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General Discussion / Freeze Tag Champion?
« on: December 09, 2016, 17:14:46 »
If there already is a Freeze tag champion out there then I guess this is one big shitpost. If not then I've got some words.

So I was just catching up on the shout box banter and I noticed the forum color codes key at the top. Ever since the kages were elected the only vacant color seems to be the freeze tag champion.

So I'd like to suggest a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly freeze tag game(s) to solve this very important matter. I mean this would be another great use of the arena too.  So here's what I was thinking.

Contestants are broken up into groups, depending on how many people join in, but for this example let's say 20 people join. They could be split into groups of 5 each. As a preliminary round, 4 groups could have a game and the remaining two players in each group moves on to the championship round. Now these qualifier rounds can be done at any time in the week(s) coming up to the championship date as organising one date that accommodates a large group of people is a fairly stressful task, as seen in the Kage exams.

The championship would then be made up of the top two players in the original 4 groups, bringing it to a total of 8 players competing for the title.

So suggestions, feedback, did I waste my time making this post or is this something that could actually happen?

General Discussion / Zama's Big Adventure!
« on: September 16, 2016, 12:56:52 »
As some of you may know (Danktyrael), I've been stuck in the countryside for a week now without a smoke (filthy habit, smoking kills, blah blah) and I had started craving so badly that yesterday I rolled a joint filled with tea and attempted to smoke that...I wouldn't recommend it. For something that tastes good to drink, you'd think it would taste alright when smoked amirite?

Anyways, today I stopped being a bitch and decided to take the road and find a store armed with nothing but 50 bucks and my phone. I took pics because I thought something interesting might happen on the way but it just ended up being pretty meh. Anyways, check it out.

Selfie before I leave so people have something to refer to if I get lost

Aaaand we're outside. peep the little house there. My dad's middle school teacher lives in it. Our house is bigger though.

Look! A real road with tar and everything!

I'm not really sure which way I should go so I decide to go up. My instincts haven't failed me yet.

To the right, we see a shack and some forestry.

I told you there'd be cows Mars!

Huts and stuff. More forestry in the distance too.

Ffs this road just keeps on going.

If you look closely, there's a cow grazing in the distance. You can't see it in the picture but it has huge balls.

More huts and stuff.

Well they have some fancy huts. I wish we had fancy huts.


Some more third world stuff.

That is one ugly paint job on that house. What were they thinking?

Got tired of taking pics of nothing so here's a selfie!


Well...its not my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice but the lady working there wasn't very helpful. Smoking around children is dangerous!

I'm sorry but I can't get over how ugly that color is on a house.

Long walk

Another majestic cow. Didn't wanna get too close in case it shanks me.

Fuck this guy and his tractor, he wouldn't give me a lift.

Back to the dirt roads.

Hey, I can see my house from here!

Community tap for the poor people who can't afford indoor plumbing.

Do you guys have signs like this too?

Home! <3

Gotta have a selfie with the local poultry.

Aaaaand I made it back safe. :D

Cheeky pint well deserved mate.

Pretty uneventful if you ask me. Although there was a guy outside the store who was sizing me up, asking where I'm from and shit. I didn't take a picture of him because he had a machete (for landscaping purposes) and didn't wanna get my phone stolen or something.

These pictures made me realise how much I miss the suburbs and also that I might be a bit elitist.

General Discussion / Character Inspirations
« on: July 08, 2016, 23:08:51 »
There are some interesting characters on SLO so my question is what inspirations did you all use when creating your characters, whether for personalities, appearance or history. Share what your muses were when you created!

For me, my current character is an adaptation of Mugen from Samurai Champloo. Similar personalities, fighting styles and I'll probably base my character's new appearance on him or Hidan. Gave him a unique history that relates more to the SLO world though.

Where did all your characters come from?

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Godai Temple
« on: May 29, 2016, 01:48:07 »
Godai Temple
"Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old; seek what they sought."

Founders: Ancient Monks

Leaders: The Five Sennin 

Affiliation: Independent

Allies: Roguhanta

Enemies: N/A

History: The Godai Temple was a historical temple before the formation of the Hidden Villages. Originally a monestary that would teach their followers to hone their chakra skills and teach jutsu that were almost exclusive to the monestary. These monks dedicated their lives to discovering every jutsu and truly master all five elements. A task that thousands of years later has yet to be accomplished. The monks of the temple were famous for their strength, extensive collection of jutsu and the Godai Sennin, boasting the strongest ninja monks in the land. Their fame didn't last long however.

With the formation of Hidden Villages, Kages had undermined the Sennin's influence and the monks way of life was becoming more irrelevant with villages requiring shinobi to carry out missions and become active in the village's military service. The Temple was abandoned as it had not belonged to a village and monks didn't have the luxury to devote themselves to a monastery anymore. The jutsu collected would become lost again over time with only a few who still dedicating themselves to mastering their element. Now the monk way of life they were known for has been almost abandoned however the Sennin title continued to live through the five shinobi who showed an extreme talent in their respective natures. It is believed by followers of the temple that each generation of Sennin is a reincarnation of the last, keeping the legacy alive.

Today, monks of the temple continue to train and collect jutsu to once again achieve the respect and goals they once had all those years ago.

Purpose/Goals: To find and master all jutsu and share them only amongst the students. To gain a repututation as the most skilled and legendary shinobi of the world. To one day have respect and influence at a near Kage level.

Unique features: All Sennin will own a white robe bearing the kanji of their chakra nature release on the back. Elderly Monks will have white robes with the Temple's logo on the back whereas Lay Monks robes will be similar except they will be black. It is not compulsory to wear outside of official meetings and missions.


Sennin: Highest ranking members. Make the important decisions of the organizations and will expected to play a crucial part in lifting the organization's reputation. Will handle diplomatic relationships between Kages and their respective villages.

Katon Sennin - Fire Release Sage

Futon Sennin - Wind Release Sage

Raiton Sennin - Lightning Release Sage

Doton Sennin - Earth Release Sage

Suiton Sennin - Water Release Sage

Elder Monks: Are trusted members of the organization, known to be of Chuunin-Jonin rank. Have access to rarer jutsu found by the organization. There will be 10 monks in total (subject to change).

Lay Monks: Entry level members. Players who assist the Elder Monks in acquiring jutsu and will have access to many jutsu, bar the Elder Monk exclusives.


Katon Sennin:
Zama (Zama)

Futon Sennin:
Kuria Akagi (Mars)

Raiton Sennin:
Shiro (Nova)

Doton Sennin:
Manuster *******-Tsukegami (Manuster)

Suiton Sennin:
Reminance Kaiyo (Reminance)

Elder Monks:
Gin Chiheisen (TrueSage)
Izumi Amigake (RaphoZentel)
Yamanagi Sandāreisu (Yamasukage)
Vizier (SirTroll)
Kazuki Akagi (Shivraj)

Lay Monks:

Rikai Pawa-me (Boruto050202)
Harukoo Tsukegami (mamoudou52404)
Psykho (Psykho)
BDU Kirishima (Charlie)
Looki Kinshēdo (Luckycmsn)
Jukahira "Juke" Yamazaki (JukeBlook)

We only ask that Jutsu taught within the fellowship remain in the fellowship.
This is not a primary organization so you are permitted to be apart of other organizations as well as this one. If one's other organization conflicts too much with this one then the Sennin may vote to exclude said member.
Betrayal to the temple, such as selling secrets, will result in disciplinary measures decided upon by the Sennin ranging from warnings to exclusion to death.
As this is not a primary organization, members may be pitted against each other in battle for whatever reason. However, should an attack be launched against the Temple, members are expected to defend the organization's well being.

Requirements: Application to Elder Monks shall be decided upon by the Sennin. Lay Monks have no requirements. If the position you wanted to apply for is taken, do remember that you may challenge for a rank.

What you are applying for:
Why you think you deserve it:
How committed will you be to the org?: (1-10, 1 = Not at all and 10 = I will shave my head and abandon all worldly possessions)
Your primary chakra nature:
Link to your character's page: (If you have one)

*Disclaimer: Sennin will NOT be guaranteed special jutsu/powers. Sennin ranking is NOT Sage Mode and cannot guarantee such a thing will exist in game. The term Sennin is used as a translation of the word "sage" or "hermit" and is in no way related to the abilities of the sages in the Naruto universe.*

Profile code for Monks:
Code: [Select]
[glow=black,2,300][color=black][u][b][url=]Godai Temple[/url][/b][/u][/color][/glow][left][img][/img][/left]

Shinobi Life Online Character / Zama
« on: May 20, 2016, 08:14:09 »
Name: Zama
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 181cm
Weight: 74kg
Hairstyle: Messy
Facial hair: light stubble
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Blood type: O
Primary chakra nature: Fire
Hidden Village: Inferunogakure
Good or evil at heart?: Good

Special thanks to @RaphoZentel for the pic!

Description of the character's personality:
Spoiler: show
"The Hot-Headed Idiot" is a name that could be used to describe Zama. A brash, loud and vulgar person since childhood, he often doesn't abide by society's norms and doesn't care that his actions cause him to stand out. He does what pleases him without much regard for others which often lands him in trouble, along with his short fuse. A rebellious teenager that enjoys his vices almost as much as he enjoys fighting. You would expect someone of this nature to not be gifted intelligently and Zama is no exception, he struggles in strategies and tactics, choosing instead to compensate with overwhelming brute force. Despite his behavior, he doesn't consider himself a criminal and in fact despises being classified as one. His actions could be seen as a cry for attention combined with overcompensating for his flaws

Description of the character's history:
Early Life:
Spoiler: show
Zama claims not to have known his father although that is only partially true. In fact Zama knew his father all too well at a young age. The environment he was raised in wasn't ideal for a child, in a nutshell his father was a petty criminal and his mother was a "push-over" as he would say. His father left Zama's life at the age of 7 and whether he was arrested or killed is something Zama was all too happy not knowing. He was just happy that his disgraceful father was gone. As much as he hates it, he has picked up many of his father's traits such as his violent behavior and lack of self control. His mother however ran a small tea shop to try and support the family, although they still could not live comfortably. Zama appreciated his mother's efforts but despised how weak she was when dealing with his father and because of that Zama found it much easier to rebel against her. He was determined to become something better than what his parents were and that was his main driving force to excel in the Academy. He struggled in the theoretical sections and had basically given up on it, instead he excelled at the practical side which allowed him to scrape a pass.

Spoiler: show
Starting out as a Genin he would often be the reason for his team's failure in missions because of his lack of understanding in strategy or blatantly ignoring the plan completely. He would often pick fights with his teammates when called out about it and refuse to take responsibility. Not only was he reckless on duty but he was also a trouble maker in the village which led to many close calls with the law.

It took him a few years to adjust to teamwork and, under his sensei's instruction, began channeling his pent up anger into his Taijutsu training. He would grow to become a strong fighter and become skilled in both Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, his Ninjutsu was also strong but he lacked the chakra control to become consistent in it and his Genjutsu was next to useless. His team had decided to wait a year before taking the Chuunin exams, much to Zama's relief as he would not have been able to pass then. With the help of his teammates, he would prepare for the next exams and they all passed with Zama barely making it through the written exam. He would then realize the importance of teammates and began to fight more for his partners than he did himself.

Current Life:
Spoiler: show
Zama opted out of the Jounin exams since his promotion to Chuunin because he says he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, although the real reason is that he fears failing. Instead he joined Roguhanta to rid the world of rogues, which he deemed as scum, his hatred of criminals stemming from the resentment he has for his father. Having moved out to live on his own at this point he would make most of his money through bounty hunting so he took his position in Roguhanta quite seriously. He has also calmed down quite a bit since his earlier years, no longer getting into meaningless fights and seeking attention like he used to however he is still hot headed as ever. His reputation in the field had caught the attention of the monks of the Godai Temple and he was recruited to join them. He showed great potential in Ninjutsu but lacked the intelligence to excel in the field, it was during his time at the temple that he made leaps with his skill and this didn't go unnoticed. It was recently that he was appointed as the Katon Sennin, a title that he boasts proudly.

Spoiler: show
Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, agility

Spoiler: show
Intelligence, Genjutsu, his temper

Introduction / New guy here.
« on: May 17, 2016, 11:48:11 »
What's happening, Zama here. Been registered for a while but decided to become active today so, um, yeah. From what I've seen on the boards I'm really digging the community here and wanted to be apart of it. I use to rp a few years ago and wanted to get back into it and well this is a great place from what I've seen. Really anticipating the game's release, looking very good so far.

About me, well I'm 18, started University this year and I like to have fun, talk smack and question the universe. More info below.

Name: Zama Phungula
Ethnicity: Black
Nationality: South African
Living in: Durban, SA
Born in: Durban, SA
Sports: Basketball
Hobbies: Basketball, Anime, Guitar, talking smack
Goals in life: Get my law degree, ???, profit.
Languages: English, Zulu, Afrikaans (well only a little)
Education: Studying, 1st year Bachelor of Arts. Moving to my law degree next year.

Oh, one more thing. I've been reading up on the clans and villages on the forum and still unsure which to join and which are still active. I would like to apply to one so I can begin fleshing out my character. Very open to suggestions...plz.

Not very good with introductions but I'm a cool guy, I swear.

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