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Wassup everyone long time no see :P

Many of you may already know this, but im Kamashe, yes the forum troll Kamashe, yes that guy who created multiple accounts in an attempt to (i dont even know anymore) yes the Kamashe who got banned several times, yes the idiot, the liar, the cheater, the brainless.

im going to explain everything.

First. A special friend created this account for me and has since supported me so thanks (you know who you are)
Second. You may ask why im creating this thread. Well why? Im saying sorry not specifically to anyone but to the forum and mainly to Nova,Limits,Mars,Remi,Vreg,Kono,Sanji,Kai.etc sorry guys.

When i was getting sorta bullied for being an idiot and trolling i can remember nova and mars a lot of times stood up for me. Only for me to merry-go-round them in the face. And im really sorry i mean sincerely.

Honestly i was jealous and stupid. So im very sorry.
my point in saying sorry is so you understand i realized the mistake's* i made and why i did them and i realize it was stupid,childish and crazy. So sorry. i was 12 when i did that stuff and now im 14 xd so its really embarrassing for me once ive seen what i did. But i was jealous of how awesome the community was and how lame i was, i was jealous of nova , and remi and mars because they were awesome and had awesome friends and i simply didnt. So once again sorry.

Hopefully we can possibly become friends, comrades if you will, if there is forgiveness in you. Yup thats it. Bye

(grab a seat even some popcorn, idk your choice)

Morigakure Arc

Amon had finally arrived in the Village Hidden By The Forest after days of travelling. He had not been known to the world and as he was only 15 he had not known the world but he did know he wanted to do this. He wanted to entertain, he wanted to cloud peoples thoughts from memories of war and poverty, he wanted to make the world better.

Amon had found an empty ally near the center of the village. The ally was closed with high walls on the left and right, providing almost a perfect space right in the middle. He swiftly put up a large tent, that could hold at least 200 citizens. Around the tent he placed signs,lights and various items to attract attention. After an hour or two the seats quickly filled up since there was no one at the front demanding payment. Once inside the citizens could see the tent was huge, housing four sections. The seats, the main stage, a backstage and spaces in between rows to allow for movement and transition. The audience waited although not in silence while backstage Amon could hear the chatter of the crowd. Still backstage Amon threw his muddy rags of leaving himself almost fully naked. He looked in his traveling bag and brought out his new clothes. He threw an white Indian chunnari around his shoulders, and a choli around his waist. He also wears a Indian leg dress which stops at his feet but he does not wear shoes. He wears other various accessories such as earrings and bangles to add to his look. He is now ready for the stage.

Performance Arc
Amon walks out through the curtains to center stage where everyone can see him. He throws his arms out wide each panning to the sides and yells 'WELCOME!" he then follows up with "i am your host and your leading performer and will now perform the first act".
He raises his hand and suddenly a kunai appears out of nowhere, he preceeds to chop his hand off which slowly falls to the floor hitting it with impact and the blood splatters, leaking to multiple sections of the stage. the crowd awes in excitement and in fear. He picks up his pale hand and places it on the edge of his wrists and lets go off his other hand showing that its magically attached. he crowd may think it was genjutsu put simply put it was advanced medical ninjutsu. The crowd claps in excitment dying in anxiety for more.

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Amon's Circus Party
« on: August 13, 2016, 04:49:10 »
Organization name:

Organization logo:

Amon (Mercury)


Affiliation: A travelling band of circus freaks

Allies: None

Enemies: None

History: (Later)

Purpose/Goals: Travel around the world creating a peaceful environment with fun and entertainment

Unique features: None

Play maker

Members: Amon (mercury)

-Revealing secrets of the circus is forbidden

To Join:
Why would you like to join-

General Discussion / Games
« on: August 12, 2016, 01:05:55 »
So until the release of slo its going to be pretty boring this year so i am looking for some cool possibly free to play games (dont care if its p2w) just make sure the game meets these criteria

-Leveling: slow leveling so i can play the game for a while without zooming through it

-Character: Decent character creation/customization where its possible to make a totally diffrent character from everyone else without buying aesthitics

-open world or at least a big instance world

-A balance of pve and pvp

lemme know some cool games because i am bored.

Shinobi Life Online Character / Amon'
« on: July 27, 2016, 20:56:58 »
Name: Amon
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6
Weight: 187lbs
Facial hair: None
Hair color:  Light Blue
Eye color: Golden/Yellow
Blood type: B
Primary chakra nature:
Good or evil at heart?: Evil

Description of the character's personality:
See's Life as a game, genuinely psychotic .

Description of the character's history:
Amon was a orphan,as the story goes he was the only one uncapable of casting jutsu. He always got picked on, because of this and was thought of as worthless. One day he was out wondering and found a shiny piece of metal casting a glare from the suns light. He walked up to the object and found it to be a especially crafted dagger. Day by day he trained with the dagger becoming an adept swordsman. Although he was good at something he still got bullied. Due to this his personality changed quickly and he learned to laugh and smile whenever he could, because it would not reflect what was on the inside, a murderer. The day of his 9th birthday he snapped, he couldn't take the bullying among the other children. As everyone fell asleep, he slowly walked up to the doors and locked all of them, preventing escape. He put his dagger under his pillow. He then walked up to another child the one who never did anything to him, and punched him as hard as he could in the throat. The kid felt so much pain, it was unbearable, Amon then  opened his hand and put half of it on the left side of the kids head, the other half bearing his nails pointed at the kids eyes. He slowly moved his finger forward building up fear and tension in the kid. Until the kid could no longer see from his left eye. Amon then sat on the kid, raised his elbow and repeatedly smashed his face in until the only thing left for the kid to do was to bleed out. As the kid bled out, Amon laughed, the laugh of a killer, the laugh of a psycho. his laugh rang through the whole orphanage waking everyone up. Amon quickly ran to his pillow and grabbed his dagger. Slaughtering everyone in the building, but leaving with burn marks, and various injuries. As Amon fled the building he made his way out of the village, after about 6 hours of walking he passed out. He woke up in a mysterious cave, that was conveniently placed under a waterfall.  He had bandages all around him (on him) and as he moved around a boy approached him. The boy seemed to be 15 to 16 a few years older than Amon. The boy asked Amon "Are you okay?" and raised his hand as to gesture pulling Amon up. Amon slowly grabbed the boys hand and by suprise had the boy in a choke hold. As the boy choked out, Amon grabbed his dagger and thrusted it into the boys stomach. Blood leaked and once again Amon laughed. Amon dragged the boys body to the edge of the cave and kicked it out into the pool of water that was below. Years passed and Amon got more adept with daggers and other various weapons. The dagger he had as a boy was not there anymore he had a new weapon. A set of medium length swords short enough to hide. Amon traveled alone, always searching for more, always searching for someone to kill.

General Discussion / Sup
« on: June 21, 2016, 19:26:31 »
Well im back after being gone for like a month.
I was working to earn money, so i bought a new pc and its like 10x better than my old one. So wassup old friends and fine gentleman?

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / War between Kata and Bitoku
« on: May 15, 2016, 19:52:38 »
Let me know what you think. If like everyone says yes, we will contact Kata to see how the role-play will go :D

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Bitoku
« on: April 29, 2016, 17:01:17 »




The Seven Virtues

The Virtues, the complete opposite of Katakiuchi.
They are the Kaishū council, giving out all of the orders and choosing what to do within Bitoku.

The Holy Ethics

A group of 14 elite shinobi, each Kaishū has two Ethics who serve only them.
The Kaishū member is in charge of recruiting their own Ethic, if something is to happen to the Kaishū and he is no longer in the organization, one of his two Ethic take his place.

Bitoku Commander

A rank given to those who have shown they are worthy in intelligence and strength.
They command Members if Kaishū are absent.

Bitoku Member

Regular members of the Organization, they fight and help each and everyone within Bitoku to accomplish our goal.

Humility Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Kindness Ethics

(Open Spot)

Patience Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Diligence Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Charity Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Temperance Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Chastity Ethics

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Bitoku Commanders

(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)
(Open Spot)

Full Member List:

• Mercury
• Manuster
• Yamasugake
• Mars
• Reminance
• Xassassin
• Sanji
• GhostParadise
• Waly206
• StrawHatSeyi
• SirTroll
•  Jay Double U
•  DarthTyrael
•  mamoudou52404

Member Count: 11

Affiliation: Independent

History: Yet to come

Purpose/Goals: We are the Seven Holy Virtues, who wish to destroy Yugure.
We will serve Justice!

• Rōguhantā

• Katakiuchi

To apply, leave a reply like this:

First chakra nature:
Village you will start from:
Rank you're applying for:
Why you deserve that rank:
Specialization(Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.):

Profile Code:
Code: [Select]

Shinobi Life Online Character / Alucard "The Wanderer"
« on: April 27, 2016, 15:27:30 »
Name: Alucard
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 176 lb.
Hairstyle: Messy but normal
Facial hair: None
Hair color: Now black
Eye color: red
Blood type: A
Primary chakra nature: Fire
Hidden Village: None
Clan: None
Good or evil at heart?: Evil and Sadistic

Description of the character's personality:
He likes to make people think he is easily beatable, usually resulting in hm getting injured badly and when he see's their true power he gets excited. But when he finds out they are really no match for him he gets sadistic, usually resulting in an opponent being massacred due to lack of entertaining him

Description of the character's history:
Alucard started as a baby, dumped in the back ways of The Hidden Hill. He soon grew up to about 3 years old, not having any parents or anyone to help him. He learned language by listening to the town folk and using context clues. He saw a squad of men leave the village, they were dressed in battle armor and looked amazing. So he followed them, silently. They soon came to a stop and suddenly one started weaving hand signs. He yelled "Water style: Water Wind Jutsu". After that that air felt humid, like tiny particles of water resided in the air and soon a big wave of water rushed in, the ninja leaped into the trees but Alucard with he slow reflexes got hit by the water and thrust into the side of a tree. He fell out cold. He woke up to see 7 shinobi fighting.3 from the village he recently left, the other from a unknown residence. The 3 slowly lost strength, power, and durability. The ninja from his village on the verge of death, Alucard jumped in front of them blocking the enemy from striking them down. A enemy said "who are you,little boy?" "i am Alucard, and you will not...". Alucard is flat on the ground a bruise on his left cheek and his clothes in shatters the dust still hovering around him. When he wakes the ninja from the village get slaughtered,one by one. The first a kunai stuck into his throat and then a fire jutsu that leaves just an eyeball. That when hits the ground splats like a bug and oozes out blood.The second one, almost winning in hand-to-hand combat but then tricked in the end. The third savagely ripped to shreds by the other ninja acting like vicious dogs.Alucard stumbles up onto his feet and tries to commence his escape. As soon as he starts running, he is grabbed by the leg and punched in the face. Once again he falls out cold. As he wakes up he see's a silhouette. Its dark figure giving him shivers and raising the hair on his back. The figure walks toward him, Alucard is tied to a chair and unable to move, the man approaches him only to find out he's a she. She brushes back his hair and wraps her arms around his neck,"So,whats your name?" She says in a friendly but barbarous way. "Why should i tell you anything" Alucard responds. She ends with "Oh young man, you wont have to, ahahahaha". Then she grabs a sharp kunai that seems to come out of nowhere and forces it into Alucard's leg. He screams a horrific scream, full of agony and pain.The torturing goes on for years eventually Alucard undergoes the change from white hair to black, which is caused by the Marie Antoinette syndrome. As the story says, Alucard somehow breaks out and tortures the woman, he then violently ends her life.Starting as a fragile white haired child and coming out as an sadistic murderer is what legends say gave Alucard his power. Alucard now wanders, from village to village, from corpse to corpse, from life to death, he wanders.

99.99 percent inspired off Alucard from Hellsing

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