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Author Topic: Organisation list  (Read 723 times)

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Organisation list
« on: August 27, 2016, 23:16:50 »
The aim of this thread is to help new players with deciding what organisation they would like to choose.
Extremely inactive orgs have been left out.
If you'd like me to add your organisation, simply send me a message.


Kako no Yami
Purpose: Will stand for what is right at all times, give people second chances to fulfill their desires.
Purpose: They will protect Nature and its Animals, they will do so by trying to learn Sage Mode.
Purpose: Direct opposite of Katakiuchi. Will protect their village and help the nation.
Purpose: Want to hunt rogue ninja and collect kekkei genkai & legendary weapons. Will also slaughter chakra beasts.
Iryo Buntai/Medical Squad
Purpose: To provide medical assistance wherever possible.
Godai Temple
Purpose: To find and master all jutsu and share them only among the students. To gain a reputation as the most skilled and legendary shinobi of the world. To one day have respect and influence at a near Kage level.
Purpose: The Jyuunishin annihilate any major threats in the SLO world. Legendary beasts, Organizations, Rouge ninja, etc.
Purpose: Organise army, working as peacekeepers to protect the civilians.
Purpose: They exist to protect the innocent and those who need help. They fight against those who want to conquer, rule the world and those who deprive peace from everyone.


Mars' Ramen
Purpose: To spread Ramen across the land.
Purpose: To become the best. An independent organisation with affiliations to no one. To become an unstoppable force.
Purpose: To train and have an influence on Shinobi Life Online.
Purpose: To help ninja achieve independent greatness and grow together as a group. Will provide their service to anyone for money.
Purpose: To earn money through villagers and anyone who wishes to use their services, they're available to anyone. Basic "hitman for hire" concept.
Purpose: Main goal is to go from village to village gathering legendary shinobi who can truly be remarked as the best.
Purpose: No specific goal set, It's just a bunch of Shinobis banded together under the same name that can do whatever they want.
Jutsu Hunter
Purpose: To develop and discover new and ancient jutsu.
Gure Ryoken
Purpose: To trade with other organisations and become powerful enough to influence the game. Will deal with anybody.
Zenchi No
Purpose: To control information and become powerful in the ninja world with intelligence no one else has.
Purpose: Very independent, goal is to reach the top. Wants to regain the glory of Vongola.
Bōeki no tanzō, The smiths of trade.
Purpose: To keep the trade flowing by whatever means.


Purpose: They are the Shinobi who wish to destroy the Kages and rid of their corrupt village system. They will unite the world under their banner.
Purpose: To make everyone's lives hell, triggering death and being genuine assholes.
Purpose: Their main goal is to achieve peace and maintain balance between the nations/organizations. They have their own definition of peace and consider that "The goal justifies the means"
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