yes,sensei.You are right,im not a fighter,nor did i ever want to be one...''
Kizaro stood up and started to walk away:
,,I will talk with your father.I cant turn you into something that you dont want to be,you either train with your heart,or you dont train at all.This is useless!''
As kizaro started to walk away,tameshi stood up aswell,and raised his voice:
,,I am not a fighter...i had other interests and fighting wasnt one of them.
But this doesnt matter,i have my duty and i will fulfill it!
If i cant do this,then.....what is my purpose then?
I am a disgrace to my family,and my family is all i got.
And....what happened a few years ago,cant happen again.
I have to take responsibility and do what i can,do whats expected from me.
I dont want to be useless anymore,i want to protect my family...''

Kizaro listened without saying a word.
Then he walked closer to tameshi and said:
,,You made a mistake!''
Tameshi sighed and looked down,ready to leave the training area.
,,You made a mistake,back there.You only focused on my sword,but you didnt pay attention to my movements.''

His sensei gave him a pad on the shoulder and smiled.
Its the first time he ever did this.
,,You may not be a warrior''he said.
,,But you are a smart boy,tameshi.If you follow the movements of your opponent and if you can foresee what they will do next,then you could be on equal terms.
If you cant be stronger or faster,be smarter.''

Kizaro offered tameshi a wooden training sword and said:
,,Shall we go back in?''
Tameshi began to smile and reached out for the sword.

From now on,tameshi was thought to fight in a different way.
Instead of relying on strenght,speed and fast reflexes,he used his analytic abbilities and,together with
his sensei,came up with all kind of creative fighting techniques.
Over the years,his interest for combat grew,and he developed a deep passion for the way of the
sword,seeing it no longer as a simple form of combat,but as a artform.
He listened to all of his senseis teachings,and,to his senseis delight,also started to practice on his own and raised all kind of questions.
And so,a deep bond between tameshi and kizaro was established.


Shinobi Life Online Feedback / My feedback so far
« on: November 30, 2015, 17:43:37 »
This is a short list of things i observed and also my feedback.

Id like to start with a event that happened recently:

I met with another person ingame today.
We both used fire breath and lined up,close to each other.
And after a countdown,we both used the fire breath jutsu.
The thing is....he died after  2 seconds,but i still had over 70% of my hp.
The fire breath jutsu seems to miss very often in general,even if your enemy is standing in the fire.

Chidori also misses the target sometimes,but its more reliable than the fire breath jutsu.
One thing you have to keep in mind,is that the range of the chidori is very short.
Though,sometimes,i was hitting my sparring partner while he stood still,and i still didnt do any damage.

My sparring partner told me that he sometimes,gets the damage of 1 hit,twice.
As far as i know,there are no crits in the game,so this might need some attention.

The fire breath jutsu can cause a bug,where you get a infinite ammount of chakra sometimes.
It happened to me and my sparring partner today(i know it was reported allready,but i wanted to include it on my list to make it complete and show that other people have the same problem).

I had a bug,where my chakra didnt recharge for around 30 seconds,without having a jutsu prepared.
Then,it suddenly recharged again,without the need of a relog.

Id suggest to lower the ammount of required chakra for dodging a little bit because it drains a lot of chakra to be really effective at the moment.

The respawn time should be lowered to 30-20 seconds because its a pre alpha and a lot of testing is beeing done.

On top of the bugs about the hit detection of jutsus in general,it might be a nice idea to add bigger hitboxes or give the jutsus a longer range/better hit detection.
If you and your enemy are moving very fast,while jumping and dodging,it can be very difficult to land a hit.
If you also add lag to that...well,you know.

That is all for now.

Technical Support / Game sends me to the desktop sometimes
« on: November 30, 2015, 16:53:31 »
After around 20-30 minutes,the game freezes for a short moment,sends me to the desktop,and doesnt react anymore.
I can see a little window on the top left of my screen,with the games name in it but it doesnt react if i click on the game again(its still shown on my task bar,on the lower part of my desktop).
There is also no error message.
Maybe i make a screenshot soon.

Introduction / Greetings
« on: November 28, 2015, 23:04:10 »
Good day to you,fellow shinobi.

Normally,i am known as Sendrik Merwado,in this game though,my name will be Tameshi Hinode.
My goals in this game are not set in stone yet,but i want to find a honorable cause to support,beeing part of something big and able to make a change.
I am VERY interested in clan politics and prefer to use my mind,not my blade,if i can avoid it.

As for my fighting style,it will kinda be like this:
Kenjutsu-Ninjutsu(or genjutu,still not sure)-taijutsu,in that order.

A little bit about the person behind the pc:
Born in:Austria
Age:Old enough to be a adult,but not old enough to be a father
Hobbys:Gaming(also RP),philosophy,fantasy,japanese culture,music

Im looking forward to meet you ingame,as a friend or foe.

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