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General Discussion / Arcanists (Funorb Game)
« on: August 11, 2017, 17:55:35 »
To anyone out there who loved playing the Funorb game "Arcanists", but can't access it today due to a lack of proper technical support, fear not for your nostalgia! Below is an easy-to-comprehend, well-written instructional post on how to have your own direct-to-server Arcanists Application in under 5 minutes. Good luck on the other side!

Having poked about on the forums again, it seems to be the general consensus that new players will enter classes in order to learn the core components of this shinobi world and how they can go about surviving within it. However, it also seems that a lot of people are assuming there'll be more NPCs than I think Vreg&Friends are willing to add in; If I'm wrong about this, I wouldn't mind a correction and the sources stating otherwise, as it'll only add to the conversation. Moving on from that, however...

...Well, we already know that new, shinobi-in-training will be further mentored by Squad-Leaders...but why not *start* from that point, at least for those that are looking for a team early on. Instead of a 'school', per se, why not distance this world a bit further from its inspirations in that shinobi are trained right alongside Squad-Leaders from the beginning, learning the knowledge they need from Scrolls stored in the Library (properly filed and sealed from access according to Rank, obviously) before practicing those respective skills in the Training Field, or alternatively, any other place the Mentor so desires. Perhaps this game occurs in a time before proper Schools for shinobi, when things were still hearkening back to the "Every man learns from the next" system they devised during their imprisonment (I believe the majority wanted that for the backstory, anyway). Then, when the Mentor believes their Students ready, they could enter them into the monthly Genin/Chunin/Jonin Exams to advance into the next Rank.

This could then further develop the tensions/relations within any given Squad, as some students might enter without the consent of their Mentors, or others might feel pressured by not having advanced as quickly as their comrades, and thus not being capable of going on certain missions with them (provided they aren't booted due to lack of activity, or a new Mentor isn't needed due to death/inactivity). Additionally, this also fixes the dilemma of those that want to go Solo, as they pretty much could with a system this free....though, that's of course provided you'll even be allowed to train without a Mentor (I'm guessing it'd depend on the Kage).

So, in short, why not axe the whole notion of a School and the NPCs/uncontrollable classrooms riding on its coat-tails? Each player can start off RPing or Training right out of the gate, little to no wasted time required. What do the Devs --and further, the Community-- think about this subject?

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Spared By Accident?
« on: July 03, 2016, 19:38:37 »
What happens if you get left before your enemy gets the chance to finish/spare you? By this I mean, what *if* there comes a time in which the other player --the supposed victor-- is simply unable to finish the job? So far as I'm aware, the current system in place is something along the lines of:

~Player2 has been downed by Player1
~A small text-box/scroll displays on Player1's screen, giving them the choice to spare/slaughter their defeated foe...

...and that's about it -- so far as I know, anyhow. Fight enemy, beat enemy, make moral choice -- but what happens if the victor is simply *unable* to make that choice? What could occur if, say, they had to make a run for it, but no comrades came around to picking you up -- or at worst, if the victor DCs during this crucial moment? Would it be appropriate to assume an automatic death, or a 'bleed-out' timer of some sort? And on top of that, wouldn't the defeated then, technically, have a *right* to be infuriated by this RNG-like outcome? How many more sentences could potentially be ended with question marks just because there doesn't happen to be a current, known answer to this probable problem?

As per usual, gtfo if you intend to post-whore -- this post is meant to stimulate intellectual discussion related to the topic, and perhaps even gain any appropriate answers the mods/devs feel capable of offering.

This is just a quick question based around organizations, but: What happens when a rogue shinobi gets injured to the point of that 'Moral Choice' system? Assuming they have no village to be Would it be one of the three situations below, or something else?

A. You knew the consequences, now you pay the price. At this point in time, the choice is lifted and your character--the rogue--is simply killed. No re-spawns in hospitals, just a summary execution and then the skipping off of the other shinobi to collect a paycheck well earned.

B. The enemy might still have a heart, and chooses to let you go. The screen fades to black and a timer pops up for...let's say out of kindness, 12 hours (irl time peeps). During this time, you're 'almost' a corpse, and there's the possibility other players will either end up healing you--in which case you despawn and wake back up once you return to the game--or they might just end up looting you for all you've got and leaving you. Either way, you're at the mercy of the elements, and once those 12 hours are up...fin.

C. The 'soft' treatment; your character might not have an actual 'shinobi' village to return to, but they can at least simply spawn up in a neutral NPC village -- namely, whichever is located the closest to your blackout-spot. Of course, this doesn't render you invisible, and any head-hunters residing within your same designated area -- well, their presence will be up to you to deal with...and they might not be so forgiving...

And for the sake of clarity--for 'everyone', now--let's stick with just Devs/Mods handling this one.

Further apologies if this was somehow discussed in another post, I suppose I simply missed it somehow -- if it does exist.

This is--in part--based off of the "War Mechanics" Topic in Suggestions board, so thanks to Fedro for making that and partly inspiring me to think this out.

I noted in Naruto Shippuden that the shinobi had "World Wars". This--due to the nature of shinobi--made little sense to me later on, as I realized that went to such lengths as going into all out battles..which is odd to have for groups of warriors designed to carry out most of their missions in silence and small groups...not large formations. First off, shinobi are mostly meant for stealth, sure, there are your heavy-hitters, and the Kage will I'm sure see that they're put to good use, but the key to war is mostly to diminish enemy numbers without losing too many of yours. In other words, most combat actions would more than likely be ambushes/sieges, because no--smart--commander wants a fair fight with the enemy. Of course, it's probably going to be up to the players to decide how a war is fought--and subsequently who wins said war--but it would still be nice to see you get bonuses for fighting a "tactical" war. Shall we say...resource points that you can take/hold during wars and after them? Territory boundaries could be useful in motivating villages to expand, and it would actually give villages reasonable cause to go to war, not just over each other's jutsu, which they'd end up learning pretty quickly from conflict anyway. On top of that, you could give them even more reason to gain control of these resource/territory areas by implementing systems that correspond with the villages themselves.
Mines = more gold/metal production, which in turn increases the wealth/military power of a village.
Rice paddies/other farming lands = more grain for the village, which increases village (NPC Soldier?) population.
Timber lands/stone quarries = increases in the rebuilding speed of besieged villages.
Herbal patches (yeah, you remember that episode where Naruto had to gather those medical herbs so that they could PREPARE FOR WAR, right?) = increases in healing/curing times for shinobi that rest/respawn in villages and increases in the production of things such as food-pills, poisons, and other alchemical elements used by shinobi in war-times.

And those are only a FEW of the quite varied territory types you could have villages controlling, each with their own benefits, giving the villages their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as personalities based upon these "traits".

Hell, you could motivate villages to literally DOMINATE others in order to prove they have the best weapons, wealth, economy, and population size, which in turn bolsters the prowess and reputation of those villages' shinobi. By having a "Power" ranking for each village, you could increase the amount of randomized NPC "requests" for missions, increasing prosperity for those villages with greater power. Poorer villages with fewer territories could be branded as "lesser", by having things like lower quality weapons available to buy, which in turn affects the performance of your shinobi--would you want to go into battle with a copper kunai against a high-quality steel one? Maybe..if you were really confident in your abilities--and thus the performance of your village as a whole. It would also give more meaning to the role of the Kage. Would it be good to strike this village and make a temporary treaty with that one? Are those people weak enough for us to nab a territory or two, and then HOLD that territory? Who's to be trusted when you control a key resource point? Are you skilled enough to slyly push the other villages into conflict with each other, only to crush them after they're all weak, seizing massive amounts of territory from the spoils of your trap?

This is a discussion by the way, anyone--and I EXPECT you all to give your thoughts here, this is important--can reply with their own thoughts and ideas on the subject.

...just so long as it doesn't involve something idiotic or, *gags* something to do with paying irl currency in order to get an edge.

If you didn't take the time to read the whole post, you have 1 of 3 options you can now choose from:

1. Go back to Kindergarten, it's where you belong if you couldn't get through a meager amount of text like the above...

2. RE-READ IT, it's an important issue that should be addressed, as is the case with MANY of the suggestions here!

3. Please don't ever respond or read another one of my posts are a shame to the human race., not this one, the pre-historic human race. The damned cave-artists could probably take the time to read more than you ever could.

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Equipment Damage
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:49:10 »
Not sure if this has been answered before, but I'm just wondering what you guys think of Equipment Damage, and to what levels you might be intending to take it, or if you are even planning to take such a thing into account (late game perhaps?).

(Again, Dev/Mod responses only)

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Jutsu Balancing
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:37:37 »
I know this is more of an extension from the last topic, but because of the inevitable threat of a SLO Wiki (and the character builds that will more than likely come with it), I just wanted to know how far you guys are thinking when it comes to jutsu balancing. Will we have a variety of jutsu based solely upon the culture/environments of each village, varying greatly and never really giving too much of a care about what the other villages have, creating a wild and interesting mixture of jutsu that all are capable of beating one jutsu while being useless against another, or will you just have a bland SWTOR system where every skill is just a slightly upgraded or downgraded mirror of another?

(Again, Dev/Mod responses only, if I wanted to make this into a discussion I'd post it in the Discussions Thread)

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Jutsu Scrolls: A New Problem
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:31:39 »
:[26|May 05:34 PM]Kakashi Natsu   "...since there will be scrolls in the game, is there one for everyone where if you find it, you can read it and its saved or its a first come first served because that would suck for people just coming in the game?..."

I thought about that statement, and it occurred to me that this is actually a pretty important question for jutsu gaining/learning. As Kakashi stated, will scrolls constantly respawn, or will there be more of a "finder's keepers" system where there are a limited amount of each of the scrolls throughout the world. Personally, a limited amount seems like a poor idea to me, so I'll add on this:

Will there be a randomization system for where certain scrolls are picked up from? I understand that a good portion of jutsu will be kept restricted inside libraries within villages, but what about the rest of the jutsus? Will you be able to gain random, varying jutsus from certain defeated opponents? Better yet, will there be a certain skill that ALLOWS you to copy down the jutsu of defeated and deceased opponents (a medical/hunter nin jutsu of course) into scrolls, which can then be distributed or learned from based upon your own jutsu and chakra (or studied from for weaknesses, such as reading the effects of a certain jutsu and then formulating strategies to counter that jutsu)?

Personally, I think that the majority of jutsu should be accessed only from the libraries (with tier restrictions based on skill of course), and that the remaining jutsu not known to your respective village must be acquired from detailed analysis of enemy shinobi's corpses. This will not only force a player focus for learning and/or understanding unknown jutsu (outside of the jutsu taught in your village), but it will also help advance an oh so vital breed of hunter nin/medical nin that fully/partly specialize in copying down said jutsu into scrolls (different levels of jutsu would require different levels of the skill/skills needed to copy the jutsu). Protecting or hunting down said nin could also be the difference between a village's victory or defeat at the hands of a rival village, and would make it more challenging to go about "acquiring" new jutsu, as you would essentially have to steal the techniques of other villages. Hell, you could even make a late-game mini-game where you trace what appear to be the most used chakra points together into the right trial and error combinations to figure out previously unknown jutsu, which are then copied down into scrolls when you successfully gain understanding of the "flow" of another jutsu.

Then again, sadly, said system would become obsolete as soon as fans (or devs) just popped up a wiki for the game, where everyone has access to knowledge for all the jutsu they please, rendering hunter nin borderline useless (except for simply aquiring the jutsu, but without the extra challenge from before of figuring out the "unknown" jutsus) and creating the oh-so-popular "character builds" for idiots without imagination (which also kind of defeats the purpose of finding out who is the most skilled, as some average idiot could just grind up a powerful character build, provided they survived long enough, and could then out-do most of the more imaginative normal players).

But I digress, what I started this topic for (mostly) was to find out what the devs/mods thought on unlimited vs randomized vs limited jutsu scrolls...hard a question as that may be to answer (considering how much extra I tacked on there...sorry).

(WARNING: Dev/Mod responses ONLY, player feedback on such a complicated question would only transform this topic into a bloated, beached whale's worth of opinions. Preferably though, I'd like to see more than just one Dev/Mod answer this for the most clarity possible on such a complex issue)

General Discussion / AoT Fan-Fic
« on: May 24, 2015, 19:31:48 »
I'm a bit of a fan of the series, and I know a good rp friend who's currently writing a fan-fic on it. Anyone who's interested in seeing an original story that is (loosely) based around an rp story-line we did on the AoT Tribute Game can start reading along with the other 118 peeps here:

WARNING: This one's completely original character and plotwise, and doesn't deal with the characters from the main show, so if you're not a fan of OC Fan-Fics, I'd suggest you leave it alone. Otherwise though, feel free to read and enjoy!

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Animations Overall
« on: May 22, 2015, 21:50:24 »
How far will you guys be taking the animations, in the long-term I mean.

Will we get to the point where your character pulls out a pack and sits down when looking through inventory, and then shuffles their arm around inside it when they place a rearrange things in there?. Ik that's not that great an example, but what I'm talking about is that animations that are:

1. Not emotes/rp animations that must be accessed through commands...

2. Not done during comabt...

What I mean is the animations that take place whenever you do an action of some sort. A few more examples would be:

1. Player lies down and goes to sleep when afk.
2. Player wipes their mouth when consuming an item.

I was thinking that a cool thing to do (animation-wise), would be to have varying minor animations for when you type in certain punctuation marks during speech:

1. Extending a hand slightly when using a question mark.
2. Standing in a more firm position when using an exclamation mark.
3. Cocking one's head and raising an eyebrow when using three periods in a row (...).

Dev/Mod response only, unless it's to suggest another small animation that follows the criteria stated at the top.

In the show, as in real life, characters are shown to get pretty tired during prolonged combat. Hell, the human body can stand only about 15 minutes of constant combat before it really starts to get ragged out. Therefore...

...will you be implementing (again, not for the near-future, I know) a system in which both players AND AI slowly start to show fatigue in their movements/actions when they stay in combat for too long or get too heavily damaged? For example:

A good player beats the utter crap out of an AI (we'll just say a boss to answer the question of "overall equality" in one go), and the AI slowly shows signs of this. Signs include change-up in animations (more ragged/tired movements, also happening to be slower and easier to spot), and decreased strength (which, imo, should affect one's overall ability to give or recieve physical damage, fucking light-weight pansies should really FEEL the affects of having little to no strength after they find out their jutsu won't work on someone/thing).

Again, dev/mod response only, I'll post something in general discussion if I want other players to join in.

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Combat AI
« on: May 17, 2015, 04:30:05 »
We've all seen them, fought them, experienced either complete stupidity or easy spam-alot victories over them. In my opinion, SLO should help to set a new standard in this department. Therefore, I've got a few questions that, although it may be a bit too early to answer, are still valid for the game as a whole.

The three principles that need to be addressed are reaction to damage/stats, reaction to environment, and reaction to allies/enemies. For and example, just how will the AI react to...say...a fire blast dealt by the player, thereby taking out a chunk of their health. A standard AI procedure would be one of the following:

...completely ignore the thought that it might have taken any damage or suffered something called "pain" (much like the Terminator when he smashes his fist through that car windshield) and keep going for the player. "stunned" for a few minutes by, idk, standing still and holding his eyes for the duration, before getting right back up and trudging forward into the same attack.

...running away until other bots arrive on the scene from three feet away (they were watching without doing anything the whole time btw) and actually believing that force in numbers will beat an AoE.

The above ^^, needs to be changed. Will the AI in SLO react to it in a more...intelligent manner? By this I mean it takes the following into effect upon taking the damage from the blast:

...its own strengths/weaknesses to such an attack (fire-resistant clothes for ex).

...the surrounding environment (is it out in the open desert, or is the fight taking place in a heavily wooded forest?)

...its own skills (substitution jutsu, or is it lacking such a jutsu in its arsenal?)

...the distance of the player in relation to the AI when the attack hit (five meters, or fifty?)

...backup help (does it have superior numbers, or is it in a solo fight?)

Based on THESE conditions, the AI could then choose various options to fit the needs of the moment, such as: will still attack if it happens to be close enough and the fire damage didn't severely injure/hamper it. will retreat to the trees, finding that it is alone and the player is launching attacks from range, it substitutes out of harm's way and sets up an ambush position until the player draws within a set radius. regroups with its nearby allies and launches an assault, but each AI reacts differently based on their own strengths/weaknesses to the player (say, a ranged AI takes them on from a distance, while the melee AI go around to try and flank the player, making sure to avoid their line of sight, i.e the player's frontal viewpoint, and surprise the player from behind)

Are you guys considering trying to make such a "condition-sensitive" AI, or will it just be (overall, both in long and short-term views) the same AI that either follow you to the ends of the earth, or run like babies wanting their mothers. And also, imo, there should probably be some different types of AI (as in all MMOs), i.e some that like to stay at range or retreat more often when taking damage, and others that prefer to finish the player as fast as possible despite taking damage.

Sorry for the long post, but I like to try and detail my examples to get the best response possible from you guys, ik you must hate it if someone asks a vague Q like "Will the AI in this game be smart?", without specifying "smart" at all. Again, Dev/Mod only response please, this isn't in the discussions forum.

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Fan Equitpment Ideas
« on: May 14, 2015, 19:41:22 »
Just a Q for the devs/mods, but if I (or any other fans) have a few ideas for some equipment, and I take the time to illustrate them, would I be able to send them to...say...EE for touch-ups (provided he approves of them)? If so, would I just need to PM them to him, or would there be some sort of Forum Topic I'd need to go to in order to be able to relay this? I kind of got the idea from the Jutsu Creation Topic.

And again, just devs/mods answering this please.

Naruto Fanworks / Naruto Fan-Fic Competition!
« on: May 12, 2015, 14:34:50 »
I like reading these, and it seems most of these stories are way-overlooked, so I've decided to start up this competition to get the best know...writing again!

Basically, every week people can post up stories on here, or simply place the tag #Fan-Fic Competition# at the bottom of their fan-fics, and then at the end of the week, perhaps on a Saturday or so, people reply to this with which story they liked the best and why. Anyway, now that I've put this up, let's get some good writing back on here!

Shinobi Life Online Questions / Plot
« on: March 09, 2015, 23:33:51 »
I know you guys want to make a "living" world where players make your own story, but how far will America go as far as lore and plot. Will there be main/minor quest lines to follow, or will there just be random events with players creating most of the action? Imo, there should be a bigger writing staff, as well as minor story arcs too follow if you're not so much into the whole "player-made story" type of stuff (i.e, non-rpers who generally whine if they don't have set goals to follow). Taking a look at StarWars Galaxies, we see that, although it was mostly player-run, there were still minor quests/story-lines you could follow. What do you guys intend to do in this department?

P.S. Let's just have mods/admins answer this one, players getting involved usually makes it way more complicated than it is.

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